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TimestampYour NameWhy Leviathan is awesomeYour favorite Leviathan piecesWhat you'd like to see Leviathan do at 343i?What else can we do?Alternate Name
2/19/2011 22:09:09Avi LevinNot only is he an amazing drawer (the shading and lighting alone are amazing), he literally has his finger on the pulse of the Halo Universe."A Fistful of Arrows". The art quality is ridiculous (almost CGI good), and the story just rings so true.

It reminded me of "A Sangheli's War is Never Over", only more awesome... then I realized Leviathan wrote that too.
A Halo 2.5 graphic novel, an illustrated Cryptum.When Fistful of Arrows is done, we can all mail a printed copy to 343i.Arithmomaniac
9/4/2018 22:16:04Terance TanA Fistful of Arrows.Once again, A Fistful of Arrows.Could be a graphic novel, maybe even concept art for the next Halo game.Pray and hope for the best (and then send more when it doesn't seem apparent that he will make it)Spartan-077
2/19/2011 22:17:04David MooreDude draws amazing stuff, as good if not better than the pros working on the current comics over at Marvel.Everything. But if I had to pick it would be Fistful of Arrows.Whatever he can do best. First thing that comes to mind would be graphic novels.DHalo
2/19/2011 22:39:51Zack DarkHe draws like an angel.Most of them, because he, as stated above, draws like an angel.Graphic novel, cover arts, pre-game sketches, etc.Threaten 343i to do our bidding (getting Leviathan to work for them)?ZackDark
2/19/2011 22:44:03Pat BresnahanBecause while he is an amazing artist, and stand alone writer within the universe, he is still very humble and sometimes oblivious to his true talents. On top of that he is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. He's dedicated, passionate, and does all this work in his spare time for us, the halo fanbase.I really prefer his Forerunner War Sphinx. He took something from Cryptum and ran with it. It is a really well done and inspired piece, that is border line concept art in it's current state. very imaginative and makes me want to see one in a future Halo game.Anything. Concept art, comic book, graphic novel, art for the encyclopedia, anything.it's pretty good.padraig08
2/19/2011 22:51:16DerekHis art makes my eyes bleed.....

In a good way.
Forerunner Sphinx battle armor. coolest thing ever. Forerunner tech rules and needs to be expanded on more.Anything really. Everything that guy draws turns into pure godliness. chief sparten
2/19/2011 22:51:53Chase HolmesHis art skills are beyond amazing!Fistful of Arrows and the Forerunner War Sphinx because hey both are just so beautifully done and thought out.ANYTHING art related that expands on the Universe.Scarabgunyea
2/19/2011 22:58:21Max McCormickCore HBO personality. Excellent writer. arbitersaid
2/19/2011 22:58:36Seth JewettLook at his work. The man understands what makes Halo awesome, and takes it the kinds of place the most hardcore fans want it to go.SonofMacPhisto
2/19/2011 23:00:14Garrett Post He understands the Halo Universe well, he's a fantastic artist with a lot of talent, and he's a great guy to know.The whole A Fistful of Arrows series, The Odyssey book cover, and Learning to FlyIt's a little bit out there, but maybe comics for Waypoint?Whatever I can.TDSpiral
2/19/2011 23:05:35G.T. BatesHis artwork is astoundingly good. His attention to detail is incredible. He has amazing interpretative skills, taking ideas that have been created by others and bringing to life those ideas and remaining true to what that concept is. It takes a natural talent to create artwork that represents what others had in mind when they read a book or imagined what a fictional world/character would look like. From concept to finished art I can not fault him.His work with Halo is brilliant. I also love his Cyclops art piece on his website.Comic book artwork, game magazine covers etc....any and all art design for future Halo related works.This is a great start. If nothing else, Levi can use this as a "community reference" with his resume.Hedgemony
2/19/2011 23:29:54MattHe creates great art and is an all around awesome human being. Not much more needs to be said.Heh, Fistful of Arrows has really stolen my soul, but before that his "Sangheili's War" was my favorite.Yes.Contact the government? Hold people of importance for ransom? We could threaten to increase global warming or something I guess...
2/19/2011 23:33:16Seth DickinsonGenerates art for the Halo universe at a professional level without any compensation or incentive beyond his own passion.General Battuta
2/20/2011 0:03:46Anthony StubblefieldLike everyone else will probably say, this man and fellow Halo fan has an absurdly great talent at what he does: Giving us fan-made imaginative orgas...oh okay, you get the picture. I'd have to say the work that made him so well known, A Fistful of Arrows. Not only does he paint a brilliant picture of one of Reach's more quiet Nobles, but fleshes out his backstory in a way that makes it just as good, or even better, than what future canon may bring (no offense).Anything that would benefit him and the community. Whether that's canonizing or expanding Fistful of Arrows, a whole new comic/graphic novel series, or what have you, he would do just fine in any medium you'd need him to occupy and conquer.Well, if he needs a trusty canon bank of knowledge, he's always got the trustworthy (and sarcastic ass) of CommanderTony and Halopedian.com. :)CommanderTony
2/20/2011 0:40:12Shaun HashimI'm not gonna reinvent the wheel here and just toss out blind positivity.

No, I want to make something very clear:

While I'm often very critical of all things Halo, there's a certain vibe--an overwhelming "feeling of awesome"--I get when official Halo content that rubs me the right way.

Levi's artwork and comics marks the VERY FIRST TIME I've had that feeling outside of official content. His attention to detail is superb.

I could post just about every bit of Halo fan art he's done, but I won't. Levi's Fistful of Arrows comic goes beyond just looking amazing, it looks at the Halo universe from an angle that emphasizes one of its most popular, yet underused aspects.

Maybe video games lack the ability to juxtapose the grand scale of a war with entwined character driven stories, but Levi's comic fills the deep void where Halo: Reach left me wanting.

I get a sense of urgency and tension when reading this. In this frame, a cruiser is going down and plots a head-on collision course with a Covenant carrier...

...and I feel it.

