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Please use this file to enter or modify information about K* tools and toolkits. A K* Tool/toolkit is an aid or guide (checklist, template, guideline, framework, fact sheet, database, website, training module or other mechanism) to plan, instruct, implement or evaluate K*. Not included in this definition are materials that do not offer concrete, practical guidance to doing K* (such as theoretical or philosophical materials like research papers or blogs). Please ensure that any entries you add to this file are K* tools; you may add non-tools that you find helpful to your K* work to the tab entitled "Non-tool links".
ToolAuthorLink to toolSector Geographical locationKey purpose/ activity supportedType of toolDescriptionUser commentsBackground information
Provide a name for the tool below.Indicate the individual and/or organization that developed or supports the tool.Include a link to the tool (if available online) or instructions on how to access it.Choose one sector in which the tool was developed.Choose one geographical location where the tool's activities are primarily focused.Choose all applicable options that describe the key purpose of the tool and/or the activities it is designed to guide and support.Choose all applicable options to describe the type of tool.Provide a brief description. Add any additional comments about the tool; this may include comments to guide users' application of the tool; reflections on your use of the tool, or other observations.Provide any background information about the tool, including references, comments by the tool developer or additional information.
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Knowledge Translation Planning TemplateMelanie Barwick; SickKids Hospitalhttp://www.melaniebarwick.com/document/Scientist_Knowledge_Translation_Plan_Template_Sept%2020_2011_Fillable_Form.docHealthNorth AmericaPlanning (guideline, template, worksheet, checklist)TemplateTemplate for researchers to help them plan their knowledge translation activities, including information on which KT strategies are most effective. This tools provides an excellent template for researchers to help them plan their KT activities. However, without modification this template may only be appropriate for researchers in a limited context.
The Knowledge Translation Toolkit - Bridging the Know-Do Gap: A Resource for Researchers International Development Research Centre: Gavin Bennett and Nasreen Jessani http://www.idrc.ca/EN/Themes/Information_and_Communication/Pages/IDRCBookDetails.aspx?PublicationID=851 General (no specific sector)General (no specific location)Planning (guideline, template, worksheet, checklist)Communication guideIDRC / 2011-05-13 ISBN: 978-81-321-0585-5 / 284 pg. e-ISBN: 978-1-55250-508-3
Tools for Evidence-Informed Policy making (STP)Developed by the Web & Media Technologies Division, South African Medical Research Council http://www.support-collaboration.org/HealthAfricaGeneralFramework/guidelineContains relevant articles and summaries on how research is identified, appraised and used appropriately to inform health policymaking. This is a general tool to support Policy Relevant Review and Trials in the Health Sector.
Canadian Forum for ResearchersCanada’s knowledge mobilization networkhttps://researchimpact.othree.ca/ http://www.researchimpact.ca/homeGeneral (no specific sector)North AmericaNetworkingFramework/guidelineMostly Canadian content and focus on theory and practice of K*. Designed to connect university research with research users across Canada. The site contains KT tools and advice on developing research summaries. Although this site is not generally well kept and is difficult to navigate, it did lead to some very recent and active twittering around a Blog ‘Mobilize This!” It is possible that members have moved to Twitter.
Outcome mappinghosted by Overseas Development Institutehttp://outcomemapping.ca/ Theory and practice of K* General (no specific location)EvaluationEducation module Great webinars available to introduce outcome mapping. Over 3000 members in the community. Supported by International Development Research Centre Very active site offering 5 languages for interactions.
Preparing research summariesThe Canadian Health Services Research Foundation (CHRSF)http://www.chsrf.ca/publicationsandresources/pastseries/communicationnotes/10-06-01/d497a465-5398-4ec8-addf-d7cbf86b1e43.aspxTheory and practice of K* North AmericaCommunication/discussionCommunication guide Reader-Friendly Writing - (1:3:25). Tips and guidelines for report writing, presentations, posters, self-editing and talking to media.Tips and guidelines are useful.
Plain English WritingPlain English Campaignhttp://www.plainenglish.co.uk/ Theory and practice of K* EuropeCommunication/discussion, GeneralCommunication guideTraining Kits and Courses on writing in plain English
Building Science Into EU policyEuropean Academies Science Advisory Council http://www.easac.eu/home/dialogue-project.htmlTheory and practice of K* EuropePlanning (guideline, template, worksheet, checklist)ChecklistAs part of their Science-Policy Dialogue project an excellent Good Practice Guide can be downloaded. EASAC Site itself has three themes: Energy, Biosciences and Environment. Site is well maintained.
