Session TitleDay - TimePresenter(s)Description
Can You Do That? Legal Issues in Tech AdministrationTuesday ‐ Room 1- 10:15 ‐ 11:15Colin Webb Noble Public Schools, Glen Hammonds State Attorney General's OfficeThis session is designed for tech directors- superintendents and teachers who must ensure legal compliance in technology administration. The session will address current legal issues related to technology administration including email- phones- texting- social media- copyright- and privacy issues.
Get Factivated!‐ Achieve 100% Mastery with Factivation!® for Multiplication/DivisionTuesday ‐ Room 10- 10:15 ‐ 11:15Lisa Litchenburg Arbor Grove Elementary School (Putnam City)- Factivation LLC Mike Dial Arbor Grove Elementary School (Putnam City)Factivation!® is changing the way teachers- parents- and students think about the Multiplication facts and their Division counterparts! This revolutionary method utilizes online instructional videos (i‐Pad compatible)- games- and unique downloadable tools to simplify the times table into logical- brain‐friendly groups that are simple for students to learn. Factivation!® was developed by a Putnam City classroom teacher and is now being used in classrooms across the United States- Canada- and Australia. Workshop attendees will learn how to use the Factivation!® Assessment Tool to diagnose fact gaps- prescribe needed lessons- and monitor progress. Several components of the online Factivation!® program will be introduced and teachers will leave with an understanding of how to use them to ensure fact fluency for ALL learners. Beginning in elementary school- mastery of Multiplication facts is crucial for students' success. Teachers in attendance will learn how to use the online instructional videos and other tools to create mathematically confident learners who love to multiply! Teachers will also have a chance to visit the student area of the website- the Fact Lab which contains supporting Flash games and timed challenges for each lesson.
Interactive Technology on a BudgetTuesday ‐ Room 11- 10:15‐11:15Casey Davidson My SchoolwareDo more with less! Combine the power of a SMART Board with Hitachi projectors and extend your budget on the initial install and cost of bulb replacements. Have you tried Hitachi’s interactive projector? It is the perfect solution to a mobile unit. Also- we have the secret to entice all your teachers to make the best use of their interactive boards for only $99 (site license).
Providing Social Support for Gifted Students through BibliotherapyTuesday ‐ Room 14- 10:15 ‐ 11:15Cathy Seward Oklahoma State Department of EducationDoes your Gifted Plan require you to provide social support for your gifted students? Not sure how to do that? This session will provide suggestions on how to implement and use a Bibliotherapy program to help gifted resource teachers or regular classroom teachers meet that requirement for their gifted students.
Using CRAPy SourcesTuesday ‐ Room 15- 10:15 ‐ 11:15Kathy Bates Noble High School Teresa Tyra Noble High SchoolThe session teaches how students easily remember four criteria in evaluating sources. Students learn how to apply the acronym C.R.A.P. (Standing for Currency- Reliability- Authority and Purpose) to each source. This test allows students to validate their choice of sources for research projects.
First in War- First in Peace and First in TechnologyTuesday ‐ Room 16- 10:15 ‐ 11:15Jan McClaren Deji Dugger Beth Howard Teresa Potter, Claremore High School Fairview Elementary Mark Twain Elementary Fisher ElementaryStuck in Oklahoma- too? Join us while we visit Mount Vernon virtually. Team Washington will also introduce a PowerPoint created to teach students how to draw George Washington in cartoon style- and participants will explore how to integrate cartooning into core curriculum lessons. We will also demonstrate Glogster- Xtranormal- Animoto- and as teaching tools- while learning about George Washington. Teachers will learn how to use PhotoStory to create a persuasive/argumentative visual essay to help with Common Core Testing.
Who Do I Want to Be When I Grow Up...Educator's Tips to Career Exploration and College ReadinessTuesday ‐ Room 17- 10:15 ‐ 11:15Stephanie Chaplin Crooked Oak Middle/Elementary SchoolThis session is designed to teach participants how to engage K‐12 students in their comprehensive career planning process. This session will focus primarily on the career exploration phase of this process. Participants will learn how to integrate Career and College Readiness and Academic Parallel techniques in the classroom.
SKYPE...What's all the Hype- Taking Advantage of the Power of SkypeTuesday ‐ Room 2- 10:15 ‐ 11:15Eric Andexler Truman Elementary Diane Wood Jefferson ElementarySkype is a free and simple way for teachers to open up their classroom and their students to a world beyond their school. With Skype- students can learn from other students- experience other cultures- and expand their knowledge in amazing ways. This session will show teachers how easy it is to set up a Skype account to connect their classroom to the outside world. We will share our classroom experiences using Skype- and provide valuable resources that you can use to connect with other educators around the world.
