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DAO Name Twitter LinkDiscord Link Website What is the primary goal or function of the DAO?Date of InceptionHow is the DAO funded?How do you become a member?Other notes, musings, and interests How does voting work?How are tokens allocated?What's the tech stack?
1Hive tools for building and governing DAOs / Web3 / Public GoodsDynamic issuance + trading fees from Honeyswap are used to buyback HNY to feed the DAO common pool.ๅ‚ๅŠ ๏ผ่ณ‡้‡‘ๆไพ›ใฎๆๆกˆใ‚’ไฝœๆˆใ—ใ€ๆŠ•็ฅจใ—ใ€็พคใ‚ŒใฎใŸใ‚ใซๅƒใใ€่ณž้‡‘ใ‚’็ฒๅพ—ใ—ใ€ไธๅ’Œ/่ซ‡่ฉฑ/ใƒ„ใ‚คใƒƒใ‚ฟใƒผใง่ฉฑใ—ใ€ใ‚ปใƒฌใ‚นใƒ†ใซ่ณญใ‘ใพใ™...1Hive's governance platform is available as a Public Good for other DAOs to replicate. Called "Gardens," currently live on xDai, Polygon, and Rinkeby https://gardens.1hive.orgAnyone with 0.1 Honey can create a proposal. Proposals approved through Conviction VotingFunding proposals.Conviction Voting, on-chain social contract (Covenant), decentralized arbitration (Celeste)
ADAO "To Inspire Innovation and Empower Growth for Decentralized Projects and Communities" Nov. 2021Members
Akiimo BioverseComing SoonComing soonโ„ขPrivate Funding, 1st year through b2b sales, adding new bioverse soonerComing soon through Bioverse + TReewardsAkiimo uses nature's own tech added with human ingenuity to solve the complex problems in real world, offering access to communities real life needs, democratizing ESG driven wealth buildingPrivate betaPrivate betaPrivate beta
AladdinDAO is a decentralized network to shift crypto investments from venture capitalists to wisdom of crowd through collective value discovery.??????Boule Members are elected through AladdinDAO. Roles Election Process to be announced later; however, anyone can be a regular DAO memberA list of contract addresses can be found at: Boule Member has 4 votes every month. Sufficient consensus means that either 50% of Boule Members vote and there are more Yes than No votes, or there are 20% more Yes votes than No votes. If any Boule Member strongly disagrees with the Bouleโ€™s decision, he/she can call for a vote by all ALD token holders. With a quorum of over 20% circulating token holders participating and over 51% agreement, the decision made by the Boule can be over-turned.The maximum total supply of ALD tokens is 999,978,240 ALD. 200,000,000 of ALD tokens will be created at TGE, consisting of LBP, airdrop, and ALD TVL Option (an optional reserve of ALD tokens available for the DAO to be used in accordance with community governance based on TVL). The remaining 80% of token will be unlocked via liquidity mining on a block-by-block basis over the next four years. The following is the ALD token release schedule and the token distribution information.Standard ERC20 contract with minter role. Modified version of Sushiswap's ChefMaster that allows staking and distribution of ALD.
ampled community support platform for musicians โ€” 100% collectively owned by artists & workersubscribe to suppor musiciancommunity page
AOL (Apes Online) (in development)A community dedicated to the creation of a new token-curated web experience.Early community member funded. Join Discord and ape in. All welcome.Discuss in Discord and propose on ScattershotTokens not yet allocated/in progress.In development.