Network of NGO Knowledge BrokersKnowledge mobilization Workshttp://www.knowledgemobilization.net/Theory and practice of K* North AmericaNetworkingNetworking (forum, discussion group)With many events in Ottawa and some planned for Toronto. The aim is to build a network of NGO Kmobilization specialtists and knowledge brokers. Active communication between members.
Knowledge Transfer PortalThe Research Council (UK). http://www.rcuk.ac.uk/kei/ktportal/Pages/home.aspx Theory and practice of K* EuropeGeneralWebsiteOffers a single point of access for those in, e.g., academia, business, public, private and/or third sectors, who want to find out about Research Council knowledge transfer schemes and activities, and how to get involved. Focus on UK, all sectors.
Research Brokering in EducationUniversity of Toronto / Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.http://oere.oise.utoronto.ca/rbe EducationNorth AmericaNetworkingWebsite, Case studyDescribed as a hub for on line research Mobilization. Success stories featured on website, as well as a list of K* tools in education.
Linked in' Groupslinked inhttp://www.linkedin.com/Theory and practice of K* General (no specific location)NetworkingNetworking (forum, discussion group)1. Knowledge Management Experts
2. Knowledge Management Education
3. Federal Knowledge Management Initiative
4. ResearchImpact
5. Facilitating With Confidence
All seem relatively active. Useful to explore and join if you use Twitter, less useful for standard email.
Public EngagementBeacons for Public Educationhttp://www.edinburghbeltane.net/Theory and practice of K* EuropeEducationWebsite, Communication guideFocus on Public Engagement in the research context with comprehensive information and guides on tools and training in social networking (blog, wiki).
Knowledge translation toolkitInternational Development Research Centre: http://web.idrc.ca/uploads/user-S/12266886561Research_Matters_-_Knowledge_Translation_Toolkit_.pdf General (no specific sector)General (no specific location)GeneralCommunication guideThis is a 259 page comprehensive treatise published in 2008. The subsequently published KT tool-kit is a more valuable tool for researchers than this more exhaustive earlier study
Tools for Canadian Federal Public Servants(Science Policy Integration Nexus of Expertise (SPINE) Environment Canada http://reisp-spine.science.gc.ca/default.asp?Lang=En&n=B921FDD9-1Theory and practice of K* North AmericaGeneral, OtherDatabase Government of Canada GCPEDIA (S&T Knowledge Translation and Brokering) offers information on best practices and a compendium of tools for Federal Public Servants.Last updated Sept 2010, the location of the most recent documents was not immediately obvious.
Distance learningFood and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)http://www.imarkgroup.org EducationGeneral (no specific location)GeneralCommunication guide, WebsiteDistance learning and interactive CDs with modules on Web2.0 social media and tools to share information.
KEYSCanadian Health Services Research Foundationhttp://www.chsrf.ca/PublicationsAndResources/ResourcesForResearchers/KEYS.aspxTheory and practice of K* North AmericaPlanning (guideline, template, worksheet, checklist)Framework/guideline, WebsiteA generic guide to implementing effective knowledge exchange, the production of research and its use. The site also includes a glossary of terms used by CHSRF.
Information for researchersOntario Ministry of Agriculturehttp://www.omafra.gov.on.ca/english/research/ktt/kttplan/buildkttplan.htmTheory and practice of K* , AgricultureNorth AmericaPlanning (guideline, template, worksheet, checklist)Website, Checklist, Case studyComprehensive website with information for researchers in any field on a variety of subject related to KTT: definition of KTT, instructions on how to use KTT, build a KTT Plan, checklist, etc. The site also includes a ToolKit and links to success stories.
Knowledge to Action ModelCanadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) http://www.cihr-irsc.gc.ca/e/29418.html .Theory and practice of K* North AmericaPlanning (guideline, template, worksheet, checklist)Education moduleComprehensive page with definitions, model of Knowledge to Action, Primer in the context of research funded by CIHR
Online KT Modules Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) http://www.cihr-irsc.gc.ca/e/39128.html Theory and practice of K* North AmericaEducationEducation module Free online KT modules, casebooks and publications.
KMb Unit at York UniversityD. Phippshttp://pi.library.yorku.ca/dspace/handle/10315/10236 General (no specific sector)North AmericaCommunication/discussionWebsiteYork University (Toronto, Canada) announcement of formation of a KMb Unit and reflections/guide on best practices im KMb.
