2015 Q4 deliverables
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First NameLast NameDeliverableStatus - Dec. 21st, 2015Status - Nov 30, 2015Status - Nov 16, 2015Status - Nov 2, 2015
CarstenBookTeam Lead Sheriffs with streamlining tasks that contain potential error sources like uplift queries and streamline them so that every Sheriff can do that asks.
-> Streamline Tasks
-> Learn not do everything on my own, also teamwork with other sheriffs
in progress
GeoffBrownImprove and expand mach support for running and debugging tests on Android.DONEDONEIn progress - patch for 'mach run --debug' reviewed but waiting on more feedback.In progress - bug 1164636.
GeoffBrownInvestigate whether rr can be used to record and replay intermittent mochitest failures.Almost done! Writing up final results this week.In progress. Many experiments run. Finding it difficult to reproduce known intermittent failures in the digital ocean environment.In progress - trying to get RROrangeHunter running again.In progress - verified digitalocean environment.
DavidBurnsHire a new Code SheriffIn progress
BobClaryDeploy 2 Linux hosts running Autophone service in the QA Lab in Mountain View.MISSED - Will not have completed until early January.In progress - Have Nexus 6, 9 devices running AOSP user debug builds.
Blocked on getting mochitests running in production. Finally have diagnosis and should have a fix this week.
Will schedule trip to Mountain View after Mozlando after coordinating schedules.
No progress - will schedule trip this week.
BobClaryFile a minimum of 30 Desktop Firefox Crash bugs.Filed 16 (5 Fixed). Should be able to complete by EOY.Filed 10 (1 Fixed)Filed 7 (1 Fixed)No progress - will complete in November
MarkCotePlan for MozReview UX improvements around parent-child relationshipsDONEIn progress. We have a rough plan; just need to document it and file bugs.
CameronDawsonCreate a UI in Treeherder for the auto-classification data.DONE: (jgriffin ok'd marking this done) Classifications can be verified/created and saved in the UI. Code is in the "autoclassify" branch needing final review.On Track - Read-only UI merged. jgraham is making good progress with APIs needed for verifying autoclassifications. Now currently working on the verification UI.
MauroDoglioMake review request status more obvious in the UINot started
MauroDoglioLet reviewers mark which files have been reviewedDone - Waiting for a prod deploy.
MajaFrydrychowiczRefactor the Marionette Test Runner to make it more generic and therefore easier to set up for any new end-to-end test suite.Done. Patch for Bug 1229765 got r+, landing soon.In progress - Bug 1210874. I have wptserve working in Marionette runner but I need to get it into common.tests.zip (and possibly move it out of web-platform)In progress - Bug 1210874. Current focus is wptserve (Bug 1150512). Deployed Bug 1212608 and Bug 1199588.In progress - Bug 1210874. Wrapping up Bug 1212608
JamesGrahamIntegration between autoclassification and manual starring in treeherderClassifications can now be verified. This is more or less ready for sheriff feedback and subsequent iteration.This is deployed to heroku; still waiting for some UI pieces before we can get more useful feedback on the workflow + etc.Got a basic prototype working, but need more work with the sheriffs to ensure that it doesn't break existing workflows.
JonathanGriffinCreate Vision, Strategy and Roadmap documents for Engineering Productivity for 2016.In progress, see https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gKanNATK3X8C_xEBqvW-Pw06gLZgaKOsMsj2XQn8yzM/edit
AndrewHalberstadtGet a subset of Linux64 debug unittests scheduled with taskcluster on inbound/central and running as a Tier-2 jobArmen and Joel helped here. See link to the right to see enabled jobs. Cpp, Jit, mochistest gl/push, JsReftest, web platform reftest, xpcshell (4 chunks) and crashtestshttp://mzl.la/1NH8qCADeferred for addons signingIn progress (bug 1171033) - tc-M(gl) now running on trunk branches. Next steps are greening up tests for all other jobs (currently tackling xpcshell)
AndrewHalberstadtGet reftest structured logging to work with android, b2g and the reftest-analyzerDeferred for addons signingIn progress (bug 1034290) - Almost done. Tests on all platforms are passing, but there is a B2G shutdown crash that either didn't exist or wasn't getting caught before structured logging. Reftest analyzer seems to "just work" but need some more testing.
