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TimestampMy name is:My email is:I would like to volunteer at Prosper becauseI have skills in the following areas:I could offer up to this many hours per week as a volunteer:Would you like to receive our monthly newsletter?Here's my Twitter handle:I speak the following languages:I currently live incontacted?
11/5/2015 17:50:14Alexandra Simmonsarlsimmons88@gmail.comI passionately believe that through collaboration and creative thinking as a collective we can find effective solutions to help ease the refugee crisis.

With a background in Anthropology and four years marketing experience, specialising in social media I would like to contribute my skill set to help work to find these solutions. I'm currently based in London and freelancing so have flexibility in the time I can offer.

I very much look forward to hearing fro you,

11/10/2015 11:28:08Shadi A. Razakshadi.razak@gmail.com1. To ease the suffering of refugees (especially children and families)
2. To bring back faith in humanity
3. Utilise technology to help refugees survive and avoid abuse and harassment
4. Cause I'm Syrian and it make my heart bleed when I see what happened to my country and my people
11/10/2015 18:10:21Lizzie Hodgsonlizziehodg01@gmail.comKeen to share ideas, provide support and create meaningful solutions for refugees in need.
11/10/2015 19:08:12Andrew Baronandrew@humanwire.orgYour site came recommended by Natasha Freidus. I have been deeply involved in understanding the issues for years so I may be able to provide advisory support and recently (last week) launched a tech platform for refugees that is unique. Its a way to provide direct, effective, life-long support for refugees one-to-one. The platform removes the charity organization from the middle to establish a direct connection between an individual and refugee. You can see Cheers, Andrew
11/18/2015 14:56:20Jools Stonejoolsstone@gmail.comI would really love to use my skills for something more meaningful for a change! The refugee crisis strikes me as one of the key issues of our time, and one which inevitably suffers through a lack of public understanding, misinformation and general political axe-grinding. As a freelancer, I really miss collaboration. This project seems like the perfect conduit to kill two birds with the one proverbial (Jools!) Stone.

Previous work includes spearheading the social / online presence of We Are Northern Lights, Scotland's first ever community-driven documentary feature film, made by submissions from 121 ordinary people, many of them first time filmmakers, sharing their hopes, dreams and ideas for a better Scotland.

Other relevant projects include Infinite Scotland, a map-based online repository of Scottish cultural sites and places and the Boy and the Bunnet, an educational animated fringe play, book and music album for children, celebrating Scots language and culture

As a freelance writer, my work covers arts, culture, music, travel and education.

Last year I was the third 'Blogger in Residence' for Brighton Museums and the Royal Pavilion, which again involved community work, as well as social media of course.

I would love an opportunity to speak to you in person about my skills, experience, ideas and the difference I could potentially make.

Please visit my portfolio site to get a flavour of my work:

Thanks for reading!
Jools Stone
11/18/2015 16:15:53Sara Hallsara@s-hall.comI'd love to help in whatever capacity I can. I've been enrolled in Free Code Camp but haven't dedicated myself to a specific cause. I'd love to be a part of creating solutions for this very immediate and pressing problem.
11/19/2015 0:54:13Chris Maynard mrcmaynard@gmail.comHave been brainstorming a solution to the refugee crisis
11/21/2015 21:56:48Jean Lucasjeanleonino@gmail.comI am a thinker and the refugee crisis is a problem I too face.
11/25/2015 18:21:20ed excellent potential. :-)
11/26/2015 10:41:34Hans Lindauerhanslindauer@yahoo.comI've spent time in the field, I understand the needs of volunteers and coordinators very well, and I have a lot of good ideas but need help implementing them. Thanks!
11/27/2015 19:07:41Lars Raaumlars.raaum@gmail.comHi,
I work as product manager for a Norwegian newspaper (, started a similar concept as in Norway (ær-norsk-rundt-middagsbordet-1626833260885681/ ) and have volunteered in the emergency accomodations for asyl-seekers in Norway.

I've also studied migration policy in the EU as a postgrad.

I'm motivated to join, either to help on concrete project or to generate new ideas especially around integration; language, labour market, people meeting each other etc.