ATX DAO dao in austin, texassummer 2021genesis NFT sale, more forthcoming for active contributors in the austin areaTBDTBDdiscord, solidity contracts, web3 site
Bankless DAO decentralized autonomous organization that acts as a steward of the Bankless Movement progressing the world towards a future of greater freedom.You need 35,000 $BANK to be a DAO member -You can take part in the Discord and contribute and try earn $BANK Tokens were allocated via retrospective airdrop to Bankless Premium members and gitcoin contributors
Blank.Foundation art project. Blank is a collection of 10,000 Blank NFTs that will evolve based on a vote of Blank NFT holders. The first 1,000 people to join the community will be whitelisted to mint Blank NFTs for free.July 2021 [but not yet launched - launching soon!]TBDApply by answering 3 questions in the discord. Get nominated by 5 existing members (via emoji votes). for active contributors! Artists, engineers, designers, governance experts, product marketers, growth folks, community builders, product peeps -- all are welcome!TBDTBDEthereum
brtmoments NFT Gallary in Venice NFT
build_ coworking DAOCommunity + Strategic Join the discordOpen-source Whitepaper; Open bounties available - see DAO Bounties tabSnapshot - must be a passport holderTBDDiscord, Gnosis, L1 TBD
CanuDAO on communities & communication. Working with internal structure, experience, automation, voting & governance, as well as social media Community funding via Juicebox ecosystemEthereum, Discord, Juicebox
Cedge Research Organization
ChainForestsocial dao, global 2021
CityDAO out this form to tell us how you want to be involved.
Creator Cabins / CabinDAO Creator Residencies at their property outside of Austin and the creation of NFTs during artists' residencies Mirror Crowdfund; Patronage and the sale of NFTs Contribute to the Mirror crowdfunding campaign
Crypto, Culture & Society and discussion group exploring the impact of crypto on culture and society. Maybe, "Crypto, Culture, & Society" is an appropriate name. Open sourcing and funding reasearchSeptember 14, 2021Mirror Crowdfund
Get involvedMirror's Token RaceTBDEthereum, Discord, Guild
DAOHaus platform for launching and running DAOsHAUS token CCO, grants, services to other daosJoin discord and contributeMoloch, coordinape, snapshotEthereum, xDai, Polygon, Moloch, Minions
DAOists is Enabling a New Age of Work that Better Serves Humanity.
We help people unlock their potential within Decentralized Autonomous Organizations.
Our vision is greater representation for individuals within communities, organizations, businesses, and the entire world โ€” achieved through the integration and proliferation of DAO principles and Web3 tools.
Our mission is to help over 10 million organizations adopt DAO principles and tools to provide for greater productivity, flexibility, and representation.
August, 2021Funding?... We don't need no stinking funding. - but planning on combo of contributions to community and bounties.Discord, Softr, Airtable, Ghost, Coordinape, Snapshot, Shortcut, Trello, etc (moving to more full stack, and less low-code/no-code)
DAOJones a decentralized publishing house that will help answer the following questions:

"what does this token do?"

"why are jpeg rocks selling for 1 mil and why is jim cramer talking about it?"

To start, there will be thoughtful reviews on a different DeFi or NFT project every few days.

The DAO will enable anyone to have a say in whats to be reviewed next and / or who reviews it. Contact if interested
TBDContact Zach for now. At some point soon you will have more solidified options (tokens, poaps & nfts)Founded on 8/29 by Zach -> Stack
DAOSquare is going to be the Y-Combinator in the era of Web3.December. 2019VC and Communitythe genesis membership is launch. get the membership NFT in (DAO contribution protocol)Help those innovators in Web3 growing through the concept of DAO.membership NFT- Community 50%
- Guild 30%
- Investor 20%
Decentral DecentralAutonomous.eth & HashMask 10222 named "Decentral Autonomous" HMU if you aree working on a relatable DAO project @SheldonCorey
Decred, Superior Store of Value10% of the block reward goes into the Decred Treasury
dfdao decentralized autonomous organization hoping to illuminate the
Not applicable yetActive player willing to collaborateNot applicable yetNo tokens yetNot applicable yet
DiscoDao sourced parties for crypto natives
dOrg DAO focused around assembling the best web3 engineers to solve clients' problemsFunded by a % of revenue from development folks have left their job and working for the DAO "full time"Vote by members/tokensPercentage given from work completedDAOStack
DuckDAO Incubator for crypto projects
DXdao, governs, and grows DeFi protocols and products. Owned and operated by the community, By contributing
Eden DAO artist DAO with a focus on generating NFTs for physical work, our physical artworks are bound to NFTs through embedded chips from Legitimate TechSelf funded by the founders for nowThe artists are a curated selection and you become a patron member by purchasing a workWe are focused on emerging artists and creating new standards and best practices to ensure more protections for artists, such as royalties on subsequent sales and a profit sharing pool that creates a collaborative ecosystemWe have not yet launched our token
ElasticDAO DAO framework working on #fairgovernance by reducing money influence in decision making and removing free loaders$EGT is backed by ETH from the token buyers. It can be bought my minting or from sushiswapJoin the discord and bought some $EGTUnique mechanism to minimize influence of money in decision making and removing freeloadersSnapshot using $EGT. Each member has a max voting power. Everytime you vote for a proposal, your voting power increase as your $EGT increases. A penalty can be voted to reduce the non-voter's $EGT balance if a proposal's quorum is not passed
EmpireDAO Crypto Co-Working DAO.
