PUBLIC: 2018 OBF Program
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213Portland BrewingTart Me Up!Berliner WeisseSo good, it'll make a grown man cry. This summer thirst quencher is light and dry with subtle tartness along with healthy additions of grapefruit, mango and pineapple puree for delicious tropical fruitiness. If you start this up, you may never stop.1024.410VERY LOWGOLDENhttp://portlandbrewing.comPortlandOR
321Upright BrewingBerliner WeisseBerliner WeisseThis traditional, tart German-style wheat beer is highly carbonated, dry, puckering, and refreshing. Soured with lactobacillus in the fermenter and then finished with a unique strain of brettanomyces, this beer was brewed in February to allow proper development of the yeast character, yielding an easy drinking beer with layered aromas and flavors.81.33.60VERY LOWGOLDENhttp://uprightbrewing.comPortlandOR
439Zoiglhaus Brewing CompanyElderberry Berliner WeisseBerliner WeisseZoiglhaus' Brewmaster received his formal brewing training in Berlin where he also lived and worked for a number of years, learning to perfect techniques on traditional German styles. The brewery is proud to present this Berliner Weisse, an über-traditional sour beer born of mixed-culture fermentation. This batch was dosed with a splash of elderberry to bring added layers of sweetness and tartness to the brew; it’s the ultimate sessionable brew that was just made for summer. Prost! LOWPINK/PURPLEhttp://zoiglhaus.comPortlandOR
546Freebridge BrewingSummertime RadnessBerliner WeisseFor this celebration of warmer days, this kettle soured Summertime Radness uses oak, infused with rosé of Merlot grapes from a local vineyard. Hibiscus complements the fresh berry notes proclaimed by the rosé, while the oak adds texture and depth. Summertime Radness will refresh any palate worn down by the marathon of OBF tasting. Enjoy it because it's pink, or settle in and divulge in its deeper notes; either way, you'll be thinking of this rosé all day!10.224.325VERY LOWPINKhttp://freebridgebrewing.comThe DallesOR
218Ecliptic BrewingFlamingo Planet Guava Blonde AleBlonde AleFlamingo Planet is an easy drinking blonde ale brewed with guava. 100% pale malt provides a light body and golden color. Lightly hopped with Amarillo and Crystal, this juicy beer is sure to blast you away to a tropical planet paradise. 131.74.725LOWGOLDENhttp://eclipticbrewing.comPortlandOR
329Melvin BrewingKiller BeesBlonde AleClean, smooth, slow motion, easy drinking, honey. The palate cleanser extraordinaire. Perfect for mowing your unwatered lawn, sipping in the shower, or fishing on a Sunday. Low in alcohol, but high in enjoyment, this beer will not let you down...and if it does? Give it a good talking to.515LOWGOLDENhttp://melvinbrewing.comAlpineWY
871Vertigo BrewingSouth of the Border BlondeBlonde AleThis tequila barrel aged blonde ale is loaded with fresh lime and orange zest. It's a big boy version (barrel aged) of the brewery's "Cerveza Del Playa" with citrus flavors and aroma. Stay thirsty my friend.
16Rusty Truck Brewing CompanySugar Shack Brown AleBrown AleRustry Truck used the same natural maple syrup from its source on the East Coast that it's used in its restaurant's family house BBQ recipe for over 10 years. A nutty malt profile with a mixture of American and Noble hops makes a nutty American style brown ale, with maple syrup added at the end of the boil and again before packaging.15.527.231VERY LOWBROWNhttp://rustytruckbrewing.comLincoln CityOR
Cider/Wine TentSerra Vineyards 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon ReserveCabernet SauvignonAged in French Oak for 18 months, this limited productions shows an elegance that only expresses in our cooler Southern Oregon area, during wetter vintages. Grown in one of the warmest sites in the Applegate Valley AVA, these 25-year-old vines produce a lush, complex yet extremely well-rounded wine. A marriage of delightful aromas and flavors such as black cherries, blackberries and vanilla all from granddad's favorite cigar box.13.80ZEROWHITEhttp://serravineyard.comGrants PassOR
Cider/Wine TentCider Riot!Everyday PassionfruitCiderEveryday Passionfruit is a refreshing cider made from Pacific Northwest grown apples and passionfruit. It’s a cool trip to the tropics for your tastebuds. Naturally tart passionfruit is balanced with just a touch of sweetness for a quaffable cider with a rich, ripe fruity aroma. Cider Riot! is dedicated to producing refreshing ciders, with a pub and production facility just across the Burnside Bridge from the festival. 10.7060VERY LOWGOLDENhttp://ciderriot.comPortlandOR
