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TimestampNotesStatusFeedbackWhat kind of feedback do you have?
4/4/2023 17:10:54Out of scopeRejectedCars. Add cars a a special item.Gameplay feature (Anything else)
4/4/2023 17:26:52Good idea, but no lemonsOn HoldLemonadeElement suggestion (Thing you can place)
4/5/2023 12:18:55No brandsRejectedYou gotta add the trident vibes sour patch kids its a crucial elementElement suggestion (Thing you can place)
4/5/2023 13:57:58Thanks!Sandboxels is the best thing i've ever played but what would be greatly appreciated is if you would create a mod where on the tools bar you could have different kinds of weapons such as, nukes napalm, hell fire, that kind of thing. Thank you, Flame. Tool suggestion (Thing you can use on pixels)
4/5/2023 18:55:55Common suggestionOn HoldAn option for different map sizes would be nice as that gives players more room for experiments and many other fun possibilitiesGameplay feature (Anything else)
4/5/2023 21:23:25We don't have text descriptions of elements yetOn HoldHovering over an element for around 2-3 seconds provides info about it.Gameplay feature (Anything else)
4/6/2023 9:23:09Thanks!Hey man really love your game. I'm not a game maker or anything but I would like it if you would add more tools and elementsKind words, stories, etc.
4/6/2023 10:19:40Too complex.Rejecteddragons. They breathe fire, and they fly like birds. Make it a 5 by 5 pixel please!Element suggestion (Thing you can place)
4/6/2023 12:33:29NonsenseRejectedSkssNew reaction (Interaction between pixels, or phase changes)
4/6/2023 12:57:29PublishedCancer dissolving plantsNew reaction (Interaction between pixels, or phase changes)
4/6/2023 13:18:48Fun Easter egg but I don't hedgehogs specifically would fit inRejectedadd hedgehogs! i am obsessed with sonic so it would make my day to see hedgehogs in the game! and if you put dye on them they should turn blue and go super fast! i just wanted a cool sonic easter egg in there somewhere. plz add it, & thank you Gameplay feature (Anything else)
4/6/2023 14:07:18My testRejectedtestElement suggestion (Thing you can place)
4/6/2023 14:07:51My testRejectedtestinggggElement suggestion (Thing you can place)
4/6/2023 14:13:37My testRejectedtestElement suggestion (Thing you can place)
4/6/2023 15:01:23If you try to make pasta you currently make bread, so I'm not sure what to doOn HoldPasta. You can create it through mixing eggs and dough and you can cook it. Works even better when used with ketchup.mod Gameplay feature (Anything else)
4/6/2023 16:32:02PublishedWater + AlGa should react. Water turns into hydrogen gas, AlGa has 50% chance of rust or gallium. Rust represents aluminum oxide. Can be replaced with pure aluminum if you'd preferNew reaction (Interaction between pixels, or phase changes)
4/6/2023 18:24:16Thank you! Very kind!Thanks!I just started playing yesterday, and I already LOVE this game! This game just has to be a 10/10.Kind words, stories, etc.
