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NOTES/SOURCES | W.I.P. | THANK YOU to Pimpeaux, Shiro!, SJY, Chris Alaimo,,1,,0,,1.html
Virtua Fighter19950510
pretty much everybody says this is the pack-in game; marked as May 10th for formating reasons; it came out on May 11th, 1995
Clockwork Knight19950511Segaretro; All major sources list this as a launch game.
Daytona USA19950511
Segaretro; Business Wire article:
Panzer Dragoon19950511Segaretro; Business Wire article ^
Pebble Beach Golf Links19950511Segaretro; Business Wire article ^
Worldwide Soccer: Sega International Victory Goal Edition19950511Segaretro; Business Wire article ^
FALSELY REVIEWED AS LAUNCH GAME IN THE OLD PANDAMONIUM SERIES, since for the longest time, people thought it was a launch game. It's not. -!%22-mania_hits_Sega -- A recent interview with David Warhol indicates Bug! was due to come out sometime in May. Further digging into old Usenet archives indicates a July release, but Warhol said it was due out by the end of May. Looks like it didnt make it unil July 28th. Behold, a crap ton of Usenet links proving this release date:!searchin/|sort:date/ |!searchin/|sort:date/ |!searchin/|sort:date/ |!searchin/|sort:date/ |!searchin/|sort:date/ |!searchin/|sort:date/ |!searchin/|sort:date/ |!searchin/|sort:date/ |!searchin/|sort:date/ |!searchin/|sort:date/ |!searchin/|sort:date/ |!searchin/|sort:date/ | July 28th
Video Games mag ad in their August 1995 issue says "Look what's landed on Saturn," showing Myst and Robotica. Usenet archives indicate a release by August 11th. (THANKS PIMPEAUX)!searchin/$20saturn%7Csort:date/
Went over several sources; many say September but it definitely came out in August. (Courtesy: Pimpeaux) Most mags and retrospectives are saying this came out before September, but after the surprise release in May. HardcoreGaming101 goes as far as saying this straight up came out in May. But the nationwide software distribution in August would imply that even if it did come out super early, it would not have been remotely close to being widely availible: - The time of this distribution is likely when Astal came out. | Pimpeaux also found this press release, saying it comes out in the Fall: | The files within the game show a first final print was finished on June 6th, 1995. Back of the manual has an ad for Bug!, which came out in May. Bug's manual has an ad for Clockwork Knight, not Astal or any other August game. The most recently linked press release and the ads in the manuals seem to imply Astal came out after Bug! We can infer Bug! came first because of the afformentioned instruction manual ads. PIMPEAUX found out the review on page 37 in GamePlayers' August issue says Availible Now, so there ya go. You see how much fun this is? It's actually fun. I'm serious, this whole internet scavenger hunt is almost more exciting than playing the actual video games. Usenet archives indicate a release by August 16th. (THANK YOU PIMPEAUX)
Video Games mag ad in their August 1995 issue says "Look what's landed on Saturn," showing Myst and Robotica. Contents of the disc, when opened in windows explorer, show July 6th, 1995 under date modified. A GameFan review confirms August. Usenet archives indicate a release by August 17th (MERRY CHRISTMAS PIMPEAUX)!searchin/ |!searchin/ |
Street Fighter: The Movie19950823
segaretro, day of month N/A. August confirmed by a GameFan review. (August 16th 1995, Virtual Boy released in North America) Usenet archives indicate a release by August 23rd. (THANKS AGAIN PIMPEAUX) |!searchin/$20fighter$20the$20movie%7Csort:date/ |!searchin/$20fighter$20the$20movie%7Csort:date/
Minnesota Fats: Pool Legend19950829
ad in Sept 1995 issue of Fusion implies release during this month. Page 70 in the June 1995 issue of Next Generation says it will come out in September. (THANKS PIMPEAUX) Usenet posts indicate a release by August 29th. The following are links to game store release scheudles, both say 29th. The third link is a stock list posted on the 31st showing that Fats is out now:!searchin/$20fats|sort:date/ |!searchin/$20fats|sort:date/ |!searchin/$20fats|sort:date/
Virtual Hydlide19950914
Magazine ads began appearing in October with a Sega Visions review quote. Sega Visions says it came out in September: The game's files show a final build being completed on June 29th, 1995; so a September release is more than plausible. Usenet posts indicate a release by September 14th. |!searchin/$20hydlide|sort:date/ |!searchin/$20hydlide|sort:date/ |!searchin/$20hydlide|sort:date/
Cyber Speedway19950921
day of month N/A, sega retro; page 54 of GamePro's October 1995 issue says "Availible September" (THANKS AGAIN TO PIMPEAUX) Usenet posts indicate a release by September 21st. |!searchin/$20speedway|sort:date/ |!searchin/$20speedway|sort:date/ | (This is a release schedule showing Cyber is already out, posted on Sept 21)!searchin/$20speedway|sort:date/
Shinobi Legions19950921
segaretro, day of month N/A, sources GamePro's October 1995 issue, page 50, which says "Availible September." (From Sep 2 - 30, Clockwork, W Soccer and VF Remix free with Saturn) This is oddly enough the first time Sega even attempted to bring over a popular Sega Genesis I.P. They woudn't do it again on the Saturn for a long long time. Lmao, why??? Usenet posts indicate a release by September 21st. |!searchin/$20legions|sort:date/ |!searchin/$20legions|sort:date/ |!searchin/$20legions|sort:date/ |!searchin/$20legions|sort:date/ |!searchin/$20legions|sort:date/
Shanghai: Triple-Threat19950926
GamePro reviewed it in their November 1995 issue, Sega Visions says September: (Courtesy: Pimpeaux) | Usenet posts indicate a release by September 26th |!searchin/$20triple$20threat|sort:date/ |!searchin/$20triple$20threat|sort:date/ |!searchin/$20triple$20threat|sort:date/ |!searchin/$20triple$20threat|sort:date/
NHL All-Star Hockey19950928
For sure 1995 because of title screen, reviewed by GamePro in their November 1995 issue; also Sega Visions says October: | A review in GameFan says it came out in September. (Courtesy: Pimpeaux) Usenet posts indicate a release by September 28th. It appears to have shipped to Canada a few days before the U.S. |!searchin/$20All$20Star$20Hockey|sort:date/ |!searchin/$20All$20Star$20Hockey|sort:date/ |!searchin/$20All$20Star$20Hockey|sort:date/
Virtua Fighter Remix19950929
Segaretro, not sourced; (On October 2nd, Saturn price dropped to $299) (This game was free to Saturn owners if they registered by September 30th. It would then be shipped in the mail. This claim by Sega Retro ads up when you consider this.) According to the almighty PIMPEAUX, Usenet posts indicate this started shipping out to people on September 29th, possibly earlier; people who bought Sautrn at around launch were promised a free copy if they mailed in proof of purchase:!searchin/$20fighter$20remix|sort:date/ |!searchin/$20fighter$20remix|sort:date/ |!searchin/$20fighter$20remix|sort:date/ |!searchin/$20fighter$20remix|sort:date/ |!searchin/$20fighter$20remix|sort:date/ |
World Series Baseball19950929
segaretro, day of month N/A; December 1995 issue of EGM has a review that says "Release Date : November," BUT a GameFan review says it's "Availible in October." Usenet posts indicate a release by September 29th:!searchin/$20series$20baseball|sort:date/ |!searchin/$20series$20baseball|sort:date/ |!searchin/$20series$20baseball|sort:date/
Off-World Interceptor Extreme19951003
Reviewed by GamePro in the Jan 1996 issue, Sega Visions says November: | BUT a GameFan review says it's "Availible: October." (Courtesy: Pimpeaux) | Usenet posts indicate a release by October 3rd:!searchin/$20interceptor$20extreme|sort:date/ |!searchin/$20interceptor$20extreme|sort:date/ |!searchin/$20interceptor$20extreme|sort:date/|!searchin/$20interceptor$20extreme|sort:date/
Romance of the Three kingdoms IV: Wall of Fire19951007
GamePro wrote a review of this in December saying it was "Availible now", Sega Visions says October: (Courtesy: Pimpeaux) The game's files show a final print was finished on July 30th, 1995. Usenet posts indicate a release by October 7th:!searchin/$20of$20the$20three$20kingdoms|sort:date/ |!searchin/$20of$20the$20three$20kingdoms|sort:date/ |!searchin/$20of$20the$20three$20kingdoms|sort:date/ |!searchin/$20of$20the$20three$20kingdoms|sort:date/ |!searchin/$20of$20the$20three$20kingdoms|sort:date/
SimCity 200019951011
Segaretro; Business Wire press release marked 1995-10-11 says this is "now availible" |;_ULTIMATE_CITY_SIMULATOR_NOW_AVAILABLE_TO_CONSOLE_GAMERS
Black Fire19951018
Reviewed by GameFan in October of 1995, likely slated for Saturnday based on Saturn console box art. Fusion magazine reviewed it in their September issue, page 90. Strangely, Usenet archives indicate an October release, by Oct 18th.!topic/ |!topic/ |!searchin/$20fire|sort:date/ | (Toys R Us listing for 10/10 release)!searchin/$20speedway|sort:date/ | EGM reviewed it on page 166 of their October 1995 issue saying it's "availible:" |
Dark Legend19951023
segaretro says October, day of month N/A, not sourced; December GamePro review says availible now so November is a safe bet; November Ultimate Gamer review says "Availible: TBA," hinting that October is not a safe bet. BUT a GameFan review says "Availible: October." (Courtesy: Pimpeaux) Usenet posts indicate a release by October 23rd |!searchin/$20legend|sort:date/ |!searchin/$20legend|sort:date/
Theme Park19951023
Sega Visions says October, game's copyright year is 1995: (Courtesy: Pimpeaux) Usenet posts indicate a release by October 23rd:!searchin/$20park|sort:date/ |!searchin/$20park|sort:date/ |!searchin/$20park|sort:date/ |!searchin/$20park|sort:date/ |!searchin/$20park|sort:date/ |!searchin/$20park|sort:date/ |!searchin/$20park|sort:date/ |
The Mansion of Hidden Souls19951025
Segaretro says European release in November of 1995, American year listed as 1995 with no month. GamePlayers reviewed in their December 1995 issue. Back of the manual has an ad for Bug!. The game's prequel for the Sega CD has the exact same name, even though it's a different game... This leads to a lot of confusion, which you can see in action here:!searchin/$20souls$20saturn|sort:date/ | A list on Usenet says it's out as of 12/15:!searchin/$20souls$20saturn|sort:date/ | GAMEX store had it by 11/20:!searchin/$20souls$20saturn|sort:date/ | Apparently the US version isn't region locked? Post on 11/6:!searchin/$20souls$20saturn|sort:date/ | Guy who played and reviewed it on 11/3:!searchin/$20souls$20saturn|sort:date/ | This GAMEX store list on 10/17 says it comes out on October 25th:!searchin/$20souls$20saturn|sort:date/ | Another GAMEX store list on 10/22 says it's out on the 25th:!searchin/$20souls$20saturn|sort:date/ | GAMEX store list had it by 11/10:!searchin/$20souls$20saturn|sort:date/ | October 25th 1995 is a good call, since multiple store lists from GAMEX call it out, and no user posts conflict with it.