Product, UX, statistics/SQL / db, google maps, and rusty html/css/js/php-skills :)
11/30/2015 12:51:35Steve Marshallhello@sjmarshalluk.comI have spent years working for companies that create problems to solve in order to make the rich richer. I wish to at least offset that with helping out on some real issues.
11/30/2015 15:51:28Amanda Levinson
Hi there! I'm also working with Americans for Refugees in Crisis. I'm a digital strategist with a background in human-centered design, research, writing, nonprofit development, and tech4good. I'm based in Philly and would love to get the local tech community engaged.
12/1/2015 0:46:39
Susannah Cunningham
I co-founded the only operating legal aid clinic for refugees in Egypt, which serves and represents (before the UNHCR/US resettlement programs) thousands of Iraqi refugees who fled violence in their country beginning in 2007-2008. Many of those refugees fled Iraq because they were threatened/at extreme risk due to their work with Coalition forces. The current anti-refugee climate (and the House Bill 4038) puts many of my clinic's refugee cases at risk of completely stalling out and leaving these families in excruciating limbo, for possibly years--this can't be, for so so many reasons. I now live in Washington, DC, where I work on issues related to atrocity prevention and US policy, but stay in regular contact with the clinic in Egypt. In DC, I started a working group of concerned former refugee provider professionals, digital activists, policy folk, and journalists. We are interested in linking up with others working on this issue, especially those with digital and video editing experience, but not exclusively. We also want to listen and hear what others are doing as well.
12/1/2015 16:30:38Lilylilyworth@gmail.comHello, just spotted your ad on Wired Sussex. Like so many people I want to do what I can to help. I am already working with a team on an amazing tool mapping NGOs & groups and their current aid and volunteer needs. If there is more I can do as a Digital bod I'm there with bells on - let me know.
12/1/2015 23:19:26Alexandra Berrio
My main passion is community building in conflict scenarios. The majority of my MA research involved internally displaced persons and gender dynamics in the household.
12/2/2015 12:25:15Andrew McCullymccullya@gmail.comGreetings,

I'm presently a full-stack web developer (~13 years tech indusry experience) doing mostly contract work nowadays. I'd be really keen on volunteering in any way I can. I am finishing off a contract Dec 17th, and have yet to confirm a new contract for the New Year, but ideally, I would like to be able to work the contract 4 days a week, and contribute 1 day a work to a cause such as this, or something similar.

I live in central Brighton for what it's worth. It would be great to have a discussion with someone about this if at all possible?


Andrew McCully
12/3/2015 23:49:22Melita Dennett
I saw your information on Wired Sussex and was interested as I am in accord with your political and humanitarian aims. However, I am looking for paid work as I am at capacity with my other volunteering projects.

My detailed experience including training radio reporters on the ground in South Sudan & Nigeria is on my LinkedIn profile, or is available as a document on request.


12/5/2015 11:41:01Marc Lacomemarc@bdiworks.comFrom way back when I learned to programme (a very long time ago) I have felt that web/digital technology had great potential as a life-changer for people in need.
I have always intended to offer my skills to an organisation who can make use of me but until now have never got round to doing it.
Let's have a chat & see what happens.
12/8/2015 18:08:54Ollie Silviottiollie101@gmail.comI've been looking for a good cause I can help out with, and as this all seems to be local (I first heard about the project on Wired Sussex) it makes sense that this is a good place to start
12/9/2015 20:52:17Subramanian Ramvijji
I've been researching a lot about the refugee crises and believe technology can a huge role in solving this problem. Being in India, I only get all the updates through google/ blogs and I feel there is a divide in reaching out to the refugees and understanding their life and needs to come up with a solution.

