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Cycle&Set #
Card NameColorFactionCard_TypeSub_TypeSub Type 2CostPoints
Elite Points
HealthUnique?AbilityDie Side 1Die Side 2Die Side 3Die Side 4Die Side 5Die Side 6Rarity#
1.1_1AW1Captain Phasma - Elite TrooperRedVillainCharacter121511YesYour non-unique characters have the Guardian keyword.1 Ranged Damage2 Ranged Damage1 Focus1 Discard1 ResourceBlankLegendary1
1.1_1AW2First Order StormtrooperRedVillainCharacter77No1 Ranged Damage2 Ranged Damage2 Ranged Damage (Cost 1)1 ResourceBlankBlankRare2
1.1_1AW3General Grievous - Jedi HunterRedVillainCharacter131810YesBefore an opponent's character is defeated, you may move one of their non-ability upgrades to this character.2 Melee Damage2 Melee Damage3 Melee Damage (Cost 1)1 Disrupt1 ResourceBlankRare3
1.1_1AW4General Veers - Field CommanderRedVillainCharacter11149YesAction - Remove this die to turn one of your support dice any side.1 Ranged Damage2 Ranged Damage2 Modified Ranged Damage1 Shield1 ResourceBlankRare4
1.1_1AW5AT-STRedVillainSupportVehicle6NoSpecial - Discard a support from play.3 Ranged Damage4 Ranged Damage5 Ranged Damage (Cost 1)2 ShieldsSpecialSpecialLegendary5
1.1_1AW6First Order TIE FighterRedVillainSupportVehicle3NoSpecial - Remove all shields from all of an opponent's characters.1 Ranged Damage2 Ranged Damage3 Ranged Damage (Cost 1)1 DisruptSpecialBlankRare6
1.1_1AW7Commanding PresenceRedVillainUpgradeAbility3NoSpecial - Choose a Red die. If it is your die, resolve it, increasing its value by 2. If it is an opponent's die, remove it.1 Focus2 Focus2 Disrupt1 ResourceSpecialSpecialLegendary7
1.1_1AW8F-11D RifleRedVillainUpgradeWeapon2NoRedeploy. Special - Force an opponent to deal 2 damage to their characters, distributing the damage as they wish.2 Ranged Damage (Cost 1)1 Modified Ranged Damage2 Modified Ranged Damage1 ResourceSpecialBlankStarter8
1.1_1AW9Count Dooku - Devious StrategistBlueVillainCharacter111510YesBefore this character is dealt 1 or more damage, you may discard a card from your hand to give him 1 shield.1 Melee Damage2 Melee Damage1 Focus2 Discard (Cost 1)1 ResourceBlankRare9
1.1_1AW10Darth Vader - Sith LordBlueVillainCharacter162113YesAfter you activate this character you may force an opponent to choose and discard a card from their hand.2 Melee Damage3 Melee Damage2 Disrupt1 Shield1 ResourceBlankLegendary10
1.1_1AW11Kylo Ren - Vader's DiscipleBlueVillainCharacter101311YesSpecial - Choose an opponent's character, then look at a random card in that opponent's hand and deal damage to that character equal to the cost of the card you just looked at.1 Melee Damage2 Melee Damage (Cost 1)1 Shield1 ResourceSpecialBlankStarter11
1.1_1AW12NightsisterBlueVillainCharacter87NoAction - Reroll a die. Deal 1 damage to this character.1 Ranged Damage2 Ranged Damage1 Disrupt1 Discard1 ResourceBlankRare12
1.1_1AW13Force ChokeBlueVillainUpgradeAbility2NoBlue character only. Special - Deal 1 unblocked damage to another character. Then you may turn one of its character or upgrade dice to any side.2 Disrupt1 Discard1 ResourceSpecialSpecialBlankLegendary13
1.1_1AW14ImmobilizeBlueVillainUpgradeAbility2NoBlue character only. Action - Remove this die to turn a die to a side showing a blank.1 Disrupt1 Shield1 Shield2 Shield1 ResourceBlankRare14
1.1_1AW15Kylo Ren's LightsaberBlueVillainUpgradeWeapon3YesBlue character only. Special - Deal 2 damage to a character. If any of this damage is blocked by shields, reroll this die instead of removing it from your pool.3 Melee Damage (Cost 1)2 Modified Melee Damage3 Modified Melee Damage1 ShieldSpecialBlankLegendary15
1.1_1AW16Sith HolocronBlueVillainUpgradeEquipment0NoSpecial - Switch this upgrade with a Blue ability upgrade in your hand, ignoring it's play restrictions. Then you may spend 1 resource to roll it's die into your pool, if able.1 Focus1 Modified ResourceSpecialSpecialBlankBlankRare16
