TimestampWhat was the game result?What was your final score?What was the final score for the NPCs?Describe anything particularly notable that happened this game.What ship(s) did you use this game?What difficulty mode were you using?If any rules questions occurred, please list them here.Any game balance feedback to Ira, or anything else you want to add?Did you use the Missions & Powers mini-expansion?
6/30/2017 18:49:32I won!53
Killed scoundrel for the assassinate mission on turn 2, allowing victory at the end of turn 3.
Persistent MemoryEasy
7/8/2017 23:08:23I lost.1015
Easy but started with 4 credits. Blew up 4 times, once by combined Enforcer/Scoundrel attack. Dice hated me.
Easy Tiger, Mach HorrorEasy
NPCs took me out as a tier 2 ship for 2 FP. That's a lot of extra FP for NPCs, and really sealed the game! Not necessarily problem - only my first solo game, need to adjust strategy.
7/9/2017 19:15:42I won!1510
2nd game, really learned from my first one, late game fun blowing up NPCs with Krembler, 3cr blaster and help from Sellsword. Won after 7 rounds.
Easy Tiger, KremblerEasy
7/11/2017 1:49:29I lost.1220
Merchant (Investor) bought FP, then Scoundrel (Hateful) blew up my Tier II ship, carrying 4 Spice. NPC's rolled a 16(+8 for dropped Spice)=24. Giving them a 6 FP turn ftw. Oof.
Puddle Jumper, Void WaspNormal
I love this game. It's my new favorite solo board game experience. Well done!
BGG: Chrysalde
7/11/2017 21:59:45I won!1513
After drawing opportunistic scoundrel nearby while hiding in an ice asteroid, caused his demise via ice comet.
If NPC dies indirectly by you (ice comet) , do you get the kill reward?
Solo is pretty cool, thanks!
8/6/2017 18:48:49I lost.720
Trade embargo made Cyber super valuable, until the market manipulating merchant trashed all cyber! Nice while it lasted.
Puddle Jumper, Skimmer, Wormhole Ripper
It seemed odd that the merchant was moving up to 30 spaces on the 2nd half (NPC card side B) considering this was double move. Not sure if this was correct.
9/26/2017 5:28:29I lost.1720
NPC is overpower, shoot me down with a single round
Easytiger,Gaiden,Cold PhoenixNormal
10/14/2017 8:00:27I lost.1520
Passing through an asteroid field on my way to blow the enforcer away for a title, when the scoundrel suddenly appeared out of nowhere and one shotted my hull blowing me out of space! After a lucky quick trip to the infirmiry on the Kiln my patched together ship was ready again but now I found myself the brunt of gossip and soft mockery in dark corners, the rep of the scoundrel was growing fast and I knew I had to exact quick action. I made some runs to gather exploration Intel on some close sectors, and was also able to scrounge up some resources to sell, problem was all the planet's in the area didn't have the markets to deal with what I had to sell. I had to turn to Loath, my only chance for any real credits. After a hard spent night on Loath barely escaping the bar brawl with what credits I had left, I was off again. Refitted outfits, extra plating and a decent engine finally. Now I could truly take on that scoundrel who by now was well known to be flush in stolen credits. By the time I blew him out of the system I knew, it wasn't enough. For all the galavanting I'd done to get me this far, i didn't go far enough. Many others had already taken hold as revered flyers and smugglers, fighters and freelancers, for me maybe I'll just buy a new ship and start over.
Persistent MemoryNormal
Do the credits the enforcer receives after destroying the scoundrel count to npc fp? Npc does nothing if target is not tier 2, even if target just attacked it and is literally right next to it? Does the scoundrel target the player regardless if outlaw, ie the card that says target player not innocent?
More dynamic interaction with npc, more npc. A coop mode. Often the interaction with npc ships, because the play area can get large, feels pointless. Either the enforcer or the scoundrel are doing nothing and if they do sometimes they can't reach you. I like the idea of having a constant threat on me no matter how i choose to play, maybe having persistent behaviours. Like if an npc can't reach you or it can't fulfill this now but can next turn, that behaviour stays out until the npc fulfills it. Also maybe more severe consequences for dying in hard mode, loss of everything or most things, though it can be house ruled. Love the game, thanks so much! I just got both the base and expansion and have only played a few times, all lost btw, so if I'm redundant or missing something I hope many more plays will help that. Ben.