I feel that there's no other option, I feel that it's an insurmountable obstacle for the rest of the forces, and I feel that this is the only way.

In contrast, I look at Carter's death in Reach, and I felt it was all too convenient.

In an abrupt turn, there's a Scarab which, while they previously hadn't posed a threat to the player before, is suddenly an insurmountable obstacle. Why does it appear? Why does it have to be an insurmountable obstacle for the player? Well, because the narrative calls for it. But, why does it do this? There's no doubt about this one. It calls for it for the sole purpose of allowing Carter an "out."

The game needed him to die, and as he was just floating around in a pelican, here was a way he could go out "valiantly." But it's so abrupt, so poorly executed, that it comes across in a rather trite and forced manner. As a player, I knew immediately that this was an excuse to "kill him off." It's sloppy writing and it jerked me right out of the moment.

In complete contrast, here is a very similar situation occurring in Levi's comic. The "action" is the same. There's an insurmountable obstacle and martyrdom appears to be the only way out.

But it works.

Why is that? The narrative calls for it as well, but what is the purpose? Well, it's not to dispose of a main character in a quick and cheap attempt to make the reader care. No, it occurs for the sole purpose of developing an atmosphere. It's painting a background... it's showing me the desperation of the human forces... it's showing just a glimpse into what feels like one of many acts of heroism occurring during this war.

I feel it. This atmosphere, this mood... this feeling.

Reach fumbled the ball with a very similar bit of action. The difference? Here it's employed for a different reason, and it's executed superbly. It happens in a way that feels a lot more natural. It's thematic and occurs in the background of a bigger story; it's but a glimpse of dreadful war occurring around the characters... it serves the narrative in a good way.

It's this... "feeling" that is one of the most undersung aspects of the Halo universe.

Sure the newer games have great graphics and play well... but as far as the narrative has progressed, it can be touch and go when it comes to properly developing an atmosphere. The best moments in the Halo universe make you feel "immersed" in it. Every sweeping vista in Halo CE, bearing witness to the expansive destruction caused by the flood and the 100,000 years war in Halo 2, happening upon the Ark in Halo 3, wandering around the empty streets in ODST, and flying above New Alexandria as Reach burns in Halo: Reach are among the most memorable moments of the Halo series. Why? They're the most atmospheric.

Levi exudes a clear grasp on this idea in everything he does. He has the ability to give me that "vibe" I get when great Halo content hits the mark. His artwork alone, in its composition, pacing, and focus, speaks volumes with respect to developing an enjoyable Halo experience.

He has the intangibles.

These nebulous terms... "atmosphere," "mood," "vibe"... they're hard to pin down. But, well, this guy freakin' nails it.

And based on the overwhelmingly positive response he's received in the community by his work, I'd say he nails it hard.
Anything you can use him for.Make more noise and get him noticedHawaiianPig
2/20/2011 3:11:14Kyle RubyLeviathan consistently produces high-quality Halo artwork with an astonishing attention to detail as well as canon. He does this all in his free time solely for himself and the community. He's a dedicated Halo fan, and his talents would be put to good use with 343industries.Leviathan's Fistful of Arrows is a beautifully done fan comic with so much work put into each panel. Even more impressive than the artwork, though, is how he's capable of both quality artwork and storytelling. He does it all on his own, and it fleshes out the characters of Reach excellently.Leviathan's talents seem to be best suited towards artwork, although he does a great job with story as well. A graphic novel would be excellent, as Fistful of Arrows shows. He's also done some great sketches that lead me to believe he'd do well with concept art or cover designs.
2/20/2011 4:27:05Kenneth De MuytPeople always say: "An image says more than a thousand words." Leviathan manages to say much more than that with his art. He knows how to tell a story and how to visualize it beautifully. Saying I envy his talents would be an understatement.Everything he does is awesome, but I'm especially fond of "A Fistful of Arrows".Blue Ninja
2/20/2011 9:26:15Grant MillerEveryone always mentions Fistful of Arrows, but that's not what I think of when I hear Leviathan. I remember back to this: http://nikon.Bungie.org/images/Sangheili_2_medium.jpg

A Sangheili's War Is Never Over

That "comic-thing" may not compare graphically to Fistful of Arrows, but it is stylistically sound, creating a perfect atmosphere. The Covenant have collapsed, and the Elites are wiping out those who forsake them. You can feel the hatred and the vengeance the Elites deliver.

But, what Leviathan excels at the most, is making that seem real, believable, like it truly is part of the canon. In the prelude comic Prophet of Penance, the Elite Shipmaster tells the others to secure the ship, and bring it to the fleet, since they'll need it. And that sells it.
A Sangheili's War Is Never Over, and Fistful of Arrows.Grantix
2/20/2011 13:40:45Christopher J. BeckHe has the rare ability to both write AND draw very well. His attention to detail is meticulous and event that is dwarfed by his artistic vision. His biggest merit though, is his drive to create convincing, enthralling and impacting stories.

He loves what he does and it shows.
His Fistful of Arrows comic is an amazing piece of work, and I would have to say that it is also the best representation of his skills in story telling.

It is, by far, my favorite Halo related comic/graphic novel yet. I would even say that it ranks up their with my top 3 favorite graphic novels of all time. And that is no small feat.
I would see Levi in more of a world building role. Be it fleshing out plots or concept art, that is where his talent lies. Creating something amazing out of thin air is his forte. Not too much. I'm sure 343i is aware of his abilities and the more-than-warranted love that the community has shown him. The ball is in their court now. NsU Soldier
2/21/2011 12:17:46Michael ScrimpHe's got a talent for creating artwork that simply blows me away, both through the writing and the actual style of the artwork and drawing itself. His ability to create things that fit in with the existing canon of the halo universe is superb, and his ability to evoke emotion in his work is among the best ever."A Fistful of Arrows"

