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Accent Technologies, Inc Accent Accelerator™ for Sales & Marketing Teams: Designed to empower sales teams with information, insight & technology. Deliver the right information at the right time, have more meaningful conversations, build credibility with buying teams & win more deals through precise, efficient execution. Content, coaching & insight at their fingertips. Provides tools to deliver & track information in a unique personalized way. FL, USA
Acelera Group works with enterprise & emerging technology companies to improve & optimize sales enablement, management, account management & opportunity development/management processes. Primary areas of focus include Sales Enablement (process improvement and optimization). Boston, MA
Acquia cloud platform for building, delivering & optimizing digital experiences. With the Acquia Platform, organisations can realize personalised, contextual & real-time customer engagement for the right person, at the right time, on the right device. These experiences can be deployed & managed at scale, for 1 to 1000s of sites. Acquia Lift “Content Hub”: Aggregate, syndicate & discover content across a disparate network of sites & channels, no matter the content source. Empower your business team to find content, so that your IT resources have more time to focus on higher priority issues. Break down content silos with powerful discovery tools to quickly find relevant content from other sites, departments, or technologies. Separate the content source from the site architecture or the code that powers the experience, giving you agility to design a great digital experience for your customers. Boston, DC, Portland, & Reading, UK
act-on Software emphasizes the importance of not only providing a sales team with the right content & tools and aligning those assets with the buying cycle, but aligning the right tools with the right sales person
Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (now part of Adobe Experience Manager Mobile). For design teams already using Adobe creative products, like Adobe InDesign, the transition to the Adobe mobile app solution is very natural. You can create content like you always did for print, but instead of sending it to a printer, you can publish to a tablet instead. If you need to make an emergency change to the app, your designers can push an update the same day.
Advantics information technology & services company based out of Düsseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Collaborating with MING Labs (see below) and Combionic (see below) on solutions like a slide library or content editor for deployments in medium to enterprise sized clients.
Alexander Group Sales Enablement. When you give your sales force relevant content, training and tools, you enable sales success. Alexander Group conducts thorough reviews of CRM systems and usage to ensure your support systems are in line with your revenue growth strategy. Scott Santucci @scottsantucci is a director in the Alexander Group’s Atlanta office and is spearheading the firms go-to-customer framework. USA
Alinean Winter Park, FL, USA
Allbound SaaS toolset for partner training, content marketing, collaboration, & customer success. Deliver content & training. Ready reps for the entire sales cycle. Training & Learning Tracks to up your reps’ game. Playbooks & Pins to give reps specific content or see what content they’ve assembled. Customer-Facing Tools that help partners & their reps provide ongoing value, both pre- and post-sales. Empower your channel partners to have the conversations they need to have. Collaboration Spaces foster mutually-beneficial, profitable communication & prevent partners from spinning their wheels. Save valuable time with an organized, transparent thread of conversation. No time lost scouring inboxes for emails, no hours wasted on calls with partners half in the dark. Align knowledge across the board & enable representatives from all sides of a deal to share & discuss information in a collaborative environment, archived for everybody’s future reference. Channel Enablement / Partner Enablement. Phoenix, AZ & San Francisco, CA
allego [more sales training than help with customer facing content] Provides a mobile-first sales learning platform that boosts sales performance and productivity through video content sharing. Needham, MA
AMACUS by innovative information inc. in Vancouver, Canada. “Improving sales productivity by letting reps see the buyer impacts of sales efforts”
App Data Room (See MODUS ENGAGEMENT, INC. below) Platform to build, brand & manage a professional mobile sales app. Add your logo, colors & messaging to customize App Data Room for your company. Upload presentations, PDFs, videos, images & more to ensure that your reps always have the right materials in their hands. Download your app on any number of mobile devices. Works for 1 user or 10,000+ & everything in between. Present content on your app then send via followup. Leads can be automatically pushed to your CRM or Marketing Automation tools. Minneapolis, MN
