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Component NameSubsetCardinalityDefinitionAlternative Business TermsExamplesDictionary Entry NameObject Class QualifierObject ClassProperty Term QualifierProperty Term Possessive NounProperty Term Primary NounProperty TermRepresentation TermData Type QualifierData TypeAssociated Object Class QualifierAssociated Object ClassComponent TypeUN/TDED CodeCurrent VersionEditor's Notes
ActivityDataLineA class to associate a time period and locations (activity data) with an item for inventory planning purposes.Activity Data Line. DetailsActivity Data LineABIE2.1
ID1An identifier for this activity data line.Activity Data Line. IdentifierActivity Data LineIdentifierIdentifierIdentifierIdentifier. TypeBBIE2.1
SupplyChainActivityTypeCode1A code signifying the type of supply chain activity.Activity Data Line. Supply Chain Activity Type Code. CodeActivity Data LineSupply Chain Activity TypeCodeSupply Chain Activity Type CodeCodeCode. TypeBBIE2.1
BuyerCustomerParty0..1The buyer of the item.Activity Data Line. Buyer_ Customer Party. Customer PartyActivity Data LineBuyerCustomer PartyCustomer PartyCustomer PartyASBIE2.1
SellerSupplierParty0..1The seller of the item.Activity Data Line. Seller_ Supplier Party. Supplier PartyActivity Data LineSellerSupplier PartySupplier PartySupplier PartyASBIE2.1
ActivityPeriod0..1The period during which the activity is realized.Activity Data Line. Activity_ Period. PeriodActivity Data LineActivityPeriodPeriodPeriodASBIE2.1
ActivityOriginLocation1Either the location where the movement of goods is observed or the location from which the goods are moved.Activity Data Line. Activity Origin_ Location. LocationActivity Data LineActivity OriginLocationLocationLocationASBIE2.1
ActivityFinalLocation0..1The location to which the goods are moved.Activity Data Line. Activity Final_ Location. LocationActivity Data LineActivity FinalLocationLocationLocationASBIE2.1
SalesItem1..nSales information for an item to which this line applies.Activity Data Line. Sales ItemActivity Data LineSales ItemSales ItemSales ItemASBIE2.1
ActivityPropertyA class to define a name/value pair for a property of an inventory planning activity.Activity Property. DetailsActivity PropertyABIE2.1
Name1The name of this activity property.Activity Property. NameActivity PropertyNameNameNameName. TypeBBIE2.1
Value1The value of this activity property.Activity Property. Value. TextActivity PropertyValueValueTextText. TypeBBIE2.1
AddressA class to define common information related to an address.Address. DetailsAddressABIE2.0
ID0..1An identifier for this address within an agreed scheme of address identifiers.DetailsKeyAddress. IdentifierAddressIdentifierIdentifierIdentifierIdentifier. TypeBBIE2.0
AddressTypeCode0..1A mutually agreed code signifying the type of this address.Address. Address Type Code. CodeAddressAddress TypeCodeAddress Type CodeCodeCode. TypeBBIE2.0
AddressFormatCode0..1A mutually agreed code signifying the format of this address.Address. Address Format Code. CodeAddressAddress FormatCodeAddress Format CodeCodeCode. TypeBBIE2.0
Postbox0..1A post office box number registered for postal delivery by a postal service provider.PostBox, PO Box123 Address. Postbox. TextAddressPostboxPostboxTextText. TypeBBIE2.0
Floor0..1An identifiable floor of a building.SubPremiseNumber30 Address. Floor. TextAddressFloorFloorTextText. TypeBBIE2.0
Room0..1An identifiable room, suite, or apartment of a building.SubPremiseNumberReception Address. Room. TextAddressRoomRoomTextText. TypeBBIE2.0
StreetName0..1The name of the street, road, avenue, way, etc. to which the number of the building is attached.ThoroughfareKwun Tong Road Address. Street Name. NameAddressStreetNameStreet NameNameName. TypeBBIE2.0
