Visual Pinball DX9 Table Compatibility
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ctc3/1/2014 9:20:26DJRobXAddams Family Gold Cabinet IssuesTest7Halos around GI lights are too bright. See this post for visuals:
Flashers not working ( to be solved by Table Author - workaround availableThe table builds its flasher objects from several alpha ramps, e.g. fl21, fl21a, fl21b, fl21c, but they are all visible at the same time, so they appear stuck. The proper fix is probably to change the table script to set .alpha=0 for all of these alphas which are not supposed to be visible. The strange thing is that I can't find any reference to these objects in the table script, but someone more experienced with scripting can probably figure out how it all fits together.

As an aside, the best and most performant approach in DX9 would be to have a single object and change its texture as appropriate.
Flashers (see post 957 analysis) It looks like they were never scripted and are actually unnecessary now since there are separate flasher halo ramps which are using image swapping. It looks like with all of those flashers, fl21, fl21a, fl21b can be deleted leaving fl21c as it is the image of the unlit flasher. This would have to be done with all the flashers of course.Windows XP (32 bit)1920x1080GTX 650ti
Closed3/2/2014 8:20:14slydog43Atlantis(Bally)(1989)(Icpjuggla, Oldskoolgamer, Herweh)(1.2 Mod)CabinetMajor issuestest7The post inbetween the flippers goes black when in the down position. I tried changing the post images to use black transparency, but no go. any ideas on this one?

Issue with with animated BumperPost primitive, open debug window and type in "solbumperpost 1" to toggle between up and down positions.(for those that want to try this, you need to click on the playfield afterward, to allow the table to execute)
Light inserts are black due to transparency not set to black

Fix: open image manager, select pf, all pf_red and pf_white objects and change transparency to black
Needs to be solved by Table Author - workaround availablePostbumper between flippers - Open table script and change "BumperPost.RotAndTra5 = BPStep * 2.5"
"BumperPost.RotAndTra5 = BPStep * 2.5 + 1"

Light inserts - Fix: open image manager, select all pf, pf_red and pf_white objects and change transparency to black
Closed3/22/2014 4:37:55zeenonAttack From MarsAttack_From_Mars_NIGHT MOD_VP920_v3.5_FS_3-WAY-GI 3.5.CabinetMinor Issuestest11Attack_From_Mars_NIGHT MOD_VP920_v3.5_FS_3-WAY-GI 3.5.

The cities up the center go completely black during play.
Germany insert - top part is black. Table author needs to check and provide feedbackNeeds to be solved by Table AuthorFIX: In Image Manager, select the pf gi items and set the transparency color to black. Probably set to default of green .
Open3/1/2014 19:13:18ClarkKentAttack From Mars dB2S issuestest7I noticed a problem with certain complex dB2S backglasses like the animated one for AFM (http://www.vpforums....s&showfile=8938) for JPs latest beta4 or the animated one for MM.

With these complex backglasses the ball stutters a lot with the new DX9 version. This does not happen with the old DX7 releases. If using another backglass without any animations (lights only) the ball stutter is gone.
Solved - Check DB2S SetupMake sure DB2S backglass is running in EXE mode. (

Also try test11 Try Frame Limiter by setting Video vsync option to 120. With higher end PC you can try 240, 600, etc
Closed3/17/2014 12:18:06Back to the FuturePlays Fine with no issuesouiSolved - Working table
3/18/2014 10:22:17DreamTrapBall Stuck - Atlantis/BatmanMinor Issuestest11dunno if this has anything to do with dx9 but in atlantis the ball got stuck under the left ramp and in batman when you went up the left ramp it goes over to the right and jumps straight down in the bat cave and gets stuck
Needs to be investigated
Closed3/1/2014 8:51:45gtxjoeBarracora1Cabinet Issuestest7wood image decals used on side rails are rendered on top of plasticsNeeds to be solved by Table AuthorDuplicate issue: See Barracora investigationRaise plasticsOn and plasticsOff height to 58.
Closed3/23/2014 14:40:53Big BraveCabinetMajor issues12a

