Gate Encounters
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2d6 mountain men, reaction roll as normal. Usually either raiding or looting or drinking if away from mountains.
0 Level men, leather armour of poorly taned hides, two handed axes and slings favoured
Mountain MenCamp or cave
Grunting laughter from nearby
Dropped spearhead, crudely made
Goat thighbone, mostly eaten.
Loud yodelling from hills
AC 14, MV 60', HD 4, 1 Sticky strand of acidic goop attack range 60' dealing 1d6 damage per round until severed, ML 12
Glob of Shub-Niggurath
Engulfing a man (50%) or dog (50%).
Sticky, wide snailtrail, still wet
Strands of dried gunk hang between bushes and across route
Long patch of dead grass in a long curving line.
Puddle with oily rainbows in it
1d4 Vagrants, homeless for one reason or other. Probably mad. 50% of small mangy dog.
0 Level humans
Around a sputtering camp fire
Human faeces, still steaming
Scuffed bootmarks
Fingerless glove, threadbare
Discarded boot
Fighter 3, AC 12, takes one of your weapons or uses a kitchen knife doing 1d4 damage.
She Spits On Your Grave
Travelling with unsuspecting man
Scream, cut off, fresh body found
4 dead men, knife wounds, dickless
Severed penisSudden sunshower
Know rumours. Travelling to a random town along the road.
0 Level humans
TravellersCamping out
Conversation and laughter
Shoeprints of many people
Empty cottage, overgrown garden
Patch of greener grass
5d6 soldiers from Fate stationed here to protect the area, now blocked off from Fate by the forest. Heading where they're needed most, usually to guard a village or shore up defenses. 2d4 horses and a mix of weapons.
0 Level humans led by a Fighter level 1d6-2 (min. 1), good quality weapons and armour, 1d5*10% mounted
Proper soldiers
Doing battle with nearest hostile group
Sounds of battle
Hoofprints and steelcapped bootprints
Bottom half of a tabard, chopped short by a weapon.
Leather from a sword's binding
Specialist Level 1 with Music 4 and First Aid 2
Traveling Minstrel
In makeshift shelter, singing
Inexpert lute strumming
ShoeprintsBroken lute string
Dropped penny whistle
Armor 15 versus blunt weapons, 20 versus edged and missile attacks, 5 Hit Dice, Movement240’, 1 bite and claw combined attack
for 1d10 damage, Morale 10. Immune to fire, cold, electrical, and similar
attacks, surprises 4 in 6.
The Glass Tiger
Hunting (roll encounter)
Loud, identical roars
Heavy, angular pawprints
Glass chips sparkle, broken haft
Splash of blood, old drag marks
9Plague Carrier
Carrier is dying, asking for help
Burnt bodies on burnt out pyre
Faltering footprints
Swarm of flies
Rat-infested horse corpse
10The MastermindCamp
d6 corpses, throats slit without struggle
Tracks of many men, horses, dogs
Rotting pregnant dog, neck twisted
Thrown horseshoe
Whole body demon possession zombie
Possessed arm scuttles through brush
Corpse, no arm, self-amputated, bled out
Possessed foot, dead
Decapitated head up a tree
50% chance of from Caspian's Delve, 50% chance headed there. Seperate 20% chance one is their hobgoblin leader.
Sitting around a patch of earth, watching a new goblin mandrake grow
Dead goblin, rotting like a vegetable
Many footprints of identical size and shape
Mandrakes growing nearby
Particularly plump mushrooms, delicious
0 Level humans
Improvisational Inquisition
A church, bell ringing
Hanged woman, no eyes or tongue
Church bell in near distance
Holy symbol carved onto tree
Flock of pigeons overhead
Persson: Armor 12, Fighter Level 4, 1 attack doing 1d6 damage (household
tools), Morale 12. Persson has 17 Strength. He does have breastplate armor (Armor 16), plus a sword and
musket (1d8 damage each), which he will don and ready if he has time.