AdditionalStreetName0..1An additional street name used to further clarify the address.ThoroughfareCnr Aberdeen Road Address. Additional_ Street Name. NameAddressAdditionalStreetNameStreet NameNameName. TypeBBIE2.0
BlockName0..1The name of the block (an area surrounded by streets and usually containing several buildings) in which this address is located.SeabirdAddress. Block Name. NameAddressBlockNameBlock NameNameName. TypeBBIE2.0
BuildingName0..1The name of a building.BuildingNamePlot 421 Address. Building Name. NameAddressBuildingNameBuilding NameNameName. TypeBBIE2.0
BuildingNumber0..1The number of a building within the street.PremiseNumber388 Address. Building Number. TextAddressBuildingNumberBuilding NumberTextText. TypeBBIE2.0
InhouseMail0..1The specific identifable location within a building where mail is delivered.MailStopAddress. Inhouse_ Mail. TextAddressInhouseMailMailTextText. TypeBBIE2.0
Department0..1The department of the addressee.DepartmentAccounts Payable Address. Department. TextAddressDepartmentDepartmentTextText. TypeBBIE2.0
MarkAttention0..1The name, expressed as text, of a person or department in an organization to whose attention incoming mail is directed; corresponds to the printed forms "for the attention of", "FAO", and ATTN:".Address. Mark Attention. TextAddressMarkAttentionMark AttentionTextText. TypeBBIE2.0
MarkCare0..1The name, expressed as text, of a person or organization at this address into whose care incoming mail is entrusted; corresponds to the printed forms "care of" and "c/o".Address. Mark Care. TextAddressMarkCareMark CareTextText. TypeBBIE2.0
PlotIdentification0..1An identifier (e.g., a parcel number) for the piece of land associated with this address.Address. Plot Identification. TextAddressPlotIdentificationPlot IdentificationTextText. TypeBBIE2.0
CitySubdivisionName0..1The name of the subdivision of a city, town, or village in which this address is located, such as the name of its district or borough.Address. City Subdivision Name. NameAddressCity SubdivisionNameCity Subdivision NameNameName. TypeBBIE2.0
CityName0..1The name of a city, town, or village.LocalityNameHong Kong Address. City Name. NameAddressCityNameCity NameNameName. TypeBBIE2.0
PostalZone0..1The postal identifier for this address according to the relevant national postal service, such as a ZIP code or Post Code.PostalCodeNumberSW11 4EW 2500 GG Address. Postal_ Zone. TextAddressPostalZoneZoneTextText. TypeBBIE2.0
CountrySubentity0..1The political or administrative division of a country in which this address is located, such as the name of its county, province, or state, expressed as text.AdministrativeArea, State, Country, Shire, CantonFlorida , Tamilnadu Address. Country Subentity. TextAddressCountrySubentityCountry SubentityTextText. TypeBBIE2.0
CountrySubentityCode0..1The political or administrative division of a country in which this address is located, such as a county, province, or state, expressed as a code (typically nationally agreed).AdministrativeAreaCode, State CodeAddress. Country Subentity Code. CodeAddressCountry SubentityCodeCountry Subentity CodeCodeCode. TypeBBIE2.0Change from UBL 1.0: changed property terms
Region0..1The recognized geographic or economic region or group of countries in which this address is located.LocalityName, Economic ZoneEuropean Union Address. Region. TextAddressRegionRegionTextText. TypeBBIE2.0
District0..1The district or geographical division of a country or region in which this address is located.LocalityName, AreaEast Coast Address. District. TextAddressDistrictDistrictTextText. TypeBBIE2.0
TimezoneOffset0..1The time zone in which this address is located (as an offset from Universal Coordinated Time (UTC)) at the time of exchange.+8:00 -3:00 Address. Timezone Offset. TextAddressTimezoneOffsetTimezone OffsetTextText. TypeBBIE2.0
AddressLine0..nAn unstructured address line.Address. Address LineAddressAddress LineAddress LineAddress LineASBIE2.0Change from UBL 1.0: extended cardinality
