parent IDhierarchical Haplogroup name for this research treenotes (diversity, distribution, etc.)ID b37 pos.equivalent SNP/spriorityPanel Filtersphylotree 2014-11 YSEQ-PanelsY37+ proj. members
PF5197/Z2397, Z2396.xZ2220, Z2222, Z2221/PF5160J2a1a1b2 G19068737A, A7247694T Basic Sub PrioB J2Pan15a1V2,V1 
PF5172, PF5190 +2PF5197/Z2397, Z2396.xJ2a1a1b2a  PF5233Basic Sub PrioC J2Pan15a1V2,V1 
PF5191, S21554, PF5169. +12{+14}PF5172, PF5190 +2J2a1a1b2a1  PF5191, PF5207Basic Sub PrioC J2Pan15a V2,V1 
FGC16096, FGC16141 +6PF5191, S21554, PF5169. +12{+14}J2a1a1b2a1a  FGC16152Sub PrioD J2Pan15a V2,V1 
S15439, S17366, L433.1/4, <u>L198</u>.1/4 +19FGC16096, FGC16141 +6J2a1a1b2a1a1L198 is also found in J2a-Z7532 (PF5116 subclade), therefore so far L433 seems the better choice for this haplogroup, L88.2/8 unreliable  PrioD J2Pan15a (V2) 
<u>M419</u>S15439, S17366, L433.1/4, <u>L198</u>.1/4 +19J2a1a1b2a1a1aPublic FT-kit 271420 Lieb is PF5169+,L433+,M419+ found in S. Ira.n  PrioE J2Pan15a V2 
[(271420/YF06284 Germany)]<u>M419</u>J2a1a1b2a1a1a1 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Lieb, 1730, Mannheim, Rhine-Neckar   Val15a   
{Z40067, Z40068 +4}S15439, S17366, L433.1/4, <u>L198</u>.1/4 +19J2a1a1b2a1a1b  S19509, S23510, Z32170, Z32171, Z32172, Z32173, Z32175, Z32176, Z32178, Z32179PrioD J2Pan15a V2 
FGC45321/Y20566, FGC45323/Y20568, FGC45352/Y20579 +48{Z40067, Z40068 +4}J2a1a1b2a1a1b1   PrioE J2Pan15a2   
[FGC45322/Y20567, Y20575 +11]FGC45321/Y20566, FGC45323/Y20568, FGC45352/Y20579 +48J2a1a1b2a1a1b1a   PrioP J2Pan15a2   
[(192731/YF03103 Switzerland, YFS 3)][FGC45322/Y20567, Y20575 +11]J2a1a1b2a1a1b1a1 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Schrag, b~1740, Windstein,Alsace origin Emmental, Bern   Val15a   
[(Z8A6U/YF05349/(N131809) Switzerland, FGC ?)][FGC45322/Y20567, Y20575 +11]J2a1a1b2a1a1b1a2 PrivateFullGenomesCorp Johann Schrag(1740-1830) b.Falkenstein,Palatinate N131809 is father of Z8A6U       
[(KFLWM/436473 Switzerland)FGC45321/Y20566, FGC45323/Y20568, FGC45352/Y20579 +48J2a1a1b2a1a1b1b PrivateFullGenomesCorp Peter Stirnimann, b.~1540 Witelingen, Luzern, CH       
{[Z40067 SUB YFS pending]}{Z40067, Z40068 +4}J2a1a1b2a1a1b2    PrioP    
[(373863 S. Arabia)]{[Z40067 SUB YFS pending]}J2a1a1b2a1a1b2a PrivateFTDNA-BigY Y12 AlSail Dalam (proxy is 262925 L433+ M419-)       
[(355036 S. Arabia)]{[Z40067 SUB YFS pending]}J2a1a1b2a1a1b2b PrivateFTDNA-BigY Y111 Al Huraiz Ibn Baaz - Salm 15a       
