Welcome to the STAR database! This is the place to find information on WeatherSTAR units.
WeatherSTAR (STAR is an acronym for Satellite Transponder Addressable Receiver) is technology used by The Weather Channel to produce localized weather forecasts, better known as Local On The 8s, for cable TV systems across the US. The hardware is a computer unit that is installed at cable TV headends nationwide. These units receive, generate, and insert local forecasts and other weather information, including weather advisories and warnings, into TWC's national programming, as well as on TWC's sister channel, Weatherscan.
The database was originally maintained by Aaron (socool775) and the site was on a different host provider, ZoomShare. In 2013, ZoomShare had discontinued its free website host service, and rather than having to pay $6.95 a month to continue maintaining the database, Aaron offered me to take over, which I immediately accepted, since I've submitted most units to the database anyway. Afterwards, I rebuilt the database onto several other host providers over the years then eventually onto Google Sheets, using the submissions that I had previously backed up from Aaron's site.
Feel free to check out the units that are currently in registry. Click on any of the links to the other spreadsheets located at the bottom of this page.
If you spot typos and errors on any of the STAR submissions, or would like to submit info for a new unit, please feel free to email me at: imbored2death@live.com
When submitting a new unit, please provide a city name and cable headend name, and if available, your local weather ID number as well as a link to a snapshot picture or a video clip from YouTube, DailyMotion, etc. Any submissions are welcome.
Units added
IntelliSTAR 2 XD -- Ellensburg, WA (Charter Spectrum)
Weatherscan -- Coffeyville, KS (Cox Communications)
Weatherscan -- Fargo, ND (Cable One)
Weatherscan -- Great Bend, KS (Cox Communications)
Weatherscan -- Independence, MO (Comcast Xfinity)
Weatherscan -- Irvine, CA (Cox Communications)
Weatherscan -- Salina, KS (Cox Communications)
Weatherscan -- Salt Lake City, UT (Comcast Xfinity)
Weatherscan -- San Diego, CA (Cox Communications)
Weatherscan -- Santa Barbara, CA (Cox Communications)
Weatherscan -- Wichita, KS (Cox Communications)
Units corrected/updated
Weatherscan -- Newnan, GA (cable provider updated to WOW! Cable, was previously NuLink)
Other database updates
Webs, the website host provider I was using, announced that beginning in June 2021, it was discontinuing free service, retiring its name and moving all domains to its parent company Vistaprint. Rather than having to pay a monthly fee, I decided to move the entire STAR database from Webs to its new home here on Google Sheets. All future STAR submissions and other edits will now be added here.
As of April 2020, Frontier FiOS in Portland and Seattle have been acquired by Ziply Fiber, and as a result, the cable providers of the Weatherscan units for said cities have had their provider names changed to Ziply. Frontier FiOS in Fort Wayne, IN was NOT included in Ziply's acquisition.
As of June 2019, The Weather Channel has returned to the Verizon FiOS lineups since the channel was dropped from the provider in 2015. I am accepting any new FiOS IS2 XD unit submissions as well as any now-discontinued IS1 and Weatherscan units that were in commission prior to the 2015 FiOS removal.
As of November 2017, there have been reports that Comcast has or will discontinue Weatherscan from its Xfinity channel lineups in many of their markets, in addition to the other markets that were affected back in 2014. All Xfinity Weatherscan submissions will remain in the database for archival purposes, and I will gladly accept any new submissions for Weatherscan units that have also been dropped from other Comcast markets.
On November 16, 2015, The Weather Channel has officially discontinued the IntelliSTAR (IS1), as they have ordered all cable headends who still had the units to replace them with either the IntelliSTAR 2 XD or the IntelliSTAR 2 Jr. Despite the IntelliSTAR now being retired, in order to keep its legacy alive, I've decided to continue accepting IS1 submissions, including those that have already been retired and replaced with an IS2 XD or Jr. I am also still taking IS2 Jr submissions as well.