parent IDhierarchical Haplogroup name for this research treenotes (diversity, distribution, etc.)ID b37 pos.equivalent SNP/spriorityPanel Filtersphylotree 2014-11 YSEQ-PanelsY37+ proj. members
PF4597, <u>M172</u>., PF4925 +35 J2M172 is recurrent in HG00436 ASN.CHS O3-F425  Basic PrioAJ2Pan15a M67L24Pan15b1V2,V12400
<u>M410</u>, L559, L505PF4597, <u>M172</u>., PF4925 +35J2a  L152, L212, L505, L532, CTS10036, CTS1030, CTS113, CTS12014, CTS12015, CTS4360, CTS4540, CTS5066, CTS5482, CTS5867, CTS8264, F1183, F1559, F2078, F2418, F2672, F4095, F4100, F4106, F4259, F4266, F4334, F841, PF4499, PF4500, PF4527, PF4891, PF4942, PF4952, PF4953, PF4955, PF4959, PF4982, PF4985, PF4992Basic PrioAJ2Pan15a M67L24Pan15b1V2,V1 
PF4610, PF5104, CTS7683.<u>M410</u>, L559, L505J2a1PF4610: upstream fl. >98% Chr7 etc. Insertion Virus/Transposons at breakpoint  Basic PrioAJ2Pan15a M67L24Pan15b1V2,V1 
<u>L26</u>/Page55/S57, L27/S396PF4610, PF5104, CTS7683.J2a1a  L27/S396, CTS10711, CTS11983, CTS2192, CTS9718, PF4901, PF4984, PF5106, Z1849/PF5089Basic PrioAJ2Pan15a M67L24Pan15b1V2,V1 
PF5087/CTS1230, PF5088.<u>L26</u>/Page55/S57, L27/S396J2a1a1PF5088 slightly better for Primer Design  Basic PrioAJ2Pan15a M67L24Pan15b1V2,V1 
PF5125, PF5116PF5087/CTS1230, PF5088.J2a1a1ano further eq. SNPs found by using 88093 Adams BigY  Basic Sub PrioBJ2Pan15a M67L24Pan15b1V2,V1 
Z2229, PF5119, Z2227.PF5125, PF5116J2a1a1a1  PF5122, PF5123, PF5124, PF5127, PF5134, PF5138, Z2226, Z2228, Z2229, Z2279Basic Sub PrioAJ2Pan15a M67L24Pan15b M67Split1V2,V1 
Z6065Z2229, PF5119, Z2227.J2a1a1a1a   Basic Sub PrioB J2Pan15a V2,V1 
Y8522, Y7708/Z29414Z6065J2a1a1a1a1in 1kG-HG02490 PJL-Punj. and FT-130992 Ukr.  Basic Sub PrioC J2Pan15a V2,V1 
<u>M47</u>, M322, L290 +74Y8522, Y7708/Z29414J2a1a1a1a1a   Basic Sub PrioC J2Pan15a V2,V1 
CTS4800, Z1846, L558Z2229, PF5119, Z2227.J2a1a1a1bZ2231, CTS4800 have good reads in NGS/BigY. L558 has some ambigous NGS-reads, Z1846 and the other eq. SNPs have many no-reads in NGS/BigY, L558 reliability questioned by ThomasK CTS1382/PF5118/Z1846, CTS4800, CTS4811/PF5152/Z1848, CTS7523, CTS1382/PF5118/Z1846, CTS4800, CTS4811/PF5152/Z1848, CTS7523, Z2231Basic Sub PrioAJ2Pan15a M67L24Pan15b M67Split1V2,V1 
<u>M67</u>/S51, S23034/Z7562CTS4800, Z1846, L558J2a1a1a1b1major subclade, mainly Med spread CTS6372, PF5120, PF5135, PF5143, Z1845, Z1847Basic Sub PrioAJ2Pan15a M67L24Pan15b M67Split1V2,V1 
