How to Use: Red's Dragon Check-In
Note to Mobile users: please download the Google Sheets app on your mobile device to best view this sheet.
In the second tab, there is one column for "level" and four different check-in columns. To read any of the check-ins, relate it to the level provided. Before "clocking" past the level, you should have the dragons provided on the check-in for that level.
The Check-Ins:
Rulith Mandatory
Rulith Suggested/Intense
This check-in is designed for the casual players and players who have one of the highest bases on their team and who may be relied on for war. Your dragons will be a bit behind, but not terribly so.

I reccomend this check-in for the players who aren't interested in being the best fliers or most active players. It is not a particularly fun place to be especially because you will be limiting your divine power significantly, but it works. I highly suggest you do not over level compared to this check-in.
This check-in is designed for players who wish to be good fliers with a stronger roster. You may have to skip a building event or two, or may level slower than you like, bit it will ensure that you can fly more bases your level unboosted with a majority of your roster. This also makes it easier to find max xp for a lot longer.

I reccomend this check-in for most players, especially players who are active and who wish to have a strong roster. This alllows you to be pretty sneaky and take down bases higher than anticipated.
This check-in is mandatory for all Rulithian's to follow. That's pretty much it.This check-in is designed for the most active fliers and people who want to truly be dragon bad-asses. If you're a lower or mid-level player on your team, this is meant for you especially. It encourages you to be a badass with completely unexpected dragons for your level. It will require more runs to level dragons, which can be a nice motivator for the very active who like something to do. You will have to skip some fortification events, which allows you to mass up some clocks and have successful fortification events when you do build.

This check-in takes a lot of self-control and a lot of time to maintain. It is, however, more than worth it. The feeling of getting Hauheset as a level 137 is damn good.