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TimestampWhat was one thing you learned from the visit?What could be done differently in this lesson to make it better?Please write a direct comment (or thanks) to Mr. Eddleston and Mr. Knowlton about their visit.What questions do you have for our guest speakers? Mr. EddlestonMr. Knowlton
4/27/2012 6:29:15I learned the meaning of union.More explination.thank you, we enjoyed the visit and learning new things about the working conditions and rights.what does it mean when child labor ended.It meant that children could no longer be exploited by employers by working long hours at less pay than adults in unsafe working conditions. Lewis Hine took many photos of working children right here in New Bedford. Sonny Go to wikipedia at for a fuller explanation but here's what the first part says...."In general, for non-agricultural jobs, children under 14 may not be employed, children between 14 and 16 may be employed in allowed occupations during limited hours, and children between 16 and 18 may be employed for unlimited hours in non-hazardous occupations (most factory work, construction, etc, is considered hazardous). A number of exceptions to these rules exist, such as for employment by parents, newspaper delivery, and child actors. The regulations for agricultural employment are generally more lenient. Children as young as 12 may be employed unlimited hours outside of school hours with parental permission. Children under 16 may not be involved in hazardous all.
4/27/2012 6:29:59I learned what a union is a d what they do for the U.S and our workersA ill more better at explainingThank you for coming and using your time to teach us something he's and useful in life I'd like to know how to you go about becoming a union workerYou either organize a union at your non-union workplace. Go to work in a workplace that is union already, or you could work for the union as a union representative or organizer. Workplaces that have unions in New Bedford are Shaw's and Stop and Shop, AFC (wire company), UPS, and most all pulic employee jobs (like police, teachers, fire fighters, tax collectors,etc.) in towns, schools, city, state.
4/27/2012 6:31:15Everyone has rights in the job no matter whatNothing really, I liked the lessonThanks for teaching us about job rights and all that stuff. It will help out a lot in the futureHow many years have you been working with the union?I was a Teamster from 1974-1976, then I went to Peter's union UE from 1978 to 1980. rodny Metals was not union when I statrd in 1981. We voted for the union in 1998 - sonnyI've worked in unions and in union and non-union jobs off and on for the last 40 years, since I was 18. For the last 30 years I have been working full-time for a union and the last 28 have been with the UE. Wikipedia has a great description of my union, UE, and its amazing 75 year history.,_Radio_and_Machine_Workers_of_America
4/27/2012 6:31:44one thing i learned was what union was all about .More explination.thank you, we enjoyed the visit and learning new things about the working conditions and long have you been a union worker ? what is the biggest issue in the union ?In my union we make sure everyone is treated fairly and the company stays with the collective bargaining agreement - SonnyThe biggest issue for our union continues to be the laws don't protect and encourage workers to organize or have a union. The employers have way to much power legally. Also, the biggest other issues we work on are Universal Single Payer healthcare and building solidarity with other unions in Mexico and Canada...becuase NAFTA is beginning to integrate the economies of these three countries.
4/27/2012 6:32:08I learned that when negotiating for better rights you can be tricked to set up rights and give up the things they want you too I think that if we had more people play there roles that it would have been betterThanks for comingIs it hard to be part of a union It is not hard at all. I enjoy it and am proud of my union - SonnyTo be in a union you need to organize one in your workplace (hard) or get hired at a union workplace (easy to hard).
4/27/2012 6:33:36Unions make work environment better?A practice negotiationThanks you for coming by and informing us about the unions and what they areWhat is there hourly wageI do not get paid by the union. I volunteer all of my time because I believe what I do is important - SonnyThe minimum wage in MA is $8.00an hour. The average wage of a non-union worker in New Bedford is probably not much higher than that. I make $50,000 a year. As an elected officer my pay is voted on by our members and we are the only union that does that. That comes out to about $15- 20 an hour.
4/27/2012 6:36:01Anyone can start a unionWas absentThanks for taking your time to visitI don't have anything that I would like to know
4/27/2012 6:36:34i learned all about the union and how they work around us.well for me i think it went well, but i think the role play could have been explained more clearly.Thank you for visiting and explaining what and how the union works and how they can always find a solution to their problems between it. what does it mean when child labor ended.See the other response on child labor.
4/27/2012 9:39:07I learned that people have rights as employersI feel like this was a great lesson, I don't there is a need for improvents.Mr. Eddleston and mr. Knowlton, I thank you so much for the presentiation, it is well appreciated from all of the students!Do they get nervous presenting questions and speaking to the students?I always get nervous before I start. Your class was super and made it really easy. - SonnyNot so much nervous as anxious. Once the class starts it pretty much goes away (sort of) as you have to focus and get your head into it.
4/27/2012 10:48:45I definitely learned how intense a negotiation session can be and how much stress is involvedI think more role playing with more scenarios would be much betterThank you both very much and I learned a lot about what it takes to be in a union.How often do intense negotiations happen like that?My company has a 5 year contract. - SonnyUsually every three years. But these days many contracts go longer to 4 or 5 years but sometimes they are shorter - especially if the contract isn't going to be very good. It is the one time where workers really get more of a voice in their working conditions.
