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xyHEX #TerrainFeatureAuthorDescriptionSocial Media Link of ChoiceEncounter?Themes
01020102Open CountrysideChris HA stone & wood bridge connects this region of farmland to the city of [[Ogon]] to the North. Farmers's children maintain a constant watch to stop crop thieves from the nearby mountains & forest.
01030103MountainsRamanan SA small group of goblins make their home in the mountains and engage in banditry throughout the region. They are led by Mogden, a hulking brute of a hobgoblin.
01040104Open CountrysideGus LFormer fields, now flower filled meadow, with the ocassional picturesque ruined farmstead.
01010101TownOGONMatthew SchmeerThe mayor of [[Ogon]] is involved in the goblin slave trade. Goblins entering [[Ogon]] are routinely hassled and arrested for minor or trumped up charges and fined outrageous amounts. Any goblin unable to pay is given the choice of having both hands chopped off or servitude. A goblin uprising is fomenting.http://rendedpress.blogspot.comGoblins
01050105Hills / BadlandsGus LHaunted hills of broken red stone poisoned and lifeless from exposure to the [[Baleful Sign]] atop the pillars in the desert below (0206), sifting through the crumbling rock will find some marked with strange glyphs, seared on thier surfaces by ancient heat. Sign
01060106DesertMatthew Schmeer4 harpies are staked to the ground with iron chains. They have been partially defeathered and covered in honey. They know a secret route between the oases in the [[Kabir Desert]]. They are also ravenous. One of the harpies wears a silver band around one of its talons.http://rendedpress.blogspot.comHarpies
01070107Hills / BadlandsGus L Crumbling red hills, broken rocks and ancient foundations seared clean of life by the [[Baleful Sign]] [[0206]] and haunted by the strange spirits of thier former residents, whose malevolent ghosts appear as shadow, disappearing at noon and night, and stretching, larger and stronger as the sun crosses above. Sign
01080108Open CountrysideGus L. Meadow and grassland, the citizens of [[Angleae]] construct wooden effigies here. Scareceows with large round heads painted white. Hundreds of the things dot the otherwise placid land all facing the hills to the North.
01090109TownANGLEAEGus L. The town of [[Angleae]] has odd traditions, a secret local langauge, and its residents share a similar pale cast to the haggard features that hang beneath thier moon pale eyes. They aren't unfriendly and will trade in wool and copper, but they are unwilling to talk about thier past. The town shrine to a moon god hides texts in the same glyphs that mark the pillars to the North ([[0206]]) with the [[Baleful Sign]] Sign
01100110Open CountrysideGus L. Residents of [[Angleae]] graze thier flock of red and white sheep, and spiral horned goats on these meadows. Flocks are guarded by armed shepards and accompanied by huge white dogs with warty skin that can turn aside arrows.
01110111ForestStatsis EngineThis part of the forest is old – very, very old. The trees are gnarled and twisted, and the floor is ankle-deep in leaf-litter. The canopy is thick and visibility is poor. There is a dryad watching the party, an essential spirit of the woods – it is entirely invisible but will attack if the forest is not respected. If the party passes through without disturbing anything too much, they will find a bronzey leaf next to their fire next time they camp. It gives the owner advantage on stealth
01120112Open CountrysideGus L. Fine open grasslands covered in thick sod that occassionally rises in od hummocks. Beneath some of these hummocks are ancient barrows or even stranger, the ruined, dirt fused remains of even older machines.
01130113Open CountrysideGus L. The barrow studded meadows here are deceptively safe. The swamp to the South is exapnding slowly, and a carpet of yellowing sod coneals many pools of icy water that have bubbled up from below. A carefree traveller can easyily fall through the wildflower and grass strewn surface and drown, trapped in the muck beneath.
