Scholarly work - Gender biases in academia
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Academic paperBakker, M.M., Jacobs, M.H.2016-09
Tenure Track Policy Increases Representation of Women in Senior Academic Positions, but Is Insufficient to Achieve Gender Balance progression - promotionArticle type - Quantitative
Academic paperBecker, J., and Wright, S.2011Benevolent sexism undermines and hostile sexism motivates collective action for social change - otherArticle type - QuantitativePsychological factors
Academic paperBedi, G, Van Dam, N.T., Munafo, M.2012-08Gender inequality in awarded research grants. - grantsCareer progression - otherArticle type - Quantitative
Academic paper
Beede, D. N., Julian, T. A., Langdon, D., McKittrick, G., Khan, B., & Doms, M. E.
2011Women in STEM: A Gender Gap to Innovation progression - otherCareer progression - payArticle type - Quantitative
Academic paperBeilock, S. L., Gunderson, E. A., Ramirez, G., Levine, S. C.2010Female teachers’ math anxiety affects girls’ math - otherPsychological factorsArticle type - Quantitative
Academic paperBell, A. E., Spencer, S. J., Iserman, E., & Logel, C. E.2010Stereotype Threat and Women's Performance in Engineering progression - retentionPsychological factorsArticle type - Quantitative
Academic paperBenbow, C. P., & Stanley, J. C.1982
Consequences in High School and College of Sex Differences in Mathematical Reasoning Ability: A Longitudinal Perspective progression - otherArticle type - Quantitative
Academic paperBian, L., Leslie, S-J., Cimpian, A.2017Gender stereotypes about intellectual ability emerge early and influence children’s interests progression - otherImpact/outreach - otherArticle type - Quantitative
Academic paperBiernat, M., Manis, M., Nelson, T. E.1991Stereotypes and standards of judgment factorsArticle type - Quantitative
Academic paperBoring, A., Ottoboni, K., & Stark, P.2016Student evaluations of teaching (mostly) do not measure teaching effectiveness - evaluationsPsychological factorsArticle type - Quantitative
Academic paperBowles, H. R., Babcock, L., Lai, L.2007
Social incentives for gender differences in the propensity to initiate negotiations: Sometimes it does hurt to ask factorsCareer progression - otherArticle type - Quantitative
Academic paperBrescoll, V. L.2011Who takes the floor and why: Gender, power, and volubility in organizations factorsImpact/outreach - other
Academic paperBrescoll, V. L., Glass, J., Sedlovskaya, A.2013
Ask and Ye Shall Receive? The Dynamics of Employer‐Provided Flexible Work Options and the Need for Public Policy progression - retentionPsychological factorsArticle type - Quantitative
Academic paperBrooks, A. W., Huang, L., Kearney, S. W., Murray, F. E.2014Investors prefer entrepreneurial ventures pitched by attractive - entrepreneurshipPsychological factorsArticle type - Quantitative
Academic paperBrown, A.J., Goh, J.X.2016Some Evidence for a Gender Gap in Personality and Social Psychology factorsResearch - authorshipResearch - citationsResearch - awards
Article type - Quantitative
Academic paperBrowne, B.A.2010-04Gender and Beliefs About Work Force Discrimination in the United States and Australia progression - promotionCareer progression - payArticle type - Quantitative
Academic paperCampbell, L. G., Mehtani, S., Dozier, M. E., & Rinehart, J.2013Gender-heterogeneous working groups produce higher quality science - authorshipArticle type - Quantitative
Academic paperCarli, L, L., Eagly, A. H.2001Gender, Hierarchy, and Leadership: An Introduction progression - otherPsychological factors
Academic paper
Carnes, M., Devine, P.G., Baier Manwell, L., Byars-Winston, A., Fine, E., Ford, C.E., Forscher, P., Isaac, C., Kaatz, A., Magua, W., Palta, M., Sheridan, J.
The effect of an intervention to break the gender bias habit for faculty at one institution: a cluster randomized, controlled trial factorsArticle type - Quantitative
Academic paperCarnes, M., Geller, S., Fine, E., Sheridan, J., Handelsman, J.2005NIH Director's Pioneer Awards: Could the Selection Process Be Biased against Women? - awardsResearch - grantsService - reviewing
Academic paper
Casad, B.J., Oyler, D.L., Sullivan, E.T., McClellan, E.M., Tierney, D.N., Anderson, D.A., Greeley, P.A., Fague, M.A., Flammang, B.J.