March 1995 issue of GamePro says release in September w/ PS1 and 3DO versions, Sega Visions says October in their Sept issue: (Courtesy: Pimpeaux) In the game's files, a build was finished on September 15th, 1995. All files show they were last modified on this date. A GameFan review finally nails down a September release. Based on the game's files, we can infer this was "late" September, so it will be marked down for the 30th for formating reasons. An August Software Etc release list shows Rayman as a Sept 25th release:!searchin/$20saturn%7Csort:date/ | Tuskins store says it came out on November 3rd 1995. Other Usenet posts from October talk about delays:!searchin/$20saturn|sort:date/ | November 3rd 1995 wins.
Time Warner Interactive's VR Virtua Racing19951106
PRnewswire press release on November 6th says it comes out "today": | Apparently, Sega had previouly given October release dates which turned out to be wrong:!searchin/$20racing$20saturn|sort:date/ | 11/5 post says the game sucks:!searchin/$20racing$20saturn|sort:date/ | 11/8 post says he's selling his copy of the game:!searchin/$20racing$20saturn|sort:date/ | And finally, TUSKINS game store list on 11/10 has it out:!searchin/$20racing$20saturn|sort:date/ | The press release saying November 6th 1995 seems credible.
Corpse Killer: Graveyard Edition19951110
Reviewed by Electronic Gaming Monthly on page 44 of thier December issue, release date says "Now." Sega Visions says December: (Courtesy: Pimpeaux) | On Usenet, a November 2nd post claims it's out:!searchin/$20killer$20saturn|sort:date/ | Reviewed on the 8th:!searchin/$20killer$20saturn|sort:date/ | November 10th Game Experience store list says it's out:!searchin/$20killer$20saturn|sort:date/ | Tuskins Games list also says out by the 10th:!searchin/$20killer$20saturn|sort:date/ | Going with November 10th.
NBA Jam Tournament Edition19951110
European and Japanese released in November 1995; american year is 1995. Sega Visions says October in their Sept '95 issue: (Courtesy: Pimpeaux) FunFact: supports 4 players even though the box only says 2. 11/11 Usenet review says he bought it at Best Buy "yesterday," and they're talking about the NTSC-U version since Best Buys weren't in Europe at the time:!searchin/$20jam$20saturn|sort:date/ | Another post on 11/10 talks about testing its 4 player mode:!searchin/$20jam$20saturn|sort:date/ | TUSKINS game store list on 11/10 lists it as a new release:!searchin/$20jam$20saturn|sort:date/ | November 10th sounds pretty damn solid.
Virtua Cop19951110
Press release in Oct of 1995 says it will come out this November: | 11/20 GAMEX store post says it came out today:!searchin/$20cop|sort:date/ | 11/20 post talks of spotty distribution, some stores oddly said it would be delayed to December:!searchin/$20cop|sort:date/ | 11/19 says it's out at their local store, when OP says it isn't at theirs:!searchin/$20cop|sort:date/ | 11/19 post says it's out:!searchin/$20cop|sort:date/ | In this thread, user on 11/10 says Babbages won't get it until Dec. 12th but another says his local small store got it on 11/17:!searchin/$20cop|sort:date/ | 11/15 post says Best Buy had it on 11/14:!searchin/$20cop|sort:date/ | Another post on 11/18 talking about the spotty distribution:!searchin/$20cop|sort:date/ | Aimee Cardwell of Sega answered some questions on 11/15, saying Virtua Cop shipped without the stunner on 11/10 and with it on 11/14, noting they have no control over the spotty distribution:!searchin/$20cop|sort:date/ | After combing through the above evidence, I can infer the official release date is November 10th, although it's worth noting the game wasn't widely availible until the later end of the month.
Quarterback Attack with Mike Ditka19951117
Sega Visions says December: (Courtesy: Pimpeaux) Before either game was released, Quarterback Attack was frequently confused with Quarterback Club. In GamePro's interview with Mike Ditka on page 88 of their October 1995 issue, they say it comes out in "early November:" | Gameplayers reviewed it in their January 1996 issue. On Usenet, two different posts, both on 11/17, both say they saw it at a Toys R Us:!searchin/$20attack|sort:date/ |!searchin/$20attack|sort:date/ | GAMEX store had it on 11/20:!searchin/$20attack|sort:date/ | An 11/20 post says they saw it in a store in 11/18:!searchin/$20attack|sort:date/ | I'd say November 17th 1995 is a safe bet since it matches up with two different post sightings, GamePro's anouncement, and is close to GAMEX having it by 11/20.
Sega Rally Championship19951118
segaretro says December 28th with no source. This press release says it will be released "just in tme for the holidays:" | BUT according to a bunch of Usenet posts, it came out early on 11/18 (THANK YOU PIMPEAUX) :!topic/ |!topic/ |!topic/ |!topic/ |
High Velocity: Mountain Racing Challenge19951120
segaretro says May of 1997, but this is likely wrong. Manual/start screen copyright dates are 1995. EGM has a print ad in Dec of '95; day of month N/A. An Oct '96 capture of Atlus' website says it's already out: | A GameFan review says December is the release month. (Courtesy: Pimpeaux) | This 12/11 list on Usenet says it's out as of 12/10:!searchin/$20velocity|sort:date/ | Tuskins game store had it on 12/6:!searchin/$20velocity|sort:date/ | GAMEX also had it on 12/7:!searchin/$20velocity|sort:date/ | Multiple people were talking about playing it in this 12/5 thread:!searchin/$20velocity|sort:date/ | TRONIX game store got it on 11/27:!searchin/$20velocity|sort:date/ | A review of it posted on 11/24:!searchin/$20velocity|sort:date/ | Dude bro selling it on 11/28:!searchin/$20velocity|sort:date/ | Dude saw it at Software Etc on 11/24!searchin/$20velocity|sort:date/ | GAMEX store lists it on 11/20:!searchin/$20velocity|sort:date/ | Man in a 11/26 post says EB Games had it on 11/20:!searchin/$20velocity|sort:date/ | November 20th, since two stores had it then and a lot of people posted about it in the coming days.
Double Switch19951122
segaretro, day of month N/A; October EGM article says it will come out in November 1995; March 1994 GamePro review says the Sega CD version was out in March of 1994. Page 112 of EGM's December issue has a review of it and says it came out in "November.": | On 11/20, GAMEX store release list says it's coming out on November 22nd:!searchin/$20switch$20saturn|sort:date/ | On 12/7, GAMEX shows it's out:!searchin/$20switch$20saturn|sort:date/ |
Ghen War19951123
SegaRetro says October 24th (not sourced though); Lead develloper Robert Leyland told me their deadline was Saturnday, September 2nd, but he didn't say if they made it. Sega Visions says October: (Courtesy: Pimpeaux) Page 154 of October's EGM issue says the six-controller miltitap adapter is out now. Files on the disc were last modified on October 25th. A GameFan review says it came out in October. Two different mags say October. Usenet: "They also still have Ghen War listed in October (what happened to this game?)."!searchin/$20war|sort:date/ | Review on Nov. 23rd:!searchin/$20war|sort:date/ | Out on Nov 24th!searchin/$20war|sort:date/ |
Solar Eclipse19951127
segaretro says December 1995; Ultimate Gamer November issue review of Solar Eclipse says "Release Date: December." GameFan reviewed it in their December 1995 issue. Electric Playground (Canadian website) reviewed it on December 21st: | Proof of Electric Playground's Canadian base: | GameZero did a lovely interview with the devs via IRC on 11/27. In it, Andy straight up says it's "on shelves today.": | TRONIX game store says they got it on 11/27:!searchin/$20eclipse|sort:date/ | I'm not gonna post all the links, but several other posters on Usenet talk about playing it, having it in their store, and seeing it on shelves over the course of the next few days. The dev and store guy both saying November 27th 1995 is pretty damn good proof.
Galactic Attack19951129
segaretro; page 108 of EGM's December review says it came out in December of 1995: | GameFan reviewed it in October: | TRONIX store got it on 11/29:!searchin/$20attack|sort:date/ | 11/30 post saying it's out:!searchin/$20attack|sort:date/ | Another 11/30 post saying it's out:!searchin/$20attack|sort:date/ | For further solification, GAMEX had it on 12/7:!searchin/$20soccer$2096|sort:date/ | TRONIX store lists looks legit, November 29th it is. GameFan either had early access or looked at the import.