Closed3/1/2014 7:09:42htamasBlack Rose-Cabinet Issuestest7Black Rose: the playfield light inserts are faint and flash a lot weaker than when playing with the DX7 version. post 890Needs to be investigated(mukuste) Hm, that's interesting. Sounds like a case of the fading lights not working properly. I thought this was fixed since a few releases ago, will have to check what makes this table special. (DJRobX) This table uses a combination of dropwalls and lights to do fading. There's a simple sciprt edit that improves this greatly (although probably isn't perfect)
Closed3/1/2014 7:02:14arngrimBram Stoker Dracula GI8see linkCabinet issuestest7
Solved in Test7Test7: Dracula GI8 is perfect now (arngrim)

Closed3/1/2014 11:50:55DJRobXChampion PubCabinet issuesTest7Table has problems very similar to Rocky & Bullwinkle. There is some flickering in the upper-righthand corner, and the ball flickers a lot.

Needs to be solved by Table AuthorSame fix (per-table AA) applies to Champion Pub! - that table had AA/FXAA forced on in its per-table settings. I don't know why we actually have these as per-table Option settings under "colors, sounds and graphics settings", but you'll want to set these to -1 to pick up the global defaultsIn Table Option settings, under "colors, sounds and graphics settings",
set these to -1 to pick up the global defaults.
Windows XP (32 bit)1920x1080NVidia 650ti
Closed3/9/2014 9:37:12sheltemkeCirqus VoltaireCirqus_Voltaire_FOM_SUNKEN_B2SCabinetMinor Issuestest9aapron black is visible even though transparency is set to black. changing transparency again to black and playing fixes issue, but issue occurs again when reloading table.Solved by new DX9 releaseEDIT: Ok, fixed it. Strange that this didn't surface before, it was a legacy bug.change apronr from solid to alpha rampWindows 7 (64 bit)
Closed3/18/2014 11:59:00gogo69Cirqus_Voltaire_FOM_SUNKEN_B2S.vptCirqus Voltaire (Platinum Edition)_VP9.2_v1.6 1.6Cabinet Issues11there is a line of pixels not on the very left of the ringmaster

no pixelline in final dx7 vp.exe

Needs to be investigatedWindows 7 (64 bit)1920x1080gtx650ti
Closed3/1/2014 7:19:29arngrimClass of 1812

Elvira&Party Monsters
see linkCabinet Issuestest7the ball is half cut into the hole post898
pics here:
IssueBall cut in half Kicker issue: is known, will be fixed eventuallyConfirmed the ball cut-off and it can be resolved as purported with setting the kicker in question to either "KickerHidden" or "KickerInvisible" and placing on a surface of 5-10 in height (I use 8h which seems to work with most tables but on a quick default table overhead view I could go smaller and down to 5 so it will depend a bit on the view settings).
Closed3/1/2014 8:25:20gtxjoeDefender1.0.0Cabinet Issuestest7All items below can be fixed at table level. Main concern is item 1- the image decal has a minimum clearance for items placed on top of it. This should addressed or documented somewhere in the table editor to avoid confusion/frustration for authors

1) Image decal (wood texture on side rails) used on surface 53h(height of 53.2) is showing on top of Plastics (ramp) with height of 55. (Screw has sufficient height to be displayed)
Fix: Set plastics elements (plasticsOff and plasticsOn) height to 58.
Decals probably behave this way so they are not masked by light inserts placed below, but this causes side effect of objects above decals need to be at minimum height above the decal. Maybe in the Decal Options window add a comment that decals have a minimum height of X if it is final implementation
2) Black light insert issue like other tables.
Fix: Set pf and pf_on image transparency to black fixes light insert issue.

