parent IDhierarchical Haplogroup name for this research treenotes (diversity, distribution, etc.)ID b37 pos.equivalent SNP/spriorityPanel Filtersphylotree 2014-11 YSEQ-PanelsY37+ proj. members
PF4597, <u>M172</u>., PF4925 +35 J2M172 is recurrent in HG00436 ASN.CHS O3-F425  Basic PrioAJ2Pan15a M67L24Pan15b1V2,V12400
<u>M410</u>, L559, L505PF4597, <u>M172</u>., PF4925 +35J2a  L152, L212, L505, L532, CTS10036, CTS1030, CTS113, CTS12014, CTS12015, CTS4360, CTS4540, CTS5066, CTS5482, CTS5867, CTS8264, F1183, F1559, F2078, F2418, F2672, F4095, F4100, F4106, F4259, F4266, F4334, F841, PF4499, PF4500, PF4527, PF4891, PF4942, PF4952, PF4953, PF4955, PF4959, PF4982, PF4985, PF4992Basic PrioAJ2Pan15a M67L24Pan15b1V2,V1 
PF4610, PF5104, CTS7683.<u>M410</u>, L559, L505J2a1PF4610: upstream fl. >98% Chr7 etc. Insertion Virus/Transposons at breakpoint  Basic PrioAJ2Pan15a M67L24Pan15b1V2,V1 
<u>L26</u>/Page55/S57, L27/S396PF4610, PF5104, CTS7683.J2a1a  L27/S396, CTS10711, CTS11983, CTS2192, CTS9718, PF4901, PF4984, PF5106, Z1849/PF5089Basic PrioAJ2Pan15a M67L24Pan15b1V2,V1 
PF5087/CTS1230, PF5088.<u>L26</u>/Page55/S57, L27/S396J2a1a1PF5088 slightly better for Primer Design  Basic PrioAJ2Pan15a M67L24Pan15b1V2,V1 
PF5125, PF5116PF5087/CTS1230, PF5088.J2a1a1ano further eq. SNPs found by using 88093 Adams BigY  Basic Sub PrioBJ2Pan15a M67L24Pan15b1V2,V1 
Z2229, PF5119, Z2227.PF5125, PF5116J2a1a1a1  PF5122, PF5123, PF5124, PF5127, PF5134, PF5138, Z2226, Z2228, Z2229, Z2279Basic Sub PrioAJ2Pan15a M67L24Pan15b M67Split1V2,V1 
Z6065Z2229, PF5119, Z2227.J2a1a1a1a   Basic Sub PrioB J2Pan15a V2,V1 
Y8522, Y7708/Z29414Z6065J2a1a1a1a1in 1kG-HG02490 PJL-Punj. and FT-130992 Ukr.  Basic Sub PrioC J2Pan15a V2,V1 
<u>M47</u>, M322, L290 +74Y8522, Y7708/Z29414J2a1a1a1a1a   Basic Sub PrioC J2Pan15a V2,V1 
{Y7690, Y8518 +6}<u>M47</u>, M322, L290 +74J2a1a1a1a1a1   PrioE J2Pan15a2   
Y14678, Y14675{Y7690, Y8518 +6}J2a1a1a1a1a1a   PrioE J2Pan15a V2 
[(M9653/YF02343 Qatar YFS~17)]Y14678, Y14675J2a1a1a1a1a1a1 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Ad Dawhah   Val15a   
[(349182/YF03311 S. Arabia YFS~15)]Y14678, Y14675J2a1a1a1a1a1a2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY from Makkah   Val15a   
[(HG02490 Punjabi)]{Y7690, Y8518 +6}J2a1a1a1a1a1b Private1000-Genomes-13       
[(SRR2098252 Qatar)]{Y7690, Y8518 +6}J2a1a1a1a1a1c PrivateRodriguez-Flores et al.(2016)       
[(245794 Qatar)] ?<u>M47</u>, M322, L290 +74J2a1a1a1a1a2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY        
[(364308 Saudi Arabia)] ?<u>M47</u>, M322, L290 +74J2a1a1a1a1a3 PrivateFTDNA-BigY        
[(M11279 Arab?)] ?<u>M47</u>, M322, L290 +74J2a1a1a1a1a4 PrivateFTDNA-BigY        
[(448237 Iraq)] ?<u>M47</u>, M322, L290 +74J2a1a1a1a1a5 PrivateFTDNA-BigY        
Z39478, Z39476 +5{+10}Y8522, Y7708/Z29414J2a1a1a1a1b   Sub PrioEJ2Pan15aV2 V2 
<u>P81</u>Z39478, Z39476 +5{+10}J2a1a1a1a1b1   Sub PrioEJ2Pan15a V2 
[(130992 Ukraine BigY)]<u>P81</u>J2a1a1a1a1b1a privateFTDNA-BigY Ukraine adopted    Val15a   
Z43660, Z43661 +8Z39478, Z39476 +5{+10}J2a1a1a1a1b2   Sub PrioEJ2Pan15aV2   
[(109098/YF06408 Unknown Origin YFS~68)]Z43660, Z43661 +8J2a1a1a1a1b2a privateFTDNA-BigY Von Wnuck-Lipinski b.c 1825       
[(24003 USA)]Z43660, Z43661 +8J2a1a1a1a1b2b privateFTDNA-BigY Chapman       
Z7532, FGC15782/Y13893 +35Z6065J2a1a1a1a2found in 1kG HG02724 & HG03018 PJL-Punj. and 23417 IT FGC15769, FGC15770, FGC15772, FGC15773, FGC15774, FGC15775, FGC15776, FGC15777, FGC15779, Z7486, Z7488, Z7494, Z7495, Z7497, Z7508, Z7515, Z7516, Z7519, Z7521, Z7525, Z7529, Z7534, Z7537, Z7544, Z7549, Z7552, Z7558, Sub PrioC J2Pan15a V2,V1 
Z7556, Z7503, {Z7554} +57Z7532, FGC15782/Y13893 +35J2a1a1a1a2a   Sub PrioD J2Pan15a V2 
Z7553, Z7551 +11Z7556, Z7503, {Z7554} +57J2a1a1a1a2a1West Asia?  PrioEJ2Pan15aV2   
[(HG02724 Punjabi Mag13 27)]Z7553, Z7551 +11J2a1a1a1a2a1a Private1000-Genomes-13 & Simons-GDP-16       
[(HG03018 Punjabi Mag13 93)]Z7553, Z7551 +11J2a1a1a1a2a1b Private1000-Genomes-13       
[(M10432/YF06065 Lebanon YFS~63)]Z7556, Z7503, {Z7554} +57J2a1a1a1a2a2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY assumed       
[(YF08666)] ?Z7556, Z7503, {Z7554} +57J2a1a1a1a2a3 PrivateFTDNA-BigY assumed       
[(297397 Saudi Arabia)] *?Z7556, Z7503, {Z7554} +57J2a1a1a1a2a4 PrivateFTDNA-SingleSNP-Pack-J2v1 FGC15782+ no Z75** result       
FGC15901, FGC15865 +10Z7532, FGC15782/Y13893 +35J2a1a1a1a2bin FT-23417 Devoni IT and gre-11 Hallast 2014 FGC15788, FGC15865, FGC15866, FGC15875, FGC15876, FGC15878, FGC15889, FGC15897, FGC15901, FGC15906Sub PrioD J2Pan15a V2 
{FGC15895, FGC15896 +11}FGC15901, FGC15865 +10J2a1a1a1a2b1   PrioE J2Pan15aV2 V2 
{FGC15914, FGC15903 +14}{FGC15895, FGC15896 +11}J2a1a1a1a2b1a   PrioD J2Pan15aV2 V2 
[(KVRKP/23417/YF03165 S.Italy L267 YFS 77+12)]{FGC15914, FGC15903 +14}J2a1a1a1a2b1a1 privateFullGenomesCorp Y-Elite Calabria, Cosenza, De Vuono, 1880       
[(139704/YF03910 Armenia YFS 29+10)]{FGC15914, FGC15903 +14}J2a1a1a1a2b1a2 privateFTDNA-BigY Simonian Armenia   Val15a   
[(186370/YF07962 Armenia)]{FGC15914, FGC15903 +14}J2a1a1a1a2b1a3 privateFTDNA-BigY Armenian from Djabaghchur (Bingöl), Turkey       
[(YF08466 S. Arabia)] ?{FGC15914, FGC15903 +14}J2a1a1a1a2b1a3 private? Mekkah       
[(EB-13751 Assyr4 Armenia )]{FGC15895, FGC15896 +11}J2a1a1a1a2b1b privateEst-Bioc-15 Assyr4 EB-13751 Assyrians Nor_Artages_Armavir_Region Armenia       
[(336524/YF07602 England)]?{FGC15895, FGC15896 +11}J2a1a1a1a2b1c privateFTDNA-Y67 YSEQ FGC15895:C+ FGC15914:T- Strudwicke b 1760   Val15a   
[(gre-11 Greek PH14 18)]FGC15901, FGC15865 +10J2a1a1a1a2b2 privatePH-Hallast-14 Di Giacomo 2003 Greek, Y-STR23 available        
CTS4800, Z1846, L558Z2229, PF5119, Z2227.J2a1a1a1bZ2231, CTS4800 have good reads in NGS/BigY. L558 has some ambigous NGS-reads, Z1846 and the other eq. SNPs have many no-reads in NGS/BigY, L558 reliability questioned by ThomasK CTS1382/PF5118/Z1846, CTS4800, CTS4811/PF5152/Z1848, CTS7523, CTS1382/PF5118/Z1846, CTS4800, CTS4811/PF5152/Z1848, CTS7523, Z2231Basic Sub PrioAJ2Pan15a M67L24Pan15b M67Split1V2,V1 
<u>M67</u>/S51, S23034/Z7562CTS4800, Z1846, L558J2a1a1a1b1major subclade, mainly Med spread CTS6372, PF5120, PF5135, PF5143, Z1845, Z1847Basic Sub PrioAJ2Pan15a M67L24Pan15b M67Split1V2,V1 
{Z1847}<u>M67</u>/S51, S23034/Z7562J2a1a1a1b1 Inv.negative in M7018_KSA_BigY_Data_20150516 (positive for all other M67 eq.)  Basic Sub PrioCJ2Pan15a M67L24Pan15b M67Split1V2,(V1) 
PF5132, Z500 +6{Z1847}J2a1a1a1b1a   Basic Sub PrioBJ2Pan15a M67L24Pan15b M67Split1V2,V1 
<u>M92</u>, Z502 +43PF5132, Z500 +6J2a1a1a1b1a1  CTS333, CTS4230/PF5151, PF5149, PF5155, PF5156, PF5158, Z496, Z497, Z499, Z503/PF5153, Z504, Z510, Z511Basic Sub PrioBM67L24Pan15b M67Split1V2,V1 