Apparound Produce professional quotations, proposals & legal contracts with 1-click incl. specific terms, product data, media & other content. Share documents / digital brochures with customers via email & CRM integration. Configure, price & quote complex products with automatic compatibility check. Increase quotation size & shorten sales cycle. Get up-to-speed on new offerings & prices. Get access to the latest price & promotion information. Push sales information across all sales agents in the field. Capture all product details & media in one single place: on sales agents mobile devices. Cascina (Pisa), Italy & Menlo Park, CA, US
AppGlu custom branded ready-to-run mobile apps for sales teams that can be created in minutes through a self-service dashboard. Arm reps with custom branded iOS & Android mobile apps that contain your company’s most current product information, marketing collateral & sales presentations. Ensure reps have instant access to the most current marketing/sales materials, even when offline. Make meetings more engaging, productive, & measurable through in-app analytics. Ready-to-run enterprise mobile apps as a service. SF, CA
Attach helps align your sales & marketing team with it’s centralized content hub. With one place to distribute content to your team, salespeople know where to go to find the right content. Marketers know how that content is used & can optimize it’s effectiveness through data to help the sales force sell. “Know who reads your documents, where they spend time and who they share them with. Understand your prospects engagement & transform the way you sell forever.” Align your sales & marketing department with a library of approved content, & make sure everyone shares the latest version. Analyze the effectiveness across your team, optimize your content & build winning sales decks. Stockholm, Sweden
Attensa Rather than piecing together information services, sources & alerts, aggregate your resources into a unified solution. Use cutting edge tools to filter and deliver relevant information to the people you support – saving them time & keeping them focused on information that matters to their work. Portland, OR
Attivio Unified information access platform: Active Intelligence Engine® (AIE®). Ingests both structured & semi-structured data, Big Data & unstructured content, from a wide variety of databases, document repositories, content management systems, email systems, websites, social media & file servers
AXIOM SFD their apps improve sales coaching & sales training; on demand in real time. “Since 1991 we’ve consulted & trained B2B sales organizations. In 2013 we pivoted to create native sales enablement apps for” Dallas, Texas
Beehivr empower sales forces with a platform to enhance client meetings, facilitate employee training, & gather valuable insights. Adaptable mobile sales app allows sales teams to transform traditional presentations & client meetings, into interactive experiences. Allows for flexible flow of information & the possibility to adapt content, as the conversation unfolds. Assembles all sales collateral & client information in one app, allowing sales teams to save preparation time & focus on more value added tasks. New team members benefit from a rapid & easier onboarding process with instant access to all pertinent information, offered on an interactive & intuitive interface. Up-to-date content allows your team upsell & cross-sell & ensure that brand message is delivered more consistently across the market. Montreal, Canada
Bigtincan a single unified solution that securely delivers the right content to the right users at the right time & location on any mobile device. Access to all relevant content combined with all the tools needed to enable a mobile workforce to be productive, delivered with the information security & content governance capabilities needed to achieve information risk, compliance and security objectives. Provides the intelligent insight into user interaction & utilization of content. Unlocks field expertise, creates expert networks & enables knowledge sharing across teams.
22 “Smart Document Collaboration for Teams! Your complete document ecosystem. Create, Manage, Track all from one simple to use platform.” Collaboration tool that empowers sales teams to make marketing & sales materials while collaborating in a common workplace. Sales teams create, customize, collaborate & share sales proposals, sales decks, & client facing material. Receive notifications whenever a client or prospect views your sales proposal. Get engagement metrics e.g. how much time they spent on your smart document, how far they scrolled (scroll ratio) and how often they returned to the documents you shared. This data is extremely useful as you can instantly receive feedback on your proposal & make changes to improve the sales collateral you & your team create. Add a lead capture form while sharing a document. In order for your recipients to access the shared documents, they are required to fill out their name, company, email &/or phone number. Salespeople can also password protect their documents or even add an expiration date after which, the documents can’t be accessed. San Francisco, CA
Brandobility brand content management between partners, offices, & teams. Division of NAPC comprised of brand industry experts. Value Added Service Provider, Brandobility helped US-based Bynder clients implement their brand portal solutions.
