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ABOUTIn the nav bar. Opens the about modalAboutЗа програматаOmÜberAcerca deدرباره ماTietoaÀ proposאודותNévjegyCreditiOverWięcejWhat Is It?O программеGiới thiệu關於
ABOUT_CONTRIBUTORSIn about menu, introduces those who worked on Scout-App.Contributors to <a href='' class='external-link'>Scout-App</a>:Участвали в <a href='' class='external-link'>Scout-App</a>:Bidragsydere til <a href='' class='external-link'>Scout-App</a>:UnterstützerLos colaboradores para <a href='' class='external-link'>Scout-App</a>:نویسندگان <a href='' class='external-link'>پیشآهنگی برنامه</a>:Google TranslatedAvustajat <a href='' class='external-link'>Scout-App</a>:Contributeurs de <a href='' class='external-link'>Scout-App</a>:תומכיי <a href='' class='external-link'>Scout-App</a>:A <a href='' class='external-link'>Scout-App</a> fejlesztésében közreműködtek:Chi ha contribuito a <a href='' class='external-link'>Scout-App</a>:Bijdragers van de <a href='' class='external-link'>Scout-App</a>:Współtwórcy <a href='' class='external-link'>Scout-App</a>:The fellers who made this: <a href='' class='external-link'>Scout-App</a>:о вкладчиков k <a href='' class='external-link'>Cкаут-Aппa</a>:Người đóng góp cho <a href='' class='external-link'>Scout-App</a>:<a href='' class='external-link'>Scout-App</a> 開發協助者:
ABOUT_DEPENDENCIESIn About modal. Scout-App uses libraries behind-the-scenes. This gives credit and links to those libraries. 'node-sass' and 'chokidar' are library names and likely shouldn't be translated. Use best judgement.<strong>Scout-App</strong> uses <a class='external-link' href=''>node-sass</a> <span class='nodeSassVersion'></span> and <a class='external-link' href=''>chokidar</a> <span class='chokidarVersion'></span>.<strong>Scout-App</strong> използва <a class='external-link' href=''>node-sass</a> <span class='nodeSassVersion'></span> и <a class='external-link' href=''>chokidar</a> <span class='chokidarVersion'></span>.<strong>Scout-App</strong> benytter <a class='external-link' href=''>node-sass</a> <span class='nodeSassVersion'></span> og <a class='external-link' href=''>chokidar</a> <span class='chokidarVersion'></span>.<strong>Scout-App</strong> verwendet <a class='external-link' href=''>node-sass</a> <span class='nodeSassVersion'></span> und <a class='external-link' href=''>chokidar</a> <span class='chokidarVersion'></span>.<strong>Scout-App</strong> usa <a class='external-link' href=''>node-sass</a> <span class='nodeSassVersion'></span> y <a class='external-link' href=''>chokidar</a> <span class='chokidarVersion'></span>.<strong>پیشآهنگی برنامه</strong> با استفاده از <span class=" nodeSassVersion"></span> <a class="external-link" href="">node-sass</a> را توسط در و <span class="chokidarVersion"></span> <a class="external-link" href="">chokidar</a> را توسط در.Google Translated<strong>Scout-App</strong> hyödyntää <a class='external-link' href=''>node-sassia</a> <span class='nodeSassVersion'></span> ja <a class='external-link' href=''>chokidaria</a> <span class='chokidarVersion'></span>.<strong>Scout-App</strong> utilise <a class='external-link' href=''>node-sass</a> <span class='nodeSassVersion'></span> et <a class='external-link' href=''>chokidar</a> <span class='chokidarVersion'></span>.<strong>Scout-App</strong> משתמש ב-<a class='external-link' href=''>node-sass</a> <span class='nodeSassVersion'></span> וב-<a class='external-link' href=''>chokidar</a> <span class='chokidarVersion'></span>.A <strong>Scout-App</strong> <a class='external-link' href=''>node-sass</a> <span class='nodeSassVersion'></span> és <a class='external-link' href=''>chokidar</a> <span class='chokidarVersion'></span> használatával működik.<strong>Scout-App</strong> utilizza <a class='external-link' href=''>node-sass</a> <span class='nodeSassVersion'></span> e <a class='external-link' href=''>chokidar</a> <span class='chokidarVersion'></span>.<strong>Scout-App</strong> gebruikt <a class='external-link' href=''>node-sass</a> <span class='nodeSassVersion'></span> en <a class='external-link' href=''>chokidar</a> <span class='chokidarVersion'></span><strong>Scout-App</strong> korzysta z biblioteki <a class='external-link' href=''>node-sass</a> <span class='nodeSassVersion'></span> oraz <a class='external-link' href=''>chokidar</a> <span class='chokidarVersion'></span>.<strong>Scout-App</strong> uses <a class='external-link' href=''>node-sass</a> <span class='nodeSassVersion'></span> and <a class='external-link' href=''>chokidar</a> <span class='chokidarVersion'></span>.<strong>Cкаут-Aпп</strong> использует <a class='external-link' href=''>node-sass</a> <span class='nodeSassVersion'></span> и <a class='external-link' href=''>chokidar</a> <span class='chokidarVersion'></span>.<strong>Scout-App</strong> sử dụng <a class='external-link' href=''>node-sass</a> <span class='nodeSassVersion'></span> và <a class='external-link' href=''>chokidar</a> <span class='chokidarVersion'></span>.<strong>Scout-App</strong> 採用 <a class='external-link' href=''>node-sass</a> <span class='nodeSassVersion'></span> 及 <a class='external-link' href=''>chokidar</a> <span class='chokidarVersion'></span>.
ABOUT_DESCRIPTIONIn About modal. A simple description of what the app is used for.<strong>Scout-App</strong> allows you to process your <code>.sass</code> and <code>.scss</code> files into CSS without needing any knowledge of the command line.<strong>Scout-App</strong> ви позволява да обработите <code>.sass</code> и <code>.scss</code> файлове в CSS без нужда от знания за команден ред.<strong>Scout-App</strong> giver dig mulighed for at konvertere <code>.sass</code> og <code>.scss</code> filer til CSS uden kendskab til kommandolinjen.Mit <strong>Scout-App</strong> generierst Du deine eigenen <code>.sass</code> und <code>.scss</code>-Dateien in CSS ohne Kenntnisse von Terminal/Eingabeaufforderung.<strong>Scout-App</strong> le permite procesar sus ficheros <code>.sass</code> y <code>.scss</code> en CSS sin necesitar ningún conocimiento de la linea de comandos.<strong>پیشآهنگی برنامه</strong> اجازه می دهد تا شما را به پردازش خود را از <code>.sass</code> کد و کد <code>.scss</code> را فایل ها را به CSS را بدون نیاز به هیچ گونه دانش خط فرمان.Google Translated<strong>Scout-App</strong> sallii sinun prosessoida <code>.sass</code> and <code>.scss</code> -tiedostaja CSS-tiedostoiksi ilman komentorivitietoutta.<strong>Scout-App</strong> vous permet de traiter vos fichiers <code>.sass</code> et <code>.scss</code> en CSS sans avoir besoin de connaissances sur la ligne de commande.<strong>Scout-App</strong> vous permet de compiler vos fichiers <code>.sass</code> et <code>.scss</code> en CSS sans avoir besoin d'aucune connaissance en ligne de commande.<strong>Scout-App</strong> מאפשר לך לעבד את קבצי ה-<code>.sass</code> ו-<code>.scss</code> שלך ל-CSS ללא כל ידע בהרצת פקודות.A <strong>Scout-App</strong> segít feldolgozni a <code>.sass</code> és <code>.scss</code> fájlokat, hogy parancssor ismerete nélkül is CSS stílusfájlt generálhassunk.<strong>Scout-App</strong> ti permette di compilare il tuoi file <code>.sass</code> e <code>.scss</code> in CSS senza conoscere e utilizzare la linea di comando.<strong>Scout-App</strong> laat je <code>.sass</code> en <code>.scss</code> bestanden verwerken zonder enige kennis van de command line.<strong>Scout-App</strong> pozwala na kompilację Twoich plików <code>.sass</code> i <code>.scss</code> prosto do CSS bez konieczności znajomości poleceń w konsoli!This here <strong>Scout-App</strong> lets you turn your <code>.sass</code> and <code>.scss</code> files into .css files without needed no schoolin' in code or command-line nonesense.<strong>Cкаут-Aппa</strong> позволяет обрабатывать <code>.sass</code> и <code>.scss</code> файлы в CSS без использования командной строки<strong>Scout-App</strong> cho phép bạn xử lý các tệp <code>.sass</code> và <code>.scss</code> thành CSS mà không cần kiến thức về dòng lệnh.無須任何命令列指令, <strong>Scout-App</strong> 幫你自動轉換 <code>.sass</code> 和 <code>.scss</code> 代碼至 CSS