To talk about me, when I was in college my app was selected as one of top 14 student apps in the world and was invited to present the same at Mobile World Congress 2014. Later that year, I created a product which won the Sequoia hackathon in Bangalore, India. I'm also a scholarship winner at China - Europe International Business School.
12/11/2015 8:32:39Danica M Jurisicdmj.visual@gmail.comRefugee crisis is certainly bringing many issues that can't be ignored. I have to admit that I am personally and emotionally involved due to my own past and experience of a war refugee. I have a waist experience on a life in refuge, I have been engaged in very problematic matters involving integration and education of a persons with refugee status and I would share my knowledge within your team. I have two masters, over ten years of experience in cultural management, art and cinematography, I've started from a position of underage refugee without family, documents, incomes. I would like to help your community, to your project and above all to people who's destiny is so much like mine.
12/15/2015 15:06:41Bob Breznakbob.breznak@gmail.comI've been involved with different volunteer groups in the past and would like to help contribute to impactful projects.
12/15/2015 17:26:10sarah herrsherr@slack-corp.comHi John - I'm not sure if you need this for your Slack for Syria projects, but I'm an employee at Slack and as part of my job perks I get a free standard upgrade for a team. I don't know if you need this, or perhaps already have one, but I would love to gift it to your group if you could use it. The Standard Upgrades are here If you are larger than this or need more, and you are a certified non-profit we might be able to get you a free membership through our Slack for Good program as well. Thank you for what you are doing. Best, Sarah Herr
12/17/2015 17:08:33Jeta Bjetab@me.comI'm a photographer and content strategist and I want to tell stories of both refugee journeys and people/projects supporting them.
12/17/2015 23:12:08Lauralauragosselin2@gmail.comI'd like to contribute any copywriting, social media and any digital marketing efforts you may need. Love this idea!
12/20/2015 11:01:49JDredjade@mailbox.huI am an organiser for W2Hu: Welcome to Hungary (soon)
12/20/2015 11:07:48sybille kambecksk@janefire.dehi there, my name is sybille, i am a communication and strategy designer from germany.

in spring 2015 i started the initiative "" with a small number of qualified profesisonals which is now (apping as "") one of a million apps for refugees whose number increased rapidly in germany during 2015.

i think the idea - to tidy up the internet so people in need of information can actually find something on a clear platform - has created a new "level" of desaster in the net, as you don't know any more in which platform/app to look for help.

i saw your collecting (= level one) platform to all those paltforms/apps (= level two). in my system those collect the single initiatives (level three). this is sort of my point: to build a highly educated system which is easy to use, dynamic and logic.

i would like to contribute to a working and intuitive system of finding help when you are a visitor on a (your?) level one platform. my team doesn't seem to like the vision of connecting all available data under one roof and while doing so letting go of their own work and importance. if you are interested in my and maybe also some team members' contribution as designers and strategists, please contact me, i would be glad to do something beyond the team i can reach.

have a good sunday and christmas time,
sybille (kiel, germany)
12/20/2015 22:59:53margherita pagani
My main fields of expertise are strategy, human centred design and sociology. I'd love to join as I am already leading 2 projects on the refugees crises, both on international level. The projects are called:

-- First Contact: crowdsourcing information on key locations related to the crises, with a special focus on 1) trustworthiness of information and 2) cyber security and identity protection

-- Flythegap: the platform allows to co-create projects and solutions between organisations and their community. We're re-dedicating the platform to the coordination of location aiming to integrate refugees.

I'm extremely interested in the assessment that you're running, I'd love to contribute by mentoring and of course by sharing the information and database of information and projects I've been collecting till now.

Looking forward to hearing from you

12/21/2015 14:54:19Anupma Sudanupmas@gmail.comI am a graduate student at the London School of Economics in the International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies program.

I am writing my dissertation on how technology is being used to support refugees. I am looking at different apps/websites that directly target refugees and help them assimilate in developed countries.

I am connecting with creators of digital services that are being used by refugees as well as refugee organisations. Not much research has been done in this considering it is a new space and I would love to connect with all working in this arena and send out a short questionnaire to get more information about mission and impact.
I also plan to work with a couple organisations and do field research in Germany and the UK over the next few months to collect more data.
12/21/2015 16:17:33Gerru Kloppersgkloppers@gmail.comHallo, I am a South African that has been living in Berlin the last four years. Having traveled to several countries on most continents including the Middle East, I often relied on the kindness of locals, and I feel I am in a good situation to give back.

For the last year I have been studying Data Analysis from home and the last few months I have been looking to join a project where I could develop my skills, gain some experience and do some social good. I have also done some volunteer work (donations and sorting clothes) at Refugee Asylums in my neighbourhood and therefor focusingon trying to find a Refugee related project, but it has been difficult and I have felt that there is a big need for a system such as this project is trying to achieve.