CTS4132/PF7402, S16400, CTS2906 +17<u>M92</u>, Z502 +43J2a1a1a1b1a1a  CTS4109, CTS4132, CTS4861, FGC20250, FGC20273, FGC20278, PF7402, S16400, S20133.x/2, Z8096Basic Sub PrioCM67L24Pan15b V2 
<u>L560</u>, L556, Y9404 +37CTS4132/PF7402, S16400, CTS2906 +17J2a1a1a1b1a1a1  FGC20403, FGC20405-20416. etc.Sub PrioEM67L24Pan15b V2 
FGC20423/Y11782, FGC20420/Y12105<u>L560</u>, L556, Y9404 +37J2a1a1a1b1a1a1a   Sub PrioFM67L24Pan15b V2 
FGC20419/Y13373, FGC20439/Y12274, FGC20447/Y13375FGC20423/Y11782, FGC20420/Y12105J2a1a1a1b1a1a1a1in FT-163611 & FT-163407, GD=5/68  PrioFM67L24Pan15b   
FGC20417/Y13097, FGC20425/Y13098FGC20419/Y13373, FGC20439/Y12274, FGC20447/Y13375J2a1a1a1b1a1a1a1a   PrioPM67L24Pan15b   
[(163611/DPNAR/YF03006 Ashkenazi B.Swabia YFS 4+0)]FGC20417/Y13097, FGC20425/Y13098J2a1a1a1b1a1a1a1a1 privateFTDNA-BigY Bacharach Germany BigY-FGC-DPNAR 2014-09   Val15b   
[(N79686/YF03026 Ashkenazi B.Swabia YFS 1+0)]FGC20417/Y13097, FGC20425/Y13098J2a1a1a1b1a1a1a1a2 privateFTDNA-BigY Bacharach, 1770 Germany   Val15b   
A11793, A11791FGC20419/Y13373, FGC20439/Y12274, FGC20447/Y13375J2a1a1a1b1a1a1a1b   PrioPM67L24Pan15b2   
[(170586/YF03982 Ashkenazi, YFS 3+2)]A11793, A11791J2a1a1a1b1a1a1a1b1 privateFTDNA-BigY Bachrach (ca 1883-1936) Brest, Belarus       
[(163407/D3KG2/YF06974? Ashkenazi Hesse, FGC 4)]A11793, A11791J2a1a1a1b1a1a1a1b2 privateFTDNA-BigY FGC-D3KG2 2014-09 Bacharach, b. 1761, Fellheim, Bavaria   Val15b   
[(162966/YF03684 Ashkenazi Moldova YFS 4+1)]FGC20419/Y13373, FGC20439/Y12274, FGC20447/Y13375J2a1a1a1b1a1a1a1c privateFTDNA-BigY    Val15b   
[(YF05701 Ashkenazi Germany)]FGC20419/Y13373, FGC20439/Y12274, FGC20447/Y13375J2a1a1a1b1a1a1a1d privateFTDNA-BigY        
[(YF05694 Ashkenazi Czechia)]FGC20419/Y13373, FGC20439/Y12274, FGC20447/Y13375J2a1a1a1b1a1a1a1e privateFTDNA-BigY        
Y22280FGC20423/Y11782, FGC20420/Y12105J2a1a1a1b1a1a1a2   PrioFM67L24Pan15b2   
[Y19681, Y20053, Y7573]Y22280J2a1a1a1b1a1a1a2a   PrioPM67L24Pan15b2   
[(23075/YF02877 Puerto Rico/Unknown YFS 3+1)][Y19681, Y20053, Y7573]J2a1a1a1b1a1a1a2a1 privateFTDNA-BigY    Val15b   
[(187786/YF05074 Ashkenazi Lithuania YFS 0+1)][Y19681, Y20053, Y7573]J2a1a1a1b1a1a1a2a2 privateFTDNA-BigY Abram Gold, b.1766 Belarus       
[(272767/YF05679 Ashkenazi Poland)][Y19681, Y20053, Y7573]J2a1a1a1b1a1a1a2a3 privateFTDNA-BigY Sperling b. ca 1740 in Olszany (Y) PL       
[(112842/YF02837 Ashkenazi Romania, YFS 4+0)]Y22280J2a1a1a1b1a1a1a2b privateFTDNA-BigY Rosenberg Romania   Val15b   
[(223292/YF05793 Ashkenazi Germany)]Y22280J2a1a1a1b1a1a1a2c privateFTDNA-BigY Francis Louis Bamberger, b 1825 d 1888 DE       
Y9005, Z40268<u>L560</u>, L556, Y9404 +37J2a1a1a1b1a1a1bin FT-354615 Huebscher & FT-132750 Smiloff, GD=7/68 YFC062333/YFS292787 rec. unreliable?PrioFM67L24Pan15b V2 
Y13511Y9005, Z40268J2a1a1a1b1a1a1b1   PrioFM67L24Pan15b   
Y20339Y13511J2a1a1a1b1a1a1b1a   PrioPM67L24Pan15b2   
[(211627/YF03108 Ashkenazi Baden-Würt. YFS 3+2)]Y20339J2a1a1a1b1a1a1b1a1 privateFTDNA-BigY Weil, 1385 Germany   Val15b   
[(32D6E/240551/YF05335 Ashkenazi Frankfurt YFS 17+14)]Y20339J2a1a1a1b1a1a1b1a2 privateFullGenomesCorp Y-Elite2 WEIL [RINDSKOPF] ca 1535 of Frankfurt Germany       
[(354615/YF02222 Ashkenazi Ukraine, YFS 3+1)]Y13511J2a1a1a1b1a1a1b1b privateFTDNA-BigY Huebscher Ukraine   Val15b   
[(78928/YF03774 Ashkenazi Russia YFS 7+0)]Y13511J2a1a1a1b1a1a1b1c PrivateFTDNA-BigY Augustow       
[(150121/YF04187 Ashkenazi Romania YFS 0+1)]Y13511J2a1a1a1b1a1a1b1d privateFTDNA-BigY Nacht, b. 1831        
[(8811/YF06507 Ashkenazi Lithuania)]Y13511J2a1a1a1b1a1a1b1e privateFTDNA-BigY Gggf Yehodal (Lebeau) Issroff c.1800,Linkuva,Lith.       
[(PGP hu04D9CD USA)]Y13511J2a1a1a1b1a1a1b1f privatePersGenProj-16 Massachusetts        
[(132750/YF02528 Ashkenazi Ukraine YFS 1+1)]Y9005, Z40268J2a1a1a1b1a1a1b3 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Shmilofsky,1830   Val15b   
[PF7398, PF7403 +10]CTS4132/PF7402, S16400, CTS2906 +17J2a1a1a1b1a1a2in PF Sardinian 864-867 M3902.x/2, 12 x PFSub PrioEM67L24Pan15b V2 
[Z8104, Z8107 +7][PF7398, PF7403 +10]J2a1a1a1b1a1a2ain PF Sardinian 865-867  PrioEM67L24Pan15b2   
[Z28631][Z8104, Z8107 +7]J2a1a1a1b1a1a2a1in PF Sardinian 866-867  PrioFM67L24Pan15b2   
[(Sardinian 866 PF 9)][Z28631]J2a1a1a1b1a1a2a1a privatePF-Sardinian-13       
[(ERS256852 Sardinian PF13-867/PF15-862, PF 6)][Z28631]J2a1a1a1b1a1a2a1b privatePF-Sardinian-13       
[(Sardinian 865 PF 6)][Z8104, Z8107 +7]J2a1a1a1b1a1a2a2 privatePF-Sardinian-13       
[(Sardinian 865 PF 17)][PF7398, PF7403 +10]J2a1a1a1b1a1a2b privatePF-Sardinian-13       
[S8230/SK1352, Z38467]CTS4132/PF7402, S16400, CTS2906 +17J2a1a1a1b1a1a3   PrioDM67L24Pan15b2 V2 
[Z38463][S8230/SK1352, Z38467]J2a1a1a1b1a1a3a   PrioEM67L24Pan15b2   
[CTS1225, Z38469, PH2651 +6][Z38463]J2a1a1a1b1a1a3a1   PrioEM67L24Pan15b2 V2 
[(NA20765 Tuscan Mag13 64)][CTS1225, Z38469, PH2651 +6]J2a1a1a1b1a1a3a1a private1000-Genomes-13, Hallast  CTS8502, CTS11017, CTS12130, CTS12173, PF7397     
[(PH2651 Netherlands 2x)][CTS1225, Z38469, PH2651 +6]J2a1a1a1b1a1a3a1b privateGoNL-12 Genome of Netherlands 2 samples, no ID assignation possible       
[(N44462 USA)] ?[CTS1225, Z38469, PH2651 +6]J2a1a1a1b1a1a3a1c privateFTDNA-BigY-Match Anthony Mitten (adopted), b. 1937        
[(396281 Germany)] ?[CTS1225, Z38469, PH2651 +6]J2a1a1a1b1a1a3a1d privateFTDNA-BigY John Richter bc 1750; 1800 Somerset>Fayette Co. PA       
[(243881 S.Italy)][Z38463]J2a1a1a1b1a1a3a2 privateFTDNA-BigY Errico b.~1753, Roccamonfina, Caserta, IT       
[(423013/YF04715 France)][S8230/SK1352, Z38467]J2a1a1a1b1a1a3b privateFTDNA-BigY Jouin, Saint-Nic, Brittany       
[(311816/DHBCX Aklob FGC 36)]CTS4132/PF7402, S16400, CTS2906 +17J2a1a1a1b1a1a4 privateFTDNA-BigY Aklob BigY-FGC-DHBCX 2014-09 Arab   Val15b   
[(39654/YF04148 Netherlands)]?CTS4132/PF7402, S16400, CTS2906 +17J2a1a1a1b1a1a5 privateFTDNA-BigY Zanders, b.1375       
[(Sardinian 863 PF 20)]CTS4132/PF7402, S16400, CTS2906 +17J2a1a1a1b1a1a6 privatePF-Sardinian-13       
PF7412.<u>M92</u>, Z502 +43J2a1a1a1b1a1b   Sub PrioEM67L24Pan15b V2 
Z6253, Z517, Z515. +2PF7412.J2a1a1a1b1a1b1  Z516, Z6253Sub PrioDM67L24Pan15b V2 
Z6257, Z6255 +17Z6253, Z517, Z515. +2J2a1a1a1b1a1b1a   PrioDM67L24Pan15bV2 V2 
CTS10662, CTS3330, Z28050 +26Z6257, Z6255 +17J2a1a1a1b1a1b1a1  CTS710, CTS5570, Z6254, Z6255, Z6256, Z6258, + more Mag13PrioEM67L24Pan15b V2 
[(NA20513 Tuscan Mag13 30)]CTS10662, CTS3330, Z28050 +26J2a1a1a1b1a1b1a1a private1000-Genomes-13 CTS497     
[(NA20827 Tuscan Mag13 80)]CTS10662, CTS3330, Z28050 +26J2a1a1a1b1a1b1a1b private1000-Genomes-13 Y1372.x/2     
Y20196, Y20197 +4Z6257, Z6255 +17J2a1a1a1b1a1b1a2   PrioEM67L24Pan15b2   