Annotated and tested toolsNational Collaborating Centre for Methods and Toolswww.nccmt.ca HealthNorth AmericaPlanning (guideline, template, worksheet, checklist)Template, Checklist, Fact sheet, Education module, Framework/guideline, WebsiteMany annotated tools and templates available; networking opportunities and training also included.Excellent source for Health sector with supporting networking opportunities to help public health practitioners in use evidence in their practice.
Registry of KT Methods and ToolsNational Collaborating Centre for Methods and Toolshttp://www.nccmt.ca/registry/index-eng.htmlHealthNorth AmericaPlanning (guideline, template, worksheet, checklist)Website, DatabaseRegistry of KT Methods and Tools, training and theory. Links to knowledge translation methods and tools for public health.
Knowledge Translation CanadaCanadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) http://ktclearinghouse.ca/ktcanada HealthNorth AmericaPlanning (guideline, template, worksheet, checklist), General, EducationWebsiteFocusing on translating primary evidence to health practices for Canadians. Tools to assist in the evaluation of evidence and the development of guidelines for health practictioners. It is an active site.
KT forumCanadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) http://ktclearinghouse.ca/kttc/ HealthNorth AmericaNetworkingNetworking (forum, discussion group)An offshoot of the main ktclearing house site, this is the kt training community (100 members) with a breakdown on research interests to assist in making connections around specific topics.
Dessemination of research resultsUS Agency for Health Care Research and Qualityhttp://www.ahrq.gov/qual/advances/planningtool.htm#sect1 HealthNorth AmericaPlanning (guideline, template, worksheet, checklist), GeneralFramework/guideline, ChecklistFocuses on the Development of a Planning Tool to Guide Dissemination of Research Results. While this model was developed in the context of health case it is generic enough to be applicable to other fields of research.
Physicians learning about KTHospital for Sick kids Toronto, Ontariohttp://www.sickkids.ca/Learning/AbouttheInstitute/Programs/Knowledge-Translation/Scientist-Knowledge-Translation-Training-Workshop/Scientist-Knowledge-Tranlation-Training-Workshop.html HealthNorth AmericaEducationEducation moduleRegular workshops aimed at the Health Practitioner community
Researchers learning about KTHospital for Sick kids Toronto, Ontariohttp://www.melaniebarwick.com/training.php . (Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto). A manual for researchers, along with a Knowledge Translation Planning Template-R Barwick, Melanie 2011. HealthNorth AmericaEducationEducation moduleManual for researchers in Health Field
Community for health issuesVoluntarywww.ktecop.ca HealthNorth AmericaNetworkingNetworking (forum, discussion group)Ontario community dealing with Health issues, they meet 4-6 times each yearVery active and good linkages with other communities.
Forum for family/relationship researchersCentre for Research on Families and Relationshipshttp://www.crfr.ac.uk/policy.html HealthEuropeNetworkingNetworking (forum, discussion group)Facilitate networking in the area of families and relationships. Team dedicated to knowledge exchange that can provide advice and training.
Guides for Research ScientistsOntario Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairshttp://www.omafra.gov.on.ca/english/research/ktt/learnmorektt/kttresources.htm Health, AgricultureNorth AmericaPlanning (guideline, template, worksheet, checklist)Framework/guidelineLinks to on line KT references and tools, particularly guides for research scientists in the Health field. Some envirionmental links available. Cross cutting. Excellent source for links.
Case reports of KTE in workplaceInstitute of Work and Healthhttp://www.iwh.on.ca/knowledge-transfer-exchange HealthNorth AmericaPlanning (guideline, template, worksheet, checklist)Case study, WebsiteA well maintained Ontario focused site which provides guidelines, templates and examples of completed case reports on KTE.
Generic KTE planning guideInstitute of Work and Healthhttp://www.iwh.on.ca/kte-guides HealthNorth AmericaPlanning (guideline, template, worksheet, checklist)Framework/guidelineTwo Generic KTE Planning Guide (2005 & 2006) along with systematic review of quality and types of instruments to measure KT (2011). Excellent systematic review.
Research to policy influencing health Outcomes McMaster Universityhttp://www.researchtopolicy.ca/KTPEs/KTPE-overview HealthNorth AmericaPlanning (guideline, template, worksheet, checklist), EvaluationTemplate, Fact sheet, ChecklistManuals and tools for evaluating KTE from research to policy on health outcomes in low and middle income countries.
