UK Classical Guitar Luthiers
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Ainsworth, John A. P. Sharpe, McLeod & Welford, and SloaneYSee this thread for context:
Allan, Roger first guitar in 1960. In business since 1965. Made at least 115 guitars (2007). Suffolk.NMany contemporary names were taken from
Alexander, James Lutherie School/Sam IrwinComing from a long line of craftsmen and musicians, my love of guitar building seems natural. My workshop is in Yorkshire, though I learned my craft studying at Lagan Lutherie School in Ireland under the expert guidance of master luthier Sam Irwin.YLondon College of Furniture = London Guildhall University=London Metropolitan University
Ambridge, Simon AramYThis is a work in progress and may contain errors.
Aram, Kevin Guitar WorkshopLangtree, Devon. "Kevin Aram initially began making and repairing electric & acoustic guitars. He was encouraged by David Rubio to make classical guitars and David helped him to make his first one. He didn't look back and gradually gained recognition for his guitar making during the 80s. He met the owner of London Guitar Studio, Juan, when he attended his evening class. Juan was having problems with the guitars he was importing wholesale from Spain and Kevin helped to fix them. In return, Kevin was offered workshop space and sold his guitars there too. He eventually moved and set up shop in Devon.

Kevin is a traditionalist and admires the work of Santos Hernandez, Manuel Ramirez, Francisco Simplicio, Marcel Barbero and Angel Fernandez." via Delcamp from Acoustic Guitar magazine c.2010?
YSend info and updates to Thank you.
Arnold, Richardhttp://www.richardarnoldguitars.comStephen Hill, SpainFlamenco models and other instruments. Derbyshire.N
Backshall, Lester this map for where luthiers are located:
Barrett, Brett (Doubtfire)2007YMore context to the research:
Barton, Peter Dean (Roger Rose)1986Teaches at West Dean College Has also taught at Leeds College of Music. "I made my first classical guitars in the early 1980's. Subsequently I studied the traditional methods of instrument making under the guidance of Roger Rose at West Dean in Sussex where i learned to make Viola de Gambas. I set up my own workshop making classical guitars in 1986 and have made over 250 instruments since then."Y
Bascetta, Matthew College of Music (Bill Dinsdale and Kevin Wilkes)1999Y
Beer, Pete College/London Metropolitan UniversityPaul Hyland and Bill Kelday/Dave King, Norman Myall and Martin Bowers. "My first active interest in guitarmaking came in the form of an attempt to build a chambered electric guitar after work in my tenement flat in Glasgow. An ambitious project without the proper tools, a bench or a clue, this was soon brought to a halt by complaints from the downstairs neighbours!

Despite this inauspicious start my interest was piqued and the next autumn saw me enrol on the Stringed Instrument Repair course at Anniesland College. I spent two years there learning to make guitars and perform all kinds of repair for violin and guitar under the expert tutelage of Paul Hyland and Bill Kelday. Paul and Bill are truly inspirational teachers, with a nurturing attitude towards the progression of each student that is old fashioned in the best possible way. At the end of the two years I exhibited a parlour guitar in the Trades House of Glasgow "Craftex" competition, winning first prize in the musical instrument category.
I then moved to London to continue my studies with a degree in Musical Instrument Technology at London Metropolitan University (formerly Guildhall College of Furniture). Workshop tutors there were Dave King, Norman Myall and Martin Bowers (who was another inspiration). Whilst there I worked around the official timetable to get as much time in the workshop as possible: sitting in on the 2nd and 3rd year workshop sessions, getting in when there was no session, and even sneaking into the twice weekly evening leisure classes. For the duration of my final year I rented a workshop with fellow Scottish Luthier David Anthony Reid. This allowed me to work more hours, and to continue work outside of term time.

