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12/11/2019 11:50:32Alexander Gattegnoagattegno00@stuy.eduAmerica's system of separation of powers is an inefficient and ineffective system of governance, and America would be better served by a unified system of powers with a separate Supreme Court like exists in the United Kingdom.America's insistence on single member districts and subsequent lack of proportional representation is directly responsible for political polarization. Period 4Your call for a unitary system is approved!
12/11/2019 13:18:56Celina Zhaoczhao00@stuy.eduThe federal government needs to provide funding for an affordable mental health-care system (ie: repealing, or at least amending, the IMD exclusion law)The government needs to introduce more affordable housing units and care for the homeless population.Period 3Mental health topic is good, approved.
12/11/2019 16:46:02Samantha Zhengszheng00@stuy.eduThe Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights should be added to the Fourth Amendment. The government should be required to obtain a warrant if they want information from mobile carriers who retain data on their customer's locations. Period 3Both are good, but the warrant topic would probably be easier to write
12/11/2019 22:10:35Michael Dekhtyarmdekhtyar00@stuy.eduThe executive branch should retain absolute control over foreign policy except when declaring war, in which case a majority in both legislative houses should be required, while Congress should introduce, debate, and pass all legislation related to domestic policy.The President should be limited to one 8-year term, while all members of Congress should be limited to two 4-year terms.Period 9The first topic sounds a bit like the status quo, which makes the second on presidential terms more interesting.
12/12/2019 0:46:07Sara Stebbinssstebbins00@stuy.eduinternet culture and memes have irreversibly changed the nature of political discourse in the 21st century. The National Endowment for the Arts ought to be defunded. Period 9The NEA topic works better with the idea of having a thesis.
12/12/2019 12:32:37Christian Baecbae00@stuy.eduOn net, the Electoral College is better than a national popular vote. The United States should grant Puerto Rico statehood. Period 9Both topics look good to me.
12/12/2019 12:49:26Kinu Dadaillekdadaille00@stuy.edu50% of the military should be composed of drafted soldiers and nobody should be exempted from this draft. (women)Voting should be federally mandated.Period 6The draft topic sounds interesting! Approved.
12/12/2019 13:02:30Eric Lamelam00@stuy.eduAffirmative action on the basis of race is unconstitutional as a violation of the equal protection clause.Vaccination should be mandatory for all residents of the US as a matter of public health.Period 6Both topics look good to me. Approved!
12/12/2019 14:58:17Elias Fergusoneferguson00@stuy.eduThe nomination and confirmation process of Supreme Court Justices should be changed to make the Court a more non-political entity.The Supreme Court should not have the authority to select which cases it hears.Period 9Both topics are good--approved.
12/12/2019 18:25:40Eric Shaoeshao00@stuy.eduThere should be a universal basic income.The government should not regulate the internet, the repeal of Net Neutrality was a good thing.Period 6UBI is a good topic, approved!
12/12/2019 18:46:25Sabiha Imransimran00@stuy.eduClerks should not be allowed to draft judicial opinions.There shouldn't be any congressional term limits.Period 9The clerk opinion is good, approved!
12/12/2019 20:19:51Alison Jurayajuray00@stuy.eduThe minimum voting age should be reduced to 16.Colleges should be under the control of the federal government. Period 9Voting age thesis approved!
12/14/2019 12:35:28Eren Ucareucar00@stuy.eduThe best way to amend The Electoral College would be to institute a system where a state’s popular vote proportions are used to divide their electoral votes. In this way, smaller states will still retain their influence in elections, but the demand for a more “popular” election system will also be met.
Instead of deciding presidential impeachment in a bicameral way, the US should combine House and Senate voting (535 members) as a “Stage 1 step”, which will lead to an actual vote for removal by popular vote of the citizens. The threshold for Congress voting would be 2/3 of all members.Period 3Electoral college reform topc approved!
12/14/2019 15:05:35Joanne Kangjkang00@stuy.eduThe Vice President are not delegated enough responsibilities.Criminal records should not bar certain career paths. Period 3The VP topic is approved.
