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3/4/2020 10:59:24IOM MHDElena Val eval@iom.intIOM e-PHR The aim of the IOM e-PH is to ensure that migrant health assessment records are available and to strengthen national and cross-border disease surveillance and response capacities.
1. SurveillanceTo strengthen national and cross-border disease surveillance and response capacities at Point of Entry and across countries.
3/4/2020 22:17:22Ministry of Health - Sri Lanka
Dr Neranga Liyanaarchchi or Dr Anil Samaranayake
nCoV Surveillance SystemThe Sri Lanka nCov Surveillance system is a web based intervention developed using DHIS2 (tracker app) platform. It has a fast deployment cycle and full implementation package with training manuals.
1. SurveillanceThe solution helps to track high risk passengers entering the country by supporting the active surveillance and follow-up. It provides the details of the people under surveillance to the local public health officers based on the geographic area, for which they are responsible for. It is coupled with the GIS layer of DHIS2 to provide map view. Has a verified dashboard to monitor the processes.
3/4/2020 22:36:57ZenysisWalter Kerrwalter@zenysis.comHarmonyA rapidly deployable data integration and advanced analytics platform for epidemic surveillance, case management and outbreak response.
1. SurveillanceCountries use Harmony to rapidly improve their epidemic surveillance, information management and response capabilities during infectious disease outbreaks. Mozambique recently used these capabilities to mount an effective, data-driven response to a cholera outbreak which reduced the daily number of new cases in the most affected province from 400 to zero in one month.
3/5/2020 7:17:55University of OsloScott Russptrickscott@dhis2.orgnCoV Surveillance SystemMoH wants to capture information on tourists who enter the country from at-risk countries. The Ministry of Health of Sri Lanka developed a DHIS2 based solution for active surveillance for COVID-19.
1. SurveillanceThis COVID-19 System of Sri Lanka uses the tracker app in DHIS2.33. It captures at all ports of entry demographics, immigration, symptoms of COVID-19 disease, and possible contacts. Before 14 days it captures symptoms of COVID-19 disease and any action taken. After 14 days, captures symptoms of COVID-19 disease and any action taken at the end of the surveillance period.
3/5/2020 11:05:56InSTEDDNicolás di Tadanditada@instedd.orgHealthCheckHealth Check allows travelers to report on their symptoms through automated calls with an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system.
1. SurveillanceAgencies monitoring the symptoms and wellbeing of travelers or individuals at risk could use it as a tool for checking with them periodically and automatically, enabling a scale difficult to implement otherwise.
3/5/2020 13:35:31SafricomViolet W Njuguna
Safiri Smart by Safaricom and MOH Kenya USSD based messaging service available as part of mobile phone roaming services.
1. SurveillanceResponsibly and authoritative messaging to masses of people (for now 33 million Safaricom subscribers)
3/9/2020 11:27:25MSHRandy Wilsonrwilson@msh.orgeCEBSeCEBS enables community level lookouts to report unusual health events in human/animal populations. Built on DHIS2 Tracker module it relies on coded SMS to report and confirm events.
1. SurveillanceIt can be adapted to country-specific use cases where the DHIS2 is already in use - especially if they are already using it for eIDSR. Will need to add additional event triggers that are more specific to covid 19 type symptoms and to identify the appropriate local persona to serve as lookouts.
3/11/2020 10:41:49BAO SystemsKatherine Lewklew@baosystems.comDHIS2 DHIS2 is an open source, web-based HIS platform that is used as HMIS in close to 70 countries. DHIS2 is a flexible solution that enables aggregate, event-based, and individual/entity data collection.
1. SurveillanceLeveraging UiO's recently released COVID-19 configuration package, the system can be further customized as needed to track exposures, confirmed cases, treatment, test kit stocks using the web based interface or mobile devices. Maps can display data down to the community level to identify hotspots of cases and exposure.
3/12/2020 0:48:46trellyzShelley
LifeSpots - Public Health module
Designed to enhance situational awareness and response health crisis events, to improve coordination, collaboration, and communication among responding organizations.
1. SurveillanceBuilt with complex, multijurisdictional operating environments in mind, LifeSpots allows member entities to invite partners, build collaboration networks, create services, upload, map and manage data sets (i.e. the location of vulnerable populations, hospitals, infection) and aggregate locally and nationally sourced data layers to improve decision making and response coordination.
3/12/2020 6:09:54OpenFnAleksa Krollsaleksa@openfn.orgOpenFn integration platformThe OpenFn integration platform offers enterprise-grade, scalable, and secure infrastructure for organizations to connect ANY app, automate key workflows, & setup real-time disease surveillance. SurveillanceOpenFn can connect ANY app for real-time data monitoring & reporting. Examples:
1. SwissTPH uses OpenFn to forward CommCare case updates to national DHIS2 registry for real-time monitoring of child diagnoses in Nigeria.
2. The IRC used OpenFn in the DRC to connect multiple Kobo Toolbox data collection sources to a central Case Tracker for ongoing monitoring of suspect Ebola cases reported.
3/15/2020 17:45:47SavicsJulie Vanvolsemjulie@savics.orgDataToCare COVID-19Collect, manage and monitor laboratory test results as well as patient information
1. SurveillanceDataToCare COVID-19 is used by the Belgian COVID-19 Reference Laboratory and other university labs to collect and monitor the test results and perform analysis.
3/19/2020 4:04:40Pace TechnologiesDr Sohail Iqbalsohail@pacetec.netCoronavirus SurveillanceA password protected Android App with credentials:
User : covid171
password : 1446
The app can work in online as well as in offline. Ministry of health, Pakistan is planning to use the solution
1. SurveillanceThe App registers information of a patient in an online database e.g. personal information, travel history, clinical presentation, date of onset and specimen collection. The health worker can submit the lab results and the follow up findings later on. The online database is interlinked with dashboards for thematic analysis and GEO coordinates of the cases. It also produce line-list of the cases
3/25/2020 9:04:03UnnionthemoveUnnikrishnan
Covid Worldwide RealtIme Symptom tracker
This solution allows every one in the public to report their symptom anonymously on a map in realtime. Once reported they are given an ID in the app using which they can update their symptoms.
1. SurveillanceThe solution can be used in Corona Virus response as there is no way for the governmental agencies to find and test each individual in the community. With this app, if the users report their symptoms, government can track hotbeds or potential hotbeds early based on symptoms reported.