The Insane FarmerThe farm itself
Leg planted in garden bed
Bootprints, drips of dried blood
Dried blood spray on bushes
Dead bird
AC 12, HD 1, 1 attack dealing 1d4 damage, ML 8
The Skinned Man
Face in window of cottage
Seen walking into a barn
Bare footprints filled with dark red stickiness
Skinned corpse, skin in heap nearby
Large insect moult on tree
16Lost Child
Asleep and shivering under blanket
Sound of child crying quietly nearby
A child's tracks, one foot bare
Child's shoe
Stale vomit, crushed holly berries
0 level Halflings
HalflingsCamp site
Handcart and owners spotted
Cart tracks, small footprints
Short graveA millpond
18Murdersite - Hanging
Murdersite - Knifed and buried
Murdersite - Butchered family
Murdersite - Mass murder
Gunshot in distance, birds scatter
AC 12, HD 1, 1 attack dealing 1d4 damage, ML 7
Wild Dogs
Abandoned hamlet with dogs
Dogs barkingMany pawprints
Rabbit, chewed by a dog
Dog turd
Lightning storm centred on Tower of the Stargazer; those outdoors wearing metal armour in the hex get struck by lightning with one turn
Pillar of light shoots up from the Tower
Clouds start moving towards the Tower
Sudden sleet
Flash of light from towards Tower precedes rainfall
Cloudy/clouds clear
1d2 knights with 2d6 assorted support staff
Knights: Fighter 1d4-1 (min. 1), AC 16 (chain), favour smashy weapons.
Retainers: 0 level humans with censors (flails) or shortswords
Order of the Red Kites
Battling heathens (10% chance outmatched)
Waving banner of the Red Kites seen over rise
Mailed footprints
Necklace with an emblem of a bird of prey carved from some red stone. Worth d6*10sp.
A kite circles above the trees.
Sitting amongst enraged people, laughing
Angry shouting
Several dead bodies who seem to have fought each other to the death with their bare hands
Corpse, throat torn out in a familiar manner
Scrap of scalp on bloodstained earth
3d6 Mercenaries posing as soldiers from Fate, heading where they can get free food and lodging from exploitable locals. 1d4-2 horses and industrial grade weapons.
0 Level humans led by a Fighter level 1d4-2 (min. 1)
False soldiers
Camping in a small village, probably drunk
Rowdy singing
A traveller warns the party to steer clear of the local soldiery
Abandoned mercenary gear by side of road
A patch from a uniform with the sundial of Fate on one side and a mercenary symbol on the other
1d6 traders with horse-drawn carriages, 50% chance of their family being with them and 1d4-2 hired guards with crossbows and swords. 50% chance fleeing Karlstadt-area with everything they own for trade.
0 Level humans
Traders (caravan)
Taking a break or camping
Horse poo, fresh, cart tracks
Hoofprints between cart tracks
Old horse manure
1d4 traders heading to nearest town with goods from next nearest town. Willing to sell and would be grateful for company and/or attention. Good rumourmongers.
0 Level humans
Traders (handcarts)
Hawking outside town or camping
A shout of dismay about spilled product
Handcart tracks and footprints
An apple, run overWheel spoke
1d8 Dwarves travelling to or from the mountains, probably want to cross the wall. If friendly they are dour, sullen and not very good company.
0 Level dwarves
Camping in a half-buried igloo of stones.
Empty stone igloo
Short, heavy steps in big heavy boots with riveted soles.
Perfectly spherical rock
Gawping outlandish pudding-headed wanderers. Mostly harmless, ouphes prance uncouthly around the peripheries of the world and laugh at thunder and cry at sunlight and sleep in ditches. What they value is hard to gauge but they have little to offer anyone that makes any sense so it matters little.
Elf level 5+1d10
OupheSleeping in a ditch
Crying at sunlight or laughing at thunder
Footprints in strange skipping steps
Glimpsed from edge of vision across a field
Seen at a distance skip-walking very oddly
2d4 of them with demon weapons
Chain equiv, demon weapons, 1d4 HD each, each of the same sin.
Communing with their master
Fleeing Cleric (level 1)
Clawed footprintsCircle of sigils
Mushrooms grown into a pentagram
Elf level 5+1d10
Lunting Boggart
Long legged and smoking as it walks through the woods in close proximity
A strange smell of incense and herbs
Unnaturally long striding footprints
An odd glow from the woods
A too-tall man seen at a distance
30The AdventurerSmall camp
Small campfire, still smoking
Bootprints, hiking stick marks
Snapped hiking stick
Dropped copper coin
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