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Teamliquid.net Forum Topic: 1000 tips as created by Arn
Purpose of spreadsheet is to sort tips based on race/match-up
#DescriptionExpanded Description (i)Expanded Description (ii)Expanded Description (iii)
Common1If you wanna attack a building SCV, hold shift and spamclick the SCV. Then your attackers will follow the SCV when it switches build-position. [More]
Common2Patrolling units also attack if something is within attack range. Therefore, you can f.ex. patrol-move marines away from banelings for more effective micro. [More]
Terran3(T) [Has been patched out?] Point Defense Drone protects from many types of missiles - including Broodlords, causing no Broodlings to spawn. [More]
Zerg4(Z) Fungal Growth prevents -Activated abilities- (charge, blink, burrow, etc.) but not spells. [More]
Common5The drop-trick: Press -d- (drop) and select a medivac/overlord/warp prism in movement, and it will begin dropping units without halting movement. Combine with shift-clicks and several dropships, and with some practise you'll have gosu dropmicro.
Common6EMP & Fungal Growth reveals cloaked(/burrowed - only Fungal Growth) units. To uncloak a banshee or observer, aim below the flying unit (-Flyer Help- helps).
Common7Fungal Growth & Psionic Storm kills larvae. This can be extremely powerful harass i ZvZ/PvZ. [Source]
Zerg8(Z) To cast multiple Infested Terrans -instantly-, shiftclick the command before the infestor is in range (it may of course be burrowed). Thesame goes for Ghost Snipe - although there it's adviced that you shiftclick while not having a move/attack command.
Zerg9(Z) Broodlords get +attack from +air attack, Broodlings from +melee attack & Infested Terrans from +ranged attack.
Zerg10(Z) Broodlords deal damage both directly upon impact and indirectly from Broodlings' attacks [Arn]
Common11/Dance makes marines, lings and zealots dance.
Common12Dance works on more units (type /dance in the chat to trigger it).
PvT13(PvT) When using psi-storm & zeaelots against bio units, storm -beyond- the enemy units instead of on top of them - they will have to move back anyway to avoid the zealots, so you deal more damage this way. [Arn - opinion]
Protoss14(P) Storm does not instantly kill hallucinations [-source-]
PvT15(PvT) Graviton Beam from a Phoenix can lift an Immortal affected by 250 mm Strike Cannon - thus saving it.
Zerg16(Z) When you have Lair, you can generate creep with your Overlords so that your Creep Tumors can clone at max-range as soon as the cooldown is finished - thus doubling the speed of your creepspread.
Common17Earlygame, you can permanently block an enemy's mineral patch with your scout by mining the mineral and clicking -stop- just before finishing - repeatedly.
Protoss18(P) A forcefield blocks building/landing of buildings - so you can block an expansion with forcefields!
ZvP19(ZvP) Stalkers auto-focus ground units by default, like Thors do against air. So: To kill stalkers with Mutas is easier if you have some lings to tank the damage.
Common20Placing buildings at the mineral line can block works from going around the mineral patches - preventing them from taking a longer route, and making your mining slightly more effective.
Common21When placing buildings defensively, one of the main things to think about are to block harassing units' (hellions, zerglings, banelings etc.) pathing without hampering your own movement. [Arn]
Zerg22(Z) If you have problems spending your money, inject more, build more & expand more (or make macro hatcheries). [Arn]
Terran23(T) Very-late-game, as a Terran you can make Orbitals (-> Mules) instead of SCV's, making your max army stronger than it else could have been, without harming your economy.
Common24To kill or injure a scouting worker, select the nearest workers as the enemy scout passes by and a-move with perfect timing, to get a surround. Use buildings/mineral patches to your advantage. To escape this clutch, mineralwalk. [Arn]
Zerg25(Z) Move-command your zerglings past your enemy's forces, then a-move: This way you get a faster surround.
Common26You can shift-click rallypoints aswell, which might be useful to improve pathing or assign overlord spread. [Arn]
Common27When you want to rally your new units to your old units the old unit has a habit of dying, leaving your new units at the production-facility. You can shift-click the rallypoint to make them have a backup-rallypoint. [original + image]
Common28Use hold position when you want to harass a mineral line with melee units without running in range of static defense. Zerglings staying away from spines is the typical example.
ZvP29(ZvP) A Protoss going Stargate->Expand in PvZ should likely usse max 1 CB on his Cybernetics Core. If the Core has stopped spinning before 5.55 he has probably not planted a Stargate yet. [author]
ZvP30(ZvP) You can -see- a slightly delayed Stargate build by looking at the number of Gateway units. If he goes for stargate, he should have 5-7 units by 7:30, if he goes for ground units he should have atleast eight. In general, see #274.
Common31The worse player you face, the rougher details you need to look at to -read them-, because they seldom play optimal build orders.
