Z correction
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G33 X250 Y0 0.26G33 X225 Y0 0.28G33 X200 Y0 0.38G33 X175 Y0 0.43G33 X150 Y0 0.44G33 X125 Y0 0.35G33 X100 Y0 0.22G33 X75 Y0 0.03G33 X50 Y0 -0.18G33 X25 Y0 -0.47G33 X0 Y0 -0.77
G33 X250 Y21 Z0.4G33 X225 Y21 Z0.4
G33 X200 Y21 Z0.44
G33 X175 Y21 Z0.44
G33 X150 Y21 Z0.42
G33 X125 Y21 Z0.31
G33 X100 Y21 Z0.17
G33 X75 Y21 Z-0.04
G33 X50 Y21 Z-0.24
G33 X25 Y21 Z-0.42
G33 X0 Y21 Z-0.63
G33 X250 Y42 Z0.6
G33 X225 Y42 Z0.57
G33 X200 Y42 Z0.56
G33 X175 Y42 Z0.51
G33 X150 Y42 Z0.44
G33 X125 Y42 Z0.31
G33 X100 Y42 Z0.19G33 X75 Y42 Z0.06
G33 X50 Y42 Z-0.07
G33 X25 Y42 Z-0.21
G33 X0 Y42 Z-0.44
G33 X250 Y63 Z0.67
G33 X225 Y63 Z0.61
G33 X200 Y63 Z0.57
G33 X175 Y63 Z0.41
G33 X150 Y63 Z0.33
G33 X125 Y63 Z0.21
G33 X100 Y63 Z0.07G33 X75 Y63 Z0.03
G33 X50 Y63 Z-0.11
G33 X25 Y63 Z-0.25
G33 X0 Y63 Z-0.35
G33 X250 Y84 Z0.7
G33 X225 Y84 Z0.61
G33 X200 Y84 Z0.52
G33 X175 Y84 Z0.43
G33 X150 Y84 Z0.31
G33 X125 Y84 Z0.09
G33 X100 Y84 Z0.09G33 X75 Y84 Z0.03
G33 X50 Y84 Z-0.02
G33 X25 Y84 Z-0.15
G33 X0 Y84 Z-0.23
G33 X250 Y105 Z0.62
G33 X225 Y105 Z0.58
G33 X200 Y105 Z0.5
G33 X175 Y105 Z0.36
G33 X150 Y105 Z0.14
G33 X125 Y105 Z0.09
G33 X100 Y105 Z0.01
G33 X75 Y105 Z-0.09
G33 X50 Y105 Z-0.11
G33 X25 Y105 Z-0.18
G33 X0 Y105 Z-0.23
G33 X250 Y126 Z0.64
G33 X225 Y126 Z0.52
G33 X200 Y126 Z0.41
G33 X175 Y126 Z0.26
G33 X150 Y126 Z0.17
G33 X125 Y126 Z0.07
G33 X100 Y126 Z-0.02
G33 X75 Y126 Z-0.09
G33 X50 Y126 Z-0.1
G33 X25 Y126 Z-0.16
G33 X0 Y126 Z-0.19
G33 X250 Y147 Z0.56
G33 X225 Y147 Z0.46
G33 X200 Y147 Z0.33
G33 X175 Y147 Z0.26
G33 X150 Y147 Z0.05
G33 X125 Y147 Z0.05
G33 X100 Y147 Z-0.09
G33 X75 Y147 Z-0.17
G33 X50 Y147 Z-0.15
G33 X25 Y147 Z-0.12
G33 X0 Y147 Z-0.18
G33 X250 Y168 Z0.44
G33 X225 Y168 Z0.32
G33 X200 Y168 Z0.25
G33 X175 Y168 Z0.18
G33 X150 Y168 Z0.12
G33 X125 Y168 Z0.05
G33 X100 Y168 Z-0.04
G33 X75 Y168 Z-0.14
G33 X50 Y168 Z-0.17
G33 X25 Y168 Z-0.22
G33 X0 Y168 Z-0.26
G33 X250 Y189 Z0.31
G33 X225 Y189 Z0.27
G33 X200 Y189 Z0.22
G33 X175 Y189 Z0.18
G33 X150 Y189 Z0.13
G33 X125 Y189 Z0.06
G33 X100 Y189 Z-0.04
G33 X75 Y189 Z-0.15
G33 X50 Y189 Z-0.22
G33 X25 Y189 Z-0.27
G33 X0 Y189 Z-0.37
G33 X250 Y210 Z0.11
G33 X225 Y210 Z0.11
G33 X200 Y210 Z0.13
G33 X175 Y210 Z0.13
G33 X150 Y210 Z0.13
G33 X125 Y210 Z0.08
G33 X100 Y210 Z-0.01
G33 X75 Y210 Z-0.06
G33 X50 Y210 Z-0.2
G33 X25 Y210 Z-0.27
G33 X0 Y210 Z-0.38