Y21182, Y21186 +20Y20196, Y20197 +4J2a1a1a1b1a1b1a2a   PrioEM67L24Pan15b2   
[(ERS256847 Sardinian PF13-862/PF15-857)]Y21182, Y21186 +20J2a1a1a1b1a1b1a2a1 privatePF-Sardinian-13       
[(ERS256845 Sardinian PF13-860/PF15-855)]Y21182, Y21186 +20J2a1a1a1b1a1b1a2a2 privatePF-Sardinian-13       
[(374659/YF04514 USA YFS 11+20)]Y20196, Y20197 +4J2a1a1a1b1a1b1a2b privateFTDNA-BigY Johnson unknown ancestor USA       
[(SRR2098245 Qatar)]Y20196, Y20197 +4J2a1a1a1b1a1b1a2c private Rodriguez-Flores et al.(2016)       
[(NA20815 Tuscan Mag13 9+60)]Z6253, Z517, Z515. +2J2a1a1a1b1a1b1b private1000-Genomes-13 CTS4022, CTS4445, CTS487, CTS3292, CTS3720, CTS4445, CTS6644, CTS6874, CTS6924, CTS7358, CTS7518, CTS12685     
[(174923 Germany Geno 2.0)]Z6253, Z517, Z515. +2J2a1a1a1b1a1b1c privateFTDNA-Geno2 Müller   Val15b   
SK1344, Z36892 +3PF7412.J2a1a1a1b1a1b2   Sub PrioDM67L24Pan15b V2 
[(262623/YF03530 Irish? YFS 21+19)]SK1344, Z36892 +3J2a1a1a1b1a1b2a PrivateFTDNA-BigY unknown father 20th cent. Limerick, Ireland   Val15b   
[(37053/YF05862 Portugal)]SK1344, Z36892 +3J2a1a1a1b1a1b2b PrivateFTDNA-BigY Francisco Alonso Gonzalez, b. about 1670 Mexico       
[(296045 Iraq)]SK1344, Z36892 +3J2a1a1a1b1a1b2c PrivateFTDNA-BigY Alchalabi only Y-STR12 available   Val15b   
[(N12720 Turkey BigY)]<u>M92</u>, Z502 +43J2a1a1a1b1a1c need YFull/FGCFTDNA-BigY Hordolos/sh, 17th century, Rize, eastern black sea   Val15b   
[(297751 Poland BigY)] ?<u>M92</u>, Z502 +43J2a1a1a1b1a1d need YFull/FGCFTDNA-BigY   Val15b   
[(429151 Kuwait)] ?<u>M92</u>, Z502 +43J2a1a1a1b1a1e need YFull/FGCFTDNA-BigY       
FGC20157/Y6240, Y6243, PF7394.PF5132, Z500 +6J2a1a1a1b1a2PF7394: 95.5% X and bad NGS coverage  Sub PrioCM67L24Pan15b M67Split1V2,V1 
{FGC20118, Z28583 +1}FGC20157/Y6240, Y6243, PF7394.J2a1a1a1b1a2a   Sub PrioDM67L24Pan15b V2 
PF7390, PF7392, PF7395{FGC20118, Z28583 +1}J2a1a1a1b1a2a1found in Geno 2.0 IT, GR  Sub PrioEM67L24Pan15b V2 
[A457]PF7390, PF7392, PF7395J2a1a1a1b1a2a1a approx.GD 4/37 FT-149281 Greece, FT-N16888 Italy  PrioFM67L24Pan15b   
[(149281/YF02044 Ionan Greek YFS 37+36+31)][A457]J2a1a1a1b1a2a1a1 PrivateFTDNA-BigY   Val15b   
[(ERS256843 Sardinian 858/853)]PF7390, PF7392, PF7395J2a1a1a1b1a2a1a1 PrivatePF-Sardinian-13       
[(346437 USA BigY)] ?PF7390, PF7392, PF7395J2a1a1a1b1a2a1a2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Bennett; b. 1871        
[(416223 Sweden)] ?PF7390, PF7392, PF7395J2a1a1a1b1a2a1a3 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Bruér 1749 Vänersborg        
[(spa-14 Spanish PH)]PF7390, PF7392, PF7395J2a1a1a1b1a2a1a4 PrivatePH-Hallast-14       
[(tur-21 Turkish PH)]PF7390, PF7392, PF7395J2a1a1a1b1a2a1a5 PrivatePH-Hallast-14 Turkey       
[(342919/YF06318? Lebanon, BigY)]{FGC20118, Z28583 +1}J2a1a1a1b1a2a2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Fiaa, Hydar, 1832    Val15b   
PH4273/Z30456FGC20157/Y6240, Y6243, PF7394.J2a1a1a1b1a2b   PrioEM67L24Pan15b V2 
[(21636/YF02116 Poland YFS 27+34+29)]PH4273/Z30456J2a1a1a1b1a2b1 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Pomorski, Piotrowski, 1760   Val15b   
[(nep-0385 Nepalese PH)]PH4273/Z30456J2a1a1a1b1a2b2 PrivatePH-Hallast-14       
{FGC7860/Y4036}{Z1847}J2a1a1a1b1b Inv.   Basic Sub PrioEJ2Pan15aV2 M67L24Pan15bV21V2,(V1) 
Z467{FGC7860/Y4036}J2a1a1a1b1b1YSEQ: likely not stable for phylogenetic work  Basic Sub PrioDJ2Pan15a M67L24Pan15b M67Split1V2,(V1) 
Z447, Z458 +5Z467J2a1a1a1b1b1aGeno 2.0 N136769 Khoury Nemnom Leb CTS2152, CTS9880, CTS9425, CTS9000 (negative: L210, L218, L227, Z470, Z472, Z461, Z463, Z466 )Basic Sub PrioCM67L24Pan15b M67Split1V2,(V1) 
L742, <u>L210</u>, Z474 +18{+70}Z447, Z458 +5J2a1a1a1b1b1a1   Basic Sub PrioBM67L24Pan15b M67Split1V2,V1 
{Z489.}L742, <u>L210</u>, Z474 +18{+70}J2a1a1a1b1b1a1a94.2% X negative in L210+ FT-227131 Syr, FT-204147 Cre  Sub PrioEM67L24Pan15b (V2,V1) 
Z482, Y9001{Z489.}J2a1a1a1b1b1a1a1   Sub PrioCM67L24Pan15b V2 
Z478, Z487 +33Z482, Y9001J2a1a1a1b1b1a1a1a   Sub PrioEM67L24Pan15b V2 
([NA20801 Tuscan 14 Mag13])Z478, Z487 +33J2a1a1a1b1b1a1a1a1 approx.1000Genomes CTS8180, Z490, Z491     
([NA20787 Tuscan 22 Mag13])Z478, Z487 +33J2a1a1a1b1b1a1a1a2 approx.1000Genomes PR1652, Z486     
Y15245/Z30388, Y15224/Z30376, Y15242/Z30386 +8Z482, Y9001J2a1a1a1b1b1a1a1b   Sub PrioEM67L24Pan15b M67Split V2 
{Y15240, Y23453, Y23454}Y15245/Z30388, Y15224/Z30376, Y15242/Z30386 +8J2a1a1a1b1b1a1a1b A sub   PrioE    
Y15246/Z30389, Y15225/Z30377, Y15247/Z30390 +11{Y15240, Y23453, Y23454}J2a1a1a1b1b1a1a1b B subAshkenazi: Schweitzer, ben Kalonymos. Lewkowicz, Kantrowitz,  PrioEM67L24Pan15b2   
Y15238, Y15241Y15246/Z30389, Y15225/Z30377, Y15247/Z30390 +11J2a1a1a1b1b1a1a1b1ben Kalonymos. Lewkowicz, Kantrowitz,  PrioFM67L24Pan15b M67Split   
Y16180/Z36098Y15238, Y15241J2a1a1a1b1b1a1a1b1aLewkowicz, Kantrowitz,  PrioPM67L24Pan15b M67Split   
Z36097Y16180/Z36098J2a1a1a1b1b1a1a1b1a1   PrioPM67L24Pan15b2   
[(51341/YF02520 Ashkenazi Poland YFS 3+3)]Z36097J2a1a1a1b1b1a1a1b1a1a PrivateFTDNA-BigY Lewkowicz, 1790   Val15b   
[(102074/YF03771 Ashkenazi Belarus YFS 0+1)]Z36097J2a1a1a1b1b1a1a1b1a1b PrivateFTDNA-BigY Kantrowitz, 1810,    Val15b   
[(232334/YF03731 Ashkenazi Belarus YFS 1+3)]Y16180/Z36098J2a1a1a1b1b1a1a1b1a2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Ginsberg, 1891   Val15b   
[(383884/YF03372 Ashkenazi Germany, YFS 5+1)]Y15238, Y15241J2a1a1a1b1b1a1a1b1b PrivateFTDNA-BigY Bavaria, Loeb ben Kalonymos, 1781    Val15b   
Y24492Y15246/Z30389, Y15225/Z30377, Y15247/Z30390 +11J2a1a1a1b1b1a1a1b2 Private   PrioF    
[(387549/YF03901 Ashkenazi Poland, YFS 6+6)]Y24492J2a1a1a1b1b1a1a1b2a PrivateFTDNA-BigY Zychlin, Kelmer, 1831       
[(488190/YF07138 Berlin)]Y24492J2a1a1a1b1b1a1a1b2b PrivateFTDNA-BigY Berlin/Pommern Germany       
[(YF08197 Ukraine)] ?Y24492J2a1a1a1b1b1a1a1b2c PrivateFTDNA-BigY        
[(29156/YF03667 Ashkenazi Hungary, YFS 2+0)]Y15246/Z30389, Y15225/Z30377, Y15247/Z30390 +11J2a1a1a1b1b1a1a1b3 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Schweitzer 1779   Val15b   
[(367319/YF04730 England, YFS )]Y15246/Z30389, Y15225/Z30377, Y15247/Z30390 +11J2a1a1a1b1b1a1a1b4 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Levy b.1799 (Possible Levite)       
[(279276 Ashkenazi Bavaria)] ?Y15246/Z30389, Y15225/Z30377, Y15247/Z30390 +11J2a1a1a1b1b1a1a1b5 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Straus b.1827 Bavaria Germany       
[(N147294/YF06753 South Italy YFS)]{Y15240, Y23453, Y23454}J2a1a1a1b1b1a1a1b5 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Aliano, 1770's Matera, Basilicata       
[(N70674 North Italy)] ?*Y15245/Z30388, Y15224/Z30376, Y15242/Z30386 +8J2a1a1a1b1b1a1a1b5 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Cottini, Caravate, Varese, Lombardia; also N155778 USA       
