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TimestampPlayer NameTeam NameStarter Or RelieverDate ScoutedSubmitted ByFastball GradeFastball VelocityCurveball GradeCurveball VelocitySlider GradeSlider VelocityChangeup GradeChangeup VelocityCommand GradeDoes The Pitcher Have Another Pitch?Other Pitch GradeOther Pitch VelocityPitcher SummaryMLB ComparisonUntitled Question
4/2/2014 8:15:54Sample, TylerRoyalsReliever7/19/2014Mike Newman45/5589-9135/4072-7635/4579-81Sample is a big-bodied, right-handed reliever whose stuff doesn't live up to his powerful frame. Stiff and deliberate, his delivery doesn't create the kind of downward plane on the fastball one might expect from a 6-foot-7 pitcher. At present, Sample lacks both command and feel for secondary offerings, leaving him a one pitch pony. He projects as a up-and-down reliever who'll stick around for as long as organization's are willing to bet on the pedigree and body.Cory Rasmus
4/6/2014 20:42:39Balog, AlexRockiesStarter4/6/2014Mike Newman40/5090-9440/5078-7945/5582-83Well-proportioned; listed at 6-foot-5, but looked 2-3 inches shorter due to physical delopment; Drop and drive delivery; struggled to create a downward plane; inconsistent arm action - high 3/4 and over the top; leaves 4-seam fastball up in the zone; 2-seam fastball featured late run when kept low; best CB was 78 mph with sharp, 11/5 break; threw the pitch more as he tired; same with changeup; CH featured late drop and arm side run; best pitch. Possible swing man at MLB level, but more likely to end up in relief role.
4/6/2014 20:50:20Vader, SebastianOriolesStarter4/6/2014Mike Newman30/3085-8840/4078-7945/4580Lean frame with little strength; max effort to throw high-80's; plus command for the level -- especially off-speed stuff; non-prospect; org. filler with a low ceiling
4/6/2014 20:54:41Richardson, DavidOriolesReliever4/6/2014Mike Newman50/5090-9445/4586Small, stocky frame; max effort delivery; changeup featured late drop; slowed arm action; org. filler arm with limited upside; fastball found heart of the plate too much
4/6/2014 21:03:11Estevez, CarlosRockiesReliever4/6/2014Mike Newman50/5592-9435/4072-75Strong, athletic 6-foot-5 frame; fastball velocity may improve further; hung curveballs; lacked command and feel; has upside due to size and fastball; showed little else
4/6/2014 22:59:47Baez, PedroLos Angeles DodgersReliever4/6/2014Chris Blessing65/7096-9740/5085-86A right handed, 26-year-old converted infielder with a Fastball/slider combo. FB 96-97, with some life, thrown for strikes.. A stocky right hander (6'2'', 230), his slider had tight spin but lacked break. Not a swing and miss offering. Worried pitch may be hammered by advanced competition, sittign on pitch. Overall, likely Major Leaguer with upside tied to development of slider.
4/6/2014 23:12:06De Los Santos, AbelRangersReliever4/5/2014Spencer Schneier40/6090-94De Los Santos is a 6'2 RHP with a lightning quick arm and some projection in his frame. He works from a 3/4 slot, firing in a potentially plus fastball that had good run and was missing barrels, as well as bats. He has some recoil in his delivery, and did not show a secondary offering, but a 21-yr old with a potentially plus fastball is one to watch.
4/12/2014 7:27:41Salazar, CarlosBravesStarter4/11/2014Mike Newman30/4589-9140/5574-77Big body with limited projection; wide shoulders and lower half; built for power; struggled with control and release point; arm dragged behind in delivery; left too many fastballs up; little FB movement; pitched exclusively to outer half; every curveball in dirt; 2 wild pitches on CB; tight, sharp break out of the hand; CB best pitch; considered big velocity guy as 3rd round pick in 2013; presented as fringe prospect due to command issues and lack of velocity.
