PreWGA Writers List 2019
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Email AddressNamePhone LocationLink to Resume or WebsiteIMDb linkSocial MediaNumber of completed scriptsshort & sweet bio: TV writer or a Feature writer?Existing credits/ Recommendations/ EndorsementsTitle #1TV Pilot or FeatureLength?Genre?Logline / DescriptionTalent attachments/ Awards/ RecommendationsTitle #2TV Pilot or FeatureLength?Genre?Logline / DescriptionTalent attachments/ Awards/ RecommendationsTitle #3TV Pilot or FeatureLength?Genre?Logline / DescriptionTalent attachments/ Awards/ RecommendationsAny special skills or previous professional employment or experience?Optional: Sexual IdentityOptional: Sexual orientation?Optional: Differently-abled?Optional: Race or EthnicityOptional: I identify as...
2 Matt GroteGreater Los Angeles areahttp://www.mattgrotemattgrote.comTwitter, @feMANism2, single cam tv comedyMatt Grote is a staff writer for, a comedian from New York and recent LA transplant.TV WriterUCB (current AD directed my one man show), profile in Splitsider, Collegehumor, funnyordie, Street ThroatTV Pilot35ComedyA New York actor transplants himself to DC for his boyfriend's career and embroils himself in a scandal while trying to make friends. N/aBack to YouTV Pilot35ComedyA local news station makes an accidental candidate out of a well- intentioned idiot mattress salesman. N/aMe, Myself and AITV Pilot35ComedyDodging homework, a teenager sets up a predictive text algorithm to write papers for him. But when he links it to a Twitter account, it begins to get its own following. N/aExtensive satire writing experience, performanceMaleHomosexualMental health condition
yomitton@gmail.comA. Yosuke Mitton208-404-2807Intermountain West US ( Idaho) on Twitter3Just another half-Asian farm kid turned medical laboratory scientist busting his butt to become a writer. Great wife AND great kids (jealous?) Feature WriterThe Posture Woman from the Local Arts CouncilFeature111 pagesDramedyAfter she encounters a financial crisis, a demure older woman challenges her conservative town, and herself, when she tries to raise funds by entering stripping competition.N/AGobo FangoFeature89 pagesHorrorAfter getting trapped in the desert, a young couple, a mysterious hermit, and a questionable wanderer must fight a vengeful spirit in order to survive.N/ADevil's PlaygroundFeature81 pagesThriller/horrorUpon being stranded in the Utah mountains, a mourning woman must fend off nature and a sadistic killer in a perilous game of cat and mouse. I had an indie director in LA contact me about this script and talked at length about it, but nothing ended up happening. She mentioned something about funding falling through. Her name is Chinecherem Eze ( employed as a medical laboratory scientist. Mother is a Japanese immigrant. We lived in Japan when I was a kid. MaleBisexualAsian, Caucasian
aaron.a.mobley@gmail.comAaron Mobley918-855-6827Greater Los Angeles area3I save cats in real life. Oklahoma State<UCLA Professional Program<Nicholl Semi-Finalist<UCLA Screenwriting Competition Runner up<2x Austin Film Festival Quarterfinalist.I really can't decideComplicated White ManTV Pilot35ComedyBreaking Bad meets Hot Shots in this parody of prestige, anti-hero television that finds the titular Brent Brown, an orphan turned animal control officer, striking a dangerous alliance with the teenage daughter of an animal trafficker in an effort to raise money to buy the love of his new wife and step-son."The idea of a comedic version of the oppressive and overdone tale of white male melodramatic plight is inspired and timely. But that wouldn’t matter unless the script had been executed so well with real people and conflicts underneath all the satire. It’s a great concept executed well and thanks to the abundance of source material to make fun of, it’s very timely." - WeScreenplayThe Youth PastorFeature102Action/ComedyA widowed, suicidal youth pastor seeks to protect a church camp from plane wrecked drug smugglers...or, at least, die trying."The premise is clear and strong. “A humorous Die Hard at a Christian camp” is both familiar, yet new enough to be exciting and spark interest. The strong writing and execution help to differentiate it within the action comedy genre. It’s a fun story, well told with a compelling balance of familiar and new elements." - WeScreenplayTwinfluenceFeature109Actio/ComedyA telepathic detective tries to balance her lifelong obsession of protecting her twin brother with his desire to finally be his own man and a murderous Hollywood method actor terrorizing the streets of Los Angeles. Nicholl Semifinalist, UCLA Professional Program Screenwriting Contest Runner Up, Austin Film Festival Quarterfinalist, PAGE Screenwriting Awards QuarterfinalistMaleHeterosexualCaucasian
aarthijramanathan@gmail.comAarthi Ramanathan 647-740-6849Internationalhttp://www.aarthiramanathan.com, Insta: screenwriterwhodraws LinkedIn: 3A Disney fanatic and a lover of magical fable and folklore, Aarthi Ramanathan is a screenwriter and visual artist with a passion for screenplays in the animation, family and fantasy genres. Having lived in three countries on the opposite ends of the world - India where she was born, Kuwait where she grew up and also was a refugee during the Gulf War, and Canada where she lives now, she finds joy in writing stories from diverse perspectives, particularly that of the underdog and individuals with unique challenges set in soaring visual landscapes that also deeply imbibe the connection between nature and the human spirit. Feature WriterTracking Board Launchpad Top 25 Feature Finalist, Final Draft Big Break Top 10, Austin Film Festival top 15%, Page Semifinalist Beanstalk Feature115Family Action Adventure After a troubled biracial teen inherits the magical ability to make plants grow and ends up accidentally unleashing bloodthirsty giants upon our world, he must travel back to their realm, befriend a giant and save us all.Tracking Board Launchpad Top 25 Feature Contest, WeScreenplay Diverse Voices Finalist, ScreenCraft Fellowship Semifinalist ZeroFeature104Animated Family ComedyIn a world where everyone is a superhero, an overweight teen with no supergenes gets his chance to prove his worth when an evil force takes away everyone's powers. Stage 32 Feature Contest (Winner), creencraft Family-Friendly Contest (Finalist), PAGE Awards (Semifinalist), Final Draft Big Break (Semifinalist), Austin Film Festival (2nd Rounder), Screencraft Family-Friendly Contest (Finalist)Tansen Feature113Period Fantasy Drama In Ancient India, truth and myth collide when a young mute discovers he has a magical singing voice that not only inspires an eccentric emperor, but also makes him the target of a jealous rival who will stop at nothing to destroy him. (Inspired by a True Story). Contests: Final Draft Big Break (Top 10 in genre), Austin Film Festival (2nd Rounder), PAGE Awards (Semifinalist), Screencraft Fellowship (Semifinalist), Bluecat Screenplay Competition (Semifinalist)I am a WOC and also had the unique experience of living and growing up in three countries - India (where I was born), Kuwait (my early childhood and which I was also forced to escape with my family as a refugee during the Gulf War) and Toronto where I currently live now. One particularly major influence that inspired me to become a screenwriter is that I am a mom of three beautiful daughters, two of whom are on the Autism spectrum. It's probably also the reason why my favourite characters to write are usually underdogs with unique gifts. FemaleHeterosexualIndianMom
abbeyroe.producer@gmail.comAbbey Roe732-691-3518Greater Los Angeles area 3Female comedy writer with dynamic life experience. Focused on writing female driven content that explores awkward situations and complicated relationships through a comedic lens.TV WriterAccredited AP on TV Series Shooter. AP on independent films Hard Sun & Run Like Hell.The Swingers ClubTV Pilot33 pagesComedyA doting woman catches her fiance engaged in a wild threesome. After her own illustrious experience with a married couple she turns her misery into a lucrative, salacious business to get out from under him.N/ASorry CharlieTV Pilot34 pagescomedyA charismatic tomboy struggles to get through the 5th grade as she deals with her new blended family, reaching puberty sooner than expected and facing off against a new kid at school who’s destined to make her life a living nightmare. N/AFlex ZoneTV Pilot36comedyA woman’s world is turned upside down when she learns her mother's alzheimer's has progressed. Moving back home and desperate to make ends meet, she takes a job managing a local gym with absolutely no experience.N/AMy life experience includes taking care of my mother who was an alcoholic from the time I was a teenager until the time she passed away. I also cared for my uncle who had Alzheimer's, for a period of time, at the same time. I have a background in banking (3yrs) as well as hospitality having worked in restaurants(10+yrs). I am originally from the Jersey Shore and left right before Sandy hit.FemaleBisexualMental health conditionCaucasian, Native American, Spanish, Jamaican
abigail.milton@gmail.comAbigail Milton8582166562Greater Los Angeles area’m a second generation screenwriter (my dad wrote Robert De Nero’s first studio film) with a degree in and passion for history. I love writing screenplays inspired by historical events with an emphasis on women who changed the course of the world. Feature WriterI wrote The Set-Up, an ultra low budget screwball romantic comedy. Written in three days, filmed in two weeks for $1500... And it’s not terrible! The Avenging SwordFeature127 pagesHistorical Actionin retaliation for the brutal rape of her two daughters, a first century Celtic queen challenges Rome for control of Britain - but is she fighting for freedom from the empire, or vengeance against it?N/ASkraelingFeature115 pagesHistorical HorrorWhen her fellow archeologists disappear on a dig in Greenland - only to turn up as corpses drained of blood - Penn must follow clues from the past to solve the mystery of the Viking’s abandonment of the settlement to defeat the monsters they called Skraeling. N/AThe Second Golden AgeFeature120 pagesDramadyAfter receiving a terminal cancer diagnosis, a screenwriter who never quite made it and his daughter bring together a group of elderly has-been actors to film one last picture. N/AI’m a historian who believes truth is stranger than fiction and historical truth is more engaging than most people realize. My father is a screenwriter and television writer so I grew up around the industry. FemaleHeterosexual, BiromanticMental health conditionCaucasian, Jewish
adamiazulay@gmail.comAdam Azulay7873102163Greater Los Angeles area new to LA, originally from Puerto Rico. Writing is my everything!TV WriterCriminal InformantTV Pilot46Action DramaThe anti-cop crime procedural; justice at all costs without the legal red tape and societal restraints.N/AEverything Will Be Alright And Other Lies We Tell OurselvesTV Pilot53Ensemble DramaIn the aftermath of a church shooting, an apolitical movement is born to try to break the cycle of violence with people from all sides.N/AMr WeissFeature128Historical DramaAfter being mistaken for a Jewish survivor, a Nazi guard from Buchenwald escapes justice hiding out under the identity of one of his victims in a new country, Israel. N/AFluent in Spanish with years of experience as a script coordinator, showrunner’s asst, and writer’s asst.MaleBisexualLatinx, Caucasian, Middle Eastern, Jewish
adam.korenman@gmail.comAdam Korenman(617) 875-0029Greater Los Angeles areahttp://www.adamkorenman.com, Screenwriter, and former Army Officer living in Los Angeles. TV WriterPublished author: When the Stars Fade and When the Skies Fall, through California Coldblood Books. Seven short films produced for the Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Project. Hannibal at the GatesTV Pilot69 pagesDramaThe extraordinary story of the war that changed history.
When an assassination leads to his sudden promotion to General,
Hannibal Barca must battle rebellious tribes, corrupt politicians, and
the terrible might of the Roman Legion in order to ensure the safety
of the Carthaginian people.
N/AThe DividedTV Pilot63 PagesDramaFollowing the Second Civil War, Nathan Dover--a deserter pretending to be a lawman--faces fanatical militias, a growing rebellion, and an oppressive government as he struggles to reunite his family.N/AHarbingerTV Pilot62 pagesSupernaturalA fallen god, a faithless priest, and a blind psychic join forces to stall the apocalypse. N/AI'm an Army veteran, trained as an infantryman and a tank commander. I've also worked as a firefighter, a surgical associate, and a life insurance salesman (quite unsuccessfully). MaleHeterosexualCaucasian, Jewish
adam.korenman@gmail.comAdam Korenman(617) 875-0029Greater Los Angeles areahttp://www.adamkorenman.com, Screenwriter, and former Army Officer living in Los Angeles. TV WriterPublished author: When the Stars Fade and When the Skies Fall, through California Coldblood Books. Seven short films produced for the Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Project. Hannibal at the GatesTV Pilot69 pagesDramaThe extraordinary story of the war that changed history.
When an assassination leads to his sudden promotion to General,
Hannibal Barca must battle rebellious tribes, corrupt politicians, and
the terrible might of the Roman Legion in order to ensure the safety
of the Carthaginian people.
N/AThe DividedTV Pilot63 PagesDramaFollowing the Second Civil War, Nathan Dover--a deserter pretending to be a lawman--faces fanatical militias, a growing rebellion, and an oppressive government as he struggles to reunite his family.N/AHarbingerTV Pilot62 pagesSupernaturalA fallen god, a faithless priest, and a blind psychic join forces to stall the apocalypse. N/AI'm an Army veteran, trained as an infantryman and a tank commander. I've also worked as a firefighter, a surgical associate, and a life insurance salesman (quite unsuccessfully). I often write with a partner, Sam Khushal, though we have solo projects as well. MaleHeterosexualCaucasian, Jewish
adam.markovitz@gmail.comAdam Markovitz6302588088Greater Los Angeles area@amrkvtz (Twitter)1"Quitters" (30-min comedy)- A careful-what-you-wish-for comedy about chasing your professional dreams.TV Writer"Quitters"TV Pilot30-minComedyA careful-what-you-wish-for comedy about chasing your professional dreams.N/AThe WoodpeckerTV Pilot30-minComedySingle-cam comedy about a divorced gay couple's misadventures running a dive barN/AThe CoopTV Pilot30-minComedyA wannabe Silicon Valley entrepreneur moves in with his ex-hippy dad in a free-spirited Berkeley Co-op.N/AI'm a gay former entertainment journalist (writer/editor/radio host) and Silicon Valley tech worker MaleHomosexualJewish
a.garza1@lafilm.eduAdex J Garza8066852839Texas or AdexincOneFour LGBTQ friends in the entertainment industry deal with the trials and tribulations of success. Gay doesn’t always mean happy. TV WriterFirst book, GRIP, spent two weeks on both the Amazon Most Downloded eBooks and iTunes BookstoreStush TV PilotHourDramedy The gang prepares and for Annaleigh’s 21st Birthday. What promises to be a fun filled evening takes a sharp turn when their individual worlds start to crumble. Someone ends up dead.N/AGalaxiaFeatureTwo and half hoursSci-FiThe Intergalactic Federation is forced to find a new home for those living in their home star’s kill-zone as it readies to Supernova. The only place suitable is our solar system. The problem? Earth wants the solar system for themselves. N/AGRIPFeatureTwo hoursSports/LGBTDeclan Gardner finds himself in rehab for the eating disorder he developed while going from morbidly obese teenager to competitive gymnast. N/AFluent in Spanish, first generation Mexican American. Gay. Sarcastic and driven. MaleHomosexualAcquired brain injury, I have epilepsy. It’s under control. LatinxCurrently enrolled student
acasey1612@gmail.comAisha Casey2025693617Greater Los Angeles area Twitter 3 pilotsA Brooklyn, NY Native, now living in Los Angeles.
From my first year in college I've worked in a number of fields from Medical Secretary to a lengthy Corporate Finance career, finally ending up in various courtrooms as a Court Reporter in the East Coast DMV area. All the while, unbeknownst to me, collecting material for the next chapter of my life as a Television and Film Writer/Director.

Specializing in Drama and Dark Comedy, I bring my years as a Mother, a Sister, a Daughter and a Woman to the table as I craft stories from my storehouse and yours. ​
TV WriterDearie - Writer Director Producer - DEADBEATSTV PilotHalf hour 30 pagesDramedyWhen a single mom, with a daughter fresh in the throes of teenage delirium, and her newly unemployed friends decide to spend their free time taking child support enforcement into their own hands, a new business venture is formed, Deadbeats Inc. and NO child will be left behind.N/AFor the RecordTV Pilot1 hr - 60 pagesDramaStraddling the line between Angel of Mercy and Angel of Death, Dakota Howard, a modest D.C. court reporter, is using everyone around her to give the justice system a house cleaning from the inside out. n/aBallroomTV Pilot1/2 hrDramaWelcome to the Competitive Ballroom Dance team at Royce University where glamour addiction and Ivy league status collide.N/A10+ year finance professional in corporate america, from wall street trading firms to a brain trauma research foundation. 5 years as a DC area court reporter, covered court cases criminal/civil, depos, arbitration and special meetings anywhere from the IMF to the Senate floor. From Brooklyn, NY and suburban outskirts of NYC, I've lived both inner city life and rich seclusion during my childhood and teens. FemaleHeterosexualAfrican AmericanMom, over 40 (cries) under 50 (Yasssssssss)
chamo.delosrios@gmail.comAlejandro de los Rios2406015929Greater Los Angeles area, South U.S.http://www.fromtheriverfilms.comInstagram and Twitter: @chamodelosrios3I'm a Nicaraguan-born, half-Cuban, half-Venezuelan writer and filmmaker living the bi-coastal life between New Orleans and L.A. I've written for ESPN, Deadspin, Vice, was a content creator for the Saints and Pelicans, 2017 New Orleans Film Festival Emerging Voices Fellow and, most lucratively, a bartender. Currently trying to find a balance between freelancing, writing original scripts and making my own movies, all while keeping my liver intact. It's going mostly OK.TV WriterN/AStoryvilleTV Pilot57 PagesHistorical DramaMixed-race madame Lulu White - a mix of Beyoncé and “Empire’s” Cookie Lyon - wages a turf war in 1900s New Orleans against the city's white patriarchy for control for the city's red-light district.NAContrabandaNew Media15 pagesRoad Trip ComedyTwo friends on a cultural exchange to a repressive Latin American Government stumble upon the regime's dark secrets and inadvertently spark a revolution.This script got me into the 2017 New Orleans Film Festival's Emerging Voices Program.TeamworkfTV Pilot25 pagesWorkplace ComedyA Female video producer for a perennially-mediocre, small-market team navigates the hyper-masculine and absurd world of professional sports. Think "30 Rock" but with a pro sports team who we never see play.N/AI'm a Latino mutt with four names who's lived in five countries and can most easily described as 'White-ish Gringo'. Growing up in suburban D.C., I learned to code-switch without even realizing it. I found my voice while studying at Ithaca College, when I graduate, that voices said 'Fuck this cold, I'm moving down south.' On a whim, I moved to Katrina-ravaged New Orleans as a freelancer and wrote for ESPN, the Associate Press, VICE, Deadspin and working as a bartender to help fund my journalism habit.

In 2009 I picked up a video camera, taught myself editing and began doing short documentaries and online news content. I also began writing screenplays and self-produced short films to hone my narrative skills.

In 2017 I was named to the New Orleans Film Festival's prestigious Emerging Voices Program and shortly thereafter was hired by the New Orleans Saints and Pelicans as a video producer. There I directed, wrote, produced and edited commercials, social media content and documentaries.