[(QJUGBA/252114/YF01661 Unknown Origin, 58 FGC)]{Z489.}J2a1a1a1b1b1a1a2 PrivateFullGenomesCorp Berry Unknown Origin FGC3365-FGC3423     
[(E4203 Bulgaria)] ?{Z489.}J2a1a1a1b1b1a1a3 PrivateFTDNA-SingleSNP Vitkov, b. 1921, unclear status for Z482, etc.   Val15b   
[(204147 Crete)]{Z489.}J2a1a1a1b1b1a1a4 PrivateFTDNA-SingleSNP study sample (King et al.) Greece   Val15b   
Z44000, Z44001, CTS7577 +5L742, <u>L210</u>, Z474 +18{+70}J2a1a1a1b1b1a1b1   PrioEM67L24Pan15b M67Split   
[(278654 Tyrol)]Z44000, Z44001, CTS7577 +5J2a1a1a1b1b1a1b1a PrivateFTDNA-BigY Josef S. Bauhofer ~1755, Klausen, South Tyrol, Austria       
[(NA20521 Tuscan, ? Mag13)]Z44000, Z44001, CTS7577 +5J2a1a1a1b1b1a1b1b Private1000Genomes CTS8199, CTS11415     
[(29875 Sicily)]L742, <u>L210</u>, Z474 +18{+70}J2a1a1a1b1b1a1b2 PrivateFTDNA-SingleSNP-Pack Russo, 1858, Messina, Sicily, S. Italy       
[(N136769 Mount Lebanon, Geno 2.0)]Z447, Z458 +5J2a1a1a1b1b1a2 PrivateFTDNA-Geno2 N136769 Khoury Nemnom Lebanon J-Z447 J-CTS2152   Val15b   
S25258, FGC21348, +7Z467J2a1a1a1b1b1b   Sub PrioCM67L24Pan15b M67Split V2 
SK1336, FGC21370, +17S25258, FGC21348, +7J2a1a1a1b1b1b158  Sub PrioDM67L24Pan15b M67Split V2 
{FGC21360, SK1335, +34}SK1336, FGC21370, +17J2a1a1a1b1b1b1a   Sub PrioDM67L24Pan15b M67Split V2 
SK1337, FGC21419, +2{FGC21360, SK1335, +34}J2a1a1a1b1b1b1a1   PrioEM67L24Pan15b M67Split V2 
{[FGC21425, FGC21415, +19]}SK1337, FGC21419, +2J2a1a1a1b1b1b1a1aDYS495=10  PrioPM67L24Pan15b M67Split   
[(B1300/YF02101 Ireland, YFS 3+0)] {[FGC21425, FGC21415, +19]}J2a1a1a1b1b1b1a1a1 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Donegal, Godwin,1854   Val15b   
[(225696/YF03752 USA, YFS 5+2)]{[FGC21425, FGC21415, +19]}J2a1a1a1b1b1b1a1a2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Evans 1911   Val15b   
[(101355/UJ6YX Ireland, ? BigY)]{[FGC21425, FGC21415, +19]}J2a1a1a1b1b1b1a1a3 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Martin, 1642, no YFS with YF02101 and YF03752 in BigY-CSV   Val15b   
[(40393/YF04312 Scotland,BigY)}{[FGC21425, FGC21415, +19]}J2a1a1a1b1b1b1a1a4 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Scott-Foster/Flemmon, no YFS with YF02101 and YF03752 in BigY-CSV       
[(70515 Germany?, ? BigY)]SK1337, FGC21419, +2J2a1a1a1b1b1b1a1b PrivateFTDNA-BigY Mann   Val15b   
[(PGP55 USA)] ?SK1337, FGC21419, +2J2a1a1a1b1b1b1a1c PrivatePersGenProj-13 White from New York       
[Y16354, Y16357, +2]{FGC21360, SK1335, +34}J2a1a1a1b1b1b1a2   PrioEM67L24Pan15b2 V2 
[(139708/YF03576 S.Germany, YFS 21+10)][Y16354, Y16357, +2]J2a1a1a1b1b1b1a2a PrivateFTDNA-BigY Bavaria, Frank, 1715   Val15b   
[(18790/YF03776 Basilicata, YFS~16)][Y16354, Y16357, +2]J2a1a1a1b1b1b1a2b PrivateFTDNA-BigY Matera, Procci, 1906 Italy   Val15b   
[(N60728 Sicily, ? BigY)]SK1336, FGC21370, +17J2a1a1a1b1b1b1b PrivateFTDNA-BigY Catania, DiMauro, 1770   Val15b   
[(217698 S.Italy)] ?SK1336, FGC21370, +17J2a1a1a1b1b1b1c PrivateFTDNA-BigY Mancini, San Giovanne in Fiore, Calabria       
[S21160, PH2758, +10]S25258, FGC21348, +7J2a1a1a1b1b1b2   Sub PrioDM67L24Pan15b M67Split V2 
[(339017/YF03709 Basilicata, ? BigY)][S21160, PH2758, +10]J2a1a1a1b1b1b2a PrivateFTDNA-BigY Russo, 1885 Italy   Val15b   
[(168536/YF06469 NE.Germany)] ?[S21160, PH2758, +10]J2a1a1a1b1b1b2b PrivateFTDNA-BigY Koepke, 1847 Putzar, Germany       
[(gre-77 Greek PH14)][S21160, PH2758, +10]J2a1a1a1b1b1b2c PrivatePH-Hallast-14    M67Split   
[(Sardinian 845 PF15)][S21160, PH2758, +10]J2a1a1a1b1b1b2d PrivatePF-Sardinian-15    M67Split   
[(S21160 Netherland GoNL 2-4x)][S21160, PH2758, +10]J2a1a1a1b1b1b2e PrivateGoNL-12    M67Split   
FGC45722, FGC43535Z467J2a1a1a1b1b1c   PrioDM67L24Pan15b2   
M166FGC45722, FGC43535J2a1a1a1b1b1c1   PrioEM67L24Pan15b2   
[(SSM079 Singapore)] ?M166J2a1a1a1b1b1c1a PrivateSE Asia, Singapore Sequencing Malay Project (SSMP) Asia       
[(74BYL/405068 Ireland)]FGC45722, FGC43535J2a1a1a1b1b1c2 PrivateFullGenomesCorp WGS-10x Simpson 1784-1861 Connacht        
[Z28551, Z6268 +6]{FGC7860/Y4036}J2a1a1a1b1b2PF15 Sardinian 846-847 and 143924_IberiaX_BigY   Sub PrioDM67L24Pan15b M67Split V2 
[Z6267, Z6270][Z28551, Z6268 +6]J2a1a1a1b1b2aPF15 Sardinian 846-847  PrioEM67L24Pan15b M67Split V2 
[(Sardinian 846 PF15 11)][Z6267, Z6270]J2a1a1a1b1b2a1 privatePF-Sardinian-15   M67Split   
[(Sardinian 847 PF15 19)][Z6267, Z6270]J2a1a1a1b1b2a2 privatePF-Sardinian-15   M67Split   
[Y16994-Y17063][Z28551, Z6268 +6]J2a1a1a1b1b2b   PrioF    
[(143924/YF03978 Med? YFS 1+3)][Y16994-Y17063]J2a1a1a1b1b2b1 privateFTDNA-BigY Carrico   Val15b   
[(145426/YF04066 Med? YFS 1+2)][Y16994-Y17063]J2a1a1a1b1b2b2 privateFTDNA-BigY Carrico       
Z7671{Z1847}J2a1a1a1b1cYF01903 RUS is CTS3261-  Basic Sub PrioBJ2Pan15a M67L24Pan15b M67Split V2,V1 
CTS900, CTS3261 +2Z7671J2a1a1a1b1c1   Basic Sub PrioBM67L24Pan15b M67Split V2,V1 
CTS5596, CTS6619 {+36}CTS900, CTS3261 +2J2a1a1a1b1c1 down   Basic Sub PrioBM67L24Pan15b2   
Z6252, CTS6804, Y3019 +1CTS5596, CTS6619 {+36}J2a1a1a1b1c1a   Basic Sub PrioBM67L24Pan15b V2 
Y6964, Y6965 +27Z6252, CTS6804, Y3019 +1J2a1a1a1b1c1a1possible downstream split: Y3630, Y3640, Y10722  Basic Sub PrioCM67L24Pan15b V2 
{Y3640}Y6964, Y6965 +27J2a1a1a1b1c1a1a   Sub PrioDM67L24Pan15b V2 
Y3629, Y3626 +9{Y3640}J2a1a1a1b1c1a1a1   Sub PrioDM67L24Pan15b V2 
Y6958, Y10725 +6Y3629, Y3626 +9J2a1a1a1b1c1a1a1a   PrioEM67L24Pan15b V2 
Y11149, Y10727Y6958, Y10725 +6J2a1a1a1b1c1a1a1a1   PrioEM67L24Pan15b   
[(276210/YF02141 Ingushetia YFS~10)]Y11149, Y10727J2a1a1a1b1c1a1a1a1a privateFTDNA-BigY Hamkhoy, Albakov    Val15b   
[(271870/YF02732 Ingushetia YFS~8)]Y11149, Y10727J2a1a1a1b1c1a1a1a1b privateFTDNA-BigY Egakhoy, Owsh nyaqan, Aushev    Val15b   
[Y11148, Y11147]Y6958, Y10725 +6J2a1a1a1b1c1a1a1a2   PrioFM67L24Pan15b   
[(230560/YF01600 Chechen YFS~6)][Y11148, Y11147]J2a1a1a1b1c1a1a1a2a privateFTDNA-BigY Nuohoy-Bohur gar, Arsanov   Val15b   
[(291894/YF02760 Chechen YFS~8)][Y11148, Y11147]J2a1a1a1b1c1a1a1a2b privateFTDNA-BigY Sattoy-T'aip gar, Isaev   Val15b   
Y7802, Y7801, {Y7291} +2Y3629, Y3626 +9J2a1a1a1b1c1a1a1b   PrioDM67L24Pan15b V2 
Y7800, Y7292Y7802, Y7801, {Y7291} +2J2a1a1a1b1c1a1a1b1   PrioFM67L24Pan15b   
[Y7799, Y7685 +3]Y7800, Y7292J2a1a1a1b1c1a1a1b1a   PrioFM67L24Pan15b   
[Y7798][Y7799, Y7685 +3]J2a1a1a1b1c1a1a1b1a1   PrioFM67L24Pan15b2   
[(292528/YF02252 Chechen YFS~7)][Y7798]J2a1a1a1b1c1a1a1b1a1a privateFTDNA-BigY Kurchaloy-Bersi gar, Ibragimov   Val15b   
[(313878/YF02371 Chechen YFS~6)][Y7798]J2a1a1a1b1c1a1a1b1a1b privateFTDNA-BigY Belgatoy-'Albakh'ad gar, Makhmudov   Val15b   
[(YF05094 Chechen)][Y7799, Y7685 +3]J2a1a1a1b1c1a1a1b1a2 privateFTDNA-BigY ?       