Virtua Fighter 219951130
segaretro says December of 1995, page 106 of EGM's December issues says so as well, as does this press release; | BUT it looks like many people and stores got it on 11/30 according to a bunch of Usenet posts (THANKS PIMPEAUX):!topic/ |!topic/ |!topic/ |!topic/ |!topic/ |!topic/ |
Last Gladiators: Digital Pinball19951206
The following November 8th 1995 press release says it's going to come out by the end of the month: [] | GAMEX was selling import copies of it in October, so that's cool:!searchin/$20pinball|sort:date/ | NExt Generation reviewed it on page 172 of their November 1995 issue. An 11/25 Usenet post is asking when the US version comes out:!searchin/$20pinball|sort:date/ | Usenet poster on 12/6 talks about picking it up and writes a credible review:!searchin/$20pinball|sort:date/ | On 11/28, a store guy said he didn't know when it would come out:!searchin/$20pinball|sort:date/ | On 12/7, GAMEX has it as out:!searchin/$20pinball|sort:date/ | December 6th it is.
Center Ring Boxing19951207
Magazine ads for the game began appearing on October 24th... but let's examine this a bit more. It was a Japanese published game which came out in the far east on October 20th. Copyright year on American start screen says 1995. It's unlikely this shipped to the states before the end of the month. It has next to no reviews during late 95/early 96. Usenet posts indicate this likely came out in December, with a store GAMEX listing it on the 7th:!searchin/$20ring$20boxing|sort:date/ | This man was selling/trading a copy on the 10th:!searchin/$20ring$20boxing|sort:date/ | A December 20th 1995 news article on NExt Gen's website further confirms a release in December using its Japanese title, King of Boxing:
Valora Valley Golf19951209
Its in-game files show a creation date of November 1st. GamePro reviewed it on page 78 of their March 1996 issue, saying it's availible now: | Copyright year on the start screen is 1995, came out in Japan on December 15th of that year. Back of the U.S. version's manual has an ad for Criticom which says, "Coming December '95." Whether or not that's true for Criticom (it isn't), it wouln't make sense to advertise a projected release date in the future. December of 1995 is a safe bet based on this, unless it had late shipments. Usenet list on 1/22 says it's out and came out sometime in January, so it was out by the 22nd:!searchin/$20valley$20golf|sort:date/ | GameZero reviewed it online in December: | To go with this GameZero review, their editor posted on Usenet on 12/9, saying they are going to review it, implying they had a copy by then. I don't think they had early access since the other Saturn games on their list of games they're reviewing were already out. (This is also the earliest Valora Valley post on Usenet):!searchin/|sort:date/ | A guy on 12/14 is asking if Pebble Beach or Valora Valley is bettter:!searchin/|sort:date/ | It's strange, little documentation on this one exists. Not even Sega Aimee's lists have it. Given the data from GameZero and the manual ad, I'm saying December 9th is the safest bet.
Blazing Heroes (Mystaria: Realms of Lore)19951215
Segaretro says it was released as "Mystaria: Realms of Lore" in November 1995. Would later be released as Blazing Heroes. Post on Usenet from Sega employee Aimee Cardwell ( on 10/12 says it comes out in November:!searchin/|sort:date/ | Appears to have been delayed, as other Usenet posts in November are asking where it is:!searchin/|sort:date/ | and:!searchin/|sort:date/ | Appears to have had a staggered release that started by December 14th:!search/mystaria$20/ | Another post from late Nov says it's out by December 15th:!searchin/|sort:date/ | People poured dozens of hours into it by early January:!search/mystaria$20/ | GAMEZ store post says it's due out in December:!searchin/|sort:date/ | Another post saying December 15th:!searchin/|sort:date/ |
segaretro says December 18th and cites this press release; | Usenet list posted on 12/16 says it was out by 12/15:!topic/ | TRONIX store had it on 12/15:!topic/ | Obligatory dude on Usenet talking about playing it:!topic/ | Looks like GEXmas came early, December 15th it is.
Bases Loaded '96 Double Header19951220
Very little documentation about this game. The Japanese developed and published game came out in Japan on November 22nd, so the US version likely came out later. Can't find any mag reviews for its time. An EGM ad says "the Full Season begins October 1995:" | Disputing claims across websites; Sega Retro just says 1995. Dave's page just says 1995. It released for Playsation in December 1995. Sega Visions says November: (Courtesy: Pimpeaux) EB Games release date list on Usenet from Dec 27 says it came out on December 20th:!searchin/$20loaded|sort:date/ |
Sega Visions says October, game's copyright year is 1995: (Courtesy: Pimpeaux) Usenet posts indicate a December 22nd release:!searchin/|sort:date/ |!searchin/|sort:date/ |!searchin/|sort:date/ |!searchin/|sort:date/
FIFA Soccer 9619951223
segaretro has this press release which says December of 1995: | A 12/7 GAMEX store list shows it comes out in December, implying it isn't out yet:!searchin/$20soccer$2096|sort:date/ | GamePro reviewed it on page 92 of their April 1996 issue, saying it's availible now: | 12/11 post says it's coming out by the end of the year:!searchin/$20soccer$2096|sort:date/ | 12/16 post says out by the end of the year:!searchin/$20soccer$2096|sort:date/ | EB Games store list on 12/27 says it comes out on 12/27:!searchin/$20soccer$2096|sort:date/ | 12/23 post claims it's out:!searchin/$20soccer$2096|sort:date/ | 12/23 list says out now:!searchin/$20soccer$2096|sort:date/ | December 23rd is looking good.
Thunderstrike II19951227
Game Players magazine reviewed this in February on page 74: | Manual has a 1995 copyright date, Sega Visions says November of 1995: | A GameFan review says it came out in December. (Courtesy: Pimpeaux) | An 8/24 release list from Sega's Aimee Cardwell says it comes out in November:!searchin/$20saturn|sort:date/ | On 12/7, GAMEX store list says it comes out in December, implying it isn't out yet:!searchin/$20saturn|sort:date/ | A 12/2 post says it's on display at Hilltop Mall:!searchin/$20saturn|sort:date/ | This 12/11 list says it's coming out by the end of the year:!searchin/$20saturn|sort:date/ | Same list on 12/16 says out by the end of the year:!searchin/$20saturn|sort:date/ | Same list on 12/23 says it will come out on December 27th:!searchin/$20saturn|sort:date/ | This 12/23 post says it started shipping, but because of shipping overload, won't be immeidately availible to everyone right away:!searchin/$20saturn|sort:date/ | TRONIX store got it on 12/27:!searchin/$20saturn|sort:date/ | And again on 12/28:!searchin/$20saturn|sort:date/ | Going with December 27th.
Wing Arms19960110
segaretro says February 1996, day of month N/A. Page 178 in GamePro's November 1995 issue says "Availible February '96." GamePlayers and EGM both reviewed it in their February issues. This list posted to Usenet on 3/29 shows it's out and had a scheduled January release:!searchin/$20arms|sort:date/ | The same list posted on 1/22 indicates it came out by 1/22:!searchin/$20arms|sort:date/ | This 1/10 post says it SUCKS:!searchin/$20arms|sort:date/ | This 1/11 thread shows two people saying they just bought it:!searchin/$20arms|sort:date/ | Another thread of people saying it came out by 1/11, with one saying it's been in New York stores for days:!searchin/$20arms|sort:date/ | Dude says it's out on 1/10:!searchin/$20arms|sort:date/ | January 10th 1996 is solid.
World Cup Golf: Professional Edition19960124
GamePro reviewed this game in their April 1996 issue saying "Availible Now." Sources cited in this spreadsheet reveal Johnny Bazookatone came out for the Saturn in the U.S. sometime in late February. The back of that game's manual has a U.S. Gold (game publisher for both of the aforementioned games) ad saying, "Also availible for your Sega Saturn system." It lists World Cop Golf. Therefore, this game was expected to be availilbe in the United States sometime in February. It's hard to say if this is for sure the release month. Sega's Aimee Cardwell posted a release list on Usenet on 10/12 saying it's due out in December:!searchin/$20cup$20golf|sort:date/ | An EB Games list on 12/27 says it was supposed to come out on Decembe5 15th:!searchin/$20cup$20golf|sort:date/ | Tuskins game store says it's a new release on 1/24:!searchin/$20cup$20golf%7Csort:date/ | I can't find threads with anyone talking about playing it, but it's also an obscure golf game that wasn't highly anticipated. The Tuskins store list is what I'm going with here, which also matches up with the manual clue. January 24th 1996.
Mortal Kombat II19960125
Segaretro says March 29th 1996 with no source... April 1996 issue of GamePro says "Availible Now." Usenet post on 6/6/1995 says it comes out June 30th 1995...:!msg/;context-place=forum/ | Dave's Saturn page just says 1996: | Tuskins store had it in stock by 6/25/1996, not listed as new:!searchin/$20kombat$20ii|sort:date/ | This list posted on 4/11 says it's out and had a schedulued release in January:!searchin/$20kombat$202|sort:date/ | Same list, same status for MK2 but posted on 3/29. This may be where the initial Sega Retro/Wikipedia date came from:!searchin/$20kombat$202|sort:date/ | 3/2 thread talking about MK2's poor port from "akklame":!searchin/$20kombat$202|sort:date/ | Post on 2/21 alledges Acclaim blamed the Saturn hardware on the poor port:!searchin/$20kombat$202|sort:date/ | 2/1 thread alledgeing Acclaim blamed the Saturn:!searchin/$20kombat$202|sort:date/ | In this 1/25 thread, OP talks about disspaointment with Saturn port, saying it was initially supposed to come out in Octboer but got delayed:!searchin/$20kombat$202|sort:date/ | First impressions thread on 1/26:!searchin/$20kombat$202|sort:date/ | List on 1/22 shows it's not out yet but scheduled for January:!searchin/$20kombat$202|sort:date/ | Same list on 1/29 indicates it is out with the same scheduled release for January:!searchin/$20kombat$202|sort:date/ | Post on 1/22 says it's set to release on the 27th in Toronto, talks about repeated delays:!searchin/$20kombat$202|sort:date/ | The list posts show it definitely came out sometime between 1/22 and 1/29, with the earliest gamer impressions posted on 1/25. For this reason, I'm going with January 25th 1996.