1.1_1AW17Infantry GrenadesGrayVillainUpgradeWeapon2NoSpecial - Deal 2 damage to each of an opponent's characters. Discard this upgrade from play.1 Ranged Damage2 Ranged Damage (Cost 1)1 ResourceSpecialBlankBlankRare17
1.1_1AW18Speeder Bike ScoutGrayVillainSupportVehicle3NoSpecial - Remove a die. You may take one additional action.2 Ranged Damage3 Ranged Damage (Cost 1)1 Disrupt1 ShieldSpecialBlankRare18
1.1_1AW19Bala-Tik - Gang LeaderYellowVillainCharacter8118YesAfter an opponent's character is defeated, you may ready this character.1 Ranged Damage2 Modified Ranged Damage1 Focus1 Shield1 ResourceBlankRare19
1.1_1AW20Jabba the Hutt - The Great and MightyYellowVillainCharacter111411YesAfter you activate this character, you may reroll a Yellow die.1 Focus1 Focus2 Disrupt2 Discard1 ResourceBlankLegendary20
1.1_1AW21Jango Fett - Lethal MercenaryYellowVillainCharacter121610YesAfter an opponent activates a character, you may activate this character.1 Ranged Damage2 Ranged Damage1 Melee Damage1 Resource1 Modified ResourceBlankRare21
1.1_1AW22Tusken RaiderYellowVillainCharacter98NoAfter you activate this character, you may discard a card from your hand to resolve one of its character or upgrade dice.1 Ranged Damage1 Melee Damage3 Melee Damage (Cost 1)1 Shield1 ResourceBlankRare22
1.1_1AW23Crime LordYellowVillainUpgradeEquipment4NoYellow character only. Special - Spend 5 resources to choose a character, That character is defeated after this round ends.2 Focus3 Disrupt (Cost 1)2 Shield2 ResourceSpecialSpecialLegendary23
1.1_1AW24Flame ThrowerYellow VillainUpgradeWeapon3NoSpecial - Deal 1 damage each to up to 3 different characters.2 Melee Damage4 Melee Damage (Cost 1)1 Disrupt1 ResourceSpecialBlankRare24
1.1_1AW25Gaffi StickYellowVillainUpgradeWeapon2NoRedeploy. Special - Remove one of your dice showing melee damage to deal 3 damage to a character.2 Melee Damage (Cost 1)2 Modified Melee Damage1 Disrupt1 ResourceSpecialBlankRare25
1.1_1AW26On the HuntYellowVillainUpgradeAbility1NoSpecial - Remove all shields from a character. You may spend 1 resource to remove one of its character or upgrade dice.1 Modified Ranged Damage1 Modified Melee Damage1 ShieldSpecialSpecialBlankRare26
1.1_1AW27Admiral Ackbar - Perceptive TacticianRedHeroCharacter10149YesAfter an opponent plays or discards the last card from their hand, they choose and deal 2 damage to one of their characters.1 Ranged Damage2 Focus1 Discard1 Resource1 ResourceBlankRare27
1.1_1AW28Leia Organa - Born LeaderRedHeroCharacter121611YesAction - Remove this die to reroll up to 2 of your dice.1 Ranged Damage2 Ranged Damage2 Ranged Damage (Cost 1)1 Focus1 ResourceBlankRare28
1.1_1AW29Poe Dameron - Ace PilotRedHeroCharacter162012YesSpecial - Discard a card from your hand to resolve one of the sides of its die, if able. Then, if it was a vehicle card, you may pay its cost to play it from your Discard pile.2 Ranged Damage3 Ranged Damage (Cost 1)1 Disrupt1 ResourceSpecialBlankLegendary29b
1.1_1AW30Rebel TrooperRedHeroCharacter87NoGuardian1 Ranged Damage2 Ranged Damage1 Modified Ranged Damage1 Shield1 ResourceBlankRare30
1.1_1AW31Launch BayRedHeroSupport5NoThe X on this die is equal to the number of cards in your hand.X Ranged DamageX Ranged DamageX DisruptX ShieldX DiscardBlankLegendary31
1.1_1AW32Black OneRedHeroSupport Vehicle4YesSpecial - Deal 1 damage to a character. Reroll this die instead of removing it from your pool.2 Ranged Damage3 Ranged Damage1 Disrupt2 ShieldSpecialBlankLegendary32
1.1_1AW33ScoutRedHeroUpgradeAbility1NoSpecial - Look at an opponent's hand and discard the cheapest card from it (you choose in the case of a tie).1 Focus2 Disrupt (Cost 1)1 ResourceSpecialSpecialBlankRare33
1.1_1AW34Survival GearRedHeroUpgradeEquipment2No1 Melee Damage1 Focus1 Shield2 Shield1 Resource1 Modified ResourceRare34