This is by far my favorite work, mostly because of it's story arch and it's portrayal of Jun, my favorite spartan on Noble team.
He could be great at any number of things. Waypoint comics and stories, concept art, a graphic novel, anything requiring great art really. Contact other greats from the community who made it into 343i and see if they can help, BS Angel and the writers of the Ascendant Justice blog, for example.Skiingiggy
2/21/2011 12:37:43Drew SandtA Fistful of Arrows is some of the most beautiful fan art in the entire Halo community.A Fistful of Arrows and "Defense of the City". Fistful because the story is engaging while the art is unbelievable, and Defense because the atmospheric background sets the perfect tone of heroism in the face of eventual defeat.Definitely a new Graphic Novel.Spread the word!
2/21/2011 12:42:45Amanda BiondiHis artwork is amazing, and the way his stories and designs stick to canon prove how much he cares about the Halo lore. Fistful of Arrows (this should be considered canon!)
Halo: A Sangheili's War
Any scraps and sketches he does.
The two mentioned would be amazing, I can see him making a fantastic graphic novel. I'd also love to see some concept artwork from him, to insure that 343i sticks to the canon.Shotgunchief
2/21/2011 12:53:24Jessegreat story teller, great artistFOAMore comics, More storytelling, weedwacker13
2/21/2011 13:02:35Jim StitzelExcellent art, great comics, and compelling story-telling.Fistful of ArrowsOh, hell yes, a graphic novel. That's a no-brainer.Set up a dedicated site to showcase his work.TTL Demag0gue
2/21/2011 13:14:35William Ambrosehe makes good art and is a nice guyA Fistful of ArrowsHalo Encyclopedia 2nd Edition and illustrations like those for the second edition of Halo Evolutionpray?General Vagueness
2/21/2011 13:14:46Jonathan FongHe creates the best artwork and fiction for Halo. The comic for Fistful of Arrows because of the addition to the story of Halo: Reach.A Graphic Novel or an animation for sure.robofin117
2/21/2011 13:19:27Ryan FlanaganHis artwork is phenomenal not to mention the depth and thought he puts into his pieces.A Fistful of Arrows.

That work should be canon with no questions asked. The art in each frame is incredible and the thought put into the script is amazing.
Hmmm.... Well I would like to say storyboard artist/designer.Keep pressing. A whole bunch of people working towards one goal can achieve anything so basically keep o bugging 343i!The Alpha ELite
2/21/2011 13:19:56Joshua GullerHis artwork and writing is top-notch! His work with Halo related fiction is amazing! Every piece he works on for the Halo universe not only fits within the canon, but is so well done that it deserves to be a part of it.Right now is defiantly a Fistful of Arrows. The writing for Noble Team is on the mark, and the artwork would easily fit for a Halo comic book. Work on some Graphic Novels, a few comics here and there. Anything involving artwork and writing.Just keep contacting 343i with emails and letters. I mean, if you gather enough support for him, sooner or later 343i will realize that the Halo community has spoken!QuackJAG
2/21/2011 13:59:33Trade SmithA Fistful of Arrows amazes everyone I've shown!
2/21/2011 14:15:06Logan SmithAmazing artist, amazing storyteller.Pretty much the entire Fistful of Arrows thing.
2/21/2011 14:33:23Evan SmithHe is an AMAZING artist!!HALO: A Fistful of Arrows. He has a great understanding of human body structure and not to mention perspective, lighting, and shading. His techniques are great, and I would love to see his art at its full potential.
He has good characterization in the "novel" and is realistic to the Halo series and characters.
Seeing as he is great with Graphic Novels (and which is also the reason I began watching him on Deviant Art) I think graphic novels would be great or Leviathan.This is a good start, though we could help advertise his artwork on Deviant Art.DNR1232
2/21/2011 14:34:19HannahHe is a briliant artist who really does amazing work. Anything they can think of. He'd be perfect for any job. Firewolf
2/21/2011 14:35:56AlexThe way he makes his story line flow between past a present, and his style of art (shading, coloring, texture, etc.), and his storyline are just so out there and awesome. I could never make a story like his.Fistful of Arrows, duh (though the Sanghelli War is a close second). See "Why Leviathan is Awesome" for why.Graphic Novels, Concept Art, Storyline, he could do pretty much anything in the first few stages of developement.Send the Master Chief, his Spartan, the IIIs, the Arbiter and his Sanghelli, the marines, and anyone else who can fight into 343 Studios to take the producers hostage until he's hired.Spartan Ninja
2/21/2011 14:39:58Brutus745It is creative, original, and yet carries a distinct respect for the canon of the halo universeReturn of an Old Foe, Just awesome placement of characters
Fistful of Arrows, just incredible really
MIA: S-293, because it is a cool armor and I wish there was even more like this to choose from in DLC
Anything from comics to posters to the Encyclopedia, and like I said, designing new armorsJust cheer him on as best we can, maybe even have a 1 day boycott from Halo Reach (on a Saturday) so they know how many people really support himBrutus 745
2/21/2011 14:46:47Daniel VeraShowing himself to a truly amazing talent for style, as a very solid background of story-telling and Halo canon, Levi is the o e guy we'd all beg to handle the future storyline for us. Of the pieces he has made, they all command a powerful array of emotion, wit, and artistic power.The panel from "Fistful of Arrows" pitting Halsey's mini Pelican against a colossal Assault Carrier. It made me physically laugh out loud, just staring at those RIDICULOUS odds. That and "Learning to fly", as well as another "Arrow's" one, the Marathon-cruiser battle.Conceptual work and concept art would be good place, but character work and development is definitely a must.Take a look around among other cohorts of these sorts!Tucker's Creator
2/21/2011 14:48:02Siul NegronNot only is he a superb fellow artist , I continue to wonder if he doesn't work at Bungie already. His storytelling is simply too alike that of Eric Nylund. In my opinion if he's not working at Bungie he should be.Fistful of Arrows , Page 16. Look it up :PSPARTAN II'S Fall of ReachYoutubeKAPZ X10
2/21/2011 14:50:18Esteban R.Leviathan is "awesome" because the art he produces is simply inspiring. Like that of some qualified conceptual artists, Leviathan's artwork gets me pondering. "What would it be like to actually exist in one of his masterful scenes?" is a question I frequently ask myself. I don't know why but the textures that one can find within his pieces brings scifi fantasy into a more mundane, plausible perspective. Leviathan is truly talented.I really admired his work "Fires, Still Burning". The piece showcases his skill in designing environmental scenes. The way the fumes fade into the sky is wonderful. I don't think I could imagine such a daunting scene better than what he depicted. Its so lifelike!I believe that Leviathan would do well in the Graphic Novel portion of 343i. Perhaps even nice posters/advertisements would also be a part of his duties.Advocate more and more. Spread this to as many people as you can. Email the higher ups of 343i and such.Chronopathic
2/21/2011 15:24:00Ed RyanHis artwork is breathtaking, pure awesome in comic form. I get up each day in hopes that he will bestow a new piece of art for me to gaze upon.