[(172711/YF01460 Chechen YFS~4)]Y7800, Y7292J2a1a1a1b1c1a1a1b1b privateFTDNA-BigY Ts'ontroy- Tezkkhalloy gar, Sultanov   Val15b   
[(309661/YF03257 Ingushetia YFS~18)]Y7802, Y7801, {Y7291} +2J2a1a1a1b1c1a1a1b2 privateFTDNA-BigY Kh"ulkhoy, Khalukhaev   Val15b   
[(294257/YF04335 Georgia YFS~9)]Y7802, Y7801, {Y7291} +2J2a1a1a1b1c1a1a1b3 privateFTDNA-BigY Mtiuleti, Chitishvili YFull-Shalva       
{Y17408, Y17406 +17}{Y3640}J2a1a1a1b1c1a1a2   PrioEM67L24Pan15b V2 
[(355494/YF02715 Chechen YFS~9)]{Y17408, Y17406 +17}J2a1a1a1b1c1a1a2a privateFTDNA-BigY Chechen   Val15b   
[(YF04114 Chechen YFS~10)]{Y17408, Y17406 +17}J2a1a1a1b1c1a1a2b privateFTDNA-BigY Chechen       
Y18399+8, Y18824+15Y6964, Y6965 +27J2a1a1a1b1c1a1b private   PrioFM67L24Pan15bV2 V2 
[(254618/YF04224? USA BigY)]Y18399+8, Y18824+15J2a1a1a1b1c1a1b1 privateFTDNA-BigY USA, S. Carolina, Brewer, 1792 YF-Admin Sintar   Val15b   
[(143903 USA BigY)]Y18399+8, Y18824+15J2a1a1a1b1c1a1b2 privateFTDNA-BigY USA, Arthur Brewer B.~1765 PittCo.NC       
[(174834/YF04560? USA)]Y18399+8, Y18824+15J2a1a1a1b1c1a1b3 privateFTDNA-BigY USA, Jas.Isaac Brewer b1866 NC       
Z36450, FGC43941Z6252, CTS6804, Y3019 +1J2a1a1a1b1c1a2   PrioDM67L24Pan15b2 V2 
Z8114, Z36451Z36450, FGC43941J2a1a1a1b1c1a2a   PrioDM67L24Pan15b2   
[(HG02236 Spanish)]Z8114, Z36451J2a1a1a1b1c1a2a1 private1000-Genomes-13       
[(Sardinian 848-850 PF15)]Z8114, Z36451J2a1a1a1b1c1a2a2 privatePF-Sardinian-15       
[(6EXVY/N142940/YF05347 Netherland)]Z36450, FGC43941J2a1a1a1b1c1a2b privateFullGenomesCorp Boer       
PH3193, CTS603, CTS4304. +25Z6252, CTS6804, Y3019 +1J2a1a1a1b1c1a3   PrioDM67L24Pan15b2   
Z40557, Z40558 +4{+8}PH3193, CTS603, CTS4304. +25J2a1a1a1b1c1a3a   PrioEM67L24Pan15b2   
[(NA20534 Tuscan)]Z40557, Z40558 +4{+8}J2a1a1a1b1c1a3a1 private1000-Genomes-13       
[(478974/YF06105 Latvia)]Z40557, Z40558 +4{+8}J2a1a1a1b1c1a3a2 privateFTDNA-BigY de Pala, mentioned 1290, Riga       
[(tur-14 Turkey, PH 13)]PH3193, CTS603, CTS4304. +25J2a1a1a1b1c1a3b privatePH-Hallast et al 2014, Y-STR23 available       
[(173955 Unk. Origin)] ??Z6252, CTS6804, Y3019 +1J2a1a1a1b1c1a4 privateFTDNA-BigY       
Y11202, Y11860, Y11200 +5CTS5596, CTS6619 {+36}J2a1a1a1b1c1b   Sub PrioCM67L24Pan15b V2 
Z30700, Z30695, Z30688 +11Y11202, Y11860, Y11200 +5J2a1a1a1b1c1b1found in HG01402 Puerto Rican, BR2 ancient HU, GS000035685 GE  Sub PrioDM67L24Pan15b V2 
Z30686, Z30685, Z30679 +14Z30700, Z30695, Z30688 +11J2a1a1a1b1c1b1afound in HG01402 Puerto Rican and BR2 ancient HU Z30684PrioDM67L24Pan15b V2 
Y18549, Y18548, Y18398 +4Z30686, Z30685, Z30679 +14J2a1a1a1b1c1b1a1   PrioDM67L24Pan15b2 V2 
Y23162, Y23163, Y23164 +3Y18549, Y18548, Y18398 +4J2a1a1a1b1c1b1a1a   PrioDM67L24Pan15b2   
[(ERR1395574 Palestine)]Y23162, Y23163, Y23164 +3J2a1a1a1b1c1b1a1a1 privateSimonsGDP-Nablus       
[(117830/YF04448 Switzerland YFS ~27)]Y23162, Y23163, Y23164 +3J2a1a1a1b1c1b1a1a2 privateFTDNA-BigY Jacob Snader (Snyder), Bern, CH       
[(34384/YF06586 England)]Y23162, Y23163, Y23164 +3J2a1a1a1b1c1b1a1a3 privateFTDNA-BigY Joseph Denbo, Crawford Co, IN       
[(B6318 USA)] ?Y23162, Y23163, Y23164 +3J2a1a1a1b1c1b1a1a5 privateFTDNA-BigY Bolander, b.1805 PA.        
[(263454/YF07957? Armenian)]Y18549, Y18548, Y18398 +4J2a1a1a1b1c1b1a1b privateFTDNA-BigY        
[(HG01402 PuertoRican ca. 27 Mag13)]Y18549, Y18548, Y18398 +4J2a1a1a1b1c1b1a1c private1000-Genomes-13       
[(BR2 ancient Hungary YFS 19+3)]Z30686, Z30685, Z30679 +14J2a1a1a1b1c1b1a2 privatein BR2 Hungary ancient DNA 3,000 ypb       
[(51223/YF07605 Portugal)]Z30686, Z30685, Z30679 +14J2a1a1a1b1c1b1a3 privateFTDNA-BigY Freitas/de Freitas b. 1841 d. 1918 Madeira       
[(B101844/YF08205 Jewish Romania)]Z30686, Z30685, Z30679 +14J2a1a1a1b1c1b1a4 privateFTDNA-BigY Moishe Herscu/Herschkowitz b.1847 Ashkenazi       
FGC45022/Y20505, FGC45021/Y20512 +2Z30700, Z30695, Z30688 +11J2a1a1a1b1c1b1b   PrioD    
[Y20497, Y20538 +46]FGC45022/Y20505, FGC45021/Y20512 +2J2a1a1a1b1c1b1b1   PrioEM67L24Pan15b2   
FGC45075/Y20537[Y20497, Y20538 +46]J2a1a1a1b1c1b1b1a   PrioP    
[(YF05339, YF05341, YF05342 Saudi Arabia)]FGC45075/Y20537J2a1a1a1b1c1b1b1a1 PrivateFGC results? Al Riyadh       
[(YF07572 Saudi Arabia)][Y20497, Y20538 +46]J2a1a1a1b1c1b1b1b PrivateFGC result?       
[(272514/YF08189? Dagestan)]FGC45022/Y20505, FGC45021/Y20512 +2J2a1a1a1b1c1b1c privateFTDNA-BigY Abdullah, b. circa 1600 Derbent, Dagestan, NE Caucasus       
[(ERR1025609 Georgian)]FGC45022/Y20505, FGC45021/Y20512 +2J2a1a1a1b1c1b1d privateEst-Bioc-15 EB-35685 GS000035477-DID Georgian       
[(258997/YF02748 Georgian YFS 20+47)]Y11202, Y11860, Y11200 +5J2a1a1a1b1c1b2 privateFTDNA-BigY YF02748/258997 Laz Georgia   Val15b   
[(259597 Qatar)]CTS900, CTS3261 +2J2a1a1a1b1c1c privateFTDNA-BigY Al-Abdulmalik, b. 1936 Al Bida, Doha,        
S12459, V2639.x/2Z7671J2a1a1a1b1c2   Sub PrioCM67L24Pan15b M67Split V2 
{Y13650, Y13640 +66}S12459, V2639.x/2J2a1a1a1b1c2a   PrioDM67L24Pan15b V2 
Y13654, Y13656 +14{Y13650, Y13640 +66}J2a1a1a1b1c2a1   PrioFM67L24Pan15bV2 V2 
[(320595/YF01903 Chechen YFS 4+3)] Y13654, Y13656 +14J2a1a1a1b1c2a1a privateFTDNA-BigY Ts'ikaroy-Topi gar, Vatchagaev   Val15b   
[(271774/YF03122 Chechen YFS 10+4)] Y13654, Y13656 +14J2a1a1a1b1c2a1b privateFTDNA-BigY Nashhoy-H'ilhoy gar, Musaev   Val15b   
[(216529/YF04465 Georgia YFS 8+11)]{Y13650, Y13640 +66}J2a1a1a1b1c2a2 privateFTDNA-BigY Sharabidze, Khotevi, Racha (laz 67)       
[(S12459 2x GoNL)]S12459, V2639.x/2J2a1a1a1b1c2b privateGoNL-12 Genome of Netherlands 2 samples, no ID assignation possible       
[(444900 Ireland)]Z7671J2a1a1a1b1c3 privateFTDNA-BigY Callaghan 1800, Co. Cavan, N. Ireland       
[(M7018 Kuwait BigY ?)]<u>M67</u>/S51, S23034/Z7562J2a1a1a1b1e under researchFTDNA-BigY    Val15b   
S23154, Y5014, S11868CTS4800, Z1846, L558J2a1a1a1b2found in HG01991, HG01781 and BigY N96517 Schliesser AT (M319-) Z17187/FGC17664, Z17194/S21902, Z17196/S23154, Z17197.x/2, Z17199/FGC17667Basic Sub PrioBJ2Pan15a M67Split1V2,V1 
<u>M319</u>, S17661/Z17188S23154, Y5014, S11868J2a1a1a1b2a  [Z2254, Z2256, Z2258, Z2259, Z17177, Z17178, Z17179, Z17180, Z17182, Z17183, Z17184, Z17185, Z17186, Z17188, Z17189, Z17190, Z17191, Z17192, Z17193, Z17195, Z17198, Z17200]Basic Sub PrioCJ2Pan15a M67Split1V2,V1 
S18579, S21556<u>M319</u>, S17661/Z17188J2a1a1a1b2a1   Basic Sub PrioCJ2Pan15aV2 V2 
FGC19515/Y5169, S23689S18579, S21556J2a1a1a1b2a1a   Sub PrioCJ2Pan15a V2 
S16574, FGC17696/Y5168/Z17205FGC19515/Y5169, S23689J2a1a1a1b2a1a1   Sub PrioDJ2Pan15a V2 
S18115, FGC17716/Y5177S16574, FGC17696/Y5168/Z17205J2a1a1a1b2a1a1a   PrioDJ2Pan15a V2 
FGC17720/Y5500, FGC17717/Y5508S18115, FGC17716/Y5177J2a1a1a1b2a1a1a1found in BigY M8517/YF01803 Daou Lebanon, BigY M9455 Firzan Lebanon (GD 18/112)  PrioFJ2Pan15a   
[(M8517/YF01803 Druze Lebanon YFS 3+0)]FGC17720/Y5500, FGC17717/Y5508J2a1a1a1b2a1a1a1a privateFTDNA-BigY Daou   Val15a   
[(M9455/YF01900 Lebanon YFS 2+2)]FGC17720/Y5500, FGC17717/Y5508J2a1a1a1b2a1a1a1b privateFTDNA-BigY Firzan    Val15a   