ABOUT_SCOUTAPPIn About modal. There is a section for Scout-App and a section for UGUI. This is the title for the Scout-App section.About Scout-AppЗа Scout-AppOm Scout-AppÜber Scout-AppAcerca de Scout-Appدرباره پیشآهنگی برنامهGoogle TranslatedTietoa Scout-AppistaA propos de Scout-AppÀ propos de Scout-Appאודות Scout-AppScout-App névjegyeInformazioni su Scout-AppOver Scout-AppO Scout-AppAbout Scout-AppO Cкаут-AппaVề Scout-App關於 Scout-App
ABOUT_VISIT_UPDATEText that is followed by a link to the scout-app website.Visit the Scout-App website to check for updates:Посети сайта на Scout-App за проверка на актуализации:Besøg Scout-App websitet for at tjekke for opdateringer:Besuchen Sie die Scout-App-Webseite, um nach Updates zu suchen:Visitar el sitio web de Scout-App para comprobar las actualizaciones:بازدید از وب سایت پیشآهنگی برنامه برای به روز رسانی:Google TranslatedKäy Scout-Appin verkkosivuilla tarkistaaksesi päivityksistä:Visitez le site Web de Scout-App pour vérifier les mises à jour:Accédez au site web de Scout-App pour vérifier que vous possédez la dernière mise à jour.בקר באתר של Scout-App כדי לחפש עדכונים:Az aktuális frissítésekért látogasson el a Scout-App honlapjára:Visita il sito di Scout-App per verificare gli aggiornamenti:Bezoek de Scout-App website voor updatesOdwiedź witrynę Scout-App, aby pobrać najnowszą wersję programuLook here for updates:Посетите сайт Cкаут-Aппa, чтобы проверить для обновления:Truy cập vào trang web của Scout-App để kiểm tra các bản cập nhật:到 Scout-App 網站看看有沒有更新:
ADD_A_PROJECTWhen you first start Scout-App or have 0 projects imported, we show this button on the screen.Add a ProjectДобави проектTilføj et ProjektGoogle TranslatedNeues ProjektAñadir un Proyectoاضافه کردن یک پروژهGoogle TranslatedLisää projektiAjouter un projetהוסף פרוייקטProjekt hozzáadásaAggiungere un ProgettoGoogle TranslatedVoeg een Project ToeDodaj nowy projekt...Let's Make A Project!Добавить проектThêm một dự án新增專案
ADD_GROUP_OF_PROJECTSWhen you first start Scout-App or have 0 projects imported, we show this button on the screen.Add Group of ProjectsДобави група проектиTilføj Gruppe af projekterGoogle TranslatedNeue Gruppe von Projekten hinzufügenAñadir un grupo de Proyectosاضافه کردن گروهی از پروژه هاGoogle TranslatedLisää ryhmä projektejaAjouter un groupe de projetsהוסף קבוצת פרוייקטיםProjektcsoport hozzáadásaAggiungere Gruppo di ProgettiGoogle TranslatedVoeg een verzameling projecten toeGoogle TranslatedDodaj kilka projektów...Truckload of ProjectsДобавить группы проектовThêm nhóm các dự án新增多個專案
ADD_PROJECTIn the sidebar. Allows the user to select a project folder on their computer. Then it adds the project to Scout-App.Add ProjectДобави проектTilføj projektProjekt hinzufügenAñadir Proyectoافزودن پروژهLisää projektiAjouter un projetהוסף פרוייקטProjekt hozzáadásaAggiungi progettoProject toevoegenDodaj projektLet's Make A Project!добав проектThêm dự án新增專案
ALERT_TITLEWhen processing Sass to CSS, if there is an error in the user's Sass code, we display an alert with this as the title. 'Line' is what line of the file had the error. 'Col' is short for Column and is how many characters from the start of a line to find the error.<strong>{{time}}</strong> Error (0x0{{code}}) - Line: <strong>{{bugLine}}</strong> Col: <strong>{{col}}</strong><strong>{{time}}</strong> Грешка (0x0{{code}}) - Ред: <strong>{{bugLine}}</strong> Кол: <strong>{{col}}</strong><strong>{{time}}</strong> Fejl (0x0{{code}}) - Linje: <strong>{{bugLine}}</strong> Kolonne: <strong>{{col}}</strong><strong>{{time}}</strong> Fehler (0x0{{code}}) - Zeile: <strong>{{bugLine}}</strong> Spalte: <strong>{{col}}</strong><strong>{{time}}</strong> Error (0x0{{code}}) - Line: <strong>{{bugLine}}</strong> Col: <strong>{{col}}</strong>عنوان خطا<strong>{{time}}</strong> Virheilmoitus (0x0{{code}}) - Rivi: <strong>{{bugLine}}</strong> Sarake: <strong>{{col}}</strong><strong>{{time}}</strong> Erreur (0x0{{code}}) - Ligne: <strong>{{bugLine}}</ strong> Colonne: <strong>{{col}}</ strong ><strong>{{time}}</strong> שגיאה (0x0{{code}}) - שורה: <strong>{{bugLine}}</strong> עמודה: <strong>{{col}}</strong><strong>{{time}}</strong> Hiba (0x0{{code}}) - Sor: <strong>{{bugLine}}</strong>, oszlop: <strong>{{col}}</strong><strong>{{time}}</strong> Errore (0x0{{code}}) - Linea: <strong>{{bugLine}}</strong> Col: <strong>{{col}}</strong><strong>{{time}}</strong> Fout (0x0{{code}}) - Regel: <strong>{{bugLine}}</strong> Kol: <strong>{{col}}</strong><strong>{{time}}</strong> Błąd (0x0{{code}}) - Linia: <strong>{{bugLine}}</strong> Kolumna: <strong>{{col}}</strong><strong>{{time}}</strong> Oh Shit! Error (0x0{{code}}) - Line: <strong>{{bugLine}}</strong> Col: <strong>{{col}}</strong><Strong>{{time}}</strong> Ошибка (0x0 {{code}}) - линии: <strong>{{bugLine}}</strong> Кол: <strong>{{col}}</strong><strong>{{time}}</strong> Lỗi (0x0{{code}}) - Dòng: <strong>{{bugLine}}</strong> Cột: <strong>{{col}}</strong><strong>{{time}}</strong> 錯誤 (0x0{{code}}) - 第 <strong>{{bugLine}}</strong> 行, 字元數: <strong>{{col}}</strong>
APPLICATION_TITLEShows in the title bar of the app window.Scout-App: The Sass GUIScout-App: The Sass GUIScout-App: Sass GUI'etScout-App: Die Sass-GUIScout-App: La interfaz gráfica de usuario Sassپیشآهنگی برنامه: رابط کاربری گرافیکی بی احترامی صحبت کردنGoogle TranslatedScout-App: Sass käyttöliittymäScout-App: L'interface graphique SassScout-App: הממשק של Sasscombining both Hebrew and English in the same sentence might break reading continuity since Hebrew is LTRScout-App: Sass Grafikus interfészScout-App: L'interfaccia grafica per SassScout-App: Het gebruikersinterface voor SassScout-App: GUI dla SassScout-App: The Sass GUI that'll butter your biscuits!Cкаут-Aпп: GUI для SassScout-App: Ứng dụng biên dịch SassScout-App: The Sass GUI
BROWSEThis is displayed when the user hovers over an element that can browse their computer for a file or folder.BrowseПрелисти GennemseDurchsuchenVisualizarکاوش و انتخابSelaaNaviguerCorrection de traduction GoogleסיירTallózásNavigaBladerenPrzeglądajLook AroundпросматриватьDuyệt查看檔案/資料夾
CANCELWhen the user is removing a project they can choose 'Remove' or 'Cancel' as an action.CancelОтказAnnullerAbbrechenCancelarلغوPeruutaAnnulerבטלMégseAnnullaAnnulerenAnulujNevermindОтменBỏ qua取消
CAT_SCREAMING_NOWhen the user is removing a project, an image of a cat is displayed. The cat looks like it is trying to stop something bad from happening at the last moment. This is the alternative text for the image, for those who are visually imparied.Cat screaming 'NO!'Котка крещяща "Не"!Katten skriger 'NEEEJ!'Katze schreit 'NEIN!'Grito al gato ¡NO!حذف پروژهKissa huutaa 'EI!'Chat hurlant 'NON!'חתול צועק 'לא!'Miaúúú 'NEEE!'Il gatto dice di NO!Kat die 'NEEEEE!' schreeuwtKotek krzyczy: STÓJ!Hold your horses!Кот, который кричит 'НЕТ'Mèo hét lên 'KHÔNG!'貓大叫 `不!'
