TimestampParents' NameEmail AddressPhone NumberAgeDate of BirthGenderSkill LevelNotesChild's NameEmail Address
11/7/2019 11:46:52Marta Aldaz4086790719503/26/2014FemaleRecreationalShe is a great dibbler and runner !!! Very fit kid and loves to play soccer.Isabel
11/6/2019 17:23:12Brandon & Kim Flickner925 896 69871005/18/2009MaleCompetitivePlayed Silver 1 in Fall of 2019. Ethan is primarily a GK. Went 5 weeks without letting in a goal (2 state cups games, 4 league games, and a tournament).

Would not have a problem playing the vast majority of the season in goal.

The kid just loves to play.
11/6/2019 16:56:26Veronica40864092051104/03/2008MaleCompetitiveDario has been playing soccer for seven years for Fusion and about 4 years indoor soccer experience. He is very competitive, hard worker, good team player, motivated, and loves soccer. His team has made it to the championships. I think my son is responsible in part for his leadership, team player attitude, and his fun personality. He usually plays first half goalie and second half forward. I have references from Dario's prior coaches if you need it. Thank you!
11/4/2019 21:13:03Julie Fox 925-518-3800/601/15/2013MaleRecreationalHe played his second year of soccer this past season with Fusion - recreational . He loves soccer and we are just looking for a fun continuance of the sport through the winter season.Zyler
11/4/2019 7:51:10Rajasekhar Reddy Lekkala40893006845 Years 5 Months06/20/2014MaleRecreationalTanush has been Livermore Fusion Soccer and he don't want to take break from soccer. We got to know that there is Silas Crawford Team under Coach Zac. he was playing under coach Zac and Nick. it will be great if there is any opening under this team. My kid will be happy to be part of this team.Tanush Reddy
11/1/2019 17:39:37David65023567601105/28/2008MaleCompetitiveDefender/Mid Fielder, 6 years experience, fusion
10/30/2019 1:36:50Ryan 312-813-7077412/25/2014MaleRecreationalHas played in Lil Kickers for a couple of sessions. Wants to continue playing.Bennett
10/27/2019 21:02:49Aydee cardenas925337360879/5/12MaleRecreational3 years played Axel
10/27/2019 7:04:56Amanda Kovarik 9253442734605/03/2017FemaleRecreational2 years recreational with fusionClaire Kovarik
10/25/2019 16:52:52Christine Salazar925-366-05771303/23/06FemaleCompetitiveNormally plays Defensive Mid or center Mid - open to playing whatever (no goalie)
Has played for 6-7 years, rec/select and 2 years comp
Good ball handling skills, aggressive play, loves playing indoor and would love to join a team.

10/23/2019 8:19:03Pritam 925-727-6111505/11/2014MaleRecreationalHello! Jaiveer has been in some sort of soccer class for the last 2 years, and has been part of little kickers for about 2 months. He’s active on the field scoring goals in his class and tackling. We’re looking for his first experience being on a team to really get a sense of how to further his skill set. He’s super excited to be joining a team, hopefully we can find a good fit! We are pretty flexible with schedules. Thanks!
10/20/2019 16:48:53hyeim jang4157935491804042012FemaleRecreational2years exprience.emma
10/13/2019 8:53:34Rick Lee9494139221709/11/2012MaleRecreationalOne season of BUSC under 8Lincoln
10/11/2019 19:31:24Melissa Bennett120981450241209/10/2007FemaleSelectSavannah has been playing Fusion Rec 4 yrs (team won last fall season and she played a big part) and now plays Fusion Select girls U13. She has played EB indoor 4 yrs as well. She is a strong defensive player with a big foot. Savannah
10/9/2019 18:55:32Courtney51032993351308/06/2006FemaleCompetitiveHI! This would be Jessi's first time playing indoor. She has just played outdoor for 9 years. She has mostly just played forward and a little half. She is open any days of the week to play. She is looking forward to trying indoor out!
10/1/2019 16:29:23Leonard Briones92535415451007/29/2009FemaleCompetitiveMy daughter plays on a comp silver/gold 2009 team. Just want to give her extra playing time and hoping to find a team with a need for a strong defender and very positive player who loves the game. Thanks for your time!
