Scheming Meetings
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Needs more detailsAnnual Group/Open EventCommunication or ConversationConstructionMonthly (or weekly) Group/EventNew BusinessHigh CostNeighborhood/ Community Outreach
Meeting #1Meeting #2Meeting #3Meeting #4Meeting #5Meeting #6Gatherings/SP physical spaceOther
Develop a business or businesses in our kitchenCommunity dinners as another option to connectBuild a 9 square structure in the basement.Put a retractable roof in our gathering spaceCreate a grateful board to share gratitude for our life in community. Maybe with stars.Hire Danielle’s therapist to come and conduct a marriage/partnership weekend.
Remodel kitchen (Accessibility ramps for building and making our building handicapped accessible in general must come before any other remodeling project)Dinner rouletteCreate opportunities for group activityTurn basement into a wedding venueCreate a not-grateful board – like a lamentations list, or a bitch listPlan stuff for singles
ShowerDinner for 8. Groups of people are created to go to dinner together once a month over four monthsMake the building handicapped assessible (Ryan, Steve)Field trip to the Renaissance FestivalKnitting group and/or a bitch and stitch groupCultivate experiences and rituals with icons and other spiritual items such as mandalas, labyrinths, candles, and other items infused with spiritual significance. Developing meaningful rituals and practices to foster a sense of the sacred.
Building project – ie. Habitat for HumanityChili cook-offSquare dancing-intergenerationalTap the environmental interests of our communitySave more minutes for wine on Sunday, not just twoRotating a kind of meeting that draws on other faith practices
Silent Auction – fundraiser for SP budgetMore cook-offsDance party (Mimi and Victoria will plan a dance party of some sort)Plant a Rain garden at SP (Alex and Joelle)Make sure there is wine on SundayConsider the book Religion for Atheists
More Beautiful World Festival – spoken word, visual, and musical competitions around the theme of what makes a more beautiful worldHalloween thing: invite community at-large, kingfield and beyond. perhaps on Halloween or before or after. Costume parade and contest. Dance/mascarade, pumpkin, carving, hot coco, be a place to warm up on HalloweenAll family game nightSolar panels on roof of SPDinner roulette – offer a chance to have a known buddy at dinner roulette for those afraid of random assignmentSemi-regular topical conversation on concepts such as forgiveness.
Host a prom night for kids who are sexually non-normativeSp haunted house, haunted basementMore movie nights (Shelli already has one planned! And come this Sunday to Kiki at 7pm please.)Clean up the kitchenGo out to dinner after Sunday night gathering – restore Chipotle traditionGo into nature for rituals
Create a DJ companySp escape roomBuild connection with Kingfield neighborhood association. Participate in NNOExplore what it takes to make the kitchen a commercial grade kitchenHave happy hour at Solomon’s Porch or at rotating locations. Also consider rotating nights.Go into the community and do things together, maybe involving food, engaging the neighborhood and interacting. Consider offering a meal such as a salad bar. Offer it as a regular experience with the neighborhood.
Host silent discosSaints and sinners party- give people a test to determine their “saintliness” or “sinnerliness” and make them dress up as the opposite of how they test.Do stuff with neighbors - such as Porch FestElana offers free massages at a women’s wellness clinicInvite Annie Lobear to come speak. She’s from the organization Hookers for JesusMissional activities. Trying to do good in the world. Work projects. Habitat for humanity. Other work projects.
Create a pop-up incubator system for planning and trying out new ideas for business and other ventures, ie. Pop-up restaurantChristmas costume party and movie watching partyPut a Kiln in the basementIntentional conversations about times of shifting and growth in the lives of individuals. Discuss what individual’s pinpoint as helping in that time? (Tom, Sarah K.)Host an adoption discussion circleFind ways to remind one another of the importance of striving to make an impact in the world
Offer free wellness care for womenSeasonal costume partiesUpdate SP art in the buildingTap social justice issues in the communityCreate a healing arts center (a center that uses visual arts, music, theater, dance, and written expression for healing.Consider smaller and more locally-orientated missional activities, in addition to or instead of experiences like Guatemala home-building trips.