Gus L. A cold swamp fed both by the Nesser river and several springs of icy cold water from deep in the earth. The [[Llewylla Moor]] was once home to a vast field of ancient barrows, but most have now sunk beneath the slime and rotting vegitation of the cold swamp. Ancient bodies hang here and thier in the red acidic waters, perserved in thier tomb finery of blackened leather and carved bone sigils that promise potent curses. Moor
Gus L. The moor here is less watery then on the North side of the river, and fewer barrows vomit up thier anicent dead here, but it is a desolate and morbid place all the same. A large mound visivble from the river appears to be the work of ancient builders, and if excavated contains a rude stone step pyramid and the tombs of ancient kings protected by the gods of carrion and terrible curses. Moor
01160116ForestMatthew SchmeerAn encampment of goblins, a number of double-amputees among their number, are readying for a major battle.http://rendedpress.blogspot.comGoblins
01170117ForestGus L. Regularlly cut by the men of [[Galden]] the forest here is full of logging roads and has an oddly manicured feel.
01180118ForestGus L. Charcol burners out of [[Galden]] have built thier poor huts here and tend thier mounds with stoic indifference to goblins ([[0116]]) or the spectral wolf they say hunts thier adolescent men. Beasts
01190119Open CountrysideMatthew SchmeerThree shepherds cull a herd of blue-eyed piebald sheep, slaughtering any animal that does not have at least 2 patches of black wool. http://rendedpress.blogspot.comSheep
01200120Open CountrysideGus L. These well manicured meadows are filled with small streams and numerous butterflies.
01210121Open CountrysideVance A.A herd of wild aurochs graze the luscious grasses here. The massive patriarch-bull has blue-hued hair and hide. animals
01220122Open CountrysideGus L. The Steward of Drogat Castle believes that the luscious blue grass here provides the best feed for the "King's Herd" and all other domestic animals are forbidden from grazing here under penalty of fine for thier masters and 2 days of hanging by thier thumbs for the unfortunate beast. This fact is noted by an ocassional post with a worn handbill tacked to it. Herdsmen armed with long whips, slings and steerhide jackets (some with horns attached) graze a herd of over one hundred fine cattle here most days. Castle
02230123ForestGus L. Less a forest and more a garden, the Steward of Drogat maintains this land as a preserve for the "King's Hunt", and the animals (though 'culled' see ([[0323]])) have never been hunted. Does fed only on lilac are carefully fattened (and then starved for better access to thier skin for glove making), rabbits eat buttercup oblivious to the young pages who mind them (and carefully lead off any who aren't the purest white for slaughter), and all the while hard eyed foresters, ledger or long bow in hand, watch from thier hidden blinds among the ancient oaks. Castle
02010201MountainsMatthew SchmeerA blind and mute ferryman offers passage across the [[TRAGOTH RIVER]]. At the sloping foot of a mountain, a tavern keeper serves food that turns any who eat it into a piebald sheep. The sheep are turned over to a fallen druid named Erd, who sells the sheep to farmers near [[GALDEN]] (Hex [[0216]]). Once a month, Erd allows the tavern keeper to groom her elk mount, which is actually the tavern keeper's son who is being held hostage. http://rendedpress.blogspot.comSheep
02020202ForestLuka RGreat woods tumble down in a cacophony of root and branch and heavy bough, hugging the [[TRAGOTH RIVER]] and resound with the chittering of the _Red Squirrel Clan_ of sentient dire squirrels. The squirrels guide friendly visitors along the Paths of Portage for a fee, but deeper in the woods _mushroom traps_ and _poison ivy pits_ block and confuse access to the sentient, sessile [[GREAT OLD LINDEN]]. Clan
02030203ForestGREAT OLD LINDENLuka RThe squirrels' Paths of Portage drive through beneath heavy boughs, giving fee-payers easy access further south. In the tangles, however, _Flying Squirrels_ hide access to the [[GREAT OLD LINDEN]]. The Great Old Linden has magic abilities as a lich, though applying to mushrooms, trees and squirrels instead of the undead. Clan
02040204Hills / BadlandsGLEAMING TRIPORTALLuka RThe trees give way to the shattered shale and lumpen limestone levees, rising up like mute testament to some forgotten lithic civilization. Gargantuan stone axes and scrapers may be found. In some caves the bones of dire cave bears are arranged in crued curse forms, covered in dust and forgetfulness. In the heart of the stones is a [[GLEAMING TRIPORTAL]] of polished lilac lepidolite (a kind of mica) with circular key altars that fit the meteoric iron statue and the god beast flesh statue. A giant cavebear wight is said to haunt the ruins and seek riddles and mice.