Standard evaluation surveys and templatesMcMaster Universityhttp://www.researchtopolicy.ca/KTPEs/Toolkits/Toolkit1 HealthNorth AmericaPlanning (guideline, template, worksheet, checklist)Template, ChecklistTools include a set of standard and comprehensive evaluation surveys and templates available in French, English and Spanish which can be adapted to specific projects. Excellent starting point for an organization envisioning a comprehensive KTE performance measurement strategy to accompany supported projects.
Science into policy: Taking part in the processNatural Environment Research Councilhttp://www.nerc.ac.uk/publications/corporate/documents/science-into-policy.pdfEnvironmentEuropePlanning (guideline, template, worksheet, checklist), Communication/discussionCommunication guide, Case study, Framework/guidelineNational environment research council UK's guide for researchers reviews the policy making process, as well as tips on why and how to communicate with government, national parliaments and assemblies, as well as other levels of policy-making. Also has several case studies.Excellent practical guidance for researchers.
Brokering and managing information and knowledgeAustralian River Restoration Centrehttp://australianriverrestorationcentre.com.au/resources/brokering-and-managing-information-and-knowledge/EnvironmentAustraliaPlanning (guideline, template, worksheet, checklist), FacilitationCommunication guide, Facilitation guide, Case study, Framework/guidelineWebsite with sample success stories and how-to guides ("Information and Knowledge Resource Kit") to develop strategies for K* and guides to facilitation which could be applied anywhere. Links to international Youtube videos on Knowledge and its dissemination. Well maintained. Not all links that were tried worked.
Knowledge Sharing ToolkitCGIAR, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), theKM4Dev Community , the United Nations Children's Fund and the United Nations Development Programme http://kstoolkit.org/ http://www.kstoolkit.org/KSToolsGeneral (no specific sector), International developmentGeneral (no specific location)Communication/discussion, Planning (guideline, template, worksheet, checklist)Website, Communication guide, Facilitation guide, Framework/guidelineA wiki/ set of integrated tools developed in 2008 by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN, the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR), KM4Dev and others. This is a general knowledge sharing toolkit which contains two generic "libraries" one for methods (processes used with groups and individuals) and one for tools (links to websites or software that can be used to support personal and group knowledge sharing). The second link provides a set of descriptions for the various means of knowledge sharing using social media.
Advice for researchers from research usersCanadian Water Networkhttp://www.cwn-rce.ca/assets/resources/pdf/Advice-from-research-users-on-facilitating-research-partnerships.pdfEnvironmentNorth AmericaPlanning (guideline, template, worksheet, checklist)Framework/guidelineTool derived from advice from research users (policy-makers, practitioners) to help researchers develop a knowledge mobilization plan.
IWRM-Net Scientific Coordination ProjectIWRM-NEThttp://www.iwrm-net.eu/EnvironmentEuropeOtherWebsite, DatabaseWith vision of connecting science to policy to improve water management. Site posts recent events. Of note, many discussions occuring through facebook, links provided. The site is used as a repository to post key documents and provide links. Subject areas in the environmental sector specific to water resource management with a database of major international projects and organizations.
Common knowledge? An exploration of knowledge transferRural Economy and Land Usehttp://www.relu.ac.uk/news/briefings/RELUBrief6%20Common%20Knowledge.pdfEnvironmentEuropePlanning (guideline, template, worksheet, checklist), EducationFact sheet, Framework/guideline, Case studyThe (Rural Economy and Land Use) Programme short treatise on the need and value of KT with specific recommendations on processes which could be used. Also features a number of case studies.
Knowledge for Natural Resource ManagementLand and Water Australiahttp://lwa.gov.au/programs/knowledge-regional-natural-resource-managementEnvironmentAustraliaEducationWebsite, Framework/guideline, Fact sheetEnvironmental background information; contains various reports on investigation and implementation of a knowledge network, contains links to other knowledge/knowledge brokering resources in the Australian resource sector.