Bridge Metrics Extend the value of your marketing assets by enabling your channel & partner sales and marketing teams to customize, distribute & track content on the fly! Texas, US
Bsharp Mobile sales enablement tools accelerate sales through continuous training, effective sales conversations & more productive sales reps: Inform, train, assess, equip, hear from & motivate the sales team. Mobile platform & services methodology to help you build a formidable team. Continuously train thousands of sales personnel across geos; Keep them informed of important decisions at the corporate office; Send product collateral, brochures, videos for customer use; Get info like sales, inventory, merchandising, customer meetings for analytics daily… Marlborough, MA, USA & Bangalore, India
Callidus acquired by SAP Jan 29, 2018 for $2.4B. (Callidus Software Inc. had purchased iCentera) CallidusCloud had not just iCentera for content, but also CPQ tools, marketing automation & more. Ensure your sales reps & external partners have the knowledge, motivation & tools to sell more, faster & spend less doing it. The “Lead To Money” suite includes Enablement, eLearning, Sales Coaching, Sales Incentive Compensation, CPQ, CLM, Pipeline & Forecast Intelligence, Territory & Quota, Customer Feedback to Action.
CampaignerCRM™ is a trademark of j2 Cloud Services and its affiliates. [Landslide Technologies resource library for easy sharing, retrieval & managing] acquired by j2 Global, Inc. See or
Canto Digital Sales Enablement: Digital asset management empowers your sales team by improving efficiency & creating new business opportunities. A DAM system makes your valuable media files available where you need them, any time. Sales reps never need to worry if they’re carrying all the relevant documents & presentations when meeting clients – all important sales collateral are accessible from their mobile device, laptop/tablet with fast, meta data-driven search & preview capabilities. Content is always up-to-date & ready to use. Social DAM features make digital collaboration easier & faster than ever. Build .ppt decks from pre-approved slides that are guaranteed to have the latest version. With Cumulus & DAM you can do that & more. Germany & San Francisco, USA
cegeka Swiftslide Make your sales easier, better & more efficient. Delivers up-to-date content straight from your Marketing department to Sales when & where they need it. Improves communication between these two key departments & optimizes the sales process to prospects. Everything can be done remotely, with improved results, instant feedback & an overview one click away!
changeBEAT UK based
Chatter see below
Chemistry Enterprise web & tablet technology built to align Sales & Marketing through three of the most critical components – digital asset management, integrated data collection, and customized sales tools. Kansas City, MO, USA
ClearSlide Their acquisition of SlideRocket let’s you create & edit presentations in the cloud. Collaborate with sales to develop high-impact collateral: Mix & match content on the fly. Provide sales teams with updated marketing content. Distribute & refresh collateral to multiple teams. Full control over what content your sales team is using, editing, & sharing. Organize content so it’s easy to find for specific use cases by adding tags. Analytics: Gain visibility into what content your sales team uses. Learn which collateral is effective with prospects&customers. See how long people viewed presentations with slide-by-slide analytics
Collected “Don’t just store your files. Use them. Find your old proposals, notes, reports, and more, as you work.” For sales & marketing proposals, legal briefs, press releases, social media blogging, etc “Easily connect Collected to your cloud-stored content: Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, enterprise support and custom deployments for SharePoint, Salesforce, and more” 30 days free + 30 days per referral. Pittsburgh, PA
Combionic GmbH Germany/Switzerland based. Combionic collaboration software connects people, processes, and information in context & across applications. Enabling sales people & partner organizations with a slide library. Drag&drop slides to a plug-in right within Microsoft PowerPoint to have all the context/tags captured automatically and the slides are already uploaded / available in the cloud based slide library which works great for accessing/generating on the fly from tablets
CommercialTribe video-based practice solution: Enables sales training to stick – helping sales reps hit the number. Using video & associated content, reps can view & share peer best practices, practice by recording themselves, submit their scenario for manager & peer feedback, & refine until they have it right. Reps actually teach & learn from one another.
