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1/24/2014 0:01:37kalez238LyriaSF/FThis is a world for my science fiction/fantasy novel series, Nihilian Effect. The world itself is still being developed as far as the landmasses and finer details, such as city layouts, but the general aspects of the world have been determined. Features such as history, technology and advancement have been plotted out over a 6000+ year span, from the arrival of the "gods" to mankind's own reach into space.

Lyria was populated by the creations from 4 "gods". These "gods" each have their own methods for creation and characteristics used when creating. A multitude of different races and creatures were created and spread across the globe, but all of the races are considered human, with hyma--a race of human with the standard characteristics--being the basis.

Civilization was personally guided by the "gods" for the first several thousand years, allowing mankind to quickly advance without being hindered by wars or conflicting religions. Magic is a major feature of the world and is even incorporated into technology and science in the later years.

I will be writing several series in this world and on other relating worlds. I have already written and released two books in this first series, and have a third on the way with 3 more planned. Later series include a total of 5 or more stories, each having the possibility of becoming their own series depending on how long they end up being.

I think that is all I will share for now.
1/24/2014 7:11:07cfaust1shattered realmsfantasyA long time ago it is said that there was no magic and that the now dark moon apolena lit the sky beside luna, watching over the sleeping people at night. High civilizations reigned the islands with fantastical creations, capable of flight and building huge towers just with their wits and no arcane power whatsoever. but then the event that is described as the starfall happened. the face of the world was changed, civilisation fell and with it, the ancient knowledge was lost. that was 2804 years ago, and yet the glory of old times is still not recovered, even though that magic has taken its rightful place in the heart of the sciences.

In shattered realms you can find internet-archaeologists, animalfolk, the typical fantastical races, sell-swords, gunslingers, kings, robots and dinosaurs! you can explore the solar system and the depth of the under-dark, or just explore the islands and their civilisations!
1/24/2014 7:34:05EnalyeArnaiRealistic fantasy + some steampunkThe world of Arnai is like I said, a realistic fantasy with some steampunk elements. Fantasy means it's still a world with fantastical locations, but realistic means that almost every aspect of it confines to the laws of physics and life we're all familiar with - from the way creatures and races of the world evolved, to the binary star system that the planet of Arnai is part of. There is no magic, no elves and no dwarves, just humans and subsets thereof.

The steampunk comes in with the worlds technology - airships dominate the world, from common trading ships, to great military dreadnoughts that rain fire from the sky. War is brutal and is fought with great coal-fired machines that tear up the land (and sea), and the use of steam in industry is driving the world forward.
1/24/2014 7:50:42dsharp524The Demon Archivespost-apocalyptic sci-fiSet in 22nd century Earth, over 100 years after the 3rd World War, the Demon Archives tells the survivors' stories as they struggle to rebuild civilization. A few high tech organizations survived the War, including Minerva (focus of my current story). Made up of three specialized organizations – Aegis to protect, Glaucus to innovate, and Oculus to inform – Minerva established a beacon of hope in the dreary wasteland of central Asia.

Uniqueness is probably in that my post-apoc world isn't based in the US, and endeavors to be a more realistic and sci-fic account instead of a fantastical one. That means no zombies (at least not traditional, undead ones) or mysterious events destroying all technology. Just war and economic turmoil leading to the destruction of civilization :)
1/24/2014 12:36:04PastyPilgrimSci-fiIt's my implementation of the future galaxy to be used for a story. Earth has fallen, but not before first contact. Features that I have (partially) developed in this world: economy, politics, technologies, aliens, and planets.

In regards to the image that I provide, it's difficult to illustrate a whole galaxy, so that is just an overview of regions.
1/24/2014 13:04:14HatMaster12Realistic FantasyFor three hundred years, the Tutonian Empire has dominated the lands it controls, its vast trade routes and integrated economic networks generate great wealth and prosperity, allowing it to field the finest army in the known world. Ruled by a king drawn from a pan-imperial culturally similar elite, and governed by a single legal code, all free men and women are Tutonian citizens. While there exist other states and peoples, Tutonia is my main state, and the one I have created the most for (although feel free to ask about others!)