Country0..1The country in which this address is situated.Address. CountryAddressCountryCountryCountryASBIE2.0
LocationCoordinate0..nThe geographical coordinates of this address.Address. Location CoordinateAddressLocation CoordinateLocation CoordinateLocation CoordinateASBIE2.0
AddressLineA class to define an unstructured address line.Address Line. DetailsAddress LineABIE2.0
Line1An address line expressed as unstructured text.123 Standard Chartered Tower Address Line. Line. TextAddress LineLineLineTextText. TypeBBIE2.0Change from UBL 1.0: extended cardinality
AirTransportA class to identify a specific aircraft used for transportation.Air Transport. DetailsAir TransportABIE2.0
AircraftID1An identifer for a specific aircraft.Air Transport. Aircraft Identifier. IdentifierAir TransportAircraftIdentifierAircraft IdentifierIdentifierIdentifier. TypeBBIE82132.0
AllowanceChargeA class to describe information about a charge or discount as applied to a price component.Allowance Charge. DetailsAllowance ChargeABIE2.0
ID0..1An identifier for this allowance or charge.Allowance Charge. IdentifierAllowance ChargeIdentifierIdentifierIdentifierIdentifier. TypeBBIE2.0
ChargeIndicator1An indicator that this AllowanceCharge describes a charge (true) or a discount (false).Allowance Charge. Charge_ Indicator. IndicatorAllowance ChargeChargeIndicatorIndicatorIndicatorIndicator. TypeBBIE2.0
AllowanceChargeReasonCode0..1A mutually agreed code signifying the reason for this allowance or charge.Allowance Charge. Allowance Charge Reason Code. CodeAllowance ChargeAllowance Charge ReasonCodeAllowance Charge Reason CodeCodeAllowance Charge ReasonAllowance Charge Reason_ Code. TypeBBIE2.0Change from UBL 1.0: Extended code list
AllowanceChargeReason0..nThe reason for this allowance or charge.Allowance Charge. Allowance Charge_ Reason. TextAllowance ChargeAllowance ChargeReasonReasonTextText. TypeBBIE2.0Change for UBL 2.0 Update Package: DEN Allowance Charge. Reason. Text changed to Allowance Charge. Allowance Charge_ Reason. Text
MultiplierFactorNumeric0..1A number by which the base amount is multiplied to calculate the actual amount of this allowance or charge.0.20Allowance Charge. Multiplier_ Factor. NumericAllowance ChargeMultiplierFactorFactorNumericNumeric. TypeBBIE2.0
PrepaidIndicator0..1An indicator that this allowance or charge is prepaid (true) or not (false).Allowance Charge. Prepaid_ Indicator. IndicatorAllowance ChargePrepaidIndicatorIndicatorIndicatorIndicator. TypeBBIE2.0
SequenceNumeric0..1A number indicating the order of this allowance or charge in the sequence of calculations applied when there are multiple allowances or charges.1, 2, 3, 4, etc.Allowance Charge. Sequence. NumericAllowance ChargeSequenceSequenceNumericNumeric. TypeBBIE2.0
Amount1The monetary amount of this allowance or charge to be applied.35,23Allowance Charge. AmountAllowance ChargeAmountAmountAmountAmount. TypeBBIE2.0
BaseAmount0..1The monetary amount to which the multiplier factor is applied in calculating the amount of this allowance or charge.Allowance Charge. Base_ Amount. AmountAllowance ChargeBaseAmountAmountAmountAmount. TypeBBIE2.0
AccountingCostCode0..1The accounting cost centre used by the buyer to account for this allowance or charge, expressed as a code.Allowance Charge. Accounting Cost Code. CodeAllowance ChargeAccounting CostCodeAccounting Cost CodeCodeCode. TypeBBIE2.0
AccountingCost0..1The accounting cost centre used by the buyer to account for this allowance or charge, expressed as text.Allowance Charge. Accounting Cost. TextAllowance ChargeAccountingCostAccounting CostTextText. TypeBBIE2.0Change for UBL 2.0 Update Package: Definition (cell Q45) changed from The buyer s accounting code as applied to the Allowance Charge expressed as text. to The buyer s accounting cost centre as applied to the Allowance Charge expressed as text.