12/14/2019 15:18:18Angelique Charles-Davisacharles-davis00@stuy.eduThe pink tax phenomenon perpetuates economic inequality between the sexes and should be actively legislated against by the U.S. government.Loitering should be decriminalized nationwide because its prosecution has an unfair, adverse impact on black men, sex workers and the homeless.Period 3The pink tax topic is approved.
12/14/2019 15:48:29Sharon Ren sren00@stuy.eduICE is inherently a racist institution, and should be reformed or abolished. The government should provide aid (such as funding for services) to reduce the rate of homelessness.Period 4The ICE topic is approved.
12/14/2019 16:43:28Harper Andrewshandrews00@stuy.eduRecent changes to Title X like the Gag Rule are unconstitutional and dangerously discriminate against women. The United States should ban confederate symbolism in state flags and on governmental institutions, including the flying of the confederate flag. Period 6The Title X topic is approved.
12/14/2019 17:32:06Evelyn Caoxcao00@stuy.eduSupreme Court justices should not be able to serve for life and there should be a system or structure to limit the amount of time/terms justices can serve on the court. Access to water, food, shelter, clothing, and birth control should be available to everyone regardless of background (ex. illegal immigrants, ex-convicts, disabled individuals, and enemies of society). Period 4The Supreme Court topic is approved.
12/14/2019 17:32:07Vincent Huangvhuang00@stuy.eduAlthough the student loan forgiveness program is often recognized by politicians as the panacea to the student debt crisis, it should not be practiced. The new wealth tax put forth by politicians is a false solution to the income disparity experienced by households throughout the United States. Period 6Student loan topic approved.
12/14/2019 18:35:32Jeffrey Chenjchen01@stuy.eduThe United States federal government should substantially reduce public charge restrictions on legal immigration to the United States.The War Powers Resolution should be reinterpreted to limit the power of the president during wartime.Period 6Both topics are good--approved.
12/14/2019 19:11:56Tasnim Amrantamran00@stuy.eduThere should be a maximum age limit for the President of the United States in order to ensure that younger generations with new ideas are being heard and that the President's healthy/life is not put in jeopardy. The President of the United States should not have the power to cut or alter any government funding or programs such as SNAP or TANF , programs that many families and households in the US are solely dependent on.Period 3Both topics are good--approved.
12/14/2019 20:48:57Lauren Pehlivanianlpehlivanian00@stuy.eduThe FDA should not be allowed to receive any money from drug companies. Education vouchers should be implemented at a national level.Period 6Both topics are good--approved.
12/14/2019 22:57:18Tina Chentchen03@stuy.eduVoting should be mandatory for those who are voting-eligible. The government should encourage voting by making Election Day a national holiday or extending the voting period to allow more time for people to get to the polls.The government needs to control the use of natural resources. A carbon tax should be implemented so that those who contribute to carbon emissions pay for the damage, which might also serve as an incentive to reduce usage.Period 9Both topics are good--approved.
12/14/2019 23:26:55Victor Liuvliu00@stuy.eduThe Supreme Court uses the Constitution as a tool to justify their personal bias and yield to public opinion. Therefore, they no longer can be seen as a legitimate "interpreter of the Constitution".Term limits are not the proper way to fix Congress. It would make a bad situation worse.Period 9Both topics are good--approved.
12/15/2019 1:12:28Chris Choccho00@stuy.eduThe US federal government should prioritize reducing the national debt over promoting economic growth To advert crisis in the South China Sea, the United States should ratify the UN Convention on the Law of the SeaPeriod 3The first topic is good, but the second is a bit too international.
12/15/2019 3:04:36Shahreen Haqueshaque00@stuy.eduThe criminal justice system should seek to decrease prison time or to eliminate it entirely for many crimes.The President should have limits on their power to pardon.Period 6Both are good, though the first topic is a bit vague.
12/15/2019 8:12:52Aldrich Zhangazhang00@stuy.eduThe first amendment should be limited when concerning hate speech.Supreme Court Justices shouldn’t serve lifelong terms.Period 3Both topics are fine. Who gets to decide what is hate speech?