3/25/2020 17:03:21
The Wellviser Company Limited
Wale Adeosun (MD)
Wellvis COVID-19 Risk Assessment Triaging Tool
A tool for self assessment, education, and decision making. Use this tool to find out your risk level to COVID-19 whether it is low, high, or medium. You will be advised on what to do thereafter
1. SurveillanceAssesses how many individuals in a geographical location are at high, medium, and low risk levels of contracting the COVID-19.
Provides data for contact tracing of individuals who present as high risk
Provides support for planned testing of individuals in an identified high-risk location.
Provides the required safety education and reassurance. Connects users to doctors for virtual private chat
3/26/2020 6:18:09Jacaranda HealthLiz McNeil
PROMPTSPROMPTS is a digital health platform that encourages expecting and new mums to seek care at the right place and time through informative SMS messages and a triage bot that connects to a live Help Desk
1. SurveillanceThe two-way Q&A component saw an increase in COVID-related questions, so our team developed a COVID-specific bot to provide instant responses to FAQs on the effects on pregnancy, delivery and postpartum, as well as facility updates in each county. It is a tool for information dissemination and to ensure that women are still able to seek care when and where they need it despite the outbreak.
3/26/2020 6:59:25
Meliora Technology Solutions
Brian Annechino
Meliora TrackerSolution for international development teams responding to humanitarian, disaster and emergency situations. Uses real-time location tracking to support field teams in operations and coordination.
1. SurveillanceThe solution can be used by Ministries of Health and Emergency Operations Centers to track field teams responding to COVID19 (contact tracing, medical teams, logistics coordinators, etc.). A central portal provides real-time monitoring to improve field response times and improve health campaign performance.
3/26/2020 16:23:49GetWellNetworkNichole Sarkis
GetWell LoopEnables clinical teams to remotely monitor patients with COVID-19 symptoms safely at home by sending CDC-validated information, at the right time, at scale.
1. SurveillanceWith the new COVID-19 digital care plans, patients receive credible information to help them better understand how to self-manage and self-monitor their specific symptoms. GetWell Loop notifies their care teams when a patient’s clinical status has escalated to a point requiring direct intervention.
3/26/2020 22:24:02Korea Telecom (KT)Woori Cho
Global Epidemic Prevention Platform
It assists national surveillance of epidmic infection risk by data sharing and contact tracing, and strengthening risk awareness for national travelers, using sms on disease information.
1. SurveillanceGEPP is helping the Korean Center for Disease Control on the COVID19 quarantine by sending sms alerts to national travelers traveling the infected countries and by patient's contact tracing upon requests from the authority.
3/27/2020 9:54:47DrDoctorWill Turner
Broadcast MessagingSend broadcast messages to up to 10,000 patients to provide them with information about their care. Patients can either be added as a list or automatically enrolled if they meet certain criteria.
1. SurveillanceBroadcast Messaging enables the NHS to communicate updates to large cohorts of patients quickly and easily, keeping them informed of the latest advice and reassured about changes to their appointments. Over 160,000 messages have been sent to patients in the first three days following the release of this tool to our current NHS clients.
3/27/2020 11:03:53ValidicKristin Sykes
COVID-19 Home Monitoring Solution
For employers and healthcare organizations to monitor employees, patients, and others at scale for emerging symptoms of COVID-19.
1. SurveillanceWe have a turn-key remote patient monitoring (RPM) solution ready to deploy that tracks employee's and patients’ COVID-19 symptoms and status. No integration needed, ready to deploy in a couple of hours. With programmable alerts and a simple rules engine, we’ll elevate – in real-time – which patients/employees need your attention and why.
3/28/2020 23:24:19HN Consultants LtdHesham
COVID-19 Self-Isolation Monitoring and Notification
Cloud-based application for monitoring people during self-isolation with probable or confirmed COVID-19 infection.
1. SurveillanceDaily symptoms are recorded twice by the self-isolated person and/or the designated health care service. The application, using a proprietary algorithm send notifications to healthcare services for follow-up using telemedicine, based on set of indicators (changes in symptoms according to the clinical guidelines).
3/30/2020 1:08:12Dr. ElsaMegan Allen
TimaTima provides symptom assessment, next steps recommendations, monitoring by health stakeholders, and digital follow-up care for respiratory diseases in East Africa. SurveillanceAvailable in English and Swahili, the mobile app is being extended to provide symptom assessment for COVID-19 (along w/ other respiratory illnesses), allowing us to perform large-scale risk assessment and identify patients with high risk of COVID-19. We can then provide linkage to care, notify health authorities with a custom dashboard, and follow-up with patients to observe disease progression.
3/30/2020 1:25:19
Inter Governmental Agency for Development
Bashir Ahmedahmed.bashir@igad.intJourney solutionJourney Solution is an innovative solution which allows the user to have access to their personal health record across international borders.
1. Surveillancecan be used for contact tracing
3/30/2020 2:39:48LogistimoArun Ramanujapuramarun@logistimo.comSnapshotSnapshot is a robust, mobile-phone based data collection, analytics and visualization tool, along with workforce management, that can be used for achieving high data quality and health insights.https://logistimo.com1. SurveillanceSnapshot can be leveraged to record COVID instances within a community, with decentralized monitoring of such data and responses at the community, district, state and national levels. Data can be collected through a workforce or can be crowdsourced. Interactive dashboards and reports on key health indicators and data quality are available instantly.
3/30/2020 17:43:46BroadReachMaddie BatlasMbatlas@brhc.comFacility ReadinessEnsures facilities are prepared to manage COVID-19 patients to prevent deaths due to lack of supplies & capabilities. Assists leaders prioritize & allocate resources in real-time to address COVID-19.
1. SurveillanceFacility Readiness Surveys sent to facility managers via app. Data is uploaded to Vantage platform. Machine learning algorithms are applied to rank facilities by readiness with facility profiles to identify key gaps. Results are sent via customized emails. Data on critical supplies is uploaded to Vantage where forecasting algorithms help management decide where to send critical COVID-19 supplies.
3/31/2020 7:48:31MobenziAndi
Mobenzi COVID-19 Response Toolkit
We are making our tools freely available to help organisations and governments protect and support their people, assess impact and maintain productivity.