4/27/2012 10:49:52I learned that even when there is disagreement between union members, it is extremely important to remain unified in the face of oppressive managements.More time to discuss role play options. Thank you for taking time to come speak to us. Its appreciated .Have unions been responsible for any recent legislative actionsI have working in New Hampshire to defeat Right to Work legislation. We have been very succesful. Hopefully after the presidential elections we can get the Employee Free Choice Act passed - SonnyBeating back bad legislation....yes. Especially when the governors of Wisconisn and Ohio tried try to pass laws that make it harder for public workers to have a union. However, the last significan piece of legislation labor was responsible for would be the law that created the Occupational Safety and Health laws (OSHA) in 1970. OSHA was, also, created by a well known consumer advocate who also got laws and rules passed to make cars safe, ran for President in 2000, and continues to be an out spoken advocate for a more progressive political party. Do you know who that is?
4/27/2012 10:51:22I learned that one of the most common causes of struggle on unions is Health Care.I think they could go more in depth with what a unions main purposes were. Thank you very much for sharing your stories wit our If there is not a general agreement on an issue, how do unions negotiate to management.The Steelworkers take a poll of their members to see what is important to them - SonnyIf there is no agreement than negotiations just get harder and one side or the other will probably do something to try and force the pther side to change their mind. For workers that might mean going out on strike. For the employer it might mean locking people out - which means not letting the workers come back to work.
4/27/2012 10:52:21I learn a lot of things ,now I know that we have a lot of right as workers . I think nothingI really apresiated their visit because I learn a lot of stuff.thank you for your time .mDid they help any person who need help?Our first concern is with our members but we really help anyone who needs it no matter their status. We care about workers rights - SonnyWe will help any member who needs help with a workplace problem and working with other unions and worker based organizations (like the Community Economic Development Center - CEDC in New Bedford) we help all workers with a union or without a union.
4/27/2012 10:52:34Unions help protect the rights of workersI found that some of the roles during the role play were too different and it was difficult to act out such starkly different characters while remaining unified.Thank you both for coming to our classroom!What are your roles in your union?I deal with legislative issues that concern workers. It is called Rapid Response. I am also the secretary for the labor council and editor of and Facebook - SonnyI am the President of my union's region. I sit on the national union executive board. I do a lot of trainings, education, workshops and help put meetings together of workers in our union. I, also, help members settle problems with management and help workers negotiate contracts.
4/27/2012 10:54:05That we need to increase our awareness of how workers are affected due to corporationsI thought it was pretty well organizedI really appreciate you taking the time to provide our class with a different perspective of looking at our country.How do unions both positively and negatively affect the country?It raises wages and gives better working conditions for all workers. I like to think we do not have a negative role though some may disagree - SonnyI don't see any downside to unions - except some unions act to much like a business trying to make profit instead of a social organization or a movement helping workers get stronger. I believe that if we have weak unions we have a weak democracy and strong unions means a stronger democracy. I believe this because when unions are weak workers have very little power at work which means the boss can pretty much do whatever they want which means workers will be more abused.
4/27/2012 10:55:36How to negotiate and what not to do while trying to negotiateWe could do more hands on things such as the negotiating role playThank you for coming, it was really interesting and did help expand my knowledge as far as unions. How exactly do you join a union and get started with the whole process?Sometimes you automatically join a union when you are hired by a company. The building trades are different but basically you complete their apprentiship program to become a memberWorkers who feel they have no rights and want to get them get together and decide to form an organization to get the employer to address and resolve some issues and problems that they come up with (wages, treatment, bathroom breaks, etc.) They sign and get co-workers to sign union cards or a peition saying they want a union and then athey go to the company to demand recognition and that they want to sit down and negotiate their demands. Normally, the company refuses to talk with them so the workers have to get help from the National Labor Relations Board or labor board. The labor board, usually, will order a union election and if the union wins the company then will sit down and negotiate.
4/27/2012 10:57:32How unions operate and organize in depthNothing really it was just a matter of managing timeI'd like to thank both Umr. Eddleston and mr. Knowlton for sparing some of their time to teach us about their jobs that involve union organization. For the short amount of time we spent with them they gave us a really good view of how a union is run and insight on how relationships between employees and employers work.How old do you have to be to join the union? Is it open to anyone that is of working age?There is no age limit. - SonnyThere is no age limit. If you work at the union site you can be a member.
4/27/2012 11:04:44Union employees often receive more benifits the nonunion employees.Nothing. I enjoyd the lesson and the role playing. Thank you Mr. Eddleston and Mr. Knowlton for taking time to come spreak to our class. I learned so much.At which point should workers strike, if ever?Strike is always a last resort. Use it only if all else fails - SonnyWorkers will strike when they feel the employer is being unfair or is trying to take something away from them or nit give them something they deserve and they think that by witholding their labor they can force the employer to agree to their demands....or most of their demands.
