RVES Teacher Favorites Form (Responses)
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Grade (4K-5th) or TitleLast NameFav SnacksFav BeveragesFav RestaurantsFav StoresFav ColorsFav FlowersFav HobbiesItems needed for Classroom
1stPriceTrail MixCoffeeOlive Garden, Chick-Fil-A, PaneraTarget, LoftBlue, Purple Running STEM Materials
1stOwensDry Almonds, Reeses, Peanut M and M'sBottled Water, Cherry CokeVillage Pizza, Local Dish, Peking TokyoTJ Maxx, Home Goods, Targetredany Going to the movies, readingBig Baggies, STEAM building materials, Tinker Toys, anything Mickey Mouse themed
1stStormKind Bars, Trail MixTea, Starbucks RefreshersChick Fil A, Hobos, KillingtonsAmazon, Loft, Page 6, BelkBlueSunflowers, tulipsReading, exercising/sports (Ohio State)https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/3S22E3FUA0UTF?ref_=wl_share
1st SteinCheez-its, nuts, fruit/veggiesCoffee, Dr. Pepper, waterAny Target, AmazonPurple AnyReading, going to moviesdry erase markers, any STEM materials, colored cardstock/copy paper
1st KimbrellCheeze its, Chex Mix, and anything ChocolateSweet Tea or Diet CokeOutback, Improper Pig, Hobos, Red BowlTarget, Michaels, or LoftTurquoise Calla LilyShopping, and being active outsideTissues, Dry erase markers, Hand Sanitizer
1st Grade Teacher Intern (Storm)HendersonVeggie Straws, Cheez-Its, Cool Ranch Doritos, GoldfishSweet Tea, Vitamin Water, Powerade, CokeChick-Fil-A, Moes, Zaxby's, Cookout, CarrabbasTarget, Hobby Lobby, Francesca's, Loft, Jcrew, BelkLight Pink, Light Purple, Baby BlueLily, Daisy, CarnationShopping, Concerts, Going to the pool, Reading, CleaningN/A -- Intern
2ndMcDonaldApples, Kind Bars, Cashews, AlmondsWaterChick-fil-ATarget, Hobby Lobby, WalmartBlueOrchidRunningMr. Sketch marker, Color Sharpies
2ndPershkePopcorn, Dark chocolate, all sweets :)CoffeeStarbucks, Chickfila, Target, AmazonBlue, GreenSunflowers, orchids, lilliesTravel, ExerciseStorage tubs (all different sizes), Astrobrights paper (all colors), Prize bin items
2ndSwandapopcorn, skittles, jolly ranchers, chex mixsweet tea & lemonade chick fil a, starbucks, moes target or amazon yellow & purpleanybeing outsideHand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, tissues
2ndLloydFruit, PopcornCoffee, Diet CokePanera, Hobos, Olive GardenTarget, Hobby LobbyGreen, Coral, TealOrchidVinyl CraftingExpos, Glue Sticks, Post Its
2nd and 4thHesstrail mix, popcorn, Gluten free pretzels, dark chocolateSparkling water, decaf teaAnything Mexican or Italian Target, Old Navy, Kohl'sBlue and PurpleGardeniaExercising, Campingtreasure chest items/small toys, Lysol wipes, Kleenex
2nd grade teacherGuidryLifeSavers gummies, Reese's peanut butter cups, Cheez-itsSweet teaChick-fil-A, Charanda mexican restaurantTarget, Walmartpurpletennis, reading, photographyTissue boxes, Construction paper, White cardstock, Colored carstock, Bathroom paper cups, Wide-ruled notebook paper
3-4th Grade TeacherCzaplasunflower seeds, peanutsGatorade Zero and Diet Mountain DewHobo's, Wing King, Carmella'sAmazonGrey and Blue???Sports and readingerasers, sharpened pencils, tissues