[(M10431 Lebanon))FGC17720/Y5500, FGC17717/Y5508J2a1a1a1b2a1a1a1c privateFTDNA-BigY       
[Z39482]S18115, FGC17716/Y5177J2a1a1a1b2a1a1a2   PrioE  V2 
[(63473/YF01846 Switzerland YFS 8+11)][Z39482]J2a1a1a1b2a1a1a2a privateFTDNA-BigY Waltz    Val15a   
[(326151 England)] ?[Z39482]J2a1a1a1b2a1a1a2b privateFTDNA-BigY Langton, m. 1679 (217420)       
[(N78621 Crete ?)][Z39482]J2a1a1a1b2a1a1a2c privateFTDNA-BigY Greece Tzanakakis       
[(27868/YF02156 UK YFS ?)] ?S18115, FGC17716/Y5177J2a1a1a1b2a1a1a3 privateFTDNA-BigY Durbin England   Val15a   
[(S18115 Netherland 2x)] ?S18115, FGC17716/Y5177J2a1a1a1b2a1a1a4 privateGoNL-12 Genome of Netherlands 2 samples, no ID assignation possible - YF02156 not checked       
[(HG01991 Peru)]S16574, FGC17696/Y5168/Z17205J2a1a1a1b2a1a1b private1000-Genomes-13 Peruvian in Lima       
[(394409 Saudi Arabia)]S16574, FGC17696/Y5168/Z17205J2a1a1a1b2a1a1c privateFTDNA-Y-SNP-Pack-J2 Y5168(xS18115)        
[(187478/YF02530 Unknown Origin YFS 9+28)]FGC19515/Y5169, S23689J2a1a1a1b2a1a2 privateFTDNA-BigY Unknown Origin USA   Val15a   
[M115]S18579, S21556J2a1a1a1b2a1boriginally discovered in B2b1a1a Underhill et al. 2001  PrioDJ2Pan15aV2   
[(N29868)][M115]J2a1a1a1b2a1b1 privateFTDNA-BigY unknown (not public sample, mentioned by MS@FTDNA)       
[(N29686 Ireland)]S18579, S21556J2a1a1a1b2a1c privateFTDNA-BigY Cowsert, b. 1750        
[[Y16905, Y16956, +87]]<u>M319</u>, S17661/Z17188J2a1a1a1b2a2   PrioE J2Pan15a2   
[(314820/YF02915 Qatar YFS 0+2)][[Y16905, Y16956, +87]]J2a1a1a1b2a2a privateFTDNA-BigY Ad Dawhah   Val15a   
[(343158/YF03948 Saudi Arabia YFS ?)][[Y16905, Y16956, +87]]J2a1a1a1b2a2b privateFTDNA-BigY no crossanalysis done! YF-eisa mohammd       
Z39600, Z39603 +42<u>M319</u>, S17661/Z17188J2a1a1a1b2a3   PrioE    
[Z39632, Z39622 +2]Z39600, Z39603 +42J2a1a1a1b2a3a   PrioF    
[(N96398/YF05700 Spain)][Z39632, Z39622 +2]J2a1a1a1b2a3a1 privateFTDNA-BigY Advincula, b. c. 1790, Aklan, Philippines       
[(HG01781 Spanish Mag13 45)][Z39632, Z39622 +2]J2a1a1a1b2a3a2 private1000-Genomes-13       
[(280709 Mexico)]Z39600, Z39603 +42J2a1a1a1b2a3b privateFTDNA-BigY       
[(M319 Netherland 1x?)]<u>M319</u>, S17661/Z17188J2a1a1a1b2a4 privateGoNL-12 Genome of Netherlands 2 samples, no ID assignation possible       
FGC17782/Y8378, FGC17774/Y8372S23154, Y5014, S11868J2a1a1a1b2b   PrioD J2Pan15a M67Split V2 
FGC17733/Y8880, FGC17792/Y8886FGC17782/Y8378, FGC17774/Y8372J2a1a1a1b2b1BigY N96517/YF01835 and E7054/YF02437, GD 9/111  PrioF J2Pan15a V2 
[(N96517/YF01835 S.Austria YFS 3+6)]FGC17733/Y8880, FGC17792/Y8886J2a1a1a1b2b1a privateFTDNA-BigY Schlietzer Carinthia   Val15a   
[(E7054/YF02437 Slovenia YFS 4+3)]FGC17733/Y8880, FGC17792/Y8886J2a1a1a1b2b1b privateFTDNA-BigY Retelj Jewish Slovenia   Val15a   
[(35013/YF03155 Rhine-Germany? YFS 14+6)]FGC17782/Y8378, FGC17774/Y8372J2a1a1a1b2b2 privateFTDNA-BigY Germany Reinhard, 1732    Val15a   
? M339Z2229, PF5119, Z2227.J2a1a1a1c approx.downstream of Z2227, rare and was not tested yet for L558, Z2243, Z6065, Z7532 (found in E.Anatolia)  PrioFJ2Pan15a V2 
[(N124374, Middle East)]? M339J2a1a1a1c1 privateFTDNA-Geno2 Zobu, no Y-STR       
Z43668, Z43669, Z43670, Z43671 +18PF5125, PF5116J2a1a1a2   Basic Sub PrioDJ2Pan15a2   
[(88093/YF05287 UK/Ireland? YFS 97+18-22)]Z43668, Z43669, Z43670, Z43671 +18J2a1a1a2a PrivateFTDNA-BigY Adams, 1720   Val15a   
[(479851 Spain)]Z43668, Z43669, Z43670, Z43671 +18J2a1a1a2b PrivateFTDNA-BigY Pérez       
[CTS754, F1782, PF7596]PF5087/CTS1230, PF5088.J2a1a1a3 under researchin FT 2014-Q1 tree under PF5116  PrioP    
Z2220, Z2222, Z2221/PF5160PF5087/CTS1230, PF5088.J2a1a1bZ2222/PF5163 vs Z2221/PF5160: first better NGS-region PF5163/Z2222, Z2220/CTS47/PF5159Basic Sub PrioAJ2Pan15a M67L24Pan15b1V2,V1 
<u>L24</u>/M530/S286, Z401Z2220, Z2222, Z2221/PF5160J2a1a1b1usually DYS450=9 (in J2=8), last synchro with L24 research 2015-07-29 (kit 86051) L207.1Basic Sub PrioAJ2Pan15a M67L24Pan15b1V2,V1 
<u>L25</u>/S399, Z400/F1683<u>L24</u>/M530/S286, Z401J2a1a1b1a   Basic Sub PrioAJ2Pan15a M67L24Pan15b1V2,V1 
Z438.<u>L25</u>/S399, Z400/F1683J2a1a1b1a11kG-HG01672 Iberian is Z387- Z391-  Basic Sub PrioDJ2Pan15a M67L24Pan15b1(V2,V1) 
Z421/PF5429, Z387.Z438.J2a1a1b1a1a Geno 2.0 results of N106993 EN, N113887 FR, N114108 GR, etc. are L70- L397-  Basic Sub PrioBJ2Pan15a M67L24Pan15b V2,V1 
<u>L70</u>/PF5434/S287, L397/PF5446Z421/PF5429, Z387.J2a1a1b1a1a1Geno 2.0 result of FT-N14008 DE is Z435- L398Basic Sub PrioBM67L24Pan15b V2,V1 
{{Z435.1/2}}<u>L70</u>/PF5434/S287, L397/PF5446J2a1a1b1a1a1a   Sub PrioEM67L24Pan15b (V2,V1) 
CTS6061/PF5453, CTS3601/Z2173 {{Z435.1/2}}J2a1a1b1a1a1a1CTS6061 slightly better for primer design then CTS3601 FGC6764Sub PrioCM67L24Pan15b V2,V1 
PF5456, FGC6724/Z7725CTS6061/PF5453, CTS3601/Z2173 J2a1a1b1a1a1a1a   Sub PrioCM67L24Pan15b V2 
S11348, S10543PF5456, FGC6724/Z7725J2a1a1b1a1a1a1a1Tuscany, Piedmont  PrioDM67L24Pan15b V2 
[(NA20778 Tuscany, 40 x Mag13)]S11348, S10543J2a1a1b1a1a1a1a1a approx.1000Genomes       
[(215025 Piedmont, 30 x BigY)]S11348, S10543J2a1a1b1a1a1a1a1b approx.FTDNA-BigY N.Italy Sivera   Val15b   
FGC6750/S23155, FGC6735/S10971, FGC6752PF5456, FGC6724/Z7725J2a1a1b1a1a1a1a2   PrioDM67L24Pan15b V2 
[(SXAK5A/23148 Low Rhine, 34 x FGC)]FGC6750/S23155, FGC6735/S10971, FGC6752J2a1a1b1a1a1a1a2a approx.FullGenomesCorp Janzen, b.abt.1730, Orlofferfelde (Netherlands)       
[(132822 Scotland)]FGC6750/S23155, FGC6735/S10971, FGC6752J2a1a1b1a1a1a1a2b approx.FTDNA-BigY Kyle b.1682 Argyll   Val15b   
[FGC21093, BY268, +5]PF5456, FGC6724/Z7725J2a1a1b1a1a1a1a3   PrioEM67L24Pan15b2   
? [L396][FGC21093, BY268, +5]J2a1a1b1a1a1a1a3 approx.GD 6/67 (4 samples Jewish)  PrioFM67L24Pan15b V2 
[Z39496, Z39491 +2][FGC21093, BY268, +5]J2a1a1b1a1a1a1a3a   PrioFM67L24Pan15b2   
[(164554 Jewish Lithuania Geno2)]? [L396]J2a1a1b1a1a1a1a3a PrivateFTDNA-Geno2 L396+ Ashkenazi Torbe, b.c. 1788, Linkuva   Val15b   
[(N89531 Jewish Belarus, 3 x Z)][Z39496, Z39491 +2]J2a1a1b1a1a1a1a3a1FTDNA-BigY Ashkenazi Moses Botvinik, b. 1789        
[(391407/YF06017 Jewish Belarus)][Z39496, Z39491 +2]J2a1a1b1a1a1a1a3a1FTDNA-BigY Ashkenazi Lieb Solomonik , late 1800s       
Z40772PF5456, FGC6724/Z7725J2a1a1b1a1a1a1a5   PrioE    
[Z41157, Z41158, Z41160 +21]Z40772J2a1a1b1a1a1a1a5a   PrioF    
[(360461 Scotland 3xZ)][Z41157, Z41158, Z41160 +21]J2a1a1b1a1a1a1a5a1 PrivateFTDNA-BigY James Watt, b 1714 Kilwinning, North Ayrshire, UK       
[(509277 Scotland 4xZ)][Z41157, Z41158, Z41160 +21]J2a1a1b1a1a1a1a5a2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY James Smith, b. 1786 and d. 1873 Dalkeith EH22, UK       
[Z40776, Z40781]Z40772J2a1a1b1a1a1a1a5b   PrioE    
[(N94961 Germany 25xZ)][Z40776, Z40781]J2a1a1b1a1a1a1a5b1 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Thomas Guenthner abt 1827 Bavaria - abt 1861 Germany       