Darius Gaiden19960129
Segaretro says 1995 with no month or day; US mags didn't review it until their April issues. The U.S. instruction manual says 1996. This list posted to Usenet on 4/11 says it's out by now and had a *scheduled* January 1996 release:!searchin/$20gaiden|sort:date/ | On 3/15, someone saw it at EB Games:!searchin/$20gaiden|sort:date/ | GAMEX had it by 2/26:!searchin/$20gaiden|sort:date/ | A 2/21 thread shows people complaining about it (they don't know what's good.):!searchin/$20gaiden|sort:date/ | A 2/18 poster is asking for Darius Gaiden codes:!searchin/$20gaiden|sort:date/ | 2/2 post talks about it being out in the US:!searchin/$20gaiden|sort:date/ | A 2/1 post says it's out at EB Games:!searchin/$20gaiden|sort:date/ | Review of US version on 2/5:!searchin/$20gaiden|sort:date/ | A 2/6 post talks about playing it:!searchin/$20gaiden|sort:date/ | A 1/31 post says it shipped, citing Acclaim:!searchin/$20gaiden|sort:date/ | TRONIX had it as a new arrival on 1/29:!searchin/$20gaiden|sort:date/ | Ladies and gentlemen, we got em. January 29th 1996.
Hang-On GP19960130
SegaRetro says 1995 with no releease month. GamePro reviewed this game in their April 1996 issue, says "Availible now"; the start screen copyright date says 1995. Manual has a page for the Saturn Arcade Racer peripheral, mentioned as "now availible" in this VERY INTERESTING October 30th 1995 press release: | Based on these things, it seems like it could have come out sometime between October 30th and December 31st of 1995. GameFan's January 1996 issue says "Availible - December," their review on page 93. (Courtesy: Pimpeaux) | Apparently Aimee Cardwell with Sega said they were trying to fix the steering in the U.S. version on an 11/28 post:!searchin/$20on$20gp|sort:date/ | GAMEX store was only selling the import on 12/7:!searchin/$20on$20gp|sort:date/ | Generally, it looks a lot of imports of it were being sold in early December.!searchin/$20on$20gp|sort:date/ |!searchin/$20on$20gp|sort:date/ | A 1/18 post asking where it is says it's coming out in early Feb under the name Virtua Hang On (game name is inaccurate):!searchin/$20on$20gp|sort:date/ | TRONIX store got it on 1/30:!searchin/$20on$20gp|sort:date/ | Tuskins game store had it on 2/1:!searchin/$20on$20gp|sort:date/ | Some dude bro was selling a loose copy of the US version on 2/3:!searchin/$20on$20gp|sort:date/ | Dude on 2/1 asking if they upgraded the steering:!searchin/$20on$20gp|sort:date/ | Dude on 1/31 says it arrived and hates the steering controls:!searchin/$20on$20gp|sort:date/ | January 30th 1996 is my final answer.
Revolution X19960201
segaretro says November 1995, day of month N/A. Copyright year is 1995. January '96 issue of GamePro says availible in November on page 57, but it doesn't specify the Saturn port so it's not credible. GamePro reviewed it in their April 1996 issue. On a Usenet thread on 10/12, Sega's Aimee Cardwell says it's coming out in December:!searchin/$20x%22|sort:date/ | Usenet post from 12/8 is asking when it comes out:!searchin/$20x%22|sort:date/ | This 12/27 EB Games release date list says it comes out on January 12th 1996:!searchin/$20x%22|sort:date/ | This JAn 29 game store list says it isn't out yet:!searchin/$20x%22|sort:date/ | This 3/4 Usenet poster claims it's out:!searchin/$20x%22|sort:date/ | 3/12 post says it's out:!searchin/$20x%22|sort:date/ | This 3/29 research list says it came out in February:!searchin/$20x%22|sort:date/ | Cannot pinpoint an exact day in February. I'm guessing it was later in the month.
sega retro says January 1996 and cites page 60 of GamePro's Feburary issue which says "Availilbe January." (Neo-Geo CD released in North America in Jan. 1996) FUN FACTs: | A GameFan review says January. (Courtesy: Pimpeaux) | A good ol' 8/24 Usenet release list from Sega's Aimee Cardwell says it comes out in November:!searchin/|sort:date/ | Aime again says November on 10/12:!searchin/|sort:date/ | On 12/27, EB Games said it comes out on January 29th:!searchin/|sort:date/ | Ya boi TRONIX game store got it on 2/8, saying "whoop-de-fucking-do":!searchin/|sort:date/ | Unrelated, but interesting Cyberia prize:!searchin/|sort:date/ | Tuskings games had it on the 16th, but who cares when TRONIX had it first, am i right:!searchin/|sort:date/ | Files on the disc say they were created on December 22nd of 1995. February 8th 1996 wins.
Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams19960208
segaretro says February 1996, not sourced. There are few American magazines and publications that talk about the Saturn port of this game. Wikipedia says it came out on June 6th 1996 but it is not sourced and Wikipedia has a tendancy to not be accurate. A March 1996 issue of Game Informer reviewed the Saturn port, saying it is "Availible Now for Sega Saturn:" - This means they could have had it in February, thus somewhat legitimizing SegaRetro's entry. BUT Pimpeaux found this: | February 8th according to that press release, but now the link is dead and there is no archive of it... RIP proof. | But posts on Usenet further solidify a release by February 8th, like this guy who said they got it on the 8th:!searchin/$20fighter$20alpha|sort:date/ | Another said EGM would have it by the 7th while another store will have it on the 10th:!searchin/$20fighter$20alpha|sort:date/ | Tuskins had it by the 10th:!searchin/$20fighter$20alpha|sort:date/ | GameZero contest on February 7th:!searchin/$20fighter$20alpha|sort:date/ | I would say that Feb 8th press release that dissapeared still holds up. Now to see if I can track down a saved version...
NFL Quarterback Club 9619960212
segaretro, Ad for the game in October issue of EGM straight up says it comes out on all platforms on October 27th 1995: | But let's examine this further. A GAMEX store release schedule says the same date in a Usenet post:!searchin/$20quarterback$20club$2096|sort:date/ | But a few weeks later, a list form the same store says it comes out in December:!searchin/$20quarterback$20club$2096|sort:date/ | It definitely landed on the Genesis by Oct 27:!searchin/$20quarterback$20club$2096|sort:date/ | But Usenet shows no annecdotes from players or reviews in late October. Major mags reviewed it in early 1996. A December article from Next Gen lists NFLQB96 as a December game according to a list from Sega: | A Usenet poster asked where it is in early January, with a reply claiming someone with acclaim said it would launch in early February:!searchin/$20quarterback$20club$2096|sort:date/ | This Jan 18th post calims it's now out at EB Games:!searchin/$20quarterback$20club$2096|sort:date/ | This GAMEX list has it in store by Feb 12th:!searchin/$20quarterback$20club$2096|sort:date/ | This man is selling it on Feb 6th:!searchin/$20quarterback$20club$2096|sort:date/ | Dave's page also says February 1996: | Given the variety of sources and claims, I'm going with Feb 12th, since it is the only seemingly credible Usenet source claiming a date in the early end of 1996. They had it on Feb 12th, so saying it came out by that day is safe. Perhaps it released earlier. We may never know. Confusion with the game Quarterback Attack (out at around the same time) doesn't help much. Also the Acclaim guy saying February helps.
Clockwork Knight 219960215
segaretro says February 1996, day of month N/A. Page 80 of GamePro's March 1996 issue has a review that says "Availible: February." On 12/17, EB Games posted a release date list to Usenet showing Clockwork Knight 2 comes out on February 15th 1996:!searchin/$20knight$202|sort:date/ | List posted on 1/22 shows it comes out sometime in February:!searchin/$20knight$202|sort:date/ | TRONIX store shows it as a "recent arrival" on 2/19, implying they got it a little bit earlier than that day:!searchin/$20knight$202|sort:date/ | Dude talks about playing it on 2/19:!searchin/$20knight$202|sort:date/ | Person on 2/18 is asking why it costs nearly $60 in the west:!searchin/$20knight$202|sort:date/ | That February 15 date from EB Games matches up with the other posts.
The Horde19960216
EGM mag ad in their October 1995 issue says "Availible on Sega Saturn." Copyright says 1995 on start screen, Sega Visions says December: | A GameFan review says it came out in October. (courtesy: Pimpeaux) An ad in November's issue of Next Generation on page 82 says "Availible on Sega Saturn." Most mag reviews are in early 1996. In general, a solid release date on this one seems dicey. On Usenet, the following EBgames release schedule says January 15th:!searchin/$20horde|sort:date/ | Other Usenet posts show many stores though this was going to come out in October of 1995 [!searchin/$20horde|sort:date/], but a press release from Crystal Dynamics shows it released in February of 1996, by Feb 16th:!searchin/$20horde|sort:date/
College Slam19960226
segaretro says February, day of month N/A. Page 81 of GamePro's March 1996 issue has a very small article about the game which in part says "Availible February." On Usenet, TRONIX game store says they got it on 2/26:!searchin/$20slam|sort:date/ |
DefCon 519960226
Ad in November 1995 issue of Game Players says it's "availible on multiple platforms" including: PC CD-ROM, Sega Saturn, Sony Playstation and 3DO." Same ad appears on page 129 of Next Gen's November 1995 issue. Copyright year on the start screen says 1995. EGM reviewed it on page 33 of their April 1996 issue, says out "now." A Usenet post from Sega employee Aimee Cardwell on 9/8 shows a release list with Defcon 5 scheduled for November:!searchin/$205|sort:date/ | Another post form her on 10/12 shows it coming out in December:!searchin/$205|sort:date/ | The GAMEX store has a release list showing it out on November 24th:!searchin/$205|sort:date/ | Then on 12/5, another post from a Data East employee says it was delayed to the end of December:!searchin/$205|sort:date/ | GAMEX also posted a corrected release list, syaing December:!searchin/$205|sort:date/ | On 2/26, GAMEX listed Defcon 5 as a recent release:!searchin/$205|sort:date/ | Some guy said he had 10 copies on 2/18, not sure if store, likely talking about saturn version:!searchin/$205|sort:date/ | Dave's page says 1996: | February 26th it is! Back of the manual says Creature Shock is "coming soon."