Zerg32(Z) It takes two fungal growths to kill an observer, zergling, worker or marine (to name a few). (Oberver HP: 60, Fungal dmg: 36)
Zerg33(Z) You can use both Infested Terrans and Fungal Growth up/down cliffs, making for some excellent harass potential (combined with #32, especially).
Zerg34(Z) If you start your first infestors when your Pathogen Glands is at or above 30/80, they will spawn with 75 energy (which is faster than if you built them before 30/80).
Common35Optimal mineral/worker saturation is at 16 miners per base - Maximum mineral saturation is at 24 miners per base. [Source (Swe)]
TvZ36(TvZ) When pushing towards a zerg base with terran tanks, you can select a tank, right click the position you want it to end up at and shift+E, the tank will drive to its final destination and siege up, saving you time while you position the rest of your army, I use this one a lot.
PvZ37(PvZ) Most overseers will be at full energy, so during a battle, feedback the overseer then send in the dts to have fun! (Feedbacking an overseer at full energy will kill it - [Source])
Common38Always say glhf, gg, and try to talk to your opponent during the game. A little bit of idle chatter does wonders for improving how you feel about the game.
ZvT39(ZvT) Burrowed infestors can fire infested terrans on to seige tanks causing the tanks to splash themselves. Dropping cheap units (lings) onto tanks has the same effect.
Protoss40(P) Psi-storm is able to hit cloaked units.
Common41Macro is more important than micro. Always focus on improving your macro first, then your micro! [improved]
Zerg42(Z) Single burrowed Zerglings around the map at points of high traffic are great scouting tools.
PvT43(PvT) Focus firing Colossi at the centre of a bioball rather than attack moving them into it is the difference between shooting 3 units and shooting six.
Protoss44(P) [] For blink-stalkers, queue them to move->blink (up a cliff for example)->move to make a larger group transition smoothly. [vid]
Terran45(T) Tank spread and tank hopping is very important. Don't ever unsiege all your tanks at the same time. Overlap their fire radius for maximum effect.
ZvT46(ZvT) With perfect positioning, a single queen can block hellions trying to runby on most ramps. [img & thread & rep]
Zerg47(Z) -Baneling rape-: When using ling/bling, wrap your lings around/behind your opponent, and insert the banelings from the front. [Arn & more elaborate description by Destiny]
Zerg48(Z) Be cautious about attackmoving banelings - stray units may -waste- banelings and they might gain more efficient area of effect by -hugging- the opponent. To detonate, either start attackmoving or press e(X)plode. [Arn]
Common49Be aware of surface area. If defending and behind (numerically) as melee: Seek to reduce surface area to buy time and even up DPS - hug walls and use mineral lines to reduce area. If ahead (numerically), fight in the open and aim for surrounds to maximize surface area. [original - clarified]
Terran50(T) If you want to spread your tanks into siege mode all at once: 1) Controlgroup all tanks, 2) move all tanks, 3) shiftclick-away one, 4) repeat 2-3 x times, 5) Select your tank control group, 6) Shift-command -Siege Mode-.
Common51You can have workers pass through units you have on hold blocking your choke if you click on minerals outside your base (or vice versa).
ZvZ52(ZvZ) Contaminate stops hatcheries generating larva and halts the queen spawn larva ability (potential good combo with tip #7)
Terran53(T) You can activate a Xel Naga Tower with a reaper on Xel Naga Caverns(or a map with a similar platform next to the tower) and than hop up the cliff without deactivating the tower,so it gives you control over the tower without having a unit on the low-ground holding it.
ZvZ54(ZvZ) You can hide a Nydus Worm under your enemy's overlord. (If done correctly - he won't see it on the minimap). [Source (Swe)], [image]
Zerg55(Z) A burrowed zergling in Enemies' expansion will not only scout when he expands but also block his building and force a scan.
55b. (Z) [] Overlord creep on the expansion and a burrowed ling, will often result in the opponent killing the overlord, wait for the creep to dissapear, and then have to use detection to kill the ling. Delaying the expansion even more. It is also possible to burrow banelings in the mineralline before the opponent expands, and when the workers get transfered, you can kill a lot of workers.
Protoss56(P) Archons with +2 attack will one-shot multiple workers at a time if the base is optimally saturated.
Protoss57(P) [] If you -Mass recall- ground units in dead space, they will get recalled to the nearest ground surface.
Protoss58(P) Interceptors benefit from +air attack and +air armour. [discussion]
Common59Despite what Day[9] has said in a previous Daily, never let a bunker finish.
ZvP60(ZvP) Infest colossi with neural parasite, then use the colossus to destroy force fields.
Protoss61(P) Vision can allow warp-ins to the high ground.
Common62Denying vision does not stop already-started warpins (or nuclear launches). [Arn]
Common63You can click geysers and see how many workers are in it, there is a counter there. So if you are doubting whether you have a 3 or perhaps 4 or on it, click the extractor/refinery/assimilator.