1. SurveillanceThe COVID-19 Response Toolkit includes pre-built form templates that governments & individual organisations can use to gather data to guide their response to the crisis. Templates can be customised and/or organisations can build and deploy their own forms via web or mobile.
3/31/2020 11:18:42
eHealth IT Services PLC. (Orbit Health)
Kndeya Gebrewahed
COVID-19 Surveillance and Preventive Info-dissimilation Platform
Our current solution offering is a city-wide heat map of Addis Ababa city broken down by lowest level administrative regions and an info-dissimilation tool on preventive measures and testing centers. SurveillanceBy taking a look at the heat map, the general public can take simple measures of avoiding areas with a significant number of suspected reporting. In parallel, the government can also take large-scale measures of quarantining wider geographical locations and conduct COVID-19 presence verification tests. Moreover, our platform has immense scalability potential at national and international levels.
3/31/2020 14:59:26FraymMelissa
Spatial dynamics of at-risk populations (Risk Profiles)
Understanding the spatial dynamics of at-risk populations can be important for health officials to guide response efforts, preventative measures, and more.
1. SurveillanceFraym developed a risk profile of the population most at-risk if they contract COVID-19. We drew on 3 components that have been shown to increase the risk of respiratory disease: people 60+, regular smokers, and those who use dirty cooking fuel. The result is a hyper-local heatmap of people most at-risk for life-threatening complications of COVID-19. We have already applied the model to Nigeria.
3/31/2020 22:58:14
World Health Organization
Global Outbreak and Response Network
godata@who.intGo.DataOutbreak investigation tool for field data collection in public health emergencies. Used for case detect, contact tracing, visualization of transmission chains with secure data exchange & flexibility
1. SurveillanceDesigned for outbreak investigators and epidemiologists, Go.Data is an easy to use case and contact data collection and visualization tool for disease transmission to help responders choose the right interventions to stop a disease from spreading. Go.Data runs in stand-alone & connected modes for flexibility. It allows access though mobile devices, namely to support contact tracing teams.
4/1/2020 9:36:56ADITECH SRLVINCENZO GULLA'info@adilife.netADILIFE PLATFORMConnected Health cloud platform supporting patients in active surveillance/fiduciary isolation, granting contactless connections to doctors/nurses, to help users manage cares during their stay at home
1. SurveillanceADiLife platform allows self assessments of his daily physiological status and to monitor his vital parameter making use of Bluetooth Certified medical devices. App is connected to a medical operation center with a threshold monitoring tools which may origin notifications, alerts on threshold values are exceeded.All data and trends are available in the PHR accessible from App or Web Portal
4/2/2020 13:16:40Medicus AIFelipe Athia
CoVive by MedicusCoVive is a free app that helps you evaluate your risk of having contracted COVID-19. CoVive informs you of up-to-date measures to protect yourself and your communities.http://www.covive.ai1. SurveillanceCoVive aims to lighten the load for support hotlines by helping people to evaluate their risk of having been infected, reduce uncertainty, provide measures to protect themselves and educate patients by providing resources that guide healthy and safe.
4/3/2020 7:25:36Jembi Health SystemsDaniel Futerman
OpenHIMOpenHIM is an open source product designed to ease interoperability and data exchange between systems, providing secure communication and support for routing, orchestrating and translating data.http://openhim.org1. SurveillanceThe OpenHIM can be used to support and strengthen COVID-19 responses that require data exchange between multiple systems and those facing challenges with lack of quality data, access to information, and poor utilisation of data, through an extensible framework that can be customized to support a wide range of data exchange and interoperability needs.
4/4/2020 14:04:05DimagiMohini Bhavsar
CommCareCommCare provides case management support for health workers and their managers, offering more accurately tracking of patients, through registration, follow-up, and delivery of services for patients
1. SurveillanceCommCare can be used for screening and triage protocols, surveillance and contact tracing, information dissemination through frontline workers, and lab tracking and logistics.
4/6/2020 10:49:56ItexBehailu shiferaw beshif@hotmail.comDhis2 tracker His dhis2 is simple open source tool, user friendly and it is in use in most of the countries. It will be customized for covid-19 including their travel history and medical history https://www.dhis2.org1. SurveillanceTracking and Gregating individual data
4/6/2020 12:26:44BroadReachMaddie
COVID-19 Pandemic Management
Manages healthcare resources real time through community screening, contact tracing, protecting HIV+ populations, surveillance mapping, ensuring facility readiness, and ongoing data analytics.
1. SurveillanceData is uploaded to the Vantage platform, which uses AI to perform predictive analytics. Vantage will identify and prioritize health resources to COVID-19 hot spots, identify HIV+ patients at risk of disengaging from care​ to prevent fatal COVID-19 infections, provide visibility in real time so leaders can proactively adjust effort, and drive communication to enable agile problem solving.
4/6/2020 17:01:17Dobility, Inc.Bsrat Mezghebebsrat@surveycto.comSurveyCTOSurveyCTO is a reliable, secure, and scalable mobile data collection platform for researchers and professionals working in offline settings. It’s used in over 165 countries.
1. SurveillanceIt’s being used to track COVID-19 cases, assess facility readiness and determine needed resources, conduct retrospective and prospective epidemiological studies, among other uses. More broadly, SurveyCTO can be used for research, impact evaluations, M&E, and supply chain assessments. Functionality and resources to transition from in-person to telephone interviewing (CATI).
4/6/2020 21:54:32Wellvis HealthWale Adeosunwale@wellvis.orgCOVID19 TriageWe developed a Risk Assessment and Self Reporting tool that supports the surveillance activities and education of the public.
1. SurveillanceThe tool helps the general populace identify their risk levels of contracting COVID-19, educating them and providing an avenue to self-report/escalate their case to disease control organizations and ministries of health for quick decision making and actions. Overall, it is useful for quick risk assessments, education, and decision making and remote monitoring (if required) for the users.
4/7/2020 5:14:17KwantuRob
Data Integration, Analysis and Visualisation Hub
The Data Hub is designed to integrate data from different sources and systems into a single warehouse for analysis, including CSV. Linked to open source Kibana data analysis and visualisation tool.
1. SurveillanceIntegrating data from different sources into a single format and data model. Analysing and visualising integrated data and embedding dashboards in public websites.