CHECK_FOR_UPDATESA button in the about menu to check for newer versions of Scout-AppCheck for updatesПровери за актуализацияTjek for opdateringerAuf Updates prüfenComprobar si hay actualizacionesبررسی آپدیت جدیدTarkista päivityksetVérifier les mises à jourחפש עדכוניםFrissítések kereséseControlla aggiornamentiop updates controlerenSprawdź aktualizacjęAnything new?провер для обновленияKiểm tra cập nhật檢查更新
CONFIRM_DELETEWhen the user is removing a project we ask them to confirm with this. Then the user selects 'Remove' or 'Cancel'.Are you sure?Сигурни ли сте?Er du sikker?Bist du sicher?¿Está seguro?ایا مطمئن هستی میخوای پروژه رو حذف کنی ؟!Oletko varma?Êtes-vous sûr?האם את\ה בטוח\ה?Hebrew distinguishes between male 'you' and female 'you'. This comes to into account both when writing the word 'you' (אתה or את respectivly) and when writing any verb related to the targer, like 'sure' (בטוח or בטוחה respectivly). A common practice is to include both terms seperting and splitting any word that could be writtin in 2 forms with a slashBiztosan eltávolítja?Sei sicuro?Weet je het zeker?Na pewno chcesz usunąć ten projekt?You sure boy?Вы уверены, что хотите удалить этот проектBạn chắc chứ?你確定嗎?
DELETEWhen the user is removing a project they can choose 'Remove' or 'Cancel' as an action.RemoveПремахниFjernEntfernenBorrarحذفPoistaRetirerמחקEltávolításRimuoviVerwijderTak, usuń ten projektShoot ItУдалитьXóa移除
DELETE_PROJECTIn the project settings view, there is a button that allows you to remove the project from Scout-App.Remove ProjectПремахни проектFjern projektProjekt entfernenBorrar Proyectoحذف پروژهPoista projektiRetirer le Projectמחק פרוייקטProjekt eltávolításaRimuovi progettoVerwijder ProjectUsuń projektShoot It DeadУдалить проектXóa dự án移除專案
DEV_TOOLSIn the View menu of the nav bar the user can click on 'Dev Tools' to launch Developer tools to debug Scout-App itself.Dev ToolsИнструментиUdvikler værktøjerEntwickler-WerkzeugeHerramientas de Desarrolloابزار توسعهKehittäjätyökalutOutils de Développementכלי מפתחיםFejlesztői eszközökStrumenti di sviluppoOntwikkelaarstoolsNarzędzia deweloperskieTOOLS!Инструменты разработкиCông cụ phát triển開發工具
DEVELOPMENTIn the project settings view, under the Enivornment section the user can select either 'Development' or 'Production'. Which effects how their CSS will be outputted. Either with Sass mapping and line comments or without.DevelopmentРазработкаUdviklingEntwicklungDesarrolloکد نویسیKehitysDéveloppementפיתוחFejlesztőiSviluppoOntwikkelingTestowe (developerskie)We're Live!разработкаPhát triển開發中
ENVIRONMENTIn the project settings view. This is a section heading that controls the way/format the user's CSS will be outputted. The pick bewteen a production or development environemnt. It is a choice of intent for the purpose of the processed CSS.EnvironmentСредаMiljøUmgebungEntornoمحیطGoogle TranslatedYmpäristöEnvironnementסביבהKörnyezetTipo di ambienteOmgevingŚrodowisko:Trailer ParkокружениеMôi trường專案環境
EXITIn the File menu of the Nav Bar. This is a menu item that will close Scout-App if clicked.ExitИзходLukBeendenSalirخروجPoistuQuitterסגורKilépésEsciAfsluitenZamknij Scout-AppGoodbyeВыходThoát關閉
FILEThis is a menu item in the nav bar, it contains a submenu of 'New Project', 'Preferences', and 'Exit'FileФайлFilerDateiFicheroفایلTiedostoFichierקובץFájlFileBestandPlikFileфайлTệp檔案
FOUND_SOME_PROJECTSWhen you first start Scout-App or have 0 projects imported, we scan your drive for projects. If any are found it is shown on screen.found {{0}} projectsнамерени {{0}} проектиplaceret {{0}} projekterGoogle Translated{{0}} Projekte gefundenencontrados {{0}} proyectosپیدا شده است {{0}} پروژهGoogle Translated{{0}} projektia löytyia trouvé {{0}} projetsנמצאו {{0}} פרוייקטים{{0}} projekt találhatótrovati {{0}} progettiGoogle Translated{{0}} projecten gevondenLiczba znalezionych projektów: {{0}}Seen't {{0}} projectsнайдено {{0}} проектовphát hiện {{0}} dự án找到 {{0}} 個專案
FTUX_DRAG_DROPWhen you first start Scout-App or have 0 projects imported, we display large instructions to drag and drop on the screen.<h3>Drag and Drop</h3> <h4>anywhere to import projects</h4><h3>Влачи и Пусни</h3> <h4>навсякъде за импортване на проекти</h4><h3>Træk og slip</ h3> <h4>overalt at importere projekter</h4>Google Translated<h3>Ziehen und Ablegen</h3> <h4>um Projekte zu importieren</h4><h3>Arrastrar y soltar</h3> <h4>en cualquier lugar para importar proyectos</h4><h3>کشیدن و رها کردن</h3><h4>در هر نقطه به واردات پروژه</h4>Google Translated<h3>Vedä ja pudota</h3> <h4>mihin tahansa tuodaaksesi projekti</h4><h3>Glisser-déposer</h3> <h4>n'importe où pour importer des projets</h4><h3>גרור ושחרר</h3> <h4>בכל נקודה בשביל לייבא פרוייקטים</h4><h3>Fogd és vidd</h3> <h4>bárhonnan importálhatók projektek</h4><h3>Trascinare e Rilasciare</ h3> <h4>ovunque per importare progetti</h4>Google Translated<h3>Sleep hier je Sass project</h3> <h4>om deze te importeren.</h4>Uncertain if it fits in context, have to check<h3>Przeciągnij i upuść</h3> <h4>swoje projekty Sass, aby zaimportować je do Scout-a!</h4><h3>Toss it here</h3> <h4>any ol' project</h4><h3>Перетаскaeти</h3> <h4>в любом месте итмпортировать проекты</ h4>Google Translated<h3>Kéo và Thả</h3> <h4>để thêm dự án từ bất kỳ đâu</h4><h3>拖放</h3> <h4>到任何位置來匯入專案</h4>
HIDEIn the right-click menu of the Tray Icon to show and hide the application's window.HideСкрийSkjuleGoogle TranslatedVersteckenEsconderGoogle Translatedپنهان شدنGoogle TranslatedPiilotaCacherהסתרElrejtésNascondereGoogle TranslatedVerbergenUkryj w zasobnikuGet down!СпрятатьGoogle TranslatedẨn隱藏Google Translated
IMPORT_ADD_GROUPIn the File menu, if you click "Multi-Project Import", a modal appears. This is a button is at the bottom of the import table.Add Group of projectsДобави група от проектиTilføj Gruppe af projekterGoogle TranslatedEine Gruppe von Projekten hinzufügenAñadir un grupo de proyectosاضافه کردن گروه پروژهGoogle TranslatedLisää ryhmä projektejaAjouter un Groupe de projetsהוסף קבוצת פרוייקטיםProjektcsoport hozzáadásaAggiungere gruppo di progettiGoogle TranslatedImporteer een verzameling projectengroup might not be the correct term in dutch.Dodaj grupę projektówBucket o' projectsДобавить группу проектовThêm nhóm các dự án加入多個專案
IMPORT_ADD_PROJECTIn the File menu, if you click "Multi-Project Import", a modal appears. This is a button is at the bottom of the import table.Add another projectДобави проектTilføj et andet projektGoogle TranslatedFügen Sie ein weiteres Projekt hinzuAñadir otro proyectoاضافه کردن یکی دیگر از پروژهGoogle TranslatedLisää toinen projektiAjouter un autre projetהוסף פרוייקט נוסףÚjabb projekt hozzáadásaAggiungere un altro progettoGoogle TranslatedVoeg nog een project toeDodaj kolejny projektOne more will doДобавить еще один проектThêm dự án khác加入其他專案