[(364922 Germany 11xSNP)][Z40776, Z40781]J2a1a1b1a1a1a1a5b2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Caspar Neef, b. 1540, Mohringen, Germany       
[(B116132 USA 18xZ)]Z40772J2a1a1b1a1a1a1a5c PrivateFTDNA-BigY Abel Overton, b. 1805, d. 1886       
[(NA20809 Tuscany, 35 x Mag13)]Z40772J2a1a1b1a1a1a1a5d Private1000Genomes       
[(348792/YF02211 Jewish Austria, 16 x FGC/YFS)][FGC21093, BY268, +5]J2a1a1b1a1a1a1a6 approx.FTDNA-BigY Ashkenazi Kessler-Berger, b. 1907, NPE   Val15b   
[(118777 Unknown Origin)]PF5456, FGC6724/Z7725J2a1a1b1a1a1a1a6 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Vowell   Val15b   
[(B3703 Bulgaria)]PF5456, FGC6724/Z7725J2a1a1b1a1a1a1a7 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Michael Behar, Bulgaria       
[(ML8F3A/204221 Iran, ca. 59 x FGC)]CTS6061/PF5453, CTS3601/Z2173 J2a1a1b1a1a1a1b approx.FullGenomesCorp Zanjani L912, L913, L1021, L1276, L1277,L1278, FGC1248-1298     
[(tur-10 Turkey, 12 x PH14)]CTS6061/PF5453, CTS3601/Z2173 J2a1a1b1a1a1a1c approx.PH-Hallast et al 2014, Y-STR23 available       
Z2177{{Z435.1/2}}J2a1a1b1a1a1a2West Med.  Sub PrioDM67L24Pan15b V2 
M318Z2177J2a1a1b1a1a1a2a   PrioDM67L24Pan15b V2 
[(385615 Mexico 22xZ)]M318J2a1a1b1a1a1a2a1 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Chavez, b. abt 1697       
PH185Z2177J2a1a1b1a1a1a2b   Sub PrioEM67L24Pan15b V2 
[FGC24630]PH185J2a1a1b1a1a1a2b1   PrioEM67L24Pan15b V2 
[FGC32682, FGC32683 +20][FGC24630]J2a1a1b1a1a1a2b1a approx.   PrioF    
[(105126/RAEPC Halifax UK, 22 x FGC)][FGC32682, FGC32683 +20]J2a1a1b1a1a1a2b1a1 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Younger, 1803, England   Val15b   
[(B53467/K9888 USA)][FGC32682, FGC32683 +20]J2a1a1b1a1a1a2b1a2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY William Laban James (5-19-1734        
[(322510/CHKX5/YF02931 Germany?, 22 x FGC)][FGC24630]J2a1a1b1a1a1a2b1b PrivateFTDNA-BigY Poore Sr., b. 1723   Val15b   
[FGC23228, FGC23229 +11]PH185J2a1a1b1a1a1a2b2no primary selection done  PrioEM67L24Pan15b2   
[(151026/JWKKW Switzerland, 14 x FGC)][FGC23228, FGC23229 +11]J2a1a1b1a1a1a2b2a PrivateFTDNA-BigY Herriott   Val15b   
[(86051 Rhineland-Palatinate)][FGC23228, FGC23229 +11]J2a1a1b1a1a1a2b2b PrivateFTDNA-BigY Finckel, c.1688 Germany       
[(tur-3 Turkey, 11 x PH14)]PH185J2a1a1b1a1a1a2b3 approx.PH-Hallast et al 2014, Y-STR23 available       
[PH2838]Z2177J2a1a1b1a1a1a2c approx.   PrioEM67L24Pan15b V2 
[(NA20805 Tuscany, 40 x Mag13)][PH2838]J2a1a1b1a1a1a2c1 approx.1000Genomes       
[(317629 Germany, 18 x FGC)][PH2838]J2a1a1b1a1a1a2c2 approx.FTDNA-BigY May, b. 1824   Val15b   
[(247000/E7GA8 Greece 26xSNP)]Z2177J2a1a1b1a1a1a2d PrivateFTDNA-BigY Ariste (Harry) Zachos, b. 1893 (GR) / d. 1982 (MI)       
[(HG01756 Spanish, 39 x Mag13)]Z2177J2a1a1b1a1a1a2e Private1000Genomes       
[(HG01412 Puerto Rico, 42 x Mag13)]Z2177J2a1a1b1a1a1a2f Private1000Genomes       
PH2725, PH3882{{Z435.1/2}}J2a1a1b1a1a1a3   Sub PrioDM67L24Pan15b V2 
{F801.}PH2725, PH3882J2a1a1b1a1a1a3a   PrioEM67L24Pan15b2 V2 
[(327214/4WRBU Latvia, 32 x FGC)]{F801.}J2a1a1b1a1a1a3a1 privateFTDNA-BigY Galvins b.1884, Baldone   Val15b   
[(B1310/CD3Z9 England, 22 x BigY)]{F801.}J2a1a1b1a1a1a3a2 privateFTDNA-BigY Garnett b.1525 of Kendal, Westmorland   Val15b   
[(gre-85m Greek, 13 x PH14)]{F801.}J2a1a1b1a1a1a3a3 privatePH-Hallast-14, Y-STR23 available       
P244.2PH2725, PH3882J2a1a1b1a1a1a3bCTS3601-, CTS6061-, GD 9/67 FT-145585 Wengrowski Poland FT-33863  PrioEM67L24Pan15b V2 
[(183028 Jewish Belarus)]P244.2J2a1a1b1a1a1a3b1 privateFTDNA-BigY Ashkenazi-Cohen 1864 Костюковичский       
? [M137]{{Z435.1/2}}J2a1a1b1a1a1a4   PrioEM67L24Pan15b V2 
[(115582 England)]? [M137]J2a1a1b1a1a1a4a PrivateFTDNA-SingleSNP M137+   Val15b   
[(N33274 Malta)]M318J2a1a1b1a1a1a5b PrivateFTDNA-SingleSNP M318+   Val15b   
FGC35503, FGC35500, +17Z421/PF5429, Z387.J2a1a1b1a1a2   PrioDM67L24Pan15b V2 
FGC35461FGC35503, FGC35500, +17J2a1a1b1a1a2a   PrioEM67L24Pan15b V2 
[FGC35464, FGC35488, +8] FGC35461J2a1a1b1a1a2a1see Al Aburto  PrioEM67L24Pan15bV2 V2 
[FGC35465, FGC35486, FGC35490 +3][FGC35464, FGC35488, +8] J2a1a1b1a1a2a1a   PrioE    
[(320815/YF03740/TZZQ3 Kuwait 29xSNP)][FGC35465, FGC35486, FGC35490 +3]J2a1a1b1a1a2a1a1 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Malallah   Val15b   
[(442074 USA 24xZ)][FGC35465, FGC35486, FGC35490 +3]J2a1a1b1a1a2a1a1 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Needham Quick, b. 1798, Marlboro County, SC       
[(332554 Germany)][FGC35464, FGC35488, +8] J2a1a1b1a1a2a1b PrivateFTDNA-BigY Becker       
[(EB-35115 Kabardin N.Caucasus)][FGC35464, FGC35488, +8] J2a1a1b1a1a2a1c PrivateEst-Bioc-15 Kabard3 North Caucasus GS000035480-DID        
[(177986 Poland)]FGC35461J2a1a1b1a1a2a2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Szlaga (Slaga) 1765       
[(368173/YF04345 Cuba)]FGC35503, FGC35500, +17J2a1a1b1a1a2b PrivateFTDNA-BigY de la Cruz, 1856        
[(N14026 France)]FGC35503, FGC35500, +17J2a1a1b1a1a2c PrivateFTDNA-BigY Nenaut 1659 Picardie        
[(M7251 Lebanon 33xZ)]FGC35503, FGC35500, +17J2a1a1b1a1a2d PrivateFTDNA-BigY youssef BADRI, b. 1882 and d. 1958 Joun, Lebanon        
[(L270.1/2)]Z421/PF5429, Z387.J2a1a1b1a1a3 approx.GD 3/67, 5/111 Cress Germany  PrioPM67L24Pan15b   
[(L367.1/2)]Z421/PF5429, Z387.J2a1a1b1a1a4 approx.found in 114188,159806 GD 1/67  PrioPM67L24Pan15b   
[(HG01672 Spanish, 53 x Mag13)]Z438.J2a1a1b1a1b4 approx.1000Genomes       
PF5294, PF5401., PF4888, PF7431.<u>L25</u>/S399, Z400/F1683J2a1a1b1a2PF4888: 99% X  PF5315Basic Sub PrioCM67L24Pan15b1V2,V1 
L243, FGC30324/Z28724 +3PF5294, PF5401., PF4888, PF7431.J2a1a1b1a2aL243(xL590) samples: N62982, 123280, 146126, 85998, N114463, N44844, M6909, 78283  PrioDM67L24Pan15b V2,V1 
[FGC30343, FGC30374, Z38414 +1]L243, FGC30324/Z28724 +3J2a1a1b1a2a1   PrioD    
[FGC30355, FGC30363, FGC30368][FGC30343, FGC30374, Z38414 +1]J2a1a1b1a2a1a   PrioD    
{L590, FGC30343/Z28711*}[FGC30355, FGC30363, FGC30368]J2a1a1b1a2a1a1   PrioEM67L24Pan15b V2 
[(177722/CY4X6 Germany, L589 FGC 32)]{L590, FGC30343/Z28711*}J2a1a1b1a2a1a1a PrivateFTDNA-BigY Kurtze DE   Val15b   
[(321295/7W8DV Moldova, FGC 35)]{L590, FGC30343/Z28711*}J2a1a1b1a2a1a1b PrivateFTDNA-BigY Musaji b. 1917   Val15b   
[(PF 888-889 Sardinian, ca. 20 x PF)]{L590, FGC30343/Z28711*}J2a1a1b1a2a1a1c PrivatePF-Sardinian-13 888-889       
[(357783 Turkey 46xZ)][FGC30355, FGC30363, FGC30368]J2a1a1b1a2a1a2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Bayat, 13th century from Central Asia. Daşoğuz, Türkmenistan       
[(85998/9SV7Z India 51xSNP)][FGC30343, FGC30374, Z38414 +1]J2a1a1b1a2a1b PrivateFTDNA-BigY Mathai Verghese - Palasseril House       
[(443743 Arab? 50xSNP)][FGC30343, FGC30374, Z38414 +1]J2a1a1b1a2a1c PrivateFTDNA-BigY Al-M       
Z38707, Z38770, Z38777 + 24L243, FGC30324/Z28724 +3J2a1a1b1a2a2   PrioEM67L24Pan15bV2 V2 
[(M4258 UAE 19xSNP)]Z38707, Z38770, Z38777 + 24J2a1a1b1a2a2a privateFTDNA-BigY Arab East Coast Kareem       