Upon graduating from the degree I was keen to escape the city and moved to Herefordshire. My workshop there served me well for several years before I made the move down to the Somerset levels. After five and a half years there I have now returned to Scotland, and have built my new workshop in Argyll."
YSome info taken from: and
Beauchamp, Paul art school"numerous visits to guitar makers in Spain and the UK"Y
Bishop, Alex at Wiltshire College. Classical guitar??Y
Booth, Alan
Franck Powell (Black Swan Guitars) CollegeStudent and now teacher at Newark.Y
Bradley, Alan
Bucknall, Roger (Fylde Guitars)
Burnet, Mark

Anniesland CollegeHaving studied woodcraft along with music all the way through my school life. It wasn't until leaving and discovering the 'Stringed Instrument making' course at Anniesland college that I really knew what my calling in life was.

Having completed the course in Glasgow, I then worked with an exceptional Classical Guitar Maker, who taught me the traditional Spanish methods that I utilise in my craft. I then went to study at the internationally renowned Instrument making school 'Centrum voor Muziekinstrumentenbouw' in Puurs, Belgium. My time here really helped develop my understanding and fine tune my craftmanship.
Cadney, Stephen course. Y
Chambers, Paul (LCF, Guildhall) Martin Bowers and Norman MyallY
Christie, Stuart (Sloane) "I have been making guitars for more than fifteen years, initially as a hobby, whilst working full time. I have now retired and can focus more time and attention on guitar making.I started playing guitar whilst at university. My interest in making guitars developed after I came across Irving Sloane’s book on guitar making , which helped me make my first guitar, and sparked a passion which has endured since."Making since 1998Y
Claughton, John S. Leeds College of Music1970s?"John S. Claughton is really a luthier who is an enigma...sort of mystery - some of the finest concert guitars made , but a short career.

Emerging from Leeds, UK John started out as an instrument maker at Leeds College of Music studying Musical Instrument Technology in general, but Guitar making in particular. He became a professional Instrument Maker in 1988 specialising in the manufacture of Classical Guitars. He also started making folk instruments including vihuelas (he's an expert in this field).

It is widely known that the very respected and brilliant English musician and classical guitarist John Mills on playing one of John's guitar decided that he should also have one - which to this day John Mills still plays.

John Claughton retired from guitar making to concentrate on other aspects of his life.

It is within the past two years that notice has finally come to the fact that this English guitar maker was outstanding in his field and now his guitars are receiving the attention and admiration they deserve." ... "John Claughton, from Leeds, started as an Instrument Maker by going to Leeds College of Music studying Musical Instrument Technology in general but Guitar making in particular. He studied a further 4 years in London. He became a professional Instrument Maker in 1988 specialising in the manufacture of Classical Guitars. He also started making folk instruments including mandolins, mandolas and steel string guitars.
Other instruments include vihuelas (he's an expert in this field), lutes, sitterns, medieval fiddles, viola da braccia - in fact he will make any kind of stringed instrument.
He has also lectured at University on Children's Guitars for the European Guitar Teachers Association."
Cohen, Brian
Cook, BruceKirkham, PrestonYvia RJ
Courtnall, Royhttps://www.guitarmakingcourse.comSelf-taughtEstablished Newark Guitar Making School. Taught there 1994-2008. Author of Making Master Guitars.Y
Cross, Robert College of Furniture (Herbert Schwartz, Michael Gee)Set up workshop "on leaving college". North Wales. "Robert Cross made his first guitars at the age of 16. On leaving school in 1982 he studied guitar making at the internationally famous guitar making course at The London College of Furniture, receiving tuition from luthiers Herbert Schwarz and Michael Gee. In his fourth year Robert Cross's guitars were awarded a distinction by guitarist Eric Hill who returned the following day with a mind to purchasing one of the guitars he had assessed."Y
Davidson, Andrewhttps://andrewdavidsonguitars.comGuildhall2000-2003"I started guitar making in 2000 at London Guildhall University (formerly London College of Furniture, now London Metropolitan) where I completed a BSc degree in Musical Instrument Technology.