Cider/Wine TentReverend Nat's Hard CiderViva La PineappleCiderOnto a base of rich hard cider made from a blend of Granny Smith and other Washington-grown dessert apple varieties, Reverend Nat added a dash of Mauritian dark muscovado (a raw unrefined brown sugar), lemon zest, and 20% fresh pineapple juice hailing from The Philippines. Add in a blend of three spices (cinnamon, allspice and cloves), and this fresh and authentic-tasting pineapple cider presents like a Summer Shandy or Radler due to the heavy hand on the fruity pineapple juice.12.52.860VERY LOWGOLDENhttp://revnats.comPortlandOR
770Wild Ride BrewingCold Chillin' Vanilla Cream AleCream AleCold Chillin' Cream Ale is golden in color with a silky smooth mouthfeel to cool you down from the summer sun. Vanilla bean is added to the cream ale base to add sweetness and flavor to the brew. Kick back, relax and get your chill on as you enjoy this summertime sensation.122.5520VERY LOWGOLDENhttp://wildridebrew.comRedmondOR
18Binary Brewing CompanyAll Fugged UpESBThis balanced, easy drinking bitter offers solace from massive palate annihilators. Toasty honey and malt sturdiness give way to an herbal spice aroma. Dry hopped with UK Golding and Fuggle hops, this Fuggalicious ale will help mad dogs and Englishmen survive the midday sun. It's the Fuggin' Oregon Brewers Festival! AMBERhttp://binarybrewing.coBeavertonOR
323Caldera Brewing CompanyCaldera Coco-Nutty BlondeGolden AleCaldera Coco-Nutty Blonde is a golden ale brewed with in-house toasted coconut chips and rolled oats for a silky body. Enjoy this very coconut forward brew.13.535.628VERY LOWGOLDENhttp://calderabrewing.comAshlandOR
433Ninkasi Brewing CompanyFruited GoseGosePleasantly sour and tart, this Gose is a traditionally-crafted unfiltered wheat ale. A dash of sea salt and coriander are added at the end of the boil, followed by fresh raspberries and lime. With a rosy hue and balanced acidity, this beer finishes dry and crisp. LOWPINK/PURPLEhttp://ninkasibrewing.comEugeneOR
655Sasquatch Brewing CompanyAmerican Aquarium DrinkerGoseA traditional Gose is a sour ale brewed with salt and a touch of coriander, but this is not a traditional Gose. Brewed with squid ink and seaweed, you just might find your tastebuds thinking they took a dive into the briny depths of the sea. Jet black but not roasty, slightly salty but not brackish, and sour but not sharp. Raise a glass, take a drink and say it with us: "I am an American Aquarium Drinker!"101.54.511VERY LOWBLACKhttp://sasquatchbrewery.comPortlandOR
435Kells Brewery Mezcal-a-Gose Gose Kells has come up with a delicious summer treat inspired by its favorite spirit south of the border. It’s fruity, salty, and smoky, just like your favorite Mezcal cocktail. The brewers smoked their own malt in house before kettle souring this beer to perfection. Enjoy this unique beer before it’s gone!112.54.713VERY LOWGOLDENhttp://Kellsbrewpub.comPortland OR
541Anderson Valley Brewing Company Framboise Rose GoseGose By adding rose hips to the boil and fresh raspberry puree at the end of fermentation, this kettle-soured beer is a mélange of flavors and aromas. With a light ruby hue, subtle raspberry fruit notes greet the nose and fall soft on the palate; tangy, hibiscus-like flavors mingle with the salty tartness of Gose to create a uniquely complex and refreshing drinking experience. LOWPINK/PURPLEhttp://avbc.comBoonville CA
880Rogue AlesPinchGose, ImperialPinch is the 30th beer Rogue has brewed specially for the Oregon Brewers Festival. To craft this Imperial Gose, Rogue used sea salt the crew hand-harvested themselves from Yaquina Bay outside the brewery in Newport, OR; plus Independent hops grown on Rogue Farms. Up front, a tart tanginess meets slightly salty nuances, followed by notes of citrus and hops, with a clean, refreshing finish.16.53.7715LOWGOLDENhttp://Rogue.comNewportOR
660Perennial Artisan AlesBridge of the GodsGrisetteThis is a low ABV wheat beer dry hopped with an Oregon classic, Mount Hood. 1014.715LOWGOLDENhttp://perennialbeer.comSt. LouisMO
