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PublicizedTargetAlleged Source/MotiveMethodHarmNotesLinkLinkLinkLink
2/10/2012CIAAnonymousDDoSSite was inaccessibleHackers hit CIA, UN Web sites
2/10/2012Mexican Mining Chamber, also known as "Camimex"Anonymous, citing alleged exploitative labor conditions and business practices.unknownhackers claim to have stolen e-mailsHackers hit CIA, UN Web sites
2/10/2012UNCasiunknownhackers posted purported vulnerabilities to PastebinHackers hit CIA, UN Web sites
2/9/2012Foxconn, equipment maker for AppleSwagg Security to protest alleged poor treatment of workers that have led to suicides and deathsunknownUsernames and passwords of employees released on the Web.Apple supplier Foxconn hit by hackers
2/8/2012Syrian President Bashar al AssadAnonymous, amid Syria's increasingly harsh crackdown against civilian protesters.unknownHackers broke into the Syrian Ministry of Presidential Affairs and leaked e-mails, including one revealing Assad's prep for Barbara Walters interview in which he denied reports of civilian massacres. Taking on Syria, Anonymous breaks into Assad's server
2/8/2012SymantecHackers believed affiliated with AnonymousunknownHackers stole source code from Symantec in 2006 and released it this week on the Web after allegedly trying to extort $50,000 from Symantec.Hackers release source code for Symantec's PCAnywhereHackers wanted $50,000 to keep Symantec source code private
2/8/2012West Virginia Chiefs of Police AssociationCabinCr3W, citing alleged police brutalityunknownHackers posted home addresses, home phone numbers and cellphone numbers of current and retired police chiefs from an old Web siteCBSNews: Hackers post W.Va. police officers' personal infoCharlestonGazette: Hackers group posts police chiefs' information online
2/7/2012Oakland police and other city officialsAnonymous for protest crackdowns and arrests, budget cutting and school, park, and library closings unknownPersonal information of city officials posted publicly.Anonymous targets Oakland city officialsSFChronicle: Anonymous posts Oakland officials’ information
2/3/2012Puckett & Faraj law firmAnonymous to protest alleged court corruption and in support of Bradley Manning. unknownAnonymous hacked into the Web site of defense lawyers for a U.S. Marine accused of leading a civilian massacre in Anonymous reveals Haditha massacre emailsAnonymous hacks lawyers for Marine accused of Iraq massacre
2/3/2012FBI, Scotland YardAnonymousunknownHackers eavesdropped on conference call officials held to discuss the hackers and then released recording of the call on the Web.Anonymous: We snooped an FBI cybercrime call
2/3/2012Texas policeAnonymous, allegedly over a cop being investigated for child porn.unknownHackers published the names, addresses and other information of more than 700 officers in Texas after compromising the Texas Police Association's Web site.  allegedly over a cop being investigated for child Hackers publish names, addresses of hundreds of Texas police officers
2/3/2012Salt Lake City policeAnonymous attacked a Salt Lake City police Web site to protest an anti-graffiti bill.unknownHackers gained access this week to sensitive data, including citizen complaints about drug crimes, including phone numbers, addresses and other personal information.HuffPo: Law enforcement websites under attack by hackers
2/3/2012Boston policeAnonymous, in response to Occupy Boston police brutalityunknownDefaced the Web site.Anonymous Smashes Boston Police Department’s Website
2/3/2012Greece's Justice MinistryAnonymous protesting against Greece's bailout by the EU and the IMF, which led to austerity measures.unknownunclearReuters: Anonymous Attacks Greece's Justice Ministry To Protest EU, IMF Bailout
2/2/2012VeriSignunknownunknownHackers broke into corporate servers and stole information in several attacks in 2010, the company revealed in an SEC filing in October 2011. The company did not say what data was stolen.Key Internet operator VeriSign hit by hackersHackers stole data from VeriSign in 2010
1/27/2012Copyrightalliance.orgAnonymous targeted sites supportive of ACTA.unknownSite was inaccessible
1/21/2012Web hoster DreamHostunknownunknownDreamHost warns customers that hackers may have stolen FTP passwords.Web-hosting service DreamHost warns users of password hack
1/19/2012DOJ, FBI, MPAA, Universal Music, othersAnonymous hit sites supporting SOPA/PIPA and the arrest of MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom.DDOSSites were temporarily inaccessible.DOJ, FBI, entertainment industry sites attacked after piracy arrestsWhat hath #OpMegaUpload wrought?