The Triportal can be activated as a teleportation hub. A meteoric iron statue from ([[912]]) creates a link with that location. Using the portal has a 40% chance of casting stoneskin on the user and a 30% chance of slow. Remains
02050205Hills / BadlandsGus L.Broken red rock hills that side uneasily into a glassy cracked sheet of fused sand. The landscape was seared long ago by the [[Baleful Sign]], The hills are safe enough, though bare and lifeless, but the razored fragments of the glassy desert will quickly maim horses and even travellers on foor who lack armored boots. Sign
02060206DesertBALEFUL SIGNGus L.The ruins of an ancient megastructure, tall pillars of white gleaming stone, driven into the earth like fallen arrows. Each pillar is featureless save for strange glyphs 10' high near thier tops [[the Baleful Sign]]. If the unknown glyphs are read in the correct order they will emit searing rays that will poision the land around. Harpies nest atop the pillars, each nest plotting against the others. Nearby a poison oasis is surrounded by bones. Sign
02070207Hills / BadlandsGus L.An old road ends here among shattered hills. The ruins of a fortress, molten by the ancient magics of the [[Baleful Sign]] guard the road where it cuts off in a chasm of cracked burnt looking rock. The magic twisted geometery of the fortress is haunted by more shadow ghosts and howling spectres, but beneath its ruins is a sealed arsenel of strange weapons. Sign
02080208Open CountrysideGus L. A wide ancient roads leads from [[ANGLEAE]] into the wastes to the North. Moon worshipping 'renegades' from the nearby town camp here with thier giant pale dogs, and waylay travellers to sacrifice in orgiastic monthly rituals.
02090209Open CountrysideGus L. Gentle rolling land with a long low ridge provide more pasture for Angleae's shepards and thier huge pale dogs. This is [[ANGLEAE]]'s breadbasket and dells and meadows here have been plowed and planted with round bluish white-squash and large grained barley on ugly yellow stalks. Armed farmers sleep among the stalks during the harvest and planting seasons.
02100210Open CountrysideGus L.These wildflower strew meadows are the haunt of a ratlegged devil wearing a mask made of cracked china. She sings beautifully, accompanying herself on a small drum, though her songs are always tales of love that end in murder. She will cheerfully trade mortal souls for information. She knows many things (can answer one question truthfully per soul sold) but has clauses voiding any deal that will reveal the secrets of the Gods.
02110211Open CountrysideGus L.A band of 41 Southern spiderherd desperados, clad in quilted silk armor and large hats. They seek to beseige the town of Wickfordwith thier light repeating crossbows until it gives up it's priests, who they will toruture with thier wavy bladed fighting knives until they admit to blasphemous moon worship and human sacrifice. The warband is led by a foolish young noble atop a giant spider, who dabbles in horomancy, the sorcery of time, but fancies himself a true magus.
02120212Open CountrysideGus L.Troubadors, bards and minstrels of the most saccrine kinf beleive these picturesque cliffs over the Nesser River offer a perfect spot for contemplation, songwriting and moddy reflection. There are currently 23 silk and velvet clad romantics here takignthe airs, and at least 8 of them would be happy to put a dagger or courtsword into anyone lacking in artistic appreciation.
Gus L.Boggy moors that stretch south to the river, interrupted by the ocassional ancient barrow, it's lintel stones marked with sigils that promise sinister curses for any who dare despoil it. The waters here are acidic and red, with corpses and bones washed from the barrows - some of which will rise from the muck to drown travellers, or crawl to seek the warmth of a campfire at night. Moor
Gus L.The heart of [[Llewylla Moor]], where the barrows and thier mummified fruit are the thickest. The ancient bodies that float here are often shrouded with a strange vines, growing directly from thier leathery flesh. These vines produce white and black flowers that whipser the stories of the dead the plants devour, and thier sparse blue leaves are known as Yrr leaf, sacred to the acolytes of Zhor. Moor
02150215ForestGus L.The sheep herd of [[Galden]] are often grazed here before slaugther, fattened on the rich grasses that grow waist high among small bogs and pools.