But now, power struggles amongst the ruling elite and internal civil wars have weakened the Empire. Tutonia is threatened by powerful neighboring states and menaced by northern barbarian peoples. While King Varrion the Second rules with an iron fist, his health is poor and lacks a clear successor. Already courtiers, bureaucrats, and generals are beginning the dangerous dance of determining who should succeed him, a dance that has so often ended in bloodshed.

This world is heavily molded after our own ancient period. As such, life is harsh. War is endemic and brutal. There are huge gaps between the haves and have-nots. Trade brings great wealth, but really only to those engaged in it. Slavery is accepted as a fact of life, and is not really questioned as an institution. Most inhabitants are farmers, living one bad harvest away from starvation. Urban life has its luxuries, but little work, poor diets, and disease ensure life in the cities can be just as harsh as in the countryside. This world is grey. Nothing is truly good and nothing is truly evil, it is all a matter of perspective.
1/24/2014 15:08:20withoutamartyrAekha/The Wayward Innfantasy, whimsical realismThe world was never meant for humanity, but they made it theirs anyway. They came (from where is a question of debate) and beat back the monsters. They came and ran off the silverfolk. They came and built city states, scattered across the landscape, tentpoles of civilization to drape their power from. In a land where whales can wear your local Wal-Mart like a jacket, plants are both mobile *and* carnivorous, and magic can be wielded by any native thing with a pulse, humanity has managed to survive. Thrive, even. With the natural world kept at bay by walls, guts, and steel, humanity needed a new enemy. Who better than itself? The city-states' borders rarely touched, or even came close, separated as they were by tall mountain ranges and the impenetrable thickwood. This allows for some seriously competitive "home team" mentality.

Aekha is the major settings of my story. Aekha has five non-sovereign city-states within its borders, and one unincorporated county, each with a role to play and an identity that often clash. Crail is technologically superior, home to the engineer's college and electrician's college, selfishly hoarding its clockwork technology. Aelin Bell is a whaling city, and the oil they collect as a byproduct of processing burns well and reduces friction to nearly zero, making it heavily coveted by Crail. Dust is a desert city and a massive trade hub producing little of its own and subsisting almost entirely on fees, taxes, and tariffs, and it has a fleet of 'sailships, repurposed Aelin Bell whaling ships to sail across the desert for cargo transport. Slate is a mining community, way up in the mountains, and supplier for most of the metal, stone, and minerals in the region, where it ships raw materials downriver to Crail for processing into goods, but the city sits at the border with neighboring nation Saifu, and control of its output is hotly fought for. The city changes hands at least once every decade. Aekha is the seat of power, and home to a long military tradition. Ivory Pointe is the military university, and one of the few pre-schism buildings left standing. Finally, there is the Erminwode, an unofficial county within its borders. It refers to all of the thickwood at the heart of the vast, dense forests, long thought to be inhopsitable to man thanks to magic in the air so thick you can choke on it. But the woden have made it their home, having nowhere else to go after the schism. Legally, it's similar to a native american reservation.

No map yet, but I'll have one later.
1/24/2014 21:51:18szpInfinite FlowerModern fantasyKorea of the Third Millennium is a spiritually busy place, with demons and ghosts wandering about. Freelancer demon hunters compete for cases to solve, shamans consecrate the grounds for new telecommunications companies and wizards take college classes to catch up on modern physics and engineering.

This lghthearted and offbeat world is heading toward a catastrophe, whose signs everyone so desperately ignore.
1/24/2014 21:53:18szpInfinite FlowerModern fantasyKorea of the Third Millennium is a spiritually busy place, with demons and ghosts wandering about. Freelancer demon hunters compete for cases to solve, shamans consecrate the grounds for new telecommunications companies and wizards take college classes to catch up on modern physics and engineering.

This lghthearted and offbeat world is heading toward a catastrophe, whose signs everyone so desperately ignore.
1/24/2014 22:21:20J_WebbThe World of AlereaAlerea is a world grounded entirely in realism. The goal is to create a world rich enough to feel similar to Earth, but with histories and cultures which feel unique and new to the reader. Alerea has many governments and cultural territories, though only the most dominant exist on this particular map. It is also home to hundreds of regional and local religions, though the dominant religion is the Triune. With this being said, Alerea is a secular world which contains no physical evidence for supernatural or divine elements.