11/11/2017 5:35:54I won!2016
Numerator, The Krembler, Manchester
5/20/2018 15:10:21I won!2018
I totally looked past the rule regarding the Scoundrel NOT engaging the enforcer. They chased each other back and forth, with the enforcer coming out WAY ahead. He was getting pretty FAT with cash, and I was tempted to change up the status quo just for the cash out. I held my line.
Vagabond, Krembler, Cold Phoenix
I've had some, but I didn't write them down. I shall try to keep better notes in my Captain's Log.
I'm an IDIOT for not trying the SOLO game before now. I'm a veteran gamer with a pretty ridiculous game collection. I've always considered Xia to be one of the jewels in my collection, but stupidly place it in the realm of being a multi-player game only. I have TOTALLY gone ape with the solo play. Thank you, Cody and Ira!
6/2/2018 17:17:25I lost.1920
I started the round with 15 fame and the NPC's had 17 fame. What I thought was going to be a 5-point play (for the win) happened to be only 4 points, as one of the points was purchased. As a result I had to hold at 19. That VERY round ended with the NPC's scoring 3 points for the win, because they had a +4 to the d20 roll for fame at the end of the round (I rolled a 17).
Swamp Rat, Void Wasp, Cold Phoenix
6/3/2018 0:46:28I lost.1320
I tried my luck at normal difficulty. Ran into the perfect storm of events: Merchant was Market Manipulator, There was a Trade Embargo against Cyber, and the Loyalty of all neutral planets went Lawful directly after I turned Outlaw.
Numerator, GaidenNormal
6/4/2018 23:49:42I won!2018
Almost quit after the first 5 rounds, as I died repeatedly (3x) with mining. There was also a "Market Crash", which took out ALL the available goods. I decided to hang in there. As we all should know, "NEVER give up! Never surrender!"
Ghoststalker, The Krembler, Slow Leak
I know the NPC's will use the portal gates, but will they use the "Worm Holes"?
I think that The Enforcer, Scoundrel and Merchant need alternative targets, as they sometimes have nothing to do and therefore have little impact on the game. For instance, The "Corrupt" Enforcer just sits there, as long as I'm not an outlaw. Perhaps a secondary player could be added which takes one of the regular player ships and uses AI that would actually level up when the player upgrades their ship. The M.O. of this subsequent player could follow a hierarchy of ship outfits associated with either trading, bounty hunting, missions, etc...
2/6/2019 4:33:12I lost.310Vagabond, Manchester Normal
I can’t find the FAQ on the website. Also, seems weird that the enforcer was able to kill the Sco undrel so easy being on the same “side”.
2/17/2019 22:54:04I lost.1010Puddel jumperEasy
3/10/2019 4:24:12I won!1514
I was playing with the Fierce Fighter solo card.
1) The enforcer in one turn did 76 damage to my ship. I obviously died. 2) I thought I lost by 2 points but after reading the reward on the bottom of the solo card it said take an extra VP point per ship destroyed. So I call that a win since I destroyed all 3 NPC’s.
Easy Tiger, The Krembler, Slow Leak
Do you use the original NPC cards at all with the new solo NPC behavior cards. Does the merchant still collect credits? Does the scoundrel and enforcer still target you if you’re more than 2 sectors away?
Yes, both missions and powers.
3/10/2019 13:49:31I lost.515
I was so far behind I headed to a dead planet to collect some relics and rolled under 10, 6 times. I had a level 2 shield completely filled with enviro shields but could withstand all the damage. Figured I could lip to a planet to heal not realizing the ice froze over all my movement activation spots. I had 4 GTS mods on a level 3 engine so I could complete several missions, titles and events per turn. Unfortunately the NPC’s wasted me with unbelievable end of round rolls and lots bounty’s.
Persistent Memory, Constant Sorrow
The enforcer was locked onto the scoundrel from the beginning and with his behavior Diligent and then the Event card Martial law plus NPC stat side B, there was no chance. He did about 70+ damage per turn. Killing the scoundrel repeatly and adding +4 to my solo round end roll each turn. By turn 6 the enforcer had 8 bounty collected from scoundrel.
