2018-19 SRV CLub List
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3v3 League
Danny Barletta, Rico Guevara
We meet once a month for tourney sign ups, and then during that month Rico and I make a bracket, get music and everything ready because at the end of the month the tournaments in the GYM on the last Thursday and Friday of that month .
First Monday/Tuesday of every month
Our plan is to create and run 4 successful tournaments that students just can have fun with and take a stress break from school and everything around them. I remember from last year walking into classes on the day of our tournaments and seeing people in their basketball jerseys just seeming to be in a better mood. That's the real goal, just seeing that people are having fun with it.
Advanced English Club
Lauren Hovey, Ryan Parnas
We provide a space for literature discussion and preparation for socratic seminars and in class essays. It is only really helpful to srv seniors, but is open to all who ant to join.
Following the course of the AP literature syllabus, we will have bi- weekly meetings to prepare students for each large assignment that comes their way.
Adventure ClubLeah Johnson
While giving an opportunity to come together as individuals of all ages at San Ramon High, Adventure Club gives the incentive to leave the technology indoors and going wandering out in nature while getting some exercise along with exploring the natural beauty of the area around us. As calming and relaxing a walk around a regional park can be, members of Adventure Club will also be enduring in hikes, bike rides, beach trips and more adventures all throughout the East Bay.
Cindy Sekera
My general year-long plan is to go on adventures (this will be more fine tuned once the club members tell me their interests, likes vs. dislikes, etc.) every other weekend, while gradually increasing the distance of these adventures from very local such as a walk around Sycamore Park, or visiting Rock City at Mount Diablo, to semi local like going on a hike at Las Trampas either starting from Hemme Avenue or Bollinger Canyon and then continuing to extend that border to Walnut Creek or Livermore and finally get to the line where the East Bay meets the Bay Area and stop, attending hiking trails in Berkeley like Tilden and possibly Point Isabel in Richmond. My mom is the Assistant General Manager of the East Bay Regional Park District giving us a little more leeway to enter these parks with insight and tips of where to go and what to look out for when we adventure. I will also be encouraging the students to take pictures or write things down that inspire them, for inspiration is everywhere and can be found especially in the outdoors. I plan, with help from my mom and her co-workers, to educate the students on how they can be volunteering or how to help preserve the parks and overall nature in entirety. I will be encouraging to take the path less traveled, if it deems safe, and to really take in the area around us and realize we are something more than just individuals. I want to make sure every student realizes and understands how meaningful they are in this world.
I plan to meet on Mondays, after the weekend so everyone can share their experiences or inspirations with the adventure taken over the course of Saturday or Sunday. There will be a parental signature required for this club ensuring their awareness of it and that their child will most likely be spending the majority of their day Saturday or Sunday with the club in the outdoors. There will also be signups for drivers, non-provisional drivers are the only drivers accepted and must be able to fit at least 4 other people in the car. I plan to have pot-lucks at my house every month to make these bonds a little more close to home and personal.
Each month will be a different theme, awareness, acceptance, admiration are a few examples and I will tasking everyone to write one essay at the end of the month describing their connection and realizations with the theme and the adventures we took.
Art for Charity Club
Cathy Sigamony and Anvita Sharma
Art for Charity Club (AFCC) is a club dedicated to changing the world through art. Each week our members meet to create different art items (no artistic ability required), and later we sell the items and donate all the proceeds to a charity of the members choosing.
To see more of the items AFCC makes, visit @art.4charity on Instagram!
afcsrv@gmail.comMrs. Bonnar
Every week our club members would be making a different art project (bracelets, cards, sugar scrubs, etc.). We are also planning to have 3 sales this year. One for christmas, one for mothers day, and one outside of school (maybe at the farmers market).
Asian American Association
Riley Chan, Mitchell Kanazawa, Hans Chang
A friendly environment where we get to meet new people and learn all about Asian culture! You do not have to Asian to join!
Charles O'Connor
The first Thursday of every month
In the first meeting, I would like to introduce myself, the other presidents, and what the club is going to be like. From there, each club meeting we will teach club members a little bit about different Asian countries and their unique cultures, as well sampling some common snack food from those particular countries. We hope to meet new people and introduce to all the amazing Asian cultures!
Aviation ClubAndrew "Owen" Becker
To teach its members the different aspects of Aviation. This club will have guest speakers come in and talk about their experiences with the subject.
owenbecker1@gmail.comMr. Meyer
First Monday of every month
We will have guest speakers who come in and talk about their experiences with aviation. If we could not find a guest speaker, I would give a presentation about my experiences. Otherwise, we would watch aviation related movies / videos such as Top Gun.
Bee ClubJustin Yu, Paul Wagner
The Bee Club would seek to promote the welfare of bees in the SRV community, through short films, power points, and movies. It would also serve as an educational club for why bees are essential for the environment and that we should see them as helpful not hurtful. Furthermore, we will be pushing to obtain our very own beehive at SRV to benefit the local ecosystem and plan for its future maintenance.
Justin.yu@comcast.net , paul.wags8@gmail.com
Katie Henderson
3rd Tuesday of every Month
Once a month meetings will be held to show presentations/ documentaries about bee life and impacts. Plans will also be discussed on how the club participants can go to visit a local bee farm for in person experiences.
Bollywood Dance Club
Anoushka Banerjee
Bollywood Dance is a fast paced combination of various modern dance styles performed in India. The Bolywood Dance club will explore jazz, contemporary and hip hop techniques along with traditional Indian styles. The club is open to everyone (no prior dance experience needed) and we will perform and compete in local competitions and performances around the Bay Area during the school year. The goal of our club is to teach a new form of dance to interested students on campus and to use this forum to explore another culture through dance.
anoushka.titir@gmail.comMs. Ward
Dance RoomTuesdays at lunch
The year long plan for Bollywood Dance Club consists of choreographing lots of different dances throughout the first semester and refining them as group until our performances in the middle of second semester. The year will start off by learning some basics and choosing the songs we will be doing. Then, we will focus on the choreography and the dance in general.