After finishing the course I travelled to Mexico in 2004 where I discovered guitar-making Mecca in the town of Paracho, Michoacan. Everyone in this town is connected in some way to luthiery; there are many makers and most work by hand. I found a local craftsman, Gabriel Hernandez, who was willing to teach me so I spent a few happy months there learning the old ways of instrument building that had been introduced by Spanish missionaries way back in the mists of time. This really changed my perspective and I realised just how much is achievable with simple hand tools.

Upon returning to U.K. I started to build guitars at my friend Pete Lloyd’s workshop in Gillingham, Kent (thanks Pete!) and to develop my own personal style of guitar construction based on all the information I had gathered up until then."
Dean, Christopher College of Furniture/Paul Fischer"As a child I was a talented artist and liked making models. In my teen years I began to learn to play the guitar and these two interests inevitably came together and I made my first classical guitar on my parent’s kitchen table when I was in my late teens.

I abandoned a career in agriculture and instead applied for a place at the London College of Furniture to study Musical Instrument Technology, specialising in modern fretted instruments. I spent three years here and the course included visits to luthiers such as Paul Fischer and Jose Romanillos. During this time I developed a passion for the guitar which has deepened over the years.

After my studies finished and after I had spent a year making furniture in New Zealand I worked as the assistant to Paul Fischer. During the two years I spent in the Fischer workshop I was privileged to gain a wealth of knowledge about techniques and the business of guitar making.

I set up my own workshop in October 1985, eager to develop my own ideas. I have worked on nothing but my own guitars since then save the occasional restoration of guitars by master luthiers such as Santos Hernandez and Herman Hauser."
Dinsdale, Bill College of Furniture 1974Y
Dixon, Anthony College (Roy Courtnall & Tony Johnson)1998Self-taught since 1972Y
Douglas, Martin"I trained as a luthier in 2011 at the Totnes School of Guitar-Making in Devon, under the expert guidance of Phil Messer. I now design and make classical and flamenco guitars at my workshop in West Cornwall."Y
Dyke, David at London Guitar Workshop1970sTonewood supplierN
Eden, Stephen Hill/Pablo RequenaY
Eggers ?
Emes, Graham Hill/Pablo Requena2011Four year apprenticeship with Stephen Hill following summer course. Now lives in St Ives, CornwallY
Errico, Carlo and Flamenco. 1-2 guitars a year Y
Fischer, Paul Rubio1969-1975b.1940, workshop in Chipping NortonY
Fleeson, Martinb.1934, maker from 1967, full time from 1977. Workshop in Nantwich, CheshireYMentioned in John Williams' biography, who owned one of Fleeson's guitars.
Frith, Stephenhttps://www.frithguitar.comLCF (Schwartz/Gee), Romanillos coursesY
Fuller, Jake (Purnell Guitars) Guildhall University (David Whiteman and David Rouse)"Being the son of a toymaker I grew up making things with wood in my dad's workshop. My other interest in the guitar lead me to the London Guildhall University where I spent three years studying guitar making under the tutorlidge of David Whiteman and David Rouse."Y
Galbraith, ReidDavid Rubio's step-sonNvia JW
Gibson, Ryan Kelday and Paul Hyland (Anniesland)"It was a chance meeting with someone at a folk session in a local pub who put the idea of guitar making in my head. He had made his own guitar on a short course at the Totnes School of Guitar Making. After a bit of searching I found out that Anniesland College in the west end of Glasgow ran a two year course in stringed instrument making.