12/15/2019 9:29:57Claire Tempelmanctempelman00@stuy.eduPotential jurors (or, most Americans) should be educated about jury nullification.A multi-party system should be implemented in the United States to decrease polarization.Period 9Both are good. Jury nullification is spicy.
12/15/2019 11:07:00Yaru Luoyluo00@stuy.eduGender quotas should be implemented in the government.Radical feminism is unconstitutional. (TERFs)Period 6Both topics are fine, though the second would be a real stretch.
12/15/2019 11:40:04Areum Joajo00@stuy.eduAffirmative action must be abolished. The federal minimum wage should be raised. Period 6Both topics are good--approved.
12/15/2019 12:23:18Victor Kuangvkuang00@stuy.eduThe electoral college should be abolished in favor of strengthening the popular vote.The dual party system must be rebuilt such that smaller political parties are given more opportunities to expand.Period 9Both topics are fine, thoug the second is a bit vague.
12/15/2019 14:02:44Zoe Daviszdavis00@stuy.eduThe United States should implement higher income and wealth taxes with the ultimate goal of banning billionaires. The United States should abolish private prisons and detention centers. Period 6Both topics are fine. Approved!
12/15/2019 15:14:50Beverly Fengbfeng00@stuy.eduThe US government should enforce stricter regulations regarding corporations’ carbon emissions to address the pressing issue of climate change.There should not be any federal, state, or local laws restricting access or funding to women seeking abortions. Period 3Both topics are fine. Approved!
12/15/2019 15:38:21Jason Wangjwang00@stuy.eduThe Constitution must be updated to account for modern technology.The President should only be able to issue executive orders when the US is at war.Period 6Both are fine, though what sort of modernization?
12/15/2019 15:40:18Newton Lenle10@stuy.eduThe Amendment process should be simplified in order to effect more significant changes into the Constitution and more swiftly reflect the will of the people.A department of the government should be created that helps keep the public updated on the goings-on of the legislation in simple, comprehensive terms.Period 9Both topics are fine. Approved!
12/15/2019 16:13:24Eve Weningehausman00@stuy.eduCap-and-trade works and should be implemented. Government subsidies need to be drastically reanalyzed and many need to be cut completely. Period 9Both topics are fine. Approved!
12/15/2019 16:21:58Julia Pepperjpepper00@stuy.eduImplementing the systemic reforms outlined in the Green New Deal proposed by Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is necessary to address the climate change crisis. As the housing affordability crisis grows, it is responsibility of the federal government to provide more subsidies for the creation of more affordable housing units. Period 4Both are good--are you referring to the environmental aspects of the GND, or the more socialistic tenets?
12/15/2019 16:41:03Max Goldsteinmgoldstein00@stuy.eduThe President should not have the power to pocket veto legislation. Constitutional amendments should not require ratification by 3/4s of state legislatures (just 2/3s of both houses of Congress).Period 4Both topics are fine. Approved!
12/15/2019 16:55:59Rachel Leongrleong00@stuy.eduThe FDA should establish and enforce more strict regulation on pharmaceutical advertisements and limit their exposure to consumers.Vaccination of children, citizens, and immigrants in the U.S. should be mandated.Period 9Both topics are fine. Approved!
12/15/2019 17:43:16Calvin Wangcwang00@stuy.eduVoting should be mandatory for all Americans as a means of increasing political interest and knowledge.The power of judicial review should be shared so that the Supreme Court does not have too much power when ruling a law as unconstitutional.Period 6Both topics are fine. Approved!
12/15/2019 18:21:32Helen Yanghyang00@stuy.eduThe immigration process should be simplified.The government is controlled by the illuminati.Period 4The first topic is approved. The second is particularly interesting NOT PERMITTED.
12/15/2019 18:25:54Lydia Burkelburke00@stuy.eduThere should be legal term limits for members of Congress.
The practice of Gerrymandering should be illegal.Period 9Both topics are fine. Approved!
12/15/2019 18:29:53Isabella Rochairocha00@stuy.eduThe Dickey Amendment that was placed on the spending bill should be repealed, as it restricts the CDC’s ability to gauge the severity of gun violence in the United States and inhibits them from being able to take proper action in a time where gun control and preventing mass shootings should be at the forefront of our political agenda.