9/23/2019 21:47:53Laurie Blanco4084214781803/02/2011MaleSelectMason has played 3 years (6 seasons) of AYSO soccer. He's fast, quick with his feet, and loves to play defense. He is a team player and will help fill in the team skill gaps where needed. For example if the team is lacking in offense, he'll be a little more aggressive with the ball. If the team is lacking in defense he'll make sure the goal is protected. He needs to learn to be a little more aggressive when he plays offense but when he gets a fast break he often outruns opponents. If desired, I have videos of him playing last season as an 8U player. We are flexible with practice/game days. Mason
9/2/2019 14:13:11Javed4083964629607/26/2013MaleRecreationalGot 1:1 training from Calvin coach and we play soccer over the weekend for
7/29/2019 21:21:52Denise Santaromita 9257271192911/02/2009MaleRecreationalBasic skills and looking to grow more at competitive level. Likes a challenge and mostly attack position. Available to play any weekday after 530 pm except Thursdays, Saturdays after 12 and Sundays all day. He learned basic skills with Kids Love soccer at age of 5 and developed more at school during the last 3 years. Good runner and fast learner, great resistance due to karate class for last 3 years. Open to opportunities.Matthew Nieto
5/21/2019 15:19:56Dan Freeman9253373822902/17/2010FemaleSelectLizzie has played 3 years of rec w Rage. She made the All Star team every year. Rage wants her to play Comp but we don't want that kind of commitment with one sport. She's only 9 years old! They pressed hard when she was 8 but we always turned them down. She's pretty dominant in rec but we want her playing multiple sports and to just have fun. She plays CCOP basketball (when in season) and tennis twice a week, when it doesn't conflict with soccer or basketball. She's a natural athlete but a sweet little girl. Very caring, great team player. She always tries to help her teammates score. Great passer. Can see the field well. Knows how to use her body position when playing soccer or basketball. Hoping to find her a team to play with when Rage isn't in season. She will move up to Flight this year. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. Best regards, DanElizabeth
5/8/2019 18:30:35Ebad Mobaligh41564055521503/14/04FemaleCompetitiveForward. Can only play on Wednesday.Emon
4/22/2019 12:54:41Carmela4083842185512/02013FemaleCompetitivePlayed little tickets micro
3/2/2019 9:40:39Connie Rodriguez 20948327491611/4/02FemaleCompetitiveMadison has played soccer since she was 4 years old and competitive soccer since she was 8 years old she plays middle mid and also goalie Madison
2/6/2019 22:47:11Crowan Roberts415690034887/3/2010MaleCompetitiveSingle track mind on scoring. 2nd top scorer for 1st place Silver 1 outdoor team. Get him the ball and he will score. Dariush and his twin Kourosh both need a teamDariush
2/6/2019 22:43:28Crowan Roberts415690034887/10/2010MaleCompetitiveHighly skilled player with great field vision for passing. Composed finisher. Top scorer for 1st place Silver 1 outdoor team. Needs work defending :(Kourosh
2/4/2019 18:28:51Abi Vickram41548171966May 27th, 2013MaleRecreationalMateo has been playing with me for the last two years and his skill level is above average. He can play any day of the week and has no preference in position.Mateo
2/4/2019 15:18:30Tiffany Payne40882485171106/25/2007FemaleCompetitiveSamantha currently plays outdoor premier with the Livermore Fusion Soccer Club. She plays defense mostly, but also spends time at the midfield positions. She is a hard worker and very coachable.Samantha
2/4/2019 15:16:17Tiffany Payne4088258517901/13/2010MaleCompetitiveZachary currently plays outdoor premier for the Livermore Fusion Soccer Club. He plays mostly forward, but also does well at both midfield and defense. He is eager to learn and loves to play.Zachary
1/16/2019 8:45:06mckenziepopick@yahoo.com9255834743812/10/2010MaleRecreationalEnjoys the game and wants to playEaston
1/15/2019 16:32:31mohammad Rafi92533952921103 04 2007MaleCompetitivecompetitve mid fieldermohammad
1/13/2019 13:58:27Jenna Strayhand5034071391808/22/2010FemaleCompetitiveJailyn has now played for two years and has made the Livermore Fusion All Star Team every year. She has been a vocal leader and scorer on every team she has played on and I would like her to play on a more competitive team. She is very athletic and a quick learner. Jailyn Strayhand
1/10/2019 14:32:48Sonya 9252450940710/11/2011MaleSelectGavin has played soccer with Fusion the last 2 years- with his own age group and his brothers' team, who is 2 years older. He is an intuitive player and was the top scorer for his team this past season. Additionally, he made the All Star team last year, scoring 2 of the 3 winning goals for his team. He loves to play and is eager to learn and improve his skills.