My primary focus with Alerea has been to flesh out the continent of Lyon, which is divided into two land masses known as North Lyon and South Lyon. Lyon currently contains what we would consider a late Renaissance culture. It is also flourishing under a new golden age of sail with the neighboring continent of Pangeon.

The map provided shows us Alerea as she would have appeared in the year 1280 during a time period known as the Medial Period. The Medial Period would reflect our world's early Renaissance period.
1/31/2014 13:51:48haloraptorBalaEpic political high fantasy realism1000 years ago the Faenic Empire, with the aid of the Rufaen barbarians, rose up to imprison and destroy their gods. The Cataclysms that followed ended with the Rape of the World and the Exodus of the Faenwyl. In the millennium since the Rufaen have emerged as true successors to the old Faenic Empire, coming to dominate the changed landscape in the form of the Most Sacred Union of Rufaen Peoples.

The Union itself is in a state of turmoil. Wizard Lord Khang, Voice of the People, has served a century on the Purple Throne after coming to power on a tide of war. Factions within the Union cry out for greater democracy, convinced that the Voice's mandate ended decades ago. In the west, a witch has emerged who seeks to challenge the status quo. She is called Waatay, Liberator, Warden Paramount and her power only seems to grow. In the east, the Witch Twins liberate a sianwyl province and veer dangerously close to fracturing the bonds of Union. The project is intended to explore issues surrounding the legitimacy of government, the need for proper representation and philosophical issues regarding ideology and pragmatism. The scope of the whole project is very wide; the focus at the moment however is building the Second Faenic Period (roughly analogous to our medieval period but not quite) although bits and pieces from earlier and later periods have been built also. The intent of the project as a whole is to explore questions about the nature of reality and consciousness, and philosophical issues such as the nature of God and issues of semantics and definition against the backdrop of a fantasical apocalyptic war spanning centuries. And some other stuff.
2/2/2014 11:29:06frakErsosAlternate EarthErsos contains absolutely nothing supernatural or otherwise impossible. It assumes all plant and animal evolution happened exactly the same as on earth, but with different landmasses. There are five known continents of the world: Thossos, Ulstos, Sarthos, Tasquín, and Marathel.The world also includes several areas of terra incognita. Over the last 9,000 years, humans have spread out across the known world, developed agriculture, writing, and metallurgy. The history of the world is long and complex, but gravitates around two empires: the Thossian Empire (for which the continent is named), and Keloria, the legendary and nigh forgotten rulers of the distant past. These two influenced most things that occurred politically in the last eight thousand years.

I tend to follow an anthropology-based style of worldbuilding. The paths of kingdoms, people's physical appearance, their religions, etc. are developed as much from their surroundings and previous history as they are from imagination. My body of work so far is basically an encyclopedic account of the history of the world, (nominally) as assembled by the people of the world.
2/3/2014 15:51:00dhivuriCharaScience FantasyChara is a vast world I've been building for a while now and the only one of my projects. Although I label it Science Fantasy, it isn't set in a single period of time and instead has a full-fledged history (well, as much as I can do!), from humble agricultural beginnings to space embassies. One of my goal is to mix things fantastical like floating continents with plausible consequences to their existence, as in what goes on below the aforementioned continent. Although in the end, my aim is to make it as I'd love it to be!

Chara is also characterized by being set in a non-conformal universe - it's not an infinite plane of galaxies and stars, by having a pervasive web of energy flowing through it - the source of everything magical and, later on, even technological and by being made up of various pocket worlds, alternate versions of the main world in a more limited scope, like a single city or a a continent.

Note: the map is a WIP that should be completed by the time the current Spotlight queue would be done.
2/9/2014 18:16:07YawgmothForPresidentIumendrosFantasyIumendros is a world I started in my college creative writing classes. It is my attempt at creating a low-fantasy world, where magic and other standard fantasy elements are there, but take a backseat to the events of the story. There are no magicians on Iumendros, there aren't any evil gods trying to destroy the world, there aren't any hordes of undead threatening to consume the realms of men; there are only men, and the troubles they cause themselves.