4/7/2020 9:29:08XSENSEAI
4/8/2020 2:42:21USAID - GHSC PSMDr. Muhammad Tariq
Traveler's Surveillance MIS (TSMIS)Traveler's Surveillance (TSMIS) is a web based application for entry points to report travelers profile, traveling details & symptoms (if any). TSMIS also has mobile app for executives (dashboards) SurveillanceIt is helping Health department to approach co travelers of Corona infected person(s), test them to avoid further spread of corona virus. It is also helping health department to follow up patients who were suspected at entry point and sent to designated hospital. Application and mobile app provides enrich analytics and dashboards for command and control center.
4/8/2020 18:24:11
Casantey Business Solutions Group
Christian Asante
BODA Community Smart City Pandemic & Epidemic Suite An AI enabed Pandemic/Epidemic Alert, Contact Tracing and Contact Monitoring Solution with geo fencing, booking, early warning, dashboards and integration capabilty into local health systems.
1. SurveillanceProvides the opportunity for establishment of local designated centres to partake in the testing process, automates the scheduling of the testing to avoid further contact, automatically identifies patient contact and schedules appointments or sends quarantine messages then geofences and monitors.
4/9/2020 18:55:30Oncopadi Digital ClinicOmolola Salakodrlola@oncopadi.comOncopadi COVID19 ResponseDuring this pandemic, not everyone has a doctor within reach but most people have a phone.
Our medical teams are working round the clock to connect people to health care telemedicine and remote care. Surveillance
1. Inform the public and improve the health of people and their communities.
2. Predict the risk and triage COVID-19 using the AI symptom checker
3. Remotely monitor and navigate people who may have COVID-19 to approved help lines
4. Online consultations with medical consultants, drug prescription and test requests
4/13/2020 9:52:35NanoHealthManish Ranjan
Health monitoring and Tamper-proof location tracking solution for people under home-quarantine/Isolation NanoHealth offers a complete solution which includes- tamper proof geofencing system, periodic symptom monitoring, digital telemedicine platform and community health management for government.
1. SurveillanceRegister & screen suspects digitally to identify high risk. These undergo testing. The +ve are quarantined and a tamper proof hand band is tied which only police can remove. It’s sensor information is read by smartphone that ensures person is always close to phone. It keeps pinging GPS location, visible on map and sends alerts if the person goes outside fence or tag cannot be located, to officials
4/14/2020 21:30:49OnaErick Ngwiriengwiri@ona.ioOna DataOna Data is a mobile data collection platform used by over 40,000+ people and organizations worldwide to securely author, manage, and understand both field and online surveys.https://ona.io1. SurveillanceYou and your team can use Ona Data immediately to both the direct response of Surveilling / Preventing / Diagnosing / Treating the virus, and to your secondary response addressing Covid-19’s impact on the health and well-being challenges beyond the pandemic.
4/15/2020 14:35:56
Precision Agriculture for Development
Jonathan Faulljfaull@precisionag.orgDigital Agriculture Extension, messaging optimization and behavior change, and information management systems Two-way information exchange to assess and respond to disruptions to agricultural services and food supply; and to help governments promote behavior change to limit the spread and impact of COVID-19. SurveillancePAD services 3.5 million farmers in 8 countries. In response to COVID-19, we can broaden and deepen existing programs; add digital to traditional extension systems; respond to disruptions in ag sector and food security; respond to disruptions in education and health sectors, etc.; gather and provide COVID-specific health information; utilize A/B testing etc to hone messaging and behavior change.
4/16/2020 8:03:24CYA Pty LtdMarianne helps to Connect, Collect, Manage, Analyse, Report and Track COVID19 data anytime, anywhere.Rapidly deployed, streamlines existing data flows and consolidates multiple data sources.
https://systemate.tech1. SurveillanceConsolidation and rapid overview of COVID19 information through a ready-to-deploy rollout cloud-based data system bridging communication and data gaps. Capture data offline, scale and adapt as needed. Automatic triggers to sms or email. Forms submit direct into powerful databases at HQ, complete control over access and reporting, includes audit trail and export to existing systems.
4/21/2020 11:07:11
start offline (offline app developers)
mohsen darabi
startoffline surveillance covid-19in quarantine-evading policies,the government gives a QR tracking code to each unit of the gathering place.Each citizen,as an offline inspector will be able to report violations very quickly and easy SurveillanceOur application,works under USSD codes,is monitored by citizens who refer to these units according to the government's guidelines on how to run them,and if they see any violations by mentioning the type of violation and the type of unit,it sends the QR tracking code very quickly through the system.A social engineering solution to create a very strong monitoring atmosphere has also been suggested
5/12/2020 5:18:46
Casantey Business Solutions Group
Christian Asante
BODA Community Smart City Pandemic & Epidemic Suite5 part solution including a Illiterate friendly Mobile app, an AI enabled contact tracing and contact monitoring engine, Test lab interface and consulting room with realtime global therapy information
1. SurveillanceEnd to end solution for citizen alert, advice, contact tracing, contact monitoring , laboratory interface and doctors consulting room functionality to manage the full lifecycle from citizen alerting authorities through appointment scheduling, swab taking, testing, doctors consulting & therapy to automated contact tracing & monitoring with local voice functionality for illiterates & dashboard
3/4/2020 23:57:32St. John's National Academy of Health SciencesRashmi Rodriguesrashmijr@gmail.comv.Cure a mobile application for video monitoring of adherenceThe application can be used for asynchronous monitoring of treatment adherence in tuberculosis
2. PreventionThe solution can be used for teleconsultations and for telemonitoring of those quarantined, and those on home management, thus minimizing movement of those suspected to have covid or diagnosed with covid.
3/5/2020 9:19:48Echo MobileBoris Maguireboris@echomobile.ioThe Echo platformA user friendly web platform for orgs to easily create and deploy scalable alerts, FAQ menus, reporting channels, C4D campaigns, quizzes and surveys via SMS, USSD and IVR. No IT/programming required.
2. Prevention*Create interactive, automated SMS, IVR, or USSD hotlines to provide dynamic and targeted info on facilities, symptoms, treatment, prevention
*Enable free, anonymized reporting channels to ID and track issues on the ground in real time
*Provide targeted SMS or IVR alerts
*Enable free self-diagnosis via SMS, IVR, or USSD quizzes to direct and manage traffic to health facilities
3/5/2020 10:50:35The Addis ClinicWade Munday
Provider-to-Provider Telehealth Training We recruit frontline health workers in low- and middle-income countries to use a low-functionality telemedicine platform and share resources, scholarly, articles, and prevention and planning advice..