2018Wise psychological interventions to improve gender and racial equality in STEM type - QualitativeCareer progression - recruitment, hiringImpact/outreach - other
Psychological factors
Academic paperCasadevall, A., Handelsman, J.2014
The Presence of Female Conveners Correlates with a Higher Proportion of Female Speakers at Scientific Symposia type - Quantitative
Research - giving talks (at seminars/conferences)
Academic paperCasadevall, A.2015Achieving Speaker Gender Equity at the American Society for Microbiology General Meeting type - Qualitative
Research - giving talks (at seminars/conferences)
Academic paperCech, E.A., & Waidzunas, T.J.2011Navigating the heteronormativity of engineering: the experiences of lesbian, gay, and bisexual students type - QualitativeCareer progression - otherPsychological factors
Academic paperCeci, S.J., Ginther, D.K., Kahn, S., Williams, W.M.2014-12Women in Academic Science: A Changing Landscape type - QuantitativeCareer progression - recruitment, hiringPsychological factors
Academic paperCeci, S.J., Williams, W.M.2015-10
Women have substantial advantage in STEM faculty hiring, except when competing against more-accomplished men type - QuantitativeCareer progression - recruitment, hiring
Academic paperCheryan, S., & Plaut, V. C.2010Explaining Underrepresentation: A Theory of Precluded Interest type - QuantitativeCareer progression - recruitment, hiringPsychological factors
Academic paperCheryan, S., Plaut, V. C., Handron, C., & Hudson, L.2013
The Stereotypical Computer Scientist: Gendered Media Representations as a Barrier to Inclusion for Women type - QuantitativeCareer progression - recruitment, hiringImpact/outreach - media
Psychological factors
Academic paperCheryan, S., Plaut, V.C.,Davies, P.G.,Steele, C.M.2009-12Ambient belonging: How stereotypical cues impact gender participation in computer science. type - QuantitativeCareer progression - recruitment, hiringPsychological factors
Academic paperCheryan, S., Ziegler, S. A., Montoya, A. K., & Jiang, L.2017Why are some STEM fields more gender balanced than others? type - QualitativeCareer progression - recruitment, hiringImpact/outreach - other
Academic paperClance, P. R., Imes, S.1978The imposter phenomenon in high achieving women: Dynamics and therapeutic intervention type - QualitativePsychological factors
Academic paperCohen, G. L. Garcia, J., Apfel, N., Master, A.2006Reducing the Racial Achievement Gap: A Social-Psychological Intervention type - QualitativeImpact/outreach - otherPsychological factors
Academic paperCorrell, S. J., Benard, S.2007Getting a Job: Is There a Motherhood Penalty? progression - pay
Academic paperCrombie, G., Pyke, S.W., Silverthorn, N., Jones, A., & Piccinin, S.2003
Students' Perceptions of Their Classroom Participation and Instructor as a Function of Gender and Context - other
Academic paper
Damschen, E. I., Rosenfeld, K. M., Wyer, M., Murphy-Medley, D., Wentworth, T. R., & Haddad, N. M
2005Visibility matters: increasing knowledge of women's contributions to ecology - other
Academic paperDasgupta, N., & Asgari, S.2004
Seeing is believing: Exposure to counterstereotypic women leaders and its effect on the malleability of automatic gender stereotyping - other
Academic paperDavies, P. G., Spencer, S. J., Quinn, D. M., & Gerhardstein, R.2002
Consuming Images: How Television Commercials that Elicit Stereotype Threat Can Restrain Women Academically and Professionally progression - recruitment, hiringPsychological factors
Academic paperDébarre, F., Rode, N. O., & Ugelvig, L. V.2018Gender equity at scientific events. type - Quantitative
Research - giving talks (at seminars/conferences)
Academic paper
Devine, P. G., Plant, E. A., Amodio, D. M., Harmon-Jones, E., Vance, S. L.
2002The regulation of explicit and implicit race bias the role of motivations to respond without prejudice factors
Academic paperDiPrete, T, A., Eirich, G. M.2006
Cumulative Advantage as a Mechanism for Inequality: A Review of Theoretical and Empirical Developments of the above
Academic paperDresden, B.E., Dresden, A.Y., Ridge, R.D., Yamawaki, N.2017-09No Girls Allowed:Women in Male-Dominated Majors Experience Increased Gender Harassment and Bias factors
Academic paper
Duch, J., Zeng, X, H, T., Sales-Pardo, M., Radicchi, F., Otis, S., Woodruff, T, K.