Compelligence, Inc founded by CI professionals who saw, sales teams consistently want customized CI data that is specific to their deal and CI analysts are constantly making custom Excel sheets & slide decks. Competitive content is frequently located in different places in the company & is difficult for sales teams to locate quickly. Executives want up-to-date information on industry threats&trends. There are few effective means for collecting competitive information from multiple parts of the company. Pismo Beach, CA
Compendian US based vendor with a solution named CollaboRate: Capturing & capitalizing on the corporate assets & tribal knowledge organizations already have. Delivering knowledge & assets to the people who need them, right when they need them.
Complexica specializing in AI-based enterprise software applications that improve the effectiveness of sales & marketing activities. Adelaide, South Australia. Australia
Conga (See Octiv, formerly known as TinderBox) BROOMFIELD, CO – March 7, 2018 – Conga, the global leader in Intelligent Document Automation, today announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Octiv, an industry-leading provider of web-based document solutions. (See Octiv below)
CONSENSUS (formerly DemoChimp) DemoChimp Rebrands as CONSENSUS - makes it possible for sales and marketing professionals to create interactive customized demo videos that give each buyer an overview of a product’s value proposition. American Fork, UT
Content Raven offers a sales enablement platform used by large enterprises [of for example 45,000 sales reps worldwide]. Manage, Distribute & Track Digital Media & Content Anywhere, to Any Device. Get Results, Be More Effective, Reduce Costs. Globally distribute content to any device, from any file sharing solution & Salesforce. Track delivery & usage, analyze performance, & reduce costs. Cloud-based portal (can be white labeled) with APIs to an existing system, or via file sharing solutions like Salesforce, SharePoint, Dropbox & GDrive. Framingham, MA
ContexTip the right insights at the right time with the right context. In large globally spread sales teams, where many divisions often sell into the same accounts, the potential to cross-sell often goes unrealized because information is trapped in silos. ContexTip digs through all data in Salesforce & recommends the best sales executives across divisions to reach out for help with a deal. A recommendation engine gives a ring-side view of your account & helps your team with timely, relevant & optimal date to help the deal move further & faster to closure. Have the power of critical information at your finger tips just when you need it. By Lister technologies, India.
Corel Corporation on December 12, 2017 Corel Corporation, a Canadian office and design software company, announced it acquired ClearSlide, a sales engagement platform. Ottawa, Canada
Corporate Visions Inc. marketing and sales messaging, tools and training company, announced June 25, 2014 it acquired Launch International, Inc., a communications company specializing in marketing and sales enablement content. LARKSPUR, CA, USA
count5 Eric Blumthal started count5 because he was a salesperson who never read the sea of email from his boss & dozens of other resources within the company. Q MINDshare™ “cuts thru” the clutter to drive employee/sales alignment: A cloud platform on PC’s, Smart Phones & Tablets to get the attention of employees, spoon feed high priority content, then report back that it was received & understood. Let’s you prioritize, schedule & deliver content based on business importance using a proprietary notification system. Control who gets content & the days/times it gets delivered. Knowledge Retention Module: Automate proven scientific methods for training reinforcement to drive faster adoption & ROI. Communications Module: Engage users with high priority communications & tasks, then track views, feedback & understanding. Coaching Module: A collaborative interface where managers support employees while they execute specific activities & goals. Atlanta headquartered, USA
Coveo combines "unified search", analytics & Machine Learning (ML) to deliver relevant information & recommendations across every business interaction. Transforms businesses by improving customer engagement & upskilling employees by providing the best information, every time, everywhere. AI-powered Search for every Salesforce community & app. Immediate access to all the content, wherever it resides. Québec, Canada
Creative Cafe Mix-and-Match Slides for Presentation & Sharing: Creative Cafe develops sets of slide-style modular content units that sales reps can choose from as needed to easily customize documents & presentations to share with prospects in person or across digital channels. A collective of senior-level creatives with a proven track record in B2B content development & design, founded by Leslie A. Hancock, content marketing & sales enablement consultant. “One way to align Marketing & Sales is to ensure that there is content available for every stage of the sales funnel to empower salespeople to convert leads to prospects & prospects to customers. Another way to align Marketing & Sales is to cross-pollinate, with representatives from both departments periodically meeting, sharing strategies, providing real-world updates, etc.” AUSTIN, Texas Now B2B Sales Content MICRO-AGENCY SPECIALIZING IN DEVELOPING CONTENT FOR B2B SALES ENABLEMENT. AUSTIN, Texas
CustomShow presentation software that allows to build custom branded presentations that look better than your typical PowerPoint presentation while still incorporating important metrics & reporting needed for sales teams to track engagement. Create customized & branded presentations while equipping teams with access to a slide library in a fully cloud-based environment. Incorporates analytics, the ability to conduct web meetings, integration with, all while customizing to your own brand standard.