02160216Town with FarmlandGALDENMatthew SchmeerThe eyes of the people of [[GALDEN]] have rectangular pupils. The citizens are never seen in less than groups of three. The town's economy is heavily based on processing the piebald sheep raised in the surrounding countryside. Spinners, weavers, tanners, butchers, and even a glue factory do brisk trade here. A visit to the slaughterhouse reveals that Galden sheep have human-shaped skulls.http://rendedpress.blogspot.comSheep
02170217FarmlandVance A.The fields, once fertile, have been burned and thrice-blessed in an attempt to clear a fungal rust that infested the farmers' prize barley.
02180218ForestVance A.The forest here has been spared the axe in deference to a 'methuselah' tree which has engulfed and lifted a bluestone menhir 40 feet into the air. While the tree is regularly struck by lightning during storms, it does not burn. The only result of the strikes is to cause the menhir to glow in an uneartly green light.
02190219Open CountrysideGIANT COMPASS ROSEGus L.The tyrannical Steward of [[Drogat Castle]] has decreed that a giant compass rose is cut here in the turf, carefully tended by starving wretches fro the Steward's expansive dungeons. Lime filled trenches are cut into the land by skeletal figures under the watchful eye of manitocre mounted knights far above. The knights will swoop down on any who appear to slack or falter, offering them to thier mounts to devour. The compass is allegedly an act of devotion to encourage the return of the lost king of [[Drogat Castle]].
02200220ForestGIANT HANDMark SableIn a copse in the wood is a massive, gnarled tree in what appears to the the shape of a gaint, grasping hand. There is a hole bi g enough for a demi-human or goblin to walk through and a full human to walk through. Following the hold into the tree and underground leads one to THE TEMPLE OF THE HAND. Here you will find goblins whose hands were cut off in the town of OGON (Hex 101) supplicating themslves. If one successfully sneaks in undetected, they will witness hands crawl out of nooks and crevasses and, after feeling around for a worthy recipient, attach themselves to selected amputees. The hands are intelligent parasites that will make their hosts stronger, more dextrous and able to cast wizard or cleric spells. They will dominate the goblins, and attempt to kill any intruders they detect..unless the intruder is herself an amputee. If captured by a PC who has lost a hand, and its ego is overcome, the PC may attach the hand to herself and treat it as an intelligent sword that imbues one of the abilities mentioned above. If the ego overcomes them, they will become a servant to The Cult of The Hand and face an strong compulsion to cut off the hands of others and lead them back here. The Cult has members in OGON and throughout the realm. The hands purpose beyond attacting more hosts is unknown., amputations, parasites, Temple
02210221ForestFey encounterJason KnepperAnyone wandering this section of forest at night on a full moon will encounter the Wyld Ride hunt of the Seelie Court. If they can succeed at a moderate Charisma or Diplomacy (or similar) check, they can join the hunt. The Seelie fey will reward them with simple charms or blessings if they successfully add to the joy of the hunt (DM discretion) and will punish them with simple curses or hexes for ruining it. Once joined, PCs that stray from the hunt are hunted by Rougarou, the Hound (use dire wolf stats but double HD and vulnerable to cold iron) of the Seelie Court until sunrise or they return to the hunting party. If they see the hunt all the way through, it ends in a dawn bacchanalia that will leave the PCs with a wicked hangover.Fey, Seelie court, social interaction, hunting,
02220222FarmlandMatthew Schmeer16 cows walk unceasingly in a circle, Should a cow die (naturally or by the sword), another cow wanders in from the northeast and assumes its place, the dead being pummeled into the earth. The ground beneath their hooves is trampled to bloody, pulpy mud. In the middle of the circle, a strange rune has been burned into the earth.http://rendedpress.blogspot.comBaleful Sign, Circle of Cows
02230223Open CountrysideDale M.This area is dominated by the [[Spine of the World]] a non-magical rod of pure force about 2 inches in diameter and extending from the ground vertically in both directions (i.e. into the ground and the sky) for, as far as anyone knows, forever. It has an oppolescent shean much like mother of pearl but takes on irridescent colors from the sun, the moon and stars. It is neither hot nor cold to the touch and is perfectly smooth and nearly frictionless.

