Please provide any comments or concerns you have related to SAFETY:
What most hinders your ability to teach this year at a high level?
What can CCSD do to ensure that you are able to teach your students to the best if your ability?
What is the most critical issue with technology you face this year?
Please provide any final thoughts:
Students can opt to stay home and not teachers
Lack of Spontaneity of online students takes away from the learning process; its a distraction.
To the best OF my ability?
I have had 3 computers due to Zoom not being capable of streaming for 5 hours.
Students using Chromebooks is a problem (Chromebooks just don't have the capacity), and giving live feedback during lab time is very slow over Google meet.
Issue laptops, not Chromebooks.
Chromebooks are not adequate for the classes I teach, and giving feedback via Google meet/Zoom is far too tedious.
The amount of time it takes to plan
Take away extra duties (lunch etc); TRAIN us in Canvas & digital learning; give more planning days (one asynchronous learning day per week for teachers to plan would be amazing)
No training. I had to teach myself everything about Canvas & Zoom. I am very technologically savvy and it still took me 3 days to learn how to create a vocabulary quiz in Canvas...that took my students 10 minutes to complete. I spent 2 days over the summer just figuring out how to link my Google Drive to my Canvas classes. The amount of time it takes to accomplish simple tasks is overwhelming. And don't get me started on grading on Canvas....
I cannot believe the district did not connect Canvas to Powerschool. The amount of extra work this has created for me is overwhelming.
Social distancing is a joke.
Just hard to connect through masks and plexiglass
Change to full time on-line teaching.Students online hearing the students in the classroom.This setup is ridiculous.
My school is doing everything it can; however, I don't know what the district is doing to help. For example, the schools are supposed to be sanitized regularly, but how do we know if they are?
The plexiglass in the classroomsConstant issues with access
The plexiglass in the classrooms severely limits our ability to hear and see each other. Between the masks and the plexiglass, our students are unable or unwilling to interact in class, which is UNUSUAL - it's almost as if they are not there! It was grossly unfair to saddle the teachers with a mandate to use canvas with no training. The program does NOT work like the district said it would. If the district wanted a common platform, why didn't they just mandate that everyone use the Google suite, which most schools were already using???
We just don't know; better to be safe than sorry!fatigue and feargo online indefinitely after winter break I don't know why the "metrics" only go in one direction!
Having in-person and virtual students in the same class period and having to limit the hands on activities due to social distancing for those who are in the classroom.
Limit the students' abilities to switch their chosen mode of school attendance, ie virtual or inperson.
In the classroom, I feel everything is fairly safe. During lunch and class changes, then social distancing is not and really cannot be done safely with this many students although attempts are being made. It's an impossible situation
I wish the students at home could hear better. I wish the district would quit changing the instructional days. I make a very clear plan that has every minute accounted for, and then, they announce e-learning days-- lots of them that totally impact my long term plan and take away instructional time. While these could be beneficial, the fact that they were announced mid-year after my daily plan had been made is very problematic-- especially with schools starting into Sept. and AP Exams still happening in early May. And, to spring an early release day on us as a "reward" the week that it will occur when unit tests and other plans are really necessary before heading into a break is very frustrating.
See above. Provide me with a high quality camera and microphone. I also really need a better laptop with a bigger screen now that everything is electronic. And, I had to buy an iPad at $300 to grade papers. It really is essential, but it was a big cost and I feel the district should reimburse us or provide them-- especially if they are saving so much money on copies.
Students at home cannot hear the students in the classroom
Online and in person students at the same time.
I do not feel that CCSD cares about the perspective of teachers in this pandemic. We are the frontline workers in this scenario and our voices and perspectives are not being considered. It is terrifying to work in a school right now.
Hands on activities are not a good idea. Need more IT.
More IT and breaks to help with fatigue.Sound, bandwidth
Technical difficulties with online studentsTake responsibility for online studentsStudents internet problems & webcam problems
Audio is my #1 problem - listening comprehension does not work well
The whole notion that people are together in school building five days a week for 7 hours a day goes against all CDC guidelines.
Teaching in-person and online students simultaneously with antiquated technology equipment. The mandatory classroom desk configurations are not conducive to an engaging teaching environment. The shields on the desks offer terrible viewing. Wearing a mask all day long wears on your physical and mental ability to talk in class. I could go on.
Rectify all of the issues I've stated. Which will literally never happen.
Having to manage all of the above stated technology simultaneously while trying to teach students in class at the same time. It is absolutely ridiculous because there are always glitches and issues.
This is a huge sociological experiment that has put students and teachers lives and mental health at great risk so people who do not teach in classrooms full of children can get on with their lives. Teachers and support staff in the state of South Carolina have died during this pandemic as a result of mandatory schooling this year. People in this state have had to choose between a paycheck and their health.