International Union for Conservation of Nature websiteInternational Union for Conservation of Naturehttp://iucn.org/EnvironmentGeneral (no specific location)Other, Communication/discussionWebsite, Case studyExplores innovative approaches to communications around conservation issues (i.e. use to social media). A good source for international success stories to support knowledge to action in conservation dialogue.Could be useful for data acquisition on the environment, not specific to K*
Environmental Science and Decision MakingEnvironment Canadawww.ec.gc.ca/scitech http://www.ec.gc.ca/scitech/default.asp?lang=En&n=5B7438C1-1EnvironmentNorth AmericaEducation, Evaluation, NetworkingDatabase, Case study, Fact sheet, Website, EvaluationInformation on Environment Canada science and decision making. Includes a number of initiatives aimed at strengthening links between science knowledge and policy/decision making. Contains Environment Canada specific EC Science Alert tool for alerting decision makers to upcoming published scientific papers along with a directory of scientists and their expertise. Also contains links to a series of case studies showing demonstrated impact of EC science.Both Alert tool and database of researchers have been adopted broadly across the federal government.
Knowledge Brokers ForumManaged by the I-K-Mediary Networkhttp://www.knowledgebrokersforum.org/International developmentGeneral (no specific location)Networking, Evaluation, Communication/discussionNetworking (forum, discussion group), Evaluation, WebsiteShared workspace for intermediaries in international development promoting knowledge sharing with links and posting on Knowledge Brokering on the kbforum in Delicious social network. (http://delicious.com/). Networks (online and face to face) Events - from region wide (The Pacific Debate) to local level (Q&A panel discussions). Key discussion summaries include information on evaluation of intermediary work and definition of KM. Very active with ongoing discussions.
Knowledge Management for DevelopmentKM4Dev communityhttp://www.km4dev.org/International developmentGeneral (no specific location)Networking, Communication/discussionNetworking (forum, discussion group), WebsiteInternational scope with focus on knowledge management around development projects. A community of practitioners who are interested in sharing issues and approaches. Country specific sub-group discussions supported by an active core group. Journals produced 3 times /year, apps for social media downloading available. Links with “Research to Action” guidelines and blogs.Could be good source for activities using social media within these countries.
International Knowledge Intermediary NetworkNetwork with various membershttp://www.ikmediarynetwork.org/International developmentGeneral (no specific location)NetworkingNetworking (forum, discussion group), Case study A project CoP sponsored by KM4D. For people who work to increase access to and use of research by stakeholders in international development contexts. Thiry countries and 35 organizations represented. Hold an annual workshop and produce a report of best practices, lessons learned etc for specific topics relevant to knowledge brokers. Has a series of case studies on intermediary impact. This core group maintains the broader KB Forum.
Introduction to knowledge exchangeIssues Projecthttp://www.urbansustainabilityexchange.org.uk/ISSUESGuidanceNotes.htmlInternational developmentGeneral (no specific location)Planning (guideline, template, worksheet, checklist), Communication/discussionCase study, Fact sheet, Communication guide, Framework/guidelineShort comprehensive guide describing 7 stages of KT. Uses examples from selected case studies in a sustainable urban environment context.Aimed at researchers, but useful to science policy analysts as well.
Operationalising intermediary work; practical tools ans shared experiences from IDS Knowledge ServicesInstitute of Development Studieshttp://www.ids.ac.uk/research-teams/impact-and-learning-team/publications/operationalising-intermediary-workInternational developmentEuropeCommunication/discussion, EducationCommunication guide, Website, Fact sheet, Framework/guidelineThis link has documents and guides describing their practices in intermediary work and communication. Other pages give detailed project descriptions. Source for case studies.Extensive site.
EldisInstitute of Development Studies, Sussexhttp://www.eldis.org/International developmentEuropeNetworking, EducationNetworking (forum, discussion group), Database Excellent source of evidence-based information on International Development (research information maintained in a database for free download) and includes an active online community.Not specifically about K*.
Global forum for rural advisory servicesGFRAShttp://www.g-fras.org/en/International development, AgricultureGeneral (no specific location)Networking, EvaluationDatabase, Evaluation, Networking (forum, discussion group)Roster of extension experts. Active site with recent updates and blogs posted. Members from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe. Advice on rural issues in the development context. Currently working on evaluation of initiatives.
Global knowledge partnership foundation websiteGlobal knowledge partnership foundation http://gkpfoundation.org/International developmentGeneral (no specific location)NetworkingNetworking (forum, discussion group)A multi-stakeholder network to promote access to and use of knowledge and information.
Pan Asia Network on GovernancePAN E-Govhttp://panegov.net/International developmentAsiaNetworkingNetworking (forum, discussion group) Network of researchers/academics in Asia working on democratic Governance.