4/6/2023 23:39:26Not mixable but selectableOn HoldMake LED lights mixable in color, maybe like melting them, mix, and solidify?New reaction (Interaction between pixels, or phase changes)
4/7/2023 10:27:50Don't know what to do for colorPublishedi would like to make skin because the game already has cells, blood, body, head, and DNA.Element suggestion (Thing you can place)
4/7/2023 10:55:31No information. Try clearing modsRejectedWon't start. open the game, and it stays in loading.Bug report
4/7/2023 13:32:41ObviouslyRejectedadd more items Element suggestion (Thing you can place)
4/7/2023 17:03:19UnclearRejectedI feel that you should add a degree's option for the tempature.Gameplay feature (Anything else)
4/7/2023 20:32:09No detailsRejectedpoopTool suggestion (Thing you can use on pixels)
4/8/2023 12:22:38SorryRejecteddogElement suggestion (Thing you can place)
4/9/2023 6:23:43Very specific compounds, low priorityOn HoldIt would be cool to have a simple compound such as copper chloride by adding copper oxide to hydrochloride acid (acid) you would get copper chloride and hydrogen dioxide New reaction (Interaction between pixels, or phase changes)
4/9/2023 7:51:55The website works on mobile, and you can save it to your homescreen to act like an appThanks!Make the screen BIGGER! so bigger that my foods fit in. But thanks for the game. The game is really cool, like you can do anything. literally anything! for this website, i thankfully grateful for the game you have made, and making the community bigger. you are so kind that your community plays the game, joins your discord channel, and helps you with the game! thanks for the game and thanks for the modding helps channel! okay, i'm done saying my words. soo, thanks for the game, and putting your money to hosting, and making it free+making it downloadable for free! i also suggest you to make the game to mobile, so we can play it wherever! so thanks! Gameplay feature (Anything else)
4/9/2023 11:46:00You make your own pot, and there are many ways to heat it. Mixer maybe.On Holdmore foods! more foods and food liquids. also food mechanics! like a pot and it's fire heater. also add MIXER!! that is so neccesary for lazy people like me. yea, food mechanics, mixer, blender, more foods, physics. that's all. thanks!Element suggestion (Thing you can place)
4/9/2023 13:58:25UnclearRejectedMore heat option Tool suggestion (Thing you can use on pixels)
4/10/2023 10:19:17Want to do this eventually!!On Holdtranslation? maybe, you'll translate the game. or you could hire people to translate! i want to share this game to my friends, but they don't understand english. the translate thing doesn't help to translate. it just gives non-sense. if you add it, thanks.Gameplay feature (Anything else)
4/10/2023 10:33:54Kids play this gameRejectedAll drugsElement suggestion (Thing you can place)
4/10/2023 12:41:42No detailsRejectedThe ga The takes forever to load, and I have to wait almost an hour to play!Bug report
4/11/2023 11:46:38NonsenseRejectedJzkahakNew reaction (Interaction between pixels, or phase changes)
4/11/2023 16:39:18They may get more functionality in the future, maybe not all these thingsOn Holddo more with the humans examples:make them jump higher than one block, give them the ability to swim, have them learn and adapt so if one human dies to something the others avoid it etc.Gameplay feature (Anything else)
4/12/2023 13:04:53Maybe one dayOn HoldThis should be on app storeGameplay feature (Anything else)
4/12/2023 14:21:53Incinerate should work!RejectedA tool that we can use to kill any organism.Tool suggestion (Thing you can use on pixels)
4/13/2023 4:04:10You can build a nuclear reactor already!On HoldMy suggestion is that you add more radioactive materials and other variants like Uranium-238 and better physics to it so i can build a nuclear reactor.Element suggestion (Thing you can place)
4/13/2023 4:54:17I think apples could work.On HoldMay you guys make vegetables and fruits for example like: Onions, Apples, Pumpkins etc...Element suggestion (Thing you can place)
4/13/2023 11:50:06Go to Settings and press Clear ModsN/Ai installed a mod but it broke the game, it doest let me remove the mod and its just endlessly stuck loading.Bug report
4/14/2023 11:02:43On hold for Human UpdateOn HoldHumans cutting wood, dinking liquids, diggingNew reaction (Interaction between pixels, or phase changes)
4/14/2023 11:59:19Was a bug, should've already happenedPublishedI think it would be cool to make explosions have a certain blast percent, so that certain materials wont be damaged by them as much or at all.Gameplay feature (Anything else)