761Double Mountain BreweryLa DomestiqueGrisetteLe Domestique rides ahead of the team and makes sure we all get to the finish line. Sweet lemon, kiwi, and stone fruit set the pace, with a tight pack of green apple, cereal biscuit, and bright citrus drafting close behind. Lightly tart, dry, and highly refreshing.11.71.6420LOWGOLDENhttp://doublemountainbrewery.comHood RiverOR
327Bayern BrewingCitra DumpTruck Summer BockHelles BockDumpTruck Summer Bock was first created in 2010 as a very pale, dry, almost champaign-like flavored Helles Bock Lager. In 2015, the Bayern brewers decided to create a derivative Summer Bock, dry hopped with Citra hops. Citra Summer Bock is one of the very few Citra hopped lager beers on the market, and its crisp and clean aftertaste is unique in the popular Citra hop beer landscape. The flavor neutral strain of Bayern's own lager yeast and cold fermentation for 30 days bring out the very best of a clean, crisp and refreshing summer beer with a kick.152.2744HIGHGOLDENhttp://bayernbrewery.comMissoulaMT
878Golden Valley BreweryThis Train is Bound for HellHelles, SmokedInspired by the smoked lagers of Bamberg, Germany, This Train is Bound for Hell is brewed with 100% German malts and hops. Weyermann Pilsner and Beechwood smoked malts are the engines that drive this locomotive. En route, you'll find delicate hop notes from the judicious application of Perle, Hallertauer, and Hersbrucker hops. All aboard, This Train is Bound for Hell!122.54.818LOWGOLDENhttp://goldenvalleybrewery.comMcMinnvilleOR
769Three Mugs Brewing CompanyPassion Of The HoneyHoney AleLet go and embrace your passionate side. This beer was brewed with everything you have always craved. A delicious aroma of passionfruit and orange blossom honey welcomes your senses to bliss. As you enjoy the melody of the flavors, an unexpected, yet satisfying finish of savory pilsner malt leaves you enlightened and longing for more. Come take a sip of bliss with Three Mugs Brewing Co.!
544Transpeninsular CerveceriaPlayitas Cali Pale AleIPAA tribute to the SoCal-style pale ale, this is more of a Double Session IPA. Golden to copper with a white head, this pale ale is dry, but with plenty of malt flavor. Citrus and floral aroma comes from extensive dry-hopping with Citra and Hallertau Blanc.
152.55.445MEDIUM HIGHLIGHT AMBERhttp://ctbrews.comEnsenadaBaja California, Mexico
432Iron Horse BreweryCrazy AuntIPA, American StyleCrazy Aunt is rich gold in color and clear in appearance. Aromas include honeydew, bright red cherry, papaya, and delicate white floral notes. On the palate, lime zest, kiwi, peach, and passionfruit are backed by medium-low bitterness. It is medium-low bodied with a soft, verging on creamy, mouthfeel. A long finish is accentuated by notes of orange and pear as well as a medium bitterness that gradually fades. LOWGOLDENhttp://ironhorsebrewery.comEllensburgWA
440Gigantic BrewingMagnificent 527IPA, American StyleThis IPA is dedicated to and features the most beloved Experimental Hop 527. This beautiful hop is packed with the aromas and flavors of pineapple, mango, lemon and subtle strawberry. Sadly, 527 was a beast to harvest, so this beer is made with the last box of this hop available. See you in the afterlife, 527.
651MadTree Brewing CompanyEntropic TheoryIPA, American StyleThis IPA hits you with huge aromas of orange, peach, and apricot as soon as you open the can. The nose is followed by a smooth bitterness and soft mouthfeel as it delivers tropical fruit flavors.15.827.570MEDIUM LOWLIGHT AMBERhttp://madtreebrewing.comCincinnatiOH
322Great Divide Brewing CompanyHeyday Modern IPAIPA, HazyHeyday is an unfiltered IPA for the modern bold character. Abundantly hopped, light in body, and low on bitterness, Heyday shines with notes of tropical fruit, berry and melon. The complex hop profile is complemented by a crisp malt character for an approachable IPA fit for any occasion. If you're having a good time, you should be having a Heyday. LOWGOLDENhttp://greatdivide.comDenverCO
543Great Notion BrewingJuice Jr.IPA, HazyThis 2017 Oregon Beer of the Year is a sessionable hazy IPA brewed with an insane amount of Mosaic hops and lots of love! 16.5560VERY LOWGOLDENhttp://greatnotionpdx.comPortlandOR
547Fortside Brewing CompanyThe Real Slim HazyIPA, HazyMay I have your attention please?
May I have your attention please?
Will the real Slim Hazy please stand up?
I repeat will the real Slim Hazy please stand up?
We're going to have a problem here
Y'all act like you never seen a juicy beer before
Jaws all on the floor like you can't get enough hops and juice into your hole...