{Z1847}<u>M67</u>/S51, S23034/Z7562J2a1a1a1b1 Inv.negative in M7018_KSA_BigY_Data_20150516 (positive for all other M67 eq.)  Basic Sub PrioCJ2Pan15a M67L24Pan15b M67Split1V2,(V1) 
PF5132, Z500 +6{Z1847}J2a1a1a1b1a   Basic Sub PrioBJ2Pan15a M67L24Pan15b M67Split1V2,V1 
<u>M92</u>, Z502 +43PF5132, Z500 +6J2a1a1a1b1a1  CTS333, CTS4230/PF5151, PF5149, PF5155, PF5156, PF5158, Z496, Z497, Z499, Z503/PF5153, Z504, Z510, Z511Basic Sub PrioBM67L24Pan15b M67Split1V2,V1 
CTS4132/PF7402, S16400, CTS2906 +17<u>M92</u>, Z502 +43J2a1a1a1b1a1a  CTS4109, CTS4132, CTS4861, FGC20250, FGC20273, FGC20278, PF7402, S16400, S20133.x/2, Z8096Basic Sub PrioCM67L24Pan15b V2 
{FGC7860/Y4036}{Z1847}J2a1a1a1b1b Inv.   Basic Sub PrioEJ2Pan15aV2 M67L24Pan15bV21V2,(V1) 
Z467{FGC7860/Y4036}J2a1a1a1b1b1YSEQ: likely not stable for phylogenetic work  Basic Sub PrioDJ2Pan15a M67L24Pan15b M67Split1V2,(V1) 
Z447, Z458 +5Z467J2a1a1a1b1b1aGeno 2.0 N136769 Khoury Nemnom Leb CTS2152, CTS9880, CTS9425, CTS9000 (negative: L210, L218, L227, Z470, Z472, Z461, Z463, Z466 )Basic Sub PrioCM67L24Pan15b M67Split1V2,(V1) 
L742, <u>L210</u>, Z474 +18{+70}Z447, Z458 +5J2a1a1a1b1b1a1   Basic Sub PrioBM67L24Pan15b M67Split1V2,V1 
Z7671{Z1847}J2a1a1a1b1cYF01903 RUS is CTS3261-  Basic Sub PrioBJ2Pan15a M67L24Pan15b M67Split V2,V1 
CTS900, CTS3261 +2Z7671J2a1a1a1b1c1   Basic Sub PrioBM67L24Pan15b M67Split V2,V1 
CTS5596, CTS6619 {+36}CTS900, CTS3261 +2J2a1a1a1b1c1 down   Basic Sub PrioBM67L24Pan15b2   
Z6252, CTS6804, Y3019 +1CTS5596, CTS6619 {+36}J2a1a1a1b1c1a   Basic Sub PrioBM67L24Pan15b V2 
Y6964, Y6965 +27Z6252, CTS6804, Y3019 +1J2a1a1a1b1c1a1possible downstream split: Y3630, Y3640, Y10722  Basic Sub PrioCM67L24Pan15b V2 
S23154, Y5014, S11868CTS4800, Z1846, L558J2a1a1a1b2found in HG01991, HG01781 and BigY N96517 Schliesser AT (M319-) Z17187/FGC17664, Z17194/S21902, Z17196/S23154, Z17197.x/2, Z17199/FGC17667Basic Sub PrioBJ2Pan15a M67Split1V2,V1 
<u>M319</u>, S17661/Z17188S23154, Y5014, S11868J2a1a1a1b2a  [Z2254, Z2256, Z2258, Z2259, Z17177, Z17178, Z17179, Z17180, Z17182, Z17183, Z17184, Z17185, Z17186, Z17188, Z17189, Z17190, Z17191, Z17192, Z17193, Z17195, Z17198, Z17200]Basic Sub PrioCJ2Pan15a M67Split1V2,V1 
S18579, S21556<u>M319</u>, S17661/Z17188J2a1a1a1b2a1   Basic Sub PrioCJ2Pan15aV2 V2 
Z43668, Z43669, Z43670, Z43671 +18PF5125, PF5116J2a1a1a2   Basic Sub PrioDJ2Pan15a2   