Yes, both missions and powers.
4/7/2019 12:28:18I won!2016
3 planets appeared close enough fir the "usual suspect" merchant to give +2 in every npc roll and +4midgame. Decided not to destroy it as the danger of it respawing as "market manipulator" thus gaining +4 or possibly +8 was enough that i let it do its job. worked out fine.
cant recall nowNormalnoall is well.
Yes, both missions and powers.
11/19/2019 7:56:48I won!2019
Did a lot of different things: first exploring, a bit of trade, then set a bomb and became an outlaw, few missions, last points through heavy cubes trade.
Swamp Rat - The Krembler - Constant Sorrow
Yes, both missions and powers.
12/8/2019 20:13:03I lost.920
The ice comet was in play, and landed on poor Loath!
Ghost Stalker, Occam's Razor, Cold Phoenix
Investor behavior by the merchant + only two spots on its route right next to each other + unlucky rolls made for big NPC FP wins. Not a problem, just a unique aspect of this round.
Yes, both missions and powers.
1/5/2020 9:50:18I won!2017
Went on a blind jump carrying r relics. Owner of the "ice rock jockey"(+/-1 on ice asteroids roll) title. Head first infront of an ice adteroid and rolled 1 on a d6.. talk about luck...
Easy Tiger (tac-x), Gaiden (evasive thrusters) , Long Haul (shuttle bay)
balance seems ok most of the time. Only some rolls for AI fame points seems absurd ( getting a +3) is always annoying and hard to catch up but plays nicely always.
Yes, both missions and powers.
9/28/2020 9:29:19I won!2014
Got the Hulk event Tier III ship (Cold Phoenix) and Collector Title which helped me pass the NPCs on the Fame Track.
Puddle Jumper, Mach Horror and Cold Phoenix
Question on NPC behavior (Scoundrel: Bully) when I have a Tier III ship. Scanning is possible from within a Nebula. Note: FAQ link above is broken
Got the event that turned all Neutral planets into Outlaw planets... forced me into being an Outlaw. Is there a way to ever lose the Outlaw status without destroying the Tier III ship ? Seems like there should be a way to lose Outlaw status (even if difficult to do). BGG Username: Arctarus
3/22/2021 8:57:56I won!2019
Second game ever. Down 19-14 to the NPCs and I'd pretty well given up as I knew it was the last turn. Had the Humanitarian Aid event out and made my way to Neo Vostok (ice asteroid) to be able to drop off $2000 for 1FP, quick trip to get Explore token, then back to drop off my Terra cube for one more FP. Then through blind luck and some good rolls I was able to get three more Explore tokens (a couple of them were +5 moves which helped). Two more FPs. That brought me to 18 FPs. Picked up a Thief mission where I sidled up to the Merchant and had a roll of 19 to put $5000 on the card. Luckily Doravin V wasn't too far away. Originally though I thought my last roll was one spot short of Doravin's mission spot. Darn. I'd gotten close but then figured I'd lose 20-18. Then realized that I could try going through the planetary shield. Got a good roll - again - and made it to the mission where I could get that FP and $5000. I was up to 19 points and all happy. Just spend that $5000 for my last point to win. And then I remembered that I couldn't do that. Shoot, I was done and figured I lost again - 20-19. Sat back and realized that I almost had enough to upgrade my Tier 2 ship to Tier 3. I had $7000 at this point. Sold off my Piercer for $1000. Then was able to upgrade my ship for that last FP and a win of 20-19. Quite the roller coaster.
Easy Tiger, Gaiden, Long HaulEasyNone.
3/28/2021 0:38:07I lost.2017Numerator, Skimmer, Long HaulEasyNone.
3/28/2021 0:38:48I lost.1420Vagabond, Gaiden, NightshadeNormalNone.
1/26/2023 16:15:00I won!2018
Was able to maneuver around an ice comet track to destroy my prosecutors
Numerator, Gaiden, CarriakNormal
Is it allowed to buy 1 cube? Been checking every BGG thread and I will post right now about it. Also, still not convinced about the enforcer having to stay six spaces apart (by Cody ruling on BGG) if i just hide inside a border -although I guess it gives you leverage
Sorry about the edition request for the gdoc! Didn't see this button right in from of me
Yes, both missions and powers.