1.1_1AW35Luke Skywalker - Jedi KnightBlueHeroCharacter152012YesAfter you activate this character, draw a card.2 Melee Damage3 Melee Damage1 Focus1 Shield1 ResourceBlankLegendary35
1.1_1AW36PadawanBlueHeroCharacter87NoWhile this character does not have an upgrade, the cost to attach a weapon to it is decreased by 1.1 Melee Damage1 Melee Damage2 Melee Damage1 Focus1 ResourceBlankRare36
1.1_1AW37Qui-Gon Jinn - Ataru MasterBlueHeroCharacter131711YesBefore this character gains 1 or more shields, you may remove 1 of his shields to deal 1 damage to a character.1 Melee Damage2 Melee Damage1 Shield2 Shield1 ResourceBlankRare37
1.1_1AW38Rey - Force ProdigyBlueHeroCharacter91210YesAfter you play an upgrade on this character, you may take one additional action.1 Melee Damage2 Modified Melee Damage1 Discard1 Resource1 Modified ResourceBlankStarter38
1.1_1AW39Force ProtectionBlueHeroUpgradeAbility3NoBlue character only. Special - Give 3 shields to your characters, distributed as you wish.1 Disrupt1 Discard1 ResourceSpecialSpecialBlankRare39
1.1_1AW40Jedi RobesBlueHeroUpgradeEquipment2NoAfter you play this upgrade, give attached character 1 shield, or 2 shields instead in the first round of play.1 Focus1 Focus1 Disrupt1 Resource1 Modified ResourceBlankRare40
1.1_1AW41Luke Skywalker's LightsaberBlueHeroUpgradeWeapon3YesBlue character only. Special - Give a character 2 shields or deal 2 unblockable damage to a character.3 Melee Damage (Cost 1)3 Modified Melee Damage2 Shield1 ResourceSpecialBlankLegendary41
1.1_1AW42One with the ForceBlueHeroUpgradeAbility4NoBlue character only. Before attached character is defeated, this upgrade becomes a support for the rest of the game (it starts ready).3 Ranged Damage2 Focus3 Focus3 Disrupt2 Shield2 ResourceLegendary42
1.1_1AW43BB-8GrayHeroSupportDroid1YesSpecial - Reroll this die and one of your other dice. Do not remove this die from your pool after resolving this ability.1 Focus1 Disrupt1 Shield1 ResourceSpecialBlankRare43
1.1_1AW44Rey's StaffGrayHeroUpgradeWeapon2YesSpecial - Remove a die showing damage (Melee Damage or Ranged Damage)1 Melee Damage1 Melee Damage3 Melee Damage (Cost 1)1 ResourceSpecialBlankRare44
1.1_1AW45Finn - First Order DefectorYellowHeroCharacter131610YesYou can attach any weapon to this character, ignoring play restrictions. You can include Red Villain weapons and vehicles in your deck.1 Ranged Damage2 Ranged Damage1 Melee Damage1 Shield1 ResourceBlankStarter45
1.1_1AW46Han Solo - ScoundrelYellowHeroCharacter141810YesAfter you play a card with the Ambush keyword, you may give a character 1 shield.2 Ranged Damage3 Ranged Damage (Cost 1)2 Disrupt1 Resource1 ResourceBlankLegendary46
1.1_1AW47Hired GunYellowHeroCharacter89No2 Ranged Damage (Cost 1)3 Ranged Damage (Cost 1)1 Disrupt1 Resource1 ResourceBlankRare47
1.1_1AW48Padme Amidala - Queen of NabooYellowHeroCharacter101410YesSpecial - Discard the top card of an opponent's deck or spend 1 resource to discard the top 2 cards of an opponent's deck.2 Focus1 Discard1 ResourceSpecialSpecialBlankRare48
1.1_1AW49Millennium FalconYellowHeroSupportVehicle5YesSpecial - Play a yellow event from your discard pile or hand for free.3 Ranged Damage4 Ranged Damage2 Focus3 Discard2 ResourceSpecialLegendary49
1.1_1AW50Diplomatic ImmunityYellowHeroUpgradeAbility4NoThe Shields from this die can be given to any of your characters, distributed as you wish.2 Focus1 Shield2 Shield3 Shield4 Shield2 DisruptRare50
1.1_1AW51DL-44 Heavy Blaster PistolYellowHeroUpgradeWeapon3NoAmbush. After you play this upgrade, force an opponent to choose and remove one of their dice.3 Ranged Damage3 Ranged Damage (Cost 1)2 Modified Ranged Damage1 ResourceBlankBlankRare51
1.1_1AW52InfiltrateYellowHeroUpgradeAbility1NoSpecial - Reroll up to 2 of an opponent's dice.1 Disrupt1 Shield1 ResourceSpecialSpecialBlankRare52