Z2220, Z2222, Z2221/PF5160PF5087/CTS1230, PF5088.J2a1a1bZ2222/PF5163 vs Z2221/PF5160: first better NGS-region PF5163/Z2222, Z2220/CTS47/PF5159Basic Sub PrioAJ2Pan15a M67L24Pan15b1V2,V1 
<u>L24</u>/M530/S286, Z401Z2220, Z2222, Z2221/PF5160J2a1a1b1usually DYS450=9 (in J2=8), last synchro with L24 research 2015-07-29 (kit 86051) L207.1Basic Sub PrioAJ2Pan15a M67L24Pan15b1V2,V1 
<u>L25</u>/S399, Z400/F1683<u>L24</u>/M530/S286, Z401J2a1a1b1a   Basic Sub PrioAJ2Pan15a M67L24Pan15b1V2,V1 
Z438.<u>L25</u>/S399, Z400/F1683J2a1a1b1a11kG-HG01672 Iberian is Z387- Z391-  Basic Sub PrioDJ2Pan15a M67L24Pan15b1(V2,V1) 
Z421/PF5429, Z387.Z438.J2a1a1b1a1a Geno 2.0 results of N106993 EN, N113887 FR, N114108 GR, etc. are L70- L397-  Basic Sub PrioBJ2Pan15a M67L24Pan15b V2,V1 
<u>L70</u>/PF5434/S287, L397/PF5446Z421/PF5429, Z387.J2a1a1b1a1a1Geno 2.0 result of FT-N14008 DE is Z435- L398Basic Sub PrioBM67L24Pan15b V2,V1 
PF5294, PF5401., PF4888, PF7431.<u>L25</u>/S399, Z400/F1683J2a1a1b1a2PF4888: 99% X  PF5315Basic Sub PrioCM67L24Pan15b1V2,V1 
PF5366, FGC4954, PF5368PF5294, PF5401., PF4888, PF7431.J2a1a1b1a2bPF5368 slightly better for primer design then PF5366, PF5368 bad NGS coverage  Basic Sub PrioCM67L24Pan15b V2,V1 
Z7700, F3133.<u>L25</u>/S399, Z400/F1683J2a1a1b1a3   Basic Sub PrioBJ2Pan15a M67L24Pan15b1V2,V1 
Z7706, FGC9878/Y13535Z7700, F3133.J2a1a1b1a3a   Basic Sub PrioBM67L24Pan15b V2,V1 
FGC9883/Y13534.Z7706, FGC9878/Y13535J2a1a1b1a3a2   Basic Sub PrioDM67L24Pan15b V2,V1 
FGC9942FGC9883/Y13534.J2a1a1b1a3a2a   Basic Sub PrioCM67L24Pan15b V2 
PF5197/Z2397, Z2396.xZ2220, Z2222, Z2221/PF5160J2a1a1b2 G19068737A, A7247694T Basic Sub PrioB J2Pan15a1V2,V1 
PF5172, PF5190 +2PF5197/Z2397, Z2396.xJ2a1a1b2a  PF5233Basic Sub PrioC J2Pan15a1V2,V1 
PF5191, S21554, PF5169. +12{+14}PF5172, PF5190 +2J2a1a1b2a1  PF5191, PF5207Basic Sub PrioC J2Pan15a V2,V1 
PF5174, PF5199 +10PF5191, S21554, PF5169. +12{+14}J2a1a1b2a1b  PF5215, PF5216, PF5166, PF5184, PF5194, PF5200, PF5253Basic Sub PrioD J2Pan15a V2,V1 
S19231/Z7325, Z7332 +32PF5174, PF5199 +10J2a1a1b2a1b2negative in YF02305 PF5177+ (FT-N76290) Z7327, Z7335Basic Sub PrioD J2Pan15a V2,V1 
Z6064, Y7014/Z8237<u>L26</u>/Page55/S57, L27/S396J2a1a2   Basic PrioCBasic J2Pan15a1V2,(V1) 