I have pictures with time stamps showing that desks are not being cleaned by the night cleaning crew. On lunch duty, students are ALWAYS having to be reminded to sit on the dots in the cafeteria. When other teachers do show up for duty, they are not enforcing the rule. The plexiglass is only on 2 sides and doesn't come far out, when a kid is sitting at a desk, they are not behind plexiglass.
Having so many changes and having to do 2 lesson plans for in-person and virtual students.
More resources ...
The program where students can log into a virtual desktop has been a nightmare. I have worked with Mr. McDowell and he is very slow to respond and doesn't do a great job fixing the issue. I lost 3 weeks of instructional time because of his lack of resolving an issue. I only got a response from him once I went above his head to get answers. The program still does not work how I need it to work. I had to move on.
Also the sound quality is awful. The district should show teachers how to resolve the sound issues with virtual students so that they can be heard by the class as well as the virtual students be able to hear their classmates.
We have issues with bandwidth and our wifi which affects zoom meetings. Our chromebooks are not always sufficient for meeting our students academic needs. We've had constant connectivity and access issues.
Our rising numbers are terrifying and yet we are still in school, even though those who make the decisions - district employees and the state legislature - are working remotely.
I am concerned during lunch when the students are eating, obviously without masks, in an indoor environment. As this is the only time for teachers to eat as well I worry about the exposure for all in a cafeteria.
Not able to have students work in groups and it is hard to hear with the masks and the plexiglass.
I'm not sure if there is anything else they can do. The eLearning days have been incredibly helpful for planning and meeting with others on my team.
Just the Internet lagging.
My concern are the number of students who are in attendance and who may be positive but not showing symptoms. This level of exposure especially as our numbers increase in the community concern me.
I worry about kids eating in the cafeteria.
Inability to work in groups and having to do everything online.
Give us a hybrid schedule to lessen number of kids in our classrooms, separate virtual kids into their own classes.
Not being able to see zoom kids well. Their own wi-fi issues. Small screens for me as a teacher - a lot of eye strain.
Although I do believe that many students should and can be safely in school, I wish that we could have had and could have a week of virtual learning after vacation weeks. My school had a number of cases (8-9+ cases plus 30 or so who had to quarantine) after Thanksgiving Break. I am nervous about the week following winter break.
Purchase microphones and send IT staff into the school to help with technology.
I am extremely annoyed that the district chose to move to Canvas in August. I spent hours and tears on Canvas before deciding to only use Canvas for announcements and quizzes. I am using GC as I am able to give students feedback on google docs and pdfs with an IPad and stylus that I purchased myself.
I wish the district had been more proactive with technology.
I have to teach to both in person and virtual so I can't use the board or other resources. We can't do labs and activities. The virtual students can't interact.
Virtual for all
Canvas is terrible; what a complete waste of time. Google classroom was so much better and easier. I hope the person who got paid to switch us over is enjoying their kickback because it wasn't worth it for the rest of us.
Listen to your teachers. Go virtual.
Our principal wanted to make the entire senior class virtual because of an outbreak and was told no. WHY? What good is there by making sick kids come to school? You really aren't supporting us teachers at all.
Having to come up with separate yet equal labs and activities for online students.
Not make me teach online and in person at the same time.
My laptop is ancient and crashes all the time. My wifi doesn't always work.
My principal and vice principal are really good at their job. They are doing their best. I really wish that CCSD would make everyone get the vaccine next year so I don't have to wear these masks. I get migraines from them by the end of the day and am exhausted from coming up with two types of curricula for my classes. I teach two different AP classes on top of my Honors and it is exhausting to try to teach on a bunch of different platforms.
Teaching online and in person students at the same time.
No more simultaneous teaching!
The fact that I am responsible for researching and figuring out the technological needs of my classroom. My laptop is also 7+ years old and is out of warranty. It will not will not sync with a docking station and shuts down at least once a week during class. The solution I was given was "to have less tabs open".
We should ALL be virtual for two weeks after a major holiday (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break, etc).

I do not blame my administration for the problems happening this year in regard to Covid. They are just as stressed as the teachers! I blame the county and state.
physical restrictions; students can't work in groups, I can't interact with them well, they can't interact with each other well
remove plexiglassDevices not working; internet not working; internet slow
I teach a world language, so for me, distancing is an issue.
I teach in-person and online students at the same time.
I need to teach either in-person students only or online students only.
Teaching students in-person and virtually at the same time.
Teachers should not have to teach students in-person and virtually at the same time. Students who are learning virtually should not be taught the same way in-person students are taught. It does not make sense to simply put an in-person experience online. I will say that some of my students who are learning virtually have shared that they feel less stressed, have more time, and get more sleep.
Managing all of the new technology related curriculum and devices.
The learning curve.
I would not teach if we went back to remote learning. I feel safe and my kids are safe in my classroom environment.
Mask wearing when I'm teaching my 1st graders proper letter sounds!