Johnny Bazookatone19960227
segaretro says February 1996, not sourced. Copyright year is 1996 on the back of the manual. Made by Arc Developments, a British developer. Europe got it in December of 1995 according to page 100 in the February 1996 issue of Sega Saturn Magazine. Page 60 of GamePlayers' February 1996 issue says "Availible Now." A GameFan review says it's availible in January. Some dude on Usenet claims he played an alpha version on 8/3/95:!searchin/$20bazookatone|sort:date/ | On 1/27, USGOLD on Usenet says it's coming mid February:!searchin/$20bazookatone|sort:date/ | GAMEX was giving it away for free on 3/1:!searchin/$20bazookatone|sort:date/ | GamePlayers magazine reviewed it in their February issue. Had a reviewe by 2/27:!searchin/$20bazookatone|sort:date/ | A release in late February would be accurate. GAMEX had it in 3/1, and since 2/27 is the only recent review date, I'd say it's the safest date.
segaretro say sMarch 5th, sources page page 101 of the April 1996 issue of GamePlayers magazine, an ad for the game with "3 - 5 - 96" on it as a release date. Seems solid, but lets dig. GamePro reviewed in on page 78 of their April 1996 issue. EGM reviewed it on page 33 of their April 1996 issue. (By the way, searching the letter D on Google Groups is a cursed quest.) This 3/21 has people tlaking about playing it, so it was for sure out by then:!searchin/$20horror|sort:date/ | This list on 1/29 shows it had a planned February release:!searchin/$20horror|sort:date/ | An updated version of that list posted on 3/29 indicates D is out and had a scheduled March release:!searchin/$20horror|sort:date/ | It's an obscure game that wasn't talked about a ton, but the Usenet posts do not onflict with the advertized March 5th release.
segaretro says February 1996 with no day of month. Page 180 of GamePro's November 1995 issue has a short review saying, "Saturn Availible February '96." The back of Valora Valley Golf's manual has an ad for Criticom, saying "Coming December '95," but it's possible this got delayed. But none of the copyright years on the manual and box say 1996, it's all 1995. Copyright year says 1995 on the game's logo screen before the opening cutscene upon game startup. Still, a shipment delay is possible. Let's dig further. Looks like it released to the Playstation by 12/23 according to a list on this Usenet post:!searchin/|sort:date/ | Post on 3/17 says Criticom is on its way to Saturn:!searchin/|sort:date/ | GamePro named the Saturn port the worst fighting game of the year on page 78 of their July 1996 issue: | A Usenet post on 3/26 says it comes out on Saturn "today:"!searchin/|sort:date/ | Post on 4/11 says it's in shipping:!searchin/|sort:date/ | Listed as a runner up for top 100 games on 4/8, implying it's out by now:!searchin/|sort:date/ | Saturn port specifically advertised on page 95 of EGM's April 1996 issue, and implies it's out now: | No one talks about having played this port on Usenet. We definitely know it was out by 4/8 based on the top 100 list and EGM ad. Based on when the ad would have been created, a late March release for the game is likely. 3/26/1996 sounds like a safe bet. No store lists were found, likely because it probably couldn't sell.
Battle Arena Toshinden Remix19960327
Segaretro says March 27th with no source... Wikipedia lists the same date, no source. (Good gods, I hope Segaretro isn't secretly sourcing Wikipedia on this.) Start screen has a "Reprogramed" copyright year of 1996. Released on March 29th in Europe according to page 64 in the May '96 issue of the UK based Computer and Video Games magazine. Publisher is Sega, so it's 'safe' (I hate using this word) to assume the U.S. port was released earlier. Page 82 of the March 1996 issue of Next Generation reviews the Japanese port, saying "you can surely wait for the upgraded U.S. release." It calls this "second best" to Sony's PS1 launch game despite added content, fun fact. Anyway, this doens't confirm nor deconfrim March 27th. The manual has an ad for Guardian Heroes on the back. June 1996 issue of GamePro has a review on page 86 that says "availible now." A GameFan ad says "coming March." Dave's Saturn page says March 27th 1996, likely Segaretro's source: | Time to dive into Usenet Land, you know where the goods are at. A post on 4/1 says the OP is working on a FAQ for the Saturn port and talks about things htye found in it:!searchin/$20arena$20toshinden|sort:date/ | West Coast Video had it by March 30th:!searchin/$20COAST$20VIDEO%7Csort:date/ | Fun post about the Saturn game posted on 4/18:!searchin/$20arena$20toshinden|sort:date/ | It's widely accepted that Dave had access to some precise street dates, and while they might not be the day everyone got it, stores in his area/network had it if he gives an ultra specific day. The timing of the Usenet posts line up with it. March 27th it is.
Magic Carpet19960329
segaretro says May, day of month N/A. Page 48 in the April 1996 issue of GamePro says "Availilbe: May." Dave's Saturn website says March 1996: | West Coast Video had it by the week ending in March 30 1996:!searchin/$20COAST$20VIDEO%7Csort:date/ | Mini review Usenet post on 3/29:!searchin/$20carpet|sort:date/ | This 3/29 list indicates it is out and had a scheduled release in March:!searchin/$20carpet|sort:date/ | A 3/31 post says it rocks:!searchin/$20carpet|sort:date/ | It was out by March 29th 1996 based on the previous info.
Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge19960329
segaretro says March, day of month N/A. EGM's April 1996 issue says "Release Date March." West Coast Video had it by March 30th (THANKS PIMPEAUX):!searchin/$20COAST$20VIDEO%7Csort:date/ | Dave's Saturn page says March but gives no specific day: | Tuskins Store had it by 3/29:!searchin/|sort:date/ | March 29th looks legit.
Congo the Movie: The Lost City of Zinj19960403
Segaretro specifically says March 7th, 1996 sourcing the review on page 90 in the April 1996 issue of EGM, but that review says "Release Date: April," with no other writing to back up Segaretro's specific day in March... Hm. Next Generation reviewed it on page 76 of their July 1996 issue. A Usenet post on 4/3 claims it's out:!msg/;context-place=forum/ | Different post on 4/2 says it's out:!searchin/|sort:date/ | Tronix store had it by 4/3:!searchin/|sort:date/ | Post on 3/31 says they saw it at Toys R Us:!searchin/|sort:date/ | List posted on 3/29 shows it has a scheduled April release and indicates it is not yet out:!searchin/|sort:date/ | Given the Tronix date and the numerous sources backing it up, I'm going with April 3rd 1996. Not sure where Segaretro got their release date.
X-Men: Children of the Atom19960404
segaretro says April 5th 1996 with no source... Wikiepedia also says April 6th. A review of the game on page 57 in the March 1996 issue of Gameplayers magazine says "Availible now." Next Generation's June 1996 issue has an ad for it on page 151. Page 7 of the June 1996 issue of GamePro has the same ad. It's reviewed in Next Generation's March 1996 issue. GameFan reviewed it in their January issue and said it's "Availible Now." Usenet posts show many were already playing the import before it was officially released in the US. One post on 3/16 is asking where it is:!searchin/$20men$20children$20of$20the$20atom|sort:date/ | A thread on 3/23 claims it got delayed to May 1st:!searchin/$20men$20children$20of$20the$20atom|sort:date/ | GAMEX had it by 5/23:!searchin/$20men$20children$20of$20the$20atom|sort:date/ | Dude in this thread talks about playing the US version on 4/19, not sure if legit:!searchin/$20men$20children$20of$20the$20atom|sort:date/ | Post on 3/25 asks if they should just buy the Japanese version instead of waiting:!searchin/$20men$20children$20of$20the$20atom|sort:date/ | A rental store in Philadelphia had it by 4/4:!searchin/$20men$20children$20of$20the$20atom|sort:date/ | Dude talking about getting it from Software Etc on 4/4:!searchin/$20men$20children$20of$20the$20atom|sort:date/ | Review on 4/9:!searchin/$20men$20children$20of$20the$20atom|sort:date/ | I'm going with April 4th 1996.
Panzer Dragoon II Zwei19960417
segaretro says April 17th 1996 with no source... Wikipedia lists the same date, no source. Page 61 in the May 1996 issue of VideoGames magazine has a review of it. Page 32 in EGM's May 1996 issue has a review for it. Next Generations article on page 73 of their April 1996 issue says "Release Date: TBA." Dave's Saturn page says it came out on April 17th 1996: | A 4/18 Usenet post says they got their copy from Software Etc "yesterday":!searchin/$20dragoon$20zwei|sort:date/ | A poster on 4/17 says they picked up their copy "today" from EB Games:!searchin/$20dragoon$20zwei|sort:date/ | Another poster on 4/17 says they got a message from EB saying their copy is shipping "today":!searchin/$20dragoon$20zwei|sort:date/ | Someone asking about cheat codes for the game on 4/18:!searchin/$20dragoon$20zwei|sort:date/ | April 17th 1996 it is.
Guardian Heroes19960424
segaretro says April 24th 1996 with no source... Wikipedia says January 25th with no source. That's a day before Japan's release, and since the developer is Japanese, there's no way that's possible. Copyright year is 1996. Page 91 of Next Generation's May 1996 issue has a review of it. I don't remember which one, but some magazine issue from like 2011 did a piece about this game and said it came out in 1998, so that's funny and innacurate. A GameFan review says "Late March." (Courtesy: Pimpeaux) Dave's Saturn page says it released on Apirl 24th 1996: | Listed as a highest new entry on this 5/7 Usenet top 100 list:!searchin/$20heroes|sort:date/ | TRONIX store had it on 4/26:!searchin/$20heroes|sort:date/ | A 4/25 post says it was released "yesterday:"!searchin/$20heroes|sort:date/ | Dude picked it up on 4/24:!searchin/$20heroes|sort:date/ | Another 4/24 post:!searchin/$20heroes|sort:date/ | And another 4/24 post:!searchin/$20heroes|sort:date/ | But hey, look, another 4/24 post:!searchin/$20heroes|sort:date/ | And lastly, Tuskins store appearing to indicate 4/24 as well:!searchin/$20heroes|sort:date/ | April 24th is it.