All of that is to say that I know how to hustle, work in team environments and under tight deadlines. I have a comprehensive understanding of several aspects of filmmaking, from writing to production to directing and cinematography and I'm ready to jump to the next level.
alexrparslow@gmail.comAlex Parslow5035697811Greater Los Angeles area Co-Writer of ACTORS ANONYMOUS, a feature film starring and produced by James Franco. Premiered at last year's Cinequest and Palm Springs Film Festivals.
- Recently optioned my low-budget horror script to a TV movie production company with a TV movie director attached.
- Was hired by Producer Scott Einbinder (THE HITMAN’S BODYGUARD) to rewrite a sports drama that has an internationally renowned director attached.
- My spec script, WAR DOGS, placed in the 2015 Nicholl Fellowship Semifinals (top 100 out of nearly 7,500 scripts).
- My spec script, APEX DARK, placed in the 2014 Hollywood HIT LIST, the 2014 YOUNG AND HUNGRY LIST, and secured my over 40 meetings across town.
-Was recently hired by Red Sea Media to write a contained action script.
Feature Writer- Co-Writer of ACTORS ANONYMOUS, a feature film starring and produced by James Franco. Premiered at last year's Cinequest and Palm Springs Film Festivals.
- Recommended by Producer Scott Einbinder (THE HITMAN’S BODYGUARD), for whom I wrote a sports drama that has an internationally renowned director attached.
Apex DarkFeature116Sci-fi/ActionA bounty hunter embarks on a perilous journey across multiple parallel worlds to take down a notorious inter-dimensional terrorist, the most wanted fugitive in the known multiverse. (script could serve as a feature or TV pilot).APEX DARK placed in the 2014 Hollywood HIT LIST and 2014 YOUNG AND HUNGRY LIST, in addition to securing me 40+ meetings across town.Dogs of WarFeature103War/ThrillerAfter an underachieving US military advisor stationed in Aleppo, Syria, discovers his estranged Navy SEAL brother is trapped in an urban “no man’s land,” he sets out on a mission into the most dangerous city in the world to save him before ISIS insurgents get to him first. Nicholl Fellowship Semifinalist -- top 100 out of nearly 7,500 scripts submitted.Concrete JungleFeature92Action/Crime ThrillerAn Internal Affairs agent goes undercover to infiltrate an elite ICE unit that's suspected of stealing millions in dirty cash during their criminal raids. Roman Kopelevich (BEYOND SKYLINE) attached to produce. MaleHeterosexual
al3x@al3x.netAlex Payne2028413640Pacific Northwest U.S.https://al3x.netal3x2Programmer turned screenwriter turning out stories for diverse casts that interrogate the intersection of technology, culture, and political economy. Was previously one of the first employees at Twitter, helped run the biggest hacking competition in the world, built tech for the Bernie campaign, and a few other things.Feature WriterDeepfakeFeature116 pagesThrillerA dropout with a talent for producing AI-generated "deepfake" videos is pulled into a global conspiracy when he receives an unusual and complex commission.N/ATweakersFeature105 pagesHorrorA professionally and romantically competitive group of Bay Area yuppies on a weekend escape to Lake Tahoe are terrorized by a roving gang of meth addicts with a hidden connection to one of them.N/AYes SirTV Pilot60 pagesDark Sci-FiIn this self-contained sci-fi anthology series episode (Black Mirror, Twilight Zone, Electric Dreams, etc.), the head of security for a paranoid billionaire experiences flashbacks from his life of service, violence, and exploitation during the surgical implantation of a device intended to control his behavior.N/AIn my previous tech career, I was one of the first employees at Twitter and wrote a lot of foundational code for the service (sorry). I also cofounded an online bank, helped run the world's premiere hacking competition, and built tech for presidential campaigns, unions, and non-profits. I've organized conferences, spoken at events and universities around the world, and coauthored a book on a cutting-edge programming language. I've also been active in political and philanthropic endeavors, as well as early-stage investing. All of this has given me a critical window on power as it actually functions in contemporary American society, observations from which I bring to my writing.MaleHeterosexualCaucasian
alexswitzky21@gmail.comAlex Switzky3236037716Greater Los Angeles area and producer specializing in fast-paced genre drama with snappy dialogue and a social conscienceTV WriterDisruptTV Pilot60 PagesAction-dramaAfter a passionate but broke activist has her rent tripled, she turns to a more lucrative method of activism: crime.N/AFacadeTV Pilot57 pagesHorror/Drama/ActionAfter a mysterious suicide causes two insecure teens to start seeing monsters, they join forces to stop them, but realize that the monsters are preying on their insecurities.N/AClockworkFeature117 pagesAnimated fantasyIn a steampunk kingdom, two spoiled siblings rewind time over and over to save their parents from a death that seems inevitable.N/AI've worked as a tow truck dispatcher and a political fundraiser, and spent most of my life in Australia. MaleHeterosexualCaucasian
alexa.polivka@gmail.comAlexa Polivka3479632591Greater Los Angeles area write about the women who are ignored, forgotten about, or not thought about.TV WriterCurrently work with writer Jordan Allen-DuttonThe Ladies of Humboldt CountyTV Pilot59Crime dramaAfter a weed dealer disappears, the local ladies of a dangerous county step up to do what the men won't - find him.N/AThe ExtraFeature106Action ComedyA girl dies to awaken and discover she's an extra in an action movie who will keep dying until she takes over and becomes the hero of the movie.N/AAnonymousTV Pilot56Crime DramaAfter her sister commits suicide, a convicted hacker turned FBI agent secretly joins the hacker group Anonymous to find her sister's cyberbully.N/ACompeted nationally at two sports though I'm terrible at both of them. Parents are refugees who fled communist Czechoslovakia. Worked in the ad industry. Played rugby for 20 years. Volunteered at a rape crisis centre. Canadian.Female
alexandekoning@gmail.comAlexander DeKoning15713550995Greater Los Angeles area,,, Comedy/Dramady TV writer. Army Brat, raised by women, lived on three different continents by the age of 5. UCLA screenwriting grad. Former Page at CBS and PA at Sony on DeadlyClass. 2019 ABC|Disney Writing Program Finalist. Writes primarily about characters overcoming expectations placed upon them.TV Writer of Good FeelingTV Pilot50 pagesDramaAfter being transferred to a new school, a muslim boy with a talent for puzzles participates in a National Spelling Bee, facing prejudice as he advances through the rounds of the competition.N/ADevil's ThreesomeTV Pilot40 pagesDramaAfter being framed for a murder, a closeted college student must prove his innocence and find the person who framed him.N/AIn BetweenTV Pilot23 pagesComedyAfter moving to L.A., a 30-something man must post as a college student in order to live in affordable housing.Growing up in a military household and with Dutch-Indonesian ancestry, Alex was constantly exposed to new perspectives while moving from country to country or state to state, though he never quite knew what a gift it was until he turned 15, when he thought this thing called screenwriting would take him places. And 8 years later, Alex still writes to take him places, and it’s taken him pretty far. Having lived in Germany, Kuwait, Texas, and Washington D.C., among other places, Alex has found himself to be culturally sensitive as a part of his upbringing. Since then, he’s been able to combine his personality and craft, realizing why he chose this career path in the first place: to use himself, to use what he knows and his experiences to contribute to something bigger than himself. Since then, he’s only further deepened his understanding of writing for television, now realizing it requires collaboration and compromise. It’s about empathizing with each other’s voices. It’s not only talent that needs to be brought to the table, but hard work, constantly second guessing yourself knowing that the product can be better.

MalePrefer not to answer
alexandra.jospin@gmail.comAlexandra Jospin4042023531Greater Los Angeles area TV dramedy writer with w.a. and showrunner's asst experienceTV WriterTHE WORST CONCUBINE (EVER)TV PilotHalf hourComedyA female reporter is let go from her job in the middle of her investigation of the Saudi royal family. Undeterred, she decides to go undercover in a Saudi prince’s harem, struggling to conceal her identity as well as her growing feelings for the charming prince.N/ASEPARATION ANXIETYTV PilotHalf hour pilotComedyTwo women at very different points in their careers in entertainment-- one a top late night host, the other just starting out-- realize they need each other after one catastrophic social media mistake means they must both start over.N/ABUCKHEADTV PilotHour long YA dramaA teen pop star decides to return to high school after her career hits the skids. N/AHi! I speak Spanish, I worked in fashion publishing and PR before I came out to Hollywood, and I wrote my master's dissertation on Kim Kardashian. FemaleHeterosexualCaucasian
lexie@lexietran.comAlexandra Tran818-484-1528Greater Los Angeles area write drama and dramedy, specializing in structure that supports my highly motivated characters. I'm known for my voice, particularly for female characters. I know a lot about being biracial and multi-national, being an assistant to the crazy wealthy 1%, all-girls high school, and the world of magicians.Feature WriterBOMBSHELLSTV Pilot60 pgsHistorical DramaIn 1975, when the US Air Force proudly announces its "first" female pilots, the women of the WW2-era WASP corps rally to finally gain recognition as the original female flyboys, before they are erased from history.WINNER Hollywood Hills Screenplay Competition, 2017BLACK GIRLS DON'T SWIMFeature115Sports DramaA Muslim teen in rural Minnesota risks her life and everything her family has built to pursue her dream of competitive swimming.Top 5 Finalist - BET/Paramount Players Project CRE8, 2018 Brian Robbins (Nikelodeon) loved this script and said it was the kind of movie he wanted to make. READY AIM SHOOTFeature106Romantic ComedyTwo esteemed wedding photographers, once married and now divorced, land the same wedding gig in Venice between an American reality TV star and an Italian prince.N/AI'm biracial, which I think means I bring a different perspective to any "fish out of water" narrative. The "minority in the minority" as I like to call it, are in the unique position of identifying with several groups but not being fully accepted into any. Despite mixed people being the largest growing demo in the world, I haven't seen our unique perspective or experience portrayed on screen. All the scripts I write reflect this unique world position in some way or other.FemaleHeterosexualAfrican American, Black, Polish
suleymanalina@gmail.comAlina Suleimen+77014196385International Essay

One of my dreams in life is to create beautiful art in one of the most popular art forms -- cinematography. That’s why I started to write screenplays. In the screenplays I try to peer into each character’s soul to see what motivates them to say and act the way they do: to examine their sense of logic and the visual forms they display via psychological portraits, I like to bring out their flaws of character or their display of valour as the case may be. One example could be how they approach an exiled people and how sensitive they are to their silent screams.
Art is a way of survival, while not ignoring our emphatic experience and response to all these huge sociological, psychological, religious and technological consequences bringing the inescapable extension to massive negative histories of destruction, genocide and death to what should be an innocent world of beauty and serenity of nature and natural world.
Being a multilingual person, and international Lawyer, I believe in the power of Art. Art has no nationality or borders; and cinematography, screenwriting, writing, painting is all art that brings us all of us together to create Beauty, to create Peace, to create mutual understandings, to dissolve the borders for our humanity’s sake. I do believe that artists could change this world and open dialogues between various cultures and mental differences.
Al Shlomo
Alina Suleyman
Feature WriterThe BombFeature185Anti war dramaBy asking the question” Why does the world need war?”, this anti war tragic-comedy reveals a lot of counterintuitive logic that could face humanity with regard to wars, genocides, post-war floods, the essence of terrorism, conflicts and eternal human nature.A lot An American FortFeature160Anti war drama movieA squad of 13 US Marines on a mission in ancient deserted fort in Afghanistan faces the real terror of war. A lot of The MarrowFeature210anti war dramaThese prolonged Parables inside parables are based on marvelous William Buttler Yeats poetry opens an amazing world of Irish Folklore that are echoes to touching story of three friends during First World War.N/AMulti lingual, international lawyer from Kazakshtan. FemaleasexualAsian, Jewish
abg2@sbcglobal.netAlison Golub818-793-3326Greater Los Angeles area, Twitter-@alibrooke4ever2Alison Brooke Golub graduated a semester early in December 2018 from NYU Tisch School of the Art's Film and Television program with a minor in Politics, where she studied TV writing and producing. She is currently studying Improv at The Second City and was a staff writer for NYU Local, an independent student-run blog, where she wrote over 100 articles. She executive produced the web series “Our Little Girl” which can be found on YouTube and Vimeo.TV WriterSweetheartTV Pilot48One HourIn a story told in three parts, we follow the early life of a teen star through her abusive early childhood in poverty with her momager, her sudden rise to fame at 16 years old as America’s sweetheart, and her breakdown as a twenty-something. N/ASan MarTV Pilot60One HourAfter he's laid off from his cushy Wall Street job due to the 2008 recession, an overly ambitious perfectionist is forced to move back in with his parents in a small beach town in California. While there, he gets reacquainted with his old high school rival and learns that life in San Mar isn’t very different from when he left. But maybe that’s all about to change?N/AComplicated extended family to say the least (dysfunctional Jews), former SNL Intern so good working under pressure, been learning TV writing since I was 14. FemaleJewish
thealisonparker@gmail.comAlison Parker2137098939Greater Los Angeles areahttp://www.thealisonparker.com 6Alison Parker is a Canadian screenwriter, director, author, and person, currently residing in Los Angeles, California. Notable achievements include several award-winning short films which she directed and produced and are now available via digital platforms and DVD.

Alison enjoys writing comedy and all its subgenres, with a special emphasis on the least-marketable genre of all, horror comedy. Her writing is often described as “gut-busting hilarious” or “bat-shit crazy”. Her horror comedy Log (about a Log that springs to life and kills people) won the Grand Prize at the Canadian Film Festival and was awarded a $10,000 development grant from the Harold Greenberg Fund.

In 2019, Alison published her first book entitled “Titlepalooza Vol. 1 – 200 Title Prompts to Help Screenwriters Brainstorm Movie Ideas“. This workbook introduces a revolutionary new way for screenwriters to generate ideas while honing their logline skills simultaneously. She also runs a Discord community called The Screenwriters Network, where she provides support and resources to over 2000 screenwriters across the globe.
Feature WriterMy script "Log" won the Grand Prize at the Canadian Film Festival and was awarded a $10,000 development grant from the Harold Greenberg Fund. LogFeature90Horror Comedy A weekend of debauchery turns to terror for a group of friends staying at an old lumberjack camp when a bloodthirsty log springs to life and embarks on a murderous rampage.Canadian Film Festival / Harold Greenberg Fund – Grand Prize Winner
Shore Scripts – Semi Finalist
Diverse Voices – Semi Finalist
Eerie Horror Film Festival – Semi Finalist
Screencraft Horror – Quarter Finalist
Shriekfest – Quarter Finalist
Scriptshadow 13-Week Script Challenge – Quarter Finalist
The Fat PactFeature80Horror ComedyAn obese teen is terrorized by a masked figure after wishing to be killed if she ever reached 200 pounds.Quarter Finalist at Screencraft Horror
Quarter Finalist at Shore Scripts
Crimson Screen Horror Film Festival – Finalist
Stage 32’s Search for New Blood – Semi Finalist
Die Laughing Film Festival – Finalist
Bricks of GloryFeature107Sports ComedyIn the fast-rising sport of Bricklaying, an anti-doping agent must reunite with her father, a disgraced former champion, to take down his longtime nemesis and expose the ringleader in a massive doping scandal.Finalist at Screencraft Comedy, Shore Scripts.FemaleCaucasian
allison@theophilusfilms.comAllison Chaney2135078843Greater Los Angeles area @alli_whitmore IG @allisonwhitmoreauthor8I'm a WOC genre writer (one-hour TV mainly) from Los Angeles, who also loves to write rom com / romance features. I spent nearly a decade as a teacher and am currently building my coaching and consulting business. TV Writer"Allison is one of the best writers I’ve worked with. She was a great addition to the “Blight” project. Very thorough, dedicated, creative and professional." -- Darwin Tademy, Jr.EmpathTV Pilot1hr DramaTeen, FantasyAn empathic half-fairy, half-human teen discovers her destiny when a group of vicious demons devours her peaceful life and forces her back to the magical home she never knew she had. Recommended by Isaac Linares (Linares Productions)PoeTV Pilot1hr DramaSupernatural Drama / MysteryA young code-breaking skeptic and descendant of Edgar Allan Poe digs for the true reason her father was killed by what seems to be a curse related to her famous ancestor.N/AForget Me NotTV Pilot1hr DramaYoung Adult / Period DramaIn the picturesque town of Brookhurst, NY, a 1930s teenager makes it her mission to unearth the systematic plan to turn her town into a twisted version of utopia at the hands of a eugenics-loving doctor. Semi-finalist in WeScreenplay Diverse Voices, Semi-Finalist Creative World AwardsFormer HS teacher, private and public schools, family history includes tales of the Old West, spies, many firsts in history and diverse resources connected to historical figures of the past, which is partly why I focus on legacy. I think the female superhero is found in every dynamic female role. My very first hero was Pippi Longstocking. Supernatural but grounded in the real world. That's the type of stuff I love to write. FemaleHeterosexualAfrican American, Caucasian
allison.mick.comedy@gmail.comAllison Mick5854553831Greater Los Angeles area, Northern California on twitter and insta2Allison Mick is an Oakland-based comedian and writer who draws from her upbringing and personal experiences to address topics like race, gender, and serial killers. Allison is a writer for The Hard Times, Macaulay Culkin’s, and has had work featured on HuffPo. She’s performed at SF Sketchfest, Out of Bounds Fest, and Bird City Comedy Festival. In 1997, she was featured in the book “Humor Works” by Dr. John Morreall, the founder of the International Society for Humor Studies and has managed to stay very grounded despite this wild literary fame. TV WriterComedy Central Up Next showcase for standupSpecsTV Pilot30 minsanimated sitcomAn overachieving teen and her emotionally distant father move into a haunted mansion owned by his new fiancée and her kids, who all happen to be ghosts. N/AHumboldt CutFeature90 minsHorrorIn the forest where her grandfather was murdered 50 years earlier, a woman leads a search for her brother. In the woods she and the group battle nature, mental illness, and an evil none of them could have imagined.N/Amixed race, former lawyer/judicial clerk, used to coach a college ultimate frisbee b-teamFemaleBisexualMental health conditionAfrican American, Black, Caucasian
alyson@pageturnermedia.comAlyson Mead13238778653Greater Los Angeles area, New York Metro areahttp://www.alysonmead.com, Mead is an award-winning screenwriter, playwright and author, with many publications and productions to her credit. TV WriterTKNerdistanTV Pilot30 minutescomedy Just as she’s about to give her college graduation speech, Olivia Chang remembers that she’s forgotten to lose her virginity. Terrified of being labeled a “tech virgin” she moves in with three other brilliant but socially uneasy young women, and they try to balance work, life, sex, dating and each other, in a house they quickly dub Nerdistan. n/aDicksTV Pilot30 minutes dramaJillian and Annabella have been friends forever, but when Jillian's boss dies and leaves her his private detective agency, they find themselves working together, often uncomfortably, as they try to solve the mystery of his death. n/aRen Faire Royalty Feature90 minutes Dramedy18-year old Sara Dayweather is kicked out of the Renaissance Faire, where she's been performing all her life, because she's not engaged or married, and forced to deal with the real world, and real love, for the first time in her life.n/aI write in four media: film/TV, theater and books. Non-Binary
Alyssa@bloodybits.comAlyssa JeffersonGreater Los Angeles area product of a pair of CA police/detectives, my obsession with justice and criminology is in my blood. As a child, while my mom cleaned her service weapon at the coffee table in front of the news, I would sneak into her case files. I pored over gruesome crime scene photos, and her investigation notes played out as horror/mystery films in my mind. It was thrilling, and horrifying, and eventually, routine. Now, I write to understand the monsters. I dissect them, I become them, I fall in love with them, and I destroy them, one story at a time.Feature WriterTHE GARDENERFeature103 pagesThriller/NiorIn the 1950s, a neurotic florist's strict routine is derailed after stumbling across a murder scene, and he's thrust into a conspiracy only his all-consuming obsession can unravel.A quarter-finalist (top 5%) in the Academy Nicholl Fellowship in 2014, and ranked second on the 2014 BloodList.SCAPEGOATSTV Pilot58 pagesDark Comedy/FantasyWhen a sleepy desert town is shaken by a string of murders, a newly placed SIN-EATER (an ancient monstrosity zipped into an illusion of human skin) working as a medical examiner must put the victim's stories together by taking them apart, piece by piece.N/AALL THE MADMENFeature112 pagesAction/ThrillerShe's down to his last, tarnished bullet. She has ONE SHOT to finish the job her father started, as his old partner in Homicide narrows in on her and his killer.N/AAs I said before, I'm a product of police/detectives. I grew up fully aware of the darker sides of humanity, and for as long as I can remember, I've sought to understand the real monsters among us. I harnessed my obsessive disorders to dissect others. As a teen/young adult, I worked with local police as a "psychic detective," using my intuition to seek out violent criminals under the guise of a clairvoyant. I've since put my talents into something much less hazardous-- Screenwriting. With a focus on dark genres, I explore obsession, how it pollutes and deforms us.FemaleHeterosexualConfused white womanMom, Approaching my 30s with a learned terror.
amandameganholland@gmail.comAmanda Holland12164705068Greater Los Angeles area comedy writer with a love for television. Writer/producer on over 100 videos at BuzzFeed from 2014-2017. My pilot "Carol's A Demon" was accepted into both New York TV Festival as well as Austin Film Festival and I have another produced pilot that is starting the festival circuit now called "Urgent-ish".TV WriterCarol's A DemonTV Pilot35 pagesSupernatural/ComedyWhen Sofia accidentally summons an optimistic demon named Carol, she has to figure out if she's willing help the 3,000 year old demon get into heaven by stopping the apocalypse or if she should try to send her back to hell?

Carol's A Demon is a comedic series that explores queer friendship, our worst fears and what it means to be a good person.
Accepted into New York TV Festival and Austin Film Festival"The Cruise Crew"TV Pilot37Workplace ComedyAfter a nasty divorce, 42 year old Mary Houston decides to pack up her life and start a new job on a cruise ship. Will she be able to keep up with all of her 20 year old co-workers, the long hours and the inevitable drama that comes from living on a moving vessel?n/aSilly SuzieTV Pilot33Comedy/musicalIn the competitive world of children's party performing, Suzie was a star! That is, until one of the mom's she fell for, broke her heart. Now she has to gain back her reputation and pull her life together without getting sucked into all of the drama and drug deals that happen at these birthday parties. n/aI'm a queer female comedy writer who has been out since the age of 16. I have a BA in Theater and I've worked over 17 jobs in my life time including most customer service jobs, tour guide at Warner Brothers studios and my personal favorite, Elf at Macy's Santaland in New York City. I also worked on a cruise ship for 3 months which produced the most fascinating stories (hence my pilot about a cruise ship). I also belonged to the league of lady arm wrestlers in Chicago, wasn't a job but was still a pleasure. I'm from Cleveland, Ohio and have lived in New York City, Chicago and now LA. FemaleHomosexualCaucasian
oamandac@gmail.comAmanda Olson9497518327Greater Los Angeles area is just wrapped for the season as the researcher on STATION 19 where she worked on the first two seasons. She participated in the room, providing insight into the world of firefighters as well as pitching potential storylines. Before that, she worked as a Showrunner’s assistant on CHICAGO FIRE. Below is a fun little bio which can provide more insight into who she is as a person.