Having been accepted and under the excellent tutelage of William Kelday and Paul Hyland I learned the traditional methods and craft of luthiery. At the end of my second year I was awarded the overall prize for musical instruments at the Craftex show in conjunction with the Incorporation of Wrights, Glasgow. I stayed on for another year to get as much experience from these two excellent instrument makers before setting up my own workshop."
Gee, Michael College of Furniture (Herbert Schwartz)Also taught at LCFY
Godfrey, Geoff CollegeY
Groocock, Michael Lister (one to one)2013-14"Having spent over 30 years as a professional woodworker, and as many years as a passionate classical guitar player, it made sense some years ago to combine these two skills to build my own classical guitar. Some years later and with a growing demand for my hand-built guitars I have turned my passionate hobby into a fulfilling occupation. I built my first guitar under the guidance of James Lister, professional guitar builder and tutor at Newark guitar building college, England. James Lister's knowledge and experience, alongside my lifelong experience of woodworking and pursuit of perfection, has enabled me to produce guitars which not only sound beautiful but look stunning as well."Y
Hall, John book"Living in Staffordshire, I was originally apprenticed in engineering but switched to cabinet-making in the mid-1980s. Having come from a family with a strong musical background, and always having had a love of anything which made use of the skills I have in my hands, the inspiration to make my first classical guitar came from my son’s playing of the instrument. That was about 12 years ago, and it triggered a search in the local library where I found a book by Irving Sloane on building classical guitars and basically that’s where I started, making and trying out different things but only for home, including a mandolin which went to my brother. I’ve now made the first guitar that is going outside of the family and want to develop something that has been a hobby until now into a more full-time occupation."Y
Hallam, David guitar shop and made many classical guitars. e.g. Double Top RC
Hartley, Richardhttps://www.richardhartleyguitars.comNewark CollegeY
Hayon, RafiCaerleonYFrom RJ
Henderson-Smith, Miles Wooldridge/Kevin Aram1993/2009"I made my first guitar at the age of 19 in 1993 under the supervision of David Wooldridge, who was also my first guitar teacher.
I trained as a fine artist, completing a BA in fine art and later an MA in contemporary visual arts. Throughout my twenties and early thirties I worked as an artist and teacher. During this time I continued to play classical guitar.

In 2008 I was fortunate enough to be in a position to buy a new guitar; the kind of concert guitar I had always dreamed of owning. After much searching I chose a Kevin Aram. I went to visit Kevin and selected some beautiful wood and in doing so I fell in love once again with the tools, the smells and the possibility of guitar making. The idea was seeded that it may in fact be possible for me to make guitars professionally. As I waited for my guitar I obsessively researched guitar making and on returning to pick it up a year later I asked Kevin if he would be prepared to mentor me as a maker and to my delight he was. He has been extremely generous with the information and advice that he has given me and has been able to answer every question that I have put to him with great detail and knowledge. I have also been fortunate enough to have his guitar as a constant source of inspiration.

I set up my current workshop in Falmouth, Cornwall in 2009 and my instruments have steadily improved since then. By applying my skill and creativity as an artist and consistently focusing on a traditional design I have been able to produce some beautiful instruments."
Herbst, Mathias
Hicks, Steve, Anniesland, GuildhallLoughborough areaY
Hill, Stephenhttp://www.stephenhillguitars.comTaught by various Spanish luthiers. Runs guitar making course in Spain every year. Teaches with Pablo Requena.Began making in 1985. Had workshop in Lewes, E. Sussex, (1998-2004). Moved to Spain in 2004. N
Hyland, Paul Schartz and Michael Gee LCFGraduated 1988Teaches at Anniesland. Now making violinsN
Sam Irwin (Lagan Lutherie School)http://www.laganlutherieschool.orgRuns lutherie courses40 years experienceY
Johnson, Tony School of Violin Making1979-1982Taught at Newark 1999-2005. Taught at Manchester College of Art and Technology 2003-6.Y
Jones, A. A. regarded luthier based in Norwich. Also made lutes. Died 2015Y
Jones, Edward B.http://www.edwardbjones.comDavid Rubio1973-1979b.1947. Welsh. Trained with Robert Goble and Rubio. Opened workshop in 1980, Steeple Aston.Y
Keefe, Colin College of Furniture1987-1991Teaches evening course in Loughborough
Keith, Thomas
Kelday, William College of Furniture1986Teaches instrument repair at Anniesland CollegeY
Knowles, A. R. Making Torres-style guitars for sale in Guitar Review magazine in 1959. See Romanillos' Torres book pp.72-74N
Leftwich, KenWestcliffeY
Leslie, Saul
Le Voi, John making in 1970. Author of Guitar magazine 'Workshop' column. 1975 classical guitar seen at auction 02/07/2019Y
Lipkin & Algranati taught AlgranatiY
Lister, James Guildhall (Dave Whiteman) Newark College (Courtnall/Johnson)"My interest in the classical guitar was first as a player, but the challenge of working with wood lured me away from my career in physics and engineering working with high-power laser systems. I studied Musical Instrument Technology at the London Guildhall University (formerly the London College of Furniture) under David Whiteman, and then specialised in classical guitar making at Newark College with Roy Courtnall and Tony Johnson.