Hes also hot, yeah.
A Fistful of ArrowsYes, very much so.Spread the word, email Bungie.PsH Ikari
2/21/2011 15:34:00John WoodBecauseFistful of Arrows
2/21/2011 15:34:13Ng Yi RuAlways been one of several resident artists around halo.Bungie.org, offering great fan arts!

Do check out his deviantart page, more great works there!
Recently it's A Fistful of Arrows since it's the more recent work. Loved the story before I got Reach, loved it even more after playing through Reach.How about... "concept" game arts?Who's "we?" :x

Go easy on Levi?
the new one
2/21/2011 15:57:50Amy ParkerI don't know him that well but he seems to be a pretty cool guy and a GREAT artist.A Fistful of Arrows, the story is intriguing and the artwork is AMAZING.Graphic novel would be nice.Like I said, A Fistful of Arrows, amazing.
2/21/2011 15:59:05Vera SolarisStunning visuals.The Fistful of Arrows comic project is amazingly awesome and got me pumped to play Reach.Something awesome.I'm afraid, I'm more big picture than small details. But good luck!
2/21/2011 16:02:17Ben SchwartzHe's a brilliant artist and incredible storyteller. He has a love and understanding for the Halo universe that runs far deeper than most.A Sangheili's War Is Never Over.

There's something about this story that just blows me away every time I read it. I keep the full PDF of it, and reread it every few weeks. Maybe it's the effortless badassery of every character, maybe the sense of the broader war being waged parelleled in the single combat on the ground, maybe the brutal realism of war, or maybe it's the way it all comes together to tell a single perfect short story.

I've passed this around to every Halo-player I know, and they loved it as much as I do. I've even shown it to a few non-players (including my father) and it made them want to start playing Halo!

And until Karen Traviss publishes her novels? Leviathan's story is absolutely canon to me.
I would love to see him work on an official graphic novel, with 343's backing and canonization.Give him hugs and high fives!Sunshine
2/21/2011 16:26:36Laird MacLeanJust look at his Fistful of Arrows comic, what more needs to be said?Laird
2/21/2011 17:32:39KevinHave you seen his comics? YOU SHOULDN'T EVEN HAVE TO ASK THIS QUESTION. The question should be "Why isn't he being paid to be awesome?".I'd have to say "A Sangheili's War" pretty much just because I have a thing for post-Halo 3 stories, but "A Fistful of Arrows" has some amazing art and it's definitely awesome as well.GRAPHIC NOVEL, GRAPHIC NOVEL, GRAPHIC NOVEL!!!

But I'm sure he'd be awesome at doing concept art and designs and stuff too.


Hire him already, jeez.Doodle
2/21/2011 17:35:09Christina LewisLeviathan is an excellent artist, he knows exactly how to keep a reader hooked through composition, pacing, visual themes and colour, nay, he knows by instinct! All of his work is great and well suitable for the established halo universe.Halo: A Sangheili's War is my favourite piece, mostly because of the art style and the content. I love hearing about the Elites side of the war, and leviathan has a great interpretation of them and display them as Elites should be. Unlike a later trend in other halo media that take the Elites into a more brutish kind.Since it is leviathans comics I love, I would say he should continue doing that. It is the way that the stories grab me that is special.If we show his popularity, other studios might take notice.Sky
2/21/2011 17:59:47Carl RuggieroSuperb artist. Fistful of Arrows.Illustrated story bible, graphic-novel Reach prequels, just about anything. Nosolee
2/21/2011 18:12:46Kevin PerezHe's like a magician, with a computer and colors on his side.Fistful of Arrows, it's an interesting view of a forgotten Spartan that is in fact the only one who survived

Pariah, because it reflects what every Spartan went thru during that story, and the hopes of Soren
Comics on the expanded Universe... another Graphic novel... posters, BIG POSTERSCan we force Fistful of Arrows into canon?... just saying...

or storm 243i with emails and camp-outs on their doorsteps
2/21/2011 18:21:44AllanHe has an amazing creativity and talent, not to mention he IS PURE AWESOMEWell, there's many, because he executes them with such technique and creativity!EVERYTHING (does that count?)
2/21/2011 18:49:09George GasparHis storytelling and artistic skills are desperately needed in 343i. I honestly think the last Halo game (Halo: Reach) was a mediocre way to end an awesome series, even a bolstered storyline and characters is a step in the right direction (I also reference Halo 3 ODST as another good example as a step in the right direction).

Point is this: Leviathan has the writing and art skills to make 343i more than 2x better in whatever games (including Halo) you would like to make.
The "A Fistful of Arrows" series, starring my favorite character, Jun (aka Noble 3) is some of the best fanfic I've ever seen.I'd like him to do fiction stories, but I'd also like him to be part of your writing team.We need more quality writers in video games. Video games are starting to be more and more like a form of art and I want the rest of the world to realize that by seeing quality stories in video games.
2/21/2011 19:05:45Patrick WalshHe is an active member of the greater Halo community that resides on the H.B.O. fourms. if a thread has anything big being talked about Levi is there and adding a comment or two that is well thought out and supported.I've really be enjoying "Fistful of Arrows" his attempt to fill in the gaps of Jun's backstory before Halo Reach and at the same time, showing what happens after he leaves Noble Actual with Halsey.