TvP64(TvP) EMPing your own cattlebruisers against Protoss eliminates potential damage from feedback.
Common65Z -Hatch-first- is around ~2:00-2:15 [discussion +reply]
Zerg66(Z) Zerg can add morphing eggs to a hotkey for easier reenforcement (... read more)
Zerg67(Z) Individually rally every overlord you make ever (even via minimap) or they will end up in the front of your base as fodder.
Common68By default, F1 selects an idle worker while Ctrl+F1 selects all idle workers. Holding -Ctrl+F1- at the start of a match will let you have your six starting workers selected instantly. [extended]
Common69/cheer works for the same units as /dance. This is language dependent. For the german version its /jubeln and /tanzen.
Zerg70(Z) [] Spine crawlers and spore colony's cannot make a solid wall.
Zerg71(Z) [] You can spawn a changeling from an overseer on a Xel'naga tower to give version for the duration of the changeling.
ZvP72(ZvP) [] It takes 4 Fungal Growths to kill a Stalker, 8 to kill a collosus, and 6 to kill a voidray, mass roach with 8+ infestors, so in theory it will kill a Death Ball in about 36 seconds!!!
ZvT73(ZvT) [] A fungal growth basically eliminates the healing buf from the Medivac.
Zerg74(Z) [] You can burrow a baneling (with burrow & explode on building as autocast) near the edge an expansion which will instantly kill any expansion getting built there. [claim: It takes 3 banelings]
Common75If your opponent is being unusually chatty while laddering, they might be attempting to distract you while cheesing. Scout everywhere! [-evidence-]
Common76[] Hitting C returns the minerals/gas your worker currently holds. Always hit C when you are transferring workers or putting guys in gas so you don't lose the minerals your worker currently holds.
Zerg77(Z) Corruption increases the damage dealt by Fungal Growth to all corrupted units inside the AOE by 10, for both light and armoured units.
Common78Consider your army position even when you are not actively attacking or defending - you might wanna be in a good position to defend drops, harassments or simply keep map control. The better your map control, the better you should be able to position your army. [Arn]
Common79Positioning your army and poking at your opponent's expo (probably his 3rd-6th base) can force your opponent in the late game to attack through a narrow choke giving you a positional advantage.
Zerg80(Z) When chasing down enemy units with Mutalisks, move command PAST the enemy units, and tap hold position when you're in range. The Mutalisks will fire BEFORE they slow down. Immediately after they fire, quickly move past the enemy units again. Using this trick, your Mutalisks can fire on the move almost as efficiently as Phoenixes!
Zerg81(Z) A burrowed roach with Tunneling Claws only takes 1.7 dps from Fungal Growth. [... more]
TvT82(TvT) If you destroy an enemy production building (e.g. rax/fact/starport) that has an add-on, you can build/float your building on to his add-on and take it over - it will work for you.
Common83If you are getting chased by a seeker missile you can take the targetted unit and run it into their army effectively killing his units with his own seeker missile.
Zerg84(Z) Burrow can be autocast - if it is turned off, the units will unburrow when within attacking range of approaching enemies. This can be used for -semi-smart- baneling mines. [vid] [image]
ZvP85(ZvP) If you Fungal Growth Zealots you can outrange them with an Ultralisk.
Common86When casting [any repeatable ability - forcefield, snipe, infested terran, etc.] for example forcefields, don't f click f click f click. Instead, hold down f and place as many as you like. [read more: Keyboard delay & -or not-]
Zerg87(Z) Zergs can proxy buildings in extreme situations by morphing a hatchery, then quickly cancel it and hatch any other building on the 3x3 creep that is left.
Common88Holding shift and boxing units while pressing the control group adds the boxed units to the control group.
Zerg89(Z) A single +2 attack baneling 1 shots drones at any armor level, and probes without both +2armor/+2shields. A single +3 attack baneling 1 shots all workers except for +3 armor SCVs. [Source conflict: See [78].
Protoss90(P) If a protoss building is being warped in and loses pylon power, it will still finish warping in.
Common91Splash damage hits cloaked units even if you have no detection.[... more + including Creep tumors]
ZvP92(ZvP) Banelings with Explode can be used to kill a DT if you have no detection. (see [91])
Zerg93(Z) When using Neural Parasite, always shift-queue a move back command immediately after so that the infestor cant be targeted. Don't move back more than 14 range though.
Common94Not only zergs can delay expos - build a pylon or supply depot/engineering bay there if you consider the scouting info and delay worth the initial loss of minerals. [Arn]
Zerg95(Z) Changelings aren't automatically attacked. Leaving 2 on opponents ramp with hold position will block it unless the changelings are manually targeted. If you're doing a drop, moving overlords on top of the changelings will make them hard to target and can buy you valuable seconds.
Zerg96(Z) 1 fungal growth + 1 shot from an infested terran will kill a worker. They are great for worker harass.