Disciplines that I can contribute to:
Data Cleaning
Data Analysis
Creating reports/graphs/statistics
User Testing

Disciplines that I can assist with/willing to learn:
Architecture (especially data related)
Human-Centered Design

depending on what is required with Ethnography & User Research, I could also assist as I have 3 (soon to be 4) Asylums in my area.

After the holidays I would be able to commit 5-10 hours a week.

Kind Regards,

Gerru Kloppers
12/21/2015 18:05:52Douglas Handford
Following the Brighton meet up, I'd love to get more involved with what you're doing, especially from a marketing point of view.
12/23/2015 12:04:44Kai Brouwerthegotokai@gmail.comI'd like to join because I also feel a strong need to help the refugees. I hear terrible stories about their situation and want to do something about it. I'm co-founder of a little startup called Funbase (, where we empower young adults to reconnect with their inner child and let them indulge in play. So it felt awesome to help out with a project to give refugee children a space to play—in order to start their healing process. We made this website ( and work closely together with the guy behind it (Richard Garcia). Our network isn't that big, so we'd like to connect with people/groups like this. Help each other so we can have a bigger impact.
12/28/2015 22:09:23Catherine Tsiboukascatherine@batdesign.netNatasha Freidus contacted my partner and myself to request that I volunteer for your organisation. My skill sets span Agile Project Management and Web Development and Architecture. My partners skill sets include Ethnography and User Research.