1/17/2012Tel Aviv bourse, Israeli banks, El Al Airlinesunknown, but likely DDoSSites were temporarily offlineThe move followed OxOmar, a member of Group-XP,reportedly breaking into Israeli sports Web site ONE, and releasing the credit card and personal data of cardholders.Israel rattled as hackers hit bourse, banks, El AlMiddle East cyberwar hits Israeli banks, stock exchange, airline
1/15/2012ZapposunknownunknownZappos warned customers that someone gained access to a server and may have stolen e-mail addresses, billing and shipping addresses, phone numbers, the last four digits of their credit card numbers, and scrambled passwords.Zappos customer data accessed in security breach
12/25/2011StratforLulzSec, AntiSecunknown860,000 e-mail addresses, 75,000 unencrypted credit card numbers stolen and later released publiclyAnonymous claims hack on security think tankHackers release credit card, other data from Stratfor breach
8/24/2011AllianceForBiz.comunknownunknownNames, e-mail addresses, and passwords for 20,000, including U.S. government employees, posted publicly.EWeek:Hacker Exposes US Government Staff Log-ins
8/22/2011Danish governmentUnidentified hacker says move is protest against government using public funds to process records and then charging public to access them.unknownHacker posts online 1 million records from a government-maintained database of businesses.PCWorld: Hackers Post 1M Danish Government Business Records to Net
8/22/2011Libyan domain name registryunknownunknownHackers deface home page for registry to display a rebel flag and the message "bye bye Gaddafi" as well as February 17, which was the start of recent protestsAction comes as rebels seize large parts of TripoliThe Register:Rebel hackers seize Libyan domain name registry
8/22/2011Nokiapr0tect0r AKA mrNRGunknownNokia developer Web site hacked, user data exposed including e-mail addresses.WSJ:Nokia Suspends Forum After Data BreachZDNetUK: Nokia hack reveals developer details
8/19/2011Vanguard Defense IndustriesAntiSecunknownHackers release a gigabyte of private information from government contractorAntiSec hackers target Vanguard Defense
8/17/2011BART policeunknown, probably in retaliation for BART shutting of cell service before a planned protestunknownA database belonging to the BART Police Officers Association was posted online today, complete with full names, e-mail addresses, home addresses, and passwords.Second BART-related data breach since BART turned off cell service before a planned protest August 11. Hackers break into BART police union Web site
8/14/2011BARTAnonymous, DJ Mash. BART attacked after SF subway system cuts cell service ahead of planned protest of police violence.SQL injectionInformation of 2,400, possibly more, users released, including name, e-mail address, password, as well as the address and phone number of some. Web site of defaced too.Anonymous defaces BART site, leaks user dataS.F. subway muzzles cell service during protest
8/10/2011Hong Kong stock exchangeunknownunknownHackers broke into news site of Hong Kong stock exchange, where corporate filings are published, forcing the suspension of trading for seven companies.WSJ: Hong Kong Exchanges Suspect Malicious Hacking Caused Website ProblemsHong Kong stock exchange halts trading after hack attack
8/9/2011BlackBerry maker Research In Motion (RIM)Team PoisonunknownRIM's BlackBerry blog was hacked in retaliation for RIM offering to assist London police in combating rioters, many of whom are using BlackBerrys to organizeRIM blog hacked in warning over London unrest
8/8/2011government of SyriaAnonymousunknownHome page of the Syrian Ministry of Defense site defaced with Anonymous logo and a call for the downfall of President Bashar al-Assad.Anonymous takes over Syrian government site
8/6/2011more than 70 U.S. law enforcement agencies and police association in ItalyAntiSecunknown10GB of personal information, private e-mails, passwords, training files, data from informants, Social Security numbers and stolen credit card information AntiSec hackers post stolen police data as revenge for arrests
8/5/2011Citigroup JapanunknownA source said the scheme was perpetrated by a third-party vendor that had been given access to Citi's internal systems.Personal information of 92,408 Citigroup credit card customers in Japan was stolen and sold to third parties, the bank said.It's the second data breach for Citi in three months.WSJ: Citigroup Hit by Data Theft in Japan