3rdLimbaughCheese-its, kit kats, white cheddar popcornCoffee and teaChick Fil a, Cheesecake FactoryTargetBlue and greenHydrangeasReading, walking my dog, seeing friends, Clorox wipes and baby wipes
3rdBollardsalt and vinegar chips and dark chocolatebai drinks and sweet tea chick fil-a and moesamazon and targetGamecock colorssunflowersreading and watching the Gamecockstissues, wipes, glue sticks
3rdWhitlockTrail Mix - Anything ChocolateCoffee - Dr.Pepper - CokeHobos - MOD - Chik Fil A - McAlistersAmazon - Home Depot - LowesBlueChocolateReading - CarpentrySticky Notes - Kleenex - Wipes - Dry Erase Markers
3rdBrysonKit Kat, Reese'sCoke, Sweet TeaChick-fil-A, Moe's, SubwayRoss, Wal-Mart, TargetPurple, Teal, Navy BlueHydrangea, RoseMaking projects with my Cricut MachineCopier Paper, Paper Mate Flair pens
3rd GradeBujak Cheez-its, chex mix, chocolate WaterCharandas, Chick fil a, Brixx, ChipotleTarget, TJ maxx, Homegoods, LoftPurple and blueLove all kindsGoing to beach, traveling, spending time with friends and family, shoppinghand held pencil sharpeners!
4-5 special service McWattersChocolate, Doritos, barbecue Fritos, popcorn. Snapple, coffee, sparkling waterMoe’s, chick-fil-A, Panera breadTarget, Disney storeBlue, purple, greenTulips, peonyGardening, hiking
4thSchmitzTrail Mix, Fruit, Gluten FreeCoffee, Flavored waterPanera Bread, Fort Mill BBQBelk, Anne Taylor Loft,Target, Walmart, Hobby LobbyBlue and GreenAnythingReading, Walking, YogaColored Paper, Sticky Notes, Snacks, Treasure Box Prizes
4thGribbleDark Chocolate, Trail Mix, White Cheddar Grooves Cheese ItsGrapefruit La Croix, Sparkling Water, Coffee, TeaStarbucks, Hobos, MexicanTarget, Amazon, Old NavyNavy, Black and Garnet, TealHydrangeas Going to the beach, Reading, Spending time with my dog Briggs, Spending time with family and friends, working outColored Copy Paper, Classroom snacks, Expo markers, small white boards, puzzles, legos
4thBymatrail mix, dark chocolate, mintsCoffee, Sweet TeaChick FilletTarget, Home GoodsPinkRoses, DaisiesBaking, ReadingDiversity Books
4th KillowitzGoldfish, chewy Jolly RanchersSparkling water, coffeeStarbucks, Red Bowl, Charandas, Empire PizzaAmazonpurplelillysreading, Clemson football, walkingpaper towels, expo markers
5thMcCornNuts, nuts mixed with raisins and "stuff"(lol), peanut butter crackersHerbal teas, waterRed Lobster, FATZ, ZAXBYsROSS, AMAZONPink and Green, orange, bright colorsanything in a bouquet, pink rosesexercising, board games w/family, gardening dry erase markers, tissues,
5thMorrisChex Mix, Belvita, Dasani, coffeeChick-fil-A, Moe's, Olive GardenTarget, BelkTeal, pink, blackMixed flowersReading, travel, hikingBaby wipes for sweaty recess days
5thLedbetterfruit, trail mix, dark chocolateCoffee, water, tea, lemonadeStarbucks, Millstone Pizza, Chick-fil-A, FlipsideHome Goods, Marshalls, Target, AmazonTeal, garnet & blackhydrangeas, calla liliesshopping, cheering on the Gamecocks, traveling, cooking, reading Colored copy paper (bright), Lysol spray, tissues
5thMorenogranola barswater, la croix, bubbly, diet cokeChick Fil AyTargetBlueHydrangeasWorking out, readingPaper towels & wipes