Teaching the Writing Process through the Use of TechnologyTuesday ‐ Room 3- 10:15 ‐ 11:15Elizabeth Hoggatt Norman High School ‐ Norman Public Schools Shayna Kutt Norman High School ‐ Norman Public SchoolsThis session will demonstrate the teaching of writing (and revising) through the use of Intelligent Classroom technology- including mobis- that the Norman Public Schools has recently acquired. Presenters will demonstrate the use of skill‐ centered rubrics in a student‐centered revising activity. Teachers will create a writing prompt/lesson to be used in his/her own classroom no matter the content area.
iPads in EducationTuesday ‐ Room 4- 10:15‐11:15Orlando Aguilar Apple- Inc.General Introduction and capabilities of an iOS device to be used in the classroom- district admin- board members. As well as deploying into you network.
Teachers- Technology ‐ What and How do we Teach Them?Tuesday ‐ Room 5- 10:15 ‐ 11:15Judith Wakefield University of Central Oklahoma This is an interactive presentation that addresses innovative strategies for educating teacher candidates on how to effectively implement technology as a teaching tool and a learning resource for classroom students. Courses designed to equip pre‐service teacher candidates with technological tools and resources are challenged by the rapidly changing current technological tools and resources. PBS conducted their eighth annual teacher survey on media and technology. The survey confirms 'a deepening commitment to media and digital technology that connects teachers and their students to educational resources' (PBS- 2010). When Instructional Technology courses combine the basic components- modules and advisory councils- pre‐K through twelve classroom students will be able to effectively use technology to learn. They will be able to embrace tomorrow's technology today.
Engaging Middle and High School Students in Independent ReadingTuesday ‐ Room 6- 10:15 ‐ 11:15Kim Bowen MetaMetrics- Inc.Independent reading provides choice with challenge- engagement and achievement. This session will focus on how teachers- parents- and students can use data including Lexile measures to match middle and high school readers to text. Lexile measures are reported with OK state assessments and include several free web‐based tools for teachers and students. Strategies and techniques for facilitating and assessing students' independent reading will be included.
Global and Local Thinking ‐ Student Explorations in MathTuesday ‐ Room 7- 10:15 ‐ 11:15Kristi Hartman Roosevelt Elementary School/Norman Public SchoolsThis is an explanation of a project‐based unit on data collection. Students use national and worldwide data to create- analyze- and interpret graphs both by hand and on the computer. Lessons- organization ideas- and samples of student work will be provided.
Look at me NOW! ‐ Changing the Face of Professional DevelopmentTuesday ‐ Room 8- 10:15 ‐ 11:15Dawn Danker‐Pearce Yukon Public Schools Kathy Davis Yukon Public SchoolsIs it hard to get your teachers excited about attending training? Do they dread PD Day in your district? Join this session to hear how Yukon Public Schools changed the face of their PD model by implementing some foundational strategies and introducing an 'Un‐Conference' Conference Model.
Balancing Network Security with Educational Use of Mobile DevicesTuesday ‐ Room 9- 10:15 ‐ 11:15Susie Smith TwotreesIn this presentation Twotrees Technologies will discuss the options of using mobile devices such as iPads- Androids- Xooms and other mobile devices in a secured educational setting.
Pack Your Bags- Martha! We're Heading West!Tuesday ‐ Ballroom D- 10:15 ‐ 11:15Janet Bass Oklahoma Christian School Jan Davis Oklahoma Dept of LibrariesTeaching Western Expansion was never so real! Using primary sources from the Library of Congress- this program will show you how to explore some of the millions of digitized resources including maps- artifacts and more. We'll be serving up a sample of living history sprinkled with a dash of poetry to capture the excitement of Oklahoma pioneers and the Oregon Trail. You'll hit the trail with lesson ideas ready to use tomorrow!
Partly Cloudy: The Forecast for Your Technology FutureTuesday ‐ Ballroom E- 10:15 ‐ 11:15Tom Hollingsworth United Systems- Inc. Alvin Myers United Systems- Inc.What is 'The Cloud'? 'The Cloud' is the latest buzzword in technology- but is it really anything new under the sun? In this presentation- we will take a look at how you may be able to use this technology in your environment in meaningful- secure and successful ways. Discussion includes Cloud models- Cloud security- advantages and disadvantages for public and private models- and how virtualization technology fits in with the Cloud.