Its one of the best reads from a fan, and I always look forward to seeing the next issue.
Levi could be a major artist in a new Graphic Novel, but even more so if he did artwork for the revised Halo Encyclopedia that would contain all the new intel that Bungie/343i has reviled to the community.

If Levi puts his hands on it, not matter what it would be, quality work would follow.
Try and see if you can get support for Frankie/Urk/Those with power. the Halo community is a larger force and the people who run 343i and the folks at Bungie are sure to recongnize someone who has community supportPat, Celtic Deamon on XBL
2/21/2011 21:08:37RyanYes, a no brianer. He loves Halo, and that to me, is great with his combination of skills.SPU7N1K
2/21/2011 21:59:55SamCompelling and unfolding plots combined with fine art = dynamite!Definitely the current Halo comic he'd doing. Probably a Graphic Novel, or a Halo Art book kind of thing. ... Iunno. Hire him?Oddric
2/21/2011 22:11:11Jan BaliHis art blows my mind. Like literally.Fistful of Arrows was beyond excellent, and A Sangheili's War was even better. The art style in the latter is very well done and very fitting to the narrative at hand.Anything and everything. Concept art, a new graphic novel, anything.Send Bungie or 343 his artwork, mainly his comics. And this petition.
2/21/2011 22:34:21Ben ClarkeHis deviantART comic is just mind-blowing and the writing and plot behind it is stunning!Umm, is everything a viable answer?Graphic Novel would be awesome; maybe work on concept art tooSend letters in to Bungie with our demands!JuggerNUT94
2/22/2011 1:52:32Sam WesternHis art is absolutely amazing!!!
The way he draws and presents his art is so professional and amazing!! >< His deviantART page is brilliant and full of amazing comics, sketches and concept art :D there are really no words to explain how brilliant his work is, and how great it would be for him to work with Bungie!!!!!!!! ><
My favourite of Levihoffs work is "A Fistful of Arrows" and all of his landscape work with halo reach! The reason I love "A Fistful of Arrows" is because its wonderful storyline goes excellently with the amazing art of the actual comics! What I like about the LANDSCAPES, is how he adds just a few little touches of his own to make his art into something spectacular. It really is amazing. Brilliant Work.HALO ENCYCLOPEDIA!!! Making the backgrounds of video games for Bungie!!! ><PROTEST :D
go up to Bungie and beg?
Offer eternal servitude ^^ hahaha
2/22/2011 2:41:42Brittany MacMillerCause he is a amazing artist, creative story writer, and just all around awesome! His Halo comic is how I found him and why I love his art. He follows the halo storyline so well, he gives us a good insight on the lives of the Noble Team before Reach happens. I am always waiting for more of his comic.oh my, ummm... both! Another Encyclopedia would be nice! I mean there needs to be more on the spartans IIIs and ODSTs. More information on these subjects ummmm.... Make sure he gets to 343industries! Misha
2/22/2011 3:52:05James MoranHave you seen this guy draw I mean seriously?Fistful of Arrows.. tightly scripted and so well laid out it deserves to be canonAnything he wants :) Or a graphic novel.. just support the dude.. we can't make 343i hire anyone or create a job for them.. but we can support until such time as the golden ticket is dangled. Its up to the man to get the job ;)Esdu 'Namodee.
2/22/2011 4:47:58Dave Belvederihis one of my favorites artitsts on DA, and I really appreciate and like how he makes art.
he has a very talented hand both for writing and drawing at the same time, and when those two things come toghether well...you have a great result like Fistful Arrows for ex.
His good Art and career should be an example to be taken for all of us;plus I think he should work at Bungie, he has a great talent and great oppurtunities with it.
Hell of job Levi
Definely my favorite pieces are is two Halo series, starting with the covenant wars and the great fistful arrows.
I have to say that Both series are really great and oustanding, for the colors the reality, the poses of the characters are superb, the landscape and scenarios are incredibly descriptive and very detailed.
I would really like to see him involved in Halo topics, for what I saw and read he has a talent for it, and he should benefit from it as best has he could.
He could ask for a job at Bungie like as an illustrator for ex, send them his portfolio and wait for an answer, but dought that waiting time cause he will get and immidiate answer from them, looking at his art is like having a great timeDavess
2/22/2011 6:29:19Matt TunneyFistful of Arrows - really well put together, great artwork and a high calibre fan made project - probably one on the best pieces of hbo community artwork seen in a long timeoonebitrocket
2/22/2011 7:02:12Keith S.He has great talent for drawing detail and has a great grasp of the Halo mythos.My favorite piece is the comic A Sanghelios' War which tells the end of the war in a effective manner while incorporating past events and elements to create a solid story.Graphic Novel
2/22/2011 11:24:16Tom BrazeauFantastic artist, good story-teller and an all around great guy. What's not to love? Hell, I don't even play Halo and I'm still a fan of his fan comic.Cyclops, because I'm a long time X-fan and he absolutely nailed the fearless leader's look, and Fistful of Arrows pg 2-3; because he does a great job of showing the inner conflict of a man who kills for a living.Graphic novel would be a good place to start and maybe some promo art.Treyos
2/22/2011 15:06:29JacobProfessional level artwork, storytelling, and writingFistful of ArrowsHalo comics, since the official ones pale in comparisonStill Jacob
2/22/2011 15:17:14Matt RodgersHis art style is, in my mind, better than most other comic book styles. He uses both bright and dull colors and knows what hues to use in what places. In short he fully captures the feel of the Halo Universe in both his artwork and story. The interpretation of Noble Team in Fistful of Arrows was spot on and was most importantly believable.I was a fan of one of his most recent pieces; the Halo Cryptum War Sphinx. It was an interesting concept design and certainly looked like something the Forerunners would have in their arsenal. This and of course anything from Fistful of Arrows.Definately a graphic novel.Darth Kheldar
2/22/2011 17:08:51Robert McDonaldHe is a great artist and a great person, who's posts on HBO I enjoy reading.Fistful of Arrows. Why? Because it has beautiful art and a storyline that is so well done that it should be made canon.Comics about characters who need more expansion, like Gunnery Sergeant Stacker and Private First Class Chips Dubbo surviving Installation 04. Also, concept art.
2/22/2011 17:24:18Drew BarnettSharp, clean work, with a highly developed aesthetic sense of balance, artfully crafted with spectacular rendering. The kind of artist you wish you were.Fistful of Arrows, partly because it's some of his best work yet, and partly because I'm a huge Halo nerd.I would definitely like to see Leviathan do something like a Graphic Novel entry or somesuch, but I would also really like to see him doing concept art and game illustrations, as well.I agree with whoever suggested sending 343i a printed copy of Fistful of Arrows when it's done.HelioSeven