2. PreventionWith our early cohort of frontline health workers, we share WHO recommendations and guidelines that are not actively pushed to this community. We communicate with them so that if they see symptoms of the virus, they are directed to their local and national ministry of health before we put them in touch with epidemiologists within our volunteer physician network for step-by-step assistance.
3/5/2020 16:12:41NiviSidd Goyalsidd@nivi.ioaskNiviaskNivi is a free interactive chat service that makes it easy for people to learn about key health topics and make informed and supported decisions about their health.
2. PreventionUsers began asking questions about COVID-19, so we created a new conversation to share information from the World Health Organization. The initial version focuses on prevention, because that is what users want to do, but expanding content is easy. To learn how Nivi can help you engage new audiences with trusted information on health and well-being, visit
3/5/2020 17:39:49Health Communication Partners LLCAnne Marie Liebel
Standards Plus for Digital Health LiteracyA quick review of wording and images in digital health tools to bring into line with digital health literacy best practices
2. PreventionDigital health tools have no effect when people cannot engage with them. We diagnose digital health tools and provide guidance so makers can bring their products into line with health literacy best practices, ensuring they are accessible to all users.
3/6/2020 2:02:04ZMQ DevelopmentSubhi Quraishisubhi@zmq.inYourStoryTeller Using a new genre called digital talking comics for building new and healthy behaviours through Health Communication.
2. PreventionThe solution can be used to build local language communication as digital comics to create awareness about Corona Virus, its prevention, dos and donts etc.
3/7/2020 8:59:04
GRID - Gaming Revolution for Inspiring Development
Mariam Nusrat
Leveraging Mobile Games to Raise Awareness on Corona Virus Prevention & Detection We design mobile games to educate,engage & empower people towards positive behavior change around the world.We have created games on reproductive health,STEM learning, animal welfare & climate change.
2. PreventionWe are working on creating a rapid response mobile game to raise awareness on prevention and treatment of the corona virus. The game will provide prevention and hygiene tips and accurate information about the virus. It will also equip players with information for early detection. A bonus stage will also bust common myths around the disease to avoid public hysteria.
3/7/2020 12:05:41DocTuringRobert Woodlivelyn78@gmail.comCOVID-19 BurnoutApp that stores location/time over 2 week period. If you have shared a location/time with a potential victim, and they uploaded their auto stored data, you get notified and the incubation clock starts
2. PreventionIt identifies all people exposed to all other people who entered an infectious exposure condition and notify all levels of people up to real time exposure, thus removing those shedding the virus from exposing the rest of the population. Website is, but the link above does not recognize a .ai address
3/7/2020 19:26:32
Tree Uganda Academy (TUA)
AWEGA CDMS (Community Development Management System)Is a robust web based solution that services all participants in the ecosystem whilst managing all projects both at Micro and Macro levels with Data Collection, Processing, storing and real time reporting. PreventionIt can be used to inform all the community, regionally or worldwide on the best preventive measures (sending and receiving) instructions as well as reporting on suspected cases with pictures on real time using Smart phones and computers.
3/8/2020 11:03:14Literacy Bridge Ghana Gumah Tiah Aloysius
Amplio's Talking BookThe “Talking Book” is an audio computer for people who cannot read and who live without electricity. Experts record their knowledge so that it can serve as an audio library for rural people.
2. PreventionIt can be used for public education in any language with requiring internet, electricity or formal education.
3/9/2020 6:41:10Cad creations ltdFrancis munyeki
Cadconnect virtual call centreCadconnect virtual call centre, easy setup. Upto 500 simultaneous call. Rapid scale. Distributed over a large geographic area. Call transfer to extension and to mobile phones, call on any browser.
2. PreventionCommunication. Distributed workforce. Quarantine situation. Emergency coordination.
3/9/2020 16:51:31
Peripheral Vision International
Emily Cody
Wanji Games: Wanji overcomes barriers of literacy, language, and geography by providing entertaining health education in multiple languages delivered free-of charge through simple mobile phones.
2. PreventionWanji provides valuable information on coronavirus to geographically remote communities utilizing basic telephony and leveraging the ubiquity of simple mobile phones, reaching communities at scale in their spoken language. Wanji narratives are designed as ‘choose your own adventure’ stories in order to build engagement and enhance learning on coronavirus prevention.
3/10/2020 5:28:43
Farm Radio International (FRI)
Karen Hampson
Interactive radio + mobileFRI specializes in ICT-enabled communication for reaching rural and remote communities at scale in local languages in sub-Saharan Africa, to increase knowledge, change attitudes and practices.https://farmradio.org2. PreventionFarm Radio's network of 1000+ radio stations across sub-Saharan Africa could support prevention of spread - and fear - through providing a trusted source of information, broadcasting prevention messages to millions. Interactive radio + mobile phone approaches can, answer listeners' questions, offer information, allay fears, dispel myths and fake news and estimate attitudes/spread through SMS/IVR.
3/10/2020 9:32:01 (using
Gustav Praekeltgustav@turn.ioHealthAlertDisseminates accurate, timeous information about COVID-19 to the public via WhatsApp and at scale. It includes a helpdesk with automated response and triage, and real-time data insights.
2. Prevention- WhatsApp-based helpline to support users on queries/concerns and direct them to accurate information sources
- Automated responses provide answers to the most frequently asked questions
- Machine learning and natural language understanding enable automatic triage to help manage conversations at scale
- Critical data insights to support effective decision-making in national responses to COVID-19
3/10/2020 13:16:43
InStrat Global Health Solutions
Okey Okuzuokey@instratghs.comInStrat's COVID ApplicationContains two functions: 1. COVID Tutorial for HWs. 2. COVID Surveillance: Screenings tools for suspected cases using WHO Case definition. Also includes Contact Listing and Contact Tracing functions.
2. PreventionHWs are not always provided up to date information on Coronavirus, hampering efforts when faced with suspected cases. This App contains a structured Coronavirus tutorial to educate clinicians. The Case Surveillance function uses WHO Approved tools to guide HWs through screening steps for suspectied cases and triggers notification to disease surveillance officials when screening is positive.