1.1_1AW53OutpostRedNeutralSupport2NoSpecial - Resolve the battlefield ability as if you had just claimed it.1 Focus1 Disrupt2 Disrupt1 ShieldSpecialBlankRare53
1.1_1AW54DH-17 Blaster PistolRedNeutralUpgradeWeapon1No1 Ranged Damage2 Ranged Damage (Cost 1)2 Modified Ranged Damage1 ShieldBlankBlankRare54
1.1_1AW55IQA-11 Blaster RifleRedNeutralUpgradeWeapon3NoSpecial - Deal 2 unblockable damage to a character.2 Ranged Damage3 Modified Ranged Damage1 Disrupt1 ResourceSpecialBlankRare55
1.1_1AW56PromotionRed NeutralUpgradeAbility1NoRed character only. After you play this upgrade, you may draw a card.1 Modified Ranged Damage1 Modified Melee Damage1 Focus1 Shield 1 ResourceBlankRare56
1.1_1AW57Force ThrowBlueNeutralUpgradeAbility3NoBlue character only. Special - Remove a die. deal a character damage equal to the value showing on that die (specials and blanks are zeros).1 Ranged Damage1 Disrupt2 DisruptSpecialSpecialBlankStarter57
1.1_1AW58Force TrainingBlueNeutralUpgradeAbility2NoTo play, spot a Blue character. Special - Choose and do two of the following; deal 1 damage to a character, or gain 1 resource, or give a character 1 shield.1 Ranged Damage2 Modified Melee Damage1 Focus1 ResourceSpecialBlankRare58
1.1_1AW59LightsaberBlueNeutralUpgradeWeapon3NoRedeploy. Special - Deal 2 unblockable damage to a character.3 Melee Damage (Cost 1)2 Modified Melee Damage1 Shield1 ResourceSpecialBlankStarter59
1.1_1AW60Mind ProbeBlueNeutralUpgradeAbility4NoBlue character only. Special - Deal an opponent's character 1 damage for each card in that opponent's hand.3 Ranged Damage (Cost 1)2 Disrupt2 DiscardSpecialSpecialBlankStarter60
1.1_1AW61ComlinkGrayNeutralUpgradeEquipment2NoAfter you play this upgrade, you may reroll any number of your dice or any number of an opponent's dice.1 Resource1 Resource1 Shield1 Resource1 Modified ResourceBlankRare61
1.1_1AW62DatapadGrayNeutralUpgradeEquipment1NoSpecial - Turn one of your dice to a side not showing damage.1 Resource1 Modified Resource1 Modified ResourceSpecialBlankBlankRare62
1.1_1AW63Holdout BlasterGrayNeutralUpgradeWeapon2NoAmbush. Redeploy.1 Ranged Damage2 Ranged Damage (Cost 1)2 Modified Ranged Damage1 Shield1 ResourceBlankRare63
1.1_1AW64Black MarketYellowNeutralSupport3NoSpecial - Draw 2 cards. You may play an upgrade from your hand, decreasing its cost by 1.1 Modified Ranged Damage2 Focus2 Shield1 ResourceSpecialBlankRare64
1.1_1AW65CunningYellowNeutralUpgradeAbility2NoYellow character only. Special - Resolve a special ability on another card in play as if it were your card.1 Focus1 Disrupt1 Discard1 ResourceSpecialBlankRare65
1.1_1AW66Jet PackYellowNeutralUpgradeEquipment2NoSpecial - Remove a die showing melee damage and give attached character 1 shield.2 Modified Ranged Damage3 Modified Ranged Damage1 Disrupt2 ShieldSpecialBlankRare66
1.1_1AW67Thermal DetonatorYellowNeutralUpgradeWeapon3NoTo play, spot a Yellow character. Special - Deal 3 damage to each of an opponent's characters. Discard this upgrade from play.1 Discard2 Discard1 ResourceSpecialSpecial (Cost 1)BlankLegendary67
1.1_1AW68Cannon FodderRedVillainEvent0NoDeal one of your non-unique characters damage equal to the value of an opponent's die showing damage. Then remove that die.Common68
1.1_1AW69Closing the NetRedVillainEvent1NoForce an opponent to choose and remove one of their dice. You may place this event on the bottom of your deck instead of discarding it.Common69
1.1_1AW70Endless RanksRedVillainEvent5NoReturn one of your defeated non-unique Red characters to the game with no damage on it.Uncommon70
1.1_1AW71OccupationRedVillainEvent2NoPlay only if you control the battlefield. Force an opponent to lose all of their resources.Common71
1.1_1AW72ProbeRed VillainEvent0NoLook at 2 random cards in an opponent's hand and discard any of those cards that are events.Common72