DylanHardisonImplement Firefox Accounts into BMOTesting accounts created, delayed from planning Aha integration. Not at risk at this point.
DylanHardisonService the technical debt of the Bugzilla Auth Stack and deprecate/remove PersonaIn Review
ByronJonesAdd support for Duo Security 2FA to BMODONEDONEDONEcompleted 2015-10-12
ByronJonesRewrite commit summaries during autolandingDONEDONEDONEcompleted
WesleyKocherFinish remaining Bugherder improvementsNo new progress. Mostly deferred in favor of pushing the intermittent filing tool to completion.No new progress.No new progress. Pull requests still pending.In progress. More pull requests open pending review.
WesleyKocherCreate an intermittent bug filing tool for Treeherder (bug 1117583).Pull request opened, pending review. UI now submits a request to a new Treeherder API endpoint, which then passes the information on to bugzilla to file the actual bug. The bug number (or a bugzilla API error if submission failed) is returned to the UI for the user to deal with.WIP up at https://kwierso.github.io/treeherder/ui/ is almost done. It currently just opens a bugherder tab with the form pre-filled, but I'll switch it to submitting directly to the REST API in the coming weeks so it can be automated.In progress. Hope to put in some work this week to hopefully get a WIP up in the next couple of weeks.No progress. Might need to drop this deliverable.
WilliamLachanceCreate a basic dashboard for sheriffing performance alerts in Perfherder.DONE. The end result is usable. More work required for it to be a viable replacement for alertmanager, but we're not too far away.Read-only view landed. Read/write support in progress.Didn't land read-only view, but it is in review! https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1201154Read-only view coming along well, hopefully landing this week
KyleLahnakoskiTest Failure VisualizationAt Risk: To show the "most important" failures, we need some sort of regression detection, or some detection that failure rate is high. Maybe change the definition of the goal to limit just to the visualizaiton/At Risk: Started, but later than desiredNo Progress: Work done on the Buildbot timings (below) will help with this goal.No progress
KyleLahnakoskiETL Test Infrastructure MetricsDONECompleted Late November:
steps and visualization is good enough
Buildbot lag can now be explored using the ActiveData query tool. Buildbot timings UI progress is slow; some expressions did not translate well to ElasticSearch: Specifically, null values were counting as 0, throwing off averages. This is fixed now, and progress can continue, A few iterations have been done on the ETL: Specifically, expanding the 'bash -u' lines. First attempt at visualization is done (at http://people.mozilla.org/~klahnakoski/MoBuildbotTimings/)
DaveLawrenceUpdate bugzilla.mozilla.org (BMO) to the upstream master branchAlmost done. API tests results passing. Working on remaining Selenium failures. Once complete will submit for feedback.Branch created and working on issues with automated test failures. Filing bugs for additional changes needed.Should still be on track for this quarter to have a test installation configured and ready for beta/feedback testing. Was derailed fora bit due to BMO->AWS failover testing but now able to double down and get finished up.
KendallLibbyWork with IT and the BMO dev team to finish the move of the failover site out of the PHX1 datacenter.Failover test to AWS successfully performed on Nov 14th! Remaining: finish docs and clean up old env.
KendallLibbyMake the DXR build system and docs public and available to contributors.New jenkins instance is managing builds, just waiting on IT/webops to update DNS and SSL certificate.
JoelMaherPublish 2 Quarter of contribution projects for Nov-January timeframeDONEDONEDONEDONE
JoelMaherRun autophone talos tests in staging on a device (like nexus-7) reporting results to perfherder to achieve parity with talos for a given branchDONEDONEDONEIn Progress - bug 1216366
ChrisManchesterEvaluate and optimize automation-specific build stepsDONEIn Progress - Now submitting build metrics to perfherder. Investigated submission failures on windows, found several failure scenarios and submitted a patch for one.In Progress - Landing mozharness patches to submit build stats to perfherder. Switching Windows builds to AWS improved build steps across the board. l10n-check is still quite slow, will look into that time permitting.In Progress - several dependencies of bug 1175853 and test packaging improvments landed, looking at Windows next.