I have been making and selling guitars since 2001, and I now teach classical guitar making two days a week at Newark College in Nottinghamshire."
Lowden, George Bailey book (steel string)First classical in 1989Y
Love, Georgeb.1913. Based in Surrey. Former craft teacher and technical author. Began making guitars after retirement in 1973. "They have since found favour with a number of concert guitarists" (McCreadie)N
Lowe, Rohan Ambridge1993Y
Lucas, Adrian Courtnall1990Y
Mack, John Marlborough, Wiltshire. Former school teacher. Began making in early 1970s (McCreadie)Y
Maddock, Ben Capper (NZ)1996Y
Marlow, John Music College1985After leaving school in 1984 I continued to study at Huddersfield Music College on the musical instrument technology course. I left in 1986 with the award for the best work produced on the course.

Then in 1986 I began working with my teacher from Huddersfield and fellow luthier. Together we founded the worker’s co-operative Opus Workshops Ltd.

After leaving Haworth in 1989 I established my own workshops in Dewsbury in the heart of West Yorkshire. I also began teaching the very popular acoustic guitar design and construction course at the local college, which ran from 1989 till 2012.
McNeill, Alastair"In a small workshop in Chippenham Wiltshire you will find one of England’s finest and respected luthiers Alastair McNeil.

Alastair has been hand crafting his fine concert guitars now for over 40 years and each guitar demonstrates Alastair’s ability to create guitars, which not only look beautiful, but more importantly have a tone about them which immediately draws one’s attention to such a wonderful sound.

Alastair personally sources his wood, which must be of the highest quality, and always has attention to detail for all components of the guitar he is building, from the select high quality binding to the beautiful hand made and inset rosette and high specification tuners.

​Alastair is a very private man who is absolutely passionate about the guitar. You will find no web site nor lots of information from him, but instead Alastair has such confidence in his instruments that he allows his concert guitars speak for themselves."
Marques, Josehttps://josemarquescustomguitars.jimdo.comDaniel Luz (Portugal)"From an early age he became interested by the sound of the guitar and other string instruments. However, as it was necessary for many in Portugal at that time, at the age of 14, José began his career as a carpenter. He worked for many years with success, gaining much experience and skills in that field.
Later while living in Alentejo, Portugal, José was fortunate to be introduced to a traditional string instrument luthier, Daniel Luz, and soon found the happiness of being able to learn the art of guitar making with him. J
After this learning period with Mr. Daniel Luz, José decided to increase his knowledge and understanding of several world established and respected luthiers of past and present, by studying their techniques.

Today José lives in the UK in Bury St Edmunds where he has a small workshop in which he spends his time building his guitars."
Marsh, Earl S. College?Y
Martyn, Christopher
McClaren, Sam School of Guitar-Making/Newark (James Lister/Adrian Lucas/Mal Brady?)2011"Sam attended Yarm School, where a passion for guitars developed. Playing classical guitar from the age of eight helped him achieve a GCSE and A Level in Music. This passion crossed over into building his woodwork skills in the Design & Technology department. Sam started off creating a guitar stand and foosball table, eventually winning the Design & Technology award
Following college, Sam attended the Totnes School of Guitarmaking. He completed his first guitar in March 2011, which was rewarding at the end of a fantastic experience. Teaching him the skills to be a luthier.

