Country-level procurement disclosure
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OECD data verification from national experts (PRACTICE)Open Government Partnership (shall search for contracts too!)
Laws and policiesGeneral information for potential biddersSelection and evaluation criteriaContract awardSpecific guidance on application proceduresTender documentsProcurement plan of anticipated tendersJustification for awarding contract to selected contractorContract modificationsTracking procurement spendingName of person/sourceOrganizationCentral DatabaseLink to databaseHow procurement information publishedData formatsIndivdiaul doc or bulk data?Laws and policiesGeneral information for potential biddersSelection and evaluation criteriaInfo about other biddersContract awardSpecific guidance on application proceduresTender documentsProcurement plan of anticipated tendersJustification for awarding contract to selected contractorContract modificationsTracking procurement spendingInformation on Contract ImplementationSuspension/ Debarment ProcedureIs information about debarred companies made available?Link to LawCivil Society Tools that rely on Procurement dataComments/Notes (sic)Action plan availableCommitments on procurementsHas Suspension/Debarment proceduresS&D data publicly available?Information on other biddersCivil society toolsURL for the national procurement registerData formats availablePrimary CSO contact
AlbaniaNo----------Armand BrahajAlbanian Institute of ScienceYes, but it`s incomplete and does not include all tender documents. Paper Files, Digital files (online)PDFsNot available at allSometimesAlwaysalwaysNeverAlwaysAlwaysSometimesNeverSomtimesSometimesNeverUpon requestNoNo (Open Data Albania)You guys rock!YesIn 2009 Albania was the first country in the world that carried out a mandatory electronic procurement system for all public sector procurements above the threshold of 3000 Euros. For implementing this project, our country received the second prize of the 2010 UN Public Service Award for excellence in age 8 of 8 public service. This e-procurement platform is a web-based application that enables secure transactions between Albanian public institutions and national and international business. This system provides a secure and transparent administration for the preparation of all tender documents, thus avoiding unnecessary paperwork and providing data about the entire process (
This year, the Public Procurement Agency will implement the electronic system of all agreements and develop electronic concessions procedures until the opening phase of the offerings.
Open Data Albania
CroatiaNo----------Marko RakarVjetrenjačaYes files, Digital files (online)Text file formats (TXT, DOC, ODT, etc.), PDFsIndividual documents only AlwaysAlwaysAlwaysNeverAlwaysAlwaysAlwaysAlwaysUpon RequestAlwaysSometimesNeverNo of this responses are theoretical, which means that by law institutions are required to publish all information but that does not mean that this is followed also, public procurement site is subscription based, content there is time limited and unsearchableYesEnactment of the Public Procurement Act (Official Gazette 90/2011) has improved transparency in all phases of public procurement. In order to raise the level of transparency in the process of executing public contracts, all public authority bodies are obliged to announce information about concluded public procurement contracts and their execution. Due to the additional efforts of a few civil society organisations, it is now possible to access information on all executed and advertised public procurement procedures in Croatia.
On the website provide a consolidated and publicly available list oflinks to individual “Registers of public procurement contracts and framework agreements”which were published individually.
Publish public procurement contracts and framework agreements concluded by the Central Procurement Office on the Office’s website. Rakar, Windmill
GeorgiaNo---------Mathias HuterTransparency International GeorgiaYesttps:// files (online)PDFsIndividual documents onlyAlwaysAlways AlwaysAlwaysAlwaysAlwaysAlwaysAlwaysAlwaysAlways AlwaysSometimesYesYes data above refers to contracts that are procured using a centralized electronic platform, which was about 55% of all contracts (in terms of value) in 2012. In 2011, that rate was higher, but it went down last year for political reasons. There are a bunch of exceptions and loopholes in Georgian procurement legislation that allow different government actors to avoid the transparent electronic process, but most contracts that are procured without a competitive tender are now also published on the e-platform (you have to register for a free account to see them). Similarly, you have blacklisted and whitelisted companies on the website, you have a dispute resolution broad (we are one of the members) which publishes all its decisions online within 10 working days after a complaint is filed. Complaints against a tender procedure can be filed by anybody on the procurement website by filling out a form, which then freezes the process. YesBefore 2003 public procurement was the safe haven of corrupt agreements in Georgia. This system was abandoned and a new platform for public procurement was introduced: Public procurement can be conducted exclusively online. There is zero possibility of corruption as the bidding process is being carried out online on the web-site and any interested party can follow it. The competitiveness is fully guaranteed. In order to maximise transparency, a Dispute Resolution Board was created with civil society being equally represented together with public officials.