We have worked with migrant associations in Malta. And have setup workshops teaching migrant women to code. I am happy to speak with the team about your current projects and goals to determine if there is anything we might be able to provide assistance with.
1/4/2016 12:58:25Jolle Monvusmonvus@gmail.comI don't know if you're looking for people to help... But I would like to help with finding solutions to political problems. I have knowledge about the European Union, refugee routes, etc.
1/4/2016 20:56:17James Lewislewis.james@gmail.comI have been working on the refugee crisis for some time, on the ground, and tech efforts, and also identified the need for common data standards some time ago. I see John Ellison and co are now working on this, and would be very excited to get involved. I have the tech skills necessary to help develop the schema, and time and personal funding to devote to this.
1/6/2016 14:25:02Fabianfabian.klenk@useeds.deCurrently I am organizing a teamevent for our UX Design and Strategy firm in Berlin that will support refugee initiatives (e.g. Metabrain database). By doing this, I connect with quite a few interesting people here in Berlin. Also, a few weeks ago I was taking part in a meetup here, where they spoke about how to implement a mentoring program. Additionally, one year ago I took over managerial responsibility for 4 other UX Research colleagues. And I would like to improve my skills there, so taking part in your academy as a mentor for other refugee-designers sound like a fantastic task, where I would like to contribute some time to.
So let's discuss. All the best!
1/6/2016 23:04:49Danielle Mullisdanielle.mullis@gmail.comI've designed and developed websites and apps for not for profit organisations for several years now. I'd been following Techfugees and I went along to the conference in December where I met John and found out about Prosper. I don't think any of us (if we've been fortunate) have seen a crisis on this scale before. I want to do something, I know I have skills I can contribute, things to learn and people to meet.
1/8/2016 11:31:48Sylvia Hansliksylviahanslik@hotmail.comI do work in close co-operation along the the balkan route steering information about the refugee crises and support networking among a diversity of countries... (fb account rey rey)
1/17/2016 12:56:18Coragem Disponíve
We are an association working on the field with refugees. Been in Greece once. And will return soon.
Arabic translation, communication professionals, volunteers with many skills.
1/20/2016 19:16:12Daniel
I want to provide education to a diplaced generation of people. Its more complicated than that. Can have greater discourse over the phone.
Electrical Engineering, Linux, Process Engineering
1/21/2016 13:53:26Sara Saheb
I believe by standing together we can address some of the biggest challenges in our communities
Python4YesEnglish and Farsi
1/24/2016 19:29:27Tara
I value the power of volunteering. I have volunteered for ten years in poverty-based groups, but since moving to Europe (I'm an Aussie expat), the refugee crisis has moved me and I'd love to do contribute.
literacy training/English conversational groups (I am an English teacher; I volunteered with welcome-refugee groups back in Australia)
1/27/2016 10:45:26Paul Bé
I'm in Calais since October and I've decided to use my skills in IT for good reasons. I would like to motivate more french volunteers to come.
Web Developement (PHP, JS, CSS, HTML), Reporting (XLS, SQL, ACCESS), Photography
English, French and Spanish
1/27/2016 19:46:33Teija
This world is in flames and it makes me deeply sad to read the news every day. Coming from a wealthy country and having had all the opportunities in life, I feel like it is my responsibility to act and help the refugees in any way I can. My academic background is in development studies and languages, and I currently work in IT sales with a strong emphasis on digital selling.
Social Media & Digital Marketing
English, Finnish, French, Italian
Dublin, Ireland (originally from Finland)
2/1/2016 4:50:28Fatima
after seeing the refugee crisis on the news while sitting at home I've found a way to give a little bit of my time to help those in need under circumstances I am able to.
User experience design
10YesEnglishAuckland, NZ
2/1/2016 7:14:13Manik
I want to try my best to make it possible for someone who has lost everything to keep having hope.
Product Design : Industrial and Web
English, Hindi & Punjabi
Mumbai, India
2/1/2016 15:00:18ed
ive checked and participated in communications and love what ive seen.
sailing , sea safety and some low skill requirement ICT
5Yes@edsurridgeenglishoxford uk
2/1/2016 20:55:52Miki Shamirmikishamir@gmail.comI would love to do something to better the world we live in!!
UX design, systems analysis, database modeling
3YesEnglish and HebrewIsrael
2/2/2016 19:51:11Alex
I come from a European refugee background and am deeply touched by this story. I work in business development in travel and tech and am nicely connected in the San Francisco Bay Area to help educate on the issue and make an impact.
Business development, networks and networking, new business initiatives, user experience, consumer experience, emotion campaigns, video, video editing