2/23/2011 7:39:17DovBer F.His name is Levi.A Fistful of ArrowsGraphic Novel? Halo Encyclopedia 2.0?
Both!?!?!? but especially Halopedia 2.0: the (very!!!) early years.
Go bug Frankie.doober
2/23/2011 16:54:57ArasBecause his comic blows the crap out of the official comics? Duh...A Fistful of Arrows, put a hardcover around it and you'd think it's real official stuff that you buy.Graphic Novel all the way.No idea, although it would sad that this talent would go unnoticed. Such comic skills SHOULD take part in the franchise.Gazas
2/23/2011 19:43:38Jose GranaNot only is his artwork EPIC!, he also has a great way of telling a story and making the reader go nuts over what will happen in the next page !.. so yhea he is FLUBETASTICLE!!!!!A Fistful of Arrows !!!Concept art , The art for the next encyclopedia , ETC.Protest!? Ulqura
2/23/2011 21:48:39Grant He is a truly gifted artist and writer capable of provoking real emotion through the story and the characters in it. You can see the care and dedication to every panel Leviathan creates. He absolutely loves the halo universe as do all us diehards signing this. Fistful of Arrows: This blew me away the intricately woven split story arc presentation. The characters are mirror images of their characters in Halo: Reach and he uses them so effectively that I feel that this can actually qualify to be actual canon for Noble Team. And this is not overstatement.
A Sangheili's War is Never Over: While slightly older, this grabs me for the unique visual style as well as the story of the post Halo 3 story of the Sangheili's war against the Brutes, culminating with the sacking of their home world. Great action, believable dialogue, I don't think I'll forget it any time soon.
Graphic novel is the first thing that comes to mind. Play to his strengths. But I think he is an equally gifted writer for any other story heavy related work. But the ultimate decision lies with 343 and I'm sure whatever job he gets, Levi will be enthralled to be working there. And if those at 343 don't at least consider him then you guys must be insane to do so.Spread the word throughout the dedicated Halo fan community any way possible. Like for example, Halopedian and other dedicated Halo fan sites. See if there's anyone who knows a guy that knows a guy at 343 to give a suggestion to the 343 guys directly. Reichel
2/24/2011 10:46:56Dan WhiteHe's a great artist (his environments are amazing), clearly knows his canon and is an engaging, coherent storyteller.A Fistful Of Arrows, because it's simply amazing. Dirt is also a fantastic piece, it's well composed and looks great.Anything, really. Conceptual or environmental art, coming up with stories, comics.Try and get a printed copy of Fistful Of Arrows in the works? I'd buy that.Dan the Stick
2/24/2011 12:27:12AddyI haven't seen anything better than his Fistful of Arrows work! I reckon he is the best artist on deviantart.The fistful of arrows series and anything else Halo he does! also his superhero hero pieces are good too.Definitely a graphic novel! But as long as he keeps doing his amazing art work then anything.Keep drawing the amazing art!Lord Zebedee
2/24/2011 19:15:58Thomas PoulignotJust look at it. It's freakin coool.Fistful of Arrows. Because I'm hooked on Halo storylines.Fistful of Arrows, and more Halo graphic novels,and more anything. It looks waaaaaaaaaaay better than any of the crap that Marvel made. Seriously. HIRE HIM DAMMIT!!!
3/1/2011 12:22:27clintThis is great! The details! He is the real deal!McClaine
3/6/2011 2:59:13marco i loveee LEVIATHANgraf
3/8/2011 16:45:06BastianHis artwork became more and more high quality over the time.
Currently his publications are one of the very few I'm looking for in the Internet almost every day.
From the Halo fan art you find in the web Leviathan's definitely belongs to the top class.
There are very less people with that preconditions and a deep understanding for the Halo out there.
(It looks like even Bungie hasn't enough of them to produce a Halo Reach which goes hand in hand with the books.)
For me there is more epic action in Leviathan's comic then in Halo Reach.
So he would be an enrichment for 343i or any other Team that creates new things Halo.
It would be a shame letting such a talent work for other things.
In my opinion his masterpiece is "A Fistful of Arrows".
It shows not only his abilities of handling Photoshop, but also his deep understanding of the Halo universe itself.
It would be great if he could do artwork for the future Halo games and have the possibility to work closely with the stoy makers of the games to create the ultimative Halo.Kidnap one member or more of 343i's upper command structure and force them to sign an lifelong employment contract for Leviathan.Hauda
3/15/2011 3:55:10Ben ClarkLevi is an incredibly talented artist and his art style captures the essence of Halo in its entirety. He is also a fantastic storyteller.The shot of Reach's moons in a Fistful of Arrows.I would love to see him do an official graphic novel and concept art for any Halo works.Whatever you can :)benfclark
3/21/2011 18:14:29Josh FollmannYes, this is a no-brainer. His work is on par with the best professionals I've seen. And he loves Halo (he must if he's still doing this stuff).A Fistful Of Arrows is the only name coming to mind right now but I've been following H.B.O for years and have been equally impressed by all.I won't answer this because creatives like Levi are usually best left to pick their projects, or at least have some influence in picking them.Not sure. I know there are plenty of people at 343i who are well aware of Levi's talents, and how much the community appreciates his work. I'm sure if they have an appropriate opening he's on their short list. Stabbim
3/28/2011 19:08:25Brookelyn MetzMakes great comics, and his work is just absolutly amazing. So much of it is so gorgous and he does a great job on details. He's also a very artistic person with many good comics and art up that so many people are a fan of, including myself.I would have to say that currently it is the Halo Comic, cause of the details withen it. I've looked at som of his other stuff and it's all so magnificent. He seems to add so much time into working on these comics.I would like to see him do some type of Graphic Novel, I've read some of it and it is amazing. He comes up with such great idea's.Brooke
4/1/2011 17:34:25Israel MorejonGreat artist, that already has a definite love of the materialThe entire Fistful of Arrows series. Pretty good story arc too.Anything, from game art to a graphic novel. His art style is suited to it, and frankly very high quality.Izzy Morejon
4/10/2011 3:37:45DevonHE MAEK DA HALOFist full of arrows (ISH HAELO)MAKE DA HAELOATTACK THE 343 HQ!!!! MA5BS LOADEDZvmkcillen
4/10/2011 11:49:42Isaac GilliganHe puts genuine effort into his work, knowing he will not be fully acknowledged for it. His work is not over the top, and he takes care of every character and personality involved. The stories he weaves are plausibly canon, which makes everything so much more personal and interesting. Detail is his game.My favorite piece is, hands down, A Fistfull of Arrows. The story is personal, and draws from the game only the best influences, while refusing to ride on its fame. The backstory presented is intricate, interesting and compelling. The faces of Noble Team coupled with a creative story, a moody tone and insane detail set up one of the best comic series I've ever read.