IMPORT_DRAG_DROPIn the File menu, if you click "Multi-Project Import", a modal appears. This is a button is at the bottom of the import table.Drag & DropВлачене & ПусканеTræk og slipGoogle TranslatedDrag & DropArrastrar y Soltarکشیدن و رها کردنGoogle TranslatedVedä ja pudotaGlisser déposerגרור ושחררFogd és viddTrascinare e RilasciareGoogle TranslatedSleep hier naartoePrzeciągnij i upuśćToss it on the pileПеретаскиваниеGoogle TranslatedKéo & Thả拖放
IMPORT_HEADERIn the File menu, if you click "Multi-Project Import", a modal appears. In the header of it this is displayed.{{0}} Selected Projects{{0}} Избрани Проекти{{0}} Udvalgte ProjekterGoogle Translated{{0}} ausgewählte Projekte{{0}} Proyectos seleccionados{{0}} پروژه انتخاب شدهGoogle Translated{{0}} Valittua projektia{{0}} Projets Sélectionnés{{0}} פרוייקטים מסומנים{{0}} kiválasztott projekt{{0}} progetti selezionatiGoogle Translated{{0}} Geselecteerde ProjectenLiczba wybranych projektów: {{0}}Pickin' bout {{0}} projects{{0}} Отдельные проектыGoogle Translated{{0}} dự án được chọn{{0}} 個選取專案
IMPORT_INPUTIn the File menu, if you click "Multi-Project Import", a modal appears. In the table header this is displayed.Input (Sass)Входящ (Sass)Input (Sass)Google TranslatedEingang (Sass)Entrada (Sass)ورودی (Sass)Google TranslatedSisääntuloEntrée (Sass)קלט (Sass)Bemenet (Sass)Ingresso (Sass)Google TranslatedInvoer (Sass)Plik wejściowy (Sass)Input (Sass)Вход (Sass)Đầu vào (Sass)輸入 (Sass)
IMPORT_OUTPUTIn the File menu, if you click "Multi-Project Import", a modal appears. In the table header this is displayed.Output (CSS)Изходящ (CSS)Output (CSS)Google TranslatedAusgabe (CSS)Salida (CSS)خروجی (CSS)Google TranslatedUlostuloSortie (CSS)פלט (CSS)Kimenet (CSS)Uscita (CSS)Google TranslatedUitvoer (CSS)Plik wyjściowy (CSS)Output (CSS)Вывод (CSS)Đầu ra (CSS)輸出 (CSS)
IMPORT_PROJECT_NAMEIn the File menu, if you click "Multi-Project Import", a modal appears. In the table header this is displayed.Project NameИме на проектаProjekt NavnGoogle TranslatedProjektnameNombre del proyectoنام پروژهGoogle TranslatedProjektin nimiNom du Projetשם הפרוייקטProjekt neveNome del ProgettoGoogle TranslatedProject NaamNazwa projektuProject Nameназвание проектаTên dự án專案名稱
IMPORT_PROJECTSWhen the user has no projects, we display a list of suggested projects to import. This is the title for the section that contains the suggested projects.Import ProjectsИмпортни проектиIndlæs projekterProjekte importierenImportar Proyectosپروژه های وارداتGoogle TranslatedTuo projektejaImporter des Projetsייבא פרוייקטיםProjekt importálásaImporta progettiImporteer ProjectenImportuj projektyBring Your Own Projectsимпортировать проектыNhập khẩu dự án匯入專案
INPUT_FOLDERIn the project settings view, this is the label for the input field where the user sets their project's Sass folderInput Folder:Входяща папкаInput mappe:Eingabeordner:Carpeta de Entrada:پوشه ورودی:Google TranslatedSisääntulokansioDossier d'entrée:תקיית קלטBemeneti mappa:Cartella di origine:InvoermapFolder wejściowy:Input Folder:папка вводаĐầu vào (Sass):輸入資料夾:
LANG_BGIn the preferences modal, options for language choices.Bulgarian (български)Български Bulgarsk (български)Google TranslatedBulgarisch (български)Búlgaro (български)Google Translatedبلغاری (български)Google TranslatedBulgarialainen (български)Google TranslatedBulgare (български)בולגרי (български)Google TranslatedBolgár (български)OKBulgaro (български)Google TranslatedBulgaars (български)Bułgarski (български)Google TranslatedBulgarian (български) - Like from Star Trek?Google Translatedболгарский (български)Google TranslatedTiếng Bulgaria (български)Google Translated保加利亞語 (български)Google Translated
LANG_DAIn the preferences modal, options for language choices.Danish (Dansk)Датски (Dansk)DanskDänisch (Dansk)Danés (Dansk) دانمارکی (Dansk)Google TranslatedTanska (Dansk)Danois (Dansk)דנית (Dansk)Dán (Dansk)Danese (Dansk)Deens (Dansk)Duński (Dansk)Danish (Dansk) - good dessertsДатский (Dansk)Tiếng Đan Mạch (Dansk)丹麥語 (Dansk)
LANG_DEIn the preferences modal, options for language choices.German (Deutsch)Немски (Deutsch)Tysk (Deutsch)Google TranslatedDeutschAlemán (Deutsch)آلمانی (Deutsch)Google TranslatedSaksa (Deutsch)Allemand (Deutsch)גרמנית (Deutsch)Német (Deutsch)Tedesco (Deutsch)Google TranslatedDuits (Deutsch)Niemiecki (Deutsch)German (Deutsch) - Hamburger Land!Немецкий (Deutsch)Tiếng Đức (Deutsch)德語 (Deutsch)
LANG_ENIn the preferences modal, options for language choices.EnglishАнглийски (English)Engelsk (English)Englisch (English)Inglés (English) انگلیسی (English)Google TranslatedEnglanti (English)Anglais (English)אנגלית (English)Angol (English)Inglese (English)Engels (English)Angielski (English)EnglishAнглийский (English)Tiếng Anh (English)英文 (English)
LANG_ESIn the preferences modal, options for language choices.Spanish (Español)Испански (Español)Spansk (Español)Google TranslatedSpanisch (Español)Españolاسپانیایی (Español)Google TranslatedEspanja (Español)Espagnol (Español)ספרדית (Español)Spanyol (Español)Spagnolo (Español)Google TranslatedSpaans (Español)Hiszpański (Español)Spanish (Español) - Drywall buddiesИспанский (Español)Tiếng Tây Ban Nha (Español)西班牙語 (Español)
LANG_FAIn the preferences modal, options for language choices.(فارسی) Persian(فارسی) Персийски(فارسی) PersiskGoogle Translated(فارسی) Persisch(فارسی) PersaفارسیGoogle Translated(فارسی) Persia(فارسی) Persan(فارسی) פרסית(فارسی) Fárszi(فارسی) PersianoGoogle Translated(فارسی) Perzisch(فارسی) Perski Persian (فارسی) - My ex's cat was Persian (فارسی) Персидский(فارسی) Tiếng Ba Tư (فارسی) 波斯語
LANG_FIIn the preferences modal, options for language choices.Finnish (Suomen)Финладски (Suomen)Finsk (Suomen)Google TranslatedFinnisch (Suomen)Finlandés (Suomen)Google Translatedفنلاندی (Suomen)Google TranslatedSuomenGoogle TranslatedFinlandais (Suomen)פִינִית (Suomen)Google TranslatedFinn (Suomen)OKFinlandese (Suomen)Google TranslatedFins (Suomen)Fiński (Suomen)Finnish (Suomen) - Never heard of itФинский (Suomen)Google TranslatedTiếng Phần lan (Suomen)Google Translated芬蘭 (Suomen)Google Translated
LANG_FRIn the preferences modal, options for language choices.French (Français)Френски (Français)Fransk (Français)Französisch (Français)Francés (Français)فرانسوی (Français)Google TranslatedRanska (Français)Françaisצרפתית (Français)Francia (Français)Francese (Français)Frans (Français)Francuski (Français)French (Français) - pansiesФранцузский (Français)Tiếng Pháp (Français)法語 (Français)
LANG_HEIn the preferences modal, options for language choices.(עִברִית) Hebrew(עִברִית) Иврит(עִברִית) HebrewGoogle Translated(עִברִית) Hebräisch(עִברִית) HebreoGoogle Translatedعبری (עִברִית)(עִברִית) Hebrew(עִברִית) Heprea(עִברִית) HébreuעִברִיתGoogle Translated(עִברִית) Héber(עִברִית) EbraicoGoogle Translated(עִברִית) Hebreeuws(עִברִית) HebrajskiHebrew (עִברִית) - funny little hats(עִברִית) ИвритGoogle Translated(עִברִית) Tiếng Do Thái (עִברִית) 希伯來語Google Translated