PerUnitAmount0..1The allowance or charge per item; the total allowance or charge is calculated by multiplying the per unit amount by the quantity of items, either at the level of the individual transaction line or for the total number of items in the document, depending on the context in which it appears.Allowance Charge. Per Unit_ Amount. AmountAllowance ChargePer UnitAmountAmountAmountAmount. TypeBBIE2.1
TaxCategory0..nA tax category applicable to this allowance or charge.Allowance Charge. Tax CategoryAllowance ChargeTax CategoryTax CategoryTax CategoryASBIE2.0
TaxTotal0..1The total of all the taxes applicable to this allowance or charge.Allowance Charge. Tax TotalAllowance ChargeTax TotalTax TotalTax TotalASBIE2.0
PaymentMeans0..nA means of payment for this allowance or charge.Allowance Charge. Payment MeansAllowance ChargePayment MeansPayment MeansPayment MeansASBIE2.0
AppealTermsA class to describe the terms and conditions, set by the contracting authority, under which an appeal can be lodged for a tender award.Appeal Terms. DetailsAppeal TermsABIE2.1
Description0..nText describing the terms of an appeal.Appeal Terms. Description. TextAppeal TermsDescriptionDescriptionTextText. TypeBBIE2.1
PresentationPeriod0..1The period during which an appeal can be presented.Appeal Terms. Presentation_ Period. PeriodAppeal TermsPresentationPeriodPeriodPeriodASBIE2.1
AppealInformationParty0..1The party presenting the information for an appeal.Appeal Terms. Appeal Information_ Party. PartyAppeal TermsAppeal InformationPartyPartyPartyASBIE2.1
AppealReceiverParty0..1The party to whom an appeal should be presented.Appeal Terms. Appeal Receiver_ Party. PartyAppeal TermsAppeal ReceiverPartyPartyPartyASBIE2.1
MediationParty0..1The party that has been appointed to mediate any appeal.Appeal Terms. Mediation_ Party. PartyAppeal TermsMediationPartyPartyPartyASBIE2.1
AttachmentA class to describe an attached document. An attachment can refer to an external document or be included with the document being exchanged.Attachment. DetailsAttachmentABIE2.0
EmbeddedDocumentBinaryObject0..1A binary large object containing an attached document.Attachment. Embedded_ Document. Binary ObjectAttachmentEmbeddedDocumentDocumentBinary ObjectBinary Object. TypeBBIE2.0
EmbeddedDocument0..1A clear text object containing an attached document.Attachment. Embedded_ Document. TextAttachmentEmbeddedDocumentDocumentTextText. TypeBBIE2.2
ExternalReference0..1A reference to an attached document that is external to the document(s) being exchanged.Attachment. External ReferenceAttachmentExternal ReferenceExternal ReferenceExternal ReferenceASBIE2.0
AttestationA class to describe an attestationAttestation. DetailsAttestationABIE2.3
ID1An identifier for this attestationAttestation. IdentifierAttestationIdentifierIdentifierIdentifierIdentifier. TypeBBIE2.3
TypeCode0..1A mutually agreed code signifying the type of this attestationAttestation. Type Code. CodeAttestationTypeCodeType CodeCodeCode. TypeBBIE2.3
Description0..nA textual description of this attestationAttestation. Description. TextAttestationDescriptionDescriptionTextText. TypeBBIE2.3
Note0..nFree-form text conveying information that is not contained explicitly in other structures.Attestation. Note. TextAttestationNoteNoteTextText. TypeBBIE2.3
AcceptanceIndicator0..1An indicator to indicate whether the attestation has been acceptedAttestation. Acceptance Indicator. IndicatorAttestationAcceptanceIndicatorAcceptance IndicatorIndicatorIndicator. TypeBBIE2.3
IssuerParty0..1The party having issued this attestationAttestation. Issuer PartyAttestationIssuer PartyIssuer PartyIssuer PartyASBIE2.3
OrdinalReference0..1A reference to the ordinal position of this attestationAttestation. Ordinal ReferenceAttestationOrdinal ReferenceOrdinal ReferenceOrdinal ReferenceASBIE2.3
ValidityPeriod0..1The period of time for which this attestation is (or has been) valid.Attestation. Validity PeriodAttestationValidity PeriodValidity PeriodValidity PeriodASBIE2.3