Free clinic for legal adviceResearch and understand the demographics of the neighborhoodCreate an all-building art showWeekly themed dinnersFoster experiences with kids outdoorsWork on tilling and planting the SP garden, especially the really weedy part. (Ryan and I talked to Justin about this Katherine, and there is positive movement. We hope it will be tilled by the morning of the workday or during that morning.)
Free clinic for psychological servicesConsider the needs of the neighborhood and intentionally consider how to reach out to kingfield and broader MinneapolisOn-going parenting conversations such as prepping for teen years and developmentally appropriate parentingWeekly dinners of any kindCreate different experiences for different groups of people. Experiences with kids and without kids, for example.Kid sex-ed curriculium such as OWL (Our Whole Lives)
Host voter registration driveRandom pick up basketball and easy community connectionConversations on Race and childrenStructured conversations on topicsExplore how to foster the spiritual formation of our kids. How do we support our kids in their spiritual development?Sermons on historical aspects of Christianity such as Theresa of Avila, Julia of Norwich, the Divine Comedy, and Pilgrims Progress.
Host early votingMeet at a park and hang out regularly – one where people are around. Find where the people are. Do what makes sense for the location. Invite elderly folks. Helps with meals. Work with kids afterschool.Community dinners (I’m bringing them back for 1st Monday of the month ya’ll!)Music nights (Sarah K)Name the goose in the gathering space.Host once a month crafting nights. Perhaps include game nights. (Jessie)
SP podcastShare and connect us with the activities and activism of people in our community and the broader community.More dinner roulettesMore imagining sessions on Victoria’s DeckTell the story of the goose more often.Perhaps have a rotation of different Friday night experiences. ie. First Friday of the month: craft night. 2nd Friday: game night. 3rd Friday: dance night. 4th Friday: book study group.
Create a podcast studio to rent outOutreach -ie. Encampment (some folks have been doing some laundry for people in the encampment since we met)Enneagram class.Have a hot tub at SP. Build a pool at SP.Create a plaque telling the story of the gooseMore book studies
Create a gym in basement for rentalResearch how to automate communicationMore classes on other subjects. Such as life development forums of the pastBuild a sauna at SPFind ways to intentionally remind ourselves that we ALL are the co-creators of this community. Find more ways to tell folks that if they want to do something, they can do it.Study the process and outcomes of deepening relationships, intentional community, commitment and responsibility
Create an SP magazine and/or a national magazineStreamline communicationsBig sign announcing to neigh…. (my notes are sketchy here. Help? What is this one?)Take a trip to Paris togetherExpress the “why” behind the way we do what we do.Group for health-care workers to talk about the challenges of working in the health care system.
Adopt an at-risk, under-resourced momPick social issues in our area (ie. homelessness, drug use) and look for activism on the ground level to offer care as well as at the policy level. and look to educate. Organize things we stand for on different levels.Host a TV dinner community dinnerPot lucks around a specific theme of food like French cooking nightCreate a buddy system or cohort system to support people engaging in bringing dreams to fruition. Identify people with dreams and connect them with dream executers / idea executers, something like that.Compassion fatigue support team
Adopt a new momMore advocacyHosting lots of things at SP-mascarade party, eat in the dark dinner, silent dance party, puppy party, virtual reality experiencesCooking night together with a team of people as a get-to-know-you night, perhaps with critical judges)Offer a portfolio of people and their interests to help connect other, perhaps on our website, include picturesAffinity groups for people with different types of connections
Adopt any momOrganize more FB groups around areas of interest and create groups. Use hashtags.Book discussion (ie Righteous mind - Amy this was your book, and I still think it would be great to pitch it to the ITI group.)More dinner roulettesEmpower people to find that which they excel at and help people figure out where they “fit”Have a once-a-year homecoming party for everyone and anyone who has ever been part of SP to hang out and catch up. Kind of like a wedding without the wedding. This a thing some Southern churches do.