The loopholes present within the estate tax should be shut down and the percentage taxed should be scalable to the amount being passed on in order to help combat income inequality, to encourage the younger generation to seek employment, and to stimulate the economy.
Period 3Impressive background--both approved.
12/15/2019 18:33:56Colin Yangcyang00@stuy.eduRestrictions should be placed on invoking clotures and filibusters so that the Senate is not paralyzed into inaction by excessive partisanship.While both elements of pluralism and elite theory exist in American politics, the government is truly controlled by the will of the mob.Period 9Both topics are fine. Approved!
12/15/2019 18:40:36Caroline Magoccmagoc00@stuy.eduThe government should require that technology companies remove disinformation campaigns and educate consumers in media literacy.Every electoral district in the US should meet a series of requirements determined by mathematics, such as a low efficiency gap and high compactness scores.Period 4Both topics are fine. Approved!
12/15/2019 19:01:08Zi Hao Meizmei00@stuy.eduVoting should be made mandatory and easier to do in the United States (or at least highly incentivized)Vaccinations should be made mandatory in the United States with no way to opt out of it unless it will actually seriously threaten the person's lifePeriod 6Both topics are fine. Approved!
12/15/2019 19:12:50Zi Han (Crystal) Liuzliu00@stuy.eduThe federal prison system should be abolished.The government should regulate social media to a certain degree.Period 9Both topics are fine. Approved!
12/15/2019 19:13:56Charlotte Siragusacsiragusa00@stuy.eduThere should be a wealth tax, or some equivalent.Capital punishment should be illegal.Period 3Both topics are fine. Approved!
12/15/2019 19:21:34Philip Novgorodskypnovgorodsky00@stuy.eduDiscrimination against felons in hiring, renting property and in business is unconstitutional. Citizens/media should be allowed to sit in all federal government hearings and conferences excluding those that pertain military secrets, including congressional debates, senate hearings and supreme court briefings.Period 9Both topics are fine. Approved!
12/15/2019 19:42:08Efat Itueitu00@stuy.eduAssisted suicide should be legalized in all 50 states.Election day should be a federal holiday. Period 4Both topics are fine. Approved!
12/15/2019 19:49:24Kevin Luokluo00@stuy.eduAlthough citizens have the right to bear arms, there should be stricter firearm regulations.Congress should be more strict in its regulation of the internet.Period 6Both topics are fine. Approved!
12/15/2019 20:05:18Sujay Sharmassharma00@stuy.eduTerm limits should be established for members of Congress.The US should ditch the two-party system and use proportional representation to create a multiparty system. Period 3Both topics are fine. Approved!
12/15/2019 20:08:56Chris Choimchoi00@stuy.eduThe US should not be allowed to refuse whistleblowers access to a public interest defence, which allows the jury to consider the motivation of the defendent, defeating the purpose of a jury trial. Police officers should be charged to the same degree as similar offenders not in law enforcement, and should not just be given a paid leave regardless of how destructive their actions were. Period 6Both topics are fine, but the second might be excessively local/state-level.
12/15/2019 20:09:30Elizabeth Dossedoss00@stuy.eduExecutive privilege should not exist, except during wars officially declared by Congress. The federal government should devote a larger percentage of the military budget towards scientific research.Period 6Both topics are fine. Approved!
12/15/2019 20:14:27Artem Ilyanokailyanok00@stuy.eduThe United States is a pluralist society. (To be argued through a campaign finance-focused lens.)The US government needs to take steps to reduce political polarization (to be argued through an economic lens).Period 4Both topics are fine, though you need to really be advancing and argument here.
12/15/2019 20:27:36Suhana Impeachment should become a criminal proceeding instead of simply removing a civil officer of government from officeRoe v. Wade and Griswold v. Connecticut should be overturned and a new amendment should be made to protect privacy (including sexual privacy).Period 3Both topics are fine. Approved!