4/14/2023 15:26:05Use Cloner in MachinesRejectedMaybe a volcano block that produces lava indefinitley?Element suggestion (Thing you can place)
4/15/2023 1:47:05 quick link to the GitHub repoGameplay feature (Anything else)
4/15/2023 8:23:21<3Thanks!i love itElement suggestion (Thing you can place)
4/15/2023 9:44:33On hold for Human UpdateOn HoldI feel like you sandboxel guys should have a way where humans would like mine rock and build things because thats epik.New reaction (Interaction between pixels, or phase changes)
4/15/2023 13:11:54Maybe some sort of palm treeOn HoldBananaElement suggestion (Thing you can place)
4/15/2023 17:07:38Not sure what it should be, suggest something more specificRejectedgod ray plus heat ray should make some new ray and also could you say the Armageddon recipeNew reaction (Interaction between pixels, or phase changes)
4/15/2023 20:37:34Thank you! I'm glad you're learning things. Not sure about humans holding things, they are short-lived creatures with little goals.RejectedI really like how the game is designed,detailed,and so fun. I love the reactions and tools.If possible,can the "humans" hold weapons? If not im fine.If you could actually do that then thats pretty cool.Thanks so much for designing this awesome game.It has taught me both game effects and real life effects and how they affect entities,pixels and a lot moreTool suggestion (Thing you can use on pixels)
4/15/2023 20:41:12Thanks so much! A big dragon is not fitting for the base game unfortunately.RejectedThis is a very fun game. I have enjoyed it so much and spent a LOT of time playing on it.I was wondering if you could actually design a dragon made of pixels.If you can't its okay.But if you can do that I very much appreciate that.I also thought a dragon would make the game a little more enjoyableGameplay feature (Anything else)
4/15/2023 20:51:40I can't add every periodic element to the main game, there are too many and most are not interesting.RejectedI still play and enjoy this game.In fact,it taught me more than I thought it would.although I was wondering if there could be more chemistry effects.for example it could have every elemnt in the periodic table.You could also put reactive effects on them.For example,if you put sodium in water it could create sodium hydroxide.You can create a lot effects.Players can slowly combine metals,gases,alkali metals,and etc.(Pro tip) if you watch the chemistry videos online you can understand the elements and reactions better.Gameplay feature (Anything else)
4/16/2023 0:27:11Make sure you're playing on the main website. This bug was fixed in the latest update.PublishedI noticed a request about explosion blast percent, it doesn't seem to work. A bomb does the same damage to tungsten as it does to aluminum. Intentional or bug?Bug report
4/16/2023 2:35:45Research neededOn HoldPutting zinc and copper in potato produces electricityNew reaction (Interaction between pixels, or phase changes)
4/16/2023 2:43:58Research neededPublishedCan Copper sulfate kill bugs? For example, ants, termites, flies etc?New reaction (Interaction between pixels, or phase changes)
4/16/2023 4:36:32A mod for something like this would be coolRejectedAdd some memories from Inside Out nextElement suggestion (Thing you can place)
4/16/2023 8:39:28There will not be guns in the gameRejectedWeapons- Guns if you place a gun near a human they will pick it up and then you can have in energy aggression which makes things aggressive toward other things and the human with the gun shoots the aggressive humanElement suggestion (Thing you can place)
4/16/2023 9:09:19Holy Grenade is a great idea! But no banana bombOn HoldThe banana bomb from the worms wmd games and since you added bless add the holy hand grenade from the same game where it has the explosion radius 1/2 of a nuke and it's a bless explosionElement suggestion (Thing you can place)
4/16/2023 11:04:29Juice element encompasses all juicesRejectedMake it so grapes break into grape juice and not the regular juiceElement suggestion (Thing you can place)
4/16/2023 11:34:34Thought aboutOn Holdi persanlaly think this game should have soundGameplay feature (Anything else)
4/16/2023 12:06:10You can build a house yourself out of anythingRejectedHouse maker tool - makes a house out of the block that you used it on for humansTool suggestion (Thing you can use on pixels)
4/16/2023 12:13:56Use Replace mode to do this!RejectedRandomizer Tool - Kinda like random in special but you can use it on blocks to randomize them Tool suggestion (Thing you can use on pixels)
4/16/2023 12:19:48This is a passion project by a sole developerThanks!I love this game but i was wondering is there a application to be a dev?Kind words, stories, etc.