[(2 x GoNL, Netherlands, L198+?)] ?S15439, S17366, L433.1/4, <u>L198</u>.1/4 +19J2a1a1b2a1a1c PrivateGoNL-12 Genome of Netherlands 2 samples, no ID assignation possible       
L1064.1/4, L250.2/3FGC16096, FGC16141 +6J2a1a1b2a1a2   Sub J2Pan15a (V2) 
{PH4970, FGC16080/Y14375 +81{+14}}*L1064.1/4, L250.2/3J2a1a1b2a1a2afound in FGC-P9ZTZ and gre-79 Hallast14T2710471A, C7364638GFGC16008/Y14562, FGC16009/Y14351, FGC16013/Y14564, FGC16014/Y14565, FGC16034/Y14358, FGC16046/Y14363, FGC16049/Y14570, FGC16052/Y14364, FGC16053/Y14571, FGC16054/Y14572, FGC16056/Y14366, FGC16057/Y14367, FGC16058/Y14368, FGC16059/Y14573, FGC16062/Y14369, FGC16066, FGC16069, FGC16071/Y14371, FGC16073/Y14372, FGC16084/Y14376, FGC16085/Y14576, FGC16095, FGC16097/Y14378, FGC16099/Y14379, FGC16100/Y14577, FGC16102/Y14381, FGC16112/Y14387, FGC16115/Y14388, FGC16116/Y14389, FGC16121/Y14390, FGC16123/Y14391, FGC16124/Y14392, FGC16128/Y14394, FGC16129/Y14395, FGC16131/Y14578, FGC16133/Y14579, FGC16134/Y14396, FGC16137/Y14397, FGC16140/Y14581, FGC16142/Y14582, FGC16143/Y14400, FGC16146/Y14401, FGC16147/Y14584, FGC16148/Y14402, FGC16155/Y14585, FGC16158/Y14403, FGC30757/Y14365, FGC30774/Y14377, FGC30801, PH4968/Y14398/Z32180, PH4970/Y14399/Z32181, Y14569/Z34433PrioD J2Pan15a V2 
FGC16079, FGC16088, FGC16130 +1{PH4970, FGC16080/Y14375 +81{+14}}*J2a1a1b2a1a2a1  FGC16079, FGC16157PrioD J2Pan15a V2 
FGC35005, FGC35000 +42FGC16079, FGC16088, FGC16130 +1J2a1a1b2a1a2a1aArab Wa'il FGC34962, FGC34963, FGC34964, FGC34965, FGC34969, FGC34970, FGC34971, FGC34972, FGC34973, FGC34974, FGC34976, FGC34977, FGC34978, FGC34979, FGC34980, FGC34981, FGC34982, FGC34984, FGC34986, FGC34987, FGC34988, FGC34990, FGC34991, FGC34992, FGC34993, FGC34994, FGC34995, FGC34996, FGC34997, FGC34998, FGC34999, FGC35001, FGC35002, FGC35003, FGC35004, FGC35006, FGC35008, FGC35009, FGC35011, FGC35012, FGC35013, FGC35014PrioE J2Pan15a V2 
[FGC35007, FGC35104 +1]FGC35005, FGC35000 +42J2a1a1b2a1a2a1a1Arab Wa'il-Tu FGC35104PrioP J2Pan15a   
[(C4UK2/M5007/YF04989 Saudi Arabia FGC 5)][FGC35007, FGC35104 +1]J2a1a1b2a1a2a1a1a PrivateFullGenomesCorp Wa'il-Tu FGC34966, FGC34968, FGC34975, FGC34983, FGC34989     
[(FWTTG/199120/YF04991 Saudi Arabia FGC 3)][FGC35007, FGC35104 +1]J2a1a1b2a1a2a1a1b PrivateFullGenomesCorp Wa'il-Tu FGC35103, FGC35105, FGC35106      