This innovative approach gave the State the possibility to save 202 million GEL of public money that amounts to 14% of the procurement budget. It is planned to further fine-tune the system and find new ways of balancing criteria of price and quality and improve the analytical module of the system.  
The Georgian Government uses an online platform and online bidding for auctions as well: The principles are the same: full transparency, accessibility and equal competition. It is envisaged to make the e-auction system more user-friendly. 
TI Georgia
RussiaNo----------alwaysalwaysSometimesalwaysalwaysalwaysAlwaysSometimessometimessometimesNo-Yes, 94-ФЗ (94 federal law) (Resource: Ivan Kovelanko)Yes, but connected to contracts, has no separate dataset (Resource: Ivan Kovelanko) Http:// Kovalenko
UruguayNo----------Fabrizio ScrolliniD.A.T.AYes but it's incomplete and does not include all tender documentswww.comprasestatales.gub.uyPaper files, Digital files (not online), Digital files (online)Machine readable formats (CSV, XML, JSON, etc.), Some info is still in texfile formats.Some documents are available as bulk dataAlwaysAlwaysSometimesSometimesAlwaysAlwaysAlwaysNeverupon requestUpon requestUpon requestNeverYes of the main challenges is that information might be incomplete, or that is not updated. Furthermore the database mostly covers the central administration meaning not all public expenditure goes through the portal. As a result it is not possible to obtain actual expenditure through this website.YesNoneFabrizio Scrollini
Chile NoalwaysalwayssometimesalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwayssometimesalwaysPedro DaireFundacion Cuidado InteligenteYeshttp://www.mercadopublico.clDigital files (online)Text file formats (TXT, DOC, ODT, etc.), PDFs, htmlIndividual documents only, Some documents are available as bulk dataAlwaysAlwaysAlwaysAlwaysAlwaysAlwaysAlwaysAlwaysUpon requestYes'm ft unanswered the ones I wasn't sure.YesCommitments in SpanishCiudadano Inteligente
Italy Yesalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysupon requestalwaysupon requestErnesto BelisarioItalian Open Government ObservatoryYes, but it's incomplete and does not include all tender documents. files, Digital files (online)Text file formats (TXT, DOC, ODT, etc.), PDFsIndividual documents onlyAlwaysAlwaysAlwaysUpon requestAlwaysAlwaysAlwaysSometimesUpon requestSometimesSometimesUpon requestYes No;163!vig=Italy does not have a FOIA and so much information is available only upon request of another bidderYesNoneDiritto di Sipare
Japan Yesalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysupon requestHiroichi KawashimaOKF JapanYes files (online) Text file format (TXT, DOC, ODT, etc.), PDFsIn many cases, perforamcne recrods are not available even as individual documentsAlwaysAlwaysAlwaysSometimesAlwaysAlwaysAlwaysSometimesAlwaysAlwaysUpon requestUpon requestYes Yes for the question "Is basic information about other bidders available?", it depends in the procurement practices in Japan. If it is the case where the tender is quality-basis, the procuring agency will announce who have participated in the bid when the bidders have completed their registrations. However, it is a simple cost-basis procurement, information about other bidders is not available through the tender process to avoid the conspiracy behind the scene. No-OKF Japan
Poland Yesalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysupon requestnot availableMagdalena SiowanowiczeePaństwo FoundationYes files, Digital files (online)Text file formats (TXT, DOC, ODT, etc.), PDFsAlways available as bulk data AlwaysAlwaysAlwaysAlwaysAlwaysAlwaysAlwaysSometimesAlwaysAlwaysSometimesSometimesYesYes
SpainYesalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysnot availableEva BelmonteCivioYes, but it's incomplete and does not include all tender documentswww.contrataciondelestado.esDigital files (online)PDFsIndividual documents onlyAlwaysAlwaysAlwaysNeverSometimesAlwaysAlwaysSometimesSometimesSometimesNeverNeverYes No ( have been active since 2009 in promoting the release of public procurement data as open data at a EU level. You can find further information in euroalert blog:

Some resources contributed by euroalert:
YesNoneMembers from two different countries submitted responses.Civio, Access Info Europe
UkraineNoalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysupon requestnot availablenot availableOleksiy ShalayskiyNGO "Nashi Groshi"Yes, but it`s incomplete and does not include all tender documents. files, Digital files (online)Text file formats (TXT, DOC, ODT, etc.), PDFsIndividual documents onlyAlwaysAlwaysAlwaysNeverAlwaysAlwaysAlwaysUpon requestAlwaysNeverNeverNeverNo of a mechanism for electronic governmental procurement with a view to ensure transparency and integrity of governmental procurement.Center UA