4/16/2023 12:28:08Not fit for base gameRejected(This might be very complicated but it will be very appreciated if you did) Tv element - you can watch shows on it it would be 5x5 pixels and element #2 video game console - connect to tv with wire and you can play games (just one but maybe more) pac man to start. Element suggestion (Thing you can place)
4/16/2023 16:13:51Ammonia can do thisRejectedGrow/Fertilize bomb - you use it on dirt or like rocks and it makes a plant like corn , flowers , trees etc and you can explode it at things like eggs and they hatch doesn't blow up thingsElement suggestion (Thing you can place)
4/16/2023 16:29:54Inert waterOn HoldYou should do Bless + water and it makes holy water because I used gods ray on water and it did nothing then i thought of thatNew reaction (Interaction between pixels, or phase changes)
4/16/2023 19:47:03On hold for structure updateOn HoldBox (Structure)Element suggestion (Thing you can place)
4/17/2023 1:59:36Charcoal and diamonds are representative of carbonRejectedcarbon & graphiteElement suggestion (Thing you can place)
4/17/2023 5:04:46Maybe more radioactive materials but no variants, Sandboxels simplifies itRejectedAdd more radioactive materials and more variants like uranium-235, i asked about this not so long ago but i didn't get an answer if you would add it.Element suggestion (Thing you can place)
4/17/2023 8:20:32Accepted means Coming Soon!N/Aryan i meant in the game page itself not the sheets >:( (regarding the github link)Gameplay feature (Anything else)
4/17/2023 8:58:27Thanks!Good gameKind words, stories, etc.
4/17/2023 9:11:02Baked potatoPublishedyou should add when you heat up eggs in water they turn into hard boiled eggs or add omlets and more features with the eggs. another suggestion is that when you heat up potatoes make them turn into fries and when you smash the they turn into mash potatoesNew reaction (Interaction between pixels, or phase changes)
4/17/2023 9:52:58On HoldSuperfreeze or Absolute ZeroTool suggestion (Thing you can use on pixels)
4/17/2023 10:26:15This can be achieved with the many explosives in WeaponsRejectedDetonator Tool - puts remote bomb on the block and it blows up after a little bitTool suggestion (Thing you can use on pixels)
4/17/2023 10:28:31You can cook meat via steaming, also they're hamburgers in the episode not hamRejectedHam as a food and if you put it near steam it turns into steamed hams from the simpsons episodeElement suggestion (Thing you can place)
4/17/2023 11:14:11Nuclear fission reactors are already possible, people in the Discord have made them and so have I. It is a simplified version in SandboxelsRejectedNuclear energy, such as U235 , boron and the ability for steam to spin turnbiines resualting in energy, More descriptive: Nuclear energy originates from the splitting of uranium atoms – a process called fission. This generates heat to produce steam, which is used by a turbine generator to generate electricity. Because nuclear power plants do not burn fuel, they do not produce greenhouse gas emissions.Element suggestion (Thing you can place)
4/17/2023 11:18:47Bless is for purificationRejectedOk so we just got a update that has bless in it so what I want is when you use bless on animals or humans they become gods and with gods each time they take a step lightning comes down in front of them.New reaction (Interaction between pixels, or phase changes)
4/17/2023 11:19:45Diamond stays powderOn HoldSo I want three elements I want emerald, ruby, and I want diamond to be changed into a solidElement suggestion (Thing you can place)
4/17/2023 11:29:35Game is 2DRejectedMake a 3d land and but humans and other elements on it.Gameplay feature (Anything else)
4/17/2023 11:34:52Different gemstone variants and formationsOn HoldI want a new solid it’s called opalElement suggestion (Thing you can place)
4/17/2023 12:13:35ModsRejectedYou should have it where you can change what a certain pixel does(or add a element that does that)Tool suggestion (Thing you can use on pixels)
4/17/2023 12:19:31MaybePublishedfreeze ray its like the heat ray but instead of being 3500 degrees hot its -3500 degres cold and the color is like cyan or smth idkTool suggestion (Thing you can use on pixels)
4/17/2023 12:32:35Unclear. What does "upwards" mean? Just above the pixel? To the top of the screen? Why?RejectedCloner that clones things upwards.Element suggestion (Thing you can place)
4/17/2023 12:54:33Drag tool, common suggestionPublishedHello, I always enjoy your games! I am Japanese, so please forgive me for using a translation tool to send in English. I think it would be nice if the game had a tool like dragging pixels. For example, if you make a mistake in pixel placement, you can easily correct it if you can drag the pixel.Tool suggestion (Thing you can use on pixels)
4/17/2023 12:57:44On HoldMeat will turn into jerky when it comes into contact with smokeNew reaction (Interaction between pixels, or phase changes)
4/17/2023 13:07:12Thanks!I really love this game! I have always wanted a game like this to play in my spare time, and you delivered the perfect game! I have so much respect for the work you put into this game, and iI hope you keep up the amazing work!Kind words, stories, etc.