[(L3FJJ/185751/YF04990 Saudi Arabia FGC 8)]FGC35005, FGC35000 +42J2a1a1b2a1a2a1a2 PrivateFullGenomesCorp Wa'il-Mo FGC35017, FGC35019, FGC35021, FGC35022, FGC35023, FGC35024, FGC35025, FGC35026     
FGC16139, FGC16150, FGC16117 + {15}FGC16079, FGC16088, FGC16130 +1J2a1a1b2a1a2a1b   PrioF J2Pan15a2   
[(P9ZTZ/N37321/YF02684 England, YFS 40+14)]FGC16139, FGC16150, FGC16117 + {15}J2a1a1b2a1a2a1b1 PrivateFullGenomesCorp Adopted Taylor       
[(B70218 Mexico)]FGC16139, FGC16150, FGC16117 + {15}J2a1a1b2a1a2a1b2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Antonio Velarde, b. 1846 Sonora Mexico       
FGC30789, FGC30776 +29{PH4970, FGC16080/Y14375 +81{+14}}*J2a1a1b2a1a2a2Rhine-Alps FGC30743, FGC30753, FGC30754, FGC30755, FGC30760, FGC30761, FGC30762, FGC30764, FGC30765, FGC30767, FGC30771, FGC30776, FGC30778, FGC30782, FGC30784, FGC30785, FGC30786, FGC30788, FGC30789, FGC30792, FGC30793, FGC30797, FGC30799, FGC30803, FGC30804, Z34434, Z34435, Z34436, Z34437PrioD J2Pan15a V2 
Z34440, Z34444 +5FGC30789, FGC30776 +29J2a1a1b2a1a2a2ain BigY-853, BigY-N111458; neg. in FGC-NUXNR  Z34438, Z34439, Z34443, Z34444PrioE J2Pan15a V2 
[(853/YF04995 NY-Boston, YFS 10+2)]Z34440, Z34444 +5J2a1a1b2a1a2a2a1 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Gatter   Val15a   
[(N111458/YF04996 Palatinate, YFS 8+1)]Z34440, Z34444 +5J2a1a1b2a1a2a2a2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Jäger Germany   Val15a   
[(NUXNR/25365/YF03290 Alsace, YFS 19+5)]FGC30789, FGC30776 +29J2a1a1b2a1a2a2b PrivateFullGenomesCorp Gattie France/Germany       
[(gre-79 Greece, 15 x PH14)]{PH4970, FGC16080/Y14375 +81{+14}}*J2a1a1b2a1a2a3 approx.PH-Hallast-14, Di Giacomo 2003 Greek, Y-STR23 available       
PF5174, PF5199 +10PF5191, S21554, PF5169. +12{+14}J2a1a1b2a1b  PF5215, PF5216, PF5166, PF5184, PF5194, PF5200, PF5253Basic Sub PrioD J2Pan15a V2,V1 
Z8074, PF5221, PF5177.PF5174, PF5199 +10J2a1a1b2a1b1PF5177(xPF5182,PF7421) in Geno2-N115337 Burney PF7421, Z8074Sub PrioD J2Pan15a V2,V1 
PF5252, PF5196Z8074, PF5221, PF5177.J2a1a1b2a1b1afound in PF 874-881 and Caucasus PF5202, PF5259Sub PrioD J2Pan15a V2 
[PF5183, PF5204]PF5252, PF5196J2a1a1b2a1b1a1neg. in FGC-DDNXC Arm.  PrioE J2Pan15a V2 
[PF5248, PF5243][PF5183, PF5204]J2a1a1b2a1b1a1afound in PF13 Sardinians 879-881?,negative in YF02305 (FT-N76290)  PrioF    
[(Sardinian 879-881)][PF5248, PF5243]J2a1a1b2a1b1a1a1 approx.PF-Sardinian-15       
[(Sardinian 874-878)][PF5183, PF5204]J2a1a1b2a1b1a1b approx.PF-Sardinian-15       