12/26/2018 10:25:23Thomas60366148911012/04/2008MaleCompetitiveJust turned 10 but looks and plays like he’s 12. Central defender playing the 4, 5, 6, positions with great control, passing, and can command a backfield. He’s got a rocket for a shot. Played for GPS Massachusetts and trained with the NE Revolution Academy. Currently plays for Ballistic United and looking for more opportunities to play and develop.Alexander
12/26/2018 10:22:08Thomas60366148911408/16/2004MaleCompetitiveHigh-level player, just moved to area in September, looking for more opportunities to play. Central Midfielder, (6, 8, 10) great ball control, distribution, special awareness, and shooting ability. Played NPL for GPS Massachusetts, was training with the NE Revolution Academy, plays for Ballistic United now. Has played his entire life, dedicated to the game, when not playing he’s watching, a true student of the game.Tommy
12/26/2018 10:22:01Thomas60366148911408/16/2004MaleCompetitiveHigh-level player, just moved to area in September, looking for more opportunities to play. Central Midfielder, (6, 8, 10) great ball control, distribution, special awareness, and shooting ability. Played NPL for GPS Massachusetts, was training with the NE Revolution Academy, plays for Ballistic United now. Has played his entire life, dedicated to the game, when not playing he’s watching, a true student of the game.Tommy
12/26/2018 10:16:37Thomas60366148911408/16/2004MaleCompetitiveHigh-level player, just moved to area in September, looking for more opportunities to play. Central Midfielder, (6, 8, 10) great ball control, distribution, special awareness, and shooting ability. Played NPL for GPS Massachusetts, was training with the NE Revolution Academy, plays for Ballistic United now. Has played his entire life, dedicated to the game, when not playing he’s watching, a true student of the game.Tommy
12/16/2018 15:44:49Deanna Kozak925-286-7041610/11/2012FemaleRecreational3 years of Rec soccer, plays goalie and full backAshley
12/11/2018 21:32:52Cesar 9257274232109-15-08MaleCompetitiveGoalie, and center defender also center forward
12/11/2018 10:47:31Stacy140821990841104/03/2007MaleCompetitiveCurrently plays for Dublin Boys Premier U12 team (4 years), Forward position
12/9/2018 22:29:33Merav Dan925-791-01051212/25/2006MaleRecreational4 yr play at recreational level until last year. Ori
12/3/2018 10:06:58Shobha Bhat5103983394909/04/2009MaleSelectSachit has been playing soccer for last three years. He played two years in Rec and one year in competitive (premier with dublin USD). He has been playing mostly the left wing or right wing and has a good athletic ability. We got late to realize this and hence requesting if anyone can take him part of the team. Thank
12/1/2018 16:31:00Shawna92578480041103/08/07FemaleRecreationalMaya loves soccer and is a good defender. She has several seasons of indoor and 7 seasons of outdoor under her belt. She is small but tough.