8/2/201172 public and private organizations in 14 countries McAfee report does not speculate, but there's a pattern in the targets -- which do not include China but do include political non-profits, a pro-democracy organization, the World Anti-doping Agency, and the International Olympic Committee and Olympic committees in three countries, which were targeted right before and after the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.targeted phishing attacks with e-mail exploit that installed a back doorNational secrets, classified government data, source code, bug databases, email archives, details for new oil and gas field auctions, legal contracts, SCADA configurations and more.Vanity Fair Exclusive: Operation Shady rat—Unprecedented Cyber-espionage CampaignGlobal cyber-espionage operation uncovered
7/26/2011South Korea's Cyworld social network site and Nate portal and search engineunknownunknownSK Communications, which runs Cyworld and Nate, says names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, resident registration numbers and passwords of 35 million people were exposed after hacking attack.SK Communications says malicious code used in attack appeared to have originated in China.KoreaHerald: 35m Cyworld, Nate users’ information hackedBreach reportedly exposes data of 35 million South Koreans
7/22/2011Italian Police's National Center for Computer Crime and the Protection of Critical InfrastructureAntiSecunknownHackers claim to have stolen more than 8 GB of internal data that was allegedly seized during police investigations, including information on the Ministry of Transport in Egypt, Ministry of Defense in Australia, Russian companies and U.S. Justice Department. They threatened to publish it online.Computerworld: Anonymous hacks Italy's cybercrime police
7/21/2011NATOAnonymousunknownHackers claim to have 1 GB of data and released several files as proof. they threatened to release more.Anonymous claims to have breached NATO securityAnonymous still accessing, downloading NATO data
7/18/2011Lada Gaga's Web siteSwagSecunknownServer breached June 27 and names and e-mail addresses of thousands of Gaga fans were stolen.The hackers claimed to have stolen information on fans from Web sites of Amy Winehouse and Justin Bieber earlier.The Guardian: Lady Gaga's website hacked by SwagSec cyber attackersTNW: SwagSec releases personal information from 51,000 Justin
7/18/2011News Corp. sites, The Sun and News InternationalLulzSecunknownHackers redirected The Sun home page to fake story about death of News Corp. owner Rupert Murdoch, and then later to LulzSec's Twitter feed, as well as redirected a News International's page with a statement on the hack to the LulzSec Twitter feed. They also released phone numbers of News Corp. employees and an e-mail address and password for former Sun editor Rebekah Brooks, who is embroiled in the mobile phone voice mail hacking scandal at News of the World. Earlier in the day, a former News of the World journalist-turned whistleblower was found dead.Hackers target Murdoch newspaper Web siteGuardian: News of the World phone-hacking whistleblower found dead
7/12/2011MonsantoAnonymousunknownhackers claim to have crippled Web servers and sites, and released names, e-mail and regular addresses of 2,500 employeesA day later, Monsanto says its servers were attacked a month earlier and that only 10 percent of the people in the data dump work for the company.Anonymous targets Monsanto, oil firmsMonsanto confirms Anonymous hacking attack
7/12/2011ToshibaV0iDunknownToshiba America confirmed to CNET that a product registration server was hacked and data (name, phone number, data of birth, address, e-mail address and password) for 681 customers was released.The Hacker News: Toshiba Database hacked and User accounts leaked
7/11/2011Booz Allen HamiltonAntiSecunknownHackers claimed to have compromised a server and released internal data, including about 90,000 military e-mail addresses.A day later Booz Allen Hamilton confirmed that an "illegal attack" had taken placeHackers claim they exposed Booz Allen Hamilton dataAnonymous targets Monsanto, oil firms
7/8/2011TurkeyAnonymousunknownhackers claim to have taken 74 government sites offline and released data from 100 Turkish government domainsAnonymous boasts takedown of 74 Turkish government sites