Book ClubJoshua Schultz
A place for anyone to come and talk about books! We read a book every 3 weeks, and talk about them at the end of said weeks. Anyone can come to either of our meetings, but Access is recommended for readers who truly want to discuss books with like minds; Lunch is recommended for those who want to have a more widely social experience.
Ms. Ringwood
Library - Computer Lab
Wednesday @ Access & Lunch
We will read one book every three weeks, and discuss that book at the end of the three weeks. We will also discuss any books someone feels like discussing that they have read lately.
Bring Change to Mind
Eric Housen, Ashley Carter
Bring change to mind brings awareness about mental health issues in our community and our school. We will use the tools provided by the national Bring Change to Mind organization.
Cadence Scharff
We will raise awareness around mental health as well as educate each other and improve the understanding of mental illnesses in our school.
Challenge Success Student Council
Kate Tavella, Jack Estes, Emma Backshall, Taylor Jewitt, Colby Brooks
The Challenge Success Student Council is an offshoot of the Challenge Success Site Team. We are putting projects in order to help "redefine what it means to be a successful student."
katetavella7@gmail.comMs. Chole
D107Thursdays at Lunch
We will be meeting bi-weekly at the start of the year, and once a month as the year goes on. Our core group of presidents will be meeting with Admin to discuss agenda items and will develop goals of the group as the year progresses.
Chess ClubSean Hayes
Learning new skills for chess.
Clothes for a Cause Miranda Ferguson
We work in association with the Charity The Danville Closet (TDC). TDC runs clothing drives and puts together clothing boxes for at risk kids in the Bay Area.
We will be helping TDC put together clothing boxes and organizing donated clothes. In the spring, we plan on running our 3rd annual school wide sock drive.
Comrades Club
Brenica Sipin, Brooke Kadesh
The comrades club spends one lunch a week hanging out with the special needs kids in Mr. Blakes class! We get to meet new friends and hang out with the students that are very important to SRV :)
qbeesip@gmail.comJohn Blake
Mr. Blake's room; unsure of the exact number
We will meet once a week on Thursdays during lunch and basically hang out and eat with the kids! It's a pretty relaxed zone, so anybody is welcome to join!
Conspiracy Club
Madison Sinclair, Mckenna Blanton
The Conspiracy Club is a space to have respectful discussions about mysterious world events that people think might not be as simple as they seem. This club will range from parallel universes to paranormal activity, unsolved mysteries and everything in between. We want to emphasize that talking about cases will be done in respect.
sinclair9302@gmail.com, mckenna.blanton@gmail.com
Mr. Williams
We plan to meet every week throughout the school year, unless something out of our control prevents us from doing so. Every week, the presidents plan to research a case, present it at the meeting, and then have an open discussion with members of the club. We will also give book, podcast, and documentary recommendations that fall under the topics we discuss. If members of the club know a lot of information on a case or know one that isn't very well known, they are welcome to present to the club as well. Each week there will be a different case or topic, and if one has many details and is very long, it could spill over into the next week.
CSFGianna Martinez
The purpose shall be to foster high standards of scholarship, service, and citizenship on the part of students of the senior high schools of California. Its members will be encouraged to better the community, school included, though philanthropy and volunteer work.
Mrs. Budhabhatti
Aux Gym
First Tuesday of the month unless conflicted.
The CSF club is a long standing club at SRV (and hopefully remains that way). Few changes will be made pertaining to technological ability and accuracy regarding applications, point entry, and attendance. Otherwise, the club will run as usual. An application will be sent out via email soon after the club fair to all who sign up for the club. Students will be approved to become members, and pay an $8 due once a semester, or twice a year. Meetings will be held on the first Tuesday of the month (unless conflicted) making it so there are eight meetings throughout the year.
Danc Without Limits
Savannah Londre and Shelby Storm
Our club is an organization that provides a dance program for young women and men with special needs who may not otherwise have the opportunity to explore how fun dance can be.
slondre@icloud.com or shelbystorm02@gmail.com
Joani Ward
Dance RoomThursday
Our next step is to attend the down syndrome connection peer development classes in mid to late September. We also plan to work with finding space to hold our monthly dance classes on Saturdays. We are excited to learn from the down syndrome connection and make an impact within our community. We would like to do this in positive manner that will benefit the kids and young adults in our area.
Design Club
Mckenna Blanton and Anoushka Banerjee
Design Club will focus on teaching the basics of web, fashion, set, light, sound and graphic design to interested students. The purpose of the club is to explore various types of creative forms through collaborative design and be able to create beautiful results utilizing aspects of theater and visual arts. The club will focus on learning the backstage work in elaborate live shows and learn how we can use design on a day to day basis.
Drama Room/ Green room
Monday every two weeks
The year long plan consists of going through the basics of each style and type of design the first semester and then working on a collaborative theatrical project as a group next semester.
Disney ClubAbby Lang, Elena Fenoglio
a space for those that are fans of Disney and their franchises to watch movies, listen to music and compete with others in trivial games.
Madame Bowers
Year long I would like to see a combination of fundraising as well as new movie, and music loves.
Drama ClubJulia Item
Drama club is where students can learn about acting and extend their knowledge on theatr. We will also collaborate with the film making club
julesitem@gmail.comKyle Nash
We will do Student directed plays 2-3 times this year and have monthly meetings!
Dungeons and Dragons
Joshua Schultz and Katie Quigley
Dungeons and Dragons is a very popular tabletop role-play game that brings groups of people together and sparks their creativity by having them be a character.We play every Friday for two hours after school. We welcome new players freely, but Dungeon Masters must talk to a president.
Mr. Polugar-Laub
Mr. Polugar-Laub Room (Somewhere in top floor of D hall)
Fridays after school
We meet Fridays for about two hours after school, progressing campaigns as we go. If someone wishes to try DMing, great! They just have to talk to a president! We usually have them try a one hot (One-day) campaign first to try it!
