LGBTQ Mental Wellness Resource List - Philly
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Last updated 5/Mar/2019 - (therapists that have "certain reviews" on the second sheet)
Mental health guide: Where to get therapy on a sliding scale in Philadelphia
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OrganizationResourceService TypeDemographicSliding Scale for pay?Zip CodeInsurance takenNotes/ExperiencesContactLinkRating 1(not good) - 5(great)
Restorative ConnectionProfessional ServicesTherapyQueer and TransYes19147Resource contact list in the link created by Phoenix Wood for Queer and Trans folx. Has a vast amount of various different providersExamples: (see whole list in the link): Adriana Castro-Convers, PhD
Transgender – Female - She/Her – Black/Latinx - language: English/Spanish -Poly: Affirming/Knowledgeable – works with: Individuals, Couples, Groups – specialties: Gender Spectrum (transitioning), Mood Disorders, Borderline Personality Disorder, Interpersonal Relationships, Clinical Supervision
Phoenix Wood, LCSWProfessional ServicesTherapy
Kink/Poly, Queer, Trans
Yes19147Does not accept insurance

Does offer a sliding scale for trans folx and POC.
Queer - Trans / Non-binary: They/Them - White - language: English - Kink/Poly: Aware - works with: Individuals - specialties: Complex Trauma, Grief/Loss, Dissociation, Attachment, Anxiety/
Adriana Castro-Convers, PhDProfessional ServicesTherapyPOC, Trans, LGBTQYes19106ACCEPTS --> Aetna
Highmark Blue-Cross Blue-Shield
Compsych EAP and Penn Behavioral Health EAP
PBH-administered health insurances.
The initial 60-min evaluation is a flat rate of $175 unless you are being covered by insurance.
Co-payments are based on your individual health insurance plan
Transgender – Female - She/Her – Black/Latinx - language: English/Spanish -Poly: Affirming/Knowledgeable – works with: Individuals, Couples, Groups – specialties: Gender Spectrum (transitioning), Mood Disorders, Borderline Personality Disorder, Interpersonal Relationships, Clinical Supervision * This note is taken from Pheonix Wood's restorative Connection
Allison Harris, LCSWProfessional ServicesTherapyLGBTQ, PolyYes19103Does NOT take insurance but offers a sliding scaleQueer - Female - GNC - White - language: English - Kink/Poly: Knowledgeable - works with: Individuals, Couples, Families - specialties: LGBTQIA+ Specific Issues, Trauma/PTSD, Anxiety/Depression, Sex/Sexuality, Phase of Life Changes * This note is taken from Pheonix Wood's restorative Connection List
Amanda Geraci, LCSWProfessional ServicesTherapyLGBTQ, PolyYes19130Does NOT take insurance but offers a sliding scaleQueer - Genderqueer/fluid: They/Them - White - Narrative, Racial/Social Justice, Anti-oppression Approach - language: English - Kink/Poly: Knowledgeable - works with: Individuals, Couples - specialties: Trauma/PTSD & EMDR, Gender ID & Sexuality, Substance Use, Current & Former Sex Work, Military Service * This note is taken from Pheonix Wood's restorative Connection List
Anastasia Fujii, LCSWProfessional ServicesTherapyPOC, LGBTQNA19125Will follow up on. Queer - Non-binary - POC (Mixed race East Asian, first generation) - language: English - Kink/Poly: Knowledgeable - works with: Individuals, Relationships, Families - specialties: Identity & transitions in young adulthood, (In)fertility (TTC -> postpartum) / Parenting, Trauma, Chronic Illness, & Death/Grief/Loss * This note is taken from Pheonix Wood's restorative Connection
Aybala Warner Ozturk, LCSWProfessional ServicesTherapyLGBTQNAWill follow up on. Queer - Non-binary: They/Them - Biracial - Bicultural - languages: English, Turkish - Kink/Poly: Aware - works with: Individuals - specialties: Trauma, Gender Identity, Sexuality, Substance Use, Current and Former Sex Work * This note is taken from Pheonix Wood's restorative Connection List
Em GormleyProfessional ServicesTherapyLGBTQ, TransYes19102NoneI specialize in working with trans and queer folks around anxiety, depression, identity, and harm reduction. I don't currently accept insurance, but offer sliding scale based on need and availability. I can be reached or (484)416-6122
Center for Acceptance and ChangeProfessional ServicesTherapyLGBTQNA19004 Amy Cunningham
GalaeiProfessional ServicesMultiple ServicesLGBTQNA19122
QtPoc Mental HealthFacebookCommunity SupportQTPOCNAVirtual
Code SwitchPodcastsCommunity SupportPOC and WomenNAVirtual
Food4ThotPodcastsCommunity SupportLGBTQNAVirtual
Penn Family and Community HealthProfessional ServicesPrimary Care ProviderLGBTQ, Trans Competent 19104Katherine Margo, MD, Allison Myers, MD, Joseph Teel, MD, FAAFP, Meghan Fibbi, DO, MPH, Joshua Thompson, MD, Kevin Kline, MD, Rebecca Robinson, MD
Black TherapistPodcastsCommunity SupportPOCNAVirtual
Hornstein PlattProfessional ServicesTherapyLGBTQ, CBT TherapyYesSeveralJune 1, 2018: "Unfortunately, our practice is not in-network with any Medicaid plan. Our private pay rates our $125 for the first session and $75 for any following sessions if scheduled with a PhD or PsyD or the rate of $75 for the first session and $65 for any following sessions if scheduled with a Master's level clinician."Dorothy Gjurin: Great for BPD, sexual or domestic abuse and PTSD recovery (used to work for WOAR)