Sam then worked alongside inspiring guitar makers such as Peter Barton and Christopher Dean, which heightened his knowledge and experience within the industry.
Sam returned to the Totnes School of Guitarmaking in 2012 to make a steel string and a classical guitar over a three-month period. This led me him to apply to the guitar making course at Newark, in which he received a direct place in the final year. And won the top prize at the end of year show!

Sam has also run classes teaching ukulele making to young students, passing on his skills and knowledge."
McLeod, DonaldTaught courses. Author of guitar making book: The Classical Guitar: Design and Construction N
McNeill, Alastair
Merrin, David courseY
Messer, Phil Reed1989Teaches at TotnesY
Mewburn, Stuart Guildhall University1972"Built first guitar in 1972 from a book. Studied guitar making at the Guildhall University. Awarded mark of distinction.

Have had full order book since 1995."
Middleton, Rik"A lifelong hobby woodworker I took up guitar making after taking early retirement from teaching (biology). Two of my early guitars were entered for a competition in London in 1994 and came away with the gold and silver medals. On this evidence of some talent I persisted and was supplying commissions and retailers by 1997."Y
Moore, Oliver of Philip Woodfield. West SussexN
Morison, Colin College/Guildhall1991-95Y
Mundy, Luke
Myall, Norman and teacher for ten years at LCFY
Myers, Oren Dean/Romanillos courseY
Nalysnyk, Michael P. College of Music (Kevin Wilkes, mainly violin), ex London College of Furniture, ex Newark (violin). There were others!Y
Nava, Gary College of Furniture1970sY
Needham, Geoff"I am amateur, self taught and started making in 2004. I have played classical guitar for over 40 years.
My most recent guitars have been based on Manuel Reyes and Miguel Rodriguez jr. Plans published by GAL.

I live in Corbridge, Northumberland.

My email address is:, I don’t have a website."
Newman, Richard Guildhall University"I have always had a strong connection to working with wood. When I was 12 years old I would build wooden objects such as spice racks, chairs and tables and sell them to neighbours in our street.
On leaving school I got a job maintaining and felling trees. During my free time, a guitar would always be on my knee, I suppose it was inevitable that I would eventually end up building one, but I didn't envisage that this would lead to career making guitars. After building a few instruments, I decided I would enrol in a full time guitar making course at the London guildhall university."
Newman, Shaun OddyMaking guitars for over 20 years. "I began making guitars around 20 years ago principally from books and with the help of an evening class in our local community college. The first three were played by a professional concert guitarist and led to my first commission."Y
Panormo, Louis Westbrook article on Panormo family activies in London, 19th c. Y
Patel, Niranjan
Pelter, David Sloan, Sharpe/European Institute of Guitar Making1970/2005Y
Petersen, Harald Danish, lived in Cumbria from about 1949. Sons, Tom b.1939 and Peter b.1941 continued making guitars (according to McCreadie). "Harold Petersen ( 22 March 1910 - 3 May 1969 ) is an internationally known Danish guitar builder . Harold Petersen was based primarily classical guitars , but also jazz guitars and other stringed instruments . Harald Petersen sold his instruments through music business Marno Sørensen before in 1950 traveled to England , where his wife came. There came a great time in his career when he came in contact with Len Williams , who had "Spanish Guitar Centre" in London . Len Williams, father of the famous English classical guitar player John Williams , who also played a memorial concert for Harold Petersen after his death. Guitars from this period have printed on the label: "suns agent, spanish guitar centers, London England." This distrubition ended but before Harald Petersen's death. Harald Petersen did finally 3 models called respectively. A, B and C. In contrast to usage in classical guitars, the C model is the finest. The difference consisted in the choice of materials and details, eg. was rosette more complicated in the C model, and the A-model had a simpler head a B and C models. After Harald Petersen's death took over his sons, Tom and Peter shop until they closed it in 1983 . The sons' time they changed the label from "Harold Petersen" to "Petersen" with the exception of the first guitar from his father's death, when his sons signed on his father's label. Harold Petersen was in his time in Denmark, including sold a jazz guitar with Svend Asmussen and in England, including Paul McCartney played on Petersen's guitars."Y