4/12/2014 7:33:59Gil, Yean CarlosBravesReliever4/11/2014Mike Newman45/5088-9235/4072-76Average build and size; presented as athletic; fast, whippy arm action from the left side; max effort to tough 91-92 on radar gun; curveball is slurvy; sweeping break with no bite; org. arm unless he can sharpen second pitch
4/12/2014 7:44:23Gsellman, RobertMetsStarter4/10/2014Mike Newman40/5089-9250/6075-7845/5581-82Large-framed RHP with limited athleticism; rounded shoulders; lacks definition; high 3/4 arm action limits fastball movement; commands fastball well for age, working the inner/outer half; used CB away to set up FB on hands; CB best pitch; sharp break with late bite; throws CB for strikes; CH has identical arm action to FB; kept pitch down in the zone; CH lacked drop and/or fade; better pitcher than Collin McHugh and Chris Schwinden at same level; MLB future with #4 starter upside
4/13/2014 22:16:40Gant, JohnMetsStarter4/12/2014Chris Blessing35/4587-9130/4078-7930/4080-81Peppers the zone with 2-seam fbs, 87-91 MPH with arm side run and downward sink. Difficult to elevate. Fastball flattens out at higher velocities. Wrapped wrist on a few a few of his 12-6 curves. Changeup movement not on par with 2-seam fb. Stands up tall throwing change. 6'3'' with some physical projection. Likely reliever in upper levels.
4/13/2014 22:34:20Feigl, BradyBravesReliever4/12/2014Chris Blessing40/5090-9240/5077-78Non-drafted free agent out of Mt St Marys. Left Handed reliever with command issues. Will be given every opportunity to work those issues out. Maximum effort on FB w/late life, touched 94 but sat 90-92. Shouldn't add more velocity. 12-6 curveball has out pitch potential. Commanded Crv better than FB. With better command, pitches play in upper levels.
4/14/2014 10:43:02Tate, RichieBravesReliever4/12/2014Chris Blessing35/4589-9230/3580-8122-year-old right handed reliever with good size (6'6'', 225). Showcased two pitches, both presently below average to poor offerings. Commandable fastball has projection left, a solid-average upside. Very straight in outing though but should find some added velocity.
4/14/2014 14:38:15Dettmann, JaredBravesStarter4/13/2014Mike Newman35/4589-9125/358040/5080-81Max effort left-hander with limited projection; fastball would play higher out of the pen; threw strikes, but fastball had too much plate, resulting in 8 hits in 4 IP; slurvy, flat slider; changeup was best pitch; tumbling action when down in the zone; organizational arm with ceiling of low leverage reliever.
4/15/2014 19:10:35Sims, LucasBravesStarter4/14/2014Ace Black50/6091-9450/6571-7345/5580-82Nice arm action; deceptive; hit the corners; will pitch inside; left some balls up; inconsistent with curveball; changeup has arm side movement. I didn't see a future frontline starter, more of a solid 3 if everything comes together.
4/21/2014 11:20:56Lyons, TylerCardinalsStarter4/16/2014Mike Newman40/4085-8845/457360/6577-8045/4580-81If Scott Rice is an MLB pitcher, Lyons deserves to be one too. Love the LOOGY potential given his plus slider. Big L/R platoon splits possible given so-so FB/CH. Command/control allows Lyons a margin for error. Low walk totals and a high GB% from the slider will allow for success in a 5th starter/swing man role. Maxed out frame with little upside left.
4/26/2014 17:22:02Leach, BrentBrewersReliever4/15/2014Mike Newman40/4088-8935/3573-76Org. arm with little upside. Fastball had tail, but lacked velocity. CB was a 2/7 pitch which lacked depth and bite.
4/26/2014 17:18:21Molleken, DustinBrewersReliever4/15/2014Mike Newman40/4089-9179Gave up long HR off of fastball up. Spotty control -- frequently had too much of the plate. Didn't throw enough sliders to accurately grade, but the pitch did not stand out as anything special. Org. arm to fill out a roster.