Raised in quiet, suburban Orange County, Amanda fell in love with reading at an early age, spending most of her Friday nights on the floor of a Barnes and Noble reading all of the YA novels. Fast forward to USC's Production Program, where she honed her skills for writing, falling in love with TV when she took a mock writer's room class. From there, she landed in TV and film development, helping create and run a Film Festival writing competition with her boss (The Bentonville Film Festival with Geena Davis) and collecting an absurd knowledge of random facts, as well as everything firefighting from her time on Chicago Fire. This eventually came to benefit her at her current job: Researcher on Station 19. She has a passion for LGBTQI+ centered projects, historical dramas, and character-driven stories. When she's not writing, Amanda loves to fill her time with DIY furniture projects (ask her about the coffee table she's planning to build), long bike rides along the coast, taking her cat Scout for walks, and saving up for a winter surfing trip to the fjords of Norway.
TV WriterBecoming JackTV Pilot60drama, horror, mystery Follows revolutionary doctor and medical researcher Silas Beckett's downward spiral into becoming Jack The Ripper.N/ADevil's CutTV Pilot66drama/historicalSet in the immediate aftermath of the Civil War, the pilot follows Georgia King as she exits the army to return home when she learns that her family's bourbon distillery is being sold to their town's rival family, the Earlys. Determined to save her family's legacy, she teams up with her childhood love to upend everything. N/AI know French, a lot of history, practical skills like building, use of tools, surviving in the wilderness, medical knowledge, fire knowledgeFemaleHomosexualCaucasian
asmith327@gmail.comAmanda SmithInternational, Toronto, Canada Smith is a writer and producer with experience in both animation and live action. She has worked with some of the biggest broadcasters in the business, including: Amazon, Netflix, CBC, PBS and Corus. Her original tween drama series, “Pass the Star” is in development with the CBC, and two of her original primetime drama series are also currently under option. Amanda helped to develop, and was a writer, on the first season of the critically acclaimed Netflix Sci-Fi series, Travelers.
TV WriterTravelers
Alumni of the Canadian Film Center (TV Writing Program)
Shaw Writer's Apprentice Program Recipient
Interned on Bitten, season 3
HarmonyTV Pilot60 minsSerialized Crime DramaA novice police chief and her former best friend, an esteemed criminal psychologist, reluctantly team up to investigate the case of a missing teenager, and its ties to unresolved crimes in a remote northern town.Currently a Semi Finalist in the Screencraft Screenwriting FellowshipWhat's Happening In Grimm Valley?TV Pilot30 minsY/A Adventure, Mystery SeriesWhen her best friend suddenly disappears, Cali doesn’t believe the official story that Melissa and her family just “moved away”. She gathers her friends to investigate Mel’s disappearance and its ties to the sudden, strange events occurring in the small town of Grimm Valley.N/AIncipientTV Pilot60 minsSerialized Drama - Grounded Sci FiWhen her teenage daughter is injected with a nano-technological virus that will slowly turn her into a cyborg, a single mother must choose between sacrificing her only child to save humanity, or letting her turn into an immortal killing machine.Worked three years in development, gaining experience working with creatives and executives.

Produced animation for seven years so am well versed in the production pipeline, working within tight budgets and schedules, and managing a large crew.

Played roller derby for three years, then retired to coach the team.

I was Canada's 122nd certified Tea Sommellier. (Yeah, that's really a thing... You'd be surprised how often I have to use that knowledge!)
brown.ambers@yahoo.comAmber S. Brown9739543065Greater Los Angeles area
6I'm a WOC writer from Newark, NJ. I have a penchant for smart, badass women so everything I write inevitably becomes drenched in alpha female energy. I'm passionate about story and impeccable on the page. I listen as well as I write. I’m a dialogue ninja. Religious about economy of words.Feature WriterPrivilegeTV Pilot60 pages1-hour dramaA year after her father’s premature and unjust death, Katsina “Kat” Moore is finally able to put his last words of advice into action and unapologetically penetrates the homogeneous world of venture capital in New York City, a world dominated by blue-blooded white males. But her climb up the proverbial corporate ladder comes along with incognito enemies and a taxing responsibility.N/ANyalaFeature110 pagesAdventure/FantasyAfter being severely disfigured as a child, a mixed-race girl will need the help of an alchemical piece of fruit, a disillusioned knight and a friendly foe to learn that true beauty cannot be seen to the naked eye.N/ABlackbirdsTV Pilot60 pages1-hour action/dramaOn the heels of a botched hit, the A-1 of an underground all-female kill squad that exclusively targets male sexual predators finds her high-ranking position in jeopardy. Not only because of her careless mistake — there’s also a green, yet savage new recruit hungry for her throne.N/AI'm an identical twin.FemaleHeterosexualAfrican American
Ameliasolo@aol.comAmelia Solomon310-463-5130Greater Los Angeles area has a strong comedic and diverse writing portfolio that includes short films, original TV pilots, and web series. She has been awarded several placements in top international screenwriting contests. For example, her TV pilot, Jail Bound, was a recent Semi-Finalist in the Creative World Awards and a Quarter-Finalist in the ScreenCraft Screenwriters Residency Program. Another TV pilot, Rebecca Resets, was a Semi-Finalist in the SoCal Film Festival and a Quarter-Finalist in both the Creative World Awards and the ScreenCraft Pilot Launch TV Contest. Her short, The Will, was an Official Selection in the Hollywood Comedy Shorts Film Festival and a Quarter-Finalist in the ScreenCraft Comedy Script Contest. Another short, Hurria, was a Semifinalist in the Screencraft Film Grant.

As a Producer, Amelia is in post-production on a hilarious satirical comedy episodic series called Adversity, starring Enrico Colantoni from Veronica Mars and Just Shoot Me. Her most recent project in development is Brainforest, a feature horror comedy.

Amelia originally hails from Long Island, New York. She holds a Certificate in Film, TV, and Digital Entertainment Media from UCLA, Extension. She also received a B.A. in Government from Franklin and Marshall College.

TV WriterAdversity (TV Series) (created by - 6 episodes, 2018) (written by - 6 episodes, 2018)
- Vee-Aye-Aye (2018) ... (creator) / (written by)
- Crack Is Whack (2018) ... (creator) / (written by)
- It's Ya Birfday (2018) ... (creator) / (written by)
- Langston Johnston's Office (2018) ... (creator) / (written by)
- Maybe He Colorblind (2018) ... (creator) / (written by)
- Meet Morty (2018) ... (creator) / (written by)
2017 Jail Bound (Short)
2017 Two Mamas and a Baby (Short)
Final CallTV Pilot36ComedyAfter her New Year’s Eve plan to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge is derailed, a female dentist ironically finds herself answering suicide hotline calls and discovers that her hopeless spirit connects with callers.N/AJail BoundTV Pilot37ComedyA middle-aged hedge-fund manager dreams of writing the great American novel but can’t find the time to complete it, so he decides to commit a crime and serve a two-year sentence in jail where he’s inspired by the real-life stories of his cellmates.Semi-Finalist, Creative World Awards
Quarter-Finalist, ScreenCraft Screenwriters Residency Program
Rebecca ResetsTV Pilot37ComedyWhen she returns home from caring for her ailing father to discover her husband divorcing her, Rebecca decides to leave her comfortable life behind and pursue her acting dream in LA, despite suffering from severe anxiety.Semi-Finalist, SoCal Film Festival
Quarter-Finalist, Creative World Awards
Quarter-Finalist, ScreenCraft Pilot Launch TV Contest
Growing up on Long Island, the daughter of an Ivy League-educated Jewish lawyer father and a college dropout Protestant mother from Detroit from a blue-collar family, I was raised with two faiths and two different ideologies. My mother took me to church; my father took me to temple. But when my Catholic friends enrolled in CCD, and my best friend prepared for her bat mitzvah, I felt left out. I realized I didn’t fit into one religion – the conflicting messages steered me toward atheism. I now identify as a Jew, and I’m grateful for the dual exposure because it taught me to be open to opposing viewpoints and helped me learn to immerse myself in different cultures.
The majority of my upbringing was intellectually and politically liberal. An only child, at my parents’ dinner parties, I ate with the adults and was often solicited for my opinion on the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Anita Hill trial, or the impact of Ross Perot. When I was 14, I went to visit my mother’s parents in rural Michigan and slept in a bedroom alongside my grandfather’s shotguns. I heard my relatives using the term “colored” and the expression “Jew them down”. What I took away was the beauty of the land, the tranquility, and the warmth of the small-town people. I was grateful for the summers I spent there, because it exposed me to a different America. I may have remained a NY liberal at heart, but I better understood how other people viewed the world.
Strangely, I had a similar experience when I moved to Orange County and worked in the aerospace industry, where I generally excelled. But I was ill-prepared for being the only woman on the team. I felt marginalized and inferior. I’d hear comments like “Let’s put this in terms our daughters or wives would understand.” I’d think to myself, “Do they realize I’m in the room?” Other times, after my presentation, my boss would ask everyone, “Isn’t she cute?”, and say nothing of my presentation. When I explained my difficulty assimilating as the only female, my boss replied, “You need to insert yourself.” It wasn’t easy, but I learned how to adapt to a male-dominated industry.
It wasn’t until I co-created and executive produced Adversity, a comedy series starring Enrico Colantoni from Just Shoot Me and Veronica Mars, that I grasped the value of my business experience. I wrote six episodes and acted as a showrunner with two male EPs. I knew how to employ project management, how to organize, and how to manage different personalities. And my exposure to different worlds taught me to empathize, which helped me write complex, flawed characters that have their own individual identities.
FemaleHeterosexualHashimoto's Disease (Autoimmune Hypothyroidism)Caucasian, Jewish
amenak1@yahoo.comAmena Kheshtchin-Kamel4809807880Southwest U.S. - Twitter, @esqart - Instagram, FiveI’m a 25 year old film and law school graduate. I’ve written, directed, produced, and starred in short films. I’m now making my way into TV and Film writing and I have a total of five samples (pilots, specs, and feature screenplay). I’m multi-racial and a child of immigrants and this perspective shows through my writing. I write about women, underdogs, young adults, and the morally ambiguous, and have samples for comedy, drama, and sci-fi/fantasy. TV WriterI probably do, but I’d need to get permission first. Crystall Palace TV PilotHour DramaThe CEO and founder of an electric car company finds herself in the middle of a scandal and must resort to her dangerous habits to save her name and company N/AObscuriaTV PilotHour Sci-fi/superhero A high school girl on the spectrum of autism one day gets so tired of feeling invisible amongst her peers and even with regards to medical research that she just gains the power of invisibility. Changing her life direction with this newfound ability, she becomes the town’s first vigilante, discovering a network of underground crime. I’m illustrating and writing my graphic novel to accompany the pilot. N/ABad Sisters TV PilotHalf Hour Comedy Two sisters find themselves in what they believe to be an apocalypse because there is no other soul around but the two of them. Instead of finding more people, they celebrate, walk around nude, and learn about each other. But are they really the only two people left? N/AI speak French, English, and Farsi. Born in NY, grew up in AZ. I’m a child of immigrants and I’m multi-racial.

I’m a film and law school graduate. Law school trained me to be a persuasive writer, an experienced and skilled oralist, and so much more. Without law school, I wouldn’t be where I’m at today with my creative writing. Law school actually improved my skills in every possible area from communications skills to analytical skills to just knowing about real life and being able to write about it well. I’ve worked at law firms, courts, attorney general’s office, in Washington D.C. so I have exceptional organization skills and I know how to work a job that requires 100% attention and stellar performances.

Special skills: I compose music and have professional experience film scoring and songwriting. My music has been covered by Mashable, Nerdist, Syfy, Entertainment Tonight etc. I’m also an actress with years of experience in theatre, including musical theatre and acting for the screen. I’ve spent years in improv.

A short film I produced, composed the music for and did choreography for premiered at the Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner while I interned there.
FemaleHeterosexualADHD (Also note: I love your use of the term “differently-abled” - Right on!)African, Asian, Caucasian, Arab, Middle Eastern, Jewish, I’m a total mutt. A 25 year old trying to do what I love: storytelling.
minomino55@gmail.comAmin Osman2672669035Greater Los Angeles areahttps://www.aminosman.com 55margaritas Insta: aminosman5 5Amin was born and raised in Casablanca, Morocco (no, he has never seen the movie Casablanca). Growing up, he split his time between Morocco and Delaware before attending the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Amin moved to LA for his MFA in Writing for Screen and Television from the USC School of Cinematic Arts. He has worked as a production coordinator at Fullscreen Media and worked under producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron on three Oscars telecasts, NBC's Sound of Music Live, Peter Pan Live, The Wiz Live, Hairspray Live, and other film, TV, and Broadway projects. He has written for Parcast's UNSOLVED MURDERS: TRUE CRIME STORIES podcast and the Snapchat series SOLVE. Amin is also in post-production on KILLER PARTY, a horror-comedy-musical feature he co-created.TV WriterPodcast: UNSOLVED MURDERS: TRUE CRIME STORIES (multiple episodes)
Snapchat series SOLVE (multiple episodes)
DETENTIONTV PilotHourlongSupernatural teen dramedyAfter a tragic incident at prom, an eclectic group of students and teachers must spend the afterlife as ghosts trapped in high school until they conquer their unfinished business and solve the mystery that killed them.Earned Honors Distinction for my MFA thesis at USC's School of Cinematic Arts, Writing for Screen & Television ProgramEAT YOUR HEART OUTFeature102 pagesHorror comedyA shy young cannibal falls for the girl meant to be his first kill and must conquer his fears, his family, and his hunger as he fights for true love.N/ATHE RISE AND FALL OF BLEAKLY BOOTHTV Pilot63 pagesYoung adult soapy thrillerThe tragi-comic tale, told in two timelines, of a young girl's transformation from starry-eyed Hollywood hopeful to infamous superstar wanted for murder. Bisexual Arab-American Muslim, born and raised in Morocco, fluent in English, French, and Arabic, an expert on losing a parent at a young age, co-composed and co-directed an original musical feature film for under $20,000, can harmonize on cue and wiggle each ear individually.MaleBisexualArab, Middle Eastern
amirmostoufi@gmail.comAmir Mo619-916-6450Greater Los Angeles area, @nottherealamirmo, worked at NBC Universal on a number of notable programs, Amir has most recently landed a worldwide distribution deal for his indie comedy hit, THE SEX ADDICT, which features Horatio Sanz (Saturday Night Live), Ken Davitian (Borat) and Bryan Callen (MADtv). It is currently available on most major platforms.