United KingdomYesalwaysalwaysnot availablealwaysalwaysnot availablealwayssometimesnot availablenot availableIan MakgillTiconYes, but it`s incomplete and does not include all tender documents. files (onlline)Machine readable formats (CSV, XML, JSON, etc.)Some documents are available as bulk dataAlwaysAlwaysSometimesNeverSometimesAlwaysAlwaysSometimesNever Upon requestSometimesUpon requestYes No're building an opendata portal which will publish all of the EU procurement data. We're launching a private beta in a couple of weeks, if you're interested to join the beta, please contact me via email.YesAltered procurement rules to ensure that data created by government is stored in IT systems which minimise the cost and difficulty of publishing data online;OKFN
Germany Yesalwaysalwayssometimessometimesnot availablesometimesnot availablenot availablenot availablenot availableFriedrich LindenbergKnight-MozillaNo files, Digital files (online)Text file formats (TXT, DOC, ODT, etc.), PDFsIndividual documents onlyAlwaysAlways AlwaysSometimesSometimes AlwaysUpon requestSometimesUpon requestAlways SometimesUpon requestYesNo of the inconsistencies in the Answers are caused by federal differences & inconsistencies between the types of data covered by EU regulation and those that are only subject to national/state law.No-Friedrich Lindenberg (OKFN)
Netherlands Yesalwayssometimessometimessometimessometimessometimessometimessometimessometimesnot availableBrugmanInQuestYeswww.tenderned.nlDigital files (online)Text file formats (TXT, DOC, ODT, etc.), PDFsAlways available as bulk dataAlwaysAlwaysAlwaysSometimesSometimesAlwaysAlwaysAlwaysAlwaysSometimesSometimesNeverYesNo
United States Yesalwaysalwayssometimessometimessometimessometimessometimesnot availableupon requestsometimesKaitlin DevineSunlight FoundationYes, but it's incomplete and does not include all tender documents. fbo.govDigital files (not online) HTML, CSV for awarded procurementsSome documents are available as bulk dataAlwaysAlwaysUpon requestNeverSometimesAlwaysSometimesUpon requestupon requestSometimesSometimesUpon requestYes Yes Foundation
Greece Yesalwaysalwaysalwaysalwayssometimesalwayssometimesalwaysnot availablenot availableElsa AdimantidouPublic Procurement Monitoring UnitsYes, but it's incomplete and dont not include all tender files, Digital files (online), Official JournalText file formats (TXT, DOC, ODT, etc.)Individual documents onlyAlwaysAlways AlwaysUpon requestAlwaysNeverAlwaysNeverUpon requestSometimesAlwaysAlwaysYes Nowww.ggde.grOne other source availableYesOperate e-procurement information system: The Greek government has acquired the necessary e-procurement information system, in order to unify and centrally manage the procurement process for all ministries. The software is currently being installed, while at the same time a business process re-engineering project is running. In one year the system will be operational covering part of project scope. In two years the system will be fully operational, covering all ministries.
Publicize Public Sector procurement information: Information pertaining to the procurement cycle of all public sector entities and organization will be posted to a pre-specified site ( The information recording will start from the initial expression of necessity and will continue up to the moment of procurement completion and payment.
Members from two different countries submitted responses.TI Greece
ColombiaNo----------CORPORACIÓN TRANSPARENCIA POR COLOMBIAYes,1082251&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTALDigital files (online)PDFsIndividual documents only AlwaysAlwaysSometimesUpon requestSometimesSometimesSometimesAlwaysSometimesSometimesAlwaysAlwaysYesNo,1106253&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL procurement. As a means for greater transparency and efficiency in public contracts, and given the recent creation of the agency Colombia Compra Eficiente, public policy mechanisms and instruments will be implemented to organize and articulate public procurement, establish reference prices, and determine price framework agreements, amongst other things.Transparencia por Colombia
Czech Republic YesalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwayssometimessometimessometimessometimesJitka NovakovaTransparency International - Czech RepublicYes, but it`s incomplete and does not include all tender documents. files (not online), Digital files (online)Text file formats (TXT, DOC, ODT, etc.), PDFs, xlsSome documents are available as bulk dataUpon requestSometimesSometimesSometimesSometimesSometimesSometimesUpon requestUpon requestSometimesSometimesSometimesYesYes of the inconsistencies in the Answers are caused by federal differences & inconsistencies between the types of data covered by EU regulation and those that are only subject to national/state law.