October 2021VC funded prior to mint. NFT minting then membership structure Own membership NFTsecuring location. working on launch. TBDTBDSolana, Discord
FiatLux DAO alumni DAO funding novel research with cryptoJune 2021Members contribute ETHBerkeley alumni can joinOne member, one vote. Everyone is on multi-sigHave not launched a token Gnosis multi-sig, Telegram/Discord
Fingerprints DAO smart contracts as art
Flamingo DAO for NFTsMembership purchases to units in DAOMembership in FlamingoDAO is currently limited to accredited investors, as defined under U.S. law. The total number of members will be capped at a maximum of 99 members. Members need to do KYC and contribute ETH to purchase between 100,000 and 900,000 units representing an ownership in Flamingo
Forefront port of entry to social clubs and digital cities. We are pioneers exploring & building at the forefront of the Web3 playground.Community - Anyone is free to to join the Discord
Curation and Governance - Have 1000 $FF
Friends WIth Benefits With Benefits is a private discord server. A group chat with thinkers and creators. It's like a digital SOHO house with a token membership. Membership tokens, and VC funding, with more on-chain revenue Soon(tm)Application form + owning tokens then getting approved by the community Two tiers of voting: microdecisions within discord, on-chain snapshots w/ weights based on amount of $FWB heldTokens can be purchased via Uniswap, earned via SourceCred or through DAO distributions based on activity.
FutrDAO community that supports web3 projects which have radical impact on humanityCommunity contributes fundsWaitlist is NFT token gated + contribution of funds + join DiscordCurrently waitlisted. TBCCurrently waitlisted. TBCCurrently waitlisted. TBC
GeneZis Biohacking is a non-crypto biz built on DAO principles; serving as a biohacking data, information and products source for GenZCurrently researching options, suggestions are more than welcomeJoin the Discord server and introduce yourself to the members to get a membership approval.We are a non-crypto related business as a part of the Reg Biz DAOs iniciative. RBD is a a public sandbox to explore how to use DAO principles in building non-crypto (hence "regular") businesses. Crypto has done marvellous things, our goal is to provide frameworks for future founders who would like to build truly community-led businesses and a better business future for the humankind.Majority vote by token holdersTokens can be purchased via Uniswap, earned via SourceCred or through DAO distributions based on activity.
Gitcoin DAO's mission is to build and fund experiments around digital public goods in web3 and beyond.Gitcoin DAO currently relies mostly on quadratic funding as a mechanism to ensure DAO participants are rewarded.Join Discord, complete bounties, start or fund grants using quadratic funding, or just dive right in and apply as a steward on leverages COMP/UNI style governance which means every voter can choose to delegate to a steward or vote directly on proposals themselves. Proposals are first posted on the governance forum, and after a set period can be moved to Snapshot for formal voting. The total weight of every voting member on the proposal is tallied to decide how to move forward. More details can be found here!Tokens for the DAO were distributed to those that had done work on the platform in service of public goods over the last 3 years:
Giveth the future of givingCurrently donations from community members and benevolent whales, eventually with positive-sum revenues (interest generated on idle donations) with an Aragon DAO on xDAI, soon with a Garden on xDAIToken coming soon. a reputation token rewarded to contributors is being used to vote on a proposal for the allocation of the upcoming governance tokenGarden, Discourse Forum, (for organizational structure), discord, github
GuildsDAO people find and discover DAOs the ylove.