Winning Post*19960430
Game Players mag ad from their April 1996 issues says "Availible at your favorite retailers nationwide." GamePro reviewed it in their May 1996 issue. Back of the manual has an ad for P.T.O. II, but doens't say if it's out or coming soon or whatever. Video Games & Computer Entertainment reviewed it in their May issue, saying in part, "here's the first (sports RPG) to hit the states." Files on the disc show the most recent modification date as 12/27/1995. Winning Post gets ocassionally confused with Winning Post for the Sega CD. The Saturn game released as "Winning Post 2" in Japan but just as "Winning Post" in the U.S. This list posted to Usenet on 3/29 indicates it is not out yet, but had a schedulued release for February:!searchin/$20post|sort:date/ | This 4/1 post is asking for a review:!searchin/$20post|sort:date/ | This 3/28 post asks how it is and claims it is out. A response from another user says they bought it weeks ago and liked it, but didn't specify if they purchased the U.S. or Japanese version. Buying Saturn imports was somewhat common at this time:!searchin/$20post|sort:date/ | This list (same as the previous one) posted/updated on 4/11 still indicates it's not out and had a February release scheduled:!searchin/$20post|sort:date/ | Tuskins game store had the US version by 6/25 but isn't listed as new in this post:!searchin/$20post|sort:date/ | This 4/10 post asks if anyone has played it:!searchin/$20post%22|sort:date/ | A 2/16 post asks when it's coming out:!searchin/$20post%22|sort:date/ | This might be the most difficult release date yet. Based on the 4/11 list and VG&CE/GamePro May mag reviews, I'm confident in saying this came out sometime between 4/12 and 5/1, but finding a precise date for this obscure and underplayed U.S. game is tough. The U.S. version of the game was definitely finished in late Dec. 1995 and for sure out in stores by June 25 1996 as shown by Tuskins. I'm concluding this was out in late April, so out by 4/30. This one gets an asterisk.
segaretro says May 3rd with no source... Wikipedia says March 5th, 1996 with no source. Both EGM and Next Generation reviewed it in their respective July 1996 issue. Back of the manual has an ad for Panzer Dragoon II Zwei, saying "now on Sega Saturn," which was released by May according to that month's EGM issue. The most recently modified file on a final print of the game was on April 12th, 1996. Dave's Saturn page says May 3rd 1996: | | On 5/7, West Coast Video says it's "released by manufacturers this week." (Sunday the 5th through Saturday the 11th):!searchin/$20men$20children$20of$20the$20atom|sort:date/ | Dude on 5/3 asking why the saturn version is better:!searchin/|sort:date/ | First impressions post on 5/4:!searchin/|sort:date/ | 5/4 post saying it's in stock at EB:!searchin/|sort:date/ | This post on 5/2 claims EB is getting it by tomorrow:!searchin/|sort:date/ | Another saying it should be out 5/1:!searchin/|sort:date/ | Like many Saturn games, this probably gradually hit store over the course of a few days and not all at once. Given Dave's accuracy, and the fact that many Usenet posts support that timeframe, I'm going with May 3rd 1996.
EGM mag ad in their April 1996 issues says "Availible on," followed by a Sega Saturn logo, PC logo and PS logo., Sega Visions says November of 1995 but the copyright screen says 1996: - Sources cited in this spreadsheet reveal Johnny Bazookatone came out for the Saturn in the U.S. sometime in late February. The back of that game's manual has a U.S. Gold (game publisher for both of the aforementioned games) ad saying, "Also availible for your Sega Saturn system." It lists Shell Shock. Therefore, this game was at least expected to be availilbe in the United States sometime in February. April 19th is Europe's listed release date. EGM reviewed it in July 1996. | This Philadelphia rental store lists Shellshock as a new release on 5/7:!searchin/$20men$20children$20of$20the$20atom|sort:date/ | Various Usenet posts show it's release kept getting pushed back, leading up to this 4/16 post asking where it is:!searchin/|sort:date/ | None of the posts have a hard conflict with the 5/7 release date from that philly store, so May 7th 1996 it is.
Iron Storm19960508
segaretro says May 8th 1996 with no source. Page 49 of EGM's April 1996 issue has an ad for it. Page 81 of GamePlayers April 1996 issue has a different ad for it. It's the same ad shown on page 87 in the June 1996 issue of Next Generaton. None of them have a release date listed but do not say anything like, coming soon. The manual says "see you in a few weeks with Shining Wisdom" at the bottom of page 24, so it must have come out before Shining Wisdom.; no precise release is listed here. Dave's Saturn page says May 8th 1996: | Usenet post on 5/8 says it's out at Babbage's on 5/8:!searchin/$20storm|sort:date/ | A 5/8 post says it's out at Software Etc.:!searchin/$20storm|sort:date/ | Another post says it ships on either 5/7 or 5/8:!searchin/$20storm|sort:date/ | May 8th 1996 wins.
Earthworm Jim 219960517
segaretro, day of month N/A, press release says the Saturn port is scheduled "for a release in January:" | BUT it was likely delayed. A GameFan review says it's availible in March. (Courtesy: Pimpeaux) Dave's Saturn site says May 17th 1996: | Usenet post on 5/17 says they saw it in a Toys R Us on 5/16:!searchin/$20jim$202|sort:date/ | A list on 4/11 says it comes out in May:!searchin/$20Saturn|sort:date/ | A thread asking where the hell it is on 5/17 has a post from a dude saying it came out on 5/16 at Toys R Us:!searchin/$20Saturn%7Csort:date/ | This backs up Dave's claim, it came out by 5/17.
Slam 'n Jam '96 featuring Magic and Kareem19960522
segaretro says May 22nd 1996 with no source. An ad for the game on page 9 of the May 1996 issue of EGM says "Availible on the Playstation game console and Sega Saturn systems." The back of the manual has an ad for Blazing Dragons, but no statement like 'coming soon' or 'availible now' or anything like that, just a description of the game with art. Dave's Saturn site says May 22nd 1996: | Page 114 of Next Gen's June issue has an ad for the game with a Sega stamp in the corner, saying "Help Magic and Kareem send a student to college (see packaging for details.): | A reply in this Usenet thread on 5/13 says it's coming:!searchin/$20n$20jam|sort:date/ | Someone on 5/29 heard it was out in the U.S.:!searchin/$20n$20jam|sort:date/ | Usenet reply on 5/30 says EB didn't list Sega games like Slam n Jam until 3 to 5 days after release:!searchin/$20n$20jam|sort:date/ | People in this 6/3 thread claim it's been out for a few weeks, but doesn't give an exact time or date:!searchin/$20n$20jam|sort:date/ | A 5/17 post says EB says it comes out on 5/22:!searchin/$20and$20kareem|sort:date/ | The Usenet posts, and timing of ads line up with Dave's claim. May 22nd 1996.
Rise 2 Resurrection19960524
Gamespot says February 29th, but it's on a review of the PC version. An ad for this game appeared in GamePro's Feb 1996 issue. Feb 29th is a Leap Day, meaning this game turns six years old in the year 2020. | A November 28th 1995 online Next Gen news article says it comes out in February: | This 4/11 list posted to Usenet shows it had a planned Feb release but indicates the Saturn port is NOT out yet:!searchin/$202|sort:date/ | On 8/28, someone in a thread talked about it as if it were out...!searchin/$20resurrection|sort:date/ | Next Gen included it in their January 1997 issue with their Every Sega Saturn Game Played Reviewed section, so it was definitely out by then... People alreay knew it was bad, so this delayed Saturn release must have hit really quietly. Back of the manual has an ad for D. | This 6/4 posts asks if he should buy the Saturn verison, but none of the replies seem to difinitvely indicate they actually tried the Saturn port. On person said it makes for a nice coaster:!msg/;context-place=searchin/$20of$20the$20robots%7Csort:date | A post on 6/10 indicates he saw it at Blockbuster in passing, refering to it by it's old name, Ride of the Robots 2:!searchin/$20of$20the$20robots|sort:date/ | This E3 post on 5/22 says it's an upcoming Saturn game:!searchin/$20of$20the$20robots|sort:date/ | On 5/24, Kick Ass Gaming lists Rise of the Robots as a new Saturn game you can order. It's an awful text wall:!searchin/$20of$20the$20robots|sort:date/ | Wow, what a mess of a release. I'm going with 5/24 since a business had it by then, and people suggested it was out in that 6/4 thread.
WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game19960601
segaretro says March, day of month N/A. November 1995 issue of GamePro says "Saturn Availible March '96." Looks like the other ports came out before it. mAyHaPs the complicated Saturn arcitechture delayed this port??? July 1996 issue of Next Generation has an ad for the game saying "NOW ON SATURN." Dave's Saturn page has it out in March of 96: | A 4/10 thread on Usenet loosley talks about the Saturn port, but doesn't indicate if it's out:!searchin/$20wrestlemania|sort:date/ | A 5/14 post complains about it constantly getting pushed back since the beginning of the year:!searchin/$20wrestlemania|sort:date/ | This 6/1 post says they rented the Saturn port and compared it to the PSX port:!searchin/$20wrestlemania|sort:date/ | A review posted on 6/3:!searchin/$20wrestlemania|sort:date/ | Alright. Delayed like hell, but definitely out by June 1st.
NBA Action19960605
segaretro says June with no day, they're sourcing this press release: | It says "availible this June," no day listed. Dave's Saturn page narrows it down to June 5th 1996: | Note, this game is also reffered to as "NBA Action '96" | TRONIX store got it on 6/5:!searchin/$20action|sort:date/ | User on 6/5 says they're going to make a quick review tonight:!searchin/$20action|sort:date/ | Tuskins had it by 6/7:!searchin/$20action|sort:date/ | A 6/5 reply in this thread says it was seen at Babagges:!searchin/$20action|sort:date/ | User review on 6/6:!searchin/$20action|sort:date/ | User review on 6/7:!searchin/$20action|sort:date/ | User impression on 6/6:!searchin/$20action|sort:date/ | June 5th 1996 holds up in the court of Usenet archives.