LANG_HUIn the preferences modal, options for language choices.Hungarian (Magyar)Унгарски (Magyar)Ungarsk (Magyar)Google TranslatedUngarisch (Magyar)Húngaro (Magyar)مجارستانی (Magyar)Google TranslatedUnkari (Magyar)Hongrois (Magyar)הונגרית (Magyar)MagyarUngherese (Magyar)Google TranslatedHongaars (Magyar)Węgierski (Magyar)Hungarian (Magyar) - HungryВенгерский (Magyar)Tiếng Hungary (Magyar)匈牙利語 (Magyar)
LANG_ITIn the preferences modal, options for language choices.Italian (Italiano)Италиански (Italiano)Italiensk (Italiano)Google TranslatedItalienisch (Italiano)Italiano (Italiano)ایتالیایی (Italiano)Google TranslatedItalia (Italiano)Italien (Italiano)איטלקית (Italiano)Olasz (Italiano)ItalianoItaliaans (Italiano)Włoski (Italiano)Italian (Italiano) - Pizza Land!Итальянский (Italiano)Tiếng Ý (Italiano)義大利語 (Italiano)
LANG_NLIn the preferences modal, options for language choices.Dutch (Nederlands)Нидерландски (Nederlands)Hollandsk (Nederlands)Niederländisch (Nederlands)Holandés (Nederlands)هلندی (Nederlands)Google TranslatedAlankomaat (Nederlands)Néerlandaise (Nederlands)הולנדית (Nederlands)Holland (Nederlands)Olandese (Nederlands)NederlandsHolenderski (Nederlands)Dutch (Nederlands) - what?Голландский (Nederlands)Tiếng Hà Lan (Nederlands)荷蘭語 (Nederlands)
LANG_PLIn the preferences modal, options for language choices.Polish (Polski)Полски (Polski)Polere (Polski)Google TranslatedPolnisch (Polski)Polaco (Polski)Google Translatedلهستانی (Polski)Google TranslatedKiillottaa (Polski)Google TranslatedPolonais (Polski)פולני (Polski)Google TranslatedLengyel (Polski)OKPolacco (Polski)Google TranslatedPools (Polski)PolskiPolish (Polski) - Good HotdogsПольский (Polski)Google TranslatedTiếng Ba lan (Polski)Google Translated拋光 (Polski)Google Translated
LANG_RKIn the preferences modal, options for language choices.Redneck (Real America)Американски селяндур (Redneck)Google TranslatedAmerikansk Bondeknold (Redneck)Google TranslatedRedneck (Real America)Campesino Sureño (Real America)دهاتی آمریکا (Real America)Google TranslatedPunaniska (Real America)Rustre Américain (Redneck)אנגלית אמריקאית (Real America)Translated into 'American English'Paraszt Amcsi (Redneck)Americano Campagnolo (Redneck)Google TranslatedAmerikaanse Boerenpummel (Redneck)Południowo-amerykański (Redneck)Real Americaдеревенский Американский (Redneck)Tiếng Mỹ đời thường (Redneck)美國粗話 (Redneck)
LANG_RUIn the preferences modal, options for language choices.Russian (русский)Руски (русский)Russisk (русский)Russisch (русский)Ruso (русский)روسی (русский)Google TranslatedVenäjä (русский)Russe (русский)רוסית (русский)Orosz (русский)Russo (русский)Russisch (русский)Rosyjski (русский)Russian (русский) - hot wivesРусскийTiếng Nga (русский)俄語 (русский)
LANG_VIIn the preferences modal, options for language choices.Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt)Виетнамски (Tiếng Việt)Vietnamesisk (Tiếng Việt)Google TranslatedVietnamesisch (Tiếng Việt)Vietnamita (Tiếng Việt)(Tiếng Việt) ویتنامیGoogle TranslatedVietnami (Tiếng Việt)Vietnamien (Tiếng Việt)ויאטנמית (Tiếng Việt)Vietnami (Tiếng Việt)Vietnamita (Tiếng Việt)Google TranslatedVietnamees (Tiếng Việt)Wietnamski (Tiếng Việt)Nam (Tiếng Việt) - CharlieВьетнамский (Tiếng Việt)Tiếng Việt越南語 (Tiếng Việt)
LANG_ZH-CHTIn the preferences modal, options for language choices.Chinese Traditional (中文)Традиционен китайски (中文)Traditionelt Kinesisk (中文)Google TranslatedChinesisch Traditional (中文)Chino Tradicional (中文)چینی سنتی (中文)Google TranslatedPerinteinen Kiina (中文)Chinois Traditionnel (中文)סינית מסורתית (中文)Hagyományos kínai (中文)Tradizionale Cinese (中文)Google TranslatedChinees - Traditioneel (中文)Chiński tradycjny (中文)Chinese Traditional (中文) - the best knockoffsКитайский традиционный (中文)Tiếng Trung Quốc truyền thống (中文)繁體中文 (Traditional Chinese)
LANGUAGE_CHOICEIn the preferences modal, this is the label for the language dropdown.Language:Език:Sprog:Sprache:Idioma:زبان:Google TranslatedKieli:Langue:שפה:Nyelv:Lingua:Taal:Wybór języka:Language:Выбор языковNgôn ngữ:選擇語言:
LATEST_VERSIONIn the About modal, after the user checks for updates, if there is no newer version available this is displayed.You have the latest version of Scout-App.Вие използвате последната версия на Scout-App.Du har den seneste version af Scout-AppSie haben die neueste Version der Scout-App.Tiene la última versión de Scout-App.شما باید آخرین نسخه از پیشآهنگی برنامه.Google TranslatedSinulla on uusin versio Scout-AppistaVous avez la dernière version de Scout-App.הגרסה העדכנית ביותר של Scout-App מותקנת.A Scout-App legújabb verziója.Stai usando l'ultima versione di Scout-App.Je hebt de nieuwste versie van de Scout-AppMasz najnowszą wersję Scout-App!Relax man, you have the latest version.У вас есть последняя версия Cкаут-AппaBạn đang sử dụng phiên bản mới nhất.你的 Scout-App 已經是最新版本
LISTING_OF_PROJECTSThis is a label for the side bar for those who are visually impaired.Listing of projectsСписък на проектиLister alle projekterListe der ProjekteListado de proyectosلیست پروژه هایGoogle TranslatedListataan projektejaListe des projetsרשימת פרוייקטיםProjektek listájaLista dei progettiProject LijstLista projektówA whole mess of projectsПеречисление проектовLiệt kê các dự án專案列表
MESSAGES_DESKTOPIn the preferences, checkbox allowing you to set if messages or alerts pop up a desktop notification.Desktop NotificationИзвестия в Работен плотSkrivebordsunderretningerGoogle TranslatedDesktop-BenachrichtigungNotificación de Escritorioهشدار از طریق دسکتاپGoogle TranslatedTyöpöytäilmoituksetNotification de Bureauעדכונים בשולחן העבודהAsztali értesítésekNotifiche desktop.Bureaublad MeldingenWyświetlaj w powiadomieniach systemowychPop up thingersОбои для рабочего уведомленияGoogle TranslatedThông báo trên màn hình桌面通知
MESSAGES_IN_APPIn the preferences, checkbox allowing you to set if messages or alerts are displayed inside of Scout-App.In AppВ приложениетоI AppGoogle TranslatedIn der AnwendungEn Appدر نرم افزارGoogle TranslatedSovelluksen sisälläDans l'applicationבאפליקציהAz alkalmazásbanNell'AppIn AppWyświetlaj w aplikacjiIn AppCould be betterВ приложенииhere, prilozheniya the second word, could, informally be replaced with the russified word Application, apliikatsaya, but it's mostly a question of style and ~correctness vs vernacular~ so since you use priilozheniya here we will continue to use itTrong ứng dụng程式內通知
MESSAGES_SOUNDIn the preferences, checkbox allowing you to set if messages or alerts play a sound when they occur.Play SoundВъзпроизвеждане на звукAfspil lydGoogle TranslatedTon abspielenReproducir Sonidoپخش صداGoogle TranslatedToista äänimerkkiJouer un sonנגן צלילHangjelzésNotifica con suonoGeluid afspelenOdtwarzaj dźwiękAir hornвоспроизведение аудиоGoogle TranslatedPhát âm thanh撥放音效