Z6063, Z6061, Z6059, Z6060 +41Z6064, Y7014/Z8237J2a1a2a  SK1360/Y6772/Z27898, SK1361/Y6771/Z27897, SK1362/Y6761/Z27841, Y6753/Z27782, Y6754/Z27801, Y6755/Z27807, Y6756, Y6757/Z27827, Y6758/Z27829, Y6759/Z27834, Y6760/Z27840, Y6762/Z27853, Y6763, Y6764/Z27864, Y6765/Z27873, Y6766/Z27875, Y6767/Z27876, Y6768/Z27882, Y6769/Z27884, Y6770/Z27895, Y6854/Z27804, Y6856/Z27832, Y6857/Z27848, Y6858/Z27854, Y6859/Z27865, Y6861/Z27869, Y6863/Z27874, Y6864/Z27905, Y6865/Z27908, Y6866, Z6055, Z6060, Z6061, Z6062, Z6063, Z6064Basic PrioCBasic J2Pan15a1V2,V1 
Z6057, Y7011 +2Z6063, Z6061, Z6059, Z6060 +41J2a1a2a1Z6056 is not well covered with BigY Y7008/Z27797, Y7010/Z27851, Y7011, Y7013/Z27912Basic PrioCBasic J2Pan15a1V2,V1 
SK1359, Z6056 +7Z6057, Y7011 +2J2a1a2a1a approx.   Basic PrioDJ2Pan15a2   
SK1363, Y13137/Z28526 +12SK1359, Z6056 +7J2a1a2a1a2in FT-37060 + FT-182443 Irel., FT-229942 Spa., FT-41120 Fra. SK1364, Z28517, Z28526, Z29915, Z29918, Z29919, Z29920Basic PrioDJ2Pan15a V2,V1 
Y14443/Z28531, Y14712, Z28529 +18SK1363, Y13137/Z28526 +12J2a1a2a1a2ain FT-37060 + FT-182443 Irel., FT-229942 Spa.  Basic Sub PrioDJ2Pan15a V2 
Z6049/S17591, S23761 +16PF4610, PF5104, CTS7683.J2a1bfound in YSEQ-18 Ger, YSEQ-353 Pol, YSEQ-48 Geo S19344, S21087/Z29416, S23761/Z29418, Z6047, Z6053, Z28448, Z28470, Z28480, Z28492, Z28506, Z29415, Z29417, Z29419, Z29420Basic PrioBBasic J2Pan15a V2,V1 
Z6048, S24092, S18075 +21Z6049/S17591, S23761 +16J2a1b1found in YSEQ-18 Ger, YSEQ-353 Pol and also 1kG-HG02774 PJL-Punj, PF-841-847 Sar, negative in YSEQ-48 Geo (Z6046, Z6050, Z6051, Z6052, Z6054, Z29421)?Basic Sub PrioCBasic Sub J2Pan15a V2,V1 
Z6050, Z6052Z6048, S24092, S18075 +21J2a1b1a   Basic Sub PrioCJ2Pan15a2   
Z38481, S15572 +2Z6050, Z6052J2a1b1a1   Basic Sub PrioDJ2Pan15a2   
{S23560/Z29422}Z38481, S15572 +2J2a1b1a1a   Basic Sub PrioDJ2Pan15a2   
S23891, Z28449, S22011 +70?{S23560/Z29422}J2a1b1a1a1PF13 841-847 Sar, negative in 1kG-HG02774 PJL-Punj S15430Basic Sub PrioDBasic Sub J2Pan15a V2,V1 
PF5050, PF5053, Z35775 +17<u>M410</u>, L559, L505J2a2PF5050 on tested FGC17953 Segment  Basic PrioCBasic J2Pan15a1V2,V1 
<u>L581</u>, PF5035, PF7381.x, {PF5058} +3{+6}*PF5050, PF5053, Z35775 +17J2a2aPF7381 slightly better for primer design then PF5007  Basic PrioCBasic J2Pan15a V2,V1 
PF5054, PF7384, PF5000 +10<u>L581</u>, PF5035, PF7381.x, {PF5058} +3{+6}*J2a2a1found in PF Sar 834-836, FT 2014 tree, PF5000 no-reads in NGS  Basic PrioDBasic J2Pan15a V2,V1 
PF5060, PF4993 +5PF5054, PF7384, PF5000 +10J2a2a1a   Basic Sub PrioDBasic Sub J2Pan15a V2,(V1) 