​Additionally, he received a scholarship to Upright Citizens Brigade's diversity program and has earned high praise from such talents as Jim Norton, T.J. Miller, Lucas Bros., Andy Dick, Ken Davitian, Kristanna Loken, Horatio Sanz, Sung Kang and Bryan Callen.
TV WriterThe Sex Addict, Bye Alicia - I have endorsements from such talents as Jim Norton, T.J. Miller, Lucas Bros., Andy Dick, Ken Davitian, Kristanna Loken, Horatio Sanz, Sung Kang and Bryan Callen.DeplorablesTV Pilot30 pagesComedyWhen a scheming teenage runaway crashes his sister's pad under false pretenses, her terrible boyfriend wages war to get him out. I have talent attached. Executive Producers as well. ResilientFeature120 pagesDramaAfter U.S. President Donald J. Trump signs an illegal executive order into law, a U.S. citizen is detained at LAX airport following a visit to Iran and relives his journey with his interrogator in this coming-of-age true immigrant story. N/ABye, AliciaFeature91ComedyTwo quirky but lovable loners meet on a dating app, beginning a romance that starts as love but descends into passive-aggressive chaos due to their bizarre family dynamics and a crazy ex-girlfriend named Alicia.Currently in production. Earned an MBA, received a diversity scholarship to Upright Citizens Brigade for improv and got into law school. I am Persian and speak Farsi moderately well. Experienced intense bullying growing up in an all Caucasian environment and have no Persian friends in LA because I'm not Persian enough. Do identity issues make me special, or just damaged? :-)MaleHeterosexualMiddle Eastern
amyquickparrish1@gmail.comAmy Quick Parrish512-673-7702New England U.S., write geeks & supernatural with a YA vibe, historical dramas on the feature side. Author of two YA novels. Creator of Into Dust web series. SciFi YA pilot and AP Bio spec placed high in Page & AFF. Repped. Graduate of the University of Michigan, former intern for Richard Linklater and Austin Film Society, Austin Film Festival reader. Currently teaching Spanish Film and Conversation. TV WriterCreator: Into Dust Web Series, Writer/Director - "40 Bucks" (short), "Hokey Smokes! Frank Allison and the Odd Sox" (short doc). Former AFF Screenplay director Matt Dy could recommend my work as a reader, Linklater assistant Kirsten McMurray could recommend me as an office intern. The FrequencyTV Pilot57SciFiAfter a monster storm annihilates her family farm, 18-year-old Emily Beckett links up with an enigmatic computer genius who warns of a tyrannical government conspiracy, already in progress.Semi-Finalist, Page Screenwriting Competition, QF Page and We Screenplay. Top #2 SciFi pilot on the Red List Hijos de la Perdición/Sons of PerditionFeature130Historical DramaCo-written with Alex Ruiz. After his 18th century Texas ranch is attacked by vicious criminals, Spanish cattle baron Juan José Cisneros loses everything, but forms an unlikely friendship with a Native American couple that help him put his life back together. Based on the true story of Alex Ruiz' ancestor. Alex Ruiz, lead singer of Robert Rodriguez' band Chingón attached. Other unofficial attachments. Finalist, 2018 Oaxaca Film Festival The Court of LionsFeature120Historical DramaSet against the final bloody years of Spain's Christian/Muslim conflict, a young Christian Spanish woman held captive in a Moorish harem questions her loyalties when she falls in love with the man who killed her father-- the Sultan himself. Based on a true story. Winner: Spirit of Moondance Award, Moondance International Film Festival. Semi-Finalist, Slamdance Screenwriting Competition. Woman writer. I am not latina but speak/read/write fluent Spanish - extensive knowledge of and experience with Spain, Spanish history and Texas. (Spanish ancestors deep in the roots of the family tree.) I have taught high school in rural Michigan, Austin Texas suburbs (low income, gangs, and also honors students), currently teach Spanish Film and Conversation and history of latinos in the US in New England. I grew up in a tiny midwestern town - population 1700. Only child, single parent. Every script I've written has had the father die in act 1 or a character whose father has died. I am a total "History" Channel freak -- underground passageways, ghosts, witches, Ancient Aliens, Templars, Holy Grail, Xibalba, Bermuda Triangle, paranormal this and that. Anything that falls into those categories is super-exciting to me. FemaleHeterosexualI have an injury that does require that I use an ergonomic mouse, keyboard... I can bring it! :) CaucasianMom
anabproductions@gmail.comAna BrownPacific Northwest U.S. TV pilots, multiple screenplays Ana Brown is a staged playwright and optioned screenwriter. She has over 15 years experience collaborating with entertainment industry producers and directors. In 2012, Ana was the North West Film Forum Writer in Residence and the winner of the Great American Short Screenplay contest. Ana was a Hedgebrook Screenwriters Lab finalist in 2016. Ana was also awarded the Seattle Mayor’s Citizenship award for her community outreach. In addition to her work as a writer and community advocate, Ana has over twenty years experience working as a clinical social worker in the child maltreatment field. In her first writers room beginning of June :-)I really can't decideJOHN BAXTER IS A SWITCH HITTER, Intiman Theatre 2015 (anchor production), Recommendations available upon request.Adverse Childhood Experiences, LLCTV Pilot33 pagesDark comedyNothing goes as planned when two friends launch an exposure therapy business, recreating people’s adverse life experiences through VR and improv. N/AVICARIOUSTV Pilot40Drama / Dark comedyA cash-strapped single dad, former boxer, and current male stripper on parole for bank robbery, navigates the dysfunctional world of elite youth sports on a quest to give his gifted 12-year-old son everything he didn’t have, while trying to stay out of trouble. N/ATHE COURT CLINICTV Pilot54 pagesNetwork Drama Set in Boston, a young psychiatrist navigates the demanding world of forensic psychiatry while managing her own dysfunctional family and traumatic past. This script has been submitted / shared by several show runners as a writing sampleI have deep experience working in psychiatric, medical and legal settings as a clinical social worker. I have participated in hundreds of child abuse investigations and worked closely with law enforcement. I understand that world. I am a trained forensic interviewer (at one point recruited by the FBI). Court recognized expertise in all areas of child maltreatment, specifically fire setting behavior in children and Medical Child Abuse (Munchausen by Proxy). Mother to two teenage athletes and deeply immersed in the dysfunctional world of youth sports. Former competitive figure skater, former member Rollerblade stunt team (yes really). Grew up in Boston. Writes character driven dramas and dark comedies.FemaleHeterosexualCaucasianMom
ALOM@ANALYDIA.COMANA LYDIA MONACO3104035299Greater Los Angeles areahttps://www.analydiaproductions.com (Twitter/Instagra/Linkedin/Facebook/Pinterest)3Award-Winning Filmmaker Ana Lydia Monaco is a former PR pro focused on writing, directing and producing content that will make audiences laugh, cry, think, and see the world differently. FULL BIO HERE: really can't decideYes. Since some of my work is confidential will only share names and projects during meetings. As for recommendations, WGA writers and showrunners including: Joy Kecken, Paul Guay, Rosemary Aldarte. Producers, including Tara Craig, Ross La Manna. I've also worked with Neile McQueen.EL LAYTV Pilot30 MINDRAMEDYEl Lay (TV/Dramedy) Follows the life of a mixed-race woman living in a culturally dynamic world as she navigates, life, career, and family. Part Empire and part Ugly Betty, El Lay rides the line of comedy and drama while tackling the little known subject of LatinX interracial relationships. Yes: Blacklist/WIF Top 25 Finalist. Art Center AwardThe AcademyFeature1.5 HoursTeen/YA Horror/ThrillerTHE ACADEMY (teen horror/thriller) Is about a LatinX soccer star who tries to fit in at a prestigious girls’ HS. But when she finds out that her entitled best friend is using her seductive influence to destroy her life, she sets out to get revenge. Producer Tara Craig is currently reading/considering for productionLOLANew Media10 MINUTESDRAMEDYWhen a young woman is blamed for her ailing health due to her size by her friends, her partner, and medical professionals, a life-threatening medical emergency pushes her to advocate for her life.LOLA HAS WON TWO SCREENWRITING AWARDSBilingual/Bicultural #LatinX woman married to a white man. My background is both White LatinX and Mestiza. Grew up middle class in the SFV, also lived in Guadalajara, Mexico. Currently, live in West LA. I went back to school after a successful career in PR/marketing/Social media where I worked with leading lifestyle, entertainment and fashion brands including Disney, Nike, Macy's, Diageo, etc. Was the first LatinX Fashion publicist and the ONLY Mexican American accepted into Art Centers Film Program in 2016 (graduated in 2018 top in class with a major and minor in DesignMatters). Independently, I have produced, written and directed content for THE SMITHSONIAN and NISSAN.FemaleHeterosexualPhysical Disability, Diabetic and various other health issues Latinx
andiroyer1@gmail.comAndi Royer765-427-3755Greater Los Angeles areahttps://www.andiroyer.com @andifine Instagram: andiroyertv LinkedIn: television professional with a creative and analytical mind, focused on writing scripted television. Dedicated, bold, comical.TV WriterNo existing writing credits but many credits for other things. I have also placed in 2 writing competitions: 2017 Quarter Finalist in the Screencraft Pilot Launch and 2019 Finalist in the WAN Writing Workshop.Santa Claus, INTV Pilot30 pagescomedyA dysfunctional family must keep their family-owned holiday amusement park open thanks to their grandfather's will in order to collect their inheritance, all the while keeping their burning hatred for all things Christmas buried deep inside.N/AHow to Make Friends After 30TV Pilot38ComedyHaving never truly made close friends, a thirty year old funeral service worker, is forced to recognize his dependence on his girlfriend for social interaction. He must try to make friends of his own by any means necessary or risk losing her forever.2019 WAN Writing Workshop Finalist, 2017 Screencraft Pilot Launch Quarterfinalist Master of MurderTV Pilot55Period DramaAfter a privileged childhood in an affluent family, a friendly doctor gets a taste for the macabre, becoming America's 1st serial killer.N/AGrew up with an abusive mother, father died very unexpectedly in my senior year of high school, sister died very unexpectedly 9 years and a day after my father, am a fantastic baker, used to work for a partner of Youtube dealing with content claiming, am well-versed in anatomy and medical diagnosis/verbiage. FemaleHeterosexualType 1 DiabeticCaucasian
andre.radojcich@gmail.comAndre RadojcichGreater Los Angeles area, director, comedian, native of Kalamazoo, MI, mother of turtles, dodgeball enthusiast, and not too old to try being a museum guide if his film career doesn't work out, Andre loves performing with his improv groups Murder Murder and Free Puppies and making shows for Channel 101. Feature WriterWriter / Director of The Wire Season 6 (an upcoming sketch series), as well as all of the shorts on Hope AliveFeature116Popcorn Sci FiIn the distant future, when a disgraced and outdated super soldier discovers that his much more advanced modern iteration is on the verge of death after a battle with the enemy giant robots, he has to overcome his pride and limitations to save her, or cost humanity their only HOPE.N/AThe Painful RealityFeature102ComedyWhen a manipulative TV executive defies all conventions and pairs a young writer’s pretentious drama with the trashy reality show of a prophetic mad man, the young writer must overcome her own ego or sacrifice her show altogetherN/AAn End To The Life Of CompromisesFeature92ComedyWhen a meek political science professor finds out that the bar of the woman he secretly loves is going to be torn down by a corrupt politician’s development scheme, he decides it would be easier to stage a revolution than tell her how he really feels. Quarterfinalist of the Nicholl Fellowship, Quarterfinalist of Big Break ContestI was emancipated and then adopted as a child, which definitely gives me a unique worldview. I also went to law school for a year and worked as a policy analyst for the Governor of Michigan, so I'm very familiar with bureaucratic systems. MaleHeterosexualSerbian
andrew6foley@gmail.comAndrew Foley780-220-5032Western Canada @theandrewfoley 6Co-wrote the graphic novel Cowboys & Aliens, which "inspired" the Daniel Craig/Harrison Ford film. Wrote for the Dungeons & Dragons videogame Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear. Wrote several comics and graphic novels, some of which got published by Dark Horse Comics, IDW, Image, and Harper Collins, some of which I got paid for.TV WriterThe Sleep of ReasonTV Pilot53 pagesdrama thrillerAfter losing his job, fighting with his girlfriend, accidentally hitting his ex-boss with a car and then deliberately running his ex-boss over until he's dead, aimless nobody David Jolly becomes entangled with an enigmatic, manipulative artist and finds a new purpose: terrorizing the wealthy and powerful.N/AParting WaysFeature107 pagessupernatural black comedyWhen Peter Orbach dies, his soul goes to Hell. Unfortunately, due to a scheduling error, his soulless body is revived. Unburdened by morality, the body achieves everything Peter ever wanted, but is incapable of enjoying it or anything else. Meanwhile, Peter's soul slowly learns what he really wants in life--and that there may be a way to get that life back.N/AVanquishedTV Pilot54 pagesSatirical superhero/villain sci-fi Accidental supervillain Freddy Faust reluctantly adapts to life in an inter-dimensional penal colony filled with bizarre, unsavory, sometimes friendly, usually dangerous evildoers with one thing in common: defeat.N/AGraduated with distinction from the Alberta College of Art and promptly went into writing. Paid to write and/or edit numerous projects in the comics, prose, videogame, and animation spaces. Has more knowledge of all aspects of comic books (creation, editorial, production, retail) than any rational person should.MaleHeterosexualOn the Autism SpectrumCaucasian
animwriter@yahoo.comAndrew Garrett9184021457Southwest U.S.http://andrewgarrettsworks.tumblr.com screenwriter, usually for animation. Focus on historical projects and talking animal stories but sometimes things go weird in wonderful ways.Feature WriterA Whisker Past MidnightFeature90 pagesAnimation, Thriller, ComedyTwo American mice face a crew of Nazi rats, "handle" a tuneful femme fatale fox, and help a wounded CIA operative stop a deadly plot on a doomed ocean liner. In America (with Arty FinkelsteinFeature121 pagesBiography, HistoricalA young man is shoved, against the law and out of spite, into the U.S. Army at the height of the Vietnam War. In The FieldFeature108 pagesAnimation, FamilyWhen black-footed ferret Sarah is captured by human scientists, it'll take a team of experts to get her out. Family will have to do. love of history, former English tutor, long time video game tester (a surprising amount of text there).MaleHeterosexualPhysical DisabilityCaucasian
hamer86d@gmail.comAndrew Hamer7578695480Greater Los Angeles areahttp://threeskeletonkeyfilm.com grew up in Williamsburg, Virginia. I graduated with a Media Production degree from Florida State University. I then moved out to Los Angeles, working on numerous shows in the production office and writers room, including "Hell On Wheels", "Community", and "Grace and Frankie". I was selected to the 2015-2016 UCLA Extension Writers Program after submitting one of my TV spec scripts. I also wrote and directed several short films, including the award winning horror short "Three Skeleton Key", based on the acclaimed short story and radio drama starring Vincent Price. TV Writer"Three Skeleton Key" short film - Writer/Director
"ZTV" short film - Executive Producer
"Zugzwang" short film - Co-Producer
"The Shot" short film - Writer/Director

I have a recommendation from writer/director/producer Todd Komarnicki ("Sully", "Elf")
Covenant TV Pilot56 pagesDramaA young family decides to move to a small town in rural Virginia, looking for a peaceful area with religious values. The parents enroll their children in a private Christian school, unaware that one of the teachers is a domestic terrorist. 2018 Second Rounder for Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition
2015-2016 UCLA Extension Writing Program Original TV Pilot
Mad Jack Feature122 pagesWar Drama/Period Drama In World War II, a British Commando pushes himself to the edge of sanity as he fights against the Nazis, armed with a longbow, broadsword, and bagpipes. His name is "Mad Jack" Churchill. Based on a true story.N/ACopper Mountain TV Pilot58 pagesPeriod DramaSet in 1948 in West Virginia, a prominent businessman is caught up in local politics between union miners and a corrupt sheriff. His life and that of his family's hangs in the balance. N/AI have worked extensively on film and TV sets as an extra, office production assistant, writer's production assistant, line producer, and director. Growing up in historical Virginia, I was immersed in the early history of the United States. I was also involved in several historical TV and film productions, including as a musketeer in Terrence Malick's "The New World", and as a colonial Freemason in Discovery Channel's "Search for the Lost Symbol" documentary. Moving to California, I began working in the film and television industry. Los Angeles opened my eyes to different cultures and beliefs, allowing me to embrace the diversity of the U.S., and to appreciate other perspectives. Working in the production offices and writers rooms of various TV shows has given me a deep knowledge and respect for the craft of cinematic storytelling. As a writer and filmmaker, I have sought to bring my understanding of different perspectives and ideologies into my work. My horror short film "Three Skeleton Key" explores racial discrimination on an isolated lighthouse in 1921. My TV pilot "Covenant" (written in my UCLA Extension Writers Program class) explores the destructive power of religious fundamentalism on impressionable young students. My TV pilot "Copper Mountain" shows the effects of power, corruption, and poverty on a community in West Virginia in 1948. My feature length screenplay "Mad Jack" explores a soldier's loss of sanity in the midst of war. In our current political climate, it is important to celebrate our differences and break down barriers through our art. Male
apf420@gmail.comAndrew Pemberton-Fowler323-316-0342Greater Los Angeles area andrew42083; Twitter: AIOTKAndrew4I was born in Princeton, NJ, educated in London, England, spent a few years in Chicago, and have recently returned to LA. I'm a black LGBT guy and I've used my unique experience in the world in everything I write. Growing up, I wanted to write soap operas, but a deep love of quality drama and single camera comedies allowed me to broaden my horizons. Character based stories are my sweet spot, whether it's about a gay monarch bucking tradition or three nearly middle aged gay friends trying to make a go of it one last time...I love people, their foibles, their faults, and their humanity. FUN FACT: A former roommate of mine won PROJECT RUNWAY. Wanna know which season? That'll cost you a cocktail...or a double espresso. TV WriterProduction Intern (The Young and the Restless; The Bold and the Beautiful); Writer Credits (Dudes; I Killed Susan Blake; What Lies Beyond; Affairs of the Heart); Nominations (Pilot script, drama 2015 NexTV Writing & Pitch & 2008 Red Planet Pictures script writing competition: The Regal Family; 2016 Maverick Movie Award for Best Screenplay: I Killed Susan Blake); Producer Credits (Dennis is Dead; Screens; Coffee Break; What Lies Beyond; I Killed Susan Blake; My Bad Day; The Decision; Ode to Youth; The Wind Drives Us; Love & Butter)The Regal FamilyTV Pilot60 pgs/60 minDramaThe Regal Family begins when the King of Andover proposes to the love of his life, Matthew, and the news divides the Kingdom of Andover. Meanwhile, the regal family must manage the news along with their messy private worlds against the glare of duty and expectation in this opulent hour-long drama. The pilot script for The Regal Family (formerly, Andover) was a finalist in the 2015 NexTV Writing & Pitch Competition and the 2008 Red Planet Pictures scriptwriting competition.N/ADudesTV Pilot47 pgs/30 minComedyThree co-dependent gay friends in their mid-30s are faced with the brutal realities of modern gay life as their friends are moving on, their careers grow stagnant, and they come to realize they are no longer the hottest new things on the hook-up apps. Dudes presents the comedy, heartbreak, and misadventures we've all experienced...whether we want to admit it or not. N/AScionsTV Pilot63 pgs/1 hrDramaSet in the well-to-do town of Larchmont, Scions explores the lives of the monied Bradshaw-Waltham family as ambitions collide over the future of the family company in this explosive family drama.
When the CEO of the family corporation, Bradshaw & Company steps down, it ignites a battle between the company’s rightful heir, Nathan Bradshaw, and his stepfather, Vincent Waltham. As Claudia Bradshaw-Waltham must choose between her husband and son, her socialite daughter, Jocelyn Bradshaw’s messy divorce is thrust into the public limelight. Zach Waltham, the baby of the family, returns from rehab for the fourth time to the chagrin of his sexually liberated sister, Melissa Waltham. All the while, a secret from Claudia’s past threatens to come to light and tear apart her family.
N/AI grew up in Princeton, NJ. My first job was at a pet store and, since then, I've worked in the solar industry and building management (to list a few). I lived in London for seven years and I loved every second of it. I prefer beach holidays to the snow. When I lived in Chicago, my building was one door down from Oprah's. I speak beginners Italian & a bit of German. I prefer pizza over tacos. I can trace my family history in the US to 1634 and further back to the mid-1500s in England.MaleHomosexualAfrican American, Black, Just an American.
andyerikson@gmail.comAndy (Andrea) Erikson763-568-9197Greater Los Angeles areahttp://www.andyerikson.com’m a comedy writer from Minneapolis, Minnesota with a background as a standup comedian. I’ve been writing plays and sketches since the age of 9 and have had a handful of non- union television writing jobs and am looking for a full time position as a staff writer in the WGA.TV WriterWriter - The Brightside - Pilot presentation for E.
Staff writer - Vegas 2 Go - non union variety sketch show
Writer - Friars Club Roast of Gary

Endorsements - Moshe Kasher, Nikki Glaser, Tom Segura, Chris Jean
OutcastsTV Pilot36 pagesFantasy/comedyLucy Bronson’s cursed life gets turned upside down when she discovers she is a wizard who has been accepted into the Wizengrad College of Liberal Arts and Wizardry. It’s Harry Potter meets Community.2nd rounder in the Austin Film festival 2018 (top 20%)One More Day Inc.TV Pilot28 pagesSci-fi / Dramedy The fierce and damaged Sierra Jones enlists the services of One More Day Inc. in order to bring her estranged father back to life. So that she can kill him. (Tone/style similar to Maniac and Russian Doll)Quarter Finalist in the Shore Scripts screenwriting competition. 2018 (top 4%)The Legend of ZoomiTV Pilot32 pagesComedyA deadbeat 50 year old nerd participates in a science experiment and finds herself trapped inside of a real life video game. She must save the Unicorn Realm in order to save herself. (Jumanji meets the Good Place)N/ADegree in graphic design, experience with motivational and transformational speaking and I’ve worked at Wal-Mart. I was 3rd place on NBC’s Last Comic Standing. I write and produce sketches for the stage and for the screen. And I’ve helped produce and write for a live Facebook sketch show with Alex Stein and another with Ryan McKee (The Late Late Show).FemaleHeterosexualCaucasianCurrently enrolled student
andyjacobknuth@gmail.comAndy Knuth6082957316Greater Los Angeles areaInstagram: andy_knuth
Twitter: @andyknuthcomedy
2I am a train clown, improviser, actor, and writer specializing in physical and situational comedy as well as family comedies. I've trained in improvisation and sketch comedy with The Second City and has performed clowning around the world. I recently won the Fresh Voices Competition for TV Comedy.TV WriterJACK TO REALITYTV Pilot35ComedyAfter blowing a chance for a comeback, a broke ex 90’s child sitcom actor returns to teach drama at his old Midwest middle school while attempting to rekindle his once prominent Hollywood acting career.Winner of the Fresh Voices Competition for TV Comedy; Finalist for FILMMATIC competition.THE NORMALSTV Pilot35Comedy
A gay, interracial couple moves to a gossipy suburb outside Chicago and discovers that even though they might look different from their neighbors, they still share the same core values and issues with family.
N/AI have trained in physical comedy, improvisation, and acting with The Second City, iO comedy, and Annoyance Theater. I have trained and performed clowning around the world including USA, Canada, Italy, and Spain. This physical and situational comedy carries over to my screenplays. I am also a member of the LGBTQ community and have frequent themes of fish-out-of-water characters.MaleHomosexualCaucasian
maeberliner@gmail.comAngela Berliner3234283248Greater Los Angeles area Berliner is a nationally produced playwright and former artistic director of L'Enfant Terrible, a theater company dedicated to all ages entertainment. She wrote and produced Los Angeles' first-ever Shakespeare festival for families, featuring her comedic adaptations of the bards most violent plays. She has won some television writing contests and recently got herself a shopping agreement with Stoopid Buddy Stoodios (Robot Chicken) for one of her pilots. She is also a fiction writer under the nom de plume Adele Leigh. TV WriterTheater Productions (in Los Angeles unless otherwise noted): MacBeth and the Monster (MadCat Theater in Miami), Hamlet, Prince of Puddles (Acadiana Center for the Arts in Lafayette, LA), Cymbeline the Puppet King (Geffen Playhouse), The Rose Tree (L'Enfant Terrible and Open Fist co-production), Hamlet, Prince of Puddles, King O'Leary, MacBeth and the Monster, and Titus the Clownicus (L'Enfant Terrible and Bootleg Theater co-productions), and Little, Scrooge Must Die, Pericles on the High Seas, Titus the Clownicus, King O'Leary, and Cymbeline the Puppet King (Actors' Gang).The RecoveryTV Pilot68 pagesDramaThe Recovery is a serialized drama about a troubled single father Jack Lee whose daughter was kidnapped 7 years ago. When his daughter Adele mysteriously returns home, Jack must face his issues, including an addiction to strippers and deviant sex, in order to care for his mentally unstable daughter as she works with the police in catching her kidnapper.Winner of WeForShe WriteHer's List MatryoshkaTV Pilot62 pagesdrama/crimeMatryoshka is an hour-long drama about a girl brought up by a European crime boss. She grows up to become a secret agent tasked to hunt down and kill the very man who raised her.Winner Blacklist/ATX Pilot Competition, Winner Pilot CompetitionTremendous TalesTV Pilot30 pagesfamilyTremendous Tales is a live-action family series that subverts the themes and perspectives of classic literature to be more relatable and inclusive to modern families and young people. In the vein of Faerie Tale Theatre, each episode is a stand-alone adaptation that subversively toes the line between adult and kid-friendly. For example, Hamlet, Prince of Denmark becomes Hamlet, Prince of Puddles. It's still about a bunch of royals with personality disorders who all end up murdering each other, but this fast-paced comedy satirizes the damage to boys when they're told not to cry, as poor teenage Prince Hamlet, following the death of his father, begins to cry literal puddles everywhere he goes.I'm in a shopping agreement with Stoopid Buddy Stoodios and actor/writer/producer David Dastmalchian (Ant Man, Animals) and producer Thomas Demy-Henes (formerly Paul Rudd's development guy) are my producing partners.As a playwright, I am skilled in working collaboratively and problem-solving. I'm used to working in situations where I need to think creatively in finding cheaper but still as wonderful solutions to what goes from script to stage. As a novelist, I know how to break stories with the long-term in mind as well as how to world-build. I am adept at writing character-driven action and description. As a former actor, I create characters and write dialogue actors love to play, even the small parts. As a former Script Anatomy student and graduate of UCLA's School of Theatre, Film, and Television, I have the writing training that helps me understand the structure and templates of a satisfying narrative.