5th HahnNuts, dark chocolate, fruit, Kind barsFlavored seltzers and plain water. I don't drink coffee.Greek Grill, Danny's Pizza, Killington's, Chick-fil-AAldi, Belk, Ulta, TargetGreen, PeachI love them allWalking my dog, yoga, crafts, readingTissues
Andrea CargilePretzels, Lays Potato Chips and seedless grapes Water and Dr. PepperOlive Garden Walmart Red and BlackYellow RosesCollecting Angels, watching movies and quiet timeCleaning supplies
APPadillofruitwaterRed Bowl, OutbackTargetgreensunflowertraveling
Assistant PrincipalSinclairChico Stix, peanuts, peanut M&M'sCheerwine, waterMac's BBQ, Chick Fil ABest Buy, Cabela'sGrey, Black and Gold (Steelers), Orange (Clemson)UhhhhhTime with family and friends, watching football (Steelers and Clemson)
ESOL TeacherFarrellChips, nuts, fruitsWaterDogwood Cafe in CLTBelk Nordstrom Freeman orangeLove them allKnitting. Can always use tissues and hand sanitizer
Front Office-ReceptionBlackwell, CarrieDried fruit, dry roasted peanutsLa Croix, Starbucks coffee, hot teaPanera, Jersey Mike's, Which WichBelk, Target, KohlsGreenWildflowersGardeningChlorox wipes, tissues for front desk
Instructional AssistantBlackweldertrail mix, anything chocolate, almondscofffee, ginger ale, spriteChick-fil-a, Moes, HobosTarget, Home Goods, AmazonPurple, gray, garnet & blackHydrangeasgardening, reading, movieswater colors paints, colored copy paper, paper towels
Instructional assistant HowiePeanut mm’s,Diet Dr Pepper 131 main, mellow mushroom, wing kingNordstrom’s ,Amazon ,broadcloth Black ,red, gold,All Hiking, Gardening, working in my yardHeadphones
InterventionAshdownHealthy, nuts/tropical fruitsCoffee/water/Mango juiceChick-fil-a, Local fresh food restaurantsTarget, TJMaxx/Marshals, CrossingsNeutral and Gem tonesWild fresh flowersCraftsTissues and cleaning supplies
InterventionistWashingtoncheez its, pretzels, lindt white chocolate, nothing bundt cakes (lemon)bubbly flavored waterFuji, Chic fil- A, StarbucksTarget, Amazon, Wal Martblue, green, pinkliliescommand hooks, felt tip pens, sharpies
KMullisAlmonds, Pretzels, Pita Chips, CookiesCoffeeAkahana, Empire Pizza, Charanda, BrixxBelk, Hobby Lobby, Marshalls, KirklandsBlueHydrangeas & PeoniesReading and GardeningClorox Wipes, Paper Towels, Ziplock Bags (gallon & sandwich size)
K-2AlejandroCoffee and ice teaSalsaritas/any MexicanDollar store/walmartBlueAnyWipes and paper towels
K-2FordChocolate, chips, ice creamCoffee, flavored seltzers, waterChic fil a, Moes, Pizza, BBQTarget, Outlets, BelkKelly GreenPeoniesCrafts, reading, baking, shoppingBaby wipes, paper towels
K-2Kujawatrail mix, pop cornseltzer water flip side, dixie pigdollar tree and walmartgreen or black and gold(steeler colors)anyreading, listening to music, watching footballbaby wipes and bubbles
K-2nd Self Contained Special Education ClassHixSalt and Vinegar Chips, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Honey Mustard and Onion PretzelsCoke, Apple or Grape Juice, Outback, Carolina Ale House, Cold Stone Creamery, PaneraMarshalls, TJMaxx, Target, Barnes and Noble, Hobby LobbyBlueLilly of the ValleyReading, Exercising, ShoppingKinetic Sand, Fidget Toys, Dinosaur Toys, Play Kitchen Toys, Dress Up items