[(DDNXC/313158/YF02989 Armenian, 96 YFS)]PF5252, PF5196J2a1a1b2a1b1a2 approx.FullGenomesCorp       
[(Sin0173 Sindhi SE Pakistan, SK1391)]PF5252, PF5196J2a1a1b2a1b1a3 approx.SK-Stoneking-14 HGDP00173 Mark Stoneking and Ryan Wei (2014) SK1392, SK1393, SK1394     
PF7421, PF7422Z8074, PF5221, PF5177.J2a1a1b2a1b1b approx.found in YF02305 (FT-N76290) and PF13 871-873 Z8069, Z8070, Z8072PrioE J2Pan15a V2 
[PF7418, Z8073]PF7421, PF7422J2a1a1b2a1b1b1found in PF13 871-873, negative in YF02305 (FT-N76290) Y200, Z8073, Z8075, Z8076, Z8077, Z8078PrioF J2Pan15a   
[(Sardinian 871-873)][PF7418, Z8073]J2a1a1b2a1b1b1a approx.PF-Sardinian-15       
[(N76290/YF02305 USA Unknown Origin, ca. 27 YFS)]PF7421, PF7422J2a1a1b2a1b1b2 privateFTDNA-BigY USA Higgins   Val15a   
[(N115337 USA)] ?Z8074, PF5221, PF5177.J2a1a1b2a1b1c privateFTDNA-Geno2 Y37 Burney, 1831-1893, Alabama   Val15a   
S19231/Z7325, Z7332 +32PF5174, PF5199 +10J2a1a1b2a1b2negative in YF02305 PF5177+ (FT-N76290) Z7327, Z7335Basic Sub PrioD J2Pan15a V2,V1 
S25338/Z7279, Z6085 +2S19231/Z7325, Z7332 +32J2a1a1b2a1b2a   Sub PrioD J2Pan15a V2 
{S25269/Z7291, Z7292 +4}S25338/Z7279, Z6085 +2J2a1a1b2a1b2a Inv.   Sub PrioE J2Pan15aV2 V2 
{Z6082, Z7290 +12}{S25269/Z7291, Z7292 +4}J2a1a1b2a1b2a1 approx.   Sub PrioD J2Pan15aV2 V2 
Z6091, Z7276 +7{Z6082, Z7290 +12}J2a1a1b2a1b2a1a  Z7276, Z7278Sub PrioD J2Pan15a V2 
Z7260, Z7259 +9Z6091, Z7276 +7J2a1a1b2a1b2a1a1found in Sri Lankan Tamil, Bengali in Bangladesh  PrioE J2Pan15a   
[(HG03845 Sri Lankan Tamil, 43 Mag13)]Z7260, Z7259 +9J2a1a1b2a1b2a1a1a approx.1000-Genomes-13 Sri Lankan Tamil       
[(HG03012 Bengali Bangladesh, 36 Mag13)]Z7260, Z7259 +9J2a1a1b2a1b2a1a1b approx.1000-Genomes-13 Bengali in Bangladesh       
Z7271, Z7268 +18Z6091, Z7276 +7J2a1a1b2a1b2a1a2found in Gujarati , Sri Lankan Tamil, PGP141  PrioE J2Pan15a V2 
[(HG04003 Sri Lankan Tamil, 54 Mag13)]Z7271, Z7268 +18J2a1a1b2a1b2a1a2a approx.1000-Genomes-13 Sri Lankan Tamil       
[(NA21090 Gujarati Indian, 55 Mag13)]Z7271, Z7268 +18J2a1a1b2a1b2a1a2b approx.1000-Genomes-13 Gujarati Indian       
[SK1390]Z6091, Z7276 +7J2a1a1b2a1b2a1a3SW.Asia  PrioE J2Pan15a   
[(HG02493 Punjabi Lahore, 63 Mag13)][SK1390]J2a1a1b2a1b2a1a3a private1000-Genomes-13       
[(Bal0056 Balochi Iran/Pak.)][SK1390]J2a1a1b2a1b2a1a3b privateSK-Stoneking-14 HGDP00056 Mark Stoneking and Ryan Wei (2014)       
[(PGP141)]Z6091, Z7276 +7J2a1a1b2a1b2a1a4 privatePersGenProj-13 no background or geographic info avail.       