7/8/2011Moody'sPortuguese hackersunknownhackers deface credit rating agency's site a day after Moody's downgraded Portugal's sovereign-debt rating to junk statusThe Register: Portuguese hackers strike back at Moody's downgrade
7/8/2011U.S. government contractor IRC FederalAntiSecunknowncorporate e-mails, passwords and other information releasedThe Hacker News: Anonymous Hacks FBI Contractors IRC Federal
7/8/2011German Federal Policen0-N4m3 Cr3wunknownThe hackers compromised a server used by the country's customs service and posted location coordinates, license plate and telephone numbers, police usernames and passwords, and a GPS application in response to government communications interception.SCMagazine: German police hacked, suspect tracking data stolen
7/8/2011Chile's Ministry of EducationAntiSecDDoSsite offlineInvisible Nandu: Chile Ministry of Education - MINEDUC is Attacked
7/8/2011finance site Kiplingerunknownunknowncustomer contact information, e-mail addresses, passwords and some encrypted credit card numbers were accessed by an unauthorized third party in attack discovered June 25Kiplinger FAQ
7/7/2011Florida election departmentAbhaxasunknownhacker exposes more data after Florida officials downplay data dump from early JulyZeroPaid:Abhaxas Hacks Florida’s Voting System Again
7/6/2011Energy Department's Pacific Northwest and Jefferson National LabsunknownunknownPNNL says no data was compromised, JNL says it stopped attack quickly and that it does not handle classified data'Sophisticated' attack targets two Energy Dept. labs
7/5/2011Sony Music Irelandunknownunknownfake stories posted on sonymusic.ieSophos: Hackers plant bogus celebrity stories on Sony Music Ireland website
7/4/2011AppleAntiSecexploited security flaw in the software Apple used26 admin usernames and passwords for an Apple server exposedHackers target Apple serverWSJ:Computer-Hacking Group Targets Apple In Latest Attack
7/4/2011Fox News Twitter accountunknownunknownThe Fox News Twitter feed was used to publish false reports that President Obama had been killed.Twitter says Fox News had identified the "offsite vector that led to the compromise."Fox News reports Twitter hack to Secret Service
7/2/2011Florida election departmentAbhaxasunknownpoll worker data exposedFlorida Department of State spokesperson Chris Cate says "Florida’s Division of Elections was not hacked, nor was the Florida Voter Registration System. The info obtained and released was taken from a county that had put together the data for the purpose of training their poll workers. No sensitive information was stolen."MiamiHerald: Did hacker get 'inside details' of Florida voting systems?
6/30/2011Arizona Fraternal Order of Police, Fraternal Order of Police in Mesa, TucsonAntiSecunknown8 Web sites defaced, documents released including passwords and e-mail addresses of 1,200 officers, some financial data of specific officers and personal e-mails third installment of Arizona police data Arizona lawmen hit a third time by hackers
6/29/2011Arizona Department of Public SafetyAntiSecunknownhackers release second dump of data, including more personal data on specific officersdata dump follows original release on June 23NYTimes: Hackers Release More Data From Arizona Police
6/29/2011Al-Qaeda unknownunknownhackers shut down al-Qaeda's Internet communications, halting the flow of videos and statements onlineNBC News: Hacker attack cripples al-Qaida web communications
6/28/2011Orlando, FloridaAnonymous, to protest of arrest of Food not Bombs volunteers for giving out food in public without a permitDDoS, e-mail "bombs" and black was down temporarilyBBC: Hacker group Anonymous declares war on Orlando, Florida
6/28/2011Zimbabwe, Brazil, Universal Music Group, Viacom, Mosman Municipal Council in AustraliaAntiSec (Anonymous/LulzSec)SQL injection in at least Mosman case380 megabytes of data releasedHackers: Here's Zimbabwe, Brazil, UMG, Viacom data
6/28/2011Gannett Government Media, publisher of Army Times, Defense News, etc.unknownunknownsubscriber names, user IDs, passwords, e-mail addresses, and if provided ZIP code, duty status, paygrade, and branch of service exposedbreach first announced June 7 in online notice, but e-mails to readers sent June 28LATimes: Army Times, Defense News, other Gannett government sites hacked; reader data accessed