MESSAGES_TITLE_ERRORIn the preferences, this is the label above the error message choices.Error MessagesСъобщения за грешкаFejlmeddelelserGoogle TranslatedFehlermeldungenMensajes de Errorپیغام خطاGoogle TranslatedVirheilmoituksetMessages d'erreurהודעות שגיאהHibaüzenetekMessaggi d'erroreFoutmeldingenKomunikaty o błędachFubar'd that oneСообщения об ошибкахBáo lỗi錯誤訊息
MESSAGES_TITLE_SUCCESSIn the preferences, this is the label above the success message choices.Success MessagesСъобщения за успехSucces BeskederGoogle TranslatedErfolgsmeldungenMensajes de Éxitoپیام های موفقیتGoogle TranslatedOnnistumisviestitMessages de succèsהודעות הצלחהTeljesítési üzenetekMessaggi di confermaSucces BerichtenInformacje o poprawnym skompilowaniuBlue RibbonСообщения успехаBáo thành công成功訊息
MILLISECONDS_SHORTWhen Scout-App successfully processes Sass files to CSS we output a message. When the user hovers over the message it states 'Project Name | Processed in 224 ms'msмсmsmsmsمیلی ثانیهGoogle Translatedmsmsmsmsmsmsmsmsmsmili giây毫秒
MISSING_DATAIn the sidebar. A project cannot be run if it is missing an input or output folder. So we display an icon and this hover text as an explanation.Missing input or output folder.Липсваща входяща или изходяща папка.Mangler input eller output mappe.Fehlender Eingabe- oder Ausgabeordner.Ausencia de carpeta de entrada o salidaفقدان ورودی و یا پوشه خروجی.Google TranslatedPuuttuva sisään- tai ulostulokansio.Entrée ou le dossier de sortie manquant.תיקיית הקלט או הפלט לא נמצאהHiányzó bemeneti, vagy kimeneti mappa.Cartella di origine o di destinazione mancanteJe mist een invoermap of een uitvoermapNieokreślono folderu wejściowego i/lub wyjściowego w projekcie!There ain't no damn input or output folder!папка вход или выход отсутствуетThiếu thư mục đầu vào hoặc đầu ra.找不到輸入或輸出資料夾
MULTI_IMPORT_BUTTONIn the File menu, if you click "Multi-Project Import", a modal appears. This button is at the bottom.Import {{0}} ProjectsИмпортни {{0}} проектаImporter {{0}} ProjekterGoogle TranslatedImportieren Sie {{0}} ProjekteImportar {{0}} Proyectosواردات {{0}} پروژهGoogle TranslatedTuo {{0}} projektiaImporter {{0}} Projetsייבא {{0}} פרוייקטים{{0}} projekt importálásaImporta {{0}} progettiGoogle TranslatedImporteer {{0}} ProjectenLiczba zaimportowanych projektów: {{0}}{{0}} Projects, let's rollИмпорт {{0}} проектовGoogle TranslatedNhập {{0}} dự án匯入 {{0}} 個專案
MULTIPROJECT_IMPORTUnder 'File' in the nav bar, this is an option. It opens a modal to import multiple projects at once.Multi-Project ImportИмпортни няколко проектаImporter Flere ProjekterGoogle TranslatedMehrprojektimportImportación de Múltiples Proyectosواردات چند پروژهGoogle TranslatedMonen projektin tuontiImportation de Multi-Projetייבוא מספר פרוייקטיםProjektek importálásaImporta Progetto MultiplaGoogle TranslatedImporteer meerdere projectenImportuj wiele projektówPull in a buncha projectsИмпорт нескольких проектовGoogle TranslatedNhập dự án hàng loạt匯入多個專案
NEW_PROJECTUnder 'File' in the nav bar, this is an option. It lets the user browse for a project folder to add to Scout-App.New ProjectНов проектNyt projektNeues ProjektNuevo Proyectoپروژه جدیدGoogle TranslatedUusi projektiNouveau Projetפרוייקט חדשÚj projektNuovo processoNieuw ProjectNowy projektStart a whole new projectновый проектDự án mới新增專案
NO_SASS_FILESWhen the user runs a project, but its input folder doesn't have any Sass files that can be processed, this error message is displayed.This project's input folder contains no Sass files that can be processed.Тази папка на проекта не съдържа Sass файлове, които могат да се обработят.Dette projekt input mappe indeholder ingen Sass filer, der kan behandles.Google TranslatedDer Eingabeordner dieses Projekts enthält keine Sass-Dateien, die verarbeitet werden können.La carpeta de entrada de este proyecto no contiene archivos Sass que se pueden procesar.پوشه ورودی این پروژه شامل هیچ فایل بی احترامی صحبت کردن است که می تواند پردازش شده است.Google TranslatedTämän projektin sisääntulokansiossa ei ole Sass-tiedostoja prosessoitavaksi.Le dossier d'entrée de ce projet ne contient aucun fichier Sass pouvant être traité.בתיקיית הקלט של הפרוייקט הזה לא קיימים קבצי Sass שניתן לעבד.A projekt bemeneti mappájában nem találhatók sass fájlok.Cartella di input di questo progetto non contiene file Sass che possono essere elaborati.Google TranslatedDe invoermap van dit project bevat geen Sass bestanden die verwerkt kunnen worden.Ten folder wejściowy nie zawiera żadnych plików Sass, które można skompilować.Ya done goofed. You ain't got no files in your input folder.Папка ввода данного проекта не содержит файлов Sass, которые могут быть обработаны.Thư mục đầu vào của dự án này không chứa tệp Sass mà có thể xử lý được.專案中的輸入資料夾找不到任何 Sass 檔案
NOTIFICATIONS_CHOICEIn the preferences modal, this is the label above the notification settings.NotificationsИзвестияUnderretningerGoogle TranslatedBenachrichtigungenNotificacionesاطلاعیهGoogle TranslatedIlmoituksetNotificationsהתראותÉrtesítésekNotificheMeldingenPowiadomieniaSquawkin' and carryin' onУведомленияThông báo通知
OUTPUT_COMPACTIn the project settings view, there is a setting for the level of compression for the outputted CSS. This is one of the options.CompactКомпактенKompaktKompaktCompactoجمع و جورGoogle TranslatedKompaktiCompactקומפקטיותKompaktCompattoCompactKompaktowyMake It SmallкомпактныйGọn gàng簡潔
OUTPUT_COMPRESSEDIn the project settings view, there is a setting for the level of compression for the outputted CSS. This is one of the options.CompressedКомпресиранKomprimeretKomprimiertComprimidoفشردهGoogle TranslatedKompressoituCompresséדחיסהTömörítettCompressoGecomprimeerdSkompresowanyCompress it tooСжатыйNén壓縮
OUTPUT_EXPANDEDIn the project settings view, there is a setting for the level of compression for the outputted CSS. This is one of the options.ExpandedРазширенExpanded?ErweitertExpandidoمنبسطGoogle TranslatedLaajennettuÉtenduהרחבהKiterjesztettEspansoOr: Verboso.UitgebreidRozszerzonyMake it biggerрасширенныйMở rộng擴展
OUTPUT_FOLDERIn the project settings view, this is the label for the input field where the user sets their project's CSS folderOutput Folder:Изходяща папка:Output mappe:Ausgabeordner:Carpeta de Salida:پوشه خروجی:Google TranslatedUlostulokansioDossier de Sortie:תיקיית פלט:Kimeneti mappa:Cartella di destinazione:UitvoermapFolder wyjściowy:Output Folder:папка выводаĐầu ra (CSS):輸出資料夾:
OUTPUT_NESTEDIn the project settings view, there is a setting for the level of compression for the outputted CSS. This is one of the options.NestedВместениNested?VerschachteltAnidadoتو در توGoogle TranslatedSisäkkäinenImbriquéקינוןBeágyazottAnnidatoGenesteldZagnieżdżonyNestedвложенныеLồng nhau嵌套