[(415182 Iraq)]Z6091, Z7276 +7J2a1a1b2a1b2a1a5 privateFTDNA-Y-SNP-Pack-J2 Z6091(xSK1390)        
Z34460, Z34457 +3{Z6082, Z7290 +12}J2a1a1b2a1b2a1bHG03905 Bengali, EB-16802 Kapu Andhra-Pradesh  PrioE J2Pan15a   
[(HG03905 Bengali Bangladesh, 44 Mag13)]Z34460, Z34457 +3J2a1a1b2a1b2a1ba private1000-Genomes-13       
[(EB-16802 Kapu Andhra-Pradesh)]Z34460, Z34457 +3J2a1a1b2a1b2a1bb privateEst-Bioc-15 GS000021431-DID India South Asia       
Z42913, Z42915 +21S25338/Z7279, Z6085 +2J2a1a1b2a1b2a2   PrioD    
[(S25338+ Netherland 2 x GoNL)]{S25269/Z7291, Z7292 +4}J2a1a1b2a1b2a2 Inv. privateGoNL-12 Netherland       
{Z42914, Z42918 +5}Z42913, Z42915 +21J2a1a1b2a1b2a2a   PrioE    
{14453565-T>G, 21302399-C>T +14}{Z42914, Z42918 +5}J2a1a1b2a1b2a2a1   PrioP    
[(115615 Qatar)]{14453565-T>G, 21302399-C>T +14}J2a1a1b2a1b2a2a1a privateFTDNA-BigY Al Qassim Fakhro       
[(435926 Qatar)]{14453565-T>G, 21302399-C>T +14}J2a1a1b2a1b2a2a1b privateFTDNA-BigY Fakhro       
[(M7239 Saudi Arabia)]*{Z42914, Z42918 +5}J2a1a1b2a1b2a2a2 privateFTDNA-BigY       
[(205250 Saudi Arabia)]* ?Z42913, Z42915 +21J2a1a1b2a1b2a2b privateFTDNA-BigY Al-Abid       
{Z6092, Z7366 +2}S19231/Z7325, Z7332 +32J2a1a1b2a1b2b   PrioD J2Pan15a V2 
Z7360, Z7358 +59{Z6092, Z7366 +2}J2a1a1b2a1b2b1found in West and South Asia  PrioE J2Pan15a   
[(HG02733 Punjabi Lahore, 36 Mag13)]Z7360, Z7358 +59J2a1a1b2a1b2b1a approx.1000-Genomes-13 Punjabi Lahore,Pakistan       
[(HG04107 Sri Lankan Tamil, 33 Mag13)]Z7360, Z7358 +59J2a1a1b2a1b2b1b approx.1000-Genomes-13 Sri Lankan Tamil       
[(324519 Kuwait)]Z7360, Z7358 +59J2a1a1b2a1b2b1c approx.FTDNA-Y-SNP-Pack-J2 Z7366(xZ8085)        
[Z8090, Z8085 +10]{Z6092, Z7366 +2}J2a1a1b2a1b2b2Sardinian   PrioE J2Pan15a V2 
[(Sardinian 868-870)][Z8090, Z8085 +10]J2a1a1b2a1b2b2a approx.PF-Sardinian-15       
[(248045 New Mexico Geno2)] ?S19231/Z7325, Z7332 +32J2a1a1b2a1b2c PrivateFTDNA-Geno2 Varela 1760 (possibly Jewish-Sephardic-Cohen) unclear status for S25338/Z7279, Z7366, etc.   Val15a   
[(N114846 India Geno2)] ?S19231/Z7325, Z7332 +32J2a1a1b2a1b2d PrivateFTDNA-Geno2 Razack, Uttar Pradesh, unclear status for S25338/Z7279, Z7366, etc.   Val15a   
[(N131396 N.India? Geno2)] ?S19231/Z7325, Z7332 +32J2a1a1b2a1b2d PrivateFTDNA-Geno2 Agrawal, unclear status for S25338/Z7279, Z7366, etc.   Val15a   
[(159217 Saudi Arabia)] ?PF5174, PF5199 +10J2a1a1b2a1b3 PrivateFTDNA-SingleSNP Mecca 1900, unclear status for Z8074, S19231/Z7325, etc.   Val15a   