Yep this one's juicy! Fresh from the NorthBank. The Fortside of the Oregon Territory. Vancouver, Washington! LOWGOLDENhttp://fortsidebrewing.comVancouverWA
873Hopworks Urban BreweryCompletely ExcellentIPA, HazyThis Hazy IPA is brewed with generous amounts of oat and wheat for a fluffy texture, El Dorado and Calypso hops for tropical citrus flavor, and pineapple for a refreshing fruit blast. AMBERhttp://hopworksbeer.comPortlandOR
215Crooked Stave Artisan Beer ProjectDo You Even Zest?!IPA, ImperialElevated from Crooked Stave's experimental hazy IPA series, Do You Even Zest?! is a limited release loaded with an immense amount of hops and freshly zested citrus. This Citrus Double IPA was born out of the playful nature of brewers looking to challenge the status quo. The brewing team meticulously zests fresh citrus for each and every batch, which begs the question, do you even zest? HIGHGOLDENhttp://crookedstave.comDenverCO
220Widmer Brothers BrewingLemonic PossessionIPA, ImperialFor this year's Oregon Brewers Festival, Widmer's innovation brewing team crafted up an Imperial IPA brewed with lemon nuanced hops and lemon zest. The goal was to create a refreshing, crisp Imperial IPA that provides all the flavor you'd expect from a big IPA without weighing you down. An Imperial IPA at a summer brewfest? Heck yeah!2048.880HIGHGOLDENhttp://widmerbrothers.comPortlandOR
548Border Psycho BreweryPerversaIPA, ImperialThis Imperial IPA is light orange in color, with a mid-light body that finishes crisp and dry. Strong hop bitterness upfront is balanced by light malt character that leaves the palate with citric and resinous hop notes, and burst of citrus, resinous and tropical aromas on the nose. California, Mexico
658OproerRefuse // ResistIPA, ImperialBam! Here it is. This fruity double IPA is dry and very hoppy. A guaranteed enjoyable experience with a little attitude. An old school West Coast inspired double IPA. AMBERhttp://oproerbrouwerij.nlUtrechtThe Netherlands
17Everybody's BrewingGuango DeepIPA, Imperial HazyA perfect blend of guava, mango and fruity hop flavors that will tantalize the taste buds. It hits your tongue with waves of bittering ecstasy and finishes with a climax of fruity booze.252.59.330MEDIUMLIGHT AMBERhttp://everybodysbrewing.comWhite SalmonWA
15RiverBend BrewingWe Found Barb In The Strawberry FieldIPA, Imperial MilkshakeOats in the mash and lactose in the kettle provide a silky smooth body. Fermented with a juicy strain of yeast and packed full of hops from start to finish, this juice bomb is finished with a touch of vanilla, as well as strawberry and rhubarb puree, cause Barb loves that sh*t.18.84.3860MEDIUMPINK/PURPLEhttp://riverbendbrewing.comBendOR
764Belching Beaver BreweryOrange Vanilla Milkshake IPAIPA, MilkshakeLike an adult creamsicle, lactose is added to this IPA for a creamy and softly sweet finish unique to the milkshake style. Brewed with oranges and vanilla, this is a delightfully bright treat for warm summer days. LOWGOLDENhttp://belchingbeaver.comOceansideCA
767pFriem Family BrewersMango Milkshake IPAIPA, MilkshakepFriem Mango Milkshake IPA is inspired by the culinary movement in craft beer. In this effort brewers are using different types of foods, desserts, breakfast items, and other food dishes to inspire beers. This beer takes a hazy and juicy IPA base with an addition of lactose, combined with vanilla beans and mango puree. The result is a round, full, and fruity beer that is reminiscent of a mango milkshake, but still drinks like a beer. 1947.935MEDIUM LOWGOLDENhttp://pfriembeer.comHood RiverOR
875Natian Brewery1306IPA, MilkshakeThis beer highlights the aromatic notes of the Citra hop and enhances the fresh orange zest that carries along the citrus backbone of this beer in conjunction with the juicy hop profile. Lactose adds a silky smooth mouthfeel that helps reduce acidity from the orange peels or bitterness from the hops. This new release was made specifically for OBF this year! HIGHGOLDENhttp://natianbrewery.comPortlandOR
11Oregon City Brewing CompanyGuavador Dali IPAIPA, NE StyleThe way Spanish surrealist Salvador Dalí combined the ultra-real and the fantastical, the life-like and the dream-like, the mundane and the absurd, inspired Oregon City Brewing to create this one-of-a-kind IPA. The base NE style hazy IPA uses Imperial Yeast’s Juice strain to keep the excessively added Pacific Northwest hops in suspension before the addition of pink guava for a tropical twist. The brewers' Persistence of Memory is a bit hazy (cough), but a few of these and time melts away.174.5750MEDIUM HIGHGOLDENhttp://ocbeerco.comOregon CityOR
431Fort George BreweryIt Takes Two to MangoIPA, NE StyleCompromise requires active cooperation among two parties. Fort George takes your hand with this lush mango IPA. Will you follow? Come, stay close, and embrace the tropical rhythms. 💃🕺🏻
874Deschutes Brewery Fruit Fight NE IPAIPA, NE StyleThe trendy new style in craft beer combines the taste and aroma of tropical fruit juice with subtle bitterness. This mildly hazy IPA was brewed with six hop varieties providing a large array of fruit flavor.