Let us teach without worrying about masks.
I have an old Smartboard in my current classroom, where I'm used to the (far superior) Promethean Board.
The virus is never a fear of mine. Kids have been sick with the flu in all of our previous years of teaching and we didn't wear masks. We're resilient. As a teacher, if you fear being in the classroom, find a new profession. Kids need to be in the classroom to learn properly and to develop crucial social skills. This "video game/Tik Tok" generation is going downhill fast without our help.
I think it has been very challenging to enforce mask rules with early childhood and elementary aged children, but I do think that my school has done everything in their power to enforce the guidelines. I also think that based on how we've had little to no cases within the school and no outbreaks of cases, the safety measures we've put in place are working.
Student engagement during online lessons and being unsure if students are completing independent work on their own.
In person class sizes should be smaller. A hybrid schedule may have been a more effective for solution for elementary students, with some students working in person and some working at home. This way class sizes would be small enough for spread to be low, but also children can get the one on one instructional support they need, as well as ensuring that certain tasks and activities are being completed authentically but the child. Students working from home could work on homework, or asynchronous assignments so that teachers would not be teaching virtual and in-person simultaneously.
Young students are not able to trouble shoot technology or internet problems on their own at home. Some students become behind in their work or cannot solve the technology problems in order to stay on pace with the class. Overall, iPads seem outdated.
It troubles me how high the expectations and demands remain for teachers, particularly in-person teachers. It is very challenging to work all day teaching in-person with almost zero break time away from students from the moment you walk in until the moment you leave. That is an 8 hour day, with one bathroom break during a 40 minute planning period in order to clean, plan lessons, prep for class, or just take a mental break and it's not enough time.
It is also frustrating to me how many of these issues were brought up by teachers during the many extra teacher roundtable meetings that teachers gave up their free, unpaid time to attend this summer, and their statements about major concerns and offerings of solutions went largely ignored. And now those are the very issues we see teachers facing. It is hard to feel as though we are truly valued and appreciated as experts in our professions, when our voiced concerns don't seem to have any affect on the decisions being made for us.
I feel that my principal and school are doing the best job they can but the expectations from CCSD are unrealistic. I also believe that the people who are not in the classroom every day with students should not be the ones making the decisions about safety. The administration can tell teachers to have students follow safety procedures but it is exhausting and nearly impossible to stay on top of mask use and distancing all day long.
following safety procedures for sharing materials (small group books, math manipulatives) and social distancing.
smaller class sizes/hybrid model, no SLO/testing
iPad repairs are taking a long time, months pass and iPads are not returned. In the pandemic, most of the programs we are using are on iPads.
Many teachers are very unhappy with the current climate in school. It seems as though CCSD made many promises that were eventually backed out on. We are currently teaching in person with Covid metrics that are high across the board. My classroom is at maximum capacity. Teachers are still being held accountable for MAP test scores.
chaotic yeareliminate testing
canvas-ccsd should have made video tutorials for parents and students
Having to teach accessing tech put a lot of burden on me when I was online
Plexiglass makes it hard for students to see the board during group instruction.
Constantly changing schedules/rosters/health conditions of students & faculty
Get substitutes, smaller class sizes, better seating options so kids can see the board without having to look through 4 different layers/angles of plexiglass, fight to get us the vaccine asap.
Canvas roll-out was unexpected and then rushed. Google Classroom is more familiar to most. Multiple login issues with iPads and certain program permissions.
Will the vaccine be provided for classroom teachers?
Lack of space and the fact that I am not at all comfortable with teaching small groups for fear of contracting the virus.
Give me less students and more space to spread out.
Problems with programs working consistently on an ipad. Connectivity on the ipads.
Fear of students/staff and family getting sick.
Quarantine after holiday breaks for online learning 2 weeks.
Logging everyone on properly.
not showing up, not focusinghave a plan for students that do not show
Internet speeds, students not knowing how to do something and no one to help in-person
While I believe that admin is doing what they can to try to enforce safety protocol, I do not always see teachers doing the same. This is mostly during recess (kids without masks and not 6 feet apart), or snack/meal time in their classrooms where students all have masks off at once yet are moving around the room or not always spread 6 feet apart. Most teachers attempt to keep things safe but not all.
stress (Covid fears), inability to hear (masks, plexiglass), additional cleaning throughout the day, inability for students to share materials aka engage in interactive games and activities
Follow the protocol that they said they'd follow at the beginning of the year. All 3 metrics they said that they would follow regarding Covid and in-person instruction are high currently, yet we are all still in an in-person setting for the most part.
The main issue is that families still struggle to access technology/internet. Especially when someone must quarantine, they are not well-equipped to transition to online learning for 2 weeks.
Never have I considered leaving the teaching profession as much as I do this year. Morale is quite low. Admin is trying. Teachers are trying. Either way, it is very hard to stay positive.