Skeleton Warriors19960605
segaretro says April 16 with no source... A review on page 50 of the March 1996 issue of GamePlayers says "Availible Now." Page 47 of GamePro's 1996 "Spring" issue has an ad for it. PAge 17 of EGM's July 1996 issue has an ad for it. A review on Page 81 of the March (display until the 20th) 1996 issue of VideoGames magazine says nothing about its release. Dave's Saturn page says 4/16, calls it "highly anticipated, much delayed.": | A 5/22 post on Usenet talks about port differences:!searchin/$20warrior|sort:date/ | A 5/24 post claims to be a Playmates statement saying the Saturn version got delayed because Sega had trouble burning the CDs:!searchin/$20warrior|sort:date/ | Looks like most mags reviewed it in June: | Fun source that doesn't really reveal anything: | A 6/5 thread on Usenet is filled with people talking about it finally coming out, discussing rumors they finished the Saturn port in January but waited to release it so it could launch with the later completed PSX version. Dave Z of Dave's Saturn page himself chimes in with the Playmates statement about Sega taking a while to burn the games, hence the delay. Christer Ericson of Neversoft says "as far as we know, that's the truth." Some rumors say Sony forced multiplatform games to allow PS1 ports to release first, or at least at the same time. :!searchin/$20warrior|sort:date/ | On 5/24, Neversfot programemrs including Christer Ericson talk to an angry internet mob about the PSX version getting released first and discussing port differences. The Saturn version is not out yet in this thread:!searchin/|sort:date/ | Whelp. June 5th it is. Being a Saturn owner must have been fun in 1996.
Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball19960607
segaretro says March of 1996, not sourced. GamePro's September 1996 issue has a review that says "Availible now." The back of the manual has an ad for NFL Quarterback Club '97 for the Sega Saturn. A press release confirms that NFL game came out on August 29th: | Dave's Saturn page says March of 1996 with no day: | The MLB season did start in March that year, which may be why they are going with that month. But no documentation on their page or any other source I could find confirms March as a release month in any way. | Game Fan's August 1996 issue says "Availible - June" on page 86 (courtesy: Pimpeaux) This 6/9 Usenet post says it's out:!searchin/$20thomas|sort:date/ | This review on 6/9 says it was initially delayed until 6/20 and noted the Saturn might not be out yet but didn't seem to know. Also says it had different names of PENNANT RACE and TRIPLE PLAY97:!searchin/$20thomas|sort:date/ | Tuskins store list shows it was out by 6/25, but doesn't list it as new:"!searchin/$20thomas|sort:date/ | PENNANT RACE appears to actually be its own PSX baseball game. Same with Triple Play 97. | This post says Big Hurt was in stores by 6/18:!searchin/$20PLAY$2097$20saturn|sort:date/ | Tuskins has Big Hurt Baseball listed as new software on 6/7:!searchin/$20hurt$20baseball|sort:date/ | Congratulations, June 7th 1996. You win.
In the Hunt19960607
EGM ad on page 107 of their April 1996 issues says, "Now availible for SATURN." Segaretro says 1997 with no month or source. Start screen has a 1996 copyright year. Dave's Saturn page just says 1996, no month or day: | TUSKINS game store had it by 6/7, lists it as new:!searchin/$20the$20hunt%22|sort:date/ | A 6/12 lists asks how it is, speaking as if the game is out:!searchin/$20the$20hunt%22|sort:date/ | Post on 6/16 says it's out on the Saturn now:!searchin/$20the$20hunt%22|sort:date/ | Few magazines reviewed it. Going with June 7th 1996 because of Tuskins having it, and other posts backing up that claim.
Striker '9619960607
segaretro says 1996, day AND month N/A; Ad for the game appeared in EGM's September 1996 issue, no mention of if it's for sure out 'now,' but it also didn't say anything like 'coming soon' or some shit. It's developed by Rage Software (Rage Games Ltd.), a British company, and because soccer (I mean football lol) is more popular in Europe, it would logistically and culturally make more sense for Europe to get it before the U.S. Euro release month is July 1996. Copyright year on the title screen is 1996. Tuskins store had it on their list by 6/25:!searchin/$2096|sort:date/ | A 6/1 post on Usenet claims it came out in EB at or around this day:!searchin/$2096|sort:date/ | Tuskins store says it's new in a 6/7 post:!searchin/$2096|sort:date/ | Looks like the states got it first, June 7th 1996 wins.
Virtual Open Tennis19960607
Video Games magazine reviewed in November 1996 issue, day uncertain. Pimpeaux found this in GameFan's August 1996 issue, which says "Available - June" on page 85: "This one's a pretty big jump from where it is now, but with the back of the box having a copyright date of 1996, I'm inlined to believe it. The actual content of the preview also goes into the climate of next-gen Tennis games circa 1996." Thanks again Pimpeaux. Sure enough, Tuskins store lists it on June 7th:!searchin/$20open$20tennis|sort:date/ | User on 6/17 says they prefer the Saturn version ove the PSX:!searchin/$20open$20tennis|sort:date/ | Poster on 6/19 asks for any opinions on the game:!searchin/$20open$20tennis|sort:date/ | June 7th 1996 gets match point, November love.
Primal Rage19960610
segaretro and this press release say November 14th 1995:,_%27PRIMAL_RAGE(TM)%27_AVAILABLE_FOR_THE_FIRST_TIME_ON_HOME_VIDEO-GAME_AND_COMPUTER_SYSTEMS | Let's give it a further look. This 11/9 USenet post has a matching release date of November 14:!searchin/$20rage|sort:date/ | On 11/26, this man is asking why the Saturn version has been delayed to February while the PSX is coming out soon, but then another guy says they're wrong:!searchin/$20rage|sort:date/ | Another man asking about why it's been delayed to Feb:!searchin/$20rage|sort:date/ | This 12/15 post is asking where is Primal Rage for PSX and Saturn:!searchin/$20rage|sort:date/ | This 12/23 list says it's out for the PSX but doesn't say if it's out for Saturn:!searchin/$20rage|sort:date/ | This 12/27 EB Games list says it will come out on February 16th 1996:!searchin/$20rage|sort:date/ | This 2/8 post is wondering if it's still coming out at all:!searchin/$20rage|sort:date/ | This 3/13 post sasking where it is says it was pushed to May, also claims there was a golden shower censorship problem but not sure if that part is real or not:!searchin/$20rage|sort:date/| This updated FAQ on 5/15 talks about the Saturn version:!searchin/$20rage|sort:date/ | 5/30 post asking where the HELL it is says it got pushed to September, golden shower censorship thing mentioned in this thread too:!searchin/$20rage|sort:date/ | Another 5/30 post asking about its whereabouts:!searchin/$20rage|sort:date/ | 6/6/ post asking where it is, a user claims August:!searchin/$20rage|sort:date/ | 6/17 post says it was released "last Friday," which would be June 10th 1996:!searchin/$20rage|sort:date/ | Credible sounding mini review on 6/15:!searchin/$20rage|sort:date/ | Early PC master race post:!searchin/$20rage%7Csort:date/ | 6/25 talks about playing the Saturn port and what arcade version it's using:!searchin/$20rage|sort:date/ | May 10th 1996 seems to be the way to go. Yikes, that was a hell of a delay. Check out this EGM June 1996 interview about the Saturn port on page 66: | When asked why the Saturn port was so delayed, Ken said it got "lost in the shuffle."
Baku Baku19960619
segaretro says June 19th with no source... Gameplayers reviewed it on page 69 of their August 1996 issue saying "Availible / Now." Back of the manual has an ad for Panzer Dragoon Zwei, says "Now on Sega Saturn." GameSpot says "First released August 31, 1996," this would conflict with the Gameplayers review, that mafgazine issue came out earlier in the month. Dave's Saturn page says June 19th 1996: | The JPN import version, Baku Baku Animal, was redommended on 7/3:!searchin/$20baku|sort:date/ | Seller on 7/11 says it's five days old, meaning it was purchased on 7/6:!searchin/$20baku|sort:date/ | Tuskins had it by 6/25:!searchin/$20baku|sort:date/ | Tuskins had it new on 6/19:!searchin/$20baku|sort:date/ | June 19th 1996 wins.
segaretro says June 16th with no source... Copyright year is 1996. GamePlayers reviewed it on page 75 of their August 1996 issue, says "Availible / Now." EGM reviewed it on page 22 of their August 1996 issue, even named it "Game of the Month." (Must be good) Back of the manual has an ad for both Panzer Dragoon II and Baku Baku. Dave's Saturn page says June 19th 1996: | Here's a 6/20 player impression on Usenet:!searchin/|sort:date/ | Another on 6/21:!searchin/|sort:date/ | Thread of people saying it was out on 6/19, one of them being in Nova Scotia, believing Canada got htis one first:!searchin/|sort:date/ | And finally, A TRONIX store listing it as new on 6/19:!searchin/$20griffon|sort:date/ | June 19th 1996.
Road and Track Presents: The Need for Speed19960626
segaretro says August 1996, day of month N/A, sources GamePro: The review is on page 72 of their September issue and says "Availible August." Dave's Saturn page only says 1996 but has a lot of user reviews: | Wikipedia says June 28 1996 with no source. | Tuskins store got it on 6/27:!searchin/$20for$20speed|sort:date/ | TRONIX shows it as a recent arrival on 6/27:!searchin/$20for$20speed|sort:date/ | In this thread people say they got it on 6/25 and 6/26:!searchin/$20for$20speed|sort:date/ | In this thread, people were hoping the Saturn version fixed the analog issues in the PSX version:P!searchin/$20for$20speed|sort:date/ | The claims of 6/25 and 6/26 line up with TRONIX calling it a recent arrival on 6/27. For this reason, I'm going with June 26th 1996.