Global Coin Research Research and Investment DAO3/1/2021through community Join Discord, access the gated Discord channels by holding GCR tokens. See more on Globalcoinresearch.comMajority vote by token holdersfunding proposalsSyndicate, GnosisSafe, Snapshot, and many others
Harmony Validator DAO Harmony Validator DAO is focused on decentralization, security and governance of the Harmony network.through Harmony foundationthrough electioncouncil is voted based upon effective stake of the validators, the governors themselves can have a 1 person 1 vote internal votesTBDTBD
herstoryDAO highlight marginalized (especially Black femme) crypto creatorsmanifesto on the Foundation website:
hic et nunc (DAO in the making)
HyphalDAO (Alpha build)ABC speculative trade taxationJoin the discord or apply through the dApp (coming soon)We are mostly researchers exploring DeGov and artists concerned with public goods funding NFT galleries and museums rather than auction houses.Flexible and extensible, starting with quadratic + PoHMinimal allocation to prediction markets + grants + governace issuedEthereum, xDAI (AMB), Gnosis Safe, Gnosis+Hyphal Modules, Hyphal dApp, Commons Stack, TEC
Idle Finance yield aggregator optimizerSmart TreasuryAnyone is free to to join the Discord,TG and Governance Forum. Voting requires $IDLE token or staked $IDLE.Offchain and onchain via $IDLE token and staked token Governor, Snapshot
IndexCoop crypto investing safe, simple and accessible by creating crypto-native index products. Creators of DeFi Pulse Index (DPI), and more!Streaming fees from products, as well as mint/redeem fees for leveraged products.Join the discord, to contribute participate in new joiner call
Via Snapshot using $INDEX governance token70% of the total supply is reserved for the community, and the remaining 30% has been allocated to the DeFi Pulse and Set Protocol teams.

More here:
React (Functional Components, Hooks), Typescript, Solidity, Git, Hardhat
Joystream Platform DAOReplenisheable fiat pool managed by JSGenesisJoined the Discord, then joined the Forum: Members have the right to vote. Currently Cpuncil seats number is 16 people. Proposal can be created by anyone, but they cost some tokenActive platform participants (so called Founding Members) will get an allocation of 15% of mainnet token
Substrate Blockchain with a lot of custom types and pallets. Typescript and React on FE
JuiceboxDAO projects built using the Juicebox protocol, and the development of the protocol itself.
Jumper DAO and Advertising professionals curating content to help Web3 brands tell their story and invite humans to engage with their web3 brandApril 2021Community$JUMP tokensN/, Discord
KlimaDAO tokenized carbon credits in order to increase funding to real world projects that reduce the impact of climate change.
Komorebi DAO female / non-binary crypto foundersmember fundedclosed for the first fund, get in touch for the futureVote by membersSyndicate, GnosisSafe
KrauseHouseDAOKrauseHouseDAO & operate a NBA team. Active participation in the Discord.
Leap DAOTBDTBDLearning community to onboard the next 100k web3 devs, designers, product managers, marketers, salespeople and all other tech workers. Launching soon (Nov 2021)
LearnDAO be a resource / conduit for DeFi and Crypto education that is funded by the DeFi community. Learners are rewarded with tokens and the community is incentivized to help each other.
LexDAO"The Decentralized Legal Engineering Guild" Brings the traditional legal settlement layer to code, and coded agreements to the masses
MakerDAOShow upMKR
Maple Finance corporate credit market for institutional growth capitalOwning $MPL
MeebitsDAO a vehicle for funding a series of innovative projects that will develop the ecosystem around Meebits.