3) Fixing black insert issue causes side effect, because the playfield contains pure black also, this causes background of table to show through
Fix: Make a copy of the pf.png image. It is currently used for table image and PFGI light off image. Need to make these independent. Export pf.png. Make copy called pfbase.png. Import pfbase.png (transparency set to neon green). Change Table image to pfbase.png
Needs to be solved by Table Author1) Sorry about this, I forgot to adjust the decal depth bias values after the depth buffer fix. The clearance needed should be much lower in the next releaseWorkarounds posted above in the Issue summary. But new table should be released as complete fix requires additional changesWindows 7 (64 bit)1920x1080gtx660
Closed3/9/2014 11:39:55vampirolatino2elvira & the party monsters1.3CabinetElvira and the Party Monsters 1.3Minor Issuestest9aTested version test9 and is getting better and better, still Elvyra and the Party Monters table have missing top 2 monsters and I found that the apron are more darker? Duplicate of Item 17Transparency issue - should color of side wall have effect on image transparency behavior?Issue is with wall f14 and f14a. image is boogie1/boogie2. Transparency is set to black. Side of wall color is also set to black, making the wall transparent. If wall color is changed, image shows up
Open3/1/2014 11:46:28DJRobXElvira and the Party MonstersDAY modCabinet IssuesTest7Bogie men are missing :( :(
Ball cut in half when in saucer.
Issue - Workaround availableTransparency issue - should color of side wall have effect on image transparency behavior?

Ball cutoff is known issue which will be tracked by #12
Issue is with wall f14 and f14a. image is boogie1/boogie2. Transparency is set to black. Side of wall color is also set to black, making the wall transparent. Fix: Select f14 and f14a and change wall color to something not black, image now shows upWindows XP (32 bit)1920x1080NVidia 650ti
Open3/18/2014 10:18:47ggo69FlintstonesFlintstones_VP91x_1.02FS.vpt CabinetMinor Issuestest11noticed the gates on the ramps turn black when a ball moves the gateNeeds to be investigated[gtxjoe] my guess is that the gate is a spinner with no back image assigned, so the spinner color black is displayed which was probably transparent in DX7 versions
Open3/23/2014 5:03:47gogo69Flintstones_VP91x_1.02FSCabinetMinor Issues12a
left and right spinner at ramps turn black if shot -solved
both have no bmp assigned to the back of the spinner

just export wiregate9_darker_long.bmp open it and paint everything to rgb 0,0,0 black ( just like a black card )

save it as wiregate9_darker_long_back.bmp

import in editor and don't forget to set the transparency after import to RGB 0,0,0
then go to spinner 1 and spinner 2 and assign the new imported wiregate9_darker_long_back.bmp to the back of the spinner.

now transparency works again and looks fine

Windows 7 (64 bit)1920x1080
Open3/19/2014 9:52:41AndersArtigFunhouseFunhouse (Night Mod)-Koadic-AaronJames-Teppotee_9.2 v1.1CabinetMinor IssuesTest11No lights where shown when enter "the steps." so you can´t see what you have to shoot on the left lane.Needs to be investigatedWindows 7 (64 bit)1980*1080GTX660332.212.5 cab
2/28/2014 8:29:48gtxjoeFunhouse vp9 JPSalas fs and nightmodCabinetMinor IssuesTest6IPJball - Here's what Funhouse vp9 JPSalas fs, and Funhouse vp9 night mod fs looks like still,
with the latest dx9 vp9 test. It shows the graphical glitches up over the white light in the upper left corner.
Rudy - slight changes in brightnessI understand the lighting problems on Rudy but why dont he move or even open his eyes?Needs to be solved by Table Author - Workaround Availabletest7 fixes rudy animation

Test with new DX9 release with Zbuffer changes (Test6 +) and also see workarounds
1) The issue is that the table uses two walls at the exact same location, Wall470 (backpanel1 texture) and gib1 (backpanel_on texture), which leads to Z fighting. Unfortunately this is something that will have to be fixed at the table level. A simple fix for DX9 would be to simply swap the texture of Wall470 as appropriate and delete gib1, but this won't be backwards compatible.

2) As for Rudy's slight changes in brightness, if the "Enable lighting" flag is disabled on all the "rudy" and "rudy_X" walls, this goes away.
Windows 7 (64 bit)
Open3/22/2014 5:02:26bodydumpGeneral IssueMinor Issuestest10-11Pic here:

Issue with solid ramp transparency in Rev 10 and 11. Please see the red circled areas in the SS below. This is on my WIP of NGG but is also present in other tables (Airborne, Car Hop). Edges look fine in Rev 9. All of the circled objects are solid ramps.
Pic and test table.vpt here:
The green circle represents another strange problem. If an image that extends to the edge of the table is used on an alpha ramp in World Mode and the alpha ramp object extends off the edge of the physical table in the editor, the image gets extended.
Here is a simple table showing the problem. Doesn't happen in 9.2.1
Needs to be investigatedFor issue 2: For the second one, is it a problem simply not to have the alpha ramps extend off the table?
Closed3/18/2014 10:33:17gtxjoeGeneral IssueMajor issuestest11Strange VP behavior.
- VP Table editor crashes when importing image.
- VP player script error occurs on a released table.
- VP New table - table name is playfield, not Table1

Solution: Run VP as Administrator
Solved - Run VP as AdministratorSolution: Run VP as Administrator

test12 may remove this dependency. But solution is posted in case others encounter this issue

Windows 7 (64 bit)
Duplicate3/9/2014 9:40:25jimmyfingersGeneral IssueMajor issuestest9There's a problem though with this test9 revision where balls aren't colliding and will overlap during multi-ball.
Solved by new DX9 releasefixed in 9a release
Closed3/1/2014 19:46:30Slydog43Haunted House(Gottlieb)(1982)(JP Salas)(1.1)CabinetMinor Issuestest7Kicker is black at the upper left. Cuts off ball. Tried invisible wall at height 8, but didn't fix it. Post 931Duplicate of item 12Duplicate issue: See Class of 1812 investigation and workaroundchange the transparency colour for the "pf" and "pf_on" images from the green it's currently set at to the pure black fix that is required on some tables now as previously discussed. Do this change and set the kicker cup to kickerhidden and the black spot will be gone.

That's because the kicker is already surfaced on the object "playfield" which is at top height "400" make a new wall object that is 8-15 units higher than the "playfield" surface and it should work. This is something to always be kept in mind as the 8h-15h rule is assuming a playfield at zero. If you see that a kicker is already surfaced on an object, than check what that is and adjust accordingly.
Open4/26/2014 7:53:22-HookHook (Data East 1992) FS_HR_VP9.2_Rev.1.3CabinetMajor issuesdx9 rc1Hook playfield goes black after a few seconds. See workaroundNeeds to be solved by Table AuthorWorkaround availableNeed to remove GIB1, GIB2, GIB3 and GIB4 from the script

Open Script search for GIB1 (should be about line 1145) and delete
"GiB1, GiB2,GiB3,GiB4". Leave the rest of the line there - don't delete the whole lin.
Closed3/23/2014 8:49:07HuricaneCabinetMajor issues12aI miss some playfield pictures in Austin Powers and Huricane.

here you can find some pictures
Windows 7 (64 bit)1920x1080
Closed3/18/2014 10:14:59mfuegemannJunkyard WIPWIPMajor issuestest7 - 11Pics here:

- Decals, placed on the Backdrop are always drawn over playfield objects. This was not the case in VP9 (see the crane primitive in the picture)
- Backdrop lights are always drawn over Decals. In VP9 You could use transparent decals over lights (see "Window Shopping" in the pictures).- The metal texture of the chain primitives are less shiny in DX9 (the ball is a VP-ball)Needs to be investigatedfurther discussion here:

The height information for the backdrop-decal can be set by assigning a (playfield) object to the "surface" property of the decal. Even then only active objects (droppable walls, primitives) are drawn over the backdrop decal in DX7 if they are above the decal. Maybe this is an error in DX7 too.

By the way, it would be great if You could fix this, as it is really hard to find a way around this for my JY
Closed3/1/2014 7:15:24ClarkKentMonopoly-CabinetMinor Issuestest7LEDs in Monopoly are black instead of red.Issue - Verify fix in Test13Fully fixed in Test13, no longer requires script changes
Closed3/22/2014 4:40:50zeenonMonster BashPC killer editionCabinetMinor Issuestest11 Monster Bash PC Killer version for a while and the shackles on Frankenstein are not right