OUTPUT_STYLEIn the project settings view, there is a dropdown to pick the level of compression to use for outputted CSS files. This is the first option and the hover text.Output StyleИзходящ стилOutput stilAusgabetypEstilo de Salidaگزینه خروجیGoogle TranslatedUlostuonnin tyyliStyle de Sortieסגנון פלטA kimeneti CSS fájl stílusaStile del codice prodottoOutput is also understandable, you can use Stile dell'output insteadUitvoer StijlRodzaj wyjściowego arkusza CSS:Output Styleстиль выводаKiểu đầu ra輸出類型
OUTPUT_WARNINGIn the project settings view. This is a warning message displayed when the user's input and output folders match or the output is a subfolder of the input.Output can't match or be a subfolder of input.Изходящата папка не може да съвпада или да бъде подпапка на входящата.Output kan ikke være samme eller undermappe til input.Ausgabeordner darf nicht mit dem Eingabeordner übereinstimmen oder ein Unterordner von diesem sein.La salida no puede coincidir o ser una subcarpeta de entrada.خروجی نمی تواند مسابقه و یا یک زیر پوشه از ورودی.Google TranslatedUlostulo ei voi vastata tai olla sisääntulokansion alikansioLa sortie peut ne pas correspondre ou être un sous-dossier de l'entrée.תיקיית הפלט אינה יכולה להיות תיקיית הקלט או תיקייה תחתיה.A kimeneti hely nem megfelelő, vagy a bemenet egy almappája.La cartella di destinazione e di origine devono essere cartelle separate, non possono essere nè la stessa, nè essere sottocartelle.Uitvoermap kan niet hetzelfde zijn of een submap zijn van de invoermapWyjściowy arkusz CSS nie może znajdować się w folderze wejściowym!Output can't match or be a subfolder of input.Выход не может совпадать или быть вложенной B ввода.Đầu vào không hợp lệ hoặc là thư mục con của đầu ra.輸出不能和輸入使用同一資料夾或是其子資料夾
PREFERENCESIn the File menu of the Nav Bar. This is a menu item that will show the Preferences modal if clicked.PreferencesНастройкиIndstillingerEinstellungenPreferenciasتنظیماتGoogle TranslatedAsetuksetPréférencesהעדפותBeállításokPreferenzeInstellingenActually means 'settings', preferences translates to 'voorkeuren'. they are both used a lot on softwareUstawieniaPreferencesпредпочтенияTùy chọn偏好設定
PROCESSED_IN_DURATIONWhen Scout-App successfully processes Sass files to CSS we output a message. When the user hovers over the message it states 'Project Name | Processed in 224 ms'Processed in {{duration}}Обработени в {{duration}} Behandlet på {{duration}}Verarbeitung in {{duration}}Procesado en {{duration}}پردازش در {{duration}}Google TranslatedProsessoitiin {{duration}}Transformé en {{duration}}העיבוד לקח {{duration}}{{duration}} alatt feldolgozvaProcessato in {{duration}}Verwerkt binnen {{duration}}changed to "binnen" from "in" since "in"refers to a location in this context.Skompilowano w czasie: {{duration}}Processed in {{duration}}Переработанные в {{duration}}Xử lý trong {{duration}}處理時間: {{duration}}
PRODUCTIONIn the project settings view, under the Enivornment section the user can select either 'Development' or 'Production'. Which effects how their CSS will be outputted. Either with Sass mapping and line comments or without.ProductionПроизводствоProduktionProduktionProducciónتولیدGoogle TranslatedTuotantoProductionמבצעיProdukciósProduzioneProductieProdukcyjneProductionпроизводствоThực tế上線
PROJECT_CONTROLSIn the sidebar this is hidden text used for those who are visually impaired. It references the buttons below the listing of projectsProject ControlsКонтроли на проектаProjekt knapperProjektsteuerungControles del Proyectoکنترل پروژهGoogle TranslatedProjektin hallintanapitContrôle de Projetsכפתוריי פרוייקטProjekt vezérlőkControlli del progettoProject besturingZarządzanie projektemProject ControlsРегуляторы проектаProject Controls專案控制
PROJECT_ICONIn the project settings view, this is the alternative text for the project's icon for those who are visually impaired.Project IconИконка на проектаProjekt ikonProjekt-IconIcono del Proyectoنماد پروژهGoogle TranslatedProjektin ikoniIcône du Projetסמל הפרוייקטProjekt ikonIcona del progettoProject IcoonIkona projektuProject IconИконка для проектаProject Icon專案圖示
SCOUTAPP_LOGOThis is alternative text for the logo in the top left of the app for those using screen readers.Scout-App LogoScout-App LogoScout-App logoScout-App-LogoLogo de Scout-Appلوگو پیشآهنگی برنامهGoogle TranslatedScout-Appin logoScout-App Logoלוגו של Scout-AppScout-App logóLogo di Scout-AppScout-App LogoLogo Scout-AppScout-App LogoCкаут-Aпп логотипScout-App LogoScout-App Logo
SECONDSWhen Scout-App successfully processes Sass files to CSS we output a message. When you hover over the message it states 'Project Name | Processed in 1.2 seconds' if it takes longer than 500 miliseconds.secondsсекундиsekunderSekundensegundosدومینGoogle TranslatedsekuntiasecondesשניותmásodpercsecondiSecondensekund(y)secondsсекундgiây
SELECT_DESELECT_ALLOn the Multi-Project Import modal, the top most checkmark has this assistive text for the visually impaired.Select/Deselect AllИзбор на всичкоVælg/Fravælg alleGoogle TranslatedAlles auswählen/abwählenSeleccionar/Deseleccionar todoانتخاب/عدم انتخاب همهGoogle TranslatedValitse kaikki / Poista valinta kaikestaSélectionner/Désélectionner toutבחר הכל\בטל את כל הבחירהMind kijelölése / Kijelölések törléseSelezionare/deselezionare tuttiGoogle TranslatedSelecteer/Deselecteer allesZaznacz/Odznacz wszystkieCheck or uncheck everythingВыбрать/Отменить всеChọn/Bỏ chọn tất cả全選/全不選
SELECT_GROUP_FOLDERWhen your first run Scout-App, or when there are no projects imported, we show this helper text under the "Add Group of Projects" the group folderизбери група папкиvælge gruppen mappeGoogle Translatedwählen Sie den Gruppenordnerseleccione la carpeta del grupoپوشه گروه را انتخاب کنیدGoogle Translatedvalitse ryhmäkansiosélectionnez le groupe de projetsבחר את תיקיית הקבוצהcsoportos mappa kiválasztásselezionare la cartella di gruppoGoogle TranslatedEen verzameling van projecten toevoegenWybierz grupę folderów, w których znajdują się już utworzone projekty pick out your group folderвыберите папку группыchọn nhiều thư mục選擇專案群組資料夾
SELECT_PROJECT_FOLDERWhen your first run Scout-App, or when there are no projects imported, we show this helper text under the "Add a Project" a project folderизбери папка на проектаvælg et projekt mappeGoogle Translatedwählen Sie einen Projektordnerseleccione una carpeta de proyectoیک پوشه پروژه را انتخاب کنیدGoogle TranslatedValitse projektikansiosélectionnez un dossier comme projetבחר את תיקיית הפרוייקטprojekt mappa kiválasztásaselezionare una cartella di progettoGoogle Translatedselecteer een project mapDodaj folder, w którym znajduje się już utworzony projektwhere's your project?выберите папку проектаchọn một thư mục選擇專案資料夾