English, some Spanish, some Russian
Oakland Ca
2/3/2016 6:54:34Alex
I come from a European refugee background and am deeply touched by this story. I work in business development in travel and tech and am nicely connected in the San Francisco Bay Area to help educate on the issue and make an impact.
Business development, networks and networking, new business initiatives, user experience, consumer experience, emotion campaigns, video, video editing
English, some Spanish, some Russian
Oakland Ca
2/5/2016 17:57:32Erin
I have seen the suffering and would like to do anything to help. I can't travel at this time to help in person but would like to help virtually.
GIS, data, cartography, geography, project management, digital project management, Excel, training, webinars
4Yes@erinbarbaroEnglishColumbia, MO USA
2/5/2016 23:15:45
Mohammad Rawand Arman
It often lets me get closer to a community, the people and the region- I discover so much more than simply having travelled through. Also, on the most basic level, it’s nice to feel I’ve achieved something positive with my day.
I.T & Airline Dispatch12Yes
English, Farsi, Pashto, Urdu
Frankfurt, Germany
2/11/2016 12:04:26Julie-Anne
I have seen the human suffering of the refugee crisis and would like to do whatever I can to help....
Research, Project Management, Pr & outreach, admin, hands on work
5Yes@jadarsleyEnglishBrighton, UK
2/11/2016 18:11:42Julie
I'm a newcomer to Berlin (2 years now) and the on-the-ground situation makes this my top social good priority. I see this not only as the right thing to do morally, but quite possibly the most fulfilling use of my skills and personal history (Russian-Jewish refugee raised in San Francisco Bay Area). Unfortunately right now I don't have bandwidth due to working fulltime+ in a new venture, but keeping track of people and projects is very important to me. I think that the SF talent pool hasn't been properly tapped yet, and absolutely should be. There are so many people doing amazing things, I know some of them in Berlin, and the best use out of me right now is connecting people.
UX Design, Service Design, Digital Strategy, Creative Direction, Lean Methodology, International Connector
English, Russian, bit of French and even less German
Berlin, Germany
2/11/2016 18:57:56Merlind Mueller
I started the civilian assistance group Tempelhof Hilft which coordinates volunteers in Berlin-Tempelhof. We mainly focus on Berlin Tempelhof airport which currently houses 2000 refugees, previously had close to 4000 guests and potentially can host up to 8000 (which we are fighting against). We are currently looking for aid transports travelling to the Balkan route who can pick up donations such as snow suits and rain gear which we dont have use for in Berlin. I have a vast network of volunteers and groups and am an information exchange for many supporters.
Further we are in constant need of shoes, underwear, prams and buggies as well as men's clothes in small sizes. For more information visit our group at or contact me directly. Since I'm already very active, I can't commit weekly hours , yet I can offer my network to source donations for the crisis areas and work on a project by project basis.
Networking0YesEnglish, GermanBerlin, Germany
2/12/2016 18:39:55carlotta
I don't see myself as Italian but as citizen of the world hoping to help the best way possible others in need. I am horrified by the selfishness of our european leaders. I am seeing more and more people taking action and i think this shows how the power of people rather then the power of nations can change for the better!!
Architecture, variety of design computer programs
English, Italian, basic French and Spanish
London, UK
2/16/2016 15:07:15Yael
I need to do something to help the 60 million refugees around the world. Our life is so easy.
Digital marketing, copywriting, social media marketing, blogging
English, French, Turkish
New York, NY
2/19/2016 15:01:12Simon
I feel very strongly that more needs to be done to help with the refugee crisis, so that is something I would like to be a part of.
JavaScript Development, React
Angmering, West Sussex
2/20/2016 16:53:49Sam
The refugee crisis is one of the most important and poignant stories of our time. I believe in the collective. You can always achieve more when working together. The privileged in society should do all they can to make life more comfortable for those less fortunate
Good knowledge of front-end skills like HTML/CSS and JavaScript and a reasonable grasp of backend languages like Ruby and PHP. I am passionate about learning and always work as hard as I can in whatever I do.
8Yes@samdobson1English Southampton, UK
2/25/2016 15:29:06Jay
where usually I can't afford to give money to all the causes I believe in, I think I'd still like to make a difference and help in other ways
Front-end Development, design and online marketing
2Yes@Jaymond36English and WelshSouth Wales
3/8/2016 18:00:06John Ellisontest@gmail.comTesttest12Yes@testtestTest
3/10/2016 20:00:01Kim
I have volunteered in Lesvos and Greece. Contrary to popular opinion I believe these refugees are the light in the darkness of our world right now and we must help them lead the way out for a greater shift in humanity to occur.