The Possible Role of Resource Requirements and Academic Career-Choice Risk on Gender Differences in Publication Rate and Impact progression - otherResearch - other
Academic paperDutt, K., Pfaff, D.L., Bernstein, A.F., Dillard, J.S., & Block, C.J.2016Gender differences in recommendation letters for postdoctoral fellowships in geoscience progression - recruitment, hiringCareer progression - retention
Academic paperEagly, A. H., Karau, S. J.2002Role congruity theory of prejudice toward female leaders progression - promotionPsychological factors
Academic paperEasterly, D. M., & Ricard, C. S.2011Conscious Efforts to End Unconscious Bias: Why Women Leave Academic Research type - QualitativeCareer progression - retentionPsychological factors
Academic paperEddy, S.L., Brownell, S.E., Wenderoth, M.P.2013-10Gender Gaps in Achievement and Participation in Multiple Introductory Biology Classrooms type - QuantitativeCareer progression - retention
Academic paperEl-Alayli, A., Hansen-Brown, A. A., & Ceynar, M2018
Dancing Backwards in High Heels: Female Professors Experience More Work Demands and Special Favor Requests, Particularly from Academically Entitled Students type - QuantitativeTeaching - other
Academic paperElse-Quest, N. M., Hyde, J. S., Linn, M. C.2010Cross-national patterns of gender differences in mathematics: A meta-analysis progression - recruitment, hiringPsychological factors
Academic paperEly, R. J., Ibarra. H., Kolb, D. M.2011Taking Gender Into Account: Theory and Design for Women's Leadership Development Programs progression - promotion
Academic paperEwing, V.L., Stukas Jr., A.A., & Sheehan, E.P.2010Student Prejudice Against Gay Male and Lesbian Lecturers - evaluationsPsychological factors
Academic paper
Filardo, G., da Graca, B., Sass, D. M., Pollock, B. D., Smith, E. B., & Martinez, M. A. M.
Trends and comparison of female first authorship in high impact medical journals: observational study (1994-2014) - authorship
Academic paperFord, H.L., Brick, C., Blaufuss, K., & Dekens, P.S.2018-04-24Gender inequity in speaking opportunities at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting
Research - giving talks (at seminars/conferences)
Academic paperFox, M.F.2001Women, science, and academia: Graduate Education and Careers type - QualitativeCareer progression - other
Academic paperGheaus, A.2013Three cheers for the token woman type - Qualitative
Research - giving talks (at seminars/conferences)
Academic paperGino, F., Wilmuth, C. A., & Brooks, A. W.2015Compared to men, women view professional advancement as equally attainable, but less desirable type - QualitativeCareer progression - promotionPsychological factors
Academic paperGlass, J. L., Sassler, S., Levitte, Y., & Michelmore, K. M.2013
What's So Special about STEM? A Comparison of Women's Retention in STEM and Professional Occupations progression - retention
Academic paperGoldin, C., Rouse, C.2000Orchestrating Impartiality: The Impact of "Blind" Auditions on Female Musicians progression - recruitment, hiring
Academic paperGood, J. J., Woodzicka, J. A., & Wingfield, L. C.2010The effects of gender stereotypic and counter-stereotypic textbook images on science performance factors
Academic paper
Grunspan, D.Z., Eddy, S.L., Brownell, S.E., Wiggins, B.L., Crowe, A.J., Goodreau, S.M.
Males Under-Estimate Academic Performance of Their Female Peers in Undergraduate Biology Classrooms progression - retentionPsychological factors
Academic paperGuarino, C. M., & Borden, V. M.2017Faculty Service Loads and Gender: Are Women Taking Care of the Academic Family? - other
Academic paperGuiso, L., Monte, F., Sapienza, P., Zingales, L.2008Culture, gender and math type - Quantitative
Academic paperHall, C.W., Davis, N.B., Bolen, L.M., & Chia, R.2010-04Gender and Racial Differences in Mathematical Performance factors
Academic paperHandley, I.M., Brown, E.R., Moss-Racusin, C.A., Smith, J.L.2015-10Quality of evidence revealing subtle gender biases in science is in the eye of the beholder factors
Academic paperHead, M.G., Fitchett, J.R., Cooke, M.K., Wurie, F.B., Atun, R.2013-12
Differences in research funding for women scientists: a systematic comparison of UK investments in global infectious disease research during 1997–2010 - awards
Academic paperHeilman, M. E.,1980
The impact of situational factors on personnel decisions concerning women: varying the sexcomposition of the applicant pool progression - recruitment, hiring
Academic paperHeilman, M. E., Simon, M. C., Repper, D. P.1987
Intentionally favored, unintentionally harmed? Impact of sex-based preferential selection on self-perceptions and self-evaluations factors
Academic paperHeilman, M. E., Wallen, A. S., Fuchs, D., Tamkins, M. M.2004Penalties for Success: Reactions to Women Who Succeed at Male Gender-Typed Tasks progression - otherPsychological factors
Academic paper
Hennes, E.P., Pietri, E.S., Moss-Racusin, C.A., Mason, K.A., Dovidio, J.F., Brescoll, V.L., Bailey, A.H., Handelsman, J.
Increasing the perceived malleability of gender bias using a modified Video Intervention for Diversity in STEM (VIDS) factors
Academic paperHinsley, A., Sutherland, W. J., & Johnston, A.2017Men ask more questions than women at a scientific conference.