This is somewhat best effort, it may be worth pinging to get a better sense of the procedures - even though I doubt they are very data-savy.
YesMajor advances were made in rendering public administration processes in the Czech Republic more transparent in 2011 through the implementation of one of the Strategy tasks relating to the fairness of public procurement by strengthening the transparency of, and equal access to, public tenders. The goal was also to ensure access to information during the entire public procurement process (including identifying processes where the public can participate in decision-making), from the drafting of the tender to the evaluation of whether the contract has been fulfilled, etc. Transparency International Czech Republic
Hungary YesalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysSandor LedererK-monitorYes, but it's incomplete and does not include all tender documentswww.kozbeszerzes.huPaper files, Digital files (online)Text file formats (TXT, DOC, ODT, etc.), PDFsIndividual documents onlyAlwaysAlwaysAlwaysSometimesSometimesSometimesSometimesSometimesSometimesSometimesSometimesSometimesYesNo (not launched yet)K-Monitor
BulgariaYes----------Kalin SlavovTransparency International - BulgariaYes,1082251&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTALPaer files, Digital Files (online)PDFs Individual documents onlyAlwaysAlwaysAlwaysSometimesAlwaysUpon requestUpon requestSometimesNeverSometimesUpon requestNeverNo,1106253&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL Procurement Portal – centralized information system (
This site provides public access to all aspects of public procurement by applying publicity and transparency practices.
TI Bulgaria
UgandaJoseph Elunyamedia initiative for open government in UgandaNoNot publishedNot available at allSometimesUpon RequestNeverUpon requestUpon requestUpon requestUpon requestNeverNeverNeverNoNoThere's very limited open data currently in uganda
ArmeniaYes----------YesTo ensure transparency, accountability and lawfulness of public procurement, the government embarked on improving further the existing procurement system and enhancing the institutional capacity of public procurement bodies. It is planned to introduce a reporting system by the authorized body to disclose more detailed information about procurements made by contracting entities. Additionally, to minimize the risks of conflicts of interests and exercise better control over compliance with public procurement procedures, it is planned to develop code of conduct for procurement officials. Meanwhile, continuous training and development programs will be developed and introduced. Also, by the end of 2013 it is planned to fully implement and ensure effective use of e-procurement systems to enhance transparency and competition in public procurement. The official websites and will be improved in order to function more effectively and provide complete information on procurement procedures.TI Armenia
CyprusYes----------No-Transparency Cyrpus
El SalvadorNo----------YesCommitments in Spanish.
"When the current government took office in 2009, the executive leadership, citizenship had only the Law on Procurement and Contracts Public Administration (LACAP) and the Ethics in Government Act (LEG) and legal mechanisms to demand transparency. It is clear that while these laws are important, are insufficient to achieve effectiveness in achieving its purpose of reducing corruption and creating accountability. Under this assumption, the current government in an effort to complement these instruments, has been developing a series of new procedures and tools (see attached document "Steps and tools anticorruption and transparency implemented by the Government of President Mauricio Funes in the period 2009 to 2011"
GuatemalaNo----------This is somewhat best effort, it may be worth pinging to get a better sense of the procedures - even though I doubt they are very data-savy.YesCommitments in SpanishTI Guatemala
HondurasNo----------YesCommitments in Spanish?
Hong KongYes----------No-?
IndonesiaNo----------YesGovernment procurement has been identified as a high risk corruption area by Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK). Number of complaints and disputes in procurement are high due to processes that are not transparent and lack of procurement monitoring by the public. TI Indonesia
JordanNo----------YesEnhancing e-services: E-Government (e-government portal), E-Procurement and E-Services.