Data visualization toolsThe World Bankhttp://data.worldbank.org/products/data-visualization-toolsGeneral (no specific sector), International developmentGeneral (no specific location)Communication/discussion, EducationCommunication guide, WebsiteWorld Bank Data Visualisation Tools. List of tools to display development indicators (interactive maps, google,etc).
Research and policy in development (RAPID)Oversees Development Institutehttp://www.odi.org.uk/work/programmes/rapid/default.aspInternational developmentGeneral (no specific location)Education, Communication/discussion, Planning (guideline, template, worksheet, checklist)Case study, Communication guide, Website, Facilitation guide, Framework/guideline, Database Contains a section (RAPID) on tools on Evidence-Informed Policy making. Includes examples on Research-Policy linkages in the ID context. Specific section includes a database of practical tools to improve skills and capacities.
Supporting the Use of Research Evidence (SURE guides)Jenny Moberg, Simon Lewin, Susan Munabi Babigumira, Andy Oxman (Norwegian Knowledge Centre for the Health Services, Norway); and Shaun Treweek (University of Dundee, United Kingdom)http://homepage.mac.com/streweek/sure_guides_web/source/introduction.htmlInternational developmentAfricaCommunication/discussion, Planning (guideline, template, worksheet, checklist), FacilitationCommunication guide, Facilitation guide, Framework/guidelineSURE is a collaborative project that builds on and supports the Evidence-Informed Policy Network (EVIPNet) in Africa and the Region of East Africa Community Health (REACH) Policy Initiative. It provides guides on writing policy briefs, monitoring and evaluating, and facilitation of policy dialogues.
IKM emergent websiteIKM emergenthttp://wiki.ikmemergent.net/index.php/Main_PageInternational developmentGeneral (no specific location)EducationFramework/guideline, WebsiteInternational development with the by line ‘Multiple knowledges, multiple realities’. Essentially a Wiki set up as a 5 year project. Last posting (Jan 2012) may redirect future efforts. Site hosts a variety of documents on K* practices.
Network of African Science AcademiesEstablished by African Academy of Science and Inter Academy Panelwww.nasaconline.orgEnvironmentAfricaNetworkingNetworking (forum, discussion group)Network of African Science Academies (academies members, not individual scientists). Environmental Sector and focus on Africa. Link to K* training events and hosts documents.Although a couple of upcoming specific events were posted, there were only about 20 documents in the resource section.
TeamworksUnited Nationshttps://one.unteamworks.orgInternational developmentGeneral (no specific location)Communication/discussion, GeneralKnowledge Management within the UN: UN Teamworks secure site - Includes UN KM focal points listOnly accessible by members.
Health Research Evaluation GuideSarah Bowen for CIHRhttp://www.cihr-irsc.gc.ca/e/documents/kt_lm_guide_evhr-en.pdfHealthNorth AmericaEvaluationFramework/guidelineDesigned to help researchers develop an Evaluation plan linked to Knowledge Translation
Promoting and assessing value creation in communities and networks: a conceptual frameworkEtienne Wenger, Beverly Trayner, Maarten de Laathttp://wenger-trayner.com/documents/Wenger_Trayner_DeLaat_Value_creation.pdfEducationEuropeEvaluationFramework/guidelineA framework to guide the assessment of value created by social learning activities. Includes a set of indicators for data collection, a process for integrating indicators, and a guide to creating narratives around value creation, and a toolkit around telling and collecting narratives.
Research planning for impacts: strategic communications in knowledge mobilizationUBC: presenters Evan Wood, Robyn Sussel, moderator Lucie McNeilhttp://research.ubc.ca/civicrm/event/info?id=63&reset=1HealthNorth AmericaEducationEducation moduleA seminar session detailing a success story about effective communication of research and an overview of the steps involved in creating a successful communications strategy.Appears to be a one-time event that is not being webcast; only for those in the Vancouver, BC area. Occurs June 26, 2012.
Measuring the impact of communities of practice: a conceptual modelDonald Ropeshttp://www.surfsharekit.nl:8080/get/smpid:10710/DS1/General (no specific sector)General (no specific location)EvaluationFramework/guideline
Creating and sustaining a successful teamworks spaceBenjamin Kumpfhttp://www.slideshare.net/bkumpf/creating-sustaining-a-successful-teamworks-spaceGeneral (no specific sector)General (no specific location)FacilitationChecklistA check-list for users of UNDP's peer-collaboration platform Teamworks. The questions are applicable for everyone who intends to establish an online knowledge network.
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