6/27/2011TunisiaAnonymous, part of anti-government/corporate AntiSec campaign launched with LulzSecunknownWeb site defaced The Hacker News: Anonymous Takes Down Tunisian Government Site
6/24/2011PBS.orgWarv0x (AKA Kaihoe)SQL injectionOne area of a website was defaced and some PBS administrator user names and encrypted passwords were exposed, confirms.TheHackerNews:PBS & Writerspace Hacked Again
6/24/2011Former British Prime Minister Tony BlairTeaMp0isoN says it targeted Blair over his support for the Iraq Warunknowncontents of his electronic address book, including contact data for members of ParliamentHackers leak Former British PM Tony Blair data
6/24/2011Canadian supermarket chain T&TunknownunknownNames, passwords and contact data of 58,000 people may have been exposed and Web site visitors may have been tricked into downloading malware earlier in the month.CBCNews: Cyberattack hits T&T Supermarket
6/24/2011Brazil's Institute of Geography and Statisticsself-described Brazilian nationalist hacker FIREH4CK3RunknownWeb site defaced Message said: "There is no space for groups or ideology as LulzSec Anonymous in Brazil"The Hacker News:IBGE hacked
6/23/2011News InternationalunknownDDoSdigital content publishing servers affected by attack for a couple of hoursThe attack follows criticism by LulzSec over coverage of the arrest of hacker Ryan Cleary by Sun, which is published by News International. LulzSec denied responsibility for the attack.The Guardian: Hackers attack News International servers
6/23/2011NATOunknownunknownsubscribers to NATO's e-Bookshop service were urged to change their passwords after a possible compromise of usernames, passwords, addresses and e-mail addresses.After NATO released a report singling out Anonymous' hacktivism as a cyber threat, the group warned NATO not to challenge it.NATO investigating possible data breachAnonymous warns NATO not to challenge it
6/23/2011Arizona Department of Public SafetyLulzSec said it is leaking the data to protest "racial profiling anti-immigrant" policies of Arizona law enforcement, specifically SB1070, which makes it a crime to be in Arizona without documentation proving United States residency. Releases another batch of data on June 29.unknownpublicly released hundreds of private intelligence bulletins, training manuals, personal e-mail correspondence, names, phone numbers, addresses and passwords belonging to Arizona law enforcement.LulzSec releases Arizona law enforcement data
6/22/2011two Brazilian government sitesLulzSecprobably and offline temporarilyLulzSec takes down Brazil government sites
6/20/2011U.K.'s Serious Organized Crime AgencyLulzSec/Anonymous, in attempt to discredit and embarrass government agenciesdistributed denial-of-service attacksite down LulzSec, Anonymous announce hacking campaign
6/19/2011Infragard ConnecticutLulzSecSQL injectionunconfirmed, but site was down LulzSec takes credit on Twitter
6/19/2011Sony Pictures FranceIdahc of Lebanon and Auth3ntiq of FranceSQL injectionpublicly leaked 70 out of 177,000 e-mails Hackers claim 177K e-mails from Sony Pictures France
6/18/2011Sega unknownunknownsome Sega Pass member e-mail addresses, dates of birth, and encrypted passwords compromised.LulzSec offered to help Sega "destroy" the culprits because they love DreamcastAfter Sega gets hacked, LulzSec offers to seek revengePSLS » News » PSN / PlayStation NetworkSega Pass Database Hacked, Account Information Compromised
6/16/2011Germany's neo-Nazi National Democratic Partyn0-N4m3 Cr3w. Politically motivated to try to prevent NDP from gaining influence.unknownHackers stole up to 400 names and home addresses of supporters of Germany’s neo-Nazi National Democratic Party (NDP) and published them on Google Maps.SCMagazine: Hackers map locations of neo-Nazi party supporters
6/16/2011individualsLulzSecunknownReleased 62,000 e-mail addresses and passwords from unknown source. Accounts on Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, Amazon and World of Warcraft appear to have been hacked. This site,, offers a search tool to see if an e-mail address is among those exposed.LATimes:LulzSec discloses 62,000 email and password combinations that it may have hacked
6/16/2011U.S. SenateunknownunknownSenate spokesperson says no sensitive data leaked.Report: U.S. Senate site hacked againReuters: Hackers again break into Senate website