I have an identical twin sister who is an editor. She works with me to elevate all my writing projects. My parents both had criminal tendencies which gave me insight into that mindset.
FemaleHeterosexualPhysical Disability, I''m Aspie aka Asperger's (I don't identify it as being under the autism umbrella but some people do; to each their own!)Caucasian, Jewish
angelabourassa1@gmail.comAngela Bourassa17143347822Greater Los Angeles area, San Diego, @LA_Screenwriter, Bourassa is a 2018 Austin Film Festival semifinalist in the comedy pilot category and a winner of the LA Comedy Festival screenplay competition. A magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa graduate of UCLA, Angela currently lives in San Diego with her husband (a federal public defender) and their toddler.

Angela has written over a dozen scripts and founded the website LA Screenwriter (, which has been visited over 3.6 million times by writers around the world. As she pushes toward her goal of professional screenwriting, Angela works as a freelance web content writer and the co-founder of Write/LA, a new kind of screenwriting competition created by writers, for writers.

Angela’s favorite films include Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Lars and the Real Girl, Girl Asleep, Moana, Kings of Summer, and Before Sunrise. She’s also a shameless convert to the religion known as Survivor.
Feature WriterThe Dirty WorkFeature97DramedyHer oldest daughter wants to be a feminist porn star, and Jenny -- a proud black woman, struggling entertainment lawyer, and the person who taught her daughter to be so woke -- has no fucking idea what to do about that.N/A (new script)
(I also have a pilot version of this script)
EveFeature102Sci-fi / DramedyIn a future where all of your decisions are made for you, a woman who doesn’t quite fit in rediscovers a long-lost pastime – sex.Informally developing this script with a producer, Greg Schmidt (Truant Pictures)
AFF Quarterfinalist, ISA Fast Track Fellowship Top 50
Balls OutTV Pilot34Sports ComedyWhen her fed-up partner ditches her for another teammate, an immature volleyball player must find a new partner to face her former best friend at the Beach Championships.AFF Semifinalist
(I also have a feature version of this script)
self-employed, a volleyball player, a mom, my hair is currently purple, grew up going to church, an ally, married to a lawyer who primarily takes immigration cases, originally from Washington... and again, I love Survivor.FemaleHeterosexualCaucasianMom
angela_page@live.comAngela Page2069927699Greater Los Angeles areahttps://www.angelapage.net with content on SHORTSTV, FunnyOrDie, and festival circuit. Former multinational debt collector, fully bilingual Spanish and of Latino origin.I really can't decideProof of concept short on festival circuit for series based on my novella, "Suddenly Single Sylvia,"
Reference letter from Jerry Perzigian, Emmy winner and showrunner, Married with Children and Golden Girls. Wrote/produced content on FunnyorDie. Features, specs and pilots, top 15% Nicholls, semi finalist Austin, Final Draft and Scriptapalooza.
FRANKTV Pilot30DramedyA Korean War vet, jazz musician and gambler subjects his family to an unconventional lifestyle with the help of a shrink.Semi finalist 2019 Sundance Table ReadSYLVIATV Pilot34ComedyA mature bankrupt divorcee starts a dating business with her housemates; a young Asian trans and a psychic Latina chiropractor.Proof of concept award-winning short, "Sylvia" on the festival circuit. TIL DRUGS DO US PARTFeature92ComedyA newly married middle-aged couple is forced to honeymoon in rehab to save their house, jobs and blended family life.N/AExtensive multinational experience in senior management, bilingual Spanish, fluent in Portuguese and Italian. Lived and worked on 4 continents. Freelance journalist, author and produced playwright.FemaleHeterosexualLatinxOver 50
angelle.haneygullett@gmail.comAngelle Haney Gullett18182206749Greater Los Angeles area'm a former journalist on the night cops and obits beat (my coworkers called me the Angelle of Death). Had my first TV feature come out last year, a female-led stalker thriller. I specialize in dark genre with light banter, but also v. comfortable w crime and cops. Most of my scripts feature violent women and the men who cheat death by making them laugh.I really can't decide"Her Worst Nightmare" - TV feature, 2018 MarVista/LifetimeCrimson JennieFeature115Adventure, Science FictionA broken ex-Marine must reclaim her lost humanity with the help of a couple of stowaways and the love of a good spaceship.N/AThe UnfortunatesTV Pilot53Fantasy, Horror, HistoricalIn 1880s London, a clandestine commando team of streetwalkers does battle with an ancient evil in a supernatural secret history of Jack the Ripper.N/ASafehouse SalemTV Pilot61Drama, SupernaturalIn a small town, an ex-witch must help those who show up at her door seeking protection from whatever nasty supernatural thing is chasing them. However, her own dark past is putting innocent lives at risk.N/AFormer journalist on night crime and cops beat, was Little Miss Annie Oakley, know my way around guns, motorcycles, vintage cars and dangerous weirdosFemaleHeterosexualCaucasian
angieengelbert@gmail.comAngie Engelbert858-357-5148Greater Los Angeles area (Twitter and Insty) works in many facets of the entertainment industry. She's written and produced a feature length science fiction movie, AUTONOMY, and an award-winning dystopian short, TORCH along with diverse content for educational and commercial platforms. Her scripts have earned recognition with Screencraft, Austin Film Festival, Final Draft, Women in Film/Blacklist Lab, and the Sundance Episodic Lab. Additionally, Engelbert served as a production coordinator and assistant producer for unscripted shows through the Emmy-nominated production company, HOPLITE. She's also worked for Hulu, HBO, Nickelodeon, and several independent film companies as a licensed Studio Teacher. Previous gigs include touring the US and Mexico as a performer, singing and dancing at theme parks, and working as an electrical apprentice with IATSE Local #49. She currently teaches English, writing and film production to high school students in Los Angeles County.TV WriterAUTONOMY (Feature- Screenwriter), TORCH (Short-Screenwriter)LIGHTWORKERTV Pilot1 hr WB/CW Fantasy DramaFantasy/Sci-FiTrapped between the colliding worlds of her Wiccan mother and strict Catholic father, an agnostic teen must forge her own moral code once discovering the ability to raise the dead. Austin Film Festival Pitch FinalsPCLTV Pilot1 hr Historic Drama (TNT/HBO)Sports/DramaAfter the sudden hospitalization of his wife, a former Cubs player enlists the help of his aspiring sports reporter daughter to form a new baseball team at the expense of the family legacy Sundance Episodic Lab and WIF/Blacklist Second Rounder, Screencraft Pilot Content Semifinals, Final Draft Quarter FinalsON THE FLOORNew Media30 min Comedy Young Adults/Coming of AgeAfter getting fired from her dream teaching job, an overqualified and sardonic older millennial must learn to stomach the New Age ridiculous philosophies and people at the only place that will hire her: a swanky socal yoga studio.
Contest RecognitionI can write multicultural teen drama like no other! I've taught ages K-high school in affluent communities, at risk youth in LA, and indigenous populations in Mexico. FemaleHeterosexualCaucasian
anna_lane@me.comAnna LaneGreater Los Angeles area
1Anna Lane is a self-described Writer/Mother/Self-medicator. A former stand-up comedian, she currently works as a writer and editor with a focus on humor. Anna's journalism credits include The Washington Post, Playboy, and Refinery29, as well as other notable publications. She has also written and produced two short-form pilots. Anna holds a B.F.A from NYU where she had the clichéd experience of a roommate who worked as a hooker. TV WriterMom UpTV Pilot31comedyWhen an uptight writer discovers that she's unexpectedly pregnant, she turns to her hippie-dippy mother for live-in childcare. N/AWomen's WorkNew Media12 pagesReality DIYA Tomboy and a Girly Girl use humor to teach viewers how to complete DIY tasks usually reserved for men.N/AExcavationFeature122Teen DramedyAdapted from Wendy C. Ortiz's memoir of the same name, the script follows a teen girl as she embarks on a romantic relationship with a teacher that will change the course of her life and career. Thanks to a decade as a stand-up comedian I am an ace at script punch-up.FemaleHeterosexualJewishMom
anngelicafilm@gmail.comAnngelica-Marie Eshesimua3235619895Greater Los Angeles areahttps://anngelicafilm.com @anngelicaalways
2Anngelica-Marie Eshesimua is a 1st generation Nigerian-American dark comedy writer, and a recent graduate of the Business of Cinematic Arts program at the University of Southern California with a minor in Comedy. She discovered her love of writing, acting, and filmmaking at eight years old, as she watched her mother single handedly create her award winning short film, “In God’s Shadow”, a story about the prejudices she faced during her career as a Haitian lawyer. Anngelica-Marie’s work focuses on women of color that dismantle everyday prejudiced systems as they reinvent their identities. She was recognized as a finalist for the 2018 Emmys Comedy Internship, and her work has screened at multiple film festivals across the country.
TV WriterBennet SilvermanLove LessNew Media46DramedyFrustrated with living at the fringes of the elite in social media and status obsessed LA, a vengeful, power hungry model forms a pact with a recently dumped struggling artist on a mission to reach the upper echelons of fame, wealth, and success through one simple rule: to love less.

8.10/10 - We Screenplay Diverse Voices (
Roll CallTV Pilot35Dark ComedyAn out-casted Nigerian-American girl struggles to reinvent her identity as she and her group of misfits venture to overtake the social hierarchy at her predominately white high school.
N/AJunior VarsityTV Pilot33ComedyA laid-off high school math teacher and former basketball prodigy becomes the coach to the struggling girl’s junior varsity basketball team, as they face termination if their epic losing streak continues.N/AWhen I was ten years old, my mother and I had to move across the country to a city we knew nothing about just to survive. My late grandmother had done the same for her family when she immigrated to the United States from Haiti. Much like my grandmother and mother, I have learned to adapt to my surroundings for survival, often contorting parts of my first-generational female identity for acceptance. I was too young to understand that the institutionalized discrimination in private schools, urban cities, and other everyday segments of society would fracture my identity. However, it is my reinvention despite these circumstances that have made me the writer I am today.
Because I was transported across the country, I had no sense of community. From the start, I could see the financial hardships and violence that crippled the inner city of Rochester, NY. I can distinctly remember the first night in my new house; sounds of sirens from police cars would fill the air as the red and blue lights illuminated my room. To protect me, my mother would never let me interact with my surroundings, our home becoming my personal prison. I shifted into survival mode, yearning to escape my circumstances through a college education. To accomplish this, I had to grow up fast; in doing so, my artistic passions fell by the wayside. As time progressed and my academic pursuits flourished, I realized writing and acting were the core to my identity—the light that cut through the madness.
I was exposed to writing and filmmaking when I was eight, as my mother single handedly created her award winning short film, “In God’s Shadow”, about the prejudices she faced during her career as a Haitian lawyer. Our Miami home was transformed into a set before my eyes, as complete strangers gathered together to bring our story to life; injustice and hardship would not break us, but make us stronger. My mother’s filmmaking ambitions faltered in order to support me, and it is her sacrifice that fuels the stories I write: dark comedies about women of color that dismantle prejudiced systems as they reinvent their identities. Above all else, I want to write for television to fulfill the dream of a better life that my grandmother envisioned for her family when she came to America.
FemaleHeterosexualAfrican, CaribbeanRecent College Grad
nishidannie@gmail.comAnnie Nishida626-675-1687Greater Los Angeles area // Nishida is a screenwriter, illustrator, and activist who uses her experiences as a fourth-generation Japanese-American, East Los Angeles native, and product of the MySpace Era as inspiration for her coming-of-age themed stories.

She graduated from the USC School of Cinematic Arts with a degree in Writing for Screen and Television, has pitched projects to 20th Century Fox Television and adult swim, and also illustrates feminist/intersectional books, which she exhibits at indie publishing events across California. She is very proud to have led a school-wide frog dissection protest in the seventh grade.
TV WriterNEARLY SUPER NOVATV Pilot34Musical ComedyNova Yamada is a 19-year-old rapper from the San Gabriel Valley. She's got the attitude, rhymes, and talent. The only thing holding her back is her controlling mom-slash-manager. And the fact that no one takes a Japanese-Vietnamese rapper seriously.Finalist, Diverse Voices Competition 2018
Finalist, Screencraft Pilot Launch 2018
ASIAN LEAGUETV Pilot34Comedy15-year-old Drew has the dopest jump shot in the Japanese-American basketball league, but when a new teammate challenges her reign as queen, she must prove she has what it takes to reclaim her baller throne.N/AI'M NOT OKAY (I PROMISE)TV Pilot34ComedyKira Tamashiro is coming of age in 2005-- the era of emo music, dudes in guyliner, and, of course, Myspace. She must learn how to navigate the changing landscape of social media, all while trying to make her crush think she's friggin' rad. N/AI am a fourth-generation Japanese American, and fourth-generation Angeleno.
My family was in Los Angeles in the 1940s, when they were told they’d be relocated across the country and put into internment camps in Arkansas. My family was here in 1965 for the Watts Riots, during which my grandfather owned a gas station that was spared from looting because his African-American employees had labeled him a “brother.” My family is here now, residing in East LA, where we eat dim sum on Christmas Day, and tamales on New Year’s Day while we make mochi. I tell the stories of people who aren’t quite fresh-off-the-boat, but don’t quite fit the description of a typical American.
Female, Non-BinaryHeterosexualAsian
abuono@aswritten.comAnthony Buono703-915-1247East Coast U.S.http://www.aswritten.com
4Anthony Buono is a screenwriter from Philadelphia with a passion for telling compelling, well-crafted stories that explore the rich complexity of the human condition. After two decades of running his own online dating site, Anthony now applies his insight into human behavior and relationships to his screenwriting. Anthony credits his gift for multitasking and meeting deadlines to his busy family life with his eleven kids. (No, that’s not a typo).TV WriterThe Sapphire Door short filmTHE WALLTV Pilot60 pagesDrama ThrillerIn 2039, a government conspiracy is uncovered when an FBI agent struggling with anxiety disorder finds herself helping her estranged sister investigate the disappearance of her boyfriend in a peculiar rural town.N/ABEHIND REBEL LINES TV Pilot63Period Historical DramaDetermined to escape the dead end life expected of 19th century women, a tenacious,
schizophrenic young girl enlists in the Union army, but when the man she loves is murdered by a
rogue Confederate, she becomes a notorious spy while in pursuit of the killer. Based on a true story.
N/ATHE NIGHTINGALE OF CHRISTMASFeature97Holiday TVWhen a big city book editor is forced to return home to conduct research for an author’s new
Christmas novel, she helps organize the town’s biggest Christmas event and finds herself falling for a local
newspaper reporter.
N/ADating and relationship expert
Grew up in Philadelphia
Have 11 children
Ran my own business for 20 years
MaleHeterosexualCaucasianOver 50
anthony.mcbride74@gmail.comAnthony McBride8184037546Greater Los Angeles areaAnthony McBride5Moved to L.A. after serving six years in the Inited States Army. Since 2012 I have been taking classes in writing and entertainment. I specialize in features and television.I really can't decideThe ClosersTV Pilot30ComedyWorkplace sitcomN/ADance of the BullsFeatureFeatureAction thrillerHostage rescue thrillerN/aStarbrihhtTV Pilot1 hour dramaSi fi dramaA girl discovers supernatural powerN/AVeteran, over 40, office experienceMaleHeterosexualAfrican American
coloropolis@gmail.comAnthony Perez8183973553Greater Los Angeles area 6Confused husband. Survivor of tiny town & cancer. Cruncher of Kale. Bridesmaid for multiple TV fellowships. TV WriterHandcraftedTV Pilot30 min streaming or cableUrban Fairytale dramedyComing of age tale of three Brujas running an enchanted botanics shop & coping with a terrible family secret whose folklore stretches back to the time of conquistadors. '19 Sundance Episodic Finalist. 8 on blcklist. Getting a "look" at AwesomenessTVPorta LupaTV PilotHalf HourPolitical ComedyAn inept actor on a climate change affected island‘s staging of Julius Caesar triggers a revolution. With the aid of a bureaucratic bulldozer from the UN, they overcome absurd obstacles to bring the island into the 19th century. N/A"A Boy With Stories in his Pockets"TV PilotHalf HourMagical Realism DramedyA handicapped young man undergoing cancer treatment deals with his father's death by escaping to the imaginary fantasy kingdom of his youth, leaving his sister to move back to their tiny town and pick up the pieces of a fractured family. '18 CBS Mentorship Finalist.N/ALatinx. 871 Script Coordinator. Former professional oddjobber to stay afloat including all the usual artist gigs, plus class IV raft guide, high school motivational speaker, and professional wrestling manager. MaleHeterosexualLatinx, Caribbean, Caucasian
anya.meksin@gmail.comAnya Meksin6145899846New York Metro areahttps://www.anyameksin.com, MEKSIN is a writer/director who uses popular genre as a vehicle for social criticism. Her sci-fi script TAMINEX, which explores xenophobia through the lens of an urban pandemic, is a 2019 selection of Film Independent’s Screenwriters Lab, after having won the ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship and been a two-time selection of the IFP Project Forum.

Meksin was commissioned by Gidden Media to write THE ALGORITHM, a fight-the-system thriller that explores the use of data mining in predicting criminal activity. Her pilot script SEA CHANGE, a global sci-fi epic about climate change, was an official selection of NYTVF’s Script Competition.

Meksin’s short film BERATED WOMAN screened at over 20 international film festivals and was nationally broadcast on Canada’s Out TV and America’s Logo Network as part of “The Click List: Best in Short Film.” She was commissioned by the Open Society Institute to make BALKA, a documentary on the HIV epidemic in Eastern Europe, which has screened for 3 million viewers online. Her film THE PROFESSOR, starring Betsy Brandt from “Breaking Bad,” won Best Action/Adventure Short at Comic-Con International.

Born in the former Soviet Union, Meksin immigrated to Columbus, Ohio as an asylum-seeking refugee before receiving a B.A. in Literature from Yale University and an M.F.A. in Film Directing from Columbia University. Her Columbia thesis film TEMMA won an Alfred P. Sloan Production Grant as well as Faculty Selects before screening at the Museum of the Moving Image, the National Academy of Sciences, and festivals worldwide.
TV WriterWriter/Director of 4 award-winning shorts (TEMMA, THE PROFESSOR, BERATED WOMAN, COUCH) and a documentary (BALKA). Repped at Circle of Confusion by Lawrence Mattis. Grant recipient and/or fellow at Film Independent, IFP, Sloan Foundation, Open Society Institute, ScreenCraft, San Francisco Film Society.TAMINEXFeature115 pagesapocalyptic thrillerWhen a deadly pandemic plunges the city into an anti-immigrant panic, a young Iranian woman must go outside official channels and venture into the underbelly of a corrupt society to procure the only drug that can save her boyfriend’s life and her own—Taminex.Film Independent Screenwriting Lab, IFP Project Week, Screencraft Fellowship winner, SSFILM Rainin Grant current finalist;Tarot MysteriumTV Pilot60 pagesHistorical FantasyTo bring light into the dark ages, a young heroine must harness the ancient magic passed down to her in an enchanted Tarot deck. TAROT MYSTERIUM utilizes the themes, symbols, and characters of the 800-year-old Tarot to create an original story of a civilization torn apart by greed, fear, and hatred, and of a young heroine who must learn to integrate the opposing forces in her own nature in order to fulfill her destiny and heal a broken world.
n/aSea ChangeTV Pilot65 pagesApocalyptic Sci-fiSet in an immediate future that brings to life today’s scientific predictions of rising sea-levels and loss of coastlines, record-defying hurricanes and deadly heat waves, and refugee populations fighting for scarce resources, SEA CHANGE follows several interconnected storylines around the globe as individuals, families, communities, and nations try to adapt to a wildly shifting planet. From ordinary people struggling to survive in a world changing before their eyes to ruthless profiteers seeking to squeeze every last penny from a dying economic model—all must rise to the challenge of forging a new civilization or be swept away by the sea.Official Selection of the NYTVF Pilot Script CompetitionFluent speaker of Russian. Came to the U.S. as an asylum-seeking refugee. Professional Tarot card reader. FemaleBisexualMiddle Eastern, JewishMom
ARIMOSTOV@GMAIL.COMAri Mostov4152696195Greater Los Angeles area 3ShamelessTV Writer2014 - Manager of Development - Puddle Monkey Productions
2014 Associate Producer- Hell's Kitchen
2013 Fade In Awards - Short Script Winner for Tennessee Dinner.
2012 Jack Oakie Endowed Scholarship for excellence in comedy.
Epidemic Intelligence Service (E.I.S.)TV Pilot45 pagesHybrid Procedural2 parts scientist, 1 part g-men, Daara Jalili leads her team of pistol-whipping scientists into the "hot zones" of contagions. She and her team of Epidemic Intelligence Service agents are the boots on the ground disease detective responsible for preventing the next great pandemic. N/AFreakTV Pilot1/2 hourteen dramedyA teenage outcast navigates adolescence while dealing with her sex therapist parents. N/AThe LabTV Pilot1/2 hourWorkplace comedyA crew of research scientists must overcome the mundane obstacles of work life while on the quest to cure cancer. The Office x The Big Bang Theory.N/AMy dad is a professor of cell biology and my mom is a professor of religion and the two of them are practicing nudists. I'm still recovering.