Masks- I wish face shields were allowed so I could see their faces/expressions while learning.
Make sure rooms AND bathrooms are thoroughly cleaned each afternoon
I wish we were provided more information about students who have to quarantine. Were they around someone who was exposed? Were they exposed? Do they have Covid? We are only emailed "Student will be learning from home the next two weeks. Provide work." This goes for anyone in the school not just my classroom. I feel we have a right to know who is quarantined and why.
The plexiglass and distancingMove everything onlineInternet reliability
The plexiglass are to thick and some students cannot see through them.
to many students on my caseloads
Be more supportive of teachers and know that we are doing our very best. Work with state and local governments to change laws so that they are effective and fair for all students and teachers.
This year has been very challenging and difficult. I understand that no one saw this coming but let's work together and support each other. As our mission statement say "students are the heart of our work". Let's make that true for all students no matter who they are or where they live. Let's help all students succeed.
Plexiglass No plexiglass, more planning Students to young
I don't know if my room is being cleaned regularly. I wipe down things when I can. Maybe there should be sign off sheets for each space for the Budd Group designee to initial once things have been sanitized. Similar to the restrooms.
Student engagement
Reduce class sizes, hire more staff (more TAs), hire more interventionists.
As an interventionist, my greatest concern is knowing exactly how to use the technology the best and most effective way should we end up out of the building for an extended period of time.
Given the circumstances, I feel the district has done the best it can for in person learners. I do feel the district should not have offered a virtual academy to those who do not want to return. Those families should have been directed to the numerous FREE public online options out there. It is too much for the teachers to manage.
As a primary school teacher, it is difficult having small groups, bringing students to the carpet for whole group instruction, personalizing instruction effectively and have students engage in hands-on, cooperative learning experiences. I feel we are doing our best to meet the needs of our students. However, the nature of Covid has limited the way we implement best practices for young children.
I feel we are doing our best to meet the needs of our students. However, the nature of Covid has limited the way we shou
Our iPads are old and often students are bumped off apps such as iReady, ZEARN, and MyOn.
I'm proud that at my school we have worked hard to provide a safe learning and working environment for all of our students, faculty, and staf.
CCSD should hire additional cleaning crews to clean the desks, plexiglass, and classroom sinks daily.
All of CCSD’s extra mess:canvas, frontline, new math - Zearn or bridges, the days worth of safety tests, etc. ALL of the unnecessary new digital programs have just been a mess and they don’t work.
Let me make decisions about what us needed versus the new “programs”.
It is literally impossible to socially distance students inside of school. We can remind them but they forget and so we constantly remind them. There just isn't the enough physical space to do social distancing as it should be done.
Time for planning, unconditional support, trust, feeling safe at work, morale, feeling like I don't have a say in how things are decided (what my responsitilities are etc.) There is just no empathy for what the district has put us through. They have misled and outright lied to us. They are reckless in their decision making and I feel 100% undervalued. I am resentful of their tacticts and will never trust them again. I have never felt more angry or powerless in my life. If I could quit I would!
Start by listening to us. Stop jeopardizing our lives. Listen to the experts (not just one MUSC doctor who has a different opinion to all the others and who obviously toots the CCSD horn and says what they want to hear).
Bandwidth. There is a lot of lag at our school. The other issue is that our school ipads are outdated. They have trouble loading the basic digital content that the district provides and, therefore, it is frustrating for both teachers and students. There are no clear instructions on how to manage the technology especially at the end and beginning of the school year. We need more centralized and remote technology management.
I feel like I am risking my health and well being by teaching in person. The district acts like teachers are expendable. We are their greatest resource. What will it take for them to realize this? Maybe when we have left? I thought the pandemic would be my greatest concern but it is just one or many. Morale is so low it couldn't go lower. The district has not asked about how we are coping or dealing at all. Any survey (like this one) comes from a third party. It is hard to be optimistic about working for CCSD. It has become synonomous with abuse and mistreatment, neither of which I have in other aspects of my life.
monitor the data to see how many of the confirmed cases of COVID-19 are related to exposure in the school (LOW) and continue with in-person learning as long as possible
Unless the new cases of COVID-19 directly linked to exposure in the CCSD buildings goes substantially up, I am in strong support of in-person learning after the holidays and as long as possible.
Inability to move students around for differentiation in small groups; plexiglass hindering view/hearing of the focus of instruction; lack of physical movement for students throughout the day
I’m not really sure. Apps not working properly.
Social distancing, student absences due to quarantine/illness
More pay, fewer new programs and responsibilities, less testing
Old student iPads need to be replaced - losing charge, slowing down. Internet in our school is horribly slow.
Teachers are doing an INCREDIBLE job in the face of huge challenges.
Loss of planning time. Place some checks and balances on our admin.
Teachers should be able to use the technology that works best for their content students. Canvas isn’t for everyone.