Copy Writing, Marketing, Social Media, Project Management,
5Yes@livethepicturesEnglishNew York City
3/17/2016 21:12:39Karina
I grew up in Serbia under the 1992-1995 Bosnian war. My father was illegally detained for opposing the dictatorship and being Hungarian. I almost became a refugee myself. I understand what refugees are going through and would like contribute in making the children feel safe again , give back the dignity to the parents and giving those who came without family a new start.
Research, Data Science, Data Mining, Data Analysis, Natural Language Processing, Social Media
English, Swedish, German, Serbian and Hungarian
Stockholm, Sweden
4/4/2016 10:20:11Alyea
I am grew up in Colombia and experienced very similar circumstances. This understanding gives me key insights that others don't have about leaving everything behind for a safer environment. I understand the difficulties of integration. The difficulties in learning new systems. How to make the most of those systems to then go beyond survival, to thrive and build a life that I only dreamed of (well I am still working on it!). When the refugee crisis began, I knew in my gut that I was meant to help, so I packed my bags one month ago, left California and came to Amsterdam, where I hope to stay for a long time.
Intercultural design, developmental psychology, design research
10Yes@alyeasandovarSpanish and English
Amsterdam, Netherlands
4/4/2016 19:05:24Tom Byerstom.s.byers@bath.eduI'd like to do whatever I can to help.
UX Design, Front End Web Development
8Yes@TS_ByersEnglishCambridge, UK
4/5/2016 15:55:04Danielle
I am appalled by what is happening to people in the current refugee crisis and want to use my skills to help in any way I can.
Data Science/Analysis/Data Cleaning
6Yes@KaminskiDKEnglish/SpanishLondon, UK
4/7/2016 17:19:37Shakir
I am Global Shaper, Youths activist and freelancing Journalist, i daily meet many refugees specially Afghans which no one pay them attention and are somehow far beyond left, so i am interested to be the part of the team and help some how. i would really love to be the member of the core team. I would be able to list my skills or backgroud but if interested i can send it by email to any of the team members.
Project management, NGO, youths activities, Social Media, integration, Gathering, Cross culture, Language
English, Turkish, Pashto, Dari, Farsi, Urdu and German (Low)
Lubeck, Germany
4/17/2016 19:02:38Jen
I admire the mission and drive of the organization, because it resonates deeply.
Product Design, Front-end web development
8Yes@jenrikayEnglishSan Francisco, CA
4/30/2016 11:30:38Mike
I have seen the human suffering of the refugee crisis and would like to do whatever I can to help.
E-commerce, digital marketing, content
English, German, Italian
Brighton, UK
5/13/2016 9:12:11Annelies
I believe that refugee is a temporary label and the newcomers should be welcomed to our society in a conscious and open way. As a human I believe it's my duty to offer my expertise and time to those who could benefit from it.
Digital consultancy, Information philosophy, Project management
English, French @ Dutch
Antwerp, Belgium
5/20/2016 16:41:00Basheera Khanbasheerakhan@gmail.comI want to use my skills in service of a kinder world.
user experience design including user research, content strategy including copy writing and editing
8Yes@BashEnglishLondon, UK
5/26/2016 21:35:28Vasili
I believe that this crisis is an opportunity for economic development and an opportunity for passionate social entrepreneurs to change the world for the better
Building ecosystems and scaling solutions through strategic partnerships
@vasili16 @startup_boat @v2reality
English, Greek & Afrikaans (Dutch)
Cape Town South Africa
6/7/2016 5:31:57rosa akbarirakbari@mercycorps.orgwork @ mercy corps - just subscribing to newslettermercy corps t4d0Yesenglishnyc
6/9/2016 18:32:47Dominic Nicholas
I want to help.
elasticsearch, data visualization, programming, troubleshooting, qa, proj mgt, agile, etc etc etc see
4YesEnglishBrookline, MA, USA
6/10/2016 10:09:52Sammy
I recently got back from a volunteering stint on Lesbos where I was able to get under the skin of the issue and, knowing what I know now, really want to help in any way I can.
Data Science, CRM/customer/social media marketing, Video editing, Music production
English, French & Spanish
London, UK
6/18/2016 5:46:54Danita
The lack of empathy that some people have towards the refugees breaks my heart.
UX Design, Graphic Design, HTML/CSS, Photography
5Yes@ddelceEnglishToronto, Canada
6/21/2016 7:27:53Jenny
because I believe the current refugee crisis is one of the biggest challenges facing us and I'm frustrated how little some of our Governments are doing. And of course just because it's the right thing to do!
Project Managment1Yes(no twitter)
English, German, a French at a push
6/28/2016 14:38:17Stu
Fantastic! I'm very keen to help out by offering a small amount of my time. These people desperately need help and I'm happy to contribute my skills to achieve this.
User Interface Design, User Experience
2Yes@stuseddonEnglishLymington, UK
6/28/2016 21:02:02Heather
