What it doesMixPrepUseFinal Steps
DegreaserPreps screens for a coat of emulsion. Makes emulsion cling to screen without pinholes1:1 ratio with waterBefore use, remove all ink and emulsion from screensApply to screen and scrub with brush. Leave on for 30 seconds Thoroughly wash
Supreme WashRemoves plastisol ink from the screenNo mixApply to a rag or paper towel and use on inkFinish with a clean rag when ink is removed
Sgreen StuffGets rid of leftover haze and degreases screen in one stepNo mixRemove all emulsion / ink from the screenSpray on (not mist) on screen and scrub. Wait for 4-10 minutes Clean with pressure washer starting with low pressure setting, then moving to high. Clean screen from bottom to top. Spray both sides. Make sure screen drys all the way before coating with emulsion.
Aqua WashRemoves water based ink from the screenNo mixRemove as much ink as possible and rinse with waterApply with spray bottle and scrub with brushRinse with pressure washer
Emulsion StripperRemoves emulsion from screensFill remainder of big bottle up with water to diluteRemove ink, tape, and leftover residue from screen firstApply with brush or spray (not mist) and agitate with brush. Let sit for 30 seconds.Rinse with pressure washer. Do not allow the emulsion stripper to dry on the screen.
Ink DegraderUsed to remove difficult / stuck on plastisol inkNo mixRemove as much ink as possible with a card or ink knifeSpray both sides of the screen and scrub with a brushRinse until all ink is removed