Creature Shock: Special Edition19960627
Magazine ads for the game began appearing at around April. See page 39 of the April 1996 issue of GamePlayers magazine. A GameFan review says it's availible in February. (Courtesy: Pimpeaux) This Usenet list posted on 1/22 says it's coming out in February:!searchin/$20shock$20|sort:date/ | An updated version of that list posted on 3/29 still says it's coming in February, but strangely indicates that it is not out:!searchin/$20shock$20|sort:date/ | On 4/4, someone pointed out that they can't find it in any stores despite allegedly being listed on the Sega website:!searchin/$20shock$20|sort:date/ | The afformentioned list updated on 4/11 still indicates it is not out yet, still lists a Feb release:!searchin/$20shock$20|sort:date/ | Gameshark codes for it were added on 5/15:!searchin/$20shock$20|sort:date/ | Someone talked about buying it on 6/24, saying it's newly released:!searchin/$20shock$20|sort:date/ | Tuskins store lists it as a new game on 6/27:!searchin/$20shock|sort:date/ | June 27th 1996 seems like a safe date based on its store availibility and the other people talking about playing it a few days prior. Havn't found a proper explenation for the insane and undocumented delay from its scheduled February release.
Golden Axe: The Duel19960627
segaretro says June 27th, 1996 with no source... Wikipedia says June 27th with no source. IGN says June 25th. Europe and Japan both got it in the year 1995. Gameplayers reviewed it on page 72 of their August 1996 issue, says "Availible / Now." Next Generation reviewed it on page 92 of their August issue. EGM reviewed it on page 26 of their July 1996 issue. Back of the manual has the exact same ad for Panzer Dragoon II and Baku Baku that's seen on the back of GunGriffon's manual. Because of the EGM review, I'm going with sometime in July. The Baku Baku ad makes me wonder if Baku Baku actually came out in July as well. BUT GameFan reviewed it in their June 1996 issue, explicitily saying "Availible - June" THANKS AGAIN TO PIMPEAUX! Dave's Saturn page says June 27th 1996: | TRONIX store lists it as a recent arival on 6/27:!searchin/$20axe$20the$20duel|sort:date/ | Tuskins store also got it on 6/27:!searchin/$20axe$20the$20duel|sort:date/ | For good measure, here is a user review posted on Usenet on 6/28:!searchin/$20axe$20the$20duel|sort:date/ | June 27th 1996 holds up.
Road Rash19960627
segaretro says August, day of month N/A, sources GamePro :The review is on page 72 of their September issue and says "Availible August." | TRONIX store lists it as a recent arrival on 6/27:!searchin/$20rash$20saturn|sort:date/ | Tuskins got it by 6/27:!searchin/$20rash$20saturn|sort:date/ | Thread says it shipped on 6/25:!searchin/$20rash$20saturn|sort:date/ | Guy in this thread said they recieved Roash Rash on 6/28:!searchin/$20rash|sort:date/ | A 6/19 thread saying it ships to the US by the end og June:!searchin/$20rash|sort:date/ | June 27th 1996 gets the cake.
Shining Wisdom19960627
segaretro says June 27th 1996 with no source... Wikipedia says June 27th, sourcing IGN. Manual has a $10,000 contest with an entry due date of Nov 1, 1996, so it's not anytime after that lol. The Manual for Shining Wisdom has translation notes which say Dragon Force should be availible "8 to 10 weeks from now." Next Generation's June issue has an ad for Shining Wisdom on page 85. EGM's July 1996 issue has the same ad on page 45 and again on page 47 of their August issue. EGM reviewed it on page 24 of their July 1996 issue. Next Generation reviewed it in their June 1996 issue on page 118. IGN's claim matches up with the Next Gen. review and Imagine Media (IGN). Tuskins store had it by 6/27:!searchin/$20shock|sort:date/ | Dave's Saturn page says June 27th 1996: | This 6/27 post complains about it being too retro, saying they played it for an hour:!searchin/$20wisdom|sort:date/ | The Rage store got it on 6/28:!searchin/$20wisdom|sort:date/ | Working Designs guy made a 6/25 post saying it ships tomorrow:!searchin/$20wisdom|sort:date/ | A 6/17 thread complaining about Working Designs delays:!searchin/$20wisdom|sort:date/ | 6/27 thread calls this the best month for Saturn owners lol:!searchin/$20wisdom|sort:date/ | June 27th 1996 is the victor.
Shockwave Assault19960627
segaretro says May 1st with no source... Copyright year on start screen is 1996. EGM reviewed it in their August 1996 issue on page 23. In the game's files, the last file to be modified was done so on May 20th, 1996. Other files go back to March, Feburary, and some even say 1979 (it's funny because it's impossible). Developed by Paradox Software and EA, Paradox is a Sweedish developer. There is an ad for Space Hulk: Vengence of the Blood Angels on the back of the manual. Same visa versa. The two games likely came out at or close to the same time. Dave's Saturn page says May 1996, but gives no precise day: | Listed as an upcoming Saturn game on this May 22nd 1996 E3 report:!searchin/$20assault|sort:date/ | Tronix lists it as a recent arrival in a June 27th Usenet post:!searchin/$20assault|sort:date/ |
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 319960627
segaretro says June 27th, 1996 with no source..... Wikipedia says June 26th with no source. Page 41 of EGM's May 1996 issue has an ad for it, says "coming to Sega Saturn." PAge 63 of Next Generation's June 1996 issue has an ad for it, says "the wait is over... on Sega Saturn." A June release is pretty difinitive based on this, just no exact day from these ads. EGM reviewed it on page 20 of their June 1996 issue, named it "Game of the Month." Dave's Saturn page says June 27th 1996: | Tuskins store got it on 6/27:!searchin/$20mortal$20kombat$203|sort:date/ | Video Source has it new as of 7/1:!searchin/$20mortal$20kombat$203|sort:date/ | But-Rite Games had it 7/2:!searchin/$20mortal$20kombat$203|sort:date/ | Funny PC master race post from ancient times:!searchin/$20mortal$20kombat$203%7Csort:date/ | June 27th 1996 holds up.
segaretro says April, day of month N/A. Page 94 of EGM's May 1996 issue says "Release Date: April." Copyright year on the start screen is 1995, but this could be because of the initial release date on different platforms (PC) happening that year. A USenet post on 4/3 said they saw a preview box for it at Toys R Us (THANKS TO PIMPEAUX FOR ALL THE FOLLOWING INFO):!searchin/$20Saturn%7Csort:date/ | Tuskins lists it as a new game on 6/27:!searchin/$20Saturn%7Csort:date/ | Dave's Saturn page says it came out in July 1996: | PS1 came out slightly later according to this index, unusual for the time. Also apparently the first PS1 game to ship in a square jewel case instead of a long box, a turning tide of the 5th gen: | Pimpeaux: People complaining about the game only being released in Europe. Interestingly, some people also claim that SCEA wasn't initially going to release the game because it was "2D." It could have some veracity given that Bernie Stolar was president at the time:!searchin/$20Saturn%7Csort:date/ | I'm happy with Tuskins day of June 27th 1996.
NHL PowerPlay '9619960702
segaretro says July 2nd with no source... Page 31 in Next Generation's June issue has an ad for it, says "Availible for... ...Sega Saturn," and has a review quote from GamePro. Page 4 in EGM's July issue has an ad, says "Availible for... ...Sega Saturn," it's the same ad as the afformentioned one in Next Gen. This ad has at least four more magazine appearances later on in 1996. Page 92 of Next Gen's August issue has a glowing review of the game, they don't deal out 5 stars all the time. Back of the manual has an ad for Grand Slam 96, which says "coming soon." Dave's Saturn page says July 2nd 1996: | OP in this 7/2 thread complained about it not coming out and got a bunch of replies saying it's totally out:!searchin/$20power$20play|sort:date/ | This 7/5 post complains about the game's design:!searchin/$20power$20play|sort:date/ | Guy on 7/2 claims their EB has about 30 copies, seems to the person OP in the previous thread complained about:!searchin/$20powerplay|sort:date/ | Guy inthis 7/4 thread asked about shot blocking:!searchin/$20powerplay|sort:date/ | Person on 6/29 says their stores won't get it until Tuesday, which is July 2nd:!searchin/$20powerplay|sort:date/ | July 2nd 1996 wins.
segaretro says July 17th 1996 with no source... Back of the manual advertises NHL All-Star Hockey, Hang-On GP, World Series Baseball and Sega Rally Championship. GameInformer has a review of it in their September 1996 issue, says availible now. EGM reviewed it on page 142 of their September issue. Next Generation reviewed it on page 175 of their October 1996 issue. Dave's Saturn page says it came out on July 17th 1996: | Import seller was selling the JPN version on July 8th:!searchin/|sort:date/ | Many Usenet posts in July 1996 ab out the game are from people playing the Japanese version:!searchin/|sort:date/ | A 7/19 post asks about a code for the U.S. version, pointing out a potential removal of an African American player from the U.S. localization:!searchin/|sort:date/ | A 7/19 review that complains about women characters acting too sexy:!searchin/|sort:date/ | A 7/18 post complains about the unpleasant differences between U.S. and JPN versions:!searchin/|sort:date/ | Tronix store calls it a recenet arrival on July 21st:!searchin/|sort:date/ | All these posts support Dave's claim of July 17th 1996.
Alone in the Dark: One Eyed Jack's Revenge19960726
segaretro says July 1996, no day, no source... Wikipedia says August with no source. Ad on page 43 of EGM's September 1996 issue. Same ad is on page 27 of GameInformer's 1996 issue. Back of the manual has an ad that says In the Hunt and Robo Pit are "availible from your favorite local retailer." Reviewed on page 26 in EGM's July 1996 issue. Next Generaion reviewed it on page 91-92 of their August issue. Dave's Saturn page says July 1996 with no day: | Import being sold by GAMEX on 5/23:!searchin/$20in$20the$20dark|sort:date/ | 6/9 posts speaks of latest GameFan issue and says THQ is back with Alone in the Dark 2:!searchin/$20in$20the$20dark|sort:date/ | Reply in thread criticizes the Saturn port on 7/26:!searchin/$20in$20the$20dark|sort:date/ | Talk about seeing it in store and playing it on 8/16:!searchin/$20in$20the$20dark|sort:date/ | Dave and mags point to a July release month, and since the earliest post about the game is on 7/26, I'll have to go with that.