d!NK Sales library on tablets enables customer facing staff to adapt interactions with customers/prospects to what interests them. Makes sales more effective; better qualification, condensed sales process. Belgium based
DemoChimp see CONSENSUS
Direxxis Marketing dmEDGE™ Distributed Marketing Portal March 3, 2015 Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. acquired Direxxis LLC, a provider of cloud-based marketing solutions & services, to expand its suite of solutions for wealth & asset managers. “Financial advisors are moving from a mass marketing approach to data-driven strategies in which timely content can be tailored & distributed through both traditional & emerging channels,”
DocSend Providing analytics & control for documents you send. Know more. Work smarter. Move faster. “Goodbye email attachments. Hello revenue.” Makes salespeople more effective by enabling them to track, control, send, & present sales materials with real-time document analytics. DocSend’s analytics technology allows you to understand how your documents are being viewed, right down to the time spent on each page. Know what content is working and what’s not. Maintain control even after you send. Send documents on your terms. Create multiple links per document & control them individually. Limit or turn off access at any time. Rest easy knowing your content is secure. San Francisco, USA
DocShare Track document opening & performance with easy to share weblinks. Document tracking app by @sales_handy (send, track, control, engage & present sales collateral with actionable document analytics. CENTRALIZED SALES COLLATERAL: Manage all your sales documents at one place. Organize your files by teams, company or private.) India
Docurated Sales enablement & sales asset management platform powers content recommendations with AI & predictive analytics. Faster deck creation, Access the newest & most relevant content, Assemble new pitches in minutes, Pitch better & more often, Seamless integration with existing file storage, Automatic indexing & visualization of content, Mobile & desktop access. NYC, NY, USA. Their inception was in 2012; now part of Quark Software, Inc. Denver, CO. Quark Software announced 6-Dec-2017 it acquired Docurated.
DOOLY Combination of machine learning, natural language processing, & speech analytics as an ear on calls, notes, emails, & other data sources to connect information in the moment & help teams be more productive, close more deals, & find new ways to delight customers. “You’re chasing someone across departments, trying to find that white paper your coworker remembers coming across many moons ago so that you can send it to a prospect.” Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to chase information around, but had that information at your fingertips? Dooly is a participant on the call & already knows that the prospect would benefit from a white paper, & because it’s connected to everything else, it knows where to find it. Vancouver, BC, Canada
DSG Consulting Our passion & focus is enabling every sales channel to implement your company’s vision & strategy. “Playbook based solutions that enable every salesperson, sales manager and channel partner to implement your growth strategy through content, tools, and training.” Little Rock, AR
DTI enables leaders, tech teams & sales forces to perform at the highest levels! Digital Transformation & Sales Transformation. If you want to better enable your sellers and frontline managers, and transform your sales force to generate and win more opportunities, we can help. Our Sales Enablement Services include: Sales Readiness Diagnostics, Buyer Persona Development, Sales Playbook Development, Sales Enablement Advisory Services, Sales Enablement Support Services. Raleigh, NC
EarthIntegrate (See Pageflex below)
elandas Flexible sales & marketing solutions for the regulated life sciences industry. Deliver customized, regulatory-compliant sales materials into the hands of your sales force within days, not weeks. Adapt to rapidly changing trends with tools that give you flexibility & control. Coordinate efforts of disparate & cross-functional business units for more efficiency – allowing you to sell more sooner. With elandas sales reps will: Learn about access changes that provide growth opportunities in a given territory sooner. Create relevant & compliant materials for digital presentation or print to get to the point quickly during sales calls. Enjoy more realistic sales goals set by management. Get the control needed to hit the ground running & be ahead of the game. Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