ChrisManchesterImplement per-test JS code coverage reporting for one or more test harnessesIn Progress - browser-chrome per test coverage working fairly well on try, just need to get reviewed and landed.In Progress - Parser/rewriter for lcov format finished, wrote re-mapping script that produces reasonable output for pre-processed JS files. Need to get this review, landed, hooked up to mochitests. Filed a bug against coverage output produced for xbl sources, several fixes have landed in the JS engine for other output issues.In Progress - Have a working prototype of a url-remapper that works for everything in a sample directory of mochitest browser-chrome (bug 1214885). This should be enough to get "file" coverage (these files run during this test), will need to rewrite lcov output based on preprocessor directives to get full reports that make sense (bug 1224691).In Progress - bug 1214885 is needed to get from "resource://" and "chrome://" urls in reports back to source files.
DanielMinorMozReview user interface and workflow improvementsAT RISK - I've fixed Bug 1182585 and Bug 1192958 since Nov 16, but I've mostly been working on autoland.Bug 1212358 tracks this, I've done some fixes and have a few more under
review, but I'm spending a lot of time on autoland workflow.
Bug 1212358 tracks this, I've done some fixes and have a few more under review, but I'm spending a lot of time on autoland workflow.
EdMorleyDetermine remaining tasks and dependencies for Treeherder's migration to HerokuDONEIn progress (see bug 1176484 and deps)In progress (see bug 1176484 and deps)In progress (see bug 1176484 and deps)
EdMorleyMigrate Bugherder from the Mozilla's Stackato instance to HerokuDONEDONEDONEDONE
SydPolkMove media tests to run in mozmill-ci's Jenkins instance.In Progress - mozharness scripts are written for mozmill-ci. The existing buildbot scripts had to be updated. Currently debugging them. Feel like I have been one bug away from done for weeks.
SydPolkAll of the source code for marinonette-based Firefox media tests should be in the mozilla central repository rather than pieces in github.com.Blocked - Waiting for firefox-ui-tests to be moved into tree. whimboo esitmates completion 22-Dec-15.
HenrikSkupinBug 1214378 - Update the firefox-ui-tests repository to use the new Marionette base desktop classes and fix intermittent failures of local functional tests on the mozilla-central branchFirefox-ui-tests got updated for new Marionette classes and we can start working on moving them into the tree. Also fixed some intermittent failures so that we are green most of the time.Started to fix intermittent failures to have green jobs for mozilla-central.
Otherwise blocked on Maja's work to get firefox-ui-tests enhancements into Marionette base.
HenrikSkupinBug 1214372 - Move all firefox-ui-tests in the tree (bug 1197234) and get tests executed via TaskCluster (Linux only for now) and JenkinsPrepped mozmill-ci for the switch to mozharness which will happen by next week. Planning for moving the tests in tree will start soon.Preparartion to switch to mozharness driven tests but got interrupted by the
S3 migration bustages. Hope to have a PR ready this week - still blocked on the missing rev id in pulse messages for release builds (bug 1219432)
GregorySzorcVersion control aspects of Autoland to inbound
GregorySzorcSubmit code reviews to MozReview using GitNot started
GregorySzorcModernize and optimize hg.mozilla.org replicationIn progress and healthy
AndreasTolfsenBegin work on the WebDriver specification test suiteDEFERREDNo progress. Deliverable has been narrowed down slightly, but I think this is definitely AT RISK of slipping.No further progressDiscussion at TPAC with other vendors. Resolved to remove the need for Microsoft to maintain their own fork; did work on merging their pull requests.
AndreasTolfsenMake it possible to evaluate script in content context with side-effectsGood progress. Mn+Gij now passing; some remaining failures on W related to CSP. Some work left to verify that lasting content changes work.A lot of progress on this, but now blocked by bug 1211489 (and consequently bugs 1227991 and 1229011) because it contains a refactor of emulator callbacks that is necessary to rewrite how we evaluate scripts.Not startedNot started
ArmenZambrano GasparnianProvide data structure output from Mozharness jobs to enable other tools to determine job efficiencyThis was instead supporting ekyle produce valid reports on Buildbot data.DONEDONE
ArmenZambrano GasparnianWe need to allow submitting complete BBB graphs in order to enable a better version of try-extender (bug 1194264)DONEDONEDONE
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