It is surronded for about a mile in all directions by flooded diggings and structures built over melenia as peopleof various races have tried to determine just what the heck it is; the whole area is therefore reminiscent of the Somme battlefieds of 1916. At the foot of the [[Spine]] itself is a shaft of perhaps a mile deep about 50 feet across, the greatest legacy of the historical investigations, in which the [[Spine]] stands like an impossibly tall drinking straw in a riduiculously huge tumbler; the effect enhanced by the fact that the bottom of the shaft is full to an unknown depth with rainwater run-off. Many passages branch off the shaft, twisting and turning either up to the surface or down to the depths. Monsters are known to make lairs in these and the area is shunned for that reason: along with the fact that the impossibility of the [[Spine]] creeps most people out.

However, every now and then some mad archmage or dotty high priest spends to much time with with the mercury/incense and concocts a theory about how the the [[Spine]] must be harnessed/destroyed/investigated/protected etc.and therefore becomes willing to invest money and blood on their obsession.

What, if anything, the [[Spine]] thinks of all this, it keeps to itself.
Baleful Sign, Spine of the World, Anomoly
03010301MountainsGus L.The passes through these mountains stink with the smell of rotten flesh, and great wheeling murders of rooks swarm above. Along each of the three passes, the slavers of [[Ogan]] impale goblin slave they catch trying to escape of defeated goblin warriors. At night the spirits of the tortured goblins wail like harsh winf through the rocks. They can devour and replace the soul of any human infant brought here.
03020302ForestGIANT HAND
03030303ForestJason KnepperA hidden natural fountain springs from the ground here. Its waters can heal and calm any that bath in it for at least an hour. Local monsters know this and frequently check on it for prey (roll encounter: 1d6: 1 = 1d12 goblins led by goblin shaman, 2 = Troll, 3 = Ettin, 4 = 1d8 Gnolls, 5 = Young green dragon, 6 = 2d4 Evil Centaurs serving an evil druid)healing, random encounters
03040304MountainsHIDDEN MOUNTAIN VILLAGEJoshua M.A hidden village nestled in the foothills, where they worship a female android nurse (recovered from the mysterious ruins deeper in the Barrier Peaks) as a goddess. As long as the goddess is given the sacrifices she demands, generally certain herbs and sometimes animals, she can provide the villagers with a healing spray that cures 2d12 hit points three times per day, and an injection that can cure disease/poison or radiation poisoning once per day. The people of the village have learned to speak her language sufficiently to request cures and understand her commands. The villagers will resist anybody trying to take away their goddess, and the goddess will try to remain with the villagers unless commanded by somebody equipped with a violet or higher card.
03050305Open Countryside
03060306DesertGus L.A lifeless waste, watched by scrawny harpies and difficult to cross due to the heat and razor edges of sand fused into glass that hide beneath the dust here. Crossing the sands will maim horses and lacerate travelers on foot if the who wear armored boots. Sign
03070307Hills / BadlandsGus L.Broken Hills above a the tractless waste, bordered by a thin line of grassy meadows. A small wagon and campsite at the edge of the waste is the temporary home of Redfaced Vindin a petulent scholar of antiquities and part-time tomb robber. He is currently using a telescope to copy the writings on the pillars at the small desert's center [[0206]] Sign
03080308Open CountrysideGus L.Meadowlands dotted with round faced scarecrows. A few of the bundles of sticks and rags are actually the poorly disguised bodies of dead travellers, sacrificed by the moon cultist renegades who lurk along the road nearby ([[0208]]).