11/29/2018 13:37:27Heather Wright925-784-73401205/14/2006MaleRecreationalHas experience with both indoor and outdoor. Has spent a few years out of soccer and a couple out of all sports. Has played basketball, baseball and flag football as well. Very athletic. Played forward and midfield in soccer and all positions but catcher in baseball. Can play any day but Wednesday’s due to 4-h Louis
11/26/2018 16:29:52Eddie Cordero 51043242701407-06-2004MaleCompetitiveAny position Eddie Cordero
11/26/2018 16:27:08Eddie Cordero 51043242701208-24-2006MaleCompetitiveDefender Andrew Cordero
11/25/2018 9:45:58Kelly Cockrell925580285582/12/2010MaleSelectHeath
11/20/2018 5:43:04Sudhir Dalal92533692111309/21/2005FemaleRecreationalLisha is a very talented soccer player and has almost 8 years experience as rec and premier soccer player. She has a great footwork and big kicks. She has complete game sense and loves being forward. Her passing skills are top notch. Lisha
11/20/2018 5:40:25Sudhir Dalal92533692111009/21/2008MaleRecreationalKesin has played rec for 4 years and is very skilled player. He is ready to be a premier player. He has a great kicks and scored many goals this season from almost half lines :) We are a soccer family and have been playing on weekly basis. Kesin
11/18/2018 8:42:17Ryan Gasior925408706871/7/2011MaleSelectAny spot but GK, 2 years organized house, trying out for comp in May 2019. Erik
11/17/2018 14:27:25Carrie Williams9253813965604/12/2012FemaleRecreationalAnnabelle has been playing Fusion Rec soccer for the past three seasons. She is very coachable and is always ready to play. She was selected by her coaches to play in the Fusion World Cup at the end of this season. She played indoor last winter on the house team. Annabelle
11/14/2018 9:23:37Cori Rothe925-858-56181103/01/2007MaleSelect5 years playing Fusion rec, prefers defense position (fullback), cannot play weekendsLogan
11/13/2018 16:55:52Veronica4086409205807/01/2010FemaleRecreationalDaughter has been playing soccer for four years. She is a great athlete and team player. She is very enthusiastic and motivates her team
11/12/2018 14:40:19Christopher Patrick6507663074608/09/2012FemaleRecreationalLily played her first season with Fusion 6U league. She had so much fun we want to continue play. She has lots of energy and eager to improve. Lily
11/8/2018 16:15:34Carolyn Milovic92554823051210/11/2006FemaleSelectDanica has been playing for Rage Pleasanton for two years/seasons +spring and summer clinics. She has played previously for LMYA, also for two years. Has done the indoor soccer in San Ramon/Danville since toddler age. This girl loves soccer.
Never done full competitive - always the in-between level & Rec.

Her preferred field position is Offense. Danica has been told she is good at Mid-Field.
She is available any weekday after 3:30/4:00 - as long as we have enough "drive time" to practice, she will never be late.
11/7/2018 19:26:07Lindsay650-888-68911108/23/2007MaleSelectGarrett has been playing soccer for at least 5 years. Started out in rec and this year did select. He really enjoys the sport. This year he played mostly defense. His coach rarely took him out of the game to sub since he is a really good defender!! Garrett is available to play any day of the
11/7/2018 10:38:48Cecilia Mak5107171363705/11/2011MaleCompetitiveKingsley is with U8 Castro Valley Competitive Soccer last season, we are looking for winter session for him to keep practice soccer until next season starts.Kingsley
11/6/2018 14:27:45Aaron85869905131208/05/2006MaleCompetitivecurrently playing competitive, hoping to find an indoor team, let us know if you have a spot to
11/5/2018 13:05:30Katrina 925)549-1429 712/13/2010FemaleRecreationalShe just finished her first year of playing, she played goalie and defense Callie
11/4/2018 20:20:50Lorena415-816-13251203/31/2006MaleCompetitiveU13 Gold Player for local club, Midfielder and
11/4/2018 17:11:47Nelson Carrillo51075582311303/18/2005FemaleSelectEmely has played soccer for 7 or 8 years. Rec for the most part, mid and forward are her ideal positions. Good passing skillsEmely
11/4/2018 15:39:57Sal 925-418-9268804/12/2010FemaleCompetitiveGianna is currently playing for Impact out of brentwood. She has played competitive soccer the last two year. She has had to play up because of low numbers for girls her age. She is currently playing U-10 in bronze 1 in Norcal, she has good technical skill but lacks the tactical side of the game. Understands positions and will work hard if challenged. Gianna
11/4/2018 8:47:18Sabrianne Farris92592240891404/20/2004FemaleSelectHolly has played for about four years with Fusion select. She prefers defense position.Holly
11/3/2018 12:31:33Hai Tao408-839-9572912/23/2008MaleCompetitiveEric has play a few seasons of "Kids love soccer" and we are looking for a team now. Eric plays the striker or midfielder positions. Eric
11/3/2018 11:14:36Ozgun6507200274604/04/2012MaleSelectMehmet has been playing for over a year now. He will be joining Fusion select next year.
