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Club TitleCostClub Description
Art ClubFee: $5 or art supplies donationArt club is a wonderful opportunity for students who are seeking a creative outlet outside of their academic schedule. Students will study various artists and the many styles, and techniques theyused. We will use an assortment of materials to create works of art inspired by the artists we will study. Students will present their work in an art show at the end of the year.
Sign Language Club (K-1)Fee: FreeStudents will learn the basics of American Sign Language, while learning about the deaf culture and community.
Sign Language Club (2-3)Fee: FreeStudents will learn the basics of American Sign Language, while learning about the deaf culture and community.
Yoga ClubFee: FreeBuilding strength, balance, and concentration, this club will utilize yoga techniques to help create an environment of cooperation and well-being. Yoga strengthens all parts of the body and helps students become more flexible and coordinated. Self-esteem is also boosted as they gain control over their bodies and minds. Self-discipline increases because part of the practice of yoga involves kids slowing down, holding certain postures, breathing in a certain way and thinking creatively. Through practicing yoga, children learn ways to relax and manage stress in their lives. Yoga club will culminate with a demonstration of the yoga, breathing skills, and techniques learned throughout the year. Students should bring a towel or yoga mat (mat is not required; a towel would work just as well).
Soccer ClubFee: Soccer ball donationStudents will learn from the basics up to intermediate soccer skills, depending on their needs and varying levels. While learning about teamwork, and how to work together to create a soccer team.
Basic SpanishFee: FreeHola. Have you ever wanted to learn another language? In this club, we will learn the basic communication words of the Spanish language. We will also learn plenty of other words and phrases that interest you. Each time we meet for club, we will do our very best to learn a new sentence that will help you to communicate with someone who speaks the Spanish language. Adios
Creative Spanish Writing (2-3)Fee: FreeStudents will express themselves in Spanish by writing in a variety of creative formats. This club is for students that can already speak, read, and write in Spanish.
MESADANPLE DanceFee: FreeMESADANPLE Dance Club: Students will listen and dance to the different rhythms of traditional Puerto Rican dances. ME - Merengue, SA-Salsa, DAN-Danza, and PLE-Plena.
Globe Trotters ClubFee: FreeEach week students will learn about geography. They will research different parts of the world. They will learn about landforms, continents, countries, cities, etc. The students learn about the diversity in our world and how each country is unique in their own special way.
ScrabbleFee: Scrabble game donationScrabble Club is a place where students will learn not only spelling, but teamwork, math, and vocabulary. Students will have a chance to play with others, improving their spelling and communication skills. They will have a chance to play practice rounds each week that work toward a monthly championship. Our School Scrabble team will practice playing scrabble in the national competition model which is paired play. They will use their time together to learn about new words, practice Scrabble strategy moves, and even use the computers to improve their skills with vocabulary!
STEM (K-2)
Fee: $5 or science supplies donations
Students will be able to explore science, technology, engineering, and math in a supportive and fun environment. Students will be able to understand and connect these areas of learning in order to promote critical thinking. This program is designed to engage young children and help them advance in STEM discoveries.
Chess ClubFee: Chess game donationThe purpose of the chess club is to educate students in the amazing world of chess. It is highly recommended that your student already be familiar with the game; instruction of the game in the traditional sense will not be provided, but rather provided through practice and playing the game. The students will have the opportunity to learn the game and challenge each other weekly, during our chess tournaments, and at local competitions.
Recycled Art ClubFee: $5 or art supplies donationStudents will collect recycled items from home and use them to create art! Not only will the students express their creativity, but they will also be helping the environment!
Knitting/ Weaving ClubFee: Knitting needles donationsStudents will learn the basics of weaving and knitting. Students will provide their own knitting needles and yarn will be provided. Yarn donations encouraged.
Drama Club (2-3)Fee: $5 (for set and costumes)Students will learn the basics of theater. They will build confidence and express their creativity through theater games and scene studies. Students will put on an end of the year play.
History ClubFee: FreeThe students will learn about the History of the United States. We will begin with the end of the Revolutionary War and conclude with the Civil War. During the time in the club the students will be introduced to the important factors that shaped our country into what it is today. Presidential elections, Wars, Expansion and many more key events will be covered. The students will complete a research project that they can do with a group or alone. The project will be based on one of the key events covered during the club that the student would like to learn more about. When complete, the students will have the opportunity to present their projects in front of the club mates and their family.
Golf ClubFee: $5 or golf supplies donationThe students will learn how to play the game of Golf. We will start by introducing the students to the history of the game of Golf and its origin in Scotland. They will learn about many of the important figures of the game of golf including Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicholson, Gary Player, and Tiger Woods. It’s important that your Son or Daughter has a set of clubs or at least one club since they will also be learning how to play the game. Over the time of the club the students will learn how to grip a club properly, an athletic golf stance, and the basic golf swing. By the end of the club the hope is to be able to spend a Saturday morning on a local par 3 golf course. More information about this will be made available in the future. A minimal charge may be required for supplies like practice balls, tees, and the Saturday outing.
Cooking ClubFee: $5The students will learn some of the basic aspects of the cooking. This will include how to correctly read a recipe, measure and mix ingredients, prepare and prep food for cooking, and how to correctly make a meal. By the end of the club the students will learn how to properly make a meal from start to finish. If your son or daughter has any food allergies it is important that I’m made of aware of those so that I can create a menu that each student will be able to participate in each week. A minimal charge or donations may be required for ingredients and other supplies.