Environmental/Engineering club
Om Kumar
SRVHS Environmental/Engineering club, is a club were members join to learn about the environment. Members also learn how to take action, and learn what they can do around the community to make it more of an environmentally clean place.
Penelope Davis & Katie Henderson
once a month on the third wednesday.
monthly meetings
working with friends of creeks to do an arundo project throughout September
Taking part in annual beach cleanup
campus cleanups
recycling every thursday
bringing in guest speakers
Fair Chance for Special Needs Club
Kylie Kumnick, Lynsie Wendt, Ashley Wise, Reganne Koeltl, Risha Patel
Fair Chance is an after school club in which children with disabilities from all over the district come to San Ramon. We play board games, play sports, make crafts, eat popcorn and just interact with each other. It is a really fun way for the children to make new friends and develop their social skills as well as being a life changing experience for the volunteeers.
Mrs. Kamal and Dianne M.
Fair Chance is not really a club that requires a plan. It meets everyday after school and we have fun while keeping everyone safe. We will have meetings for the volunteers every first Wednesday of the month starting in September in which we will go over the basic rules and/or changes that are being made to the club. Also, we will announce upcoming events such as our annual Fair Chance run!
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Luke Psomas & Erika Anderson
This christian club spreads the word of God to students on campus, and provides a safe and spiritual environment for them. Club meetings are held monthly and have a speaker (often with an athletic background), and pizza is provided to students who attend.
srvhsfca@gmail.comDon Busboom
Auxiliary Gym
First Thursday of every month at lunch
Get as many people as possible at club fair. Advertise through Remind system and posters and big name speakers. Hand out share cards for students to invite others to come. Set dates and times. Monthly meetings. Pizza always provided. Meetings should look all the same in format and length.
Feminism ClubGrace Johnson
In Feminism Club, we take a look at social issues that affect the SRV campus, the state of California, and the United States as a whole. We have discussions, presentations and activities in the club and outside of school.
Mr. Jackson
For this year, I would like to incorporate more service projects and outside of school activities. I would also like to incorporate more presentations and discussions into the club to get the members more involved.
Fighting Alzheimer's
Eric Connelly, Emily Jajeh
The club will focus on spreading awarness about Alzheimer's and will raise money for research. Members will also volenteer at an Alzheimer's assisted living center.
ejconnelly25@gmail.comJulie Arotzarena
Our year long plan is to first off increase awareness about Alzheimer's at SRV. We will have members research the disease its effects, and how they can prevent it. Once a month, we plan to volunteer at an assisted living center for those with memory loss related illnesses at Sunrise Senior Living Center. We will also raise money and donate it to the Alzheimer's Association. We will also participate in a Walk to End Alzheimer's if one is occurring in the local area. Overall, we want to help make a difference and help those with Alzheimer's.
Fighting Bay Area Hunger (Community Service)
Bala Vinaithirthan
This club is a community service club where we do volunteer projects and learn about major issues facing our society.
Mrs. Schafers room
The goal is to go over different issues facing the bay area and to discuss them. Also, the goal is to tie these discussions into the community service projects we will do.
Food Club
Heather Ding, Daniela Guariento, Madilyn Lee
The food club is a club that meets monthly to explore foods from all over the world. During the meetings everyone will bring something to share, and will receive feedback as well as get a taste of different styles.
srvfoodclub@gmail.comLiam Moran
First mondays of every month, members will bring a dish from the culture of the month to share. For example, September will focus on Italian food, October will be sweets themed, November will be traditional american, December will be Mexican, January and February will be Asian, etc.
French Club
Paul Fayet-Faber, Rayan Gendre
We meet at lunch to eat French food and enjoy the culture. While we eat, we will put something up or have an activity.
Mrs. Bowers
We will meet once a month, bringing seasonal food and have a theme that relates to events going on at the time.
Game of Thrones Club
Tate Peterson
The Game of Thrones Club will frequently meet in order to discuss fan threories, character analysis, and plot.
tatepeterson1@gmail.comKelley Isom
To prepare for the upcoming final season of Game of Thrones which ill likely release sometime over the summer of 2019.
Gender Sexuality Alliance
Ashton Coons and Luke Miletich
Deals with the sexuality and gender politics; for the purpose spreading and acquiring information about said politics. While also providing a safe space for LGBTQ students, and building a sense of community with the LGBTQ youth at our school.
lucatora24@gmail.comMr. Davis
Weekly presentations educating people on LGBTQ issues. Recruiting new people for the club. Making the space less intimidating for people to go to. Being a helpful, productive presence for those who need it. And organizing events like the GSA Forum, the Gayla, and possibly other events.
Girls Support Girls
Kanoe Hoch, Chloe Taufer, Reese Hobby
We are going to find a girls foster home in the area to build connections and create bonds with. Throughout the year, we will be emailing or texting them, and in our club we will raising money to reach our end goal of bring the foster girls to our Danville Jiu jitsu and wrestling gym, so my coach can teach them women's self defense. We think that self defense is important for every girl, and we want to give foster girls an opportunity that they may not get.
Mrs. Arotzarena
We want to be in charge of a club because we want to express our passions in one club, and be able to share this with other people at SRV.
Girls Who Code
Josephine Ward & Renata Krivenko
Our goal is to create a sisterhood of girls who support each other in all parts of our lives and develop computer science skills in a male-dominated industry. Beyond learning basic coding techniques, we want to introduce girls to new possibile futures they might not have considered before beyond just computer programming.
Savannah Heupel
tbd: potentially wednesdays
Throughout the year we intend to work with our club members to build basic coding skills through mini projects, have resume workshops, and introduce guest speakers from women in tech.
GirlUp ClubAnisha Patel, Heather Ding
Our club is called GirlUp and it is focused around dedicated students at SRV willing to commit to changing the lives of adolescent girls in developing countries and to empower the people around them to take action. We want to make sure that every girl lives up to her full potential.