COVID and fear of deathMoney, pay me like I deserve
Numbers are too high, we should be virtual
Time! Much more planning involved with way less time
Virtual until safe!Getting kicked out of zoom
This is absolute madness. We are in survival mode, need a break, not more work
The schedule and limitations on what manipulatives we can use.
The inability for students to work together in small groups
Allow students to work together in small groups or pairs without plexiglass
Internet buffering and reliability. The signal is not strong enough at my school
I want to be clear that the staff in my building is doing EVERYTHING they can to keep kids safe. The problem is that we shouldn't be in school! There is not way to effectively social distance children 100% of the time with SO many children are back in school. This is the fault of the the district NOT my school.
Decreased ability to teach small groups with differentiated instruction.
Not much because I need flexibility for my kids to move around which cannot happen now so I need my students to be safe and the virus numbers to decrease so therefore CCSD needs to be more responsible. Numbers are increasing and they are falsely believing this has no impact on school. The virus is being carried in and carried out, effecting the whole community.
Teaching students and parents how to use it. And there is so much so getting comfortable with it!
CCSD needs to take care of their teachers and students.
It is hard to know whether or not desks and/or plexiglass are being cleaned after school hours.
This was a terrible year to implement Canvas. Also, I started off teaching temporary remote students. In order to effectively teach over Zoom, I had to purchase equipment with my own money. Now that I am in person, I still am unable to use technology the way I would like. For example, I have a Promethean board, but am unable to write on it like I could a SMARTBoard. I've been told it's because the Promethean Board doesn't like the docking station. If that's the case, then we should receive a docking station or other set up materials to enable this.
My concern is the number of students tht were allowed back into the building. With increased numbers of students there is more risk of exposure.
Students not taking this school year seriously
Make parents more accountable for their scholars attending class and submitting work.
The most critical issue that I and my students have encountered this year is issues staying connected to the internet.
Teachers and students should be online like so many other school districts in the state and around the country. The safest thing to do in the face of rising COVID-19 numbers in to keep everyone online. Very few teachers are wearing face shields and students are not wearing them. Both students and teachers should be wearing masks and face shields. Too many students are crowded into the small classrooms which prevents real social distancing from happening. CCSD should be examining what schools in Los Angeles and New York are doing to keep their students and faculty safe with proper online protocols. Our neighbors just 40 miles from Charleston in Orangeburg County School District are back at 100% online, so why isn't Charleston County? Orangeburg is doing the proper thing to protect everyone. See the article about their recent virtual move to keep everyone safe which is located at
Teachers should be allowed to teach from home virtually to all students for safety reasons like MANY other counties and states are doing. Things were working the best when teachers were teaching from home virtually. It was the safest method and was less stressful than the hybrid mess of trying to teach in person students and online students at the same time. Good teachers are leaving the profession because they do not want to be forced into the classroom during the pandemic; however, they would not leave teaching if you let them teach virtually from home.
Let the teachers SELECT the OPTION that is BEST suited to their needs. Give them a CHOICE. Let them decide if they want to: (a) teach virtually from home (b) teach in person to only in person students (c) teach a blend of in person students and virtual students (d) teach from school to only online students
Teachers will give more time, be better prepared, have more confidence, care more about what they do, feel more supported, put in more effort, and have a better morale if they were given the OPTIONS! Losing good teachers from the field who want to quit because they were not given options is unnecessary or losing teachers to medical leave or calling out sick because they do not want to teach in person during COVID seems senseless when they could be safely working from home.
There was an improper roll out of Canvas this year at the beginning of the year. There was pressure to leave Google Classroom that teachers felt comfortable with to immediately switch to Canvas with very little support and direction. The Canvas switch over was done hurriedly without teacher input. Teachers and administrators were not properly trained on Canvas. Canvas is almost impossible to use with substitutes whereas Google Classroom subs can use. Canvas is really difficult for parents as well, but Google Classroom was a breeze for parents. No one actually even trained the teachers on how to use Zoom. Teachers had to teach themselves how to use it initially. Edgenuity training is too complicated and it is hard to use for teachers. The instructional coaches and school media specialists/librarians are not used efficiently and to their capacity to help the teachers with the technology. They are being underutilized in the schools, and should be providing a lot more technology support.