4/26/2014 17:32:19Blazek, MichaelBrewersReliever4/16/2014Mike Newman45/5091-937435/3579-8283Four pitch reliever with poor command; FB life with late sink/tail; CH had late fade; slower CB with 11/5 break; SL 10/3 break; flat plane; lacked sharpness; MLB potential if command improves; Would be better off attacking with FB/CH.
4/26/2014 17:50:22Hand, DonovanBrewersReliever4/16/2014Mike Newman45/4587-9050/5070-7184Big frame with no future projection; Primarily 2-seam fastballs with late tail; Able to reach back for 90 on the hands when needed; slow CB with surprisingly sharp break -- best pitch; threw only one slider; movement on FB/CB will allow him to be successful in short spurts at the MLB level.
5/4/2014 22:33:31Owens, HenryRedsoxStarter5/3/2014Mike Washburn50/6089-9440/5071-7360/7076-79Tall lanky 6'6 left hander with long levers, and has some projection left. Throws downhill with some deception, much quicker in the stretch. Very easy motion with little stress. Fastball plays up due to late tailing movement, could become plus with more projection, hit 94 on scout gun in stands, but mostly 89-91. Curveball is very inconsistent, threw 6 or 7, one was above average, one was average, other curveballs had little break and he had no command of the pitch. Changeup is a major swing and miss pitch, plus fade and command of the pitch, could be plus plus in the future. Command right now is below average, but could become average over time. Possible mid rotational horse that could log an easy 200 plus innings for a contender.
5/5/2014 8:53:27Zych, TonyCubsReliever5/1/2014Chris Blessing50/5093-9540/4583A maximum effort right hander out of the Tennessee Smokies pen, Zych sat 93-95 during a two inning look in Chattanooga. Zych has plus velocity with below average movement and command. A weak lineup barreled pitches up the middle for hard hits and outs. His hard curveball (82-83MPH) had nice bite but little command. More thrower than pitcher.
5/5/2014 9:02:50Stem, CraigDodgersReliever5/3/2014Chris Blessing55/609340/4583-85In a brief three batter appearance, right handed pitcher Craig Stem 93 MPH fastball dominated. The 6'5'', 215 LB reliever relied on solid average command and late life to break two bats and set down the Smokies in order. It is an easy 93. His slider (82-83 MPH) is more slider than slurve and projects as a below average offering.
5/20/2014 10:10:11Law, DerekGiantsReliever4/17/2014Jeff Reese60 / 6092-93 (t95)65 / 6578-80Well filled out with good height. High effort, reliever mechanics with a delivery that lacks fluidity and features a stabbing arm action. He turns his back towards the batter before delivering from a nearly over the top arm slot - adds deception. Fastball has good plane and jumps out of his hand at 92-93 (touching 95). It has some slight running action and can be blown past hitters. The curve ball is an 11-5 breaker thrown with power and tight spin at 78-80 MPH. It too can generate swings and misses - put away pitch. Flashed a change during pre-inning warm ups; didn't throw in game. Command is below average, but the control was good enough for his raw stuff to play. Should fit in the back of a bullpen, probably in a setup role.
5/20/2014 18:42:32Tropeano, NickRedHawksStarter5/15/2014Brooks Parker55/6089-9340/4565/70Splitter50/55Tropeano utilizes a classic inverted W delivery, albeit is capable of repeating. Displays above-average/plus control and command. Will work both sides of the plate effectively against either handed hitters. Relies on changing speeds and near plus change up for strikeouts. Struggles to maintain momentum in delivery from the stretch. Has a strong idea about what he's doing on the mound. Lack of a strong breaking ball limits his ceiling, but change up is a weapon to both RHH and LHH. Ceiling: #3 starter Likely outcome: #5 starter
5/26/2014 17:05:48Mazza, ChrisTwinsReliever5/26/2014Bob Usselman5094-954077-80Chris Mazza is 24 in Low-A, but sits easily at 94-95 with his fastball. Slider was OK. That plus velocity will keep him around for a while, but he's been hit around this year. It's a relief-only profile.