Computer Lab D104
Wednesdays during lunch
We are planning on meeting once a week, and in the beginning assigning officers of the club like (media). We are planning on doing most of the work together as a whole, and planning to host at the least five activities to raise awareness. By the end, we will plan to donate the money to the GirlUp foundation.
Glee Club
Lauren Batza and Abby Lang
Each meeting in Glee Club, we will have a theme related to music. For example, if one week the theme is "The Beatles", we will listen to their music while designing simple and cute cards with positive messages (related to the music theme in some way) to pass around campus to uplift and inspire.
Ms. Salge
We will meet once a month to create cards with positive messages to spread love and glee around campus. Each monthly meeting, we will discuss how we believe we are making a difference/reactions from the recipients of these cards and what more we can do to spread glee not only around campus, but also in our community all while making new friends, crafting, and listening to music.
Happy Little Tree (Bob Ross Club)
Julie Girodie ( preferred name is Marcel)
We will watch Bob Ross and paint along to it. We will also talk about who he is and learn painting techniques. I'm also planning on trying to bring in emotional support animals (probably dogs) on a special day like Bob brings in his animals to his show.
woowoobat@gmail.comMr. Williams
R20Fridays at lunch
I would like to start off the club by a meeting with laying out the basic rules, and teaching the basics of how to paint, how to clean supplies well, and just an introduction into Bob Ross. Later in the year though, I'd like to follow along to his videos and paint along to it with others doing the same. And eventually I'd like to try to bring emotional support animals to help those who need a break during the day and to be more like Bob , how he brings in animals onto his show. By the end of the year, I might want to let the students make their own Bob Ross style painting and maybe have an art show .
Harry Potter Alliance (HPA)
Grace Gilroy, Radhika Gawde, and Ashley Jackson
The Harry Potter Alliance is a worldwide social justice-based organization that seeks to make activism accessible to the world at large by drawing connections between themes and events in popular fiction to those in the real world. To clarify, popular fiction includes works other than Harry Potter, such as those by Marvel and DC Comics and TV shows such as Avatar: the Last Airbender. By relating to themes in these works of fiction, members are able to better grasp the concepts discussed and why they matter in the real world.
srvhshpa@gmail.comTraci McMullen
We will have two toolkits (one for each semester) that we will be using to discuss the topics of racism, ableism, women's rights/sexism, homophobia, war, and politics through Black Panther and Wonder Woman.
Hockey ClubRalli Cunha, Nico Bellig,
To play hockey and make new friends.
rjcuhna2a@gmail.com, nicobellig@yahoo.com
Sarah Firebaugh, Shana Hayes
Learn about various health professions and educational paths to those professions. Many learning and hands-on opportunities. Partners with John Muir HOSA.
smfirebaugh@gmail.comKristina Koster
We will meet once a month and present slideshows of desired health field careers. We will also talk about what people want to do in their futures and how they can get there. We will discuss interview techniques, as well, because Shana and I have both interviewed for health-related jobs and gotten them. We will introduce our members to the John Muir Health affiliation and give them opportunities through them, also. We will also look for hands-on activities such as CPR certification.
Improv Club
Kira Goldberg and Julia Item
Improv club teaches people the rules of improv and how to play a number of different games in a fun and accepting environment that helps people jump out of their comfort zones. People in improv club have the opportunity to try out for the improv shows that take place three times a year.
kiragberg@gmail.comMr. Nash
PAC Monday
We will put of three improv season consisting of three shows each season, we will have a club meeting every Monday, and we will help every improvisor improve their skills.
Inclusion and Film
Celine Xu and Hannah Maxwell
We will show films that revolve around the themes of inclusion, diversity, and friendship for all to see. We hope to provide a safe and happy place for people to relax and eat their lunches with friends.
Twice a month, we’ll meet in Mr.Johnson’s room to introduce to everyone some type of film that revolves around the themes listed above. Then, we will show the film for everyone to enjoy and after the first movie is finished, each time we will allow members to vote from a list of movies with descriptions to see what they want to watch in the club next.
InteractNatalie Fischer
a service club for teens that works with and for the community through various events, service projects, and fundraisers. The name Interact is a combination of the words international and action and thus emphasizes international service, creating overseas relationships and helping the disadvantaged worldwide
Ms. Heupel
Our goal is to give back to the community by holding community service events every month and working towards completing at least two community service projects: (One a semester), one which benefits the surrounding community, and one which furthers international understanding and goodwill
Journalism ClubOlivia Lee
The Journalism Club strives to create an online publication for San Ramon Valley High School. This school paper will be student run and touch on the topics of student life, athletics, academics, social events, etc. The goal of this club is to provide a platform for aspiring journalists to publish their work and express themselves through writing, photography, and graphic design.
Mrs. Orozco (Winkler) / Mr. Meed
Mrs. orozco room, D101
Wednesday, every 2 weeks (subject to change)
By the end of this year, our club's goal is to create an online publication that the student body turns to for personal enjoyment. I also hope to welcome all aspiring journalists and writers to give them the opportunity to write for our paper and get real experience with publishing their own work. This paper has been a dream of mine for a long period of time and I would love to be the person that lays down the foundation to build an outstanding publication for San Ramon Valley.
Kicks 4 Kids
Ashley Wise and Kelli Hourihan
In this club we will collect old cleats and soccer shin gards and donate them to a charity. We will post flyers up around San Ramon and take donations year round.
ash.wise@ymail.comMrs. Sekera
1st Thursday of the month
We will meet once a month to discuss what charities we'd like to donate to. We will collect donations year-round and hopefully hold two big drives (One 1st semester and one 2nd semester).