3/10/2020 17:20:29
Special Olympics International
Jamie Valis
Coronavirus Outbreak: What You Need to Know eLearning Module
eLearning module designed for individuals with Intellectual Disabilities
2. PreventionStarting on March 16t, this course will be available for the entire Special Olympics community to educate about COVID-19 including prevention strategies.
3/11/2020 6:27:25Source Code Valter Cumbi
PENSA (Plataforma Educativa de Informação Sobre a Saúde)
A mHealth platform available on all operators by dialing *660# and online at PENSA is free for the citizens and was designed to avail pertinent health information to all Mozambicans.
2. PreventionOn the existing PENSA USSD and web mHealth platform, we inserted Coronavirus information about its origin, causes, and most importantly prevention. Then, together with the Ministry of Health , we used bulk SMS and other dissemination channels to inform citizens that they could receive pertinent Coronavirus information here.
3/11/2020 7:34:51doctHERsDr. Asher
LifesavHERs: how tech-enabled frontline health workers are combating COVID-19
Tablet-equipped, Female health workers (FHWs) are mobilising 3000+ villages of Punjab and Sind where they are linking communities to doctHERs' network of remotely located GPs and ID specialists.
2. PreventionFHWs can screen communities for patients with cold/flu-like symptoms, connect them via 4G/HD video-consultation to our network of GPs and specialists/consultants (including Infectious Disease specialists) who can counsel patients on next steps: (i) referral and linkage to specific, public health facilities for diagnostic validation and general prophylactic measures for family/community members.
3/11/2020 9:30:06ViamoEmma Sakson
Information Sharing on the 3-2-1 Service
Viamo’s 3-2-1 Service is a free, national information hotline that shares critical information through audio messages recorded in local languages. 3-2-1 is currently available in 18 countries
2. PreventionThe 3-2-1 Service can host COVID-19 content through Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and quickly communicate actionable information about prevention and treatment at scale. 3-2-1 callers can proactively access static and dynamic information about COVID-19 for free on any mobile phone and listen to messages in their local language, allowing for those with low literacy to access this information.
3/11/2020 9:37:30ViamoEmma Sakson
Targeted Mass Messaging via SMS and IVR
Viamo can rapidly push targeted SMS and audio messages about COVID-19 based on demographic user data (gender, age, location, devices, etc.) at scale. PreventionViamo can rapidly push mass SMS and audio messages through IVR to targeted groups and share critical information about COVID-19 at scale and on a short timeline. Viamo has pre-negotiated mass messaging agreements with Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) in 18 countries that allow us to target messages to specific groups based on location, age, gender and devices at the lowest price per message.
3/11/2020 11:05:16DHIS2Kristin Braa
COVID-19 Surveillance Tracker Package
DHIS2 data package for detection, active surveillance, and reporting for COVID-19. Includes standard metadata aligned with WHO guidance plus implementation guidance to enable rapid deployment.
2. PreventionThe package uses the DHIS2 platform (including mobile data entry via Android devices) to support surveillance workflows and automated analysis for three key components of routine and active surveillance: Case-based surveillance tracking, Contact-tracing, and Ports of Entry tracker. The package is an enhanced version of a DHIS2 system that is already in use by Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Health.
3/12/2020 6:33:07Sehat KahaniSara Saeed
Sehat Kahani for COVID – 19 Prevention
Sehat Kahani uses a virtual telemedicine and video consultation platform that allows patients to access a professional medical response line for the prevention of Coronavirus.
2. PreventionThe Sehat Kahani E- clinics as well as the mobile application provides a much safer solution for patients approaching with symptoms leading to coronavirus and also provide counseling and preventive measures to those who are reliant upon Google searches instead of professional consultations. With the outbreak on its peak, the feature of a video call ensures safety of the medical professionals.
3/12/2020 8:56:05Grameen FoundationGigi Gatti
Mobile Training and Support (MOTS) service
MOTS is a mobile service that provides refresher training via voice to Community Health Workers in the language of their choice at their own convenience with a feature phone as the only requirement.
2. PreventionMOTS can offer instantaneous training capabilities to CHWs with up-to-date information on COVID-19 and other related topics as opposed to face-to-face training. Testing through the MOTS tool can quickly determine the health workers’ level of understanding, leading to rapid refinement of the training content or putting emphasis on topics that are crucial for CHWs to understand and disseminate.
3/12/2020 20:44:54Catalpa InternationalGabriela Leite-Soaresgabriela@catalpa.ioLiga Inan Liga Inan is an mHealth program that sends weekly text messages to pregnant women tailored to their gestation period. It has registered over 60,000 moms in Timor-Leste. It also sends messages to dads PreventionWorking together with Timor-Leste's Ministry of Health, we send official updates and health promotional messages to community via SMS. This helps to reduce anxiety and the spread of unfounded claims regarding the spread of the virus.
3/18/2020 17:17:54Atma ConnectAri Turrentine
AtmaGoOur award-winning mobile app, AtmaGo, is a community-level social network that creates opportunities to build community health and climate change resilience in low-income, vulnerable communities.
2. PreventionAtmaGo is a mobile app where vulnerable communities access trusted, life-saving, and life-changing information. Users connect with neighbors, amplify their voices, report health issues, create and spread ground-up solutions, and share health information. As partners, health organizations can assess community vulnerability and needs and disseminate critical information with their constituents.
3/19/2020 9:46:01ttsRichard dos Santos
tt performance suitett performance suite ensures that contextual information is made available to all heathcare workers and assists in maintaining a proactive approach to country support and on-going training.
2. Preventiontts ensures that contextual information is made available to all heathcare workers and assists in maintaining a proactive approach to country support and on-going training (when physical sessions cannot be held). Health workers need up-to-date information which changes frequently and needs to be localised and remote deployed rapidly to inform & guide workers about Coronavirus process updates.
3/21/2020 23:30:12Cell-Ed
Dr. Jessica Rothenberg-Aalami
Cell-Med COVID-19 Crisis Response
NEW Cell-Med COVID-19 Crisis Response: 1) info guides accessible on any device - even basic phone 2) certified, multilingual health coaching, remote triage 3) data analytic reports 4) customizable
2. PreventionOne in two youth and adults lack the literacy, digital literacy, and access to real time information to protect themselves. Cell-Med COVID-19 Crisis Response includes:
-continually updated COVID-19 info available on on any device (no internet required)
-live and automated health coach, remote assessment and triage
-data analytic dashboard for real time reporting and tracking
-customize programming
3/25/2020 5:17:41People in NeedJames Happell
Early Warning System Health Messaging
Early Warning System uses IVR to send health messages to registered users, and is sent via open source telephony software called Somleng.