1.1_1AW73Sweep the AreaRedVillainEvent0NoCount the number of ready Red characters you have. Reroll that many of an opponent's dice.Common73
1.1_1AW74Tactical MasteryRedVillainEvent1NoSpot a Red character to take up to 2 additional actions.Uncommon74
1.1_1AW75The Best Defense...RedVillainEvent1NoDeal one of your Red characters 3 damage to remove up to 2 of an opponent's dice.Uncommon75
1.1_1AW76Drudge WorkRedVillainSupport0NoAction - Exhaust this support and one of your characters to gain 1 resource.Common76
1.1_1AW77Local GarrisonRedVillainSupport3YesEach opponent gains 1 fewer resource during each upkeep phase, to a minimum of 1.Uncommon77
1.1_1AW78Personal EscortRedVillainUpgradeAbility1NoAttached character has the Guardian keyword.Common78
1.1_1AW79Abandon All HopeBlueVillainEvent2NoForce an opponent to choose to ether lose all of their resources or discard all cards in their hand.Common79
1.1_1AW80Boundless AmbitionBlueVillainEvent1NoDraw cards up to your hand size.Common80
1.1_1AW81EnrageBlueVillainEvent0NoDeal 1 damage to one of your Blue characters to gain 1 resource.Common81
1.1_1AW82Feel Your AngerBlueVillainEvent1NoCount the number of blanks showing on an opponent's dice. Remove that many of their dice.Common82
1.1_1AW83Force StrikeBlueVillainEvent1NoTurn one of your Blue dice to a side showing melee damage. Then you may resolve that die.Uncommon83
1.1_1AW84IntimidateBlueVillainEvent0NoRemove all shields from a character.Common84
1.1_1AW85IsolationBlueVillainEvent1NoSpot a Blue character to remove a character die.Common85
1.1_1AW86No MercyBlueVillainEvent2NoDiscard any number of Blue cards from your hand. Then resolve one of your dice showing damage, increasing its value by 1 for each card you just discarded.Uncommon86
1.1_1AW87Pulling the StringsBlueVillainEvent0NoLook at the top 3 cards of any deck. Then place those cards on the top and/or bottom of that deck in any order.Common87
1.1_1AW88Emperor's FavorBlueVillainSupport1YesYour hand size is increased by 1.Uncommon88
1.1_1AW89Power of the Dark SideBlueVillainSupport2NoAction - Exhaust this support to reroll one of your dice. If that die rolls a blank, deal 2 unblockable damage to a character.Starter89
1.1_1AW90Hidden in ShadowBlueVillainUpgradeAbility 1NoAction - If attached character has no shields, exhaust this upgrade to give it 1 shield.Uncommon90
1.1_1AW91Nowhere to RunGrayVillainEvent2NoTurn each of your dice showing a blank to any side.Uncommon91
1.1_1AW92Ace in the HoleYellowVillainEvent0NoDiscard a Yellow upgrade from your hand to roll its die into your pool, if able. Set aside that die after it is resolved or removed.Uncommon92
1.1_1AW93Armed to the TeethYellowVillainEvent0NoDiscard any number of upgrades from one of your Yellow characters. Then deal damage to a character equal to the number of upgrades you just discard.Common93
1.1_1AW94ConfiscationYellowVillainEvent0NoSpend resources equal to the cost of an opponent's upgrade in play to return that upgrade to their hand.Uncommon94
1.1_1AW95Fight DirtyYellowVillainEvent1NoRemove any number of your Yellow dice. Then deal damage to a character equal to the number of dice you just removed.Uncommon95
1.1_1AW96Go for the KillYellowVillainEvent0NoResolve one of your dice showing ranged damage, treating this damage as unblockable.Common96
1.1_1AW97He Doesn't Like YouYellowVillainEvent0NoRemove one of your dice to remove an opponent's die.Common97
1.1_1AW98Lying in WaitYellowVillainEvent1NoForce an opponent to choose and discard cards from their hand down to the number of cards you have in your hand.Common98
1.1_1AW99Backup MuscleYellowVillainSupport1NoAfter you play this support, place 3 damage on it. Action - Exhaust this support to move 1 damage from it to a character (this ignores shields)Common99
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