Meta Gamma Delta womxn-led projects in the crypto spaceGitcoin grantsFill out a pledge form, then use DAOHaus to apply for membership (requires pledging 10 Dai), members will vote on whether you have been accepted (full instructions here Discord, DAOHaus (on Matic)
metacartel"We are a community dedicated to the vision of an open internet of value. A fairer and richer world for all.

It's both a Devshop for web3.0 projects and they give grants as well


Member/ % of revenueYou can pledge or work on projects with the DAO to gain tokens/membership
Metacartel Ventures Ventures (Venture DAO) makes investments into early-stage Decentralized Applications (DApps)Membership pledges 10 ETH minimum pledge for individuals, 5 ETH minimum pledge for women, minimum 50 ETH for organisations / Maximum 200 ETH for all membership types. You can also request a granted membership.

After you pledge, you have to be approved by the DAO.
metafactory DAO to produce/sell swag and wearables, creators come there to manufacture their creation
MidsummerDAO storytelling / film production + distributionsummer, 2021Join the discord
Minty DAO for invitehttps://minty.xyzA DAO Hub to help people create or discover alternative asset investing DAOs, mint asset backed NFTsSeed investors and grants from other DAOs like MetacartelCreate a DAO on the platformBuilding in open collaboration with other DAO frameworksMoloch for top level DAO, sub-councils choose their own (coordinape, snapshot, etc)TBDDAOHaus, Gnosis, Discord, ETH, Polygon
Mosh DAO is a cross-blockchain experiment that spans 7 different EVM compatible networks.
NeptuneDAO liquidity DAO for scaled yieldMembership purchases to units in DAOMembership in Neptune is currently limited to accredited investors, as defined under U.S. law. The total number of members will be capped at a maximum of 99 members. Members need to do KYC and contribute ETH to purchase between 100,000 and 900,000 units representing an ownership in Neptune ("Neptune Units").
Olympus DAO is building a community-owned decentralized financial infrastructure to bring more stability and transparency for the world.Zeus and ApolloJoin the discord, complete role selection, stake, take agency and particpate in the finacial revolution, make memes, tweet, tell your friends, egineer something, attain enlightenment, bond.(3,3), the ideal state of Olympus users, already the top contender for most prolifc meme in crypto.Proposal discussion on DAO; forum and voting on Snapshot.
Omni Consumer Protocols are all one. All DeFi will become one. We are all boardmembers. Fees and Grant Be worth a damn! Join the Telegram.ONE OF US. ONE OF US. ONE OF US. ONE OF US. ONE OF US. ONE OF US. ONE OF US. ONE OF US. ONE OF US. ONE OF US. YTBD on Battle-Tested Compound, OpenDAO, Reef,
ETH, Poly, BSC
Open DeFi DAO community driven ecosystem DAO focused on incubating and bootstrapping the next era of multi-chain DeFi.
Revenue generated by incubated projects in our DAOJoin discord and contribute before we launch for early contributor tokens!SubDAO voting mechanismMulti-Chain Governance Framework w/ Gnosis SafeSnap and Kleros
https://opendao.ioThe current financial globe is islanded and access to opportunities is frequently hampered by ones nationality, economic status, or geographic lociation. Our goal is to create a new landscape where anyone can gain access to investments previously reserved for the society's elite.

OpenDAO bridges real world assets to Defi - stocks, real estate, cars, etc. as collateral for a next-gen stablecoin.
Private Investors and feesBy owning at least one OPEN and joining our Discord!We have a real estate project funding background and are interest in funding those projects via the blockchain.

We aim to bring more value onto the blockchain, rather than circulate the value that is already here.
Not Deployed YetVia Public Token Release on Nov. 26th 2020
Private and Team Allocations on time locked linear release
Polygon, Ren, UMA, pNetwork
On Eth, Polygon, BSC
Utilizing Compound and Bancor V2 forks
Own.fund is a collective of builders that have come together to support and empower founders in building the future of the creator economy.