2. PreventionPeople in Need's Early Warning System is being used by the Cambodian National Centre for Disaster Management to send Corona related health voice messages authorised by the Ministry of Health and designed by the local offices of the WHO and UNICEF.
3/26/2020 8:29:21HERA Inc.Aral Surmeli
HERA AppHERA is an end-user focused mobile app designed to increase uptake of preventive services via data keeping, information sharing and reminder sending for timely uptake of health services.
2. PreventionHERA can be used to share updates and general information about COVID, provide interactive notifications for surveillance and navigate users to correct health services they require. We already started piloting a notification and alert system to share up to date information about COVID and surveillance for symptomatology in our Syrian refugee population. It is also possible to track high risk users
3/26/2020 9:07:13GreenmashAndrew Wyborn
Mango for commodity tracking
Application platform used for last mile commodity tracking and management in many countries. Uses any available data source incl SMS, USSD, Voice, smart device, bar code. Integrates with any system
2. PreventionTracking Covid-19 commodities. Mango is an affordable, highly configurable, very scalable, proven, referenceable and demonstrable solution. Configurable options include commodity tracking at all levels of health system incl last mile, stock on hand, consumption and demand, nearest available resupply points, workflows for escalations, reporting, integration with any system incl LMIS, DHIS2 etc.
3/26/2020 19:41:25SourcefulMatt maintained list of community Google docs about coronavirus PreventionA lot of online communities are creating amazing COVID-19 related documents using Google docs, in some cases faster than the media. You can find information about freelancing, parenting, remote work and many other topics.
For a lot of people quarantine, working from home and social distancing are difficult challenges. Sourceful helps to find help from the community of people like you.
3/30/2020 17:11:49BroadReachMaddie
Protecting at risk HIV+populations
Identifies HIV/TB patients with unsuppressed viral loads who are at risk of being lost to follow up. Messages are sent to patients to come to clinics or pick up points for assessment and treatment.
2. PreventionAssists healthcare providers identify and manage at-risk HIV+ patients to prevent severe COVID-19 infections. Patient-level data is uploaded and analyzed in Vantage platform, using AI and predictive analytics to identify patients at risk of LTFU. Healthcare staff receive lists of patients to contact and treat. Patients are sent messages encouraging them to seek care and for ongoing education.
3/31/2020 6:58:39CapseleDr. Thomas Finkbeinertom@capsele.netDOC-2-GOonline platform for direct doctor-to-patient medical consultations in Tanzania Preventionthe website has validated information and links to websites that are providing quality information for COVID-19, including MoH, CDC, WHO as well as free of charge (during the Corona crisis) access to doctors for specific questions
4/1/2020 4:11:58Guzalink Solutions MARK OJWANG OWINO
CORONA IMPACT An interactive web interface to be linked with social media pages. In collaboration with healthcare providers for educative purposes,reporting and for people to share stories.
2. PreventionCreate awareness though educative articles, info graphics and short videos . Provide Interactive interface to Report cases &track contacts ASAP. A multidisciplinary and multifaceted Collaborative space for faster health intervention and response.
4/6/2020 6:29:20 (Healthcare Information For All)
Dr Neil Pakenham-Walsh
neil@hifa.orgHIFA.orgHIFA is a dynamic global health discussion forum in collaboration with WHO. We support multidisciplinary professional discussion on coronavirus, with focus on information and communication issues
2. PreventionHIFA provides a space for all actors who are addressing the 'infodemic'
4/7/2020 5:50:34LanterneAlex Barnesalex@lanterne.aiKeep Your DistanceKYD is a free app that helps people to practice social distancing. It shows how busy locations are in real-time (e.g. supermarkets) helping people to plan their movements and reduce their risks.
2. PreventionUsing a combination of 3rd party data on venue traffic and user crowdsourced reports, KYD provides live information of how crowded venues such as supermarkets, pharmacies, etc, are, visually displayed on a map. Before leaving the house a user checks to see how crowded a place is, when the crowd will likely reduce and adjusts their journey accordingly.
4/7/2020 14:32:33ThinVoidJoseph Kaizzijoseph@thinvoid.comStep UpDecentralized call center solution to facilitate quick response and handling of reported incidents. Any one with minimum qualifications can sign up as an agent.
2. PreventionThe public can easily report suspect cases to front line health workers within their community.
4/8/2020 3:12:50USAID GHSC-PSMDr. Muhammad Tariq
COVID Procurement and LMISSolution allows Health Ministry and its departments to issue COVID-19 items PO, update expected deliveries, manage logistics and inventories. It provides complete stock visibility at each SC node. PreventionTo prevent, diagnose and treat Corona infected patients, health workers need PPE and equipment like ventilators at each Corona treatment facility. To ensure uninterrupted supplies of COVID-19 stock and equipment, real time web based Proc & LMIS provides data visibility to decision makers.
4/8/2020 3:24:19USAID GHSC-PSMDr. Muhammad Tariq
FORECASTING OF PPE'S FOR COVID-19 OUTBREAKSolution is web based portal to forecast PPE's for COVID-19. End user enters number of health workers/patients and health facilities, to forecast PPE.
2. PreventionPPE are important for health workers and patients to prevent the spread of corona disease. It is important for Health department to forecast the right quantities of PPE. A simple web based tool is provided to forecast the PPE as per international standards. Tool is also acknowledged by international institute and is now part of their curriculum. Tool is online and open for all to use.
4/8/2020 13:44:08
Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team
Tyler Radford
OpenStreetMapPeople living in unmapped communities may lack access to healthcare.Volunteers can map crucial services like hospitals using OpenStreepMap technology for use by governments and health workers. http://www.osm.org2. Prevention1) Helping government agencies and health authorities by getting OpenStreetMap data into the hands of those who need it for the response. 2) Identifying populations where the most vulnerable including the 60+ population and the prevalence of pre-existing conditions. 3) Funding local mapping groups in places most at risk to solve the real needs of local responders.