The world I have built right now includes the continent Ansjelld, which is a tall, narrow strip of land also know as the Hook for its shape. In addition, there is a relatively newly-discovered world to the west called Dorovelkni, which the countries of Ansjelld have begun to colonize. The known world is on the brink of an industrial revolution, with railcart tracks being laid in the southern countries while gunpowder weaponry is beginning to revolutionize warfare in the north. The main themes I've been exploring are the divine right to rule and what happens to a feudal-style world when technology drastically and suddenly levels the playing field.

The linked map is old and out of date, but the general layout is mostly the same.

Thank you.
2/27/2014 0:31:51drafghastFalealDark fantasy magepunkFaleal was an accident, peopled through genocide and madness, and persisting only through desperate prayers and blessed ignorance.
It is said that the elder gods, the Sovereigns, killed the dragons, and used their bones to make the floating continents of the lost planes.
It is said that the spawn of sins cross the planes, rise from the sea as colossal abominations, and do battle with the airship fleets and magical fumblings of man, as well as the titanic golems alloyed from souls and the elements cast down from the heavens.
It is said that all of creation exists only as the beats, the harmony of a cosmic song, played to keep oblivion at bay.
It is said that the stars are not stars at all, but endless factories and watchtowers of angels and demons, suspended as bright knots in the infinite web of night.
It is known that the sun and moon are naught but gates to the elemental planes - gates mantled in scales and wind, steel and flame.
It is known that the banished Horseman ride eternal in the heavens, caught in the net of stars and confined into forms resembling moons.
It is known that technology is hated and feared, a tool for the dangerous, the decadent, the careless. Magic is the trusted way, the true way.
3/1/2014 19:06:09evildmDoulairenmedieval dark fantasyGreat entities drift through the void. One creates a world to play with. At his whim, races are born, an apocalypse comes and wipes them all out. Opposition rises and finally defeats the entity causing the world's fifth apocalypse. This leaves a shattered world. Now in the Sixth Age, the world's survivors live free. Thousands of years pass and civilizations rise and fall. Few know of the world's past. They live their simple lives, dealing with the dangers that remain in the world.

The worst danger, of course, comes from other people. Other dangers remain hidden, including the remains of the entity that created the world, as well as any other entity that floats in the void.
3/2/2014 12:29:56rrkrueckColne: Dark Fantasy68 years ago really began the Industrial Revolution for the continent. Colne was prospering and quality of life was vastly improving. A young academic, Julian Yaalsteff, driven by the stories of Felix House, funded an expedition to the neighboring country of Shuol to study the Ingyizu tribes native to the archipelago. The Ingyizu are said to surround their lives deeply in ritual and occult, and Felix's stories tell the tales of both the fascinating and terrifying things he discovered in Shuol. Julian spent seven years in Shuol with the Ingyizu, where he was accepted into their tribe and taught the nature of an invisible plane called the Kdaram and how to access and harness it's power.

Upon Julian's return to Colne he established The Yaalsteff Academy of Manifestica Sciences. The Academy and the establishment of Manifestica as an actual science by the Colne Science Board brought people from all around Colne; people with their own traditions handed down over time, people who practiced behind closed doors for fear of persecution, and people who spent most of their own shut-in lives studying the occult. The Academy would prosper and would eventually be the kickstarter of the Industrial-Manifestica Revolution where technology and Manifestica were combined to drive modern advancement.

While Colne prospered, the Academy continued to study and experiment behind closed doors. It was in Newspring of 1869 that the I-M Revolution collapsed on itself. The Academy pushed the boundaries too far and caused what is known today as The Breach Crisis. The Breach Crisis tore a rift between the physical realm and Kdaram, leaking the plane's energy into the world. The energy was uncontrollable and fed off of the world around them, taking their own shape and form. The energy formed into the Colossi, massive, terrifying, incomprehensible creatures of unknowable power and intelligence. For years, during the time called The Days After, they rampaged like children thrust screaming into the world. Their fits destroyed Colne and much that had been built. Nearly twenty years later the Colossi still exist in a more passive presence both on and between the realms. The Colossi's terrifying spawn wander the lands pressing the influence of their Colossus masters. Humanity has crawled out from the rubble and has rebounded from the disaster, but Colne is forever changed.
3/9/2014 20:12:08ShanixThe Shanixian ImperiumScience FictionLong Story Short, wide-spanning human cyberpunk business empire is overthrown over several hundred years by very militant rebels, turns into a massive military-based Autocracy/Confederacy. Eternally crusading through space to find Terra, to reunite the former glorious Human Empire! Each planet they find is brought under the fold, forcibly if needed.