CriterionItem0..nCriterion items associated with this attestationAttestation. Criterion ItemAttestationCriterion ItemCriterion ItemCriterion ItemASBIE2.3
AuctionTermsA class to describe the terms to be fulfilled by tenderers if an auction is to be executed before the awarding of a tender.Auction Terms. DetailsAuction TermsABIE2.1
AuctionConstraintIndicator0..1Indicates whether an electronic auction will be used before the awarding of a contract (true) or not (false).Auction Terms. Auction_ Constraint. IndicatorAuction TermsAuctionConstraintConstraintIndicatorIndicator. TypeBBIE2.1
JustificationDescription0..nText describing a justification for the use of an auction in awarding the tender.Auction Terms. Justification_ Description. TextAuction TermsJustificationDescriptionDescriptionTextText. TypeBBIE2.1
Description0..nText for tenderers describing terms governing the auction.Auction Terms. Description. TextAuction TermsDescriptionDescriptionTextText. TypeBBIE2.1
ProcessDescription0..nText describing the auction process.Auction Terms. Process_ Description. TextAuction TermsProcessDescriptionDescriptionTextText. TypeBBIE2.1
ConditionsDescription0..nText describing the conditions under which the tenderers will be able to bid as part of the auction.Auction Terms. Conditions_ Description. TextAuction TermsConditionsDescriptionDescriptionTextText. TypeBBIE2.1
ElectronicDeviceDescription0..nText describing an electronic device used for the auction, including associated connectivity specifications.Auction Terms. Electronic Device_ Description. TextAuction TermsElectronic DeviceDescriptionDescriptionTextText. TypeBBIE2.1
AuctionURI0..1The Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) of the electronic device used for the auction.Auction Terms. Auction_ URI. IdentifierAuction TermsAuctionURIURIIdentifierIdentifier. TypeBBIE2.1
AwardingCriterionA class to define a criterion from the contracting party that will be taken into account when awarding a contract. An awarding criterion can be objective, when it can be evaluated following a formula, or subjective, when human analysis is required.Awarding Criterion. DetailsAwarding CriterionABIE2.1
ID0..1Identifies a specific awarding criterion.Awarding Criterion. IdentifierAwarding CriterionIdentifierIdentifierIdentifierIdentifier. TypeBBIE2.1
AwardingCriterionTypeCode0..1A code used to define this awarding criterion. Awarding Criterion. Awarding Criterion Type Code. CodeAwarding CriterionAwarding Criterion TypeCodeAwarding Criterion Type CodeCodeCode. TypeBBIE2.1
Description0..nA description of the awarding criterion.Awarding Criterion. Description. TextAwarding CriterionDescriptionDescriptionTextText. TypeBBIE2.1
WeightNumeric0..1A number defining the comparative weighting assigned to this awarding criterion, to enable formulaic evaluation.Awarding Criterion. Weight Numeric. NumericAwarding CriterionWeightNumericWeight NumericNumericNumeric. TypeBBIE2.1
Weight0..nA description of the comparative weighting for this awarding criterion.Awarding Criterion. Weight. TextAwarding CriterionWeightWeightTextText. TypeBBIE2.1
CalculationExpression0..nThe mathematical expression that will be used to evaluate this criterion.Awarding Criterion. Calculation Expression. TextAwarding CriterionCalculationExpressionCalculation ExpressionTextText. TypeBBIE2.1
CalculationExpressionCode0..1A code identifying the mathematical expression that will be used to evaluate this criterion.Awarding Criterion. Calculation Expression Code. CodeAwarding CriterionCalculation ExpressionCodeCalculation Expression CodeCodeCode. TypeBBIE2.1
MinimumQuantity0..1The minimum quantity for an awarding criterion.Awarding Criterion. Minimum_ Quantity. QuantityAwarding CriterionMinimumQuantityQuantityQuantityQuantity. TypeBBIE2.1
MaximumQuantity0..1The maximum quantity for an awarding criterion.Awarding Criterion. Maximum_ Quantity. QuantityAwarding CriterionMaximumQuantityQuantityQuantityQuantity. TypeBBIE2.1
MinimumAmount0..1The minimum monetary amount for an awarding criterion.Awarding Criterion. Minimum_ Amount. AmountAwarding CriterionMinimumAmountAmountAmountAmount. TypeBBIE2.1