Pics here:
Needs to be solved by Table AuthorUnclewilly will review and work on table update
Closed3/9/2014 9:39:05kiwimonster bashMajor issuestest9Primitive objects : The "Sphere Map 3D Mesh" is not working properly,
in test8a worked.Map 3D Mesh" is not working properly,
Solved by new DX9 release[mukuste] I also fixed the sphere mapping.
Duplicate3/1/2014 19:06:34htamasNitro Ground ShakerNot SpecifiedMinor Issuestest7Also, as I mentioned earlier, in Nitro Ground Shaker the ball is not just cut in half but completely disappears when it drops into a kicker hole

post 909
Needs to be solved by Table AuthorBall cut off is kicker issue to be solved (Tracker under #12.Class of 1812 investigation

Other issue: see workaround
Make a small invisible wall with a height of 8 units called 8h and then choose that wall (8h) as the surface for the kicker in the pull down in the kicker options.
Open3/22/2014 4:51:19ClarkKentRed and Ted's Road ShowMinor Issuestest11lines on faces. pics here: to be solved by Table AuthorUncheck "Lighting enabled" on the (rm0 through rm12, tm0 through tm12) objectsUncheck "Lighting enabled" on the (rm0 through rm12, tm0 through tm12) objects
Open3/1/2014 22:15:52Ark MalmeidaRipley's Believe it or NotRipleys_Believe_It_or_Not_VP912_2.0FSCabinet Issuestest7Issue where shrunken head is getting replaced with a giant flasher object when it is supposed to be lit.
Issue - Verify fix in Test8hash collision. It's fixed in the next release.(test8)Windows 7 (64 bit)1920x1080GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST 2GB
Open3/22/2014 4:33:10atarianRobowarCabinet issuestest11Ball runs over top of 3 pop bumpers. I tried Bring to Front but no joy
pic here:
Needs to be solved by Table AuthorIt is not a quick and easy solution, perhaps by adding three walls as high as the three bumpers,
and moving the cap lights over the three walls.
In DX7, pure blacks bumpers are invisible but still cover the ball when it goes under,
in DX9 pure blacks bumpers are completely invisible. (Kiwi)
Open3/1/2014 9:53:12DJRobXRocky & BullwinkleCabinet issuesTest7Playfield has flickering in the upper-left. The ball also flickers, and moves slowly. Needs to be solved by Table AuthorR&B: As far as I remember, that table had AA/FXAA forced on in its per-table settings. I don't know why we actually have these as per-table Option settings under "colors, sounds and graphics settings", but you'll want to set these to -1 to pick up the global defaults.In Table Option settings, under "colors, sounds and graphics settings",
set these to -1 to pick up the global defaults.
Windows XP (32 bit)1920x1080GTX 650ti
Open3/1/2014 19:08:57gtxjoeSpace Shuttle1.1 - 1.3 rosveCabinetMinor Issuestest7Side walls on gate are visible. Maybe a legacy bug though, as the VP9 9.2.1 seems to have the issue, just not as pronounced. see pic

post 911
Needs to be solved by Table AuthorFix table setting - see work around(kiwi) In both situations (VP921-DX9), is resolved by changing the color of the gate with pure green RGB (0,255,0), the same color of the transparency of the gate image.
Open3/18/2014 10:19:54ClarkKentSpares and StrikesMinor Issuestest11ball gets under the transparent plexi on the right upper side in Strikes and Spares - and becomes transparent!Needs to be investigated
Open3/27/2014 19:38:13Star Wars Trilogy915 1.02 FSCabinetMinor Issuestest13cannon green lights corrupt the cannon image. See table workaroundNeeds to be solved by Table Authorfix by author as below Open the table and go to Edit, Select Element, and select l63 and l64 (ctl-click to select them all at once). On the right input "-50" for the Depth Bias
big 3/1/2014 7:11:41bananaboatT2 Chrome Edition-CabinetMinor Issuestest7T2 Crome edition table is that there appear to be some thin black lines that show up on the apron, especially when right flipper is pressed. Also parts of the playfield graphics don't seem to line up properly.Needs to be solved by Table AuthorAdjustment of reels needed with the DX9 versions1920x1080
Open3/18/2014 10:27:49TropiThe Simpsons Pinball PartyMinor Issuestest11Pics here