[(168722 Israelite Samaritan)] ?PF5191, S21554, PF5169. +12{+14}J2a1a1b2a1c PrivateFTDNA-SingleSNP Jewish Tribe of Menashe-Tsafari clan, unclear status for Z8074, S19231/Z7325, etc.   Val15a   
[(259102 Saudi Arabia)] ?PF5191, S21554, PF5169. +12{+14}J2a1a1b2a1d PrivateFTDNA-SingleSNP غانم الغنام, unclear status for Z8074, S19231/Z7325, etc.   Val15a   
[(U2325 Afghanistan)] ?PF5191, S21554, PF5169. +12{+14}J2a1a1b2a1e PrivateFTDNA-Y37 Khan, predicted for PF5174, S19231/Z7325, etc.   Val15a   
[(187519 Tamil India)] ?PF5191, S21554, PF5169. +12{+14}J2a1a1b2a1f PrivateFTDNA-Y37 Madurai, Tamil Nadu, predicted for PF5174, S19231/Z7325, etc.   Val15a   
[(204506 Pakistan)] ?PF5191, S21554, PF5169. +12{+14}J2a1a1b2a1g PrivateFTDNA-Y37 Balochistan, predicted for PF5174, S19231/Z7325, etc.   Val15a   
PH1222, PH180, CTS904.1 +29PF5172, PF5190 +2J2a1a1b2a2   PrioD J2Pan15a V2 
{Z40014, Z40015 +18{+29}}PH1222, PH180, CTS904.1 +29J2a1a1b2a2a   PrioEJ2Pan15a2   
[(217812/YF03340 Armenia, YFS ~16+22)]{Z40014, Z40015 +18{+29}}J2a1a1b2a2a1 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Boghikian 0.64 Val15a   
[(445650 Austria)]{Z40014, Z40015 +18{+29}}J2a1a1b2a2a2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Bereiter, bef. 1615 Vorarlberg        
[(tur-7 Turkey, 15 PH14)]*PH1222, PH180, CTS904.1 +29J2a1a1b2a2b PrivatePH-Hallast-14, Y-STR23 available        
{Z7430, FGC23952/Y8998}PF5197/Z2397, Z2396.xJ2a1a1b2b   Sub PrioD J2Pan15a1V2 
{Z7391.1/2}{Z7430, FGC23952/Y8998}J2a1a1b2b1   Sub PrioE J2Pan15a1V2 
Z7403*, YSC0000253.1/3*, PF4341.1/5* {+36}{Z7391.1/2}J2a1a1b2b1a  Z6067-Z6075Sub PrioD J2Pan15a1V2 
{Z7425, Z7406 +4}Z7403*, YSC0000253.1/3*, PF4341.1/5* {+36}J2a1a1b2b1a down   PrioE J2Pan15a2   
{SK1395/Z7429, Z6073 +43}{Z7425, Z7406 +4}J2a1a1b2b1a down2BigY-449664 SK1395-   PrioE J2Pan15a2   
{FGC23974/Y8991}{SK1395/Z7429, Z6073 +43}J2a1a1b2b1a1   PrioD J2Pan15a V2 
{FGC23975/Y9347, YSC0000246*}{FGC23974/Y8991}J2a1a1b2b1a1a   PrioE J2Pan15a V2 
SK1396/Z7445, SK1399{FGC23975/Y9347, YSC0000246*}J2a1a1b2b1a1a1  Z6078, Z6080, Z6081, Z7445-Z7449, Z7452, Z7453PrioD J2Pan15a V2 
Z29030, Z29031SK1396/Z7445, SK1399J2a1a1b2b1a1a1a  Z7434-Z7444, Z7450, Z7451, Z7454-Z7478PrioF J2Pan15a V2 
[(HG03660 Punjabi Lahore Pak., 16? x Mag13)]Z29030, Z29031J2a1a1b2b1a1a1a1 Private1000-Genomes-13 Punjabi Lahore,Pakistan       
[(HG03021 Punjabi Lahore Pak., 57? x Mag13)]Z29030, Z29031J2a1a1b2b1a1a1a2 Private1000-Genomes-13 Punjabi Lahore Pakistan       
Y9339, Y8992SK1396/Z7445, SK1399J2a1a1b2b1a1a1b   PrioF J2Pan15a V2 
