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NameDivine?Associated With:DescriptionKnown AbilitiesAwakenedExaltedCurrent OwnerLocation FoundEpisode ObtainedPlaneIntended For/Given To:
Deathwalker's WardYRaven QueenJet-black studded leather armor adorned with runes detailing the history of the Raven Queen, trimmed with raven feathers.Elemental resistance (can choose each short rest between fire, cold, acid, lightning, necrotic), Advantage on death saving throws. +2 Leather armor. Awakened Ability: Once per long rest, large black wings can unfurl from the armor, granting the user a fly speed of 60 ft for one hour.YNVax'ildanTomb of the Raven Queen's last champion, Purvan Suul, sunken beneath Marrowglade Loch.44, The Sunken TombMaterialVax
Titanstone KnucklesY/NKord?Almost cartoonishly large metal gauntlets (even on Kevdak). Some writing, meaning unknown (since Grog can't read).Wearer's strength increases to 24. Can use the Enlarge spell on themselves once per long rest (duration: 10 minutes), and can do double damage to structures. Exalted Ability: Wearer's strength increases to 26. When Enlarged, wearer is resistant to cold, fire, and lightning damage.YYGrogWestruun, in the possession of Thunderlord Kevdak52, The Kill BoxMaterialGrog
The MythcarverNWhite DukeThis incredible, silvered blade once belonged to the White Duke himself, and many more master bards before him. It resonateds with nearby musical tones, keeping it free of blood.Deals additional 1d6 force damage on hit, +3 longsword. Advantage on attacks when Bardic Inspiration used, enemy disadvantage on saving throws after target of Cutting Words. Awakened Ability: Once per long rest, you can make 4 melee attacks, then suffer 1 point of exhaustion.YNScanlanKamaljiori's Lair49, A Name is EarnedMaterialScanlan
Fenthras, Wrath of the Feywarden?FeywardenA bow that felled titans. Handle wrapped in dark brown/black leather with a golden-bronze metallic inlay on the cap. Bow is a deep verdant green with a jungle-vine like texture like a series of natural leaf scales. Flexes and shifts on its own until it is time to fire and it goes taut. It requires almost no strength to pull and flexes as it fires, adding speed to the arrow and launching it with a roaring whooshing sound.Deals additional 1d8 piercing + 1d4 lightning damage on hit, +3 longbow. Bramble shot (additional 4d8 piercing damage, target must attempt strength save or be restrained) once per long rest. Oracle shot (project user's sight through a fired arrow for 10 minutes) once per long rest. When a creature is killed with this bow, a 6-foot tree grows from the body.
Exalted Ability: Extra Bramble and Oracle Shots
YYVex'ahliaThe heart of the cancerous tree feeding the Shademirk Bog in the Feywild. Owned by Saundor, an Archfey with some serious breakup issues. 63, The Echo TreeFeywildVex
Plate of the DawnmartyrYPelor"Beacon of protection of the chosen of Pelor," plate armor gathering dust on a wall. Beautiful brass scrolling with priceless cut rubies in silver armor.Plate Armor. +3, grants fire resistance and wearer cannot be frightened. Creatures that hit the wearer with a melee attack take 1d6 fire damage. Once per day, when brought to 0 hit points, healing fire erupts from the armor, bringing the wearer back to 5 hit points. When this happens, creatures within 15 feet must make a DC 15 dexterity saving throw or take 6d6 fire damage.Y?Y?PikeCity of Brass, Juuraiel's home76, Brawl in the ArchesFirePike
Cabal's RuinNMagic devouring cloak used by an assassin to eliminate the unscrupulous Den of Druja, stolen after Mistress Asharru was murdered by Dr. Anna Ripley. Dark cloak with blue crackling energy in the inner lining. Grants advantage on saving throws against spells or magical effects. When hit by a spell, wearer can use reaction to have cloak swallow the spell. This halves any damage taken by the spell, and the cloak gains a number of charges equal to the spell level (up to a max of 6). Can then expend charges to deal an additional 1d6 damage per charge on a physical attack. Exalted Ability: Can store and use an additional 3 charges, for a maximum of 9 total.YYPercyAnk'harel, then the Isle of Glintshore in the possession of Dr. Anna Ripley69, Passed through FireMaterialPercy
Spire of ConfluxYMeloraStaff born of Melora's breath. A powerful relic passed down from generation to generation of Ashar(h)i leaders. Twisted series of clumped up thorny vines that form a curvature at the top. A singular, yellowish-green gem in the center of the top that almost seems to hover, locked in place by no noticeable force.While holding this staff, you gain a +1 bonus to spell attack rolls and your spell save DC. Whenever you cast a spell that deals fire, ice, or lightning damage & you roll 1 one on a damage die, you can reroll the die and must use the new result. Staff has 20 charges and regains 1d6+4 expended charages daily at dawn. You can use an action to expend some of its charges to cast one of the following spells from it, using your spell save DC and spellcasting ability: Fireball (3 charges), Ice Storm (4 charges), Conjure Elemental (5 charges), Chain Lightning (6 charges), Fire Storm (7 charges).NNKeylethDevoured by Yenk the Goristro in the Endless Maze after Joran the Sea-Speaker, hero of the Verdant Expanse, traveled there four centuries ago 71, VorugalAbyssKeyleth
WhisperNForged from a mercurial metal found in the Far Realm, light dances and shifts across the curved blade.Deals additional 1d8 psychic damage on hit, +3 dagger. When thrown, wielder can choose to transform into shadow and merge with the blade, teleporting instantly to wherever the blade impacts. If target is a creature, wielder emerges adjacent to the creature in a space of their choice. On a critical hit, target must make a DC 18 WIS save or become frightened of wielder for 1 minute.Y?NVax'ildanSunk with the Shrew in the Ozmit Sea near the Isle of Glintshore, recovered and wielded by Kynan Leore (in the employ of Dr. Anna Ripley)68, Cloak and DaggerMaterialVax
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Found and in Vox Machina's possesion
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