Enable5 former VONICAL full-service agency that spun out its enablement software as a service under the name ENABLE5 (HQ Ottawa, Canada; also Japan, Ireland, London UK, San Fran USA) (Last tweet was Feb 20, 2016)
engage (former workface Sales Enablement Chat Tool. Helps close more sales by enabling your sales people to instantly meet today’s web-based customers with extraordinarily personal, multi-channel, real-time video, audio & text chat. Everything you need to create, manage & track enterprise-level chat 2.0. Incl. file & video storage and mobile apps. “Not just chat or web conferencing. It’s live sales enablement.” Seems to have rebranded to engage Minneapolis, MN, US
ENHATCH enterprise tech startup helping sales & marketing team conquer complex sales through a mobile SaaS apps platform. The technology allows for a fully branded experience that can be customized to meet any business need and deployed directly to internal users, third-party distributors and end customers. The functionality is geared towards field sales & marketing teams for presenting custom pitches, accessing relevant content, and collaborating with others. Enhance sales productivity & effectiveness while providing seamless access to backend CRM systems. CLS will be available for download on the AppExchange and can bi-directionally synch with Salesforce. NYC based
ExecVision Conversation Intelligence software built for coaching. Washington, DC
FatStax Catalog app that helps sales reps embrace the iPad
fileboard Centralize your Sales Collateral: Fileboard comes with full enterprise-grade file management. “One source for your marketing collateral with deep engagement insights!” ‘Marketing Automation’ only tells you what content generates most leads or traffic, but not what content is most used & contributed most to won deals. “Once Fileboard is connected with your CRM, a marketing manager can see for every single piece of content how much it has contributed to opportunities that are lost and won. Engagement scores for each asset help to understand what type of content resonates with prospects and where more or similar content is required.” Know how and where to focus your content creation efforts on. iPhone & iPad app enables you to sell anywhere. Connect your live presentation to a Salesforce account, opportunity, contact or lead. Headquartered in Mountain View, CA + offices in Amsterdam
fision Marketing Automation & Sales Enablement Cloud Platform
FusionGrove account-based orchestration platform that helps B2B sales & marketing leaders transform revenue success. Segment & target accounts with augmented data intelligence, optimize content in co-ordinated plays & orchestrate customer interactions at scale. Enables sales teams & channel partners to engage accounts & expand customer relationships. Our data-driven solution gives your business an edge in selling across the entire portfolio & accelerating time to revenue. Helped Cisco, Dell, Citrix & other B2B companies improve campaign results & partner engagement. North Sydney, NSW, Australia
Gong conversation intelligence platform for sales. Drive higher quota attainment across your team by recording, transcribing, & analyzing their conversations. Record: Automatically records every sales call or demo that happens across your sales floor. Transcribe: Each sales call is transcribed from speech to text, turning every conversation into data. Analyze: Analyzes everything your star reps do differently during their sales conversations, helping you bridge the gap. San Mateo, CA
Game Plan iPad app; connects to, DropBox, SharePoint 2010, Amazon S3
Guru Chrome web extension that sits on top of pretty much anything you do on your computer, and intelligently surfaces the relevant information right when you need it. Experts in certain areas, such as product or marketing, can create cards with all the latest, verified information about a certain product release, marketing initiative, competitive landscape, etc. and that information will be surfaced to sales teams or support teams at the moment they need it. Also integrates with other web services, such as Salesforce or LinkedIn.