4/27/2012 11:10:10Union employees often receive more benifits the nonunion employees.Nothing. I enjoyd the lesson and the role playing. Thank you Mr. Eddleston and Mr. Knowlton for taking time to come spreak to our class. I learned so much.At which point should workers strike, if ever?
4/27/2012 11:12:51Without labor unions, the workforce would be deprived of a myriad rights which we now view as basic. The role playing with negotiating was fantastic, but it was difficult to really get too deep into the content (and the roles, in general) with such a short time. More time, in general, would have been great. Throughout history, we have seen how important labor unions have been to the American people. However, it is rare that you actually get to see what modern labor unions do each and every day. It is no e say feat to represent the workforce, and, for that, I have nothing but respect for Mr. Eddleston and Mr. Knowlton. Is a company-created labor union a force truly in favor of the workers?I do not believe a company union has the best interest of the workers in mind. They are also beholded to the company and they often lack the skills and guidance of true unions - SonnyNo.
4/27/2012 12:49:32Unions are very proactive Give more time for role playing. Very fun, but more time would be more fun.Very involving speakers, gets students going to knows how to relate to them. Thank you for the time.What can be done to better the reputation of unionsWe are seen as a special interest group. Probably do a better job telling people we are good for everyone - SonnyUnions could do a better job by not being so closely tied to the Democratic Party (the liberal wing of the corporate power structure), being more independent, not so cozy with employers, being a stronger advocate for ALL workers, reaching out more into the community and supporting community organizations and the issues they work on.
4/27/2012 12:52:35I learned how unions can be helpful in the workplace if our employers should ever decide to treat us unjust.It was perfect.Thank you for taking the time to come and speak to us.Should every work place have a union.Not every employer mistreats their workers. - SonnyYes. I believe all workers should have more say-so, more of a voice, in the workplace.
4/27/2012 12:52:38One thing I learned from the visit was about what unions are really about and what a difference it makes to be in an union and apart of one.Nothing I enjoyed the lesson and I learned a lot.Thank you both so much for visiting are classroom ;I learned a lot through the lessons and explanation of the union and also I appreciate the time you had spent with us.What type of stores really should people make unions on ?Stop & Shop, Shaws, and Costco are unionized stores that treat their help well. All of fast food and remaining retail are not. Their workers get less and are not ptotected - sonnyEvery store.
4/27/2012 12:52:39One thing I learned from the visit was about what unions are really about and what a difference it makes to be in an union and apart of one.Nothing I enjoyed the lesson and I learned a lot.Thank you both so much for visiting are classroom ;I learned a lot through the lessons and explanation of the union and also I appreciate the time you had spent with us.What type of stores really should people make unions on ?
4/27/2012 12:53:24How to negotiate and what unions are all about. I thought the lessons were good the way they were honestly . The were nice and funny. Helped us and explained what we did wrong . Thank you for coming in and teaching us what you know about unions and for the comments and just everything What did they choose the profession they are in now ? I have worked in factories since i was a Junior in high school. I no longer work because of illness and volunteer my time because I think it is important - SonnyI chose to be a union organizer because as a worker and someone who wanted to help make change I see workers and their unions as one of the most powerful tools we have to make changes that help all working people and could be a force powerful enough so that clean energy, human rights, fair wages, guaranteed paid sick days and vacations, universal health insurance, retirement security, and no war are the law of the land.
4/27/2012 12:54:14How to make a good deal on insurance.NoneThank you for visitingHow would you discuss the proper way to lower insurance?The real problem is rising health care cost. I am a believer in single payer health care - SonnyStengthen medicare to cover all medical procedures and paid for 100%. Expand Medicare to cover all residents of the US. Abolish private healh insurance.
4/27/2012 12:55:04Unions help establish many of our taken-for-granted rights and established a foundatikn for equality in the work force.There was nothing really that could be done to improve the lesson for it was perfect in my view. I would like to give my thanks to both of our guest speakers for they were very intuitive, friendly, and knowledgable on their respective subject. Why do members of unions have to pay a union fee? Unions need money to pay staff, rent, buy supplies. It is their only source of income - SonnyIf you don't pay a fee (union dues) than the organization will have no way to employ professional research, legal, communications, and field staff and represenatives to assist members resolve problems and negotiate contracts. In order to employe people to help us you need to pay a fee to have the funds to pay people.
4/27/2012 12:55:49I learned about unions I would change anythingThanks for teaching us about what you doWhat made you join a unionI saw the difference in how my employer treated us when we were non union. It is so much better now. -SonnyI decided long ago that I wanted to reduce the power of bosses and increase the power of workers. I don't know any other way to do that except organize unions and work to make them stronger. I always believed workers should have strong unions. Don't know why exactly since no one else in my family, except my aunt a little bit, ever had any experience with unions. The civil rights movement and Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. had a strong impact on me as a kid and his support of unions was probably what did it for me.
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