SERVER_DOWNIn the About modal, after the user checks for updates, if there is no response, display this error.Unable to reach update server. Try again later.Не може да се свърже със сървъра за акуализации. Опитайте отново по-късно.Opdateringsserver ikke tilgængelig. Prøv igen senere. Aktualisierungsserver nicht erreichbar. Versuchen Sie es später noch einmal.No se ha podido conectar con el servidor de actualización. Inténtelo de nuevo más tarde.قادر به رسیدن به سرور به روز رسانی. بعدا دوباره تلاش کنید.Google TranslatedPäivityspalvelin ei tavoitettavissa. Yritä myöhemmin uudestaan.Impossible d'accéder au serveur de mise à jour. Réessayez plus tard.לא ניתן לגשת לשרת העדכונים. נסה שוב מאוחר יותר.Nem sikerült elérni a frissítési szervert! Próbálja meg később.Imossibile raggiungere il server degli aggiornamenti, riprova più tardi.Niet in staat om de update server te berijken. Probeer het later nogmaals.Nie można połączyć się z serwerem aktualizacji. Spróbuj późniejServer's dead. Try again some other time.Невозможно получить доступ к серверу обновлений. Повторите попытку позже.Không thể kết nối đến máy chủ. Hãy thử lại sau.無法連結更新伺服器. 稍候再試
SHOWIn the right-click menu of the Tray Icon to show and hide the application's window.ShowПокажиAt viseGoogle TranslatedAnzeigenEspectáculoGoogle TranslatedنمایشGoogle TranslatedNäytäMontrerהצגMegjelenítésMostrareGoogle TranslatedWeergevenPokaż Scout-AppC'mon out nowПоказатьGoogle TranslatedHiện显示Google Translated
STATUSIn the View menu of the Nav Bar. This is a menu item that will display the 'Status of all Projects' screen if clicked.StatusСтатусStatus?StatusEstadoوضعیتGoogle TranslatedStatusStatutמצבStátuszStatoStatusStatusWhat's going on now?статусTrạng thái狀態
STATUS_OF_ALL_PROJECTSThis is the title of the 'Status of all Projects' screen, and is also used in the sidebar. This section displays all alerts and messages of projects that have been ran.Status of all ProjectsСтатус на всички проектиStatus på alle projekterStatus aller ProjekteEstado de todos los Proyectosوضعیت تمام پروژهGoogle TranslatedKaikkien projektien statusStatut de tous les projetsמצב כל הפרוייקטיםProjektek állapotaiStato dei progettiStatus van alle projectenStatus wszystkich projektówHow's everything going right now?статус всех проектовTrạng thái của tất cả dự án專案狀態
STYLESHEET_CHOICEIn the Preferences modal. This is a label for the theme dropdown that lets the user change the visual look of Scout-App.Theme:ТемаTema:Thema:Tema:سبک:Google TranslatedTeema:Style Visuel:ערכת נושא:Téma:Tema:Thema/StijlMotyw:Theme:визуальная темаGiao diện:佈景主題:
STYLESHEET_DIRECTORIESIn the project settings view. This is a section heading that controls the way/format the user's CSS will be outputted.Stylesheet DirectoriesДиректории със стиловеStylesheet mapperStylesheet VerzeichnisseDirectorios de Hojas de Estiloشیوه راهنماهاGoogle TranslatedTyylitiedostojen kansiotRépertoires des Feuilles de Styleתיקיות דפי העיצובStíluslap könyvtárakCartelle degli stiliMappen met StylesheetsLokalizacja arkuszy styli CSSStylesheet DirectoriesКаталог стилейThư mục Stylesheet樣式表位置
TOGGLE_NAVIGATIONWhen you resize Scout-App to be smaller the nav bar hides. This is hidden text for those with visual impairments.Toggle navigationПокажи менютоOmskift navigationNavigation umschaltenCambiar modo de navegaciónسوئیچ ناوبریGoogle TranslatedAvaa / Piilota navigaatioBasculer la Navigationהחלף מצב ניווטLenyíló navigációCambia navigazioneOpen/Sluit NavigatiePokaż/Ukryj menuShow/Hide Navigationпереключить навигациюToggle navigation顯示/隱藏導覽列
TRANSLATED_BYIn the Preferences modal. This is displayed under the Language dropdown and is followed by a the name of whoever translated that language.Translated by:Преведен от:Oversat af:Übersetzt von:Traducido por:ترجمه شده توسط:Google TranslatedKääntäjä:Traduit par:תורגם על ידי:Fordította:Tradotto da:Vertaald door:Przetłumaczone przez:Translated by:Переведено:Được dịch bởi:翻譯:
TRANSLATORWho wrote the translations for Scout-AppThe Jared WilcurtBelkin FahriJohan Holst NielsenTobias DickgreberIreneml.frگوگلGoogle TranslatedSami SinghStephan Raab, ArthurShai ShapiraSomfai Tibor ( )Luca Paco PalombaStephan RaabMateusz "michno" MichnowiczThe Chris LuskDaniel GolantZzbaivongHsin Cheng Lin (Luke)
TRANSLATOR_MEMEThe alt text for the cultural image displayed when Scout-App's language is changed.Hank Hill, from King of the Hill saying "I process Sass, and Sass Mixins"..Hank Hill, fra King of the Hill siger 'I process Sass, and Sass Mixins'.?Fischers Fritze fischt frische Fische, zubereitet mit Sass.Fritze fisherman fishes fresh fish, prepared with Sass.DEMASIADO CSS PUEDE SER LA PEOR DE LAS LOCURAS. VER CSS COMO ES Y NO COMO DEBERÍA SER..Hank Hill Kukkulan Kuninkaasta sanomassa "Prosessoin Sassia ja Sass-mixineitä".Daft Punk, avec leur chanson 'Harder, Better, Faster, SASSer'.CSS אלך, גם תפילה אין לי, CSS בלי עתיד בלי תקווה בלי חלום.Somfai Tibor - Web development is the best game. (A webfejlesztés a legjobb játék.)Tower of Pisa: .italy{ .pisa{ .tower{ font-style:italic } } }Denk je dat mijn Sass bestand te groot is? ...dat is letterlijk een walvisLitografia Mikołaja Reja z napisem "...iż polacy nie gęsi, swego Sassa mają!"Don't Tread On Me flag.Винни-Пух, с текстом 'А почему Сасс существует в этом мире? Для меня, чтобы использовать, по моему так'Sass, đâu đâu cũng Sass 鄙視鏈: Sass, LESS > SMACSS, OOCSS > External, Internal CSS >>> inline CSS
TRANSLATOR_URLThe URL that is opened when you click on the translator's name.,
UPDATE_FOUNDIn the About modal, after the user checks for updates, if a newer version is found, display this message.Update found!Налична е актуализация!Opdatering fundet.Update gefunden!Actualización encontrada!به روز رسانی پیدا نشد!Google TranslatedPäivitys löytynyt!Mise à jour trouvée!נמצא עדכון!Frissítés elérhető!Nuovo aggiornamento!Update Gevonden!Znaleziono aktualizację!I found an update!Обновление найдено!Đã tìm thấy bản cập nhật!有新版本!
VERSIONIn the About modal, this is the hover text for the version number.VersionВерсияVersionVersionVersiónنسخهیGoogle TranslatedVersioVersionגירסאVerzióVersioneVersieWersja:ModelВерсияPhiên bản版本
VIEWUsed in the nav barViewИзгледVisAnsichtVerچشم اندازGoogle TranslatedNäytäVueתצוגהNézetVisalizzazioneWeergaveZobaczLook At ItПосмотреть(jank)Hiển thị檢視
VIEW_LATEST_RELEASEIf check for updates finds a new versionView latest releaseВиж последните версии Vis seneste udgivelsesmeddelelseNeueste Version ansehenVer últimas modificacionesنمایش آخرین نسخهGoogle TranslatedNäytä viimeisin päivitysVoir la dernière versionהצג את העדכון החדש ביותרElőző kiadásokVisualizza l'ultimo rilascioBekijk Nieuwste ReleaseZobacz ostatnią aktualizacjęSee lates modelПосмотреть последний выпуск(jank)Xem phiên bản mới nhất檢視最新版本