KenyaNo----------YesTransparency is a high priority for the Kenyan Government. Transparency must be encouraged in both national and local governments, especially in development projects and project expenditures. Large amounts of funds are returned to Treasury every fiscal year due to lack of efficiency. Kenya is working to improve public finance management in the hope of strengthening systems of procurement and spending.Open Institute Kenya
LatviaYes----------YesInformation on the announced public procurement, contracts awarded and other related information is also available on the internet.TI Latvia
LithuaniaYes----------YesNoneTI Lithuania
MacedoniaNo----------YesContinue the good record in transparency and openness of eprocurement and standardize the data to be qualified as open TI Macedonia
MaltaYes----------YesImplementing a Government-wide eProcurement system. Procurement procedures should incorporate a balance between simplification, transparency and accountability. This could be achieved through better use of electronic means and more openness in tender evaluation.?
MoldovaNo----------YesCommon Procurement Vocabulary – In 2011 the Government of Moldova adopted a Regulation on the Common Procurement Vocabulary. In August 2012, The Public Procurement Agency will start implementing the regulation according to a strategy currently being elaborated. This will ensure the respect of principles of an efficient use of public resources as well as it will consolidate public procurement transparency.
Developing the public procurement application. An application based on the digital archive of the public procurement data will be developed and launched to promote a better understanding and greater transparency of public procurements. 
Increasing transparency of public procurement. Implementation of e-procurement in the public sector
 Transparent information on public procurement. All the complete annual procurement plans, individual procurement notices, and information on attribution and signing of contracts will be published online on time with free access for all citizens.
· Public Procurement Agency, Central public administration authorities, State Chancellery II Trimester III, 2012
 Developing the State Registry of Public Procurement. The Electronic Information System "State Registry of Public Procurement" will be developed and piloted. The Assistance Center for Procurement Agency will be established to strengthen capacity of using the electronic information system. Additionally, relevant public servants and users of e-procurement will be trained on the procedures on how to use this procurementinformation system and indicators and methodology for transparency of public procurement will be developed. The legal framework will be adjusted to allow for electronic procurement.
TI Moldova
MontenegroNo----------YesPublic procurement – Regulatory framework has been improved by the adoption of the Law on Public Procurement aimed at full harmonisation with European standards in the area of public procurement and full efficiency, competitiveness and transparency of the public procurement procedure. In view of improving the procedure for corruption reporting to the Public Procurement Directorate by third parties, campaigns and seminars are continuously organised, and a hotline for corruption reporting has been open. In order to provide for the access to all relevant documents the website of the Public Procurement Directorate and portal of the Public Procurement Administration are regularly updated, on daily basis and all relevant documents (invitations, plans, decisions, contracts and annexes to contracts) are posted on The control of the public procurement procedure and particularly the negotiating procedure still remains a challenge.

Public procurement Help desk (...)

Activity “how corruption distorts the public procurement process” (...)

Establishing central public procurement bodies (...)

Electronic public procurement system – A conceptual design for the project of assistance, within a framework agreement to be financed by the Delegation of the European Commission to Montenegro called “Strengthening of the Public Procurement System in Montenegro” is submitted, covering improvement of the Law on Public Procurement in the segment of municipal services sector, institutional framework and strengthening administrative capacities of the Public Procurement Administration (trainings), consolidation of public procurements or implementation of the public procurement procedure by another contracting authority, as well as a solution for development of the technical specification geared towards the introduction of an electronic public procurement system.
ParaguayNo----------YesCommitments in Spanish?
PeruNo----------YesCommitments in SpanishTI Peru
PhilippinesNo----------YesElectronic Procurement – The Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System (PhilGEPS), which started in 2000, is mandated by law as the central electronic portal for government procurement. Key features of PhilGEPS at present include an electronic bulletin board for posting of procurement activities, notices and awards; a registry of more than 47,000 suppliers; automatic bid matching of opportunities with possible suppliers; and a virtual store of common-use supplies available from the Procurement Service, the government’s bulk buyer.TI Philippines
RomaniaYes----------YesThe Public Procurement Electronic System (SEAP): The SEAP portal will expand in order to technically integrate the legal provisions governing the public – private partnership. By assuming this commitment, the Government intends to bring substantial enhancements to the portal by the end of
2012, which may allow for:
- access of public institutions and economic contractors to the on-line public
procurement process;
- tracking the public procurement process;
- standardized procurement procedures applicable to public authorities;
- the possibility for any entity to audit the procurement process;
- unrestricted access to the procurement documents published by the public
TI Romania
South AfricaNo----------YesNone?