[(NA20884 Gujarati Indian, 22? Mag13)]Y9339, Y8992J2a1a1b2b1a1a1b1 Private1000-Genomes-13 Gujarati Indian PF150.2     
[(M9659/YF02518 Saudi Arabian, X YFS)]Y9339, Y8992J2a1a1b2b1a1a1b2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Aldrees   Val15a   
[(198631 Afghanistan, ? BigY)]SK1396/Z7445, SK1399J2a1a1b2b1a1a1c PrivateFTDNA-BigY Afghanistan Kabul Khan 1850   Val15a   
{YSC0000250, YSC0000252 +?}{FGC23975/Y9347, YSC0000246*}J2a1a1b2b1a1a2Possibly Sephardic, predicted Ashkenazi members  PrioFVal15a   
[(N100032 Mexico/Iberia?)]{YSC0000250, YSC0000252 +?}J2a1a1b2b1a1a2a PrivateFTDNA-BigY Martínez Mexico       
[(524196/YF08506 Venezuela)]{YSC0000250, YSC0000252 +?}J2a1a1b2b1a1a2b PrivateFTDNA-BigY Jose Gregorio Celis Arzola, b. 1892 & d. 1942       
[(FTDNA-YSC250,252 Iberia?)]*{YSC0000250, YSC0000252 +?}J2a1a1b2b1a1a2c PrivateFTDNA-YSC-Internal Costa       
[(Kal0309 Kalash N.Pakistan, SK1401, SK1402)]*{FGC23975/Y9347, YSC0000246*}J2a1a1b2b1a1a3 PrivateSK-Stoneking-14 HGDP00309 Mark Stoneking and Ryan Wei (2014)       
[(Mak0140 Makrani Beluchi, SK1400)]{FGC23974/Y8991}J2a1a1b2b1a1b PrivateSK-Stoneking-14 HGDP00140 Mark Stoneking and Ryan Wei (2014) Z10199.2     
[SK1323, FGC58050, FGC58029, FGC58032 +62]{Z7425, Z7406 +4}J2a1a1b2b1a2 down Private   PrioF    
[(441696/YF06008-YF07733 Kuwait)][SK1323, FGC58050, FGC58029, FGC58032 +62]J2a1a1b2b1a2 down PrivateFTDNA-BigY al-Khamis, b 1898       
[(HG03615 Bengali Bangladesh, 89 Mag13)]{SK1395/Z7429, Z6073 +43}J2a1a1b2b1a2 down2 Private1000-Genomes-13 Bengali in Bangladesh       
[(449664 NE S. Arabia)]Z7403*, YSC0000253.1/3*, PF4341.1/5* {+36}J2a1a1b2b1a2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY منطقه الجوف - Tayy (السرحان-طيء) Al-Jawf, Northeast Saudi Arabia       
[(271582 Saudi Arabia Geno2)] ?Z7403*, YSC0000253.1/3*, PF4341.1/5* {+36}J2a1a1b2b1a3 PrivateFTDNA-Geno2 YSC0000253+, YSC0000246- Judham tribe unclear status for Z7425, FGC23974/Y8991 and FGC23975/Y9347   Val15a   
[(174576 Tunisia)] ?Z7403*, YSC0000253.1/3*, PF4341.1/5* {+36}J2a1a1b2b1a4 PrivateFTDNA-SingleSNP YSC0000253+ YSC0000246- Banu Hilal unclear status for Z7425, FGC23974/Y8991 and FGC23975/Y9347   Val15a   
[(Bal0094 Balochi Iran/Pak., SK?)]{Z7391.1/2}J2a1a1b2b1b PrivateSK-Stoneking-14 HGDP00094 Mark Stoneking and Ryan Wei (2014)       
[(Mak0133 Makrani Beluchi, SK?)]{Z7430, FGC23952/Y8998}J2a1a1b2b2 PrivateSK-Stoneking-14 HGDP00133 Mark Stoneking and Ryan Wei (2014)       
[(M8074 Iraq)] ?{Z7430, FGC23952/Y8998}J2a1a1b2b3 PrivateFTDNA-Y67 Tayy tribe unclear status for SK1395, FGC23974/Y8991, etc.   Val15a