03090309ForestGus L. Sparse trees soon turn into a forest of oak and beech, filled with feral pigs that feast on fallen nuts and acorns. They are unafraid of man and aggressively territorial. All answer to the authority of the [[SAINT OF SWINE]] ([[0409]]) of Swine
03100310ForestStasis EngineThe stream the party has been following through the forest is suddenly running with gold: and growing from the bank is a silver tree with diamonds in place of leaves. These are both illusions, sprung by a satyr (the stream) and a sprite (the tree) having a competition (DC18 to detect): whichever one the party “falls for” first, the corresponding creature wins the bet. They will reveal themselves at this point and fight over the winnings, the loser refusing to pay up. The party could offer a trinket to settle it, or help the winner beat up the loser and take what's theirs, or whatever. stasisengine.blogspot.comForest Trickery
03110311Open Countryside
Vance A.A tribe of lizardfolk inhabit the moors, fiercely defending their territory from interlopers. Their shaman-priestess, Gugh, carries an enchanted trident, insurance against the occasional restless undead found in the moors. Moor, lizardfolk
Vance A.The Moors here were the last stand of the Kipht, a rebel fanatic-army vanquished a few generations back. They were slaughtered to the last man in the boggy terrain. Their dead do not rest easily, and skeletons and wights plague the moors.. Moor, undead
03140314ForestVance A.Guar herds occupy the forests ringing the moors. The reticent herbivores are generally noctunal, avoiding explorers and poachers. The scarred dominant male bristles with broken arrows and boarspears, trophies of his run-ins with poachers. animals
03160316Open Countryside
03180318Open Countryside
03190319FarmlandMatthew SchmeerA farmer & his daughter stand on the roof of a barn as a herd of Carnivorous Antelope devour a flock of chickens. The daughter pines for a life of adventure away from home.http://rendedpress.blogspot.comHybrids
03200320Open Countryside
03210321Open CountrysideMatthew SchmeerA herd of Carnivorous Antelope battle a mischief of Ratcoons. A squadron of Flying Monkeys watches from the branches of a small copse of trees, swapping bets and pointing out the better parts of the action. The monkeys are led by Serjeant Red Hand and are armed with javelins and short swords. They are currently under contract to the Steward of [[Drogat Castle]] ([[Hex 0323]]).http://rendedpress.blogspot.comFlying Monkeys, Hybrids, Warbands
03220322FarmlandGus L.Beautifully maintained farmland, with picturesque farms of unusual wealth. The farmhouses nearest to the road are locked, and those further form it prove to be potemkin shells of gaily painted plaster. The Farmers will be seen at twilight, bleak eyed men and women, who return to thier spartan barracks in [[Drogat Castle]] each night. During the day they are guarded by plate clad footmen with flat, mechanical affects and the ocassional ribbion bedecked, manticore mounted knight. Drogat Castle
03230323FarmlandDROGAT CASTLEGus L.Drogat Castle is know as the Castle of (false) Smiles by most in the region. It is a formidable fortress, its lower works made from ancient black stone, sagging with time and the effect of ancient seige weapons in places, and its upper works newer, fashioned of dark and light stone to give the entire place a checkerboard pattern. Drogat is well garrisoned, rish and very proud. It is ruled by the 19th Steward of Drogat, as the last King vanished, leaving only a young son who died mysteriously. The stewards have been excellent in maintaining Drogat's marches, but have a tendency to claim the missing King's rights as an excuse to minutely manage and direct everything in thier purview towards greater and greater profit. The knights of Drogat ride Black or white manticores and number 24, while the guards, foresters, footmen and levies are far more numerous. Castle
04010401ForestGus L.A pitifully small band of goblins dwells in a ramshackle treehosue of bark and twigs here, hunting in the forest for mushrooms and small animals. They fancy themselves far more ferocious then they are, and will loudly and proudly proclaim thier love of 'manflesh', though none have ever tasted it, and thier descriptions of its succulence, flavor and effects can easily be confused with other near mythical foods such as strawberries, pound cake and strong spirits. If flattered and told they will be paid in 'manflesh' several of these creatures may be willing to take mercenary or henchman work.
04030403MountainsBrandon KnepperNestled in the peaks, is a small human settlement (20 commoners) beneath the south face of the tallest mountain in the range. Rare Silver Bears make their homes in caves in this region and their pelts are quite valuable (as are their claws, teeth, bones, etc...). Deeper inside the caves reside mountain trolls (as troll but +2 HD, resistant to weapon attacks, and gray in color). The trolls are rarely seen out of the caves but it is rumored that their leader still carries the greatsword "Urkushu", legendary weapon of Ezeke Wildmane the lost barbarian hero who sought to kill the great mountain trolls.