12/15/2019 20:30:53Alex Zhangazhang01@stuy.eduThe Constitution has to be malleable to a certain extent for the United States to be an ever evolving democracy.Something Spicy (Past presidents should judge if the current president should be impeached).Period 9The first is approved.
12/15/2019 20:31:43Jeremy Leejlee00@stuy.eduIn United States public K-12 schools, the probable cause standard ought to apply to searches of students.The benefits of the United States federal government’s use of offensive cyber
operations outweigh the harms.
Period 3Both topics are fine. Approved!
12/15/2019 20:35:45Melbourne Tangmtang00@stuy.eduUniversal basic income does not address the roots of inequality and produces greater economic and social stagnation. Representation is based more on politicians' policies and beliefs than their identities (race, gender, etc.).Period 6Both are fine, though I assume for the second you mean "representation SHOULD BE based"?
12/15/2019 20:45:45Fei Wangfwang00@stuy.eduRecreational marijuana should be illegal in the US.Affirmative action should be banned to allow equal opportunity for every qualified student.Period 4Both topics are fine. Approved!
12/15/2019 20:48:35Vanessa Lamvlam00@stuy.eduThere shouldn't be a separate minimum wage for tipped workers.It should be mandatory for schools to provide comprehensive sex education.Period 4Both topics are fine. Approved!
12/15/2019 20:54:39Sonia Leeslee01@stuy.eduShould the Fourth and Fifth amendment be applicable in schools?Should the president's power in regards to social media be limited? i.e. should trump be allowed to tweet whatever he wantsPeriod 4Should they? These are thesis statements, not thesis questions. Please resubmit!
12/15/2019 21:12:11Elizabeth Avakoveavakov00@stuy.eduPrivate, for-profit immigration detention centers should be banned. A new federal agency should be established to protect data privacy. Period 3Both topics are fine. Approved!
12/15/2019 21:48:53Dewan Chowdhurydchowdhury00@stuy.eduThe age of majority should be lowered while certain age-based restrictions should be left in place.Certain pieces of older legislation which aim at promoting equality for all races or sexes are not needed anymore.Period 9Both topics are fine. Approved!
12/15/2019 21:50:06Ibteda Hossainihossain00@stuy.eduThe President's executive power should be more limited in order to maintain democracy and allow for more congressional decision making.The United States should alter the electoral college to adopt proportional representation for the states' electoral votes. Period 3Both topics are fine. Approved!
12/15/2019 21:55:28Aixa Lacroixalacroix00@stuy.eduBiotechnology companies like 23andMe should have an obligation to share their data bases with the federal government for the purpose of solving any criminal cases involving DNA evidence. Private companies should receive a federal compensation for hiring unemployed citizens to reduce suicide rates and depression nationally as well as boost economic growth. In 2015, suicide and self-injury cost the United States $69 Billion. Period 4Spicy! Both approved.
12/15/2019 21:58:50Ruby Huangrhuang00@stuy.eduWe should have a Supreme Court of scientific experts to veto policies that may have significant environmental consequences.The United States is better off as a stable authoritarian state than an unstable democracy.Period 4Both good, though the second might be a stretch--who is going to run this authoritarian state?
12/15/2019 22:00:07Jason Lamjlam01@stuy.eduInternet should be treated as a public utility, and should be regulated as such.Gun control laws are unconstitutional under the Second Amendment.Period 4Both topics are fine. Approved!
12/15/2019 22:03:41Amir Suhrawardyasuhrawardy00@stuy.eduThe growth in number of factions competing for power is detrimental for the perpetuation of the US government.A reconfiguration of state lines and a revamp of Congress is needed to fix over-representation of smaller states and under-representation of individuals.Period 9Both topics are fine. Approved!
12/15/2019 22:04:16Noa Greensteinngreenstein00@stuy.eduThe President’s power to issue executive orders should be heavily limited to times of national distress. The Electoral College should be abolished because it is outdated and increases voter apathy in highly populated states. Period 9Both topics are fine. Approved!