TanzaniaNo----------YesCommitments not available?
Belgium Yesalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysnot availableNo-TI Belgium
Canada Yesalwaysalwaysupon requestalwaysalwaysupon requestnot availableupon requestalwaysnot availableYesNoneOpen North, TI Canada
EgyptNoalwaysalwaysalwayssometimesalwaysalwaysnot availablenot availablesometimesnot availableNo-?
Estonia Yesalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysupon requestalwaysalwaysupon requestalwaysYesOnline guidelines on the use of the document of Good Practice of Public Procurement has been drawn up and relevant training has been carried out.TI Estonia
France Yesalwaysalwaysalwayssometimesalwayssometimessometimesupon requestalwaysupon requestNo-Regardes Citoyen, TI France
Iceland Yesalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysupon requestNo-?
Mexico NoalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwayssometimesalwaysYesCommitments in SpanishTransparencia Mexico
Slovak Republic Yesalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysupon requestsometimesnot availablealwaysnot availableAlwaysupon requestAlwaysYesNone
TI Slovakia, Fair-play Alliance
South KoreaYesalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysYesIn terms of public procurement, Korea’s Online Procurement System, a single gateway, was formed by digitalizing government procurement procedures and integrating related services. Through the Online Procurement System, entire procurement procedure is processed online and information on participating agencies is disclosed to the public. With a one-time registration, all agencies can take part in any bidding processes, ensuring greater administrative efficiency and transparency in procurement transactionsTI South Korea
SwedenYesalwaysalwayssometimessometimesalwayssometimessometimessometimesnot availablenot availableYesNoneTI Sweden
Switzerland Yesalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysnot availablealwaysnot availablesometimesNo-TI Switzerland
Turkey Noalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysalwayssometimesupon requestupon requestalwaysYesThe Public Procurement Act dated 22.01.2002, which aims to ensure transparency, free competition, equal treatment, reliability, confidentiality, public supervision in tenders; as well as the establishment of the Public Procurement Authority, which has administrative and financial autonomy, and is tasked with reviewing and ruling on complaints against actions taken by the administration regarding whether relevant legislation have been followed from the start of the tender to the signing of the contract, and to provide training related to procurement legislation, as well as to ensure national and international coordination.
The electronic public procurement system will first be tested in the acquisition of medical devices and of general consumable goods which have been determined as the pilot areas of study. This system will make bidding and evaluation electronically possible, but will also necessitate changes in regulations and hard/soft ware procurement. In the future this system will be applied in other sectors. We will update and upgrade the system in compliance with the feedback from public institutions, active bidders and any legislative amendments that may take place.
Australia Noalwayssometimessometimesalwayssometimessometimesalwaysupon requestsometimesalwaysNo-TI Australia
Austria Noalwayssometimessometimessometimessometimessometimessometimesnot availablesometimesnot availableNo-TI Austria
Denmark Yesalwaysalwayssometimessometimessometimessometimesalwayssometimessometimesnot availableYesNoneTI Denmark
Finland Yesalwaysalwaysalwaysalwayssometimesupon requestsometimesalwaysnot availablenot availableYesNoneTI Finland
IrelandYesalwaysalwaysalwayssometimessometimesalwaysalwayssometimessometimesnot availableNo-TI Ireland
Israel Yesalwayssometimesalwayssometimessometimesalwayssometimesupon requestalwaysnot availableYesNoneHasadna
Luxembourg Yesalwaysalwaysalwayssometimessometimesalwayssometimesupon requestupon requestsometimesNo-TI Luxembourg
Norway Yesalwayssometimessometimessometimessometimesupon requestalwaysupon requestupon requestupon requestYesNoneTI Norway
Portugal YesalwayssometimessometimessometimessometimessometimessometimessometimessometimessometimesNo-TI Portugal
Slovenia Yesalwayssometimessometimessometimessometimessometimessometimesupon requestsometimesupon requestNo-TI Slovenia
Brazil Noalwaysalwaysalwaysalwaysupon requestalwaysnot availableupon requestalwaysalwaysYesCommitments in PortugueseContas Albertas, Transparencia Brasil
New ZealandNoalwaysupon requestalwaysalwaysupon requestalwaysalwaysupon requestupon requestnot availableNo-TI New Zealand