Handbook App Infoteria Corporation, TOKYO and CUPERTINO, Calif.
Highspot sales engagement platform providing visibility & insight across the sales cycle. End-to-end platform that closes the loop between marketing, sales and the customer providing real-time alerts & predictive analytics on all your business content. Increase seller effectiveness, improve sales management visibility to best practices, and deliver insights to marketing to produce content that drives engagement & revenue. Optimize how your marketing & sales teams use content to effectively engage customers & drive revenue. Seattle, WA
hubba more focused on fast moving consumer goods than any other vendor on this list. Helps with sharing of product information between brands and retailers. “Managing product information sucks. You are faced with more information to manage, more digital channels to oversee and more demand for product images, descriptions, videos, and more. Hubba’s B2B Product Information Network gives brands the ability to generate a hub of comprehensive product information while providing retailers with real-time access to this accurate, up-to-date content.” Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Hubspot inbound marketing & sales platform. Cambridge, MA, USA
IBM Smarter Workforce [former] Mobile Learning Solution: Develop, deliver&analyze all types of device-independent mobile content. Save time&money in developing, managing, maintaining&deploying content through the integrated Learning Content Management System (LCMS). Social Business Software: integrates social networking, collaboration&knowledge-sharing technologies in a secure, managed environment
IBM: Vivisimo Inc (acquired by IBM) Now, Vivisimo Velocity Platform is IBM InfoSphere Data Explorer
Illumineto Cloud-hosted, mobile-ready SaaS application which helps B2B sales professionals quickly find, package & deliver information most relevant to a prospect’s specific buying need. (Sales reps spend more than 30% of their time looking for content. 50% of the time they never find what they need.) Search personal, corporate & shared content sources. Integrates with your personal & corporate cloud storage, video & CRM systems. Hours of unnecessary effort are eliminated from the reps’ day, resulting in more sales wins. As a subject matter expert, share that knowledge through your Spark pages & content. Get started for free Maryland, USA
Immediately cross-platform email tool for salespeople designed to enable closing deals from anywhere, as opportunities happen. Track from your phone & computer when your emails get opened, get reminders to follow up with leads, offer suitable meeting times, and use email templates for sales pitches. “Sales, or closing deals in general, is no longer a 9-to-5 job. You’re always selling, always closing. If you don’t, your competition will. And so having perfectly-timed actionable information, and the right tools to take action, is the winning formula. We give you both, as opportunities happen, immediately.” San Francisco
Impartner (formerly known as TreeHouse Interactive) SaaS-based Partner Relationship Management & Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) solutions, Impartner PRM. Deploy a Partner Portal in 30 days. Mobile-responsive Partner Portal that integrates the full suite of technologies needed to serve partners anywhere with deal registration, on-demand co-branded collateral, RFP submission, training, & sales enablement tools. Salt Lake City, Utah, US
Insite Software acquired Sales Enablement & Digital Content Delivery Provider Storyworks1 "Acquisition bolsters the company’s connected commerce platform strategy, adding rich functionality to address the new realities in the era of digitally enabled B2B selling" Minneapolis, Dec. 15, 2015, Insite Software, provider of business-to-business (B2B) commerce & data-driven solutions for manufacturers & distributors, announced it has acquired mobile sales enablement & digital content delivery platform provider Storyworks1
iPresent Ltd. sales engagement platform. “Same message, same content, same branding across multiple platforms and devices. Run iPresent on all the major mobile platforms.” Run a tablet alongside a phone on one user license. 14-Day Free Trial. Hampshire, UK and Sunnyvale, California, USA
Jostle techcrunch writes “[…] wants to put a fresh face on intranet software. […] aims to make it easier for companies to publish news stories and announcements, host online discussions and share other relevant information like team directories. […] features a Yammer-like chat tool. […] integrates with the likes of Active Directory and other directory services to make onboarding easy. It also supports most popular single sign-on solutions and offers Google Apps integration, too, with support for Google Docs, Gmail, Google Contacts and Drive. […] starts at $6 per employee per month for small companies with up to 100 employees, with price drops available for larger businesses.” Vancouver, Canada
Kapost content marketing software platform. Enables marketers to succeed as publishers by helping them generate content ideas, manage the content production process, and develop traffic-generating links to their content. Manage every aspect of your B2B content lifecycle – from ideation to distribution – and optimize every single asset. Streamlines your distribution process, enabling you to publish to an internal library & across channels. Simplifies content discovery & tracks internal usage of current content among teams. Manage your entire content lifecycle, collaborate & produce more efficiently, and measure the impact of every single asset through the entire buyer journey.