Kathy Angell: Great for OCD, CBT-trained, structured therapy with goals and homework assignments

Rachel Popek: LGBTQ issues, smoking cessation, hypnosis, depression and anxiety

Colette Grosso: Great for relationships, sex therapy, anxiety
The TrueheartFacebookMultiple ServicesLGBTQ, POC, Art TherapyNAVirtualJenni Graham; Art Therapist & Founder of The Truehart.
Mazzoni CenterProfessional ServicesMultiple ServicesLGBTQYes19147 & 19107ACCEPTS --> Aetna, Amerihealth, Amerihealth, BlueCrossBlueShield – all policies that participate with the LocalBlue, Blue Shield, Bravo Health, Cigna & Cigna Healthspring, GEHA, Humana, Independence Blue Cross, Keystone First, Keystone Health Plan East, Keystone Connect, Medicaid (Pennsylvania ONLY), Medicaid Healthy Plus, Medicare Part B, Qualcare, United Health Care, United Health Care Community Plan, United Healthcare – Student Resources –(Only covers problem-focused visits)

DOES NOT ACCEPT --> Health Partners, Qual Care, any out of state Medicaid, and Military/Armed Forces insurance plans such as Tricare and Champus.
-First time looking for therapy, had asked for them to send all mail to my personal house instead of parents. They did not listen to my request and sent information to them. AKA potential for being outed.