4/8/2020 15:09:38engageSPARKAvner Mizrahi
engageSPARK PlatformengageSPARK is an SMS & IVR platform that makes it fast & affordable for organizations to disseminate information to, and collect data from, everyone in developing and emerging markets.
2. PreventionengageSPARK's IVR & SMS platform is used for COVID-19 prevention & surveillance by organizations worldwide. IOM in Bangladesh is disseminating critical COVID-19 information to Rohingya refugees via IVR. Philippines government in BARMM is monitoring COVID-19 supplies distribution & collecting citizen complaints via SMS. Setting up campaigns like these takes minutes and works everywhere globally.
4/8/2020 16:00:07
Maternity Foundation, University of Copenhagen, Laerdal Global Health, ICM and UNFPA
Tara Talvacchiatara@maternity.dkSafe Delivery App
A new module on the Safe Delivery App with COVID-19 information, videos and practical procedures on how to limit the spread of the COVID-19 while providing quality care for skilled birth attendants.
2. PreventionProvides preventative measures for skilled birth attendants on how to protect themselves and provide quality care to mothers and newborns during pregnancy, delivery, and the post-partum period. Content is aligned to WHO guidelines for health workers on hand hygiene, handwashing and other preventative infection prevention measures related to COVID-19.
4/9/2020 4:04:30
IMPROVISA (business idea)
Debbie Lesole
ImprovisaIMPROVISA works with health industry to provide alternative health supplies and equipment to mitigate shortages that usually happen in health centres.
2. PreventionBy providing alternative health supplies solutions(improvising)the risks of patients not getting help will be reduced and these will lead to increase in efficiency in the health sector.
4/10/2020 18:26:29
Meedan Digital Health Lab
Nat Gyenesnat@meedan.comCOVID-19 Context BaseA living expert database of contextualized COVID-19 information populated by a team of public health, epidemiology & infectious disease specialists to support the work of fact-checkers & journalists.
2. PreventionAs COVID-19 spreads, a surge in demand for subject matter experts is outpacing supply. Fact-checking organizations and newsrooms are scrambling to verify and contextualize complex health information, including medical research and epidemiological findings, with limited access to experts. This database provides access to expert-verified content that can be included in reporting & fact-checking.
4/15/2020 14:17:27
One Mobile Projector Per Trainer (OMPT)
Matt Yorkmyork@ompt.orgMobile Projectors to show Educational VideoOMPT connects rural communities and humanitarian assistance programs. We train frontline extension workers to create behavior change communication videos and screen them in rural locations. PreventionOne of the biggest challenges to preventing the spread of COVID-19 is reaching disconnected communities with accurate information. By creating videos, using trusted local community members as actors/on-screen messengers, these communities can be engaged in active prevention. Literacy is not required. The videos can be shown on mobile, handheld projectors that don't rely on internet or electricity.
4/15/2020 14:23:59
One Mobile Projector Per Trainer
Andy Shoemaker
UnshelteredTVThe UnshelteredTV program provides a fast, effective solution to deliver life-saving information to people experiencing homelessness who don’t visit shelters or resource centers. http://Unsheltered.tv2. PreventionIn coordination with key PIOs and stakeholders, UnshelteredTV translates important public health information into short digestible videos, using local experts and respected members of the unsheltered community to portray the messages. At dusk, extension workers visit encampments to play the videos and share information that the rest of society accesses so easily through internet and television.
4/23/2020 9:44:09
University of Oslo & Basic Internet Foundation
Prof. Josef Nollinfo@basicinternet.orgInternet Lite - free access to information through Information SpotsKnowledge increase through information. We promote Internet Lite, and make the free access to Internet happen through Information Spots. Using the freemium model for accesshttp://Solutions.BasicInternet.no2. PreventionWe have developed a COVID-19 animation, supposed to reach every single person (not only those with mobile broadband). Thus, in our InfoSpots we have the free access to health & education information, including COVID-19 video. Our scientific study has demonstrated the enormous knowledge uptake (60% for Cysticercosis) through animations. The solution counteracts on Infodemics related to the virus.
5/13/2020 15:54:18FHI 360Benjmain eVeslagebeveslage@fhi360.orgOnline Reservation App (ORA)ORA is a web-based software allowing 1) clients to book appointments at clinics, 2) clinic appointment management and reporting, 3) and case management primarily used for HIV services.
2. PreventionORA mitigates the impact of COVID-19 on HIV programs by bringing online the entire process of HIV outreach, referral, clinic reporting, and case management (including COVID-19 pre-screening). ORA can specifically respond to COVID-19 by allowing clients to take a COVID-19 risk assessments and book a test. It also allows clinics/labs to report test and case results for patients with COVID-19.
6/1/2020 19:44:07Akoobooks Audio LtdAma Dadson
AkooBooks AudioAkooBooks Audio is a platform and experience provider focused on transforming
African books and content into engaging audiobooks available in a digital library reaching new audiences on mobile phones.
2. PreventionWhile AkooBooks is geared primarily for distributing African audiobooks, our digital presence enables us to distribute approved public service announcements, stories on COVID19 in Ghanaian languages and English via our apps on Google/Apple or on our website. These can help in the fight against misinformation and stigmatisation and provide needed books to students in closed schools & universities.
8/14/2020 3:59:16
eHealth Systems Africa Foundation (eHA)
Evelyn Castle
Logistics Management Information System (LoMIS Stock)
A suite of mobile and web applications, LoMIS Stock and LoMIS Deliver to address the challenges associated with the supply chain and delivery of health commodities. PreventionThe National Center for Disease Control (NCDC) utilizes LoMIS as its inventory management tool for commodity tracking & to provide real-time visibility to stakeholders. LoMIS ensures all COVID-19 treatment sites in Nigeria have available stock to carry out tests, and treatment of patients. This mitigates delays in the turn-around-time between distributing, replenishing & monitoring commodities.
8/24/2020 20:20:55Klen IncMatthew Loughranmatt@klen.ioKlen App Building Trust By Connecting Community and Commerce
Klēn Provides Businesses Tools To Communicate COVID-19 Compliance To Consumers With Ease. PreventionDelivers transparency & trust. The Klēn platform provides businesses with a single dashboard that gives you the WHO, CDC, State and Local guidelines that apply to specific business verticals as well as a simple way to communicate compliance efforts with customers.
Also delivers business insights across different types of businesses, into which cleaning and safety actions consumers value the most.