Research - asking questions (at seminars/talks)
Academic paperHo, D. E., Kelman, M, G.2014Does Class Size Affect the Gender Gap? A Natural Experiment in Law - other
Academic paperHolman, L., Stuart-Fox, D., & Hauser, C. E.2018The gender gap in science: How long until women are equally represented? progression - recruitment, hiring
Research - giving talks (at seminars/conferences)
Research - authorship
Academic paperHolmes, J.1992Women's talk in public contexts
Research - giving talks (at seminars/conferences)
Academic paperHunt, J2016Why Do Women Leave Science and Engineering? progression - retention
Academic paperHyde, J. S., Mertz, J. E.2009Gender, culture and methematics performance of the above
Academic paperIsbell, L. A., Young, T. P., Harcourt, A. H.2012Stag Parties Linger: Continued Gender Bias in a Female-Rich Scientific Discipline
Research - giving talks (at seminars/conferences)
Research - authorship
Academic paper
Jagsi, R., Guancial, E. A., Worobey, C. C., Henault, L. E., Chang, Y., Starr, R., et al.
2006The “gender gap” in authorship of academic medical literature—a 35-year perspective - mediaResearch - other
Academic paper
Jia, S., Lansdall-Welfare, T., Sudhahar, S., Carter, C., Cristianini, N.
2016-02Women Are Seen More than Heard in Online Newspapers - mediaResearch - other
Academic paperJohnson, C. S., Smith, P. K., & Wang, C.2017Sage on the stage: women's representation at an academic conference
Research - giving talks (at seminars/conferences)
Academic paper
Jones, T. M., Fanson, K. V., Lanfear, R., Symonds, M. R., & Higgie, M.
2014Gender differences in conference presentations: a consequence of self-selection? - otherArticle type - Quantitative
Academic paperKaatz, A., Gutierrez, B., & Carnes, M.2014Threats to objectivity in peer review: the case of gender - other
Academic paper
Käfer, J., Betancourt, A., Villain, A. S., Fernandez, M., Vignal, C., Marais, G. A., & Tenaillon, M. I.
2018Progress and prospects in gender visibility at SMBE annual meetings - other
Academic paperKalejta R. F., Palemberg, A.C.2017-06Gender parity trends for invited speakers at four prominent virology conference series
Research - asking questions (at seminars/talks)
Academic paperKang, S. K, DeCelles, K. A, Tilcsik, A., Jun, S.2016Whitened Résumés: Race and Self-Presentation in the Labor Market progression - recruitment, hiringResearch - other
Academic paperKarpowitz, C. F., Mendelberg, T., & Shaker, L.2012Gender inequality in deliberative participation
Research - asking questions (at seminars/talks)
Academic paperKaschak, E.1978Sex Bias in Student Evaluations of College Professors - other
Academic paperKelly, A.1988Gender differences in teacher–pupil interactions: a meta-analytic review
Research - asking questions (at seminars/talks)
Academic paperKnights, D., & Richards, W.2003Sex Discrimination in UK Academia - otherArticle type - Quantitative
Academic paperKnobloch-Westerwick, S., Glynn, C.J., Huge, M.2013Experiences in Introductory Physics - authorship
Academic paperKoch, A. J., D'Mello, S. D., & Sackett, P. R.2015
A meta-analysis of gender stereotypes and bias in experimental simulations of employment decision making. type - QuantitativeResearch - other
Academic paperKost, L. E., Pollock, S. J., Finkelstein N. D.2009Unpacking Gender Differences in Students’ Perceived type - Qualitative
Academic paperLeslie, S. J., Cimpian, A., Meyer, M., & Freeland, E.2015Expectations of brilliance underlie gender distributions across academic disciplines - other
Academic paperLindberg, S. M., Hyde, J.S., Petersen, J. L., Linn, M. C.2010New trends in gender and mathematics performance: A meta-analysis type - Qualitative
Academic paperLockwood, P.2006“Someone Like Me can be Successful”: Do College Students Need Same-Gender Role Models? - entrepreneurshipImpact/outreach - other
Academic paperLubienski, S.T., Miller, E.K., Saclarides, E.S.2017-11Sex Differences in Doctoral Student Publication - authorship
Academic paperMacaluso, B., Larivière, V., Sugimoto, T., & Sugimoto, C. R.2016-08Is Science Built on the Shoulders of Women? A Study of Gender Differences in Contributorship - other
Academic paperMacNell, L., Driscoll, A., Hunt, A.N.2014-12What’s in a Name: Exposing Gender Bias in Student Ratings of Teaching - evaluationsTeaching - other
Academic paperMadera, J.M., Hebl, M.R., Martin, R.C.2009-03Gender and Letters of Recommendation for Academia: Agentic and Communal Differences - evaluationsTeaching - other
Academic paperMaliniak, D., Powers, R., & Walter, B. F.2013The gender citation gap in international relations - citationsResearch - other
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