Adopt a seniorConnect with other churches such as Lyndale united churchSupport for families with special needs kidsHave a mentality of meeting someone new at an SP event and inviting them over for dinnerInclude small group discussions in gathering the way we did with soap box sermons this summerMorale boosting conversations around things like inspiring TED talks.
General mentoring for all stages of lifeCreate re-seminars: send an emissary to an event or training and then come back to report to usA teen “holder” at the gathering (Amy you came up in a conversation amongst a group of 612 parents this weekend as someone who might be willing to take our kids out to caribou once a month. Say the word if you are up for that. The kids would love it, as would the parents.)Cultivate a mentality of hospitality in our community in generalDevelop FB affinity groups like ITI and parents and caregivers and covenant participantsSinging night
Create a beer brew groupCreate think tanks around areas of interestFigure out ways to help teens in the gathering or with an alternative gatheringHave intentional conversations about our culture of welcoming others into community and if we want to develop some “protocol”Welcome newcomers with a homemade chapbook or an ash try or a coffee mug or an EP of music from SP musicians or…..“Worship” night on a night other than Sunday. I know there was some discussion about what this meant, but I do not have good notes on it, nor do I have memories. So perhaps someone can help fill in the idea.
Brew Beer in our kitchenThink about policies and practices for communityAdapt gathering for all agesHost dinners of new people to help them get to know one anotherMake an EP of Solomon’s Porch musicBring in guest speakers at Sunday night gatherings. Different preachers and/or people from the community from different perspectives.
Open a breweryUse slack as a platform to organize communication and conversationsAlways keep gathering time the same (Shelli B this may be a lost cause.)Explore and use language that “gets” introverts, language that acknowledges that is in an anxiety about going to places with people you don’t know.Create a cupboard for personal mugs which are all reflective of the individuals they belong to, maybe with a name or picture on the bottom to identifyTake field trips to other churches.
Host classes in our kitchen, sauerkraut making, pickling, cooking a certain cuisine or certain types of food.Be mindful of single peopleHost other churches in SP buildingWrite a beginners guide to the porch, especially one that is tongue-in-cheek (Alex, Elana)Find ways to communicate who we are, particularly art that represents who we areImagine gutting the gathering time as it stands. Instead consider different ways of gathering such as creating a gathering “tool kit” that people could use to create a gathering on the spot with whomever showed up. Not a curated, pre-planned experience, but a more spontaneous experience. Allow different people to create the gathering of their dreams. Give the responsibility of the gathering to whomever shows up. The people can decide what words, what icons, what symbols to use.
Host classes for our community and to the community at large ie. Youth summer camps. Consider publicizing in community ed. catalog.Have a retreatSpread out focus on community and not have so much energy and resource focus on the gathering timeDevelop deep empathetic listening skills amongst our people (Victoria)Make a fetch book, the opposite of a burn book. (Fetch is a Mean Girls reference.) Basically, my understanding is that this would be a book exploring how awesome we are.Consider having a show-and-tell type gathering around a theme like forgiveness. Everyone brings something that evokes forgiveness, a song, poem, story, image.
Get our kitchen cleaned up to use it more in generalMindfulness happy hourCultivate a group of designated welcomers at gatherings and in generalHave an SP plant, fish, gerbil, that we take turns taking care of. Like in kindergarten where there is a stuffed animal that kids take home. Only pick something that resonates with our community.Dinner over a topic. Curate a meaningful discussion, an extended dinner conversation. Consider monthly dinner parties.
Activities that are luxuries (can’t remember the examples, and I have no notes)Develop the connective tissue for those in our community who are deeply involved as well as those who are newerMake another paper mache (sp) animal with non-toxic glue so that kids can safely participate. Take a vote on what animal to make.Speed connecting.