Paladin 2021TBD team already shipped the first version of the vote weight lending and borrowing market. More detail about the DAO is coming soon. The community is in it's bootstrapping phase so now is a good time to join and help build. TBDTBDTBD
PaperclipDAO the 2005 red paper clip experiment on-chianAugust 2021The DAO started without initial fundingTrade with the DAO to earn $CLIP tokens, you need =>1 $CLIP to joinBuilt time-locked token contract ( multi-sig Based on proposed trades for each round (descending rewards as trades progress)Gnosis multi-sig, Sudoswap, Discord
PartyDAO software to spin up DAOs and bid on NFTs together Mirror CrowdfundYou need 10 $PARTY and you can be gifted $PARTY by friends
PhutureDAO is a decentralised protocol built for the creation and investment of token based passive investment strategies in a Web3 environment.
Phuture introduces an open design philosophy for creating passive investment strategies, providing the tools for users to create new indices or invest into existing ones created by the community.
In order to participate in governance you must be holding ePHTR. ePHTR can be obtained by staking your PHTRThe PHTR token has an initial max supply of 100mm. Ecosystem-25% -Foundation -28%_Investors-20%-Keeper&Liquidity incentives-27%
PieDAO decentralized asset manager for tokenized portfolios, with a mission to bring automated wealth creation to everyone with an internet connection.$DOUGH holders get a share of revenue generated by PieDAO productsJoin the discord and verify. Holding $DOUGH tokens to participate in governanceSnapshot using $DOUGH tokensAragon, Snapshot
Pleasr DAO is an exclusive collective of DeFi leaders, early NFT collectors and digital artists who have built a formidable yet benevolent reputation for acquiring culturally significant pieces with a charitable aspect.
PrimeDAO down coordination costs. the upcoming IDOPrime Launch, Prime Pools, Prime Rating & Prime DAO2DAO
ProsperDAO experiment, creating spaces for collective prosperity to thriveComing soon, willingness to contribute (reaching out via Twitter DM) it out - reach out to collabFiguring it out - reach out to collabGnosis Safe, Snapshot, TG, in development
Protein Community place for people and ideas to grow ๐ŸŒฑJan 2021Private seed + CommunityApply + 5k $PRTN tokensSnapshot70% Treasury + Rest Team and MembersDiscord, Notion, Airtable, Snapshot, Gnosis Safe + some custom bots
r/ETHtrader subreddit of Eth traders that formed a DAO governed by $DONUT token.Community members of r/ETHtraderOwning $DONUT and participate in the subreddit
r/NFT DAO and unite vairous DAO communities related to NFTsGovernance Tokens & (maybe) xPrizeYou most be a mod to have certain governance clearance in the DAO, and other socially oriented proposals as a general memberSnapshotTBDDAOHaus, Gnosis, Discord, ETH, Polygon
RaidGuild Moloch and web3 product demons. Member funded + % of Raids are tributed to DAOShow us your skills in slaying Moloch and apply to link up with other like-minded mercenaries in a cohortDAOhaus interface$RAID token is available on Honeyswap
Rarible DAO the open source, cross-chain NFT protocolGovernance tokensJoin DiscordSnapshotUse of platform and app miningDiscord, Snapshot, Gnosis Safe
REtoken DAO will become the most globally recognized tokenization brand. Gitcoin DGov Hackathon grand prize winnerJoin Discord and participate in opportunities that award $RETOKENSnapshotTokens are earned for participatory events, working groups, etcDiscord, Boardroom, Snapshot, Gnosis Safe, Trello (task mgmt / Roadmap), Confluence (wiki)
RibonDAON/A female / non-binary crypto foundersVC funded (Redpoint and Harvard Angels)Join Discord!It has 30,000 MAU in their off-chain app. Achieved product market fit before launching the DAONot startedGenesis event TBDERC20 (Polygon)
Sarcophagus manage the ongoing operations of the Sarcophagus dead man's switch projectLiquidity mining, treasury tokens, on-chain VCOwn any amount of $SARCO tokenAragon 1:1 token weight/vote, 10% quroem required 60% to carry., Aragon, Liquidity Mining, UNI V2 LP Farming, Arweave
Seedclubhq and investing in token-based communities.