Campus Rape Survivor - Activist. Most of my film work is in documentaries around sexual violence including Oscar nominated The Hunting Ground. I also have done my fair share of media/press coverage regarding student advocacy.

I gave a TEDx talk in 2015 on healthy relationships and consent.

When I was 8 months old my mom took me to be blessed by a Tibetan monk and he gave me a Tibetan name. My Tibetan name is Diki Pomo. It translates into Joyful Goddess.

FemaleBisexualJewishSurvivor Activist
arlenebogna@me.comArlene Bogna3238417464Greater Los Angeles area, Central Californiahttps://www.arlenebogna.com Generation American with a thing for survival stories. Cinephile who puts easter eggs into friggin' everything.Feature WriterTHE BALLAD OF SNAKE OIL SAM (Director and co-writer)

"When I spoke to Arlene Bogna, the director/creator, I was completely taken back by her passion and her inner nerd-dom (in a very good way). She's the type of director that will blow the roof off the industry and completely reshape the way independent filmmakers see the craft. Arlene tells the story like she wants to see it and, by God, that's the Indie Spirit."
- Justin Kincaid, Film Fervor

"Whoa Nellie" (Semi-Finalist)

“Amaryllis Bang! Bang!” (Second Rounder)

“Aging Out” (Second Rounder)

“Rustic” (Second Rounder)


"Don't Let the World Come In" (Quarter Finalist)

More endorsements and reviews are on my Press List Page:
Aging OutTV Pilot64DramaAmy, a Gen X career gal, decides to have a child and sets out to adopt Zoe, a rebellious foster teen who wants nothing more than to age out of the system. AUSTIN FILM FESTIVAL (Second Rounder)FuelFeature108Action ComedyTwo cops (Odd Couple) who are FEMALE (NOT Rush Hour) uncover a conspiracy (Chinatown) to sabotage a biofuel.
SCREENCRAFT COMEDY SCREENPLAY CONTEST (Quarter Finalist)Whoa NellieNew Media25ComedyWhen twenty-something Nellie finds out she only has a month to live, she goes on a binge of extreme living in order to make the countdown more bearable.
CINESTORY (Semi-Finalist)Fluent in Italian. And Polish. As a child, I summered behind the Iron Curtain. Studied film in the University of Bologna, Italy. Background in Fine Art, Photography, and Visual Effects. Commercial Directing experience. My mom survived a Siberian Death Camp, and my Dad survived as an orphan in Africa. Female
Ashia@post.Harvard.eduAshia Lance650.315.4465Northern California screenwriter and documentarian. Feature WriterUNDERDOGS (Documentary), about homeless dogs transformed into adoptable animals through the training efforts of prisoners. “Ashia reveals the inmates’ humanity through remarkably honest interviews.”
- Dorothy Fadiman, Oscar-nominated and Emmy-winning Documentarian.
Unnamed Lance ScriptFeature108Political ThrillerAn Erin Brockovich character takes on U.S. Elections.• Djerassi Program, Artist-in-Residence and Erik A. Takulan Memorial Endowed Writer's Fellowship.
• Center for Cultural Innovation, Travel Grant Recipient.
• Rocaberti Writer’s Retreat Fellowship (Barcelona) for novelization of screenplay.
• San Francisco Film Society/Kenneth Rainin Grant (social justice), Finalist. • Sundance/Sloan Lab Commissioning Grant and Fellowship (technology emphasis), Second Round.
• Cinequest Film Festival, Finalist.
Child TherapistFeature98High Concept/FamilyHow far would you go to keep your family together?Sundance Asian American Writer's Lab, Second Round • Writer's Boot Camp Fellowship • Partial Rocaberti Scholarship (France).Renaissance ApothecaryTV Pilot60Historical DramaThe illegitimate daughter of one of the most notorious Popes has healing powers.• Djerassi Winter Residency • Harvardwood Writers' Competition, Semifinalist.I'm a Harvard-educated School Psychologist and professional musician who lived on three continents in six countries and traveled to over twenty while growing up. This somewhat chaotic background drove me to use creativity and psychology to make sense of changing surroundings. FemaleAsianMom
ashleigh.nichols@gmail.comAshleigh Nichols3233504768Greater Los Angeles area
@lukduck (Twitter)
3Hi, I write both with my husband, and by myself. I write dramatic stories, very dark in tone about real life that make you uncomfortable. When I write with my husband, we write horror- comedy, so... wayyy less uncomfortable. We write stuff that has strong characters who make human choices and sometimes, we make you laugh. Feature WriterI have produced two feature films, The Last Lovecraft and The Historian. Both, indie, both found distribution. I also have written several shorts and web series that are online and in festivals currently. Summer of the ZombiesFeature95 pagesComedy- Horror, a Zomedy if you willA freshly turned zombie navigates the world of the undead. The short film has 6.3 million views on Youtube. Sticks and StonesFeature100 pagesDark ComedyA broth and sister go on a revenge road trip to avenge their dead brother, and because he made them. NAActive SeniorsTV Pilot30 minutes, single camComedy with supernatural tonesWhen Sisters, Marie and Sophia move into their retirement community, the men of the neighborhood start dying off in strange ways. NAI grew up in this industry sharing a wall with the writers. I was a LP and a PM. FemaleHeterosexualCaucasianMom
ashleyzazzarino@gmail.comAshley Zazzarino8482183167Greater Los Angeles area, New York Metro areahttp://www.ashleyzazzarino.com Zazzarino & Brian Pacek are a husband and wife writing team originally from New Jersey. Their writing combines heart and humor while focusing on dynamic and empowering female relationships.TV WriterOverall endorsements from Amy Sherman-Palladino & Daniel Palladino, Sheila Lawrence, and Breen FrazierDOUBLE DOWN THE LINETV PilotHalf HourComedyCaught in an epic financial pickle, two inseparable women and baseball diehards resort to operating a little league gambling ring.N/AHURRICANE MAETV PilotOne hourDramedyTwo sisters' lives are changed when one of them discovers she has the same degenerative disease that has disabled their father.N/AFLIP THE BIRDTV PilotHalf hourAdult animatedFed up with the futile life he is destined to live, a rebellious New York City pigeon will do whatever is necessary to gain the respect of the humans and animals that make his life so miserable.N/A
roughwriters@gmail.comaugusto Federico amador13104031435Greater Los Angeles area was born and raised in the Silicon Valley and is the son of
a Peruvian father music composer and Austrian mother culinary
chef. Recently, Mr. Amador was named as recipient of the prestigious
2019 Humanitas Prize New Voices Award in television writing. In
addition, his play, Atacama, was recently named by Steppenwolf
Theatre, in their list of notable new plays. His plays have been finalists
for the Princess Grace Fellowship, Terrence McNally Award, BBC
International Radio Playwriting Competition, runner-up for the National
Latino Playwriting Award from the Arizona Theater Company, listed on
50 Playwrights Project of Best Unproduced Latino Plays, Howlround’s
101 plays by the New American’s on Latinidad, four time semi-finalist for
the Eugene O’Neill Conference and many more. His play, The Book of
Leonidas, won best play at the Downtown Urban Arts Festival in
NYC. His fellowships include: Public Theater in NYC, The Humanitas
Prize in Los Angeles, Latino Theater Alliance/L.A. and Lincoln City
Fellowship in NYC. Mr. Amador’s plays have been produced across the
country including the Public Theater NYC, Cherry Lane Theatre NYC,
Firehouse Theater in VA, Wild Project NYC, Lark Developmental
Theatre, San Diego Rep, Arkansas Rep Theatre, Next Iteration Theater
in Houston,, Blank Theatre L.A. The Road Theater L.A., NC Black
Repertory Theater, Wake Forrest Univ., A Contemporary Theatre in
Seattle, Skylight Theater in L.A., Austin Latino New Play Festival and
others. His screenplay, RatCatcher, finished on the TOP 50 Nicholl
Fellowship Screenplays. Upcoming his play, Atacama, is receiving a full
production at the Full Circle Theatre in St. Paul, MN.
Feature WriterWinner of the 2019 Humanitas Prize New Voices Award. Nationally produced playwright.The Money ShotTV Pilotone hourdrama1992. An ambitious businesswoman’s dream of Silcon Valley’s first tech empire is thrown upside down after finding funding from the Ault Entertainment Industry.N/AGasLandTV PilotOne hourCrime drama.Tagline: Corruption is an infinite natural resource.
Logline: In the Texas border town of Rio Bravo City, a corrupt energy company, GasLand, hides the dark secret that it’s in business with a violent Mexican drug cartel.
N/ACubanaTV Pilotone hourCrime drama1950’s,Havana, Cuba. The underbelly of the city is a brew of high-stakes gambling, secret revolutionary plots, violent repression and American gangsterism. Reina, a popular drag queen and crime boss, schemes to stay a step ahead of her enemies while running Havana's most famous cabaret.N/AMaleHeterosexualLatinx
aurora.nibley@gmail.comAurora C Nibley8184264752Greater Los Angeles area - @auroranibley one pilot, two novelsAurora Nibley lives in Los Angeles with her partner and three cats.TV WriterNo Case Too WeirdTV Pilot60ppMonster of the WeekNo one makes a better monster hunter than a monster.N/APersistenceTV Pilot~60ppsurvival/apocalypse/westernEight years after a world-decimating plague, this small farming community works to maintain and possibly rebuild society.n/an/aNew Median/an/an/an/aLife long Los Angeleno and writer in love with speculative fiction. My novel A VISIT TO COTSWOLD FARM, about a theme park tour gone wrong, is currently being shopped to publishers.FemaleBisexualn/aCaucasianchildless in my 30s!
autumngpalen@gmail.comAutumn Palen7605768668Greater Los Angeles area Film Production graduate, enthusiastic writer-producer of short films, and an arsenal of pilots and shorts raring to go.TV WriterMy credits currently reside in the short-narrative and commercial domain, but I have written content for JC Penney, Turner Classic Movies, and the European Independent Film Festival.In HaleTV Pilot34 pagesDramedyA family man finds his life opened up at the onset of severe glaucoma, and subsequent obtaining of DEA-confiscated marijuana. His newfound rebellion creates a connection between himself and his daughter, as it drives a wedge in his marriage, as his wife is allergic to cannabis.N/AThrouplingTV Pilot22 pagesComedyThree twenty-somethings are dumped on the same day, each for their own particular shortcomings. They meet-cute in an intertwining fashion, and pursue a polyamorous relationship.N/AThe Mosquito King and INew Media18 pagesComedy-MusicalA young woman, plagued by mosquito bites, writes a strongly worded letter to the Mosquito King and delivers it to him in a fit of rage. Against all odds, the two fall in love at first sight, and when tragedy strikes, she finds it hard to carry on.N/AI am fluent in French. I have taught English abroad in Paris to ages 4-22 (as well as English in Los Angeles to International Master's Students). I have also volunteered on farms in Lille and Toulouse and in a hostel in the capital of Transylvania, and have been an artist-in-residence in Lisbon and Porto for photography and videography. My parents met as stand-up comics in the 90s at the La Jolla Comedy Store. Prior to meeting one another, my mom was an exotic dancer (under the name Velvet) and my dad was a college football player (Linebacker for the USC Trojans). FemaleBisexualCaucasian
aw1838@nyu.eduAvishai WeinbergerNew York Metro areaTwitter: @avishaiw3I’m a New York based Modern Orthodox Jewish screenwriter with a penchant for horror. I’m drawn to stories about flawed people making bad choices for relatable reasons and becoming the monster of their story in one way or another. Feature WriterMy short film THIRD DATE is available to watch on Alter (, and my screenplay DRIFT OFF, which was acquired by a company willing to co-produce it, won second place at the Cinestory Fellowship.DRIFT OFFFeature117 pagesSci-fi, horrorWhen the crew of a space station loses contact with Earth, their distraught captain makes contact with something else.The script won second place at the Cinestory Fellowship in 2018. It’s been acquired by Boulderlight Pictures, who are eagerly looking for co-producers.WOLFSBANEFeature110 pages Sci-fi thriller Five years after everyone on Earth was turned into a werewolf, one man finds reason to believe there is a cure, and will do anything in his power to acquire it before the next full moon. PAGE Awards Finalist, Cinestory Fellowship Semifinalist, Shriekfest FinalistTHIRD DATEFeature110 pagesHorrorWhen Jordana learns that her new boyfriend must feed her to a demon in order to survive, she chooses to cut off parts of herself to keep him, and their relationship, alive.This is based on my short film, available on Alter ( My intention is to direct it myself with my original two leads. I have a significant portion of the funds and am seeking the rest.I’m an Ashkenazi Jew who observes kosher, the sabbath, and other laws of Halacha. I studied film in Israel for a year before enrolling at NYU and I’m quasi-fluent in Hebrew.MaleHeterosexualJewish
jasondirector@me.comAyla Harrison & Jason Director9173041997Greater Los Angeles area
3Ayla Harrison grew up in the backwoods of Tallahassee, Florida, and her life was a series of near-death experiences from the moment she was born. A rare retinal disease caused her to spend three months in an ICU, and she lost more than half her vision before age one. Daughter to a disability rights activist father and a mother of Cherokee-Choctaw heritage, Ayla was a plain girl with a bad ten-dollar haircut. An easy target for bullies, she was once forced to eat a bug. Undeterred, Ayla spent summers learning to hunt deer. Expected to study medicine in college, Ayla chose to pursue theatre. After college she re-located to Washington DC where she taught inner-city youth a class on hip-hop and Shakespeare. She experienced a DC ER first-hand due to stopping a student fight—a chair was thrown across the room. Ready for a new challenge, Ayla moved to LA when she was accepted into UCLA’s MFA playwriting program. But eighty miles outside the city, she flipped her Corolla. A barbed wire fence saved her life. Later, as a college professor, she survived going completely blind, stalking, and gun violence. As a result, Ayla tries to make every minute count. TV WriterMY DEAD EX -- Co-creator, adaptation, writer
Ben Blacker -- "DRAMA SHOWRUNNERS: I cannot believe @aylaharrison & @fromet_the_brog aren't already the darlings of the @MrRPMurphy camp. THAT WOMAN, about the Clinton scandal from Monica's POV, is smart, engaging, funny, and empathetic."
Javier Grillo-Marxuach -- "I have been a big booster of @fromet_the_brog and @aylaharrison for many years. I have even developed with them."
@LizAlps Solidary Challenge Grid for THAT WOMAN
2019 Disney-ABC Fellowship Finalist
That WomanTV Pilot55 pagesDramaA snapshot bio about the Clinton / Lewinsky scandal from Monica's POV.n/aNextTV Pilot34Dark comedyAfter the patriarch of a working-class family dies from a rare form of cancer, his family splits the largest payout in history, making each of them multi-millionaires overnight. n/aThe ClinicTV Pilot32Dark comedyA workplace traum-com about a women’s health clinic in Portland and the people who work there, lead by head surgeon Dr. Jodi Rayborn.n/aAyla -- college professor, Tallahassee native, spent summers hunting in Oklahoma
Jason -- maitre’d for an underground gambling ring where he witnessed a myriad of white-collar crimes, cancer survivor
FemaleHeterosexualVisual Impairment (complete or partial)American Native Tribes
bnafei@gmail.comBAINDU N. SAIDU3108934526Greater Los Angeles area B_is_Beauty ; LinkedIn:
Writing Partner: Twitter: CourtneyPerdue1 ; Instagram: CourtPerdue ; LinkedIn:
4Baindu Saidu (B) and Courtney Perdue are writers from the East Coast. B (a girl!) is from Philly (via Sierra Leone) while Courtney (a guy!) hails from Maryland, no place specific enough to mention. They first met while earning their MA’s from Syracuse University’s Newhouse School. The duo was recently staffed on the upcoming BET/Will Packer Productions ensemble comedy series, BIGGER. In 2018 they were finalists in the inaugural “Script to Screen” contest launched by BET and Issa Rae’s ColorCreative, landing a blind script deal as a result. Affectionately nicknamed “Sass and Shade” for their snarky one-liners and tell it like it is personalities…but in a good way, they are avid consumers of pop culture with voracious appetites for everything TV, film, and beyond. Growing up in their respective families (quirky Africans—B; bold, independent women—Courtney) has prepared them for anything: comedy, drama, tragedy, horror—you name it! Prior to becoming Staff Writers, Courtney was the Writers’ Assistant on LEGACIES (The CW) and THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE (Netflix), while B was the Executive Assistant to Gaye Hirsch, EVP of Development at The CW, and a Writers’ PA on AMERICAN GOTHIC (CBS). TV WriterPart of a writing team. We were recently staffed on an upcoming 1/2 hr comedy series titled BIGGER (BET/Will Packer Media). Wrote a script for the upcoming premiere season (episode #107).COLOREDTV Pilot1/2 hourComedyA raucous comedy, think BROAD CITY with a hint of EMPIRE, about an African- American "Hip-Pop" duo (yes, POP) consisting of caramel-complected sarcastic dreamer, Cory, and chocolate Casanova, Carter, whose bold monochromatic styles are only outmatched by their even bolder personalities as they perform under the stage name of "COLORED". We follow their (mis)adventures in New York City as they follow their dreams and try to break into the music industry while balancing their artistic truths, personal drama, and nearly empty bank accounts.Script helped get us our first staff writing gig. AFRICAN-AMERICATV Pilot1/2 hour ComedyA comedy in the vein of BLACK-ISH meets INSECURE which revolves around a young woman, Bintu, as she juggles her liberal American tendencies with her ultra conservative and religious African parents’ constant judgement and expectations, all while trying to forge her own unique path in life and love.Script helped get us into the finals of the Script to Screen writing competition with BBET/Color Creative. Received a blind script deal at BET as a result. THE HANGING TREE: TV Pilot1 Hour Drama/Horror/Supernatural A supernatural horror drama about a blended Japanese/African- American family. After telling his wife, Cree, for years that he's estranged from his family, Terry Yoshida is forced to follow her and their two kids to Japan when she takes things into her own hands in an attempt to learn the truth. Unbeknownst to Cree, their arrival in Japan reignites an ancient curse that was placed on the family years ago and, as a result, throws all of their lives into jeopardy.n/aI am an African-American writer (Literally. I was born in Sierra Leone, West Africa and became a U.S. citizen 2 years ago, though I'd been a legal resident for 2 decades prior). I am a female and my writing partner is an African-American male that's a part of the LGBTQ community. We both hail from the East Coast and grew up in melting pot communities which infused a broad range of diversity in our writing. As TV/Film/Culture consumers, we both have voracious appetites which influence our boundless goals in writing--we don't want to be pigeonholed in any 1 genre of writing. Whether it's comedy, drama, dramedy, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and beyond we are exploring all of those categories in our different materials through bold characters and writing with the goal of giving broader definition of what it means to be black (ethic in general), queer, an immigrant, etc. while placed in an engaging setting with poignant stories. At the core of our writing we aim to broaden horizons while simultaneously entertaining.FemaleHeterosexualAfrican, African American, Black
barrettstokes@gmail.comBarrett Stokes3145661972Midwest U.S. on Twitter and of Columbia College Chicago (BA Film). Lived and worked in film/television production in Chicago and LA for 10 years. Have been screenwriting for almost 20 years with one original spec, Zombrero, optioned by producers last year.Feature WriterA web series on Amazon Video I co-wrote and delveloped can be seen here: pagesWestern / HorrorThe blood splattered tale of a ragged group of strangers, forced to face off against hordes of the undead in the untamed frontier. Can they put their personal demons aside long enough to survive the apocalypse? N/ABad BloodFeature96 pagesHorrorA group of college friends, on their last spring together, find themselves the targets of a demented butcher out for blood. But rather than get picked off one by one, they decide to bring the fight to him! Who will survive the blood bath that ensues? N/AMr. CoffeeTV Pilot30 pagesComedyWhen a down on his luck coffee salesman finds himself mistaken for a screenwriter, he thinks fortune may finally be shining upon him. But navigating the treacherous waters of Hollywood's power players proves more difficult than serving up the perfect cup of joe. N/AI've worked at nearly every level of the production ladder and know how to write to budget, shoot days, and talent schedules.MaleHeterosexualCaucasian
ben.a.crane@gmail.comBen Crane3109262317Greater Los Angeles area @BenACrane5Consumer of genre media. Petter of dogs. Overthinker of everything. I write stories about the stories we tell about ourselves.Feature WriterWrote SyFy original film DARK HAUL. Endorsed by Mace Neufeld.SCRAMBLEFeature114 pgsLight Crime ThrillerWhen a Faberge Egg is discovered in a storage facility in Omaha, a confidence man unleashes chaos in the heartland's underbelly.N/AThe HunterFeature117 pgsHistorical FantasyA knight dangerously obsessed with slaying a dragon sweeps a small town into his deadly quest in this deconstruction of the original archetypal hero.Colin Theys ( to directThe Dashing Adventures of the Waistcoat GunsmenTV Pilot60 pgsWesternA team of mercenaries--and the stars of a series of dime store novels--is drawn into a proxy war for control of the unclaimed territories of the American West.MaleCaucasian, Jewish
arowrath@gmail.comBen Johnson2055420463South U.S. grew up in a low income household, forcing him to pay his way through film school completely out of pocket. He brings this work ethic to his writing. Specializes in anything genre (sci-fi, fantasy, horror, etc.).Feature WriterBlackpill Feature103 pgsHorror/ThrillerWhen a young woman is kidnapped by a group of incels, she must find a way to outwit her captors and escape.N/AJerichoFeature91Action/ThrillerIn order to gain his freedom, a former soldier must extract a convict from Jericho, a prison made up of miles of walled-in wilderness where inmates roam free and attempt to survive. N/AMars 7 Feature100 pgsSci-fi/ActionIn this futuristic retelling of The Magnificent 7 a small mining colony is attacked by space pirates, prompting seven brave warriors to step in to defend the colony, or die trying. N/AMaleHeterosexualCaucasian
badams355@gmail.comBenjamin AdamsGreater Los Angeles area@benadamsfc3Screenwriter of family movies, author of MG books, and cake enthusiast of all kinds.Feature WriterThe LycanthropeFeature103 PagesFamily Comedy/HorrorAn art student at The University of Nebraska takes a job as a security guard but stumbles upon a violent cult bent on bringing paintings alive to harness an ancient power. She must face her inner demons by traveling between realities to stop them.N/ASantorini CakesFeature102 PagesFamily Comedy/RoadtripA high school baker comes up with a one-of-a-kind cake only to find that a big corporation stole his recipe. He then goes on a road trip with his grandma to steal it back.N/ALuis and The Blue LeavesFeature108 PagesFamily Comedy/AnimatedAfter wild predators threaten his habitat, a timid capybara is called upon to embrace his newfound supernatural abilities and protect a grove of magical blue leaves from the invading creatures. Finalist Omaha Film Fest, Finalist Nashville Pitch Fest, Quarter Finalist Screencraft Fellowship.
treeslikemedia@gmail.comBenjamin Christopher2629932099Greater Los Angeles area CHRISTOPHER is a writer living and working in Los Angeles, CA. Ben has been building worlds and spinning up original mythologies since he was a child playing with Ninja Turtles action figures in the bathtub. He studied Screenwriting and Fiction Writing at Columbia College Chicago and Showrunning at UCLA. His writing style seamlessly blends laugh-out-loud dialog, earnest human emotion, and intricate, action-packed storylines to make for consistently entertaining reads. His most recent pilot Tenth Street won the 2019 BlueCat Screenplay Competition.TV Writer"A comedic voice which is crisp, contemporary, and effortlessly fresh."
-The Black List
Tenth StreetTV Pilot61 pagesAdventure / SciFi / ComedyEvery 200 years, all living residents of Angel City vanish without a trace. It's about to happen again, and the only person who can stop it is a hapless loser who's the last living descendant of the town's protectors.Winner of 2019 BlueCat Screenplay Contest for Best Hour Pilot
The Black List writes:
"Ready for serious consideration as a series."
"A comedic voice which is crisp, contemporary, and effortlessly fresh."
"It succeeds on every level.”
Good Times with Aaron DaviesFeature121DramedyAfter his long-time girlfriend leaves him and his estranged father dies suddenly, 34 year old Aaron Davies turns to a psychiatrist for help. The doctor prescribes an experimental new drug to help with his anxiety, but when Aaron takes the drug, he collapses at his father's funeral, only to wake up as his 16 year old self in the year 2001. His Dad's still alive, his future girlfriend has never even met him, and his gay best friend is still in the closet. Aaron struggles to reverse what is happening to him, all the while contending with the absurd realities of high school, dial-up internet, and his strained relationship with his father. N/ARed FlagsTV PilotHourMystery / DramedyDevastated by the disappearance of his girlfriend, thirty-something Sam Eldred will stop at nothing to find her. Glaring red flags he once overlooked are now crucial clues, leading him on a dark and dangerous quest. He quickly finds himself in over his head, at odds with a powerful Colombian drug lord who may know the whereabouts of Sam's girlfriend.N/ASongwriter, Web Developer
bernardleak@gmail.comBernard Leak336-937-4395Greater Los Angeles areabparkerwrites7Queer black male writer who utilizes his career as a therapist to build active characters, dynamic conflict, and memorable dialogue.TV WriterCompleted Spec for Production Company in LA, NDA still in playCliqueTV Pilot36 pagesComedy (Adult)Four black millennial's pledge allegiance to their clique as they look for Mr. Right now in a rigid southern culture that condemns everything they are: queer, fluid, and progressiveN/ABrothers?TV Pilot32 pagesComedy (Network/Streaming)Long-lost brothers Lamar and Jordan meet each other for the first time in their lives and begin a journey of friendship and connection with help from their female companions, Mya and Penelope.N/AWoah Baby!TV Pilot33 pagesComedy A Midwestern misfit finds herself in a strange place after a one-night stand with a gay guy forces her to make a life changing decisionN/AMarriage and Family Therapist, HR Professional- a lot of people experience which helps build characters, dialogue, and arcs. MaleHomosexualAfrican American
bettysulli@gmail.comBetty Sullivan323.422.4057Greater Los Angeles area, Mid-Atlantic U.S., I live between Washington DC area and Sherman Oaks, CAhttps://haveachat.com - Twitter; bettysulli-Insta, five pilots and three featuresTook eight years with lots of stellar mentors to become a quality contest winning writer. Paid for features, salivate for episodic work. Focus on strong female characters in dramas, action/thriller, romantic comedies, and true story adaptations. Mother of seven in a diverse blended family. Manager - Chris DeckardTV Writersee IMDB features but EP Endgame; Writer, Director's asst. Farmer and the Belle pilot; Table Manners shot not sold but semi-finalist for digital series at Austin FF; Community Service optioned. WGA references - Zach Ayers, Tawnya Bhattacharya, John Shepard New Republic, Sophia Dilley Concord Group. Winners CWA, Richmond FF, Athena List, Top Ten Final Draft Big Break, Launch Pad, etcFREELANCERSTV Pilot62One hour drama thriller anthologySPOTLIGHT meets AMERICAN CRIME When a polylingual media intern talks her way into an assignment at a Greek refugee camp with the star reporter, they butt heads, and she loses three refugees to human traffickers. She forms a specialized team of millennial story hunters to track them down. Launch Pad 100 Honorable Mention, Top Ten WAN, LATVFF, Stage 32 Happy Writers Top TenTHE REGENTSTV Pilot59One hour serialized British drama SHERLOCK HOLMES meets SKINSIn 1811 when the young Lord Byron returns from his trip to the continent he's forced to join a polite society but instead hooks up with Percy and Mary Wollenstonecraft (later known as Shelley). Their whoring, treasonous writing and resistance to convention scandalize England exacting dire consequences.Two dashing young Brit actors with their female straight man (ala a female Jason Bateman). My favorite and most fun script. I nicknamed The Brit Pack Starz Haven't put in contest circuit. All based on true events.BOURBON COUNTYTV Pilot59One hour serialized drama EVERGREEN meets JUSTIFIEDWhen her nephew and partner dies, a pious Kentucky matriarch in the elite world of bourbon becomes the first ever woman distillery owner. Before the male owners squeeze her out, she pushes her daughter aside and elicits the help of her two sons, a preacher and a wounded vet to join her to keep the business afloat, and the family's infighting begins.Richmond Film Festival Finalist, CWA FinalistDaughter of a genius inventor with 52 patents who was bi-polar, lived in low-income housing with Mom of 5, hairdresser, interior designer, patent licensing telecommunications and auto-driving cars, invention, world travel, worked in orphanages in Mexico, mother of seven in a diverse family (2 natural), foster mother, an anglophile, Greek, own and built a mid-sized company with 100 employees Architectural Ceramics, extreme tenacity.FemaleHeterosexualCaucasianOver 50, Mom
blakeritchen@gmail.comBlake Ritchen303-898-0651Southwest U.S.Twitter: @KitchenWithAnR5I'm a cheerful guy who writes mostly family pilots and features. My wife and I own a loving dog and a fat cat and we spend most of our nights watching movies covered by the How Did This Get Made podcast. TV WriterI WitnessTV PilotHalf HourAnimation, Educational, FamilyIt's like the Magic School Bus but for history. A middle school teacher, aided by magic, time travels with her students to teach them about American History. N/AKnight SchoolTV PilotHalf HourFamily, Coming of age, comedyLily is a typical high school student dealing with the ups and down of life...
in the Middle Ages.
NADog StarFeature94 PagesFamily, Western, Animation, AdventureWhen the West is threatened by the approaching railroad, it's up to Dog Star, an adventurous prairie dog, to unite the animals of the Black Hills and fight to defend their homes. 2016 Austin Film Festival Semi FinalistI'm a pretty ordinary straight white guy, but I want to tell stories about the extraordinary young women who shaped this country. I was a history major and substitute teacher, and while I decided teaching in the classroom wasn't for me, I still want to tell stories about American History. I'm also easy to get along with. MaleHeterosexualCaucasianEarly 30s
boaz.dror@gmail.comBoaz David Dror19179719574Greater Los Angeles areahttp://boazdror.com graduate of the University of Texas Film program, Boaz supplemented his formal education with a gig working as a video clerk. After graduation he wrote ADR scripts for anime giant ADV films, forcing English into Japanese mouth-flaps on shows such as “Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok,” “UFO Princess Valkyrie” and “Shadow Skill.” After nearly a decade in commercial film production, he wrote, directed and co-produced his first feature, “The Holy Deuce,” which led to gigs writing gangster flicks for Bollywood and sketch comedy for Second City’s TMI Hollywood. Boaz is currently writing a comic book called “Night of the Mullets” and the animated TV series “Ark City Jazz,” now in development at CBS Productions. TV WriterSpencer Berman at ACE productions, Jack Black at Electric Dynamite, Donick Cary at Sugarshack, Steve Foster formerly of Adaptive Studios, Katie Krentz at 219 Productions, Alec Botnick at CBS.Guns in WonderlandTV Pilot35 pagesAnimationTwisting the mythology of Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland,” GIW tells the story of Jack of Hearts, once a soldier in his mother’s card-army, now living among humans as a political dissident, searching for inner peace. After a CIA-backed coup topples his mother’s regime, Jack must join a cast of familiar faces and return to his kingdom to reclaim the throne... all while avoiding being killed by unfriendly forces on the human side of the looking glass.N/AWarriorwoodTV Pilot40pgsLive Action Comedy/FantasyIn a medieval version of Hollywood, a rag-tag group of swordsmen and women compete to be cast in adventures recorded in "epic scrolls," the popular media of the day, but repeatedly find their quest for stardom thwarted by agents, guilds, artisans and warriors much more Alpha than they are.N/AFurnichangerzTV Pilot35pgsSci-Fi Action ComedyThe ShifterMorpherz have abandoned Earth, marking the end of the vaunted “Robot Age.” But a few stragglers remain: the lowly Furnichangerz, stuck on "sleep mode" in living rooms across the country. Now it's up to a brave 17 yr. old named Meiko to set out in search of their leader, Ottoman Prime, to decipher what led to the exodus of their more competent brethren and confront the nefarious powers wishing to exploit their absence.N/AN/AMaleHeterosexualMiddle Eastern, Jewish
blgross547@gmail.comBonnie Gross6109526395Greater Los Angeles area native, Alabama grad, LA transplant. UCLA Professional Program in TV comedy writing. Currently an associate producer at Encore a Hollywood. TV WriterLady PartsTV PilotHalf hourDramedyPaige never thought her struggle with female health and sexuality would become the center of her investigative journalism stories.Finalist at the LA International Screenplay Competition The Senior ProjectTV PilotHalf hour ComedyHigh school students, Jamie and Hope, both want to become the next Steven Spielberg, but their competitions with each other over a school project at a local senior home may ruin both their chances.N/AThe Golden AgesTV PilotHalf hourComedy After getting denied from every apartment complex in LA, Betty and Jenny disguise themselves as senior citizens to live at the Golden Age senior home to live out their Hollywood dreams.N/AMy first job was data entry for plumbing parts, which made me realize I had to do anything other than the family business. Grew up in Philadelphia, but went to the University of Alabama for my undergrad and now I am a huge Alabama football fan. Studied abroad in Limerick, Ireland for 6 months. Then bought a one way ticket to LA with no job or place to live. I’ve been to 26 countries. I’m a coffee snob. Now I’ve been working in post production for two years. Currently an associate producer at Encore Hollywood.FemaleHeterosexualCaucasian, Jewish25
bradkayl@gmail.comBradley Kayl818-915-4106Greater Los Angeles area has written for Marvel Comics, Disney Kingdom Come Comics, Humanoids Press, Chaos Comics, Oni Press, and his own company Archangel Studios. The Red Star, which he co-wrote, garnered 4 Eisner Industry Award Noms. He has since published Coins, a novel, and has written several screenplays and teleplays that are dying for a home. I'm getting confused. I (let's stick with I) have never missed a deadline. I'm Brad Kayl and I approve of this message.TV WriterCoins, The Five Hammers of the Void -- Jason Reed Ventures (Novel)
The Red Star -- Archangel Studios (Graphic Novel)
The Gash -- Brick Moon Fiction (Short Story Anthology)
Red and Blue -- Brick Moon Fiction (Short Story Anthology)
Buddha Master and Angst Man -- Oni Press (Comics Anthology)
Desideratum -- Humanoids Press (Comics)
Lady Death Reimagined -- Chaos Comics (Comics)
Jean Grey -- Marvel Studios (Comics)
Experiment 33TV Pilot60 pagesSci-Fi/AdventureA professor of astrophysics, long criticized for his belief in aliens, finds an artifact proving that they exist only to discover that it's counting down to the annihilation of the Earth, unless he can stop it first. N/ADemon Force 5TV Pilot60 pagesSci-Fi/AdventureAn underappreciated team of supernatural exterminators faces off against a demonic invasion to stop yet another apocalypse the world has never seen (because of them, of course–a “thank you DF5” would be nice. Sheesh!)N/ARoom 108Feature121Bio/True Story/Drug CartelA hard boiled journalist meets in a motel room and interviews a drug cartel assassin on the run about his journey from impoverished youth to hardened killer and torturer for the Juarez drug cartel. Based on a true story.Background in engineering and degree in biology -- I find that this science background makes me ideal for writing sci-fi fantasy as it helps keep the stuff I write grounded and believable while being influenced by the vastness of the natural world's innate strangeness. MaleHeterosexualCaucasian
bmcarbaugh@gmail.comBrandon Carbaugh717-329-1220East Coast U.S. on twitter1Brandon Carbaugh is a writer and narrative designer working in the game industry, seeking representation to branch out into TV work. Strengths include comedy, action/adventure, and punchy worldbuilding that won't put people to sleep.TV WriterStaff writer at Pixelberry Studios, on "Choices: Stories You Play", a story app with weekly content drops. Writing credits on multiple shipped titles including "The Crown & The Flame", "It Lives in the Woods", and "It Lives Beneath", as well as supplemental work on many others.