Basically, it's 40k, but a *bit* more believable. To some degree.
3/26/2014 6:15:33greviangrievancesThe Meiestine GulfBronze Age Semi-Realistic FantasyThe "world" as such is mainly the civilization of the Grevians, who are the last wave of migrants from distant and mythical Avenidia to have settled in the Northern regions of the world. A few hundred years after they chased away scattered settlements of Desert inlanders, they have built a thriving civilization on the shores of the narrowest section of the Gulf. Two factions dominate culturally and politically: Cernogrevians, who are mercantile and agricultural, and Hezhogrevians, who are militaristic and pastoral (specifically a kind of transhumism). Both have cultures and religions profoundly influenced by their geographical situation and historical experience.

They have similar levels of technology in terms of materials used and recognized, though they have both adapted to the situations they face on each shore: Cernogrevians inhabit a dry, largely featureless, unsettled land, and have for enemies only each other and the occasional desert bandit party. As such their politics are fractious and unstable; social groups deal with each other using ancient custom, while merchant households fight over political control by the law of coin. The Cernogrevians worship the ancestral Avenid pantheon, though they have focused on the goddess Meiest (governess of civilization, duality, harmony, and urban life) to such a degree that cults around other gods are fairly rare.

Hezhogrevians on the other hand, inhabit the fringes of a vast and unmeasured country of hills, gorges, valleys, rivers, and forests. These are infested with the villages camps and forts of Domorod natives, who actively and violently resists Hezhogrevian colonization. This makes it difficult for them to establish large sprawling cities like their Southern cousins - as such Hezhogrevians live primarily in fortified towns near the coast, or in smaller fortified settlements further inland, mainly on hilltops or in remote locations. They tend to more concentrated expressions of power, with towns under the leadership of single individuals. They also worship the Avenid pantheon, with a slight focus on the primordial entities of Earth (Zhem) and Water (Mozh).

There are many other peoples who inhabit the surrounding regions, such as the Domorods, Sand-eaters, Cards, Siird, Cadixes, and out further West, Boscans, Behronds, and even the elusive Glirians. Feel free to ask about them if you want.

Don't have a map as of yet since I'm still working on some geographic specifics (Might have one by the time of the spotlight just going by how many are queued).
1/23/2014 23:18:42LeSeafarer (inactive since 03/12/14)The Commonwealth of SukhaviAlternate EarthMy "world" is an based on an island nation, The Commonwealth of Sukhavi, in the South Indian Ocean several hundred kilometers to the west of Australia. The nation is a melting pot of different groups Malagasy, East Africain, South Indian, Arab, and European which over the centuries have arrived and added to the unique mosaic culture that's developed. What makes my world unique I suppose is that it is a modern nation with cities, factories, railroads, airships, etc. Yet the pace of the modern world has been slowed down, the acquisition of material goods is much reduced, and that dispite being a nation composed of different and often conflicting peoples dialogue is always possible.
I have made a "life" there by keeping journals of my immigration to the Commonwealth and of my culture shock of adapting to a new societal mindset. From my arrival in the Immigrant city of Iwi to the airship gypsies who brought me across the Boiling Sea to my new home in the capital city of Thane, to my travels across the Imperial Wall to see the Ginkgo Thorne of the Abivati Empire and the Forest of the Dead I have lived a full life. I would love to share some of the wonder I have found there.
6/28/2014 4:25:38sanderf90Ayas and the surrounding statesfantasyBorn from the ashes of the Narvasi Empire, Ayas now rules the majority of a mid-sized continent. It is Kingdom ruled by a King likened to a puppet, where the use of the Gift (their name for magic) may lead to insanity.

Its people spread over multiple provinces each have their own culture. There are the Tyvanian people who are in a constant desire to rebel and take back their land. The Ferrelisi who never marry and whose children are raised by the Church as equals, never inheriting titles nor wealth.The Askuri who live in a vast wasteland believing it to hold great magical forces and the Marazzians who hold the Storm-Gate against the Storms coming from the Storm-Sea.