4/17/2023 13:17:24Already in gameN/AI want chocolate milk what happens is you get milk and put melted chocolate in it and you get chocolate milkNew reaction (Interaction between pixels, or phase changes)
4/17/2023 13:26:14Mushroom world, unsure about cavesPublishedAdd new world gen.for example mushrooms biome and cave.Gameplay feature (Anything else)
4/17/2023 13:29:11On hold for Human UpdateOn HoldHuman eat bread.human cut trees.human put woods.New reaction (Interaction between pixels, or phase changes)
4/17/2023 13:32:06Ideas? Should have a purposePublishedAdd potassium.Element suggestion (Thing you can place)
4/17/2023 13:48:33Definitely want more fruitsPublishedI will use the translation tool again. How about adding different kinds of fruit? Tomatoes, for example. When you crush a tomato, you get tomato juice, and when you heat it up, it becomes ketchup (or something else). and strawberry. Crush strawberries to make strawberry juice. You can make strawberry jam by heating this strawberry juice with sugar!Element suggestion (Thing you can place)
4/17/2023 14:06:06No brandsRejectedYou should add maybe pokemon to life, like pikachu from pokemon with electric etc.Element suggestion (Thing you can place)
4/17/2023 14:51:47Wanted to do this before. Game needs arachnid representationOn HoldSpider and spider_websElement suggestion (Thing you can place)
4/17/2023 14:54:09Seems annoying to have so much Stench everywhereRejectedpoop, anything living, like human, ants, birds, fish, they will drop like poop pixels that will soon release stench in the airElement suggestion (Thing you can place)
4/17/2023 15:02:32RejectedLighting will be attracted to any nearby conductive materials, especially wire/copper.New reaction (Interaction between pixels, or phase changes)
4/17/2023 15:04:02On hold for after velocity is addedOn HoldA black hole, sorta like the void element but it try's the suck up pixels, and after like 5 mins, it explodes.New reaction (Interaction between pixels, or phase changes)
4/17/2023 15:06:22SensorPublishedturbine block that produces electricity when it comes into contact with steam? I think it would be handy for improved nuclear/coal power plantsElement suggestion (Thing you can place)
4/17/2023 15:09:11A little too complicated. Still want spiders thoughRejectedI should have made myself clear could you please add spiders and spider_webs they would eat/drink the blood of flies/insects and kill/poison humans and the only way to unpoison the human would be exposing them with bless. that would be cool, but if you only want to add spider and spider_web or just web that would be fine. but there you go!Element suggestion (Thing you can place)
4/17/2023 15:29:57Maybe I will make a TikTok somedayN/AThis isn't really a request for the game, but could you possibly make a tutorial for how to make a nuclear reactor in the game? I'm not sure how.Gameplay feature (Anything else)
4/17/2023 15:37:02No detailsRejectedMore explotionsTool suggestion (Thing you can use on pixels)
4/17/2023 16:53:00Maybe GasolineOn HoldDifferent types of oil-based fuels like petroleum, diesel, kerosene, and the ability to seperate oil by heating it up? New reaction (Interaction between pixels, or phase changes)