Many other schools around the country are checking students' temperatures upon arrival. Why can't CCSD do that? CCSD should be researching other school districts are doing well to see what has been more successful that the rushed CCSD protocols and instructional plans. There are many ways of improving the current process. First, CCSD should talk to other experts across the country. They should see how high risk cities like Los Angeles are handling the crisis well. They should look at other models by visiting the recent Education Week article found at:
CCSD should become more proactive about the future with COVID (since it will likely continue for sometime and thus start figuring out how to keep teachers working remotely from home if they want that option or let them teach in the classroom if they want that option. There should be an element of choice involved, not just for the students, but also the teachers, so we don't lose good teachers because morale is low and fears about getting COVID are high, especially for elderly teachers or teachers with health risks.
teaching virtual and in-person simultaneously
go all virtual, not require full implementation of new curriculum during a pandemic, limit benchmark testing (a lot of lost instructional time)
No tech issues
Lack of Student EngagementStudent Access
Sports make students more susceptible t contracting the virus and spreading it in the school. I know that the children need an outlet but if we are going to continue with sports and allowing close interaction, when situations like the one we are currently dealing with arises, we should go virtual for at least 2 weeks to allow for quarantine time to stop the virus from spreading. I am currently concerned even though my school takes precautions, we still ended up with cases and possible cases. Some of which were in my classes.
Student participation, learning the new LMS, and not feeling like I can adequately serve my online students the way that I can serve my in-person students.
Stop making it seem like the teachers are doing something wrong if the kids are failing and hold the kids accountable like the teachers are being held accountable. The students know they are jut going to get passed along so they do nothing, but we have to chase them, call them, email them, speak with directly so often and it yields no results. Most of the parents are not supportive and we shouldn't be held responsible for our students' apathetic ways when it comes to this school year.
Student access to technology from home.
This is one of the most challenging school years that I have encountered. Though my virtual students are seeing me online, I feel like I cannot service them the way that I would like to. However, if I could just focus on one or the other, that may help me to be able to work on better ways of serving.
Teaching in-person and virtual students simultaneously.
Having Teachers that teach virtual students only. This will help the virtual students receive more focus and attention from the Teacher. This will also help the inperson Students too. The software called 'Goguardian' (I think) shuts down every other tab students have open on their computers during class. This will help them focus on the lesson instead of visiting other sites during Class.
Some apps don't work on the Promethean Board.
We should wait until numbers of cases DECLINE.
The distractions of repeating expectations with both on-line and in class students simotanouesly.
All virtual or all in school. One or the other.Needs to be ALL virtual until number of cases decline.
There seem to be no consequences to students for not wearing masks. Some staff don’t wear them consistently. I have more students in some classes than I have plexiglassed desks.
Teaching essentially 2 classes at once! If I had JUST online or JUST in-person, I could plan better. I could create lessons that are catering to that type of learning. The way we are doing it now is essentially teaching the class like it’s totally online just kids are physically present for some reason. Not only do I have to make sure students physically with me AND not are engaged and actually doing assignments, I also have to regulate behavior in two places at once. This has been a nearly impossible ask and has negatively effected EVERYONE involved.
Of* And make a decision and stick with it! What happened to the “online academy”? Trying to please everyone is hindering EVERYONE. Giving students and families the option has made them feel like the situation is fluid. I never know how many kids are actually going to show up in person because sometimes they randomly decide, “I don’t want to get dressed today so I’m going to join virtually.” It needs to be EITHER/OR. Let the families decide: are you in-person or virtual and stick with it AT LEAST for a quarter. And stop making us teach both simultaneously. Who is this helping?! NO ONE! And treat your teachers better!!!!! Stop blaming us for everything! Contrary to what seems to be a popular opinion: it is NOT our fault your child REFUSES TO DO WHAT IS ASSIGNED TO THEM! And they should not just be passed along if they LITERALLY DID NOTHING and attended class once. What is that teaching them?! I know, I know, retention doesn’t work. But if they didn’t do the class in the first place, it’s like their first time. In short: not everything is the teachers’ fault. And people want to wonder why there’s a nation-wide shortage.
We were given a brand new system to use before starting THE MOST DIFFICULT YEAR EVER. We were already playing from behind. I didn’t understand Canvas myself, let alone enough to teach it to the kids! And I was without my computer for over a month!!!!! Something to do with the Mac update and something about WiFi?! I don’t know. All I know is I couldn’t properly do my job as a teacher FOR A MONTH! And you would assume that it would be smooth sailing after that fiasco but you’d be wrong. My computer runs slower than the kids’ Chromebooks some days. And the WiFi at school most certainly can NOT handle all of us on at the same time.
Teachers in South Carolina and, honestly, nationwide, need raises before the shortage gets critical.
Trying to teach students in a hybrid setting.
Make testing and grades less of a priority and make student’s social/emotional well being more of a priority.
Not having proper technology Tj teach successfully in a hybrid setting.
Trying to balance both in-person and online students at the same time.
Find a way to provide a virtual academy to students that opt for virtual learning.
My saving grace for teaching math this year has been my wacom tablet.
hybrid learning, fear of virus, student indifference toward virus matters
WE should be virtual after Christmas Break!!! The numbers are too high now!!!
Having to do both online and in-person. Don't make us have to do both!!Kids not being able to get on line.
We should be virtual!! When we can't get subs to cover because there are too many teachers out and a lot of students are out with the possibility of having the virus.