549Wendlandt CerveceriaPerro del MarIPA, West Coast StyleGolden in color, this IPA offers an intense hop aroma featuring pine, resinous, tropical fruit and citrus armas. Hop flavor is extreme, reflecting American style hops with a moderate malty balance and long lasting finish. 162760MEDIUMGOLDEN California, Mexico
325StormBreaker BrewingGuava Man IPAIPA, West Coast Style HazyYou've heard the name, now taste the beer. Guava Man is here. Guava Man is everywhere. This Guava IPA is a double dry hopped IPA with Mosaic and Galaxy. Tropical, juicy, and scarily delightful. Beer has no face. But Guava Man does... HIGHGOLDENhttp://stormbreakerbrewing.comPortlandOR
876Silver Moon BrewingWater on the MoonIPA, with CoffeeThis beer is a collaboration between Water Avenue Coffee and Silver Moon Brewing. Water Ave. roasted a special batch of beans sourced from their friends at Ayutepeque Farm in El Salvador. Silver Moon produced a sweet and balanced cold brew with notes of caramel, cocoa, red apple, amaretto and blueberries to play with the tropical, melon, berry and floral aromas of this Ekuanot hop focused IPA.16.23.3700.00%60MEDIUM HIGHDARK AMBERhttp://silvermoonbrewing.comBendOR
19Boulder Beer CompanyBump 'n' Rind Watermelon KölschKölschGet your groove on with Bump ‘n’ Rind – a crushable Kölsch-style beer with just the right amount of fresh watermelon zing. Brewed with fresh watermelon puree from Yakima Valley watermelons, Bump ‘n’ Rind is a perfect thirst-quenching companion for any occasion, but especially those starting with pool party, dance party, BBQ, golf course, beach, backpack, bonfire, hot tub, music festival, tailgate…OK so just about any fun occasion. Get yourself some!12.115.925LOWGOLDENhttp://boulderbeer.comBoulder CO
212Backwoods Brewing CompanyDreamsicle KölschKölschMaking its debut at the 2018 Oregon Brewers Festival is Backwoods' Dreamsicle Kölsch. Backwoods added oranges and vanilla to this German-style Kölsch to give it that sweet and refreshing flavor we all remember as a kid, only this time it's in a beer! Dreamsicle Kolsch has a pleasant aroma of vanilla, with a hint of orange on the finish. Its light body and low bitterness are perfect for a hot summer's day!12.52.5515VERY LOWGOLDENhttp://backwoodsbrewingcompany.comCarsonWA
217Breakside BreweryLimon PepinoLagerThis is a dry hopped lager conditioned on cucumber and lime zest. The brewery hand peeled 225 lbs. of cucumbers and let the finished beer sit on the cucumbers during an extended lagering phase. The result is easily one of the most refreshing and quenching summer beers Breakside has ever made.122.54.919VERY LOWGOLDENhttp://breakside.comPortlandOR
436Pelican Brewing CompanyTo Peach Their Own!LagerThis light and crisp lager packs a peachy punch, and is infused with over 500 lbs. of fresh Oregon peach puree. Clean, refreshing, delicious flavor - perfect for summer. 14.52.6615VERY LOWGOLDENhttp://PelicanBrewing.comPacific CityOR
656Coin TossCaught in a Pickle LagerLagerGet your pickle on with Caught in a Pickle Lager! This beer is a unique and refreshing blend of bread-and-butter pickle juice and the brewery’s house lager. Originally created as a one-off beer for the Portland Pickles Great West Brew Fest in 2016, Caught in a Pickle Lager is a fan favorite every time it appears at the Coin Toss taproom in Oregon City, and at all Portland Pickles baseball games. LOWGOLDENhttp://cointossbrewing.comOregon CityOR
1354° 40' Brewing CompanyRick & MortmunderLager, Dortmunder StyleWubba Lubba Dub Dub, this golden export lager was brewed to create peace among the worlds. The brewers fired up their Quantum Carburetor with Barke Pilsner malt and noble hops to make this easy drinker. Rise above, focus on science, and drink this beer.1225.225MEDIUM LOWGOLDENhttp://54-40brewing.comWashougalWA
14Royale Brewing CompanyZonkeyLager, Pacific Northwest MexicanZonkey is Royale Brewing’s take on Mexican lagers. The brewers used Modelo Yeast, sea salt imported from Colima, Mexico, and a blend of different citrus. Perfect for drinking under the Oregon sun. 1225.220LOWLIGHT AMBERhttp://RoyaleBrewing.comPortlandOR