The following is a LinkedIn endorsement from Jennifer Brandes-Hepler, a 20-year game industry veteran with credits on titles like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and more:

"Brandon came on to pinch hit for edits, peer review and some writing at the end of A Courtesan of Rome, and immediately became my go-to person when I needed someone to do a fast, thorough and excellent job. He had incredible enthusiasm for the project, and provided some very insightful analysis and helpful ways to reframe and improve problem scenes. He is an extremely talented writer and would be at the top of my "would poach" list if I were hiring a new team."
Dino LandTV Pilot36 pages w/ cold open and tagComedyAt an aging dinosaur theme park, employees Keisha, June, and Emilio fight to form a union, with help from Aubrey, an adorkable UN inspector who is also the park's biggest fan. A breezy, high-concept workplace comedy with a budget-conscious script, and a vibe similar to "The Good Place" or "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"."Best Short Comedy Screenplay (Nomination)"
Austin Comedy Short Film Festival
Gossamer AxeTV Pilot63 pagesFantasy/DramaBased on the Lambda-award-winning novel by the same title, "Gossamer Axe" is a gay fantasy rock opera that tells the story of Christa, a sixth-century Irish harpist locked in a centuries-long musical battle with the fairy bard who holds her lover captive. Now an eccentric harp teacher in modern-day Denver, Christa befriends a washed-up guitarist, Kevin, and sets out to master a new secret weapon: the face-melting power of heavy metal!

(NOTE: Series pilot written under an option agreement that has since lapsed. Script is not produceable; available only as a writing sample.)
n/an/aTV Pilotn/an/an/an/aI've been earning a full-time living as a writer, in some capacity or another, since 2014 -- first in publishing, then in marketing, and now in the game industry. I work in an active writer's room five days a week (albeit in a different medium), and have done so for over two years, on multiple seasons of multiple series, from concept to completion.

I'm as straight/cis/white/male as they come, and do my best to be cognizant of that in all things. I absolutely rely on diversity in the writer's room to do my best work (and having been lucky enough to experience that, I would not be interested in joining one that lacks it). Outside of work, I try to do my part to smash the patriarchy by volunteering for organizations like Planned Parenthood and TechGirlz.
MaleHeterosexualADHD, for which I am medicated. (I would not consider myself significantly marginalized by it, but it does give me experience writing about it. Yknow, if you happen to be staffing for a show about a writer named Brandon with ADHD.)Caucasian
brandon@brandondemchak.comBrandon Demchak8052668037Greater Los Angeles areahttps://www.brandondemchak.com for Instagram and Twitter2I'm a veteran of the United States Army and Loyola Marymount University Screenwriting student. I am also an alumni of the WGA Veterans Writing Program. I really can't decideFirecracker (Post Production) Writer/Director, Work for Hire Treatment Writer. Rent BoyFeature110 PagesActionWhen an apathetic male prostitute, who instead of having sex with his clients gets paid to be beat up by them because he can’t feel pain, develops a bond with a helpless eight-year-old Russian girl who is tied to a human trafficking ring, he must take out half the Russian Mafia before a ship filled with child slaves leaves for Serbia.N/ASwaggerTV Pilot59 pagesDramaIn 1953 New York City, a down-and-out European Immigrant and his underdog group of friends dedicate their youth to a revolutionary new business idea: America’s first Gentleman’s Magazine.N/AFirecrackerNew Media19 PagesDramaAn alcoholic veteran struggling with PTSD faces a veterans most dreaded day of the year: The 4th of July. Produced Short currently in post-productionI was an infantry Paratrooper in the United States Army's 82nd Airborne Division with combat tours to Iraq and Haiti. MaleHeterosexualPhysical Disability, Acquired brain injury, Mental health conditionCaucasianCurrently enrolled student
brmorganstein@gmail.comBrandon Morganstein213-248-5708Greater Los Angeles area across platforms9Brandon Morganstein is a writer and comedian born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and publicly denies growing up outside the city in New Jersey. Since moving to LA, Brandon has studied sketch at the Upright Citizens Brigade and has had scripts place in writing competitions including Screencraft's Pilot Launch Contest. Even though Brandon has been in LA for some time now, Philly still runs through his veins, mostly because he fell on a needle there once.TV WriterBreaking InTV Pilot35 PagesComedyTwo broke buds scheme to get back at the neighborhood stickup artist by robbing him, spiraling them into a world of cons and chaos.Quarterfinalist in Screencraft's Pilot Launch CompetitionBuying HappinessTV Pilot33 PagesComedyA clinically depressed man inherits over a billion dollars, then sets out with his friends to answer the age-old question: Can money buy happiness? N/ASwallowedTV Pilot36 PagesComedyAn ensemble comedy that takes you deeper behind the scenes of adult entertainment and the lives of those within it, where hand jobs and blow jobs are the least interesting parts of the job.N/AI grew up just outside of and lived in Philadelphia where I held a number of jobs including shooting MMA cage/ringside, working at a Comedy Club, a supermarket, movie theater, and many more.MaleHeterosexualJewish
brian.golden@gmail.comBrian Golden312-806-6577Greater Los Angeles area am a midwest born, LA-based writer. I've been a pro poker player, magazine writer, teacher, theatre producer, political ghostwriter and military instructor. I've been detained in airport security in Ethiopia and kicked out of a casino in Peoria. I write about families, defiant women, and the effects of history and politics on "ordinary people". The small story that tells the big story – that’s my jam.TV WriterShowrunner's Assistant -- FALSE PROFITS (ABC). Several plays professionally produced in LA, Chicago, NY, St. Louis, Philadelphia and RussiaPIPELINETV Pilot1-hourfamily drama, political dramaThree immigrant siblings in the drought-stricken Central Valley find themselves on opposite sides of the law after the introduction of a controversial public works project. N/ATHE BANGTV Pilot1-hourdramaAn army combat medic, struggling with domestic life and motherhood, turns to a life of crime as a last ditch effort to cope with her crippling PTSD.TV Black List -- Top 15 Unstaffed Writers, 2nd Place -- PAGE Awards, several other finalist and semifinalist selectionsSHITTY HALLTV Pilothalf hourdramedy, political satireA jaded small-town barista is made Mayor of her crumbling Iowa town due to a paperwork error, and becomes the only thing standing between it and devastation.N/AI didn't come to TV the traditional way. I've been a newspaper writer, a magazine writer, a pro poker player, a teacher for the military. I've traveled to all 50 states and 13 countries. I've been a theatre producer -- so I get budgets and that. I've had several plays produced -- so I get notes, and the process, and collaboration. I've taught and written about gender bias, sexual harassment and hate speech -- so I'm very aware of these issues in the workplace and interested in writing that has a thing or two to say about them. I'm a proud born Iowan, and spent my whole life in the midwest until last year. I've lived a life. MaleHeterosexualDad
Noahkey@gmail.comBrian James O'Connell13238393969Greater Los Angeles areahttps://www.itsboc.com @b3oc5Brian James O’Connell is a working actor, writer, director, filmmaker and teacher in Los Angeles.