11/3/2018 6:05:50Melissa Bennett120981450241109/10/2007FemaleRecreationalThis is Savannah's 4th year playing Soccer. Her team just won the Fusion recreational league season for 12U and we believe she contributed tremendously to that achievement. Unfortunately our team didn't want to sign up for indoor because of the no practices aspect of it. She is a reliable defender, an aggressive goalie and a strong forward. We are signed up for the house team but fear there won't be enough girls for the season.Savannah
11/3/2018 5:30:06alishaamorin@gmail.com9252509305508/18/13FemaleRecreationalNew to soccerAlexis Amorin
11/2/2018 21:56:12Angelina 4085699526109/18/2008MaleSelectMidfield, stricker; played 4 yrsEmilio
10/30/2018 13:45:22Lodi Jackson92589578681110/26/2007MaleRecreationalDalton loves to play any position and is a very competent player. He has always preferred to stay in rec soccer because he wants to enjoy it and have fun. He loves most positions but especially defense and forward.Dalton
10/29/2018 20:54:06Kelli510-612-2000804/07/
10/29/2018 18:04:46Matt Cockrell925783133482/12/2010MaleSelectHeath played on the Fusion Select B team this year for 8U.
10/28/2018 16:00:10habibfayaz@aol.com9254287864401/15/
10/27/2018 21:32:45Ilene Tumi408-893-54279O4/02/2009FemaleCompetitiveMy daughter has played three seasons of recreational soccer since first grade. She is now in fourth grade. She has also played a few seasons of indoor. Due to money and time constraints in the past, we have not put her in a higher level. But she is constantly asking me to be put her in select or competitive as she is one of the best players on her team and is looking for more challenge. She is very motivated and competitive. She loves the game and is good in every position. Defense used to be her best bet just recently she started being goalie and Kids gets better each game. She does a super job of this position which I was nervous about at first. She would be honored to be invited to a select or competitive team. Her schedule is fairly flexible but the two times she is not available are on Wednesdays from 4:30 to 6:30 and Sundays before one.Amanda
10/21/2018 22:29:21Scott Canfield925-337-5748904/19/2009MaleSelectMy son has played for 4 years, with a 1 year absence last year due to a medical issue which is no longer an issue. As such, he played catch-up during the last league (Fusion) season. He is extremely competitive but respectful toward the game and its players. He is a solid defender with a knack for winning the ball and challenging for possession, but also likes to shoot and strikes the ball solidly and accurately. His motor is constant.
We are available all days of the week starting in November and we live in Livermore.
10/19/2018 11:53:35Yogesh Ramesh4083069725124/21/2006MaleRecreationalPlaying in general with the private students but very keen on continuing his passion towards soccer...he's currently learning all the skill sets watching youtube and other online sessions.Aarush
10/19/2018 11:51:28Yogesh Ramesh408306972594/10/2009MaleRecreationalHe is playing REC games over the last one year and looking for a team to play. Hridhaan
10/18/2018 14:47:09Lorena41581613251203/31/2006MaleCompetitiveMidfielder, plays competitively for local club,
10/17/2018 21:02:38Irvaz Husic209-879-39891210/22/2005FemaleCompetitiveForward or wing , good in defense too. Very good team player. Excellent passing and assistance. Not selfish at all. Good with the ball. Nice shoot. Can score. Playing soccer 7 years. Can play most of the time. Berina
10/16/2018 23:47:05matt.a.weaver@gmail.com925639817310O7/21/2008MaleCompetitiveDawson plays at the gold level with BUSC and is looking to join an indoor team for the upcoming session.Dawson
10/9/2018 21:07:28Edith Martínez 209 83976761103/31/2007MaleRecreationalHe played forward, six months agoFernando
10/2/2018 7:17:07Jaisena Prasath63069902491212/23/2005MaleRecreationalForward or MiddleYougi
9/10/2018 13:33:21Savio Gadelha Jr.92533776959, turns 10 early October10/02/2008MaleRec PlusEduardo has been playing soccer on a recreational level via programs like Kidz Love Soccer, in school and with his cousins in Brazil. He is now interested in playing in a league, so we are trying to find a team for him to join. He's got good ball control, can carry the ball with speed and can shoot well for his age. Please contact me if your team can accommodate another player.
5/29/2018 21:36:16David415-793-40981412/18/2003FemaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Positions forward, midfield. Has played competively for 10 years. Available to play all
5/7/2018 16:34:23Ann Goudreau858 226-77711205/27/2005FemaleCompetitive (Premier, Elite, Academy)Just moved here, played competitive 3 years can play anywhereGwenyth