12/15/2019 22:06:27Joshen Zhangjzhang00@stuy.eduThe American Government should not be able to spy or collect information on any individual, citizen or otherwise, without a warrant. The United States should have more lenient copyright and patent law. e.g. copyright protection should not last as long. Period 4Both topics are fine. Approved!
12/15/2019 22:15:07Andrew Smsaryanasmsaryan00@stuy.eduRhetoric that the U.S. Military should be defunded lacks foundation. As long as it remains well-funded, it has a long-term positive impact (not that it helps/or doesn't in foreign policy, but rather that it benefits the U.S. populace and remains as a rare example of Putnam's social capital)There are insufficient checks and balances on executive agencies. Period 6I assume that your first thesis topic is that military funding should remain at current levels? That's fine. The second topic is good as well. Approved!
12/15/2019 22:24:39Kevin Chenkchen01@stuy.eduWe should redraw the state lines to better reflect the cultural and populations of the United States no matter the legal implications. How can I remove one of the Dakotas from being a state?The SCOTUS should have a larger role in governing the United States because it's the only branch that actually needs the will of the people. Each individual member's power, however, needs to be diluted by expanding the size of the court.Period 3Both topics are fine. Approved!
12/15/2019 22:28:42Angela Jiangajiang00@stuy.eduAffirmative action and its effects are promoting race division and should be overturned.The President should be Commander-in-Chief in wartime; only Congress can have the ability to declare war.Period 6Both topics are fine. Approved!
12/15/2019 22:30:16Stella Hanshan00@stuy.eduThe addition of the Space Force as a sixth branch of the military is a good thing.Rank choice voting should replace first past the post voting in all federal elections.Period 9Space force! Both approved.
12/15/2019 22:30:34Amy Huangahuang00@stuy.eduThe filibuster should be abolished. The government should be more involved in social media's political content in an attempt to curb misinformation. Period 9Both topics are fine. Approved!
12/15/2019 22:31:32Veronica Zhengvzheng00@stuy.eduUnder loose construction of the Constitution, John Marshall asserted the powers of judicial review in Marbury v Madison. The Great Compromise settled the controversy of representation that threatened the very existence of the United States of America as a single, unified nation.Period 3Both these topics are too historical. Not approved--please resubmit.
12/15/2019 22:36:17Tahreem Nawaztnawaz00@stuy.eduCongressional term limits should be adopted.Initiatives and referendums should be abolished in the states.Period 3Both topics are fine. Approved!
12/15/2019 22:40:03Jevina Wongjwong00@stuy.eduIn matters of public health and/or public safety, it is necessary to overrule privacy rights.The United States federal government ought to adopt a carbon tax.Period 9Both topics are fine. Approved!
12/15/2019 22:45:15Julian Bedolisjbedolis00@stuy.eduUnited States election cycles are too drawn out and need to be shortened.The structure of the United States Senate is undemocratic.Period 9Both topics are fine, though the second would be a real stretch to fit in the page limit.
12/15/2019 22:51:44Hafsa Habibhhabib00@stuy.eduAll prisons should be required to have education programs and give prisoners the opportunity to take college-level courses.Formerly incarcerated citizens should be allowed to vote after serving their sentence.Period 3Both topics are fine. Approved!
12/15/2019 22:52:49Lucas Dingmanldingman00@stuy.eduAmerica, as a nation should see the Constitution has living, and we should interpret it in whatever way we see fit regardless of how the original authors wanted it to be interpreted. The Supreme Court should always have exactly 9 justices. Period 3Both topics are fine. Approved!
12/15/2019 22:55:11Julia Brestovitskiyjbrestovitskiy00@stuy.eduCongressional term limits should be made constitutional, and our Constitution should be amended to institute such term limits in order to prevent the growing elitism of our democracy.The Federal Reserve Act should be appended to restructure its current 12 Federal Bank Districts to create a larger number of districts that are more representative based on the current (and future) censuses.Period 9Both topics are fine. Approved!
12/15/2019 22:56:34Ben Zenkerbzenker00@stuy.eduThe primary pathway to improving education is to reform the process of granting tenure (make it more strict and less arbitrary)We should implement a government backed fact-checking agency for politicians’ statementsPeriod 4Both topics are fine. Approved!