-4 for general health services, have not used mental health services.
Morris HomeProfessional ServicesMultiple ServicesTrans and GNC folksNANAVMorris Home provides a safe, recovery-oriented environment for individuals in transition from one gender to another, or those with other gender variants who may be coming from “the streets” and/or from shelter programs.
Therapy Center of PhiladelphiaProfessional ServicesMultiple ServicesLGBTQ, POC, TransYes19107Sliding scale, does not accept insurance.
$35-120 for Individual and Couples Psychotherapy
$20-$70 for Group Therapy
$60-$220 per hour for Psychological Testing
Not currently taking clients for individual therapyintake coordinator Ne'Sha at 215-567-1111
DAMON CONSTANTINIDES, PHD, LCSWProfessional ServicesTherapyLGBTQ, TransYesSliding scale, does not accept insurance.
$120-$150 for "out of network" for insurance
I am a queer and trans therapist who works with both teens and adults and have been in practice for 10 years. I also provide supervision and trainingDAMON CONSTANTINIDES, PHD, LCSW - Individual & Relationship Therapy for Adults & Teenagers
Healing for ActivistsProfessional ServicesMultiple ServicesLGBTQSeveralResource list of all different types of providers
Therapy for Black GirlsFacebookMultiple ServicesPOCNAVirtual
Dr. Pillai-Friedman, Ph.D., LCSW., CSTProfessional ServicesTherapySouth Asian, POC, LGBTQ19103Does not accept insurance
Refuge MidwiferyProfessional ServicesMultiple ServicesQueer and TransYes19104Refuge Midwifery- Professional Service: Fertility counseling, home intrauterine insemination, home birth, Queer and trans, offers low-income discount. Ray Rachlin LM, CPM, CLC
Shana WIlliams Professional ServicesTherapyLGBTQ+Yes19107Sliding scale (work to get close to what a copay would be), in the process of credentialingI have worked with adults, adolescents as well as Individuals in recovery. My background includes LGBTQ individuals and families who experience anxiety, depression, loss, trauma, PTSD and family conflict.Shana WIlliams
PhIIRSTProfessional ServicesMultiple ServicesLGBTQ+, PolyamoryNA19103DOES NOT ACCEPT --> Health Partners, Qual Care, any out of state Medicaid, and Military/Armed Forces insurance plans such as Tricare and Champus.PhIIRST is a sex therapy and psychotherapy center that has several therapists who are and/or specialize in LGBTQ and polyamorous folx. Colby Agostinelli said on June 1st, 2018: "currently do not accept any insurance but right now I am offering a few sliding scale spots for $65"Mary Chen
Department of Behaviorhal HealthProfessional ServicesTherapyAllNA19107 & SeveralNot a direct service provider
Council for RelationshipsProfessional ServicesTherapyAllSeveral
Trans Equity ProjectFacebookCommunity SupportQTPOC,
The Philadelphia AIDS ConsortiumProfessional ServicesTherapyLGBTQ19102
Addiction Medicine and Health AdvocatesProfessional ServicesMultiple ServicesLGBTQYes19107ACCEPTS
most forms of medicaid
bhsi (county insurance, will usually cover people with medicare if they don't have medicaid)
and private pay clients
Folks seeking medication assisted treatment (MAT) for opiate addiction, AMHA, Inc. ( is working as an agency to be LGBTQ affirming
COMHARProfessional ServicesMultiple ServicesAllNA19133Medicaid, MedicarePablo Salinas (director) said in an email they accept Medicaid/Medicare. That said, they have been slow to respond back re: scheduling.
Walnut Psychotherapy CenterProfessional ServicesTherapyAllYes19102
Rachel SimonProfessional ServicesTherapyAllYes19102Does not take insurance Offers therapy for lgbtq kids teens and young adults and families of folks too. Specifically therapy for trans folks (kids and adults)Rachel Simon
Dr. Tristan GuariniProfessional ServicesTherapyLGBTQNoVirtualACCEPTS
Highmark Blue Shield
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois
Blue Cross Blue Shield of California
Federal Employment Plan (FEP) BCBS
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas
Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield
Any other Blue Cross / Blue Shield plan covered by BlueCard program
Individual Therapy, Couples / Relationship Therapy, Consultation TESTIMONIAL: I see him for couples therapy along with my fiancee, who is a trans woman. He also does individual therapy. He openly identifies as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. Also, in my opinion as a mental-health-professional-in-training, he's an incredibly competent therapist.
Einstein NetworkProfessional ServicesMultiple ServicesLGBTQNASeveralACCEPTS
Keystone First
I called and made an appointment with Mx. Libby Parker because a) I read some positive reviews about them and b) they are a they! It was pretty simple to get set up. The guy on the phone was really nice and you can call 215-420-0989. The office accepts Medicaid. (I have Keystone First!) If you call the main number listed on their website, you might get tossed around to a few different departments because it might be a new thing. I had to clarify "Pride" to two different people because they may have misheard me over the phone or aren't used to getting calls about it. So I recommend just calling the number I provided above.Mx. Libby Parker
Temple Health Professional ServicesMultiple ServicesPsychologist/psychiatric servicesNA19125 & 19111ACCEPTS --> MedicaidI've been using their services for a few years. The doctors rotate because they are in residency, you may see a doctor for a year or 2 but usually not more. Not recommended for people who want a stable doctor, but i enjoy the fresh perspective for a rotating professional
Guillermo Petit, MFT.Professional ServicesTherapyLGBTQ, Therapy, Grief Support.
Individuals, couples, families.
Mental health
YesNo insurance accepted.I have been working for about 5 years in mental health. I dedicate my practice to grief support and to supporting queer families, which often go together.
SUNDAY availability. Therapy, Grief Support.
Individuals, couples, families.
Mental health
Phone: 484-800-1468gpetitgrieftherapy.blogspot.com5
Emerge WellnessProfessional ServicesTherapyAll Yes19107Varies, based on individual clinicianEmerge Wellness is a therapy practice, owned and operated by Kristina Furia, LPCPhone: 267-225-3905
Jacob Glickman, MA, NCCProfessional ServicesTherapyLGBTQIA+ (especially trans), individuals, couples, familiesYes19107All sliding scale (does not accept insurance)Jacob Glickman, MA, NCC Gay/Queer - Trans Man (He/Him) - Ashkenazi - Relational-Feminist - language: English - Kink/Poly: Knowlegeable - works with: Individuals, Partners, Families - specialties: Transition Challenges, Relationships, Sex Challenges, Trauma, Depression