We have had admin and teachers test postive for COVID and not one person was sent home, not even the students who were in the room with the teacher for 55 minutes. I understand that Nursing Services addresses all of the contact tracing, but I feel like this is contradictory to the COVID protocol listed on the CCSD website.
Internet access for students
I understand and have supported the return to school until now. With the numbers increasing as you have said, what is going to happen to the adults in the building. Students seem to have a lighter case, but what about us and our own families who may be in jeopardy in the coming months?? Community or school spread is the same, someone will be sick.
If a student is told more than once to place the mask on properly and they don't , that student should be sent home for self and others around .
The kids not wanting to learning because they was told either way the school(CCSD) has to pass them.
Make them understand that we're not going to pass them because of the pandemic.
Not being trained All rules should apply to everyone not some
Admin is failing its job. Students roam around without adult supervision. Students meet in groups with no social distancing. I saw the middle school AP hugging two students this morning. Bus drivers are not ensuring students are socially distant when riding. Several students are allowed on the buses without masks and they ask for masks when they arrive at school. Students sit in classes without masks on and are in very close proximity to each other to socialize.
Students wanting to sleep and excessive use of their personal electronics.
Place strong leaders in administrative positions.My own personal learning curve.
There is no enforcement of dress codes for middle and high school students virtually nor in-person.
The kids are stressed, the teachers are stressed, and a lot of us are scared.
Offer another online teaching course like the one offered at the begging of the year. I tried to sign up for it after debating whether it would be too much while getting the school year up and running. By the time I tried to sign up the class was full.
Only 1? I bought another laptop that allowed writing on the screen with a stylus. Webex sometimes freezes and is hit and miss. My students have had problems signing onto programs and into Zoom sometimes.
I think mental health services need to screen all the kids at this stressful time in their lives. We are teaching mental health lessons but somehow it feels like we need to do more. I am worried that this has already become an Adverse Childhood Event that will affect lifelong health and well-being. I think we need to stress to everyone to think with their heart first.
Lack of engagement from most students. This includes those at school as well as those at home.
YOU TUBE. Device in student hands all the time.
Engage parents and families. If you choose to keep your child at home, by all means, that is your choice. But be responsible and set expectations for your children who are learning at home and believe that the teachers want the BEST for your student and want them to learn.
Strict phone policy and follow through. Enough with the phones!
Block You Tube. Do you know they fall down the you tube rabbit hole every day in almost every single class?
INVEST in a program that allows teachers to see EVERY student's screen on their device.
Students being able to use the technology however and wherever they want. Teachers feel that because they are doing hybrid teaching that all students need to have a chromebook in front of them all the time. It is TECHNOLOGY OVERLOAD.
There is little student participation. Lacking planning time to do it right.
At first it was learning how to apply it efficiently and effectively. It is tough to get through to students on line when you can's see reactions or immediately check work or see what the students are accomplishing.
There have been teachers and administrators who've all had Covid and they think that we don't know but one teacher announced on Facebook that she has Covid and she deals with every 6th grade student. That exposed all of the other teachers who deal with all of the 6th grade students but none of the teachers have been officially notified that they are at risk. Students and some teachers refuse to wear their masks with fidelity and they've had no consequences. It is the same students everyday and they are never sent home. There has to be some consequences and accountability.
It's mostly about the students who are opting out. Also, younger in-person students are demanding of your time, which can take away of how much time you are able to devote to your virtual students. Schedules need to be revamped so that every teacher can do all in-person and then all virtual because it's not equitable for anyone.
They need to make classes specifically for virtual students and specifically for in-person students.
The most critical issue is being able to have things fixed in a timely manner.
I think that CCSD needs to consider the rate of COVID-19 infection is rapidly increasing in the state and in the Low Country. The holidays are only going to increase the spread because so many people are choosing to travel even though we are in a pandemic. The schools need to go 100% virtual for at least two weeks-month at the end of the holiday to ensure everyone's safety. Infections went up 42% after just a week of Thanksgiving break and opening schools after two weeks is only asking for certain disaster. Teachers and staff should not put their lives at risk for people who don't even consider it important enough to take care of their own lives.
Trying to make sure my online students are receiving the help they need to be successful.
Have an academy for virtual students.
Technology issues, student engagementNot sureSlow internet
Monitoring the number of COVID19 cases are crucial and it should dictate whether we should be teaching in-person or online for the safety for both students and teachers. In case, of moving every one online should also include the teachers since a lot of teachers have young children who cannot stay home by themselves. Thus, the district should allow teachers to teach from home in case we all go virtual.
Students are not engaged online as they should be and they fail to report to Zoom meetings and students in-person are stressed and worried about the pandemic and trying to manage and adjust with masks and plexiglass and social distancing the best they can in addition to learn and do their work.