12/15/2019 22:59:22Aria Zamanazaman00@stuy.eduThe US federal government should create expanded loan forgiveness programs in order to help citizens pay back the $1.5 trillion they have in college debt.Government farming subsidies should be abolished for they do not help the average farmer but rather support large corporations.Period 6Both topics are fine. Approved!
12/15/2019 23:25:40Sowjanya Sritharasarmassritharasarma00@stuy.eduThe legal drinking age should be lowered so that youngsters can follow a cultural model that will lead them to have safer drinking habits in their adulthood.Comprehensive sex education should be mandatory and should include a standard curriculum that is derived from the ones set by New Jersey and Vermont.Period 6Youngsters? I love it. Both approved.
12/15/2019 23:27:41Timothy Pengtpeng00@stuy.eduThe National Organ Transplant ACT (NOTA) should be repealed and a government-regulated form of Organ trading should be legalized in the US.The death penalty should not be part of our justice system.Period 6Both topics are fine. Approved!
12/15/2019 23:28:16Lydia Leellee00@stuy.eduThe Supreme Court's power of judicial review, life term, and appointing system promotes stagnant policies that sway with public opinion. Private schools should be eliminated, promoting a higher standard of education in public schools.Period 9I assume that your first topic would propose changing or eliminating these practices? Both approved.
12/15/2019 23:33:16Jacob Olinjolin00@stuy.eduThe current system of nominating justices to the Supreme Court needs to be completely reworked to give more power to the people.Immigration into this country shouldn't be such a long and complicated process.Period 3Both topics are fine. Approved!
12/15/2019 23:41:07Steven Leeslee02@stuy.eduProportional representation should be used in the United States to form a multiparty system.Term limits for the presidency should be abolished. Period 4Both topics are fine. Approved!
12/15/2019 23:44:10Yu Hin Yuyyu00@stuy.eduThe Electoral College should be retained as opposed to implementing popular vote.Capitol punishment should be abolished in favor of rehabilitation.Period 4Both topics are fine. Approved!
12/15/2019 23:45:36Rebecca Collinsrcollins00@stuy.eduSupreme Court justices should interpret the constitution in a strict constructionist manner and should not hear cases where a ruling cannot be easily made based solely on the text of the constitution.The current system of parole in the United States is unconstitutional and should be abolished.Period 3Both topics are fine. Approved!
12/15/2019 23:50:44Zoraiz Irshadzirshad00@stuy.eduThe NSA shouldn't be allowed to collect basic metadata from a citizens phone or other electronic deviceThe government should regulate the price of life-saving drugs Period 3Both topics are fine. Approved!
12/15/2019 23:51:01JiaYang Linjlin04@stuy.eduCourt proceedings should not be documented on camera. Filibusters should be reworked to be have a more limited usage if not banned altogether. Period 9Both topics are fine. Approved!
12/15/2019 23:52:07Krystina Wujwu02@stuy.eduSocial media should not be allowed to collect private information for profits. Reparations should be paid to Native Americans.Period 6The first topic sounds good, though how would they make money otherwise? Both approved.
12/15/2019 23:56:14Clarise Khanckhan00@stuy.eduA fundamental aspect of the efficacy of the Supreme Court is that it is entirely controlled by public opinion. The U.S. needs to establish a (nation-wide) standardized education curriculum.Period 9Both topics are fine. Approved!
12/15/2019 23:57:50Yongho Leemoonlee7777@gmail.comPolitical parties hinder the progress of Democracy in the United States.Executive order grants too much power to the Executive Branch.Period 3Both topics are fine. Approved!
12/16/2019 0:02:53Kiyan Fawazkfawaz00@stuy.eduThe furthering to the left of the democratic party is responsible for the bipartisan split in the United States. The rise in class disparity points to the extremity of our two political parties that mirrors historical trends.Period 9Both topics are fine. Approved!
12/16/2019 0:14:22Wei Hewhe00@stuy.eduThe travel ban is unconstitutional.It's possible to reform the U.S. education system.Period 3Your first topic is approved. The second is excessively vague.