6/16/2011Electronic ArtsunknownunknownSystem hosting BioWare Neverwinter Nights forum is breached and user names, encrypted passwords, e-mail addresses, mailing addresses, names, phone numbers, CD keys and birth dates may have been compromised. Some unencrypted passwords believed stolen.Ars Technica: Bioware hackedEA confirms customer data stolen
6/15/2011CIALulzSecunknownsite temporarily downCIA Web site down; LulzSec claims responsibility
6/15/2011Payroll firm ADPunknownunknownaffects one of ADP's clientsReuters: ADP says investigating data breach
6/13/2011Bethesda Softworks, a subsidiary of gaming company ZeniMax MediaLulzSecunknownsource code and database passwords leakedLulzSec targets video game maker ZeniMax Media
6/13/2011U.S. SenateLulzSec, saying it doesn't like the U.S. governmentunknownpublished on the Web server's directory and file structure of the Senate siteLulz hackers attack Senate site
6/13/2011Spanish National PoliceAnonymous, in retaliation for the arrest of three people in Spainunknownsite was inaccessible temporarilyAnonymous takes down Spanish police siteSpain says it has arrested Anonymous hackers
6/11/2011International Monetary Fundpossibly a foreign entityunknownunclearbreach took place "over the last several months"Reports: International Monetary Fund suffers network break-inNew York Times: I.M.F. Reports Cyberattack Led to ‘Very Major Breach’
6/9/2011Turkish governmentAnonymous, in opposition to Internet filtering planunknownsite inaccessible temporarilythe move prompts the government to arrest 32 peopleTurkey arrests 32 after Anonymous' Web attacks
6/9/2011U.K.'s National Health ServicesLulzSecunknowngroup warns NHS about hole in their Web site that exposed admin passwords. Lulzsec released redacted e-mail publicly but did not release the data.LulzSec hackers--just having a laugh?
6/8/2011Sony PortugalIdahcHacker claims to have found flaws including SQL injection, XSS (cross-site scripting) and iFrame injection.customer e-mail addresses leakedSophos: Sony Portugal latest to fall to hackers
6/8/2011Sonisutoa/My Sony ClubunknownSomeone used spoofing to defraud Sony of shopping coupons worth Timeline
6/8/2011CitigroupunknownunknownNames, account numbers, and contact information, including e-mail addresses, were accessed during the breach, which affected about 360,000 customers.Breach was discovered in May during routine monitoring May 10.Report: Hackers accessed Citigroup customer dataCitigroup ups number of accounts breached in attack
6/6/2011Sony Computer Entertainment Developer NetworkLulzSecunknown Group says it stole 54MB of source code.Hackers taunt Sony with more data leaks, hacks
6/6/2011Sony BMGLulzSecunknownGroup says it leaked internal network maps of Sony BMG.Hackers taunt Sony with more data leaks, hacks
6/6/2011Sony Pictures RussiaunknownSQL InjectionofflineHackers taunt Sony with more data leaks, hacks
6/3/2011Sony EuropeIdahcSQL InjectionUser names, passwords, phone numbers and e-mails are leaked.Hackers target Sony, Nintendo and FBI partner Web siteThe Hacker News: Database at Application Store at Sony Europe Leaked!
6/3/2011Acer EuropePakistan Cyber ArmyunknownSource code and user data of 40,000 people reportedly compromised.The Hacker News: Acer Hacked
6/3/2011FBI partner Infragard AtlantaLulzSec, in an attempt to embarrass the FBI and security firm government contractorsunknownSite was hacked, defaced and 180 Infragard usernames and passwords were leaked.Infragard member and Unveillance CEO claims LulzSec members tried to extort money and data from him after snooping on his e-mail and phone calls.Hackers target Sony, Nintendo and FBI partner Web siteExclusive: CEO says hackers tried to extort data, money
6/3/2011NintendoLulzSecunknownbenign server file leaked, no customer dataHackers target Sony, Nintendo and FBI partner Web site
6/2/2011Sony PicturesLulzSecSQL InjectionPersonally identifying information of 37,500 customers was exposed, including address, e-mail address, phone number, date of birth, password and user name.Sony Pictures says 37,500 customer records exposedHackers steal more customer info from Sony servers
6/2/2011Sony BMG BelgiumLulzSecunknownE-mail addresses, usernames, unencrypted passwords, internal release dates of records and sales reports Timeline
6/2/2011Sony BMG NetherlandsLulzSecunknownusernames and passwords Timeline