The Church rules high and mighty with one doctrine, balance above all. They preach ritual suicide and sometimes war to cleanse the world.
6/29/2014 20:11:26bokaiSolet EnusanFantasyThe cradle of life is a relatively young, bowl-shaped world currently in the dawn of its fourth age. Its myriad civilizations are generally united in their acknowledgement of the eleven high deities, who are Enusan's own children and hold the world in trust until her return, but due to war, rebellion, and godly disinterestedness, mortal kind has splintered into a number of vastly different civilizations. From the white men of the far south, who believe that Enusan's return will begin at the great tree at their edge of the world, to the holy raptors of the blessed plains, who war with each other incessantly in an attempt to prove their superiority in the eyes of their creator, to Dragmar, empire of the tropics, which is forced ever larger to accommodate the demands of its patron God's multiplying progeny, every culture has grown into something unique and foreign to each other.

Technologically, magic and alchemy are so advanced that they have supplanted technological discoveries very early, and all but a very few civilizations are still in what might be considered the stone age. Metallurgy is thought to do violence to the earth, and generally incites the wrath of spirits, and so bone, stone, and wood are generally treated or enchanted to serve the purposes one might expect for metal.

Most of my focus is on mythopoea, so legends, folktales, myths, fables, and greater than life stories that in this world just happen to be possible are the focus. My second focus is on conlanging, so about three or four civilizations now have at least a semblance of distinct language.

I'm working on a map now. We'll see if it ever gets finished.
7/3/2014 2:14:01TopHatPaladinRaidenoffLow fantasyRaidenoff is a world I've been chronicling, thus far just as a hobby, but I plan to eventually use it as the setting for various writing projects. The overall scale of Raidenoff is meant to be quite large; the map shown is the entire world, and I cover a broad timeframe.

The current year in Raidenoff is 600 DR, by the Dorian calendar. Magic does not exist in Raidenoff; the technological level as of 600 is intended to be comparable to the mid- to late eighteenth century in reality.

The particular area I've been focusing on thus far is the continent of Alarea (the northwestern continent on the map). The nations of Alarea are adjusting to a new world order in the wake of the collapse of the great Daravian and Dorian empires, as democracy begins to spread throughout the land.
7/6/2014 5:40:20ReedstiltThe ImmanateFantasyRather than focus on the whole world at once, I thought it'd be best to do a Spotlight on one particular nation. The Immanate (Tal-Wydha Dharnath) is a theocratic nation inspired by the Ottoman Empire, the Caliphate, and medieval Catholicism, with a hint of some older religions mixed in. It's led by the Qaraf, the Body of the Lord, who rules from twin cities of Qarim-Loaq. Beneath the Qaraf are the leaders of the six monastic orders that govern all aspects of life within the Immanate. These orders are the Inquisitors, the Almoners, the Vicars, the Presbyters, the Hospitallers, and the Theosophists. The greater miracles of magic are monopolized within the Immanate by these orders, particularly the Hospitallers and the Theosophists. The current Qaraf has focused a great deal of attention on keeping the Five Heresies and the various pagan religions in check.

The Immanate is an ethnically diverse territory. The Wydha, based around Qarim-Loaq, make up the majority and their faith defines the orthodoxy. The Tylloan, based in the west near Mosseyn are nearly as populace but are recent conquests. Pakhut is the most recent city added to the Immanate and contains a mix of peoples from its long history of being passed from one empire to another. The Herreshoni were added to the Immanate through diplomatic means and practice the only tolerated heterodox faith. Qayran is a Chollish city that had been conquered by the Herreshoni centuries earlier, but some still follow the Court of Virtues despite how that old religion has been demonized. The Yashalim dwell in Yasha, praying to the Fates and attempting to reconstruct their lost holy book. So far all the peoples listed are humans, but the Qaraf has non-human subjects as well, mostly small minorities of dynion, yohov, wayra, and lesh--the last two mainly being imported slaves.

NOTE: I recently lost the map for this setting so I need to remake it. The linked map is one I made tonight so you'd have something to work with (and for extra fun, I aimed for an in-universe style, though it didn't turn out exactly as I intended). I'll be working on recreating the big map for the setting in the near future and will probably take this opportunity to make some changes (particularly to the area south of the Immanate which could stand some revisions). So if the map looks different by the time my hypothetical spotlight rolls around, that's why.
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