KindergartenThompsonchocolatecoffeeMo's Hobby Lobbyred/ greydaisyreading and gardeningblack dry erase markers
KindergartenPulliamCrackers, cheese, trail mixCoke, coffee, waterLocal Dish, Napa, Greek Deli (Tega Cay)Belk, Target, AnthropologieBlue, green, blackNo preferenceReading, watching NFL football, watching hockeyHeadphones for iPads, playdough, items for treasure box
kindergartenSloanpita chips and hummus, chips and salsa, plain almondscoffee, waterHarpers, Carolina Ale House, First Watch, PaneraTarget, Kohls, Hobby Lobby, Cato, Ross, PURPLE!Love them all!working out, reading, cooking/baking, anything with my familypaper towels, lysol/clorox wipes, glue for hot glue gun,
KindergartenNalleycashews, dark chocolate cinnamon almonds, dark chocolateGreen Tea, water, smoothies from tropical cafeJust FreshTarget, AmazonLight turquoiseDaisiesreading, walkingReally Good Stuff gift certificate to use toward cd player, letters, games)
KindergartenYatesBoom Chicka Pop Kettle Corn, Caramel Rice Cakes, FruitWater, Unsweet TeaMcAllister's, Chicfila, Zaxbys, Improper PigTJ Maxx, HomeGoods, Hobby LobbyPink, Purple, BlackAnything I can plant in my pots or flower beds! :)Coaching travel softball, decorating my house, crafting, spending time on the lakeAmazon gift cards for books, clothespins, Popsicle sticks, Card stock, colored print paper
KindergartenHaynesM&Ms/Milk Chocolate, Raspberries, Cape Cod Sea Salt & Vinegar Reduced Fat Chips Starbucks Hot Salted Caramel Mocha, Coke- Regular PleaseWendy's, Z Bakery, Harper's PinevilleCrossings on Main in Fort Mill, AmazonNavy, Red, WhiteTiger Lilly, Sunflower, BulbsBaking Cookies, Reading, Being OutsidePlastic Bags (snack, sandwich, quart, gallon), Cleaning Wipes, Kindergarten Friendly Fiction & Nonfiction Books (used or new)
KindergartenBlackweldertrail mix, crackers, anything chocolatecoffee, gingeraleCharanda, Hobos, Moes, Chick-fil-aAmazon, Target, Wal-martGray, BlackHydrangeasReading, gardening, spending time with family, moviesClorox wipes, tissue, paper plates, paper towels
KindergartenBarwickChocolate, granola bars, fruitCoffeeChick Fil A, Los AztecasAmazonBlue, Green, PinkRosesRunning, craftingAmazon has it all! Amazon gift card
Kindergarten GlennCheez Its, trail mix & dark chocolateCheery Coke Zero, Bubbly & coffee Improper Pig, Just Fresh & CharandasHobby Lobby, Target & HomeGoodsGrey & NavySunflowers & Daisies Crafting & traveling Teachers Pay Teachers gift cards
LEAP Parent EducatorCulpCheez-its, ChocolateDiet CokeChick-fil-a, Moe's, PaneraTarget, BelkBlue, greenall flowersmusic, going to shows, readingwipes, paper towels, tissues
Numeracy CoachEmily GaitherSmart Pop, almonds, 100cal packs of various snacksDiet SundropFish Market, Chic-fil-aTargetOrange, PurpleHydrangeas, peoniesTissues, Clorox Wipes, ziplock bags
PreK - 4kGuevarasalty and sweet!Snapple, Coke, SpriteChipolte , Olive Garden, Chic-Fil-aTargetBlueRoses, Sunflowerstraveling Baby wipes, yummy snacks,
PreK - 4K AssistantSwintanything chocolate !!diet cokeCHick-Fil-ATarget, walmart, hobby lobbyyellowdaisyreadingbaby wipes, playdough, snack