Zoology ClubFee: FreeStudents will learn about and research different animals using articles, non-fiction books, and the internet. We will be learning about the characteristics of the animal, the habitat the animal needs, its impact on the environment, and our impact on the animal. Students will create small projects and crafts to go along with the animals that are being studied.
Literature Circles (2-3)Fee: FreeThe book club is a club that gives the students a chance to read and discuss different types of books with other students. The students will be doing literature circles by reading, discussing and presenting the books they read with a variety of different projects. The book club with help build confidence, fluency and love of reading!!
Science Club (K-1)Fee: $5 or science donationsStudents will be able to explore science through fun experiments and by getting messy. They will discover the wonders of the natural world and learn about science through explorative hands-on science experiments, based on, but not limited to, physics, chemistry, biology, and environmental science.
Science Club (2-3)Fee: $5 or science donationsStudents will be able to explore science through fun experiments and by getting messy. They will discover the wonders of the natural world and learn about science through explorative hands-on science experiments, based on, but not limited to, physics, chemistry, biology, and environmental science.
Sports Club (2-3)Fee: FreeThis club will be open for students in grades 2nd and 3rd. We will be practicing different team and individual sports. We will organize team competitions between the members of the club. The objective of the club is to introduce students to a variety of sports with the focus of doing physical activity and learning the principles of healthy competition.
Community Service ClubFee: FreeStudents will participate in drives to raise awareness of issues in the community and encourage our students to think about their community, both locally and globally.
CheerleadingFee: FreeCheerleading club will be a great way for students to release energy and exercise after school. Students will learn various techniques in cheerleading including: stretching, basic stunts, motions and cheers. Students will learn teamwork, sportsmanship and respect for others. At the end of the year, students will have a routine to present to the families. Students will be required to buy a t-shirt, white shorts, and wear gym sneakers.
Lego Engineering ClubFee: $5 or Lego donationsWho doesn’t love Legos?! Lego Engineering club allows students the opportunity to work in teams to accomplish a weekly challenge. This STEM club encourages creativity, thinking outside the box, and increases social interactions with their peers. Each week, students will be assigned a challenge (i.e. creating a Lego playground) but they will need to work together to plan, create, communicate, and improve their masterpieces. In addition to Legos, Engineering club will expose students to engineering through hands on activities. Students will learn the fundamental principles of engineering through building with different materials. This hands-on experience will cultivate creativity as well as encourage collaboration and team building skills with fellow peers. Students will be challenged to complete a variety of engineering tasks. A showcase of student work will be available for families to see at the end of the year. Donations of materials will be needed.
Board Games (2-3)Fee: Board game donationStudents will learn how to cooperate with each other, explore different board games, and be part of a larger community movement to bring people together.
Public Speaking (3rd)Fee: FreeThe club members will learn to express themselves, their ideas and topics in a concise and entertaining way. I am truly excited about this club and the idea of introducing the children to the art of public speaking.The club members will learn to express themselves, their ideas and topics in a concise and entertaining way. I am truly excited about this club and the idea of introducing the children to the art of public speaking. I have been a Certified Advanced Toastmaster for the past 17 years. I am anxious to expose our kids to this skill. I know it will help them in their future. I also know that they will enjoy their time creating wonderful speeches and performances.
Competition TeamFEEDescription
JR FLL (Lego/Robotics) Team (K-3)
Fee: $75Jr. Lego League Club-is designed to introduce STEM concepts to kids while exciting them through a brand they know and love − LEGO®. This club allows students to learn about teamwork, the wonders of science and technology, and the FIRST LEGO League Jr. Core Values, which include respect, sharing, and critical thinking. At the close of each season, teams come together on a regional basis to strut their stuff, share ideas, celebrate, and have fun! Students are required to meet weekly during club time and on some Saturdays when it is close to a showcase. Each team will showcase their work at least twice during the year, take at least one field trip, and teach community members about robotics at OSCS. Teams of six, guided by Parent Coaches, use LEGO® bricks to build a model that moves, develop a Show Me trifold to illustrate their journey, and compete against other Jr. FLL teams around Central Florida. Parent participation is required. Fees will go towards the kit, registration, and competition fee. A coaches training will be held shortly after the team begins to help prepare parents for their roles and responsibilities this year. There is a selection process, starting with an online survey then an interview.
Science Olympiad Team (3rd only)
Fee: $25The STEM club is a precursor club for students interested in joining the Science Olympiad team. The Science Olympiad will be held the second semester of the school. Students in this club must be prepared to practice Saturday’s beginning in the month of January. In addition to strong student involvement, this club requires periodic help from parents during the club and/or on Saturdays. Students must test into this club.
Math Club (2-3)Fee: $25Students in Math Club will practice, on a weekly basis, challenging and engaging math problems. The students in this club will represent OSCS at local, regional, state, and national competition. Students must qualify for competitions through a written test and team problem solving skills. Please note most competitions are on the weekends and require some travel.
Table Tennis Team (2-3)Fee: $25Students will learn the basics of table tennis and will compete against each other, showcase their skills for the community, and compete against other teams later in the year.
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