110Boneyard BeerPinot PulpPale AleBoneyard took its Incredible Pulp Blood Orange Extra Pale Ale and inoculated it with brettanomyces, then aged it in Oregon Pinot Noir barrels for six months.12.90735MEDIUMLIGHT AMBERhttp://boneyardbeer.comBendOR
879Migration Brewing Summertime in the 503Pale AleThis pale ale is meant for hot summer days in the city; refreshing, sessionable and thirst quenching. Featuring Azacca, Motueka and Simcoe hops, this seasonal beer showcases notes of pineapple and tropical fruit with light citrus. Kick back, chill out and have another. 12.525.545MEDIUMGOLDENhttp://migrationbrewing.comPortlandOR
219Lompoc BrewingIt's Full of StarsPale Ale, American StyleThis pale ale is full of passionfruit and Galaxy hops. It's bright, light and citrus. It's so refreshing, it'll alter your consciousness, bring you into cosmic alignment, and possibly turn you into a Star Child. Or it's just delicious. Either way.1225.329LOWGOLDENhttp://lompocbrewing.comPortlandOR
545InsurgenteJuan CorderoPale Ale, Tijuana StyleJuan Cordero is a Tijuana, Baja California, dry hopped Pale Ale. This gold medal winner at the San Diego International Beer Festival Competition has subdued bitterness with tons of late hop additions. This beer features Mosaic, Simcoe, and Ekuanot hops, giving it a tropical and fruity flavor and aroma that finishes dry and crisp. California, Mexico
657LaurelwoodWaylay Sprite PalePale Ale, West Coast StyleA classic West Coast pale ale with lemon and lime zest and juice to surprise the palate. Made to be super drinkable and perfect for sunny summer days. This beer is sure to quench your thirst and we won't judge if you come back for more!122.5530MEDIUM LOWGOLDENhttp://laurelwoodbrewpub.comPortlandOR
542Gilgamesh BrewingCBD Pale AlePale Ale, with CBDA light golden body pale generously hopped with Bru1, Mosaic, Idaho 7 and Citra hops, producing bright tropical fruit and citrus notes. Featuring five mg of highly absorbable nano CBDs for every 12oz serving, this is the perfect combination to relax both the mind and the body.132.55.630MEDIUMGOLDENhttp://gilgameshbrewing.comSalemOR
654Great Northern Brewing CompanyBig Mountain Tea Pale AlePale Ale, with Earl Grey TeaBig Mountain Tea Pale Ale first ascends with aromas of citrusy hops and follows with subtle notes of Earl Grey tea. A refreshing and smooth experience, this pale ale offers an enchanting combination of fresh aroma and light maltiness. The easy-going, yet bold flavor reflects the stirring excitement of a day spent in the mountains.
216Buoy Beer CompanyBeaver State PilsnerPilsnerA golden Pilsner brewed with 100% grown Oregon ingredients, Buoy sourced the malt for this brew from Mecca Grade Malts, an estate malthouse that grows its barley in the Central Oregon High Desert. Brewed with Pelton and Vanora malts, this beer is light and crisp––perfect for the summers where the malt comes from. The addition of Willamette Valley grown Sterling and Meridian hops from Indie Hops add citrus notes to the mix. Drink Oregon!122.45.226MEDIUM LOWGOLDENhttp://buoybeer.comAstoriaOR
550Agua MalaSirenaPilsnerDeep golden in color with foam that lasts, this Pilsner's floral, enameled and fruity notes are perceived on the nose. The palate is complemented with persistent bitterness and hops notes. California, Mexico
877Fremont Brewing LimeshinePilsnerLimeshine is brewed with German malts, Yakima hops and lime, for a flavor profile that's bready, citrusy, and slightly bitter. LOWGOLDEN
12Scout BeerPsycho Killer Qu'est-ce Que SaisonSaison, BlackBrewed to mimic a refreshing iced coffee on a hot summer day, this beer is black as night with a slight sweetness courtesy of a healthy dose of Midnight wheat and caramel Vienna malts. Scout then used a French saison yeast and a German lager yeast to yield a smooth but slightly funky beer. Looks can be deceiving with a beer that pours so dark but drinks so light. LOWBLACKhttp://scoutpdx.comPortlandOR
766Maui Brewing CompanyBelgian Table BeerSession Ale, Belgian StyleThis refreshing, tart Belgian Table Beer is brewed with local Maui Calamansi limes, and Huell Melon and Loral hops with hints of clove spice and lime. Perfect for a hot day on an island.