PF5059, PF5056 +4{+43}*PF5060, PF4993 +5J2a2a1a1PF5056 slightly better for primer design then PF4993  Basic Sub PrioDBasic Sub J2Pan15a V2,V1 
<u>M102, M12</u>, M221PF4597, <u>M172</u>., PF4925 +35J2b   Basic Sub PrioABasic Sub J2Pan15a1V2,V1 
<u>M205</u>, CTS560, PF7344, {CTS3833} +95<u>M102, M12</u>, M221J2b1   Basic Sub PrioCBasic Sub J2Pan15a1V2,V1 
Z575, CTS2622/Z1827, Z8250 +6<u>M102, M12</u>, M221J2b2, Z574?  Basic Sub PrioABasic Sub J2Pan15a1V2,V1 
<u>M241</u>, Z598, Z620, Z605 +42Z575, CTS2622/Z1827, Z8250 +6J2b2a   Basic Sub PrioABasic Sub J2Pan15a1V2,V1 
<u>L283</u>, Z622, Z582, S23613/Z2521, Z2520 +58<u>M241</u>, Z598, Z620, Z605 +42J2b2a1  Z585, Z590, Z592, Z2405, Z2502, Z2503, Z2504, Z2506, CTS3681/Z2509, Z8397Basic Sub PrioABasic Sub J2Pan15a1V2,V1 
Z627, {Z590}, CTS3681, Z600. +?<u>L283</u>, Z622, Z582, S23613/Z2521, Z2520 +58J2b2a1anegative in 1kG-NA20763 Tus, not rep in Sardinian 915-917 PF15   Basic Sub PrioDBasic Sub J2Pan15a V2,(V1) 
Z585Z627, {Z590}, CTS3681, Z600. +?J2b2a1a Inv.   Basic Sub PrioDBasic Sub J2Pan15a V2,V1 
Z628, Z2507, Z615, Z584 +3Z585J2b2a1a1negative in PF 909-919,922-924 Z2507, Z2508, CTS4898/Z2511, CTS7705/Z2400, Z2516Basic Sub PrioABasic Sub J2Pan15a V2,V1 
CTS12554., {Z638.}Z628, Z2507, Z615, Z584 +3J2b2a1a1a   Basic Sub PrioDBasic Sub J2Pan15a V2,(V1) 
Z1296/CTS8995CTS12554., {Z638.}J2b2a1a1a1  CTS12554, CTS8995/Z1296, Z1298, Z2505, Z8416, Z8417Basic Sub PrioBBasic Sub J2Pan15a V2,V1 
Z1297, Z637, Z1298Z1296/CTS8995J2b2a1a1a1a   Basic Sub PrioCBasic Sub J2Pan15a V2 
Z2447, Z8272, Y977, Z2444, Z2432 +21<u>M241</u>, Z598, Z620, Z605 +42J2b2a2"Eastern" J2b haplogroup Z2434 * Z2436 * Z2444 * Z2447 * Z8264 * Z8265 * Z8266 * Z8268 * Z8269 * Z8270 * Z8271 * Z8272 * Z8273 * Z8274 * Z8275 * Z8283 * Z8368 * Y949 * Y953 * Y957 * Y966 * Y968 * Y977 * Y985 * Y1002Basic Sub PrioABasic Sub J2Pan15a1V2,V1 
Z8282, Z2438, Z2433 +20Z2447, Z8272, Y977, Z2444, Z2432 +21J2b2a2ato node 562 Z2449 * Y1003 * Y1010 * Y1013 * Z2439 * Z8276 * Z8277 * Z8278 * Z8279 * Z8280 * Z8281 * Z8282 * Y952 * Y956 * Y961Basic Sub PrioABasic Sub J2Pan15a V2,V1 
Z2437.Z8282, Z2438, Z2433 +20J2b2a2a1   Basic Sub PrioCBasic Sub J2Pan15a V2,V1 
PH1648, CTS9267/Z2455, Z2456, CTS6812/Z2454Z575, CTS2622/Z1827, Z8250 +6J2b2bfound in 1kG-NA20588 Tus, PGP29 Rus  Basic Sub PrioCBasic Sub J2Pan15a V2