5/30/2014 14:45:43Simmons, ShaeBravesReliever5/23/2014Chris Blessing65/7095-9745/5583-86Shae Simmons is a max effort reliever with 95-97 MPH fastball on the fringes of plus-plus. The velocity of his pitches and solid late movement allows him to get away with below average command in Double-A. His 83-86 MPH slider has sharp 11-3 break. An out pitch, it projects as a solid-average offering. Listed at 5'11'', he looked shorter on the mound.
6/4/2014 7:20:25Obispo, WirfinBravesReliever5/2/2014Mike Newman55/5591-9583Org. arm who was waived and claimed by the Pittsburgh Pirates since this look. Big frame with a soft mid-section. Max effort delivery with poor command/control.
6/4/2014 7:26:38Vasquez, LuisBravesReliever5/2/2014Mike Newman50/5592-9350/5582-84First scouted Vasquez with high-90's velo in Double-A. Only 100 MPH ever recorded on radar gun. Today, he's a low-90's side-armer. Poor command/control hold down pitch grades. Raw stuff of MLB reliever, but has never been able to throw consistent strikes, or maintain performance across multiple outings. Fastball features arm side run and a touch of drop. Slider has drop with quick cut across the plate. 28-year old project arm.
6/4/2014 7:31:03Beato, PedroBravesReliever5/2/2014Mike Newman45/4590-9235/3584-87Max effort delivery with less velocity than expected. Late tail on the fastball, but lacked command, resulting in a half grade ding. Left change-up up-and-out with 5-8 mph of separation. Org. arm who'll continue to receive up-and-down looks based on prior MLB pitching experience.
6/4/2014 7:50:27Stewart, ZachBravesStarter5/17/2014Mike Newman35/3587-904582-8540/4081-82Former top-100 prospect whose stuff has fallen off of a cliff. At present, he's an org. arm with no upside. Slider is best pitch with sharp, early 11/3 break. It finds too many barrels though. Change-up backs up on RHH, but command bring the entire profile down. Short armer with average frame.
6/10/2014 13:49:40Font, WilmerRangersReliever6/9/2014Grant Schiller50/5591-9345/5077-80The former upper-90s, dominant, top prospect reliever Wilmer Font is a thing of the past. After hitting mid-90s in a recent outing, he was back down to the low-90s. His off-speed has never been anything special and still projects as just an average offering. Font had worked his way to the majors in both 2012 and 2013 for short stints, but now doesn't have his former velocity or confidence.
6/21/2014 7:49:58Crick, KyleGiantsStarter6/19/2014Mike Washburn65/7093-9840/5582-8430/4086-88Cutter40/5087-88At listed height of 6'2 220, looks like he can add another 10-15 pounds in his frame. 3/4 motion with an inconsistent release point with his pitches. Command of his pitches right now is very weak. Held velocity through his outing ranging from 93-98 but mostly holding in the 94-97 range. Fired an impressive 5 straight at 97 MPH. Slider looked very poor in this outing, only threw one good one for a strikeout and almost hit a batter with one. Change up was up too much in the zone and couldn't throw strikes with it. Threw a handful of cutters and got away with hanging one in the heart of the plate, but it has some bite too it. I am projecting him as a starter if his slider comes back and if he can get his change up or cutter to average. If he doesn't he can be a setup man or a closer.
6/25/2014 8:37:24Alcantara, MarioRed SoxReliever6/7/2014Chris Blessing60/7093-9530/4076-7720/2586Max effort Right handed reliever with essential one pitch, his fastball. Late action w/tail, he struggled commanding the offering. His Curveball was a loopy 12-6 but showed some promise, spinning off one near average breaker. His changeup is a mess. Telegraphed mightily, it was a flat offering that has no future as it currently stands. Middle relief ceiling.