324Heathen BrewingRaspberry Rhubarb Sour AleSour AleThis specialty sour ale is made with delicious raspberries and rhubarb. Tart and slightly sweet with strong notes of fruit, it boasts a beautiful crimson hue and an even more amazing taste. LOWPINK/PURPLEhttp://heathenbrewing.comVancouverWA
765Boundary Bay Brewery and BistroCurrantly Hip SourSour Ale, American StyleLight in body and purple in color, this American style sour ale is bursting with the flavor of black currants and other forest fruit. Soured in the kettle with a house blend of lactobacillus, this fruity and pleasantly sour beer leaves you refreshed and wanting more.111.54.97VERY LOWPINK/PURPLEhttp://bbaybrewery.comBellinghamWA
434Cascade BrewingBelmont Street BrambleSour Ale, Northwest StyleIn recognition of its renowned Cascade Barrel House pub on Belmont Street in Southeast Portland, Cascade is pleased to release Belmont Street Bramble, a blend of sour blond ales aged in oak wine barrels for up to two years with red raspberries and tangerine peel. Crisp and refreshing, Belmont Street Bramble offers intense raspberry flavor with a hint of citrus, making it the perfect summer sour sipper. 143.26.57VERY LOWPINK/PURPLEhttp://cascadebrewing.comPortlandOR
214Three Creeks Brewing CompanySkol - Juniper Infused Norwegian AleSpecialty StyleSkol Norwegian Ale features a traditional brewing method tracing back to the Viking Age. Juniper branches are steeped overnight in hot water. This "Juniper Tea" is infused into the mash the next morning, allowing the complex, resinous flavor and aroma to shine through. Additionally, expect notes of roasted toffee, caramel and a mildly-smoky sweetness to round out this balanced, medium body ale, plus hints of citrus and spice from Columbus, Amarillo and Simcoe hops. Enjoy this centuries old, "Ale of the Norsemen." Skol!––Here's To Good Health! AMBERhttp://threecreeksbrewing.comSistersOR
326GoodLife Brewing CompanyLong AcronymSpecialty StyleEnjoy this Dry Hopped Oregon Wine Barrel Aged Mix Fermentation Blended Brett India Pale Lager!16.517.845MEDIUMGOLDENhttp://goodlifebrewing.comBendOR
437Old Town BrewingGreen Tea LemonadeSpecialty StyleYour savior on a hot summer day and the epitome of "oh so refreshing," this beer is an invigorating blend of rich green tea and lemon backed with a tang. It pairs best with long lines, waterfront views and a thirsty crowd. Say hello to your new summer fling.
652Wolf Tree BrewerySpruce Tip GruitSpecialty StyleThis is a crisp, malty, unfiltered ale brewed with Sitka spruce tips. No hops and zero IBUs, just lots of spruce tips that give a unique fruity flavor (not piney) with a malty backbone. This gold medal winning ale is surprisingly easy to drink and a true Northwest style.14.73.660VERY LOWAMBERhttp://wolftreebrewery.comSeal RockOR
872New Holland Brewing CompanyI Like Pretzel DayStoutHomemade soft pretzels from Grand Rapids' own Nantucket Baking were added to the mash to imbue unique roasted character into the beer. This toasted note brings nuance to an ordinary style. The beer was then laid down into New Holland Spirits bourbon barrels for three months, giving the beer a rich, boozy component. After the stay in barrels, it was then balanced with extra salt and caramel to push the roasted notes into a sweet dessert category. This luxurious beer is sure to impress and delight all who seek it.17.85.2835LOWBLACKhttp://newhollandbrew.comHollandMI
762McMenamins Edgefield BreweryThe Jester's NightcapStout, ImperialComplex, full-bodied and rich beyond any prince’s wildest dreams! Subtle additions of raw cacao nibs and vanilla beans accentuate a baked-in sweetness and chocolaty malt character.214.5920MEDIUM LOWBLACKhttp://mcmenamins.comTroutdaleOR
659Heretic Brewing CompanyGooStout, Imperial MilkThis is a big, rich milk stout with a generous balance of bourbon, vanilla, chocolate and coconut.28.510.81235LOWBLACKhttp://hereticbrewing.comFairfieldCA
