brief 1: embedded media (rubric)
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brief 1: embedded media
Assessment Scale01234
N/AIneffectiveProgressingEffectiveHighly Effective
Corresponding Detailed DescriptionsDid not demonstrate, either through absence or serious deficiencies, the described criteria.Struggles to demonstrate practices described in the key grading criteria.Performs within the described key grading criteria. Showing some improvement over time.Consistently demonstrates competency regarding the practices described in the key grading criteria.Consistently innovative, integrated, nuanced, and sophisticated demonstration of elements in the key grading criteria.
Proposal: Did the weekly proposals lead to a clear and comprehensible written document that could give a reader the general sense of what the idea is?No Proposals were turned in.Some, but not all, of the proposals were turned in. In general the project proposal format was not observed from week to week.The project proposals were turned in on time but were vague and did not show any evidence of forward development towards completion of the project.The project proposals were turned in on time and provide a written record of the progression of the project from start to finish. The final version would suffice to convey the overall effect of the project as a pdf.The project proposals show a vivid portrayal of the development of the project. The final version closely resembles an informal one-sheet suitable for an open call for works.
Raspberry Pi: how resolved is the functionality of this installation? Does the script autorun on login? Does it work?No Raspberry Pi usedMedia doesnt play, scripts dont workScript does not autorun on boot but works once launched manually from the terminalScript autoruns and loops media forever with no errorsThe functionality of this project works so well that the focus is exclusively on the looping content
Media: does the interpretation of the media productively evolve after looping?No media was created to be hosted on the Raspberry PiMedia has been selected and created to loop on rpi but does not workMedia loops with minimal issues (requiring a restart or some other work-around)Media loops without issueThe created media creates an interesting effect by being looped, resulting in a hypnotic, durational experience for the viewer (10 minute test)
Deployment: was the project deployed outdoors? in a unique outdoor location other than ArtCenter? does the final location indicate multiple deployments or simply seem like a random choice?Media was not deployed in an outdoor locationMedia was deployed outdoors at ArtCenter onlyMedia was deployed at a location of the student's choosing onceMedia was deployed more than once to compare between two sitesFollowing extensive deployment and reflection, a productive outdoor location was chosen for the media the characteristics of which enhance the experience of the Media
Documentation: Did the student document the final version of their project? Did the student document any of the deployment attempts? Are these presented in a manner that does not rely on extensive verbal description?No documentation of deployments or the final versionDocumentation of final version onlySimple documentation of deployments and final version that require an extensive amount of verbal description in order to be comprehensibleDeployments and documentation illustrate the various attempts around designing Media for the selected outdoor locations and require minimal additional verbal descriptionDocumentation clearly presents the development of the project and the selection of the outdoor location and leads to a productive discussion inspired by the contents of the Media and their presentation
Originality: How unique is the student's idea and its implementation both conceptually and technologically?This project is simply a copy of our lab note examples, written by someone else, or from another classThe project is original not in its technological implementation but only in its accompanimental verbal description.The project is a good representation of the individual's interests conceptually but is not developed further, technologically, than in-class lab examples.The project represents a unique perspective towards the brief via hardware and software implementation, as well as a satisfying and unique conceptual viewpoint.The project exemplifies the brief while maintaining a unique point of view. The overall experience with the project is unique and memorable.
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