BOC (as his friends call him) is a member of the comedy powerhouse, Dr. God. He is one of the Founders of The Pack Theater and currently teaches as part of the Core Improv Faculty.

His 3rd Feature as a director was BLOODSUCKING BASTARDS, the Opening Night Premiere of Slamdance
Feature WriterHELL DEN (animated tv sketch series): Man With The CandyFeature116 pagesHorror/Thriller/Serial Killer biopicIn Houston of the early 1970s, Dean Corll became the most prolific serial killer in American History. But he wasn't alone.N/ABLOWERSTV Pilot29 pagesOffice ComedyIt's the days and nights in the wild & out of control independent Pacific Basketball League of Southern California and no one parties harder than....the refs?

While the league office attempts to keep the lights on, a trust fund kid who got in too deep with the wrong people is now one of the on court officials. Can he resist the temptation to fix the games or will his secret be found out before the final whistle?
Talent Attached: Dr. GodPULLING TEETHTV Pilot58 pagesDark multicam comedyA dentist moves to a small Midwestern town to hide out but all the wacky townsfolk are too self-absorbed to notice that he's a serial killer. NEWHART meets DEXTER.N/AGrew up in High Point, North Carolina, the Furniture Capital of The World. I came of age in pool halls, blues clubs and honky tonks. I ended up running a lot of same said places when I was older.

My father is my hero. He was in a car accident in 1978 and has walked on straight armed crutches for as long as I can remember. My mother worked in the ER at night for 6 years to put him through college while I was a toddler.

I'm well known for my memory & mimicry; a blessing and a curse, I possess a vast knowledge of random historical/film/music/pop culture minutiae and if I've met you for longer than 10 minutes, I can do an impression of you. ;)
briankemmwriter@gmail.comBrian KemmGreater Los Angeles area (Twitter), @Brian505 (Instagram)8LGBT, grew up in New Mexico, went to school in England, genre geek, TrekkieTV WriterA working director at the CW would give a strong recommendation for me (ask for name)Crescent HeightsTV Pilot36 PagesDark ComedyThe young tenants of a Hollywood apartment complex go to extreme measures to cover up the death of their beloved elderly landlady in order to preserve their cheap rent.Yes (Please ask for attachments)SmokeTV Pilot55 PagesDrama / AdventureA group of intelligence operatives chase down international adversaries. But there's a twist: each operative is a defector from their home country, good guys hunted by their governments. A modern and diverse subversion of the 1960's MISSION: IMPOSSIBLEN/A5th AvenueTV Pilot55 PagesDrama/ TeenAs a pop musician slides into irrelevance, his record label holds auditions to replace him, which changes the lives of five unlikely boys fighting to be signed. The series chronicles the formation and meteoric rise of a boy band, and the toxic side of fame.N/AI grew up in Tennessee and New Mexico, and lived in England for a few years. My Dad passed away from alcoholism. My parents were both airline employees. I had a back injury that incapacitated me for two years, leading to a surgery and continuing debilitation. MaleHomosexual
btpacek@gmail.comBrian PacekGreater Los Angeles area, New York Metro area Zazzarino & Brian Pacek are a husband and wife writing team originally from New Jersey. Their writing combines heart and humor while focusing on dynamic and empowering female relationships. TV WriterAmy Sherman-Palladino, Daniel Palladino, Eddie Gorodetsky, Nick BakayDOUBLE DOWN THE LINETV PilotHalf hourComedyCaught in an epic financial pickle, two inseparable women and baseball diehards resort to operating a little league gambling ring.
N/AFLIP THE BIRDTV PilotHalf hourAdult animatedFed up with the futile life he is destined to live, a rebellious New York City pigeon will do whatever is necessary to gain the respect of the humans and animals that make his life so miserable.
N/AHURRICANE MAETV PilotOne hourDramedyTwo sisters' lives are changed when one of them discovers she has the same degenerative disease that has disabled their father.
byoung@jetcityfilms.comBrian Young310.405.1998Pacific Northwest U.S.http://www.jetcityfilms.com have been telling stories on film for a long time. I write movies, I make movies. I've been nominated twice for Emmy's. I love working with talented, smart folks from all backgrounds.Feature WriterThe Mountain Runners
Counting Days
Red TideFeature90 PagesThriller/Sci-Fi A terminally-ill biologist and her team discover an abandon research ship and find themselves in a deadly fight to stop a horrific genetic mutation... but what they think will destroy mankind, may ultimately save it.
N/AAquariannaFeature110 pagesFantasyTo stop a horrific serpent from ruling the waves, a young sailor learns he must steal a mermaid from a ruthless freak-show owner and return her to the sea, only to discover that she is the girl he loved…who drowned three years before.
Finalist in several contests (including Screecraft) and Top Script on TriggerstreetChapel HillFeature120 pagesDrama A love story set during the Civil War: A southern pacifist must find the courage to fight for the Confederacy, or lose everything he loves. Finalist in contests (Page)MaleHeterosexualCaucasianOver 50
brittany.tomkin@gmail.comBrittany Tomkin6313321239New York Metro area writer, emphasis on joke-writing and dialogueTV WriterWriter - "Myrtle & Willoughby" ; Writer for assorted UCB comedy shows ; Winner of "Just For Laughs" digital series competition ; "Best Web Series" at Orlando Film Festival ; "Best Writer" at Stareable Festival ; Official Selection for 14 festivals including Austin Film Festival and ITVFestMyrtle & WilloughbyNew Media:60Comedy / Mystery"​Myrtle & Willoughby" is a comedy mini-series about two Bushwick cops working in Brooklyn's 'Millennial Crimes Unit'. Best Digital Series - Just for Laughs Festival; Best Writing - Stareable Fest; Best Web Series - Orlando Film Festival; Wavemaker Award - Everybody Digital Film Festival; Nominee, Best Comedy - Brooklyn Film Festival; admittance into 14 film festivalsMournersTV Pilot:30ComedyA troupe of professional mourners help funeral attendees reach catharsis, perform odd favors for the terminally ill, and con their way through one will at a time. And that's before they become involved in a murder...N/AThings to Throw Bread AtNew Media:05Comedy, ParodyIn this Mythbuster's parody, two scientist explore the many things a person can throw a loaf of bread at and record their findings - all on live TVN/ALots of personal experience with darkly comedic subjects including alcoholism, abuse, cancer, suicide, drug addiction, depression, anxiety. The best subjects to mine for comedy.FemaleHeterosexualMental health conditionCaucasian
bjenga@gmail.comBrittney JengGreater Los Angeles area @ purplebjenga, Linkedin:, spunky and quirky 3rd generation Chinese-American writer of emotional millennial & family stories while providing visibility to the experiences of WOC. 1 hr drama supernatural/genre romances. Previous WA on cancelled network drama. Will bake slutty brownies for another WA positionTV WriterPaper DaughterTV Pilot1 hourHistorical Drama/RomanceChinese female Breaking Bad in 1920s. Naive country girl illegally immigrates to US by way of Angel Island -- to one day become the Kingpin of San Francisco's Chinatown.N/AHanalani HighTV Pilot1 hourTeen DramedyAngsty teenager, Samantha, is uprooted from her life in Michigan and sent to live with her sister in Hawaii due to her father traveling more for his new job. Refusing to accept her new situation, she rebels against her sister and the social elite that run the island. However, Sam soon discovers that she might be there for a while, and the only way to garner acceptance and make life bearable is to navigate the waters of the social elite.N/AI am a tahitian dancer and with my dance group, we spread cultural awareness of the polynesian culture through dance across the city. I am a Price is Right winner. Drew Carey called my name to come on down and I won the whole show. I currently work in television development for a network so I understand how notes are given. I was last the writers assistant an ABC show. I equate my family as the Chinese version of my BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING. I have a large family that is loud and opinionated and really fun. We are a very close knit group. I absolutely love anything nerd related. I go to Comic Con and WonderCon all the time and can't get enough of sci-fi/fantasy/supernatural genres. In another life I would have been a Cosplayer as I love to build and wear costumes for every con or I would have been a baker. I make a mean slutty brownie. I grew up in the O.C. and enjoy watching and writing elite rich kids in high school.FemaleHeterosexualAsianLoving my Dirty Thirties
bjohnson81@gmail.comBryan Johnson215-796-5877Greater Los Angeles area native of Detroit, Michigan, I earned a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology at Temple University and spent several years working as a mental health therapist before moving to Los Angeles. Since arriving in LA, I have transitioned into the world of film and television. In 2015, I co-wrote and co-directed the feature film Chelsea which was nominated for Best Narrative Feature at the 2015 Queens World Film Festival and was distributed nationally by Summer Hill Films. Currently, I am supervising producer for Guy's Grocery Games which airs on the Food Network.
Feature Writersee IMDBThe Last BirthdayFeature88 pagesDramaWhile attending a goodbye party for their friend dying from ALS, a group of friends are forced to confront their own fears of death, their past transgressions, and how close they really are. N/AI'm Looking Through YouFeature104DramaAfter discovering that her debilitated husband may have cheated on her decades ago, an agin woman sets off on a journey across the country to search for the truth.N/AMy Future SelfFeature98Science Fiction/RomanceAfter stumbling on a machine that can tell the future in his deceased father's old boxes, a hopeless loser attempts to use it to become the man of his crush's dreams.N/AFormer mental health therapist. Current reality television supervising producer. MaleHeterosexual
young.antagonist@gmail.comBryan Young6613167073Greater Los Angeles area@ragamuphin1I am a general purpose genius. I know tons of stuff and make connections between ideas quickly and in ways most people don't expect. TV WriterWelcome to the SlumsTV Pilot63 pagesSuper hero action/adventureA superhero that doesn't want to hero, is hired by a prophet who won't prophesy to stop a series of chaotic events in a dystopian modern-day Los Angeles.Semifinalist with the Screencraft Fellowship 2018
Official Selection with Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards 2017
n/aTV Pilot0n/an/an/an/aTV Pilotn/an/an/an/a30 years creating stories for role-playing games has made me good at building worlds and characters that reflect them. It also made me good at working with a half-dozen people to have fun while working towards a goal. MaleAphantasiaCaucasian
sumbadhat@gmail.comButch Maier757-779-4175Mid-Atlantic U.S., @sumbadhat, assembling talented ensembles to tell compelling stories and create unique moviesFeature Writer“Mother of a Day” opened as the No. 1 movie in the U.S., per theater, with a black lead on May 4, 2019. “Five Gold Rings” was optioned for five figures in 2014. “The Bride and the Grooms” opened in 12 states in 2009.“Chagrin”Feature122 pagesCrime dramaA college student with a scarred psyche hunts for his abuser, a police officer with a scarred face fights a murder charge and their worlds collide in Chagrin, Virginia.Talent attached: Stephen Bishop, Gia Mantegna, Jonathan Bennett, Jesse Garcia, Michelle Hurd, Sophie Tweed-Simmons, John Sharian, Kim Webster. “Mother of a Day”Feature88 pagesFamily comedyA man has one hour to sneak out of his house and find four presents for four moms or face their wrath because he forgot Mother’s Day.No. 1 movie in the U.S., per theater, with a black lead on May 4, 2019. Remake rights available.“Old Girl”TV Pilot45MysteryA girl gets a year older every day.Talent attached: Meika Woollard
caitlin.amans@gmail.comCaitlin Amans818-534-6500Greater Los Angeles areahttp://threekingsomnimedia.com15Former Location Manager in episodic television and features has spent the last 12 years writing 14 features and one tv pilot.Feature WriterCochrane Feature94Historical biography A widow, childless and so deeply in debt that debt collectors wait outside her home, Cochrane is the true story of the woman who invented the industrial dishwasher.N/ACasket Therapy TV Pilot50Drama An aging psychiatrist becomes a homicidal vigilante when her beloved husband is mysteriously murdered. N/AInn of the Flying CowsFeature97Historical biography Female Russian teenage fighter pilots repel the Nazi invasion by their deadly bombing skills. N/AFluent in Spanish and American Sign Language
Two decades working in the entertainment industry
FemaleHeterosexualCaucasian, JewishOver 50
candicegabrielle94@gmail.comCandice Horde281-740-2015Greater Los Angeles area,, romantic-comedy-loving, action/thriller-obsessed nerd who favors female led contentTV WriterSteve Kennedy from Daniel Paulson Productions (, Steve Duncan ( Pilot55 pgsDrama, Thriller, ActionWhen a nefarious shadow government comes up against an obstacle only an idealistic black girl from the city can help them overcome, they soon embroil her and her misfit group of friends into their mostly illegal and completely dangerous activities, which leaves the misfit group with limited options to escape its clutches with their lives, their morals, and their minds intact.N/AThe FittestTV Pilot22 pgsAnime/Drama/FantasyWhen two top-notch bounty hunters are given an assignment to kill an old friend, they decide to save her instead, not realizing just how important she is the future of the human race and just what lengths everyone else is willing to in order to secure her first. N/AThe Demon HuntressTV Pilot56 pgsDrama/Fantasy/Science FictionA young teen, destined to slay demons and save the human race, must balance her life fighting evil and the equally horrifying travails of high school drama with the help of her friends and mentors.N/AI grew up with 7 brothers and 2 sisters; I grew up in Houston, TX - city of the purple sprite, chopped and screwed music, gun violence, and the best strip clubs; I majored and minored in English, Chemistry, Creative Writing, and Technical Writing; I've watched drug addiction change my brother, and the street life change my family.FemaleBisexualAfrican AmericanCurrently enrolled student
pilot@carolinahoyos.comCarolina Hoyos917-697-7800Greater Los Angeles areahttp://CarolinaHoyos.com,, born in DC to a line of fierce female philanthropists. Music was my first language before crime dramas and sketch comedy jumped into the rotation. I've lived and explored in VA, NYC, Baltimore, Montgomery, Alabama and San Francisco--but LA is home. I now write all the things I loved as a child. Music, dark comedy and crime. TV WriterHave co-written a play performed by my theater company. Acting/singing in Too Old To Die Young June 14th on Amazon.Dad PadTV Pilot30 minuteComedyA single budding policewoman in her 30’s struggling to manage her new life after agreeing to have her curious aging father move in with her. I gained fellowship in Native American TV Writers Lab with this script.QueenpinsTV Pilot30 minutesDrama-ComedyFollows a teen and her friends on their rise in the drug trade.N/AChildren Of The SunNew Media9 minutesDark Drama / SupernaturalA young woman of color escapes the cycle of abuse in present-day Virginia. She eventually discovers her strength and some peace, but finds it may be too late to save her relationship with her family. N/AAfro-Indigenous-Latinx with parents from Peru/Ecuador. Former concert pianist, accountant and TV host, fluent in Spanish. May have been an attorney in a former life - I have represented myself in court successfully MANY times. Also multi-instrumentalist.FemaleBisexualPTSD - a product of growing up in a volatile world for women of color.African American, American Native Tribes, Latinxalways learning.
carolynjemerson@gmail.comCarolyn JohnsonGreater Los Angeles area writers' assistant for shows on NBC and Starz. Gamer and intersectional feminist who sometimes cooks way too much and makes excellent apple butter.Feature WriterWriters' Assistant - NBC's SIBERIA and INSOMNIA on StarzInnsmouthTV Pilot58 pagesPeriod/HorrorWhen a young girl befriends a Cthulhu monster from a much-feared ghost town, she begins to unravel dark truths of her own small New England community. Imagine if a Miyazaki film was written by H.P. Lovecraft.Semifinalist - Screencraft Public Domain & True Story Screenplay Contest (2018); Quarterfinalist - Screencraft Screenwriting Fellowship (2019); Recommendation from Ben Blacker: Pilot63Historical crime noirBased on the famously corrupt and violent McCulloch clan from 1600s Scotland. When the head of the McCulloch clan is accused of murder, his sister recruits the help of a priest – and former lover – to prove his innocence.Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competition - Second Round - 2017 & 2018MantisFeature98HorrorA young woman undergoes a severe physical, mental and sexual transformation as she hunts down the man who raped herDirector attachedMartial arts (Tatsu-do; mixed martial arts); worked in hospitality business; worked in marijuana dispensaryFemaleHeterosexualSpeech or Language Impairment, Was diagnosed with "M.R." at an early age - had communication delays, didn't speak first word until 5 years of age (can now speak fully) Caucasian
caryndi@gmail.comCaryn DiMarco406-599-7572Greater Los Angeles areahttp://caryndi.com @caryndi // Insta @caryn.di // Linkedin: earning a degree in Emerging Media & Communications and Literary Studies, Caryn moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in TV. She loves science, tech, and stories that examine the nuances of power and resistance.TV WriterMaleficaTV PilothourlongDramaWhen the arrival of a visitor coincides with a string of bad luck in New Grove city, leaders in the fundamentalist community begin to suspect witchcraft.N/ARed TeamTV PilothourlongPolitical/Tech DramaWhen a team of hackers set to protect the government discovers a deep surveillance network that reaches even farther than the NSA, they must balance their job security and the ever-growing threat of the US intelligence community.N/ABorn & raised in Montana, which is something you don't see every day! I also have experience as an agency copywriter who's worked with Fortune 500s and national companies.Non-BinaryBisexualMental health conditionCaucasian
caseygatescreative@gmail.comCasey GatesGreater Los Angeles area , is on staff at WhoHaha, Elizabeth Banks' digital platform for women in comedy. When she's not writing funny memes, she's creating her own work through a film initiative titled Lady Brain, which she received a BlogHer "Voice of the Year" award in 2016. Her work has been featured in Bust Magazine, The Huffington Post, Bustle, Film Threat, and Women and Hollywood.TV WriterI wrote and produced digital content for NBC shows such as The Good Place, A.P. Bio, Great News, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Trial & Error.The BumpTV PilotHalf-hourComedyWhat if you had to audition in order to become a parent? That’s the challenge all couples face in this alternate-present reality where all men have become barren (turns out cell phones in pockets were a bad idea). So when Wendy and Guy Morris decide to start a family, they have only one option– a reality show called THE BUMP, where couples compete for the greatest prize of all: insemination.

It’s like a comedic version of The Handmaid's Tale.
n/aBlissed OutTV PilotHalf-hourComedyWhen a 40-year-old LA yoga guru has a violent outburst that goes viral, she undertakes a spiritual journey east… to New Jersey, where she tries to start a yoga studio in her salt-of-the-earth hometown. Gaia enlists the help of Marcy, her one remaining loyal student, and Belinda, a sex-obsessed townie, in her quest to bring enlightenment to people that give zero fucks about inner peace. It received a rating of 7 on The BlacklistBoth of my original pilots draw straight from my personal experience. I was a full-time yoga instructor for over five years and was badly burned in the business side of things, which is why I wrote Blissed Out. For The Bump, I've been working in social media marketing for nearly 10 years and this story partially pokes holes in the idea of "oversharenting". I've also donated my eggs several times and have interesting stories and connections to motherhood and and my personal connection to wanting to be a parent.

I'm also a synesthete. I have multiple forms of synesthesia and am exploring the ways that effects my perception of the world in my art.