PreK Special EducationMoreePlain Lays Potato Chips, Whoppers, Butter/Dinner MintsCoke, Coffee, Sweet TeaMexican - Charanda, etc.Amazon.comblueAnyReading, Playing games through iTunes on my phoneBigger classroom ;0)
RA - Art TeacherWilliamsonCheez its coffee, mint teaClean Juice, Panera, StarbucksTargetGreenDaisies and Dahliasyoga, making art, readinghot glue gun sticks
RA - Media SpecialistAugenbraunDark Chocolate or Trail MixLemonade, WaterLegal Remedy, Chick-fil-aBooks-a-million, MichaelsBlueWhite DaisiesReading & Cross StitchChlorox Wipes, Tissues
RA - Physical EducationStarnesANYTHING : )! Plus cereals, Nuts, Trail Mix, String Cheese, Cheese & Crackers, Chips & Salsa, Veggies, etc.Starbucks: Peach Green Tea (no lemonade), Strawberry Acai Shaken Refresher (no lemonade), Iced or Hot Caramel MacchiatoAny Fort Mill or Rock Hill ones you'd suggest! Chick-Fil-A (fam fav) Dick's Sporting Goods, TargetAny!!! If it is sporty type things/apparrel I like black and dark purple. Roses of any colorExercise, Shopping, Experiences/Adventures (Children's Museums, Parks, Carowinds, Sports Connection etc... I have a 3 year old ; ).All can be found on usgames.com: 12 or more Cush Fleece Balls, Could use 2 or more sets of Voit "Mini Playball" Tuff Balls set of 6 - could use the 5" or 6 1/4", 1 or more sets of the BIGGIE DekRings, Itunes Gift Card for PE music. From Flaghouse or Amazon: 2 or more sets of Pull-Buoy-Foam Bowling Pins, Ethafoam, High Density
RA - Physical EducationMcCoyTurtlesDiet CokeRed LobsterAcademy Sports and Dick's Sporting GoodsGarnet and BlackRosesGolfTissues
RA - TechnologyBuchananWhisps, Boom Chicka PopDiet Cherry PepsiChick-fil-ATarget, Hobby LobbyTurquoiseAll of them!PhotographyClorox wipes, Kleenex, microphones
Reading & Math InterventionistWaltersCheez-Its, Almonds, KIND BarsStarbucks, Sweet TeaZaxbys, Chick-fil-a, Luigis, Los CantaritosTarget, Loft, Page 6, BroadclothGarnet & Black :)Tulips & Gerber DaisiesBoating at the lake, Gamecock football & ShoppingLead pencils, Card stock
Reading and Math InterventionistMantelpeanut m&ms, protein bars, trail mixwater, vitamin waterHobosTargetorange and purplesun flowersrunning, boating, Clemson footballsticky notes
Reading RecoveryGummoAlmonds, pistashiosCoffeeLegal RemedyMashalls, Amazonpink and purpleSunflowersgardeningbooks
Reading Recovery McCrearyWhite Cheddar popcorn, skittles, french friesSweet Tea, LemonadeMaggiano's, Olive GardenTarget, Walmart, Old Navypink, blackSunflowersreading, tissues, antibacterial wipes, hand sanitizer
Reading Recovery Teacher LeaderWhitepretzelsDiet Mountain Dew chik-filaBooks a MillionblueLilyReadingUsed books I fill up the Little Libraries in Fort Mill
ReceptionistBlackwellRoasted peanuts, dark chocolate, carmel candiesLa Croix, Tea, CoffeeJersey Mike's, Panera, Chick Fil ATargetGreenSunflowersgardeningTissues, Clorox Wipes
School Counselor (3rd-5th)GodchauxTrail Mix, Skinny Pop, Cheez-itsCoffeeChickfila, Chicken Salad Chick, PaneraOld Navy, Amazon, Hobby Lobby, MichaelsBlue, SilverLilliesBaking