Due to the pandemic, theses are difficult times and we all try adjust the best we can so a little appreciation would be nice, instead of blaming the teachers all the time. In the future, the district should make it mandatory to all staff and students to get the vaccine if they want to be in a public school.
Students have no reliable internet access at home and school internet also tend to be slow time to time.
I would like to see every one being vaccinated and then, hopefully, we can go back to 100% in-person teaching with less stress for students so they will get back to learning and being engaged and less stress for the teachers as well so we can teach.
It is best for all students to be in the classroom. My virtual students are doing poorly. Yet the safety concern is REAL!
The lack of prior skill knowledge, online students, parent commitment to their children.
Hold parents more accountable for their children's academics.
Speed, Promethean Board does not keep up-it freezes regularly.
Have to deal with students on zoom that have internet issuses
Students not being able to use the programs at home
Having virtual students falling behind.
Create a virtual acdemy for all those participating on-line
They are doing a good job.
face to face engagementBe more understandingtech issues
Online/zooming is not optimal. Many times, students don't show up, leave in the middle of class - sometimes they come back. Also, they are doing other things at the same time. I've had to ask students to turn their television off.
Students need to be held responsible for their attendance/zooming. Since I don't teach a credit bearing class or take attendance, it has been difficult for me to contact some students.
Since I teach in a remote area, sometimes my students have internet connectivity issues.
Teaching both in person and online at the same time
all in person or all online, or choice- in person or online program that I do not teach
need classroom cameras so that I don't have to rely on laptop camera for instruction
Desks and chairs should be sanitized more frequently. Some staff and students are not good about wearing masks and socially distancing.
Having to teach in a hybrid format. It's best to pick a lane: all online or all in person.
Go all virtual. Student tech issues.With Covid-19 cases so high please go all virtual.
Students not learning the material.
How can you make students/parents more accountable????
This teaching of both online and in person is too much. I realize that things can change, but the amount of time spent preparing and then grading the work, contacting parents is very big. I stay a computer all day and then have to go home and still do work on the computer!! It is not fair to demand the amount of time.
With the numbers so high, we should be virtual all the way.
With the number of students in some of my classes, it is not possible to keep them 6 feet apart at all times
splitting the class between in person and virtual and also having everything we do digital
split us to where some teachers are only in person and some teachers are only online
slow internet or sometimes certain programs freeze
we are managing . . . but it is a very difficult and stressful situation
Technology Issues
I would be good to have tracking cameras or other such devices to make teaching online and in person more effective especially for online students.
Online students. There is no way to monitor them
Get rid of Virtual.Lack of Internet connection to
Virtual does not work for Baptist Hill Students. It also hinders the in school students.
lack of hands on learning activities due to covid restrictions/virtual learning
put the virtual students with a dedicated virtual teacher, not mixed with in-person
constant changes/glitches in the CANVAS platform.I prefer google classroom to CANVAS
Students can not see through the plexiglass. Hybrid teaching is not working.
The hybrid model doesn't allow you to make connections with all your students. Not being able to do hands on experiments due to limited resources has hindered learning.
Value the teachers and support them. Give them time to plan lessons. Give them valuable resources to help them know what to do during this crazy time. Provide necessary materials.
Not having cameras and extra resources for when teaching hybrid to see all the screens. Many promethean boards are having connection issues to some resources.
Support the teachers and stop blaming them. Teachers were told here teach hybrid and figure out but no guidance was ever given to support.
There is a lot of TALK about safety, but not necessarily ENFORCEMENT. For example, students who won't wear masks properly have to be told up to four times in one class period.
Show consistent leadership. Make decisive decisions based on metrics and STICK WITH THEM.
Bandwidth at our school is inconsistent.
Being pulled in all directions at onceQuit changing the rules!Slow internet speed, not on my end, but students
Not sure about the sanitizing by the cleaning company
Social distancing, plexiglass and arrangement of room, no parent volunteers
Starting the year with 37 temporary remote students-it is so hard to put all plans online. Teaching f2f is easier with 24.

Didn’t feel like CCSD offered best-case scenarios for setting up a working space for zoom with 37 nine year olds. Extra monitors/devices/where to set up the working space. I had to figure it out and troubleshoot on my own so that was very time consuming.
I could do remote teaching short-term and have it be effective since I know the kids and they know my expectations. Starting the year remotely with no consequences for not completing work was very difficult since there was not a routine or system in place yet. I have a lot more control over kids when they are actually in my room....which makes teaching them easier since we can’t count on all parents to monitor that they are on task.
unable to move around as much ex. pulling groups
covid restrictions
More professional support. It was a rough start with poor training on Canvas and Zoom. The video training was lacking.
Our Internet was slow for the first 5 weeks of school and hindered teaching
both in person and online
take away online - give it to a virtual academy- let in person focus on in person
providing deep instruction to students that are online. they don't engage like students in a classroom.
To much on our plate Move virtual kids