I also recognized some graphics issues with this table. It is already mentioned in the compatibility table, but I'm not sure if the solution given there addresses my findings.
In the attachment you can see several black objects, that normally are colored. The workaround seems to be to set the transparency to black. As far as I could see (I'm not a table designer) the transparency is already set to black.
Needs to be investigatedTo fix the TV - Go to Edit->Select element and highlight all 140 "R" led objects. 
Click on R1, hit shift and keep selecting down until you get to R99
(this will include 100-149 due to the way it's sorted).  
Change the color to bright magenta (R255, G0, B255)
Check Visible
Windows 8.x (64 bit)GTX 560
Closed3/1/2014 19:27:32gtxjoeThe Simpsons Pinball PartyMegapin 1.2Cabinet issuestest7Animated LED board not working - Unrelated to Monopoly LED board issue, uses gatesTable issue (workaround included)
Animated Homer Head has black background.

This is the black transparency light issue. Fix: Open image manager, Select all H1, H2, H3 and H4 images and set tranparency to Black
Needs to be investigatedThere are two different problems causing the LED board not to work.
1) The individual LED bulbs are not set to visible. The script tries to set them to visible, but it doesn't work. If you set them to visible on the table, the script can then turn them on and off.
2) Each LED is a gate. The gate is set to be black which is transparent in DX7, but in DX9 it is solid black making the LED dark and draws an ugly outline. It needs to be set to the magic color of R255,G0, B255. This will get rid of the outline and make the dot light enough to see.
To fix TV: Go to Edit->Select element and highlight all 140 "R" led objects. 
Click on R1, hit shift and keep selecting down until you get to R99
(this will include 100-149 due to the way it's sorted).  
Change the color to bright magenta (R255, G0, B255)
Check Visible.

Make a small invisible wall with a height of 8 units called 8h and then choose that wall (8h) as the surface for the kicker in the pull down in the kicker options.
Closed3/1/2014 7:14:28ClarkKentWhitewater-CabinetMinor Issuestest7Still some layer problems in White Water (lights) and the texture of the insanity falls ramp. Also black insert lights.Needs to be investigatedAuthor or user will be able to set depth bias for items to resolve these type of issues. Depth bias setting initial test available in test12 (post #1428)also needs the black transparency fix on its PF textures. In Test13, you can use the depth bias adjustment to fix the lights. Open the table and go to Edit, Select Element, and select l17, l17a,
l17b, l55, l55a, and l55b (ctl-click to select them all at once).  On
the right input "-50" for the Depth Bias.
Closed3/1/2014 6:48:37bodydumpWold Cup SoccerCabinetMinor Issuestest6pics here
Version 6 fixed the ramp lip problem in World Cup Soccer but there are still some other issues. In the screen shots below the edges of the ramp sticker "pass" are much worse looking in dx9 than in 9.20. This object is made from a solid ramp and is 1 unit above the alpha ramp (actual ramp). The second thing is the sign above the ramp entrance. The edges of it also look much worse in dx9 than in 9.20. It is also a solid ramp. Both ramps have images that are png's with a transparent background using 128,128,128 as the transparency color (true alpha).
Win7, I7, GTX660 3gb
Needs to be solved by Table AuthorThanks for the report. I'm pretty sure that's a decal? Decals can't have antialiasing since they are rendered statically (anything that moved under the antialiased pixels wouldn't look right). So there are two possible options: 1) make the borders of the texture sharp by having alpha jump from 0 to 255 instead of the gradual slope (this will make the borders look a bit more pixelated) 2) convert the decal into an alpha ramp (there might be ordering issues until we have the manual depth bias option on alpha ramps). (mukuste)Windows 7 (64 bit)gtx660 3gb
3/14/2014 18:35:28arngrimWrath of OlympusNot Specified Issuestest10when you activate the flippers, the flipper area behind the flippers becomes blackNeeds to be solved by Table AuthorUnlock the RFR and LFR black lights and move then below the visible screen area and its fixed. These are not necessary anymore.
Unlock the RFR and LFR black lights and move then below the visible screen area and its fixed. These are not necessary anymore.
8/12/2015 0:50:11engineerbjBig Bang Bar2DesktopMinor IssuesUnknownTube Dancer toy is missing (suspect a transparency issue).Needs to be investigatedWindows 7 (64 bit)1366x768
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