School Counselor (K-2nd)Darcydark chocolateCoffee, kombuchaChipotle, Chick Fil AHobby Lobby, AmazonPink, purple, greenhydrangeas, tulips family time, traveling, GA Football and Braves baseball
School nurseJonestrail mix, kettle chips,dark chocolatecoke zero, unsweetened tea, coffeeanything that requires eating out and me not cookingtarget, home goods, tj maxxblue, black, navy and greytulipsdate nights, time with friends, working outbaby wipes, paper towels,tissues
School NurseMcLellandcheetos, goldfish, dark chocolate, twix, kitkat barsDr. PepperHobos, Red Bowl, Steinmart, Target, Walmart, TJ Maxx, Hobby Lobbygreen, blueany flowers but especially daisies!spending time outdoorstissues, clorox wipes
Special education teacher PrabhuPretzels and hummus Coffee Chipotle Target Yellow, turquoise Sunflowers Watching football, hiking Wet wipes
Special service asstBurrellTwizzlersDiet Snapple iced teaNapaTargetBlueAnything orangeSkiing, bikingPre k toys
Special ServicesWooleschex mixMt. DewGroucho's, Hobo's TargetPinkLilliesHome updating, excercisePECS items, sensory toys, books
Special ServicesBurtonAnything Sweet or SaltyDiet CokeChick-fil-a, Texas Roadhouse, McDonaldsWal-Mart, Old Navy, Bath and Body WorksGreen and PinkSunflowersSpending time with my familyClorox Wipes, Kleenex, Books
Special services Hansen Purple skittles Diet Coke Spice Footlocker Blue purple Chrysanthemums Softball Lysol wipes
Special Services Instructional Assistant ChouinardPopcorn, Pringles, Anything Peanut butterWater, Coffee, Sweet teaChick-fil-a, Subway, OutbackTarget, Ross, KohlsBlueLily Painting, Reading
Special Services 3-5SilvestriPopcorners, potato chipsIced coffee, Sweet tea, Dr. PepperPanera, Chick-fil-aTarget, KirklandsTeal, CoralHydrangeas Music, Reading Gift Cards-Teacher Pay Teachers
Special Services AssistantJacksonPlain chips, fruity candySweet Tea, Ginger AleChick Fil aTarget, StarbucksPurple, Mint Green, Coral, AquaPersonalizing items Gifts cards
Special Services AssistantHowellPopcornBrisk iced tea w/lemon flavorAny Chinese restaurantCloth s MentorPinkSunflowersSoccer, yoga, reading
Special Services Instructional AssistantNowellPringles, Doritos, nutsMountain Dew, Sweet TeaBuffalo Wild Wings, Empire Pizza, Chick-fil-AWalmart, AmazonPurple or BlueTulip, Rose, DaffodilGoing to the movies, readingClorox Wipes, Batteries, Velcro
Special Services Instructional Assistant ChouinardKettle popcorn, pringlesIced coffeeChick-fil-a, Jimmy Johns, SubwayGoodwill, Target, Walmart, KohlsBlue, white LilySpending time with my family, paintingClorox wipes, tissues
Special Setting (4th-5th)GuestDark Chocolate, Gluten Free snacksCoffee, WineChickfila, Starbucks, ChipotleGoodwill, Clothes Mentor, TargetBlack, GreySunflowers, any indoor plantPlants, Working out, HikingGames, Puzzles, Expo Markers
Speech Language PathologistHugueletchocolateCoffeemexicanTargetBlue/TealCala LilliesWorking Out/RunningVelcro
Teacher of the Deaf and Hrad of HearingEhresmanreeses peanut butter cups, kettle corn popcorn, sourdough pretzelswater, pepsi, lemonade, sweet tea, coffeeLuigi and Sons (Cherry Road), Brixx, PaneraAmazon, Target, Walmartpurple, yellow, greendaisiesreading, singing, walkingcardstock, printer ink