Kids Against Hunger SRV
Amy Daseking, Michaela Stauber
The Kids Against Hunger SRV club will be a place where people can come who want to help make a difference in ending world hunger and gaining volunteer experience. This club will be doing fundraisers to host a packing event at the Kids Against Hunger warehouse, and will either be volunteering or donating money.
amy@daseking.comGiana Lillig
I am hoping to establish meeting once a month with club in order to discuss fundraising ideas and volunteering. The first meeting will be introducing people to the club and giving them an idea of what Kids Against Hunger is and what they do. I am hoping to make it a requirement to volunteer here at least once over the year. In most meetings we will talk about fundraising, our progress in fundraising, what to do with the money, hosting a packing event at Kids Against Hunger sometime over the year, and more. I am also hoping to get in contact with Kids Against Hunger to come to SRV to talk about why what they do is important. Just a little bonus to spread is that volunteering here does count for CSF points.
lnbaalec, colby, dylan, kevin
We play basketball in a league and compete for a championship
hagopianalec@yahoo.comshannon neach
lots of dates ask alec if you really need to know
two seasons fall and spring
Model United Nations
Zachary Pfeiffer
Model United Nations Club offers students the opportunity to learn about international diplomacy through practice and simulations. We will practice and prepare in school to attend one or more inter-high school conferences.
Early in the year we will teach the proceedings of a Model UN conference and hold mock conferences during lunch for practice. Later in the lear we will organize and prepare together to act as a delegation at one or more inter-high school conferences.
Mountain BikeGabriella Dube, Jaden Davis
Students who are interested in mountain bike riding and/or racing. We have weekly practices and frequent races in the spring.
2gcdube@gmail.comEric Melvin
We will hold meetings at school about once a month during the fall semester in order to get members prepared for the season. Immediately after winter break we will begin having weekly practices after school, attend community service events, and participate in Norcal HS MTB League races. We will continue to have monthly on-site meetings throughout the spring semester
Multicultural Club
Anoushka Banerjee Fiona Echano
Multicultural Club is a club that will discuss a country from around the world and learn about it's history and current culture with music, literature, film and food. Th purpose of our club is to make SRV a more culturally inclusive environment by spreading awareness about various different cultures and their respective traditions out goal as a club is to provide students with a forum to talk about their personal heritages and learn about the backgrounds of their club members.
Once a month on the first Monday
Every meeting we will explore another culture through studying it's history and introducing its art, film, literature, music and food in an engaging way. In this way, we hope to have a lasting impact on the Students at SRV and out perception of the world around us.
Muslim Student Association
Wajiha Syed & Matteen Atiqi
The MSA is a place for the Muslim students at our school to find a community with each other. We will have discussions about Islamic history and current events, as well as celebrate the religious holidays of Ramadan and Eid together.
wajiha@gmail.comJulianna Swent
I aim to have two meetings every month, which will probably increase in number by May which is when the holy month of Ramadan will start. The agenda will be organized by Matt and I between meetings so that we have a variety of topics to touch on.
NPH Club (Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos)
Rico Guevara
Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos is an international organization that, "strives to create a loving and safe family environment for vulnerable children living in extreme conditions. Through comprehensive education, healthcare and spiritual formation, we give the children the opportunity to develop their potential, shaping better futures for themselves, their families and their communities."
Robin Velasquez
The club's goal is to have just a few meetings over the year to make students more aware of the organization as a whole, and the opportunities available to help sponsor children, write to them, and mission trips they can go on.
Oakland Athletics Fan Club
Amelia Boatwright
We will follow and discuss the Oakland A's once a month. There may be speakers invited, but generally it will be a discussion time concerning the team, management, and stadium.
Mr. Santos
Meet once a month to discuss trades, updates, stadium news. Possibly in the second semester invite broadcasters, players, or employees to answer questions if their is an interest in it.
Partners in Wellness (Pre med Club)
Bala Vinaithirthan
To learn about a medical career and the different types of specialties. Also, the goal is to bring in doctors to speak and to tour hospitals.
I want to establish an Art Of Wellness program that brings patients and motivated high school students together in order to draw and talk. I also want to form close partnerships with local hospitals and medical organizations.
Pawsitive Club
Julia Appleget, Sophia Smith, and Kelly van Biljouw
We want to meet once every month with members to do various projects to help local animal shelters or animal organizations. We will do tasks like making animal blankets for animal shelters and organizing bake sales to raise money for various organizations.
julia.appleget@gmail.com, sr.ssmith@students.srvusd.net, kellymvb1@gmail.com
Mr. O'Connor
Once a month-the specific day is not decided with teacher's schedule yet
We want to get in contact with several animal shelters and organizations around us so we can make things like blankets and toys to donate and we could raise money for organizations.
Pick-up Basketball Club
Matthew Wong, Sam Stephenson, Cole Mortensen
We host basketball tournaments on weekends for all members and those who are interested. Members develop their skills through live games and practice.
Shannon Neach
Auxiliary GymWednesday
On August 4th, 2018, we hosted a basketball tournament for 7th and 8th graders at Charlotte Wood, Stone Valley, and SRVCA. While we are constantly working on ourselves to get better, we felt it was necessary to reach beyond just members of the club. More than 20 kids signed up for our free tournament where members of our club coached and played with the kids as they all got a little better at basketball while having lots of fun in the process. This year, as we will continue to practice and have fun ourselves most weekends, we plan on hosting at least 2 more tournaments for middle schoolers as a sort of community outreach and an example of how we can do more as a club than simply play basketball.
Playwriting Club
Nathan Zingg, Hannah Fette
We get together share ideas, and write some epic plays.
nathan0zingg@gmail.comMr. Nash
Drama Room
The last friday of the month
We'll meet every month and submit our works to monthly competitions.
Pledge to Humanity
Anthony Kwon and Cole McKnight
Pledge to Humanity is a club dedicated to giving back to the local and global community. This club's mission is to make the world a better place by volunteering at soup kitchens, playing with Special Olympics athletes, packaging food at Kids against Hunger, and much more.
Shannon Neach
Auxiliary gymSeptember 4th
Our year-long plan is to have each member complete at least fifteen hours of volunteer work by the end of the school year.