4/11/2011 4:22:35FairfieldfencerHis art is magnificent which are complimented his writing skills and pace, a combination that pull off an amazing piece of work I just can't believe exists. To not employ someone like this would honestly be criminal.Fistful of Arrows because it showcases levihoff's talents perfectly and you know instantly this story is going to be good.Graphic Novel.No ideas. Sorry.FFF
4/11/2011 10:24:08StephanieBecause he can friggin' paint man! And he's obviously got a really good imagination to be coming up with the backgrounds and such for his graphic stories.A Fistful of Arrows! The whole thing! The detail on the artwork is amazing, and he's adding more of a background to Noble Team, telling us more about them and how they worked. He's added something to the Halo universe that wasn't there before, and it's BEAUTIFUL!Graphic Novels! And maybe, like, a Noble Team encyclopedia kind of a thing?Help him publish his stuff? I'd buy it =PFire-Raven
4/11/2011 20:13:37VinnieHe's an amazing artist and creator.Fistfull of ArrowsGraphic Novel would rock.Promote his art.Francais Toast
4/14/2011 22:32:50Michael DalyAmazing artist with great vision! Don't let this artist starve!Mayflower Project and Halo worksAnything. Everything he touches turns to artistic gold.
4/15/2011 0:01:46Ashley WashingtonLeviathan's artwork is even better than some of the most recent comics from marvel! In my opinion his work blows Helljumpers, Bloodline, and possibly even The Fall of Reach out of the water! His pieces are clean, well-formed, and I'll just say it-AWESOME! So realistic to the canon of Halo as well. 343 needs someone like Leviathan!Ooh-tough one. I enjoy the "Fist Full of Arrows" comic, but I must say that Leviathan's "Forerunner Picket Ship" is inspiring. It looks remarkably similar to the end of Halo: Reach, but the elegance of this art is as of yet, unmatched. The light descending as the ship appears to be closing in on a small group on the ground, mixed with the graceful field and the mountains afar off makes this piece my favorite, and again, quite inspirational. I think he should write/make an entire graphic novel, expanding the Halo Universe beyond Reach, and even further than the cliffhanger of Halo 3! I believe that Leviathan can take the entire Halo Franchise to the next level!Send several-hundred e-mails and letters to 343 industries, getting Leviathan's name in there? Would that work? I want to help in any way I can!OnyxLeaderRogue-177
4/15/2011 9:32:45Ben AndersonBecause his art is exetremly well-done, and how devoted he is to Halo, something he probably cares alot for. Plus he is also not only an amazing artist but a savy writer as well, his comic story, to me, is well thought out and it appears that he spent alot of time on what he does, his commisions are also a spectacle. I looked at his recent one and just sat there taking it in, realizing how close the details are to that of the game. Except, in 2D. Overall his art stlye is one that's unique and he'll sure be able to tell his gradchildren stories before they got o bed!Probably, as always probably his most popular, "A Fistful of Arrows". It's shows his own rendition of how he believes Noble before the game, and plus, most of it would seem true given to how they react in-game and in his story, their attitudes are pretty close. But not only that, his concept art for "The Mayflower Project" is stunning, and as alot of people are concerned, I can't wait for it's finish and release. But, patience is a virtue...Probably make a published "A Fistful of Arrows". But Another Halo Encyclopedia would be intresting, All in all, it'd probably be best as a suprise.We can Dance...SparkyTerragon
5/8/2011 11:01:33Julian Maxwell-WhalenHis artwork is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!All of his A Fistful of Arrows comics- I love the story of what happens to Jun, (SPARTAN A-266) after the events of Halo Reach.I'd like to see A Fistful of Arrows published and sold.I'm not quite sure, really...LordFluffyHamster
5/27/2011 5:58:48David MorrisHe's really really talented, the Fistful of Arrows story is really really good at being tied to the story that it feels like it's something Noble actually did, his artwork looks really good and if anything, he'd be a great addition to the team.Fistful of Arrows, see above.Artwork for ships and vehicles we've heard about but don't know what they look like.Make the story more popular, mention it to friends and other fans, contact 343i.Dwayne
6/1/2011 19:17:10andrew because he is a truely excellent artist and his comic is new fresh and provides a very good back story to jun fistfull of arrowsdesign new enermys and weaponryhmmmmmmm try showing his art to the whole halo community go to every website where you know halo fans are
6/8/2011 12:43:07JosephHe is an incredible artist, and a very nice personAll of them Anything that requires awesome art.Start a real website for the causeReluctant Chaos
6/10/2011 14:58:47Peter Schuberthe is a very good artist and good writer. Ive seen his work on DiviantArt and i absolutely love it. I love the fan-stories he has written and i hope that they can become Canon in the Halo universe someday. I really hope he can get this job and continue the work that I and many other devout Halo fans enjoy and come to appreciate. Halo: A Fistfull Of Arrows. Because i absolutely love the way it is written, i love the art style of it, and i love the concept of telling more stories of Noble Team and specifically Noble Three, Jun.I'd like to see him do more of the work he has been doing. He does it Exceptionally well and i love to read his work. Maybe he could be on a team for another animated comic like Midnight In The Heart Of Midlothian and The Mona Lisa.We could get a first edition printing of his work, maybe even a hardcover version and actually send it into 343i for more proof of his talents. Yokie Wartooth
6/12/2011 10:14:27Andrew SnowLevi, I have read your entire Fistful Of Arrows comic, and it is nothing short of amazing. If you were to serve as an artist for 343i, i would buy everything with your name on it. Twice.A fistful of Arrows, because I feel it really captures the Halo: Reach characters so well.Anything he can, preferably a graphic novel artist/writer. I'd like to see A Fistful of Arrows published.Email 343i, talk to them, get their attention and show the demand for Levi's work.Icy Zealot 1337
6/12/2011 15:04:41MIchael DaweBecause he makes the best art ive seen since ive been to the Louvre.A Fistful of Arrows because of the awesome character depiction, and An Elite's War is never Over Because i love the Arbiter.Publish All his Halo Art in one collection, wit Fistful Of Arrows being the primary focus.Call, email, write to 343i, etc.HarshMike
6/15/2011 11:29:59Jeroen DeboisBecause he makes awesome art which looks so real ! This is even realer than 3D !!A Fistful of Arrows. It has a awesome story and the art is amazing. My favorite page is 43, where Emile stands in the rain and says "not this time".Why wouldn't I ?