6/25/2014 20:25:54Stankiewicz, TeddyRed SoxStarter6/25/2014Chris Zolli45/5589-9230/358245/5082-84Most value derived in his control from the windup; rarely missed location over his innings of work. Relied on the fastball early and often, but when he mixed in the changeup it fooled a good Tourists lineup. More to be expected in the difference of a high 80's/low 90's fastball and a low-mid 80s changeup. Big kid with a smooth delivery and a bit of a Max Scherzer type arm angle. With such a difficult angle and follow through, consistency is needed and Stankiewicz was consistent from the windup. From the stretch, Stankiewicz is a completely different pitcher and that pitcher may never make it far. He is a bit pigeon-toed and looks uncomfortable; he just does not have the ability to adequately drive towards home in the stretch. As he grows into his body, his fastball should be more into the low-mid 90's and possibly will clean up his delivery from the stretch. Not much of a look at a breaking ball, but it is a weak and slurvy pitch. For a 20 year old that has improved over his first season in full season ball (he had not allowed an earned run in 3 of 4 starts coming into Asheville), Stankiewicz should be viewed as a project for the Red Sox that may become a solid middle of the rotation starter by 2017 or a trade piece in the near future.
7/26/2014 8:42:36Severino, LuisYankeesStarter7/19/2014Mike Washburn65/7094-9745/5582-8550/6082-84Looks the part at a legit 6'0 maybe 6'1 as I saw him before the game watching BP in picnic area, as he is a few inches taller than me (5'11). Looks like he can add weight to his upper half as he looks wiry. Motion wise he has a whippy motion and reminded me of when I saw Jenrry Mejia pass through Binghamton in 2009. However, he looks bigger than Mejia, doesn't throws with effort, and may be able to absorb the impact that his motion applies. I like him as a starter more at this point than a bullpen arm. Stuff wise he got better as the game went on. The first inning I feel was nerves as he was flying open and throwing high with poor command. His fastball through the outing sat in the 94-97 range and hit 98 once in the game. The pitch has a lot of late cut to it and produced swings as misses. His slider was inconsistent at times, but he threw some that had some nice bite to them for swings and misses, I feel in time it could be a 55 pitch. His changeup is an average pitch right now and should be plus once he gets full command of it. The pitch has nice late fade to it and seemed more effective when thrown at the higher end of velocity 84 MPH. He also threw one pitch at 89 that dropped straight down for a strikeout, it looked like a splitter but it could have been a harder slider or change up. Severino is an exciting pitching prospect that has a #2 ceiling but also a high floor as a potential closer.
5/14/2016 17:07:25Glasnow, TylerPiratesStarter5/12/2016Mike Washburn60/7094-9750/6076-8040/5088-90Tall and Thin with narrow shoulders that suggests not much in future projection. Motion is very slow and methodical to the plate with a high leg lift for explosion to the plate. Holding runners has been documented as a major problem by many and it was the same this night as he showed a slow move to 1st and runners took advantage of his slow delivery to the plate with multiple stolen bases. Glasnow's fastball plays as plus but is not a plus plus pitch due to poor command. He was 94-97 in the first inning and 93-95 in the 2nd inning. In the 4th and 5th innings, Glasnow was 91-93 with a few 95's sprinkled in as he may have sacrificed velocity for command. Glasnow's curveball is an average pitch now and will be plus in the future. He threw some that flashed plus and also threw one that was a hanger that would be hit for a homerun in the majors. As of now, his changeup is more of a show me pitch that projects out to an average pitch. When Glasnow was throwing the curveball and changeup there was a slight deceleration of arm speed compared to when he threw his fastball. Glasnow is a good pitching prospect, but doesn't project to be ace. He is a good mid rotational arm that has a chance to become a 2.
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