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This Google Spreadsheet is an ongoing collaboration among piano teachers from around the world. It was begun in August of 2013 and is maintained by Joy Morin of the http://ColorInMyPiano.com blog. If you have comments or suggestions, please send an email to admin@ColorInMyPiano.com.
Viewing The ListsAdding To The Lists
1) The various lists can be viewed by clicking on the tabs along the bottom of the page. 1) Please note that if you are unable to edit the spreadsheet, please try again later. Google limits the number of editors to 50 at any given time.
2) The lists can be sorted by composer, title, level, etc.. Hovor your cursor over the column's letter and then click the small arrow that appears. Select "Sort Sheet A-Z" from the menu that appears. 2) First, confirm that the piece/book you wish to add is not already on the list. You can do this by sorting the list by composer or title.
3) Any teacher may add repertoire to the lists, providing they follow the directions on the right. 3) Scroll to the bottom of the list to find an empty row. Start filling in the information in each column. The columns that have a small gray arrow will require you to choose from the provided list. Please fill in all of the information you can.
4) If you have a Google/Gmail account, you can add this spreadsheet to your Google Drive -- which means you can easily go back and view the spreadsheet at any time. Check back soon to see updates added by other teachers. 4) Thanks for contributing!
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