Parent night outCreate a themed discussion around the topic “What do you bring to the community and that energizes you? Talents, gifts. And what do you want to get out of the community and give?” Have people list what they want to get out of the community and give.Make more art together a use it in a show, like Charmanyne did and Elise, Silva’s daughter, participated in.Speed dinners
New Year’s Eve partyPlan activities with new people and people who have been around longer. Enjoy the twin cities together. Kayaking. Picnic. Stella’s Fish House – rooftop dining. But also to think beyond excursions to places. Embedding the sacramental into iconic. (ie. Baptisms.) Do more outside the walls of the church. (ie. Tim saw a group doing yoga in the sculpture gardens.)Create art with our shared stories, a large piece that holds bits of our narrativesSpeed gathering - shifting spots throughout the gathering to talk to different people.
Parent and Kid lock in (Victoria)Consider process for becoming a covenant participant. How much of a formal or informal process do we want and need. Who is a covenant participant? What does it mean to be one? Be intentional about how we communicate the process and what it means to be a covenant participant.Have chairs appropriate for kids in the gathering spaceSilent retreat
Teen boundary water trip - combine with other churchesMore dancingHost more brainstorming with kidsSilent dinner
Explore how to do teenage stuff wellHalloween dance partyCreate restful eventsSilent dance
Partnering with other churches with which we may have an affinity such as Uptown, Spirit Garage, House of Mercy, Upper Room, Light House Mpls)Art gallery tripBook exchangeMore opportunities for connection that appeal to different types of personalities
Partner with churches that are more diverse than us: Redeemer in North MPLS, Light House (is this Pastor Dee’s church?), Isiah (parachurch)Enhancing 612Kids’ clothing exchangeTeens: having a plethora of people working with them. Maybe a different adult takes them out for caribou each week. But also continue to offer some consistency with certain adults like Mason to foster connection.
Sex discussion groupCreate one-on-one mentorships with 612 students (Mason, Sarah)Clothing exchanges for ALL peopleYouth vs. adult kick ball game (you guys, maybe we should do this the weekend of Sept. 15th and 16th when we are having our meetings about community. Wouldn’t that be fun?)
Conversation groups – on a topic, ie ITICreate a 651- St. Paul GroupDonate stuffed animals to a crisis nursery or maybe children in the tent citySP boundary waters trip, adults, teens, families
Bring Sermon discussion group backMore spirituality, engaging intentionally in Christian practices together. Also pray together and build deep practices in emotional aspects of community. Perhaps draw from Christian heritage such as Book of Common prayer, the idea of vespers. (Elana, Mason, Sarah K., Tom)Handmake blankets to donate to the children’s hospitalSilva’s non-profit could help organize a “mission” trip for 612 kids to do here
Have additional, consistent events that are anchoring, like the gathering, but at other times during the week. Such as community dinner and men’s breakfast.Ecumenical engagement toward social justicePop-up game nights. Games nights on a regular schedule. Game nights on alternating schedule. Game nights for all ages. Seasonal game nights, Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer or on the Equinox….. Lots and lots of game nights.Married couple/partnership support group
Explore communication streams outside of FBPool party at the powell’sHost warm and uplifting events in the winterPartnership support in general
Host an open micDrink therapyCreate a fall festival and a spring carnivalMovie night for couples
Collect data on gathering and budgetProm nightParents night out
Review of Books of the Bible (what was this exactly)Parties for no reasonSkill sharing, host a night of teaching a skill folks in the community want to share such as the photography workshop we had
Reach out to past community members, follow up with people who left, invite people to returnJesus Fair, left open to your own interpretationGame night
Engage in more outreach like loaves and fishesPlant trees
Flexible, changing Service projects that we branded Pop Up Blessings—PUBFundraiser to lower costs of weekend away trips
Karaoke fundraiser
Anonymously put projects on a list of things we could do together to help someone such as a FB page. Like a Solomon’s Porch Next door.
Flash mobs for helping people in community
Put a white board in office with list of projects around building to help with
Rent our building out more
Market our building as a rental on Air bnb
Advertise our building for rental on more platforms
Family lock-in
Carpet ball tournament
Bake sale
Pickle sale
Fundraiser sales throughout year
Pop-up dinners
Pop-up events
Affinity group for adult students
Book lending library
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