Political Debates Group
Aaron Shires
An unbiased group of students discussing current political issues in a civilized, democratic way. This club will have moderated discussion where we take note of opposing viewpoints. We encourage our club members to research topics before we debate in meetings in order to make an educated argument
Jeff Davis
R23Every Tuesday
Our initial meeting would have the sole purpose of explaining the goals of the Political Debates Group club. We would also announce what our subject for the following meeting will be at the end of the initial meeting. We would subsequently encourage our club members to research and clarify their arguments for the next meeting. Our meetings thereon would consist of civil discussions moderated by our VP and documented by our secretary (our secretary will post the discussion on our website so that students can find the opposing arguments even if they can’t attend the meetings). During the meeting we will separate the classroom by viewpoint (ie: pro-choice on one side and pro-life on the other in desks facing each other). At the end of each meeting we would ask if anyone has a strong desire to discuss a certain topic next meeting. If not, we will have our own topic to announce.
Rc clubZach Tebb
The rc club is a club for anyone who is interested in rc vehicles like cars and helicopters.
evilzurg2000@gmail.comCaitlin annas
R28 or r19
Last Friday of every month
I was thinking for this club I could just share my experience in this hobby with others.
Red Cross Club
Celine Xu, Brenica Sipin, Sam Berry, Sarah Klones
The club participates in activities such as service projects and leadership training by planning events at SRV and participating in Chapter sponsored projects. Students in Red Cross Club also raise fundraisers for a bunch of Red Cross initiatives including international disasters and the Chapter's youth program. Our club helps American Red Cross by spreading awareness, hosting blood drives, promoting Red Cross programs, and much more.
Stephanie Schafer
We will start out by introducing to people our club leaders, and then start off with a small project that involves people donating items. Then we will plan different fundraising ideas and even a blood drive again. We also will plan to get students into volunteer connection, where they can log their hours and receive extra benefits.
ResilienceRose Tristan
Raise money for suicide prevention and spreading awareness by selling handmade jewelry and more. The club is a space to discuss ideas for fundraising and coming together to put plans forward, as well as also coping together while we fight in a cause that is so relative among teenagers. We hop to help create a school culture that’s smart about mental health. Our goal is to donate all profits to charities making a difference in suicide rates.
alyr.tristan@gmail.comSam Libby
First and third Thursdays at lunch
With two meetings a month, my envision is to discuss plans for our outreach. I hope to take this fundraiser beyond campus, and even creating access through social media and websites. Volunteers and club members are what move the club forward. With articulate organization and planning, I believe we can make each meeting productive in discussion, and sharing ideas to jump start our fundraiser. Within the year, my hope is that members are just as passionate to commit into making products to sell for our cause. Within our club, we can also make it a safe space to share our stories and provide access for students needing stability.
Rubik's CubeElliot Hawkins
Mastering and practicing the art of the Rubik's Cube.
Save a Smile ClubJulia Rodriguez
The Save a Smile Club raises money for children with cleft lip through different fundraisers. We then donate all proceeds to the organization Operation Smile, which provides surgery to children with cleft lip around the world.
Stephanie Schafer
This will be my last year with the Save a Smile Club. My plan is to hold more fundraisers this year and raise more money than I have the past two years with this club. I want to branch out from just bake sales and hold fundraisers such as, car washes, or selling jewelery, etc.
Science Alliance
Cathy Sigamony and Lucy Guo
Science Alliance was created to show elementary schoolers how awesome science can be! In this club, high schoolers are paired with 5th graders, and they help mentor them in the process of forming and conducting a science experiment to later show at a Science Alliance run science fair. https://sites.google.com/site/srsciencealliance/
Mr. Robison
officer meetings- R40; mentor-buddy meetings- commons
Tuesdays after school

This club will be having after school meetings monthly, as well as monthly officer meetings during school and a science fair at the end of the year.
Scrapbooking and Crafts Club
Kaylee Burrill
This club is a club that I created to meet people all over campus that share my love for scrapbooking and crafts. We make tons of cute crafts based on the month or season. I also teach scrapbooking techniques and we make scrapbooking pages. It is super fun and stress-free!
Ms. Kristen Maio
My year-long plan is to meet once a month on Tuesdays at lunch. I usually provide most supplies and I plan the activity, craft, or scrapbooking lesson based on the month or season. My club will be fun, relaxing and it will provide a great way to get to know people at SRV.
Skaters Of SRVDavid Burks
A place for skaters to hang out and share tips and tricks on skate boarding. We will view short films on skating techniques and visit skate parks throughout the community.
Shannon Neach
Aux Gym Wednesday
To learn from each other
Ski/Snowboard ClubDaniel Stern, Ryan Chan
The Ski and Snowboard club is a club for all San Ramon Valley High School students who are interested in skiing or snowboarding. We will hold meetings every month to talk about skiing events and will schedule to go up to the mountains at least once a month when the snow allows. In addition, safety, transportation, and rentals are all accounted for and new members will be oriented to make sure the experience in the club will be safe and fun.
Savannah Heupel
Over the course of the year, the first few meetings will be to hand out papers and waivers and make sure everyone who wants to attend the skiing trips has all of their paperwork in check. Afterwards, we will talk about what mountain to go to and the date for the skiing trips to happen. Afterwards, the skiing trips will occur we will have meetings to conclude the year and the process will be repeated the following year.
Skip a Straw Save a Turtle
Isabel Castillo
To create awarness of how straws harm the environment and where they end up after a single on average 10 minute use.
To meet at least 3 times a month (about once a week) to meet and talk about the issue, how we can help, spread awarness and get people to sign a pledge saying they will not use one time use straw. One signature would remove an average of 584 straws that will most likely end up in landfill or the ocean.
Slam Poetry Club (used to be Spoken Word Poetry Club) (Also, my phone glitched out and won't let me click on the "yes" button but yes, we are a returning club. :) )
Ekta Daryani
Competitive/performance poetry. We learn the art of using poetry to empower our voices, and also go to open mics and perform.
Jessica Carvalheira
We will be watching poetry by other artists & learning how the art works. Club members write their own poetry, we help each other workshop the poems both writing-wise and performance-wise, and also go to open mics to perform them.