04040404MountainsGus L.Among the crags and caves of nesting swallows that fill these mountains a pale stone cenotaph stands. Climbing to it is dangerous but a close examination reveals that it tells a story of conquest with pictures and strange glyphs, much like the language of the [[BALEFUL SIGN]]. The carvings speak of an army embarked atop great stone spears cast down from the moon to punish its terrestrial enemies with searing magical fire. Sign
04050405MountainsJason KnepperTen boulders are precariously stacked in a tower more than 100 feet high here. It is unknown who stacked them or why. A rare bird whose eggs are sought for magical properties nests on the highest boulders.
04060406Hills / BadlandsROCK FORMATIONGus L.A strange rock formation, a giant hollow boulder, carved with windows and strange petroglyphs and pearched precariously atop a spire of crumbling red stone marks the edge of the [[Baleful Sign]]'s infulence. The rock was once home to a band of silent hermits, but is now a lair for a small fanatical cult of moon worshipping bone puppeteers. Sign
04070407DesertGus L.These low polluted hills were lightly seared by the [[BALEFUL SIGN]] long ago, revealling rish seams of copper belwo the topsoil. The people of [[ANGLEAE]] have set up several pit mines, which they work lackadasically during the summer and early winter. The miners claim to be entirely unaware of any moon cults nearby ([[0406]]), ([[0208]]). Baleful Sign
04080408ForestJason KnepperSeven cabins are just inside the northern edge of the forest here, spread out from east to west over half a mile. They show no signs of recent inhabitance, save one, at the far west end were a hunter has taken residence. The others are all marked on their doors with elven sigils of warning and danger. Feral elves have chased off the inhabitants and will permit no mortals to reside here. The hunter is left alone because he is no mere mortal. What he is, scares even the feral elves.Feral elves, mysterious immortal
04090409ForestSAINT OF SWINEGus L. Deep in the oldest part of the oak forest resides the [[SAINT OF SWINE]] an enormous boar, 10' tall at the shoulder. When it's huge jagged tusk mouth is open the head and placidly smug, ageless face of a man is revealled, filling the unnatural beast's entire maw. The [[SAINT OF SWINE]] is forever trapped within the boar's gullet, mean-spirited, boarish, boorish but alive, and only truely malicious to those who carry pig flesh in thier provisions. He dislikes the fey who play games in his forest ([[0310]]) and the has heard of the Dryad across the meadow ([[0111]]) who the Saint wishes to convert to his porcine faith. of Swine
04100410Open Countryside
04110411SwampGus L.Swampland only remarkable for its unsurpassing ugliness and the extraordinqry gluelike quality of its grey mud.
04120412Open Countryside
04130413Open Countryside
04150415Open Countryside
04160416Open Countryside
04170417Open Countryside
04190419Town / FarmlandHALOWICHMatthew SchmeerThe townspeople complain of a plague of Ratcoons--rats with the markings and size of racoons. A tavern patron says he's seen similar creatures prowling the forest's edge on the road between [[Halowich]] and [[Lower Drogat]].http://rendedpress.blogspot.comHybrids
04210421ForestMatthew SchmeerA single cow walks unceasingly in a circle on bloody stumps; it hooves are worn away to the ankle. The ground beneath the cow is trampled to bloody, pulpy mud and the battered and trampled carcasses of 255 cows are strewn about the circle. In the middle of the circle, a strange rune pulses and glows an eerie purplish-green light. From the center of the rune, pale white tentacles with hundreds of fanged beaks thrust out from the earth. The forest is completely silent.http://rendedpress.blogspot.comBaleful Sign, Circle of Cows, Anomaly
04220422Town / FarmlandLOWER DROGAT
04230423FarmlandMatthew SchmeerThe farmers and their sons here loathe outsiders and shun any interactions with strangers. They are outright rude and violent. The farmers's daughters and wives, however, attempt to seduce every stranger they meet, regardless of gender. Every farm has at least six housecats and every farmhouse features a black granite carving of a curled-up, sleeping cat. Mice and rats are nowhere to be found; indeed, even domesticated mice and pet rats go out of their way to avoid traversing this section of land.http://rendedpress.blogspot.comCat
05020502Open Countryside