KiCube apps to drag & drop your marketing content to build an interactive story for the devices used by your sales force. Austin, TX
KnoBis KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT PLATFORM: “A Knowledge Base that teams actually love to use.” “Somewhere along the way, Knowledge Base got really hard to use. Simple, intuitive & requires no training.” SALES ENABLEMENT: Ensure better synchronization between sales & marketing teams, & provide sales reps with the entire arsenal needed to close deals. INTRANET & CONTENT REPOSITORY: Create your own intranet with an interactive content repository, allowing employees to contribute, collaborate & share. COMMUNITY: Create a community of relevant stakeholders, & share news, product updates, tips & tricks etc. By Bellurbis Technologies Pvt. Ltd., India
KnowledgeTree (KnowledgeTree was acquired by SAVO Group; announced Jun 12, 2017. Then on May 8, 2018, it was announced that Seismic acquires SAVO Group) Right content, right time, right in – Sales teams sell more when they use effective presentations, data sheets, & case studies. Makes sales enablement easy by surfacing the best content for any sales process – instantly in
Kony Kony enterprise apps: Reach your employees on any channel – phones, tablets, desktops, & more – to deliver a consistent experience that drives enterprise-wide adoption. Enable sales teams to engage with customers in a personalized & informed way – anytime, anywhere. Help field & plant workers quickly execute & close work orders with intuitive workflows & access to pertinent information.
Kuvana, Inc. See buying signals instantly: Alerts for opens, videos, PDFs, links, web pages and CRM. Key prospect interaction is captured, and followup actions made easy. Marketing Asset Analytics. Asset Libraries: Easily insert marketing collateral into your sales emails. And see the stats as they roll in. Try it free. For 14 days you’ll get all the features of the Professional version at no charge. Atlanta, GA
Leadstalk small vendor/agency focused on Mauritius
LearnCore Sales training & coaching platform built with enablement in mind. Empower your sales teams. Increase Rep Productivity: Make sure the entire sales team is always up to speed & communicating consistently. Messaging, Demos, Objection Handling, Onboard Reps Faster. Deliver just-in-time learning to the right people at the right time. Chicago, IL
LevelJump built on the Salesforce platform. Correlate all of your enablement efforts to real CRM metrics & milestones. Improve your onboarding process, maintain ongoing sales training, & drive revenue. Launch prescriptive & interactive programs that include videos, calls, articles, & coaching materials to continuously onboard & train your sales force in the most engaging way. Provide a modern enablement experience with onboarding, on-going training, new product launches, pre-event, & pre-campaign programs your teams can complete on the go. Practice with video-first coaching rooms assigned to your managers & teams for role play, pitches, & objection handling. Align sales & marketing message consistency by reviewing pitches, providing scores & feedback, and certifying your reps. Centralize training videos & coaching content in a library directly in Salesforce, & categorize by themes, win stories, or use cases. Accelerate deals with recommended content based on stage, products, competitors, or any custom fields on leads, contacts, accounts, & opportunities in Salesforce. Save reps time by linking additional resources to videos, from your CMS, to PDFs, & any other tools. Ramp reps faster by publishing training videos & coaching collateral to help them at any stage of the sales cycle. Toronto, ON, Canada
LIA mobile app that pushes correct sales materials to each rep & then sends analytics back to management to help sales & marketing be more effective together. Old brand: Digital Asset Manager
Sales Enablement vendors
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