Sock Squad
Annysa Sarne, Emma Stivers
Celebration of crazy socks. Organize dress up days and sock donations
annysapsarne@gmail.comMr. Busboom
Begin with getting to know everyone. Do some games. Have a sock raffle. Hold a few sock donation drives. Promote #funkysockfri. Have fun holiday themed days.
Spanish ClubLauren O'Grady
The Spanish club has been a club at SRV for many many years. Members will meet once a month to learn more about spanish culture or just enjoy some chips and salsa!
Over the year, I want to spend the first meeting introducing everyone and picking officers. Second - fourth meetings I want to increase the number of club participants and get everyone excited about spanish! The next meeting will be about the Pulsera Project, and the last meeting will be a big celebration.
SRV Engineering Club
Andrew Hanze
The SRV Engineering club is a place for new and experienced engineers to put their skills to monthly projects and lessons. Meeting 2-3 times a month, we will cover different fields of engineering and show how it affects the modern world through projects. As each month goes on, the more difficult the projects get.
Matthew Robison
R40/Auto RoomWednesday
Each month we will dedicate a different type of engineering to our club, going from simple projects to more advanced ones. They can be group based and individualized.
SRV Make A WishMurron Hendriks
The club raises money for the Make A Wish Bay Area foundation. It allows for terminally ill children to live through one of their dreams and wishes before they can’t anymore. Our purpose is to make fundraisers to attain money for these children.
hendriksmur@gmail.comJeffrey Davis
I would like to organize at least 3 to 4 fundraisers throughout the year. One of my big goals this year is to organize a fundraiser with a local business.
Tiffany Lewis & Amanda Quattro
SRV Unicef Club is a fundraising club sponsored by the UNICEF USA Organization. Our main goal is to educate, fundraise and build friendships on campus.
Jessica Carvalheira
SRV Unicef Club will be hosting multiple fundraisers each semester. Our goal is one fundraiser a month. We plan to host a talent show to raise money for water to be sent to an impoverished country. We are also considering hosting a car wash fundraiser. We will be collaborating with other clubs on campus such as, Interact and Film Club. Our main goal for this year to create relationships on campus and raise a significant amount of money. We will also be educating our members on different events occurring across the world.
SRVHS Robotics Club ( FRC Team 1280(
Radhika Gawde
A FIRST Robotics Challenge (FRC) Team that teaches club-members mechanical, electrical, business, coding, and CAD skills. Club-members will have the opportunity to join the travel team that competes at 2 season and 1 off-season competition.
rgawde2020@gmail.comMr. Seabury
Tuesdays and Thursdays Lunch and after school during off season and Everyday after school during build season
The club/team's goal is to train members, fund raise, grant write, and re-build our previous season's robot for the off-season competition. During build season we will design, build, code, and a robot in six weeks as well as submit for awards, and spread STEM in our communities through outreach events in order to try to advance to and compete in the FIRST Robotics World Championships in Houston and St. Louis.
SRVHS STEM ClubAnvita Sharma, Tatum Hall
SRVHS Stem club is an outreach club that goes on field trips to Perez elementary multiple times a year to teach basic science concepts and do a science experiment with the children. These projects both help SRVHS students by imparting a sense of confidence and leadership and especially Perez elementary schoolers who are given an opportunity to show their curiosity in and learn about science and they otherwise might not have.
Mrs. Kristina Koster
Every monday of the month and at least 2 more days for the-day-before-field-trip-prep
At STEM club we hope to have a meeting each month for the purpose of brainstorming ideas for field trips we will go on to educate Perez elementary school students. These projects will include a mini-lesson based on a different letter of STEM each month that we will plan the Monday before the field trips.
SRVHS Surf Club
Grace Wisenor & Toby Afdahl
We are students that want people to Surf! The school year can be stressful, but being out in the ocean takes all the stresses away. There are some talented surfers at our school as well, and it would be very cool to have an organized place where they can surf with all of their friends from school.
sr.gwisenor@students.srvusd.net sr.tafdahl@students.srvusd.net
Mr. Bird
We (the leadership of our club) will have regular meetings where we discuss the wave reports and figure out a good time that month for a surf trip. We will send out a Remind message on a Monday, and have a meeting for all those available on that same Friday. The next day (Saturday morning, we will meet at the school parking lot with our rental van, and load up all the students. We will have a truck for boards and wet suits along with a van, or large SUV for the students involved to ride in. We have parent drivers approved and fingerprinted by the school district, no student at SRV will have to drive on a trip with our club (unless they want to drive themselves) We will surf and hang out on the beach for 3-4 hours and then get a late lunch somewhere on 41st ave. Santa Cruz. we may have tmes where we stay later and do a bonfire on the beach, and we may have times where we surf, eat, and head straight home. It will be great!
Table Top Club
Austin Rathkamp and Mitchell Kanazawa
We meet during lunch and play board games (not like Monopoly, more like Settlers of Catan). We may do after school meetings in order to play longer games.
mtsu.kana@gmail.com arathkamp@gmail.com
Savannah Heupel
We will start the year with short, 5-10 minute board games during lunch. As the year progresses, we want to hold after school meetings to play 1-2 hour games and maybe run some role playing games, too.
Teen Advocacy Health and Wellness Club
Shelby Falahat and Shivani Bharadwaj
This clubs goal is to teach it's members that their health is most important. The club will be teaching members how to take care of themselves as well as provide a safe environment for all members to express their thoughts and/or concerns.
Mrs. Rossi
A general idea of the clubs year-long plan would be that the first few weeks of the club we would get to know each other to feel comfortable around one another. After, we will choose certain health topics to discuss during the club for the next few months. We will also occasionally do "speak out" sessions in order to check up on our members. Overall, we will have topics of discussion followed by a check in with our members, however, we will also be open to members sharing their options/ ideas to the club.