This note is taken from Phoenix Wood's Restorative Connection Resources list.

Phone: 267-223-7931
Philly FightProfessional ServicesMultiple Services19107, 19123Free dental or free health care
Courtney DoudsProfessional ServicesTherapyLGBTQ+ identified, kinky, nonmonogamous or polyamorousNA19102 (LCSW) in private practice in center city and especially enjoy providing a nonjudgmental space for therapeutic work with folks who are LGBTQ+ identified, kinky, nonmonogamous or polyamorous, and/or those involved in sex work, and have personal and professional experience to varying degrees with the aforementioned categories. I work with individuals and couples, but want to add that with individuals I use a psychoanalytic framework (Lacanian/Freudian) which can be a great fit for some and off-putting to others.Courtney Douds
Lane DiFlavis, LCSWProfessional ServicesTherapyLGBTQ+, gender, sexuality, trauma, and borderline personality disorder.Yes19107No insurance right nowI am a queer, trans masculine, white, feminist therapist in private practice. I specialize in gender, sexuality, trauma, and borderline personality
(267) 417-6728
DrugRehab.comProfessional ServicesCommunity SupportLGBTQNoVirtualOnline service connecting to addiction treatmetnLGBTQ Guide -
Rehab centers in Philadelphia -

Members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community have rates of substance abuse higher than those of the general population. Their daily battles with discrimination and stigma cause high levels of stress that may push them toward drug and alcohol use. We work to spread awareness and to be an informational resource for those impacted by alcohol and drug dependence.
Lola Georg, MS. LPCProfessional ServicesTherapyLGBTQYes19102AmeriHealth
Highmark Blue Shield
Horizon Blue Cross
Independence Blue Cross
Keystone Health Plan East
Keystone HMO
Optum Behavioral Health
Personal Choice
Premier Blue Shield
United Healthcare
Regular fees are $125 for the first session and $100 for each subsequent session. I do offer a sliding scale based upon income, so please contact me if needed.

Most clients use insurance for their counseling sessions, and co-payments typically range between $5 to $60 per counseling session.

If you do not have insurance, or have an insurance plan I do not take, please contact me so that we can set an appropriate fee for our sessions together. I am a member of the Open Path Collective, for discounted therapy fees between $30 and $50 per session.

I offer one free counseling session per year for activists with Healing for Activists, so please let me know if you are working for social justice and social change.
484-324-8370 (voice mail or text) or
Julianna PierreProfessional ServicesTherapyPOC, LGBTQ+No19010Aetna
Blue Cross
Highmark Premier Blue Shield
Penn Behavioral Health
Anthem Blue Cross
Horizon Blue Cross
Blue Cross/ Blue Shield
Aetna Student Health
Magellan Behavioral Health (Commercial Insurance Only)
Independence Blue Cross
Keystone Health Plan East
Personal Choice
United Behavioral Health / Optum
Oasis (pending)
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