I travelled to Greece in April 2016 and worked in Idomeni and Nea Kavala - there I was able to see firsthand the needs, and also the power of data to help refugees in Europe (I coordinated a census of the residents of Nea Kavala, and distributed the results to NGOs working there). I have been seeking a way to continue this work, now that I am back home.
Project management, data management, SQL, Python, basic familiarity with r, bash, *nix OS
English (fluent), Arabic (very basic)
Oakland, CA
6/30/2016 11:56:41Becky
This sounds like an amazing platform and I would love to help out!
Public relations, writing, copy editing, indesign
10YesEnglishNew York, ny
7/4/2016 9:45:52David
I would mike to act give energy to contribute to the challenged related to the migrant crisis
Photography and image processing (also data science)
4Yes@davgrangeEnglish and FrenchParis, FR
7/8/2016 17:06:29Daphne
I think we should all be doing what we can to contribute to aiding refugees. The issue is important to me particularly because I have close ties in Greece and have seen how serious the crisis is firsthand. I think that my technical skill set is the most value I have to offer in this effort but I am unsure where to start and am eager to work with Prosper in light of this.
Web development including js and Python frameworks
English, Greek and a very small amount of Arabic
Philadelphia, USA
7/18/2016 19:18:11Hana Lee
I would like to do anything I can to help in the face of such a global crisis
Web and Database Research, Reference Services, Literacy
5YesEnglishBerkeley, CA
7/19/2016 20:32:04Haikel
I know the human suffering of the refugee crisis, the homeless too are terrible and I would like to help these people with my organization but also to share my knowledge with Prosper.
Project Management, IT and New Technology, Communication,
English, French, Arabic, Spanish,
Paris, France
7/20/2016 18:03:47Marc
I would love to contribute my skills to a global cause and a passion for helping others. I currently help with MissingMaps and am very interested in learning more and applying my skills to helping refugees in Europe as America's current political schemes are stagnant.
OSM, GIS, editing, writing,
3YesEnglishOmaha, NE, USA
7/26/2016 0:06:47Francesco
I have been volunteering and working in refugees centres in the past, but these days I can mainly offer my IT skills
Full-stack web development, FOSS, databases
4Yes@iannuzzelliEnglish, ItalianLondon, UK
7/26/2016 14:41:22Ben Homerbhomer@switxboard.netTo collaborate on building the database and matchmakingProject Management2Yesben21New York, NY
7/28/2016 12:25:03Lou Oakham
I'd like to use my skills to contribute towards helping others.
User experience, user research
5Yes@Looley English Norwich, UK
8/4/2016 12:28:02Melissa Hamdoun
I met one of your volunteers at an event last week, who made the solution to this disaster attainable to me by one more step - and I want to help be part of it!
Project management
English, Arabic and German
London, UK
8/8/2016 14:10:59Andy
I am an experienced web developer with lots of experience in relief efforts.
Full-Stack web. PHP, Ruby, Python, JS, React, Angular
5YesEnglishBerlin DE
8/9/2016 15:16:01Gade
I am a trained humanitarian who is empathetic and seeks to help ameliorate the widespread sufferings of vulnerable populations and refugees
Refugee status determination, counseling, disaster management, qualitative research, writing
24YesEnglish and FrenchLagos, Nigeria
8/12/2016 20:18:07Sara
I care deeply about assisting people in need and have a personal interest in international migration and refugee-related issues.
Communications, Journalism, Media Relations, Editing
English and Spanish
Berlin, Germany (Currently SF)
8/15/2016 17:08:03Tal Haimovici
i strongly believe that each one of us should do what he can in order to help and support the refugees and all people in need. On top I'm doing my own project for refugees.
New media marketing, marketing and a bit of advertising.
English, Hebrew, Romanian and good German.
Berlin, Germany
8/26/2016 22:41:31Ahmed Samy
i want to help refugees around the world to decrease their suffering
writing, Data analysis, translation
English and Arabic Cairo,Egypt
8/30/2016 13:49:30
Tatiana Martinez Zavala
I want to help however I can to ease the suffering of the refugees
Data cleaning, statistics and econometrics (excel, Stata)
English, French, Spanish and Portuguese
Lyon, France
8/30/2016 15:32:50Kippy
I am heartbroken by what is happening in Syria (as well as its neighboring countries) and would like to help in some way.

copy- and content editing.
Let me get back to you with this!
EnglishSeattle. WA
8/30/2016 16:36:55Catherine Hedberg
This is a small thing I can do to help with a horrible situation that is very far away from me.
MS Office3Yes
English and some French
New York City
8/30/2016 22:09:01Shen-Shen
I am aware of the scale of the refugee crisis and it really pains me. I began to dig deeply into the topic when I worked on an art exhibition with an artist who examined the civil war in Syria. This was late 2015, the pace at which things have worsened has increased dramatically. I want to help in a meaningful way!
Data science and mining, web development and architecture
My twitter is inactive, but my website is
English, some French
Los Angeles, USA
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