The Breakfast Club
Wyatt Donaldson, Cole Heathorn, Riley Brown
To provide breakfast food in the quad at certain times during the month.
tenderbagel@gmail.comMr. Busboom
Busboom’s R22Mondays
During finals week, students are united when parents and faculty provide breakfast for the young test takers. We aim to provide this sense of comradery by handing out free breakfasts to all students and teachers at SRV on weekday mornings.
The eSports ClubJayden Lopez
Club centered around organizing teams and competitions for video games. Meant for other gamers to meet new friends and get better at their favorite video games.
Matthew Robison
R-40September 10th
My goals for the year are to create an efficient way to set up school competitions, organize trips to go to gaming events, and establish a positive environment for students to share their passions and improve at their favorite video games.
The field hockey club
Sanya Khan
The field hockey club will expose SRV to this unique sport. In this club, you will be able to learn and play field hockey!
Sanyayk@aol.comMrs. Libby
Yoga roomFridays
During summer I met with some of my teammates and parents from the field hockey club I play with, East Bay Field Hockey Association. We had a meeting and discussed creating high school clubs in the East Bay Area, to eventually have club tournaments and clinics. During the year I am going to be working with other field hockey clubs from other schools to organize this. In order to do so, I need to recruit enough members who would be interested. Also, we need to find a space to play at and at a convenient location. During club meetings, we would watch field hockey related videos, I would teach the club some skills, and we could even start playing! I may also be applying for a grant to get field hockey supplies like sticks and balls for members to play with!
The Movie ClubCayden Lumbad
The Movie Club is a club where students can enjoy the art of film. This club is for both the casual film goer or film buffs.
caydenlumbad@gmail.comMr. Davis
The first meeting will discuss what the club plans on doing every week and club members fill out a form that tells us what movies they want to watch. Then, every week, we watch films in 30 minute chunks at lunch. Once the movie is finished, we will discuss the film.
UTF (United Tutors of the Future)
Alex Strauch
The UTF Club is a volunteering club where we will work with and tutor younger students in underprivileged areas. The club is for passionate students and leaders who are looking to better their communities and change lives through teaching and tutoring.
a2strauch@gmail.comSra. Herron
I hope to partner with other clubs to offer incentives to volunteer such as hours or certificates. I also would like to work with Dougherty Valley High School, who is in the process of creating this same club there, to partner with their sister school in Oakland to create a more consistent schedule of volunteering (2x month visits). I would like to work with schools in other areas, as well, and offer drives to help support the schools with needed school supplies. At the end of the year I hope to have 3 schools of partnership where we communicate in person 2x/month and have video calls 2x/month as well.
Walk for ScottKennedy Rivera
The Walk for Scott Club will create and host events to raise money for several causes throughout the year. The cause will change every two to three months, and the money raised throughout the time period will be donated to the specific cause.
krivera17@comcast.netGiana Lillig
This year, I want to create fundraising events, and after two to three months of hosting events, the club will donate the money raised to a specific cause. The cause will change every two to three months. The members of this club will be informed of and be able to sign up to participate in different events. The club will meet monthly, and be informed of new information about the club, as well as brainstorm possible events and causes. This club may also attend and help different communities through volunteering.
WE Charity ClubElla Foster, Olivia Clayton
The WE Charity Club is focuses on youth empowerment and supporting a local and a global cause to help break the cycle of poverty and make a positive impact on our community. We work together to carry out various fundraisers and spread awareness for a cause chosen by club members each year. Past causes have included supporting a village in Haiti, food drives, growing vegetables for the local food bank, and walking dogs to help out a local animal rescue.
ellakfoster1202@gmail.comGianna Lillig
TBD - once weekly at lunch
At the beginning, we will take a vote on what we want to support as our local cause. Depending on what the cause is, we will plan a variety of community events throughout the year. For example, last year our local cause was hunger, so we organized food drives at school and participated in harvesting fruit through Urban Farmers. Our global cause has stayed the same, and we will continue to support a village in Haiti called Dos Palaís, raising money for a pillar of sustainable development that we will vote on as a club. We will carry out multiple fundraisers throughout the year, including selling handmade crafts at local craft fairs. Our biggest goal for this year is to organize a WE Walk for Water event in April, in which students will be able to simulate the walk to and from a river that many young girls have to make to collect water. This event will also be a fundraiser, as participants can donate, and all proceeds will go towards building wells to provide villages in developing communities with clean water.
Wolves of Wallstreet
Jack Wilkerson, Chris Bruns, Rico Guevara
Our mission is to influence future entrepreneurs and business leaders from San Ramon Valley High School, and to immerse students in real life success stories from a variety of experienced professionals.
Robin Velasquez
At meetings, we will host experienced professionals from a variety of fields. They will come and give a little speech, then we can do Q and A with questions about their career and life story. Basically speakers come in a career day like setting.
Women in Aviation Olivia Friedl
Women in Aviation will be a club to promote aviation to interested girls at San Ramon and expose them to what it takes to be a pilot. The club will provide an introduction to basic aviation concepts such as aerodynamics, radio communications and airport procedures. Also, we will talk about the difficulties and prejudices females face in the field of aviation.
olivia.friedl@gmail.comKelley Isom
The last Wednesday of each month
I will begin the year sharing my experience with aviation and explaining the process of getting a private pilot's license. I will give club members information and requirements for the FAA flight exams as well as sharing some of my crazy personal stories about my experience. As the year progresses I will show various videos/documentaries about important women in aviation and teach members about various aviation concepts. Along the way I will create fun activities like paper airplane contests and kahoot games. Hopefully at least once in the year I will be able to organize an optional club field trip to Livermore Airport and we can visit the jet center and watch aircraft land/takeoff.
Young America's Foundation
Scott Van Hoesen
YAF is a national organization for young conservatives who want to be involved in politics. This is a great way to spread awareness about political issues from a conservative view point and to create a community of people with like minded political ideas.
scottvh@pacbell.netMr. Busboom
We will meet every other week to discuss current political events and raise awareness about political issues. We may attempt to have debates or other functions depending on the club turnout and desire for participation.
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