653Terminal Gravity Brewing Summer Honey Strong AleTerminal Gravity took a spin off of its original Tap Out American Strong Ale and made it perfect for summer. With a bit of added local honey, this beer is bright and bold, yet not overwhelming. Stone fruit, peach, and honey notes are noticed through the body, and the beer finishes with a smooth and subtle heat. 192.59LOWGOLDENhttp://terminalgravitybrewing.comEnterpriseOR
211Old Market Pub & BreweryPunchy PeachWheat Ale, Barrel Aged ImperialAn organic imperial wheat ale brewed with minimal hops and A20 citrus strain from imperial organic yeast. Aged for seven months in French oak Pinot barrels from Bergstrom Vineyards in Newberg, Oregon, the barrels were then topped off with over 250 lbs. of Oregon tart peaches, producing a peach forward, heavy duty (but light bodied) finish. 1727.85VERY LOWGOLDENhttp://drinkbeerhere.comPortlandOR
763Silver Falls BreweryWisp Raspberry WheatWheat BeerThis raspberry wheat beer is made with two row, white wheat, Munich and crystal 40L malts. Hop additions are Hallertau and Cascade. The brewery added raspberries to the fermentor at the end of fermentation. LOWPINKhttp://Silverfallsbrewery.comSilvertonOR
438Sunriver Brewing CompanyHugs and Flip FlopsWheat Beer, American StyleAn old school American style pale wheat ale provides the backdrop for this surprisingly hoppy treat. Northwest grown pale malt and malted wheat blend with French caramel malt to make up the grist. Then, experience the depth of Oregon grown Amarillo hops as they hit all the right spots – bright citrus, juicy tropical and a dash of herbal dankness. The result is a light bodied, hop forward brew that finishes clean and dry. It represents everything we love about American ales.14.33635MEDIUMGOLDENhttp://sunriverbrewingcompany.comSunriverOR
Cider/Wine TentEola Hills Wine Cellars 2016 Classic Pinot GrisWineThis refreshing Oregon Pinot Gris was made exclusively from estate grown grapes from the Eola-Amity sub AVA of the Willamette Valley. All hand-picked grapes to retain the natural characteristics of the fruit. Aromas of tangerine, Meyer lemon and honey complement flavors of grapefruit and pineapple with a hint of Bergamot tea. Aged in stainless steel, which contributes to the clean, refreshing finish.12.50ZEROWHITEhttp://eolahillswinery.comRickreallOR
Cider/Wine TentEola Hills Wine Cellars2015 Classic Pinot NoirWineThe intensity of this vintage of Pinot Noir is incredible. The mouth-filling, elegant tannin's are solely derived from the grapes themselves. The high percentage component of Eola-Amity Hills fruit out of Oregon’s Willamette Valley gives an earthy and dark fruit character that’s intense, but not heavy on the palate. Aromas of Pomegranate, black cherry, bright red fruits. Flavors of cherry, strawberry and black raspberry.13.40ZEROREDhttp://eolahillswinery.comRickreallOR
Cider/Wine TentSerra Vineyards 2016 Rosa Maria RoséWineThis is the perfect wine for a hot day! This very easy drinking off-dry Rosé is made from whole cluster pressed Tempranillo, aged in stainless steel for nine months, and stirred daily on its lees. Aromoatics of fresh ripe berries lead to a crisp palate of sweet creamy citrus and honeyed floral components. Deliciously fruit forward but technically dry.12.80ZEROPINKhttp://serravineyard.comGrants PassOR
328Von Ebert BrewingHibiscus WitWitHibiscus Wit is a distant cousin of the Belgian Witbier. To this wheat forward base the brewers added Indian coriander, chamomile, grapefruit zest, orange zest, and loads of hibiscus to make this tart summer ale refreshing and complex.12.23513LOWPINK/PURPLEhttp://vonebertbrewing.comPortlandOR
330Monkless Belgian AlesPeppercorn Imperial WitWitIt's time to rethink your Wit! Belgian boldness is brimming in this big, yet light-bodied wit. Citrusy freshness abounds with a clean and peppery finish.
768Thunder Island Brewing CompanyFuzzy WitWitConceived for the Oregon Brewers Festival, this Northwest inspired Belgian Witbier has generous mid-fermentation additions of Oregon peaches. This beer was designed around the lifestyle of the Columbia River Gorge, where one likes to have a beer on a nice, hot summer day and then get back to the adventure. Enjoy! LocksOR