Everyone would like to see this canon. And I also would like to see a lot more of these !
Threaten 343i ? Just kiddin'.

Ask Bungie to post this or another poll on Bungie.net as long as they're still sticking to Halo.
Or ask Bungie if you maybe can send the community members a msg to inform them ?

Flyer's ? Or big banners to promote this for forums and on websites maybe ?
7/2/2011 17:15:57Joey PalmerI am lucky enough to have been close friends with Levi for nearly the past 15 years, and I have been following his artwork since we first started making (and attempting to sell!) comic books in elementary school. It is obvious to everyone that Levi is extremely skilled at both making art and writing/telling stories, but since I see him in person a couple of times a week, I think I can offer some unique insight.

I have never seen someone work so hard at a job for which they don't get paid... as a matter of fact I can't think of anyone who works this hard at a paying job either! He has always worked hard at his art, but in the past few years (especially with his Halo work) he has really entered into a whole new level of commitment. He works more hours a week than people with full-time jobs, and he only gets paid occasionally for commission work.

So not only is Levi skilled, he is extremely committed, and it is clear that he would succeed with a job at 343, because he is already essentially doing that job, quite successfully, on his own time.
This is a really difficult question...

Clearly Fistful deserves a mention, as it is probably the largest piece of work he has ever attempted, and it is looking great. Also, the simple style of "A Sangheili's War Is Never Over" has always stood out to me as being very cool. His work "Pariah" from Halo Evolutions vol. 1 was a creative and interesting concept that turned out perfectly. Really, though, these are just the things from the top of my head and everything he does is amazing.
Anything they want him to. I just want him to be there getting his ideas and his art into future Halo products. This will benifit everyone (except Halo's competitors...).Well, Halo fans do outnumber 343 employees... I think we could take them in a rumble?TheUnreasonabler
7/4/2011 5:01:22Josh LynchAll of the pieces I have seen Leviathan draw are spectacular, a true artist. All of the Halo pieces, however, are just beyond words. The attention to detail, the originality; he keeps with the idea that is Halo and just builds on it, in his own awesome way.I would have to say that the entire "A Fistful of Arrows" is easily my favoriteI would love to see A Fistful of Arrows made into a graphic novel itself but yes, he should do more graphic novels for the Halo universe. He would also probably make a great concept artist.OrIGInalPyRO
7/6/2011 16:09:51Rose NobleLevi is awesome because of his passion for his work. He has been making fantastic art for years and I am so excited for him to finally receive some well deserved attention.
His artwork is some of the most stunning things I have ever seen. Each week, when he posts something new, a person can spend hours and hours looking at what he has created. Each piece of art is so detailed, which makes it so full of life. You don't doubt that Levi knows his Halo universe. The time he puts into each piece to make sure that all the superfans (including himself) will be excited for the little things that you may not notice on first glance.
You just can't help to think of Levi as being amazingly awesome because of all the beautiful artwork he is creating in his spare time for free. If he is this passionate about this work that he does in his free time, just think of the amazing things he could do if given the opportunity to work for 343i.
It is super hard to pick just a few pieces of Levi's work to say are my favorite. They really are all amazing. He has such a wide variety of things that he is fantastic at. There are beautiful landscapes, fantasy art, character designs, comic book art and many others. If you have not seen all of his stuff, you definitely need to check out his website and/or his deviant art page.
I have to admit that many of his artworks have become the backgrounds on my computers.
I would love Levi to work with 343i on anything that he can get his hands on. He would be a valuable asset to the company. He has already proven his talent with his storytelling and art through A Fistful of Arrows and I am sure that everyone will be blown away by the way he wraps up the story.We have to support Levi and his talent. It can't be easy to make such an amazing comic book and not really receive much support from the industry itself. We have to keep encouraging him to keep creating, and striving forward. I know the fans love him and support him and we all wish to see his talent and drive rewarded.
For those lucky people who get to go to PAX, let's try to meet up with Levi and give him our support. But more importantly, talk to the people who can make a difference, telling them how much we love Leviathan and would love to see more official things from him!
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