[(PGP143 USA 57xZ)]Z38707, Z38770, Z38777 + 24J2a1a1b1a2a2b privatePersGenProj-13 White from New York       
PF5366, FGC4954, PF5368PF5294, PF5401., PF4888, PF7431.J2a1a1b1a2bPF5368 slightly better for primer design then PF5366, PF5368 bad NGS coverage  Basic Sub PrioCM67L24Pan15b V2,V1 
FGC4999, FGC4992, FGC4941 +56PF5366, FGC4954, PF5368J2a1a1b1a2b1   Sub PrioDM67L24Pan15b V2,V1 
L254, FGC5004 +6FGC4999, FGC4992, FGC4941 +56J2a1a1b1a2b1a   PrioFM67L24Pan15b V2 
[(1067A/671/(YF03156) Jewish Ukraine, 7 x FGC]L254, FGC5004 +6J2a1a1b1a2b1a1 approx.FullGenomesCorp Ashkenazi-Kohen haCohen Katz b.c.1760, north of Berdicev       
[(N67693/DJ3CD Jewish Belarus, ~3 x BigY]L254, FGC5004 +6J2a1a1b1a2b1a2 approx.FTDNA-BigY Ashkenazi Minsk   Val15b   
Z38409, FGC30510 +7FGC4999, FGC4992, FGC4941 +56J2a1a1b1a2b1b   PrioFM67L24Pan15bV2   
[FGC30510, L147.5]Z38409, FGC30510 +7J2a1a1b1a2b1b1   PrioP    
[(N32862/K5T1A Jewish Lithuania, 9 x FGC)][FGC30510, L147.5]J2a1a1b1a2b1b1a PrivateFTDNA-BigY Ashkenazi-Kohen   Val15b   
[(367818 Jewish Romania)][FGC30510, L147.5]J2a1a1b1a2b1b1b PrivateFTDNA-BigY Ashkenazi-Heller/Herer/Erer, b1888, Lespezi       
Z41512Z38409, FGC30510 +7J2a1a1b1a2b1b2   PrioP    
[(N67066 Jewish Hungary 2xZ)]Z41512J2a1a1b1a2b1b2a PrivateFTDNA-BigY Jacob Mandel, ca. 1800 -1845        
[(108293 Jewish Poland 6xSNP)]Z41512J2a1a1b1a2b1b2b PrivateFTDNA-BigY Pinchus Blumstein, b.c.1873, Cmielów, Poland        
{PF5383.}PF5366, FGC4954, PF5368J2a1a1b1a2b2   Sub PrioEM67L24Pan15b (V2,V1) 
L264 +5{PF5383.}J2a1a1b1a2b2a304753 is L264+ L229- (no other SNPs tested)  PrioDM67L24Pan15b V2,V1 
FGC5947L264 +5J2a1a1b1a2b2a1   PrioE    
FGC5956FGC5947J2a1a1b1a2b2a1a   PrioE    
L229 +87FGC5956J2a1a1b1a2b2a1a1found in FGC FUA5E and FGC ED5BA  PrioEM67L24Pan15b V2 
[FGC15691, FGC15692 +18]L229 +87J2a1a1b1a2b2a1a1a   PrioFM67L24Pan15bV2 V2 
[(FUA5E/155536 Mexico, FGC 4)][FGC15691, FGC15692 +18]J2a1a1b1a2b2a1a1a1 PrivateFullGenomesCorp Carrillo, b. 1787       
[(THNKS/287050 FGC 4)][FGC15691, FGC15692 +18]J2a1a1b1a2b2a1a1a2 PrivateFullGenomesCorp       
[(ED5BA/N14560 Spain, L230, FGC 17)]L229 +87J2a1a1b1a2b2a1a1b PrivateFullGenomesCorp Aburto-Andrade, Puebla, c. 1851 Spain?       
[FGC49921, FGC49922, FGC49923 +60]FGC5956J2a1a1b1a2b2a1a2   PrioE    
[(451182 Sweden 8xFGC)][FGC49921, FGC49922, FGC49923 +60]J2a1a1b1a2b2a1a2a PrivateFTDNA-BigY Per Larsson Elg 1772-1820 Gunnarskog (S)       
[(41465 Sweden 3xZ)][FGC49921, FGC49922, FGC49923 +60]J2a1a1b1a2b2a1a2b PrivateFTDNA-BigY Nils Andersson, b.c. 1727, Södta Ny, Värmland       
[(380928/MN6T4 Russia)]FGC5947J2a1a1b1a2b2a1bFTDNA-BigY       
[FGC38880, FGC38915 +2]L264 +5J2a1a1b1a2b2a2   PrioD    
[FGC38859, FGC38862, FGC38863 +58][FGC38880, FGC38915 +2]J2a1a1b1a2b2a2a   PrioE    
[(304753/PT2VA Unknown 28xFGC)][FGC38859, FGC38862, FGC38863 +58]J2a1a1b1a2b2a2a1 PrivateFullGenomesCorp Adoptee   Val15b   
[(238276 Germany 2xZ)][FGC38859, FGC38862, FGC38863 +58]J2a1a1b1a2b2a2a2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Peter Keurlis, b. 1655 and d. 1739        
[(B90518 Italy 52xZ)][FGC38880, FGC38915 +2]J2a1a1b1a2b2a2b PrivateFTDNA-BigY Joseph Gambert / Gambertoglio, 1895 -1987 Calliano AT       
PF5350, PF5402{PF5383.}J2a1a1b1a2b2bN115016 is negative for PF5348 etc.  Sub PrioDM67L24Pan15b V2 
[PF5380, PF5367, PF5351.1/2]PF5350, PF5402J2a1a1b1a2b2b1found in 241274 Germany  PrioEM67L24Pan15b V2 
[(49683 Ireland? 38xSNP)] ?[PF5380, PF5367, PF5351.1/2]J2a1a1b1a2b2b1a PrivateFTDNA-BigY Parsons abt 1745 Ashe Co NC       
[(PF 890-905 Sardinian, ca. 57 x PF)][PF5380, PF5367, PF5351.1/2]J2a1a1b1a2b2b1bPF-Sardinian-13       
[(241274 Germany Geno2)][PF5380, PF5367, PF5351.1/2]J2a1a1b1a2b2b1c PrivateFTDNA-Geno2 Gissinger   Val15b   
[(N115016 Lebanon Geno2)]PF5350, PF5402J2a1a1b1a2b2b2 PrivateFTDNA-Geno2 Rahal   Val15b   
Z7700, F3133.<u>L25</u>/S399, Z400/F1683J2a1a1b1a3   Basic Sub PrioBJ2Pan15a M67L24Pan15b1V2,V1 
Z7706, FGC9878/Y13535Z7700, F3133.J2a1a1b1a3a   Basic Sub PrioBM67L24Pan15b V2,V1 
Y14448, SK1382, L192.2 +12Z7706, FGC9878/Y13535J2a1a1b1a3a1   Sub PrioDM67L24Pan15b V2,V1 
L271., FGC32582 +40Y14448, SK1382, L192.2 +12J2a1a1b1a3a1aGD 13/67  PrioEM67L24Pan15b V2 
[(112552/YF03269/YLMRK Tunisia YFS ~5)]L271., FGC32582 +40J2a1a1b1a3a1a1 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Msaken, Al Gazzah    Val15b   
[(420720/FZDDC/YF04035 Tunisia YFS ~10)]L271., FGC32582 +40J2a1a1b1a3a1a2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Msaken, Al Gazzah        
FGC30635Y14448, SK1382, L192.2 +12J2a1a1b1a3a1b   PrioDM67L24Pan15b V2 
FGC30649/Y14406FGC30635J2a1a1b1a3a1b1   PrioEM67L24Pan15b V2 
L534. +18FGC30649/Y14406J2a1a1b1a3a1b1a   PrioE    
[(HG03851 Sri Lanka FGC 23)]L534. +18J2a1a1b1a3a1b1a1 Private1000Genomes Sri Lankan Tamil        
[(N9797/YF03291/5QW7S India FGC 22)]L534. +18J2a1a1b1a3a1b1a2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY India, Kerala, Manakalathil   Val15b   
[(276919 N.Ossetia)]FGC30649/Y14406J2a1a1b1a3a1b1b PrivateFTDNA-BigY Turgiev, North Ossetia, Russia       
Z33976, Z33995FGC30635J2a1a1b1a3a1b2   PrioD    
[Z42815, Z42816 +3]Z33976, Z33995J2a1a1b1a3a1b2a   PrioE    
[(220741 Russia 30xZ)][Z42815, Z42816 +3]J2a1a1b1a3a1b2a1 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Grigory Tutov, b.1655 Olkhova, Kursk, Russia       
[(415192 Iraq 51xZ)][Z42815, Z42816 +3]J2a1a1b1a3a1b2a2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY السادة الموسوية، فخذ آل قتادة-النجف Najaf       
[(110343/YF03306? Libya BigY 40)]Z33976, Z33995J2a1a1b1a3a1b2b PrivateFTDNA-BigY Talhouni (Tarhouni)    Val15b   
[(M9395 Saudi Arabia 36xZ)]Z33976, Z33995J2a1a1b1a3a1b2b PrivateFTDNA-BigY Jeddah, Makkah (Mecca), Saudi Arabia   Val15b   
[(Dru1600 Druze SK1380, SK1381)] ?Y14448, SK1382, L192.2 +12J2a1a1b1a3a1c PrivateSK-Stoneking-14 HGDP00600 Mark Stoneking and Ryan Wei (2014)       
FGC9883/Y13534.Z7706, FGC9878/Y13535J2a1a1b1a3a2   Basic Sub PrioDM67L24Pan15b V2,V1 
FGC9942FGC9883/Y13534.J2a1a1b1a3a2a   Basic Sub PrioCM67L24Pan15b V2 
FGC9961/Y14696FGC9942J2a1a1b1a3a2a1   Sub PrioDM67L24Pan15bV2 V2 
FGC9927/Y14699, FGC9876/Y5099.1/2FGC9961/Y14696J2a1a1b1a3a2a1   Sub PrioDM67L24Pan15b V2 
FGC9962/Y14703, FGC9923/SK1386/Y14698FGC9927/Y14699, FGC9876/Y5099.1/2J2a1a1b1a3a2a1ain FT-245714 Middle East and FGC-8YWRW FGC9927, FGC9939 Sub PrioCM67L24Pan15b V2 
[FGC9912, FGC9918 +11]FGC9962/Y14703, FGC9923/SK1386/Y14698J2a1a1b1a3a2a1a1   Sub PrioD    
L363, FGC9880 +84[FGC9912, FGC9918 +11]J2a1a1b1a3a2a1a1afound in FT-245714 Middle East, mostly SE Arab (FT-62933 Oman, Bahrein, United Arab Emirates)  PrioEM67L24Pan15b V2 
[A5834, FGC9900]L363, FGC9880 +84J2a1a1b1a3a2a1a1a1   PrioEM67L24Pan15b V2 
[FGC9966][A5834, FGC9900]J2a1a1b1a3a2a1a1a1aFGC-6Q0JQ and FGC-8YWRW  PrioFM67L24Pan15b V2 
[FGC15635][FGC9966]J2a1a1b1a3a2a1a1a1a1   PrioP  V2 
[FGC36482][FGC15635]J2a1a1b1a3a2a1a1a1a1a   PrioP    
[(168855/7NE5L FGC 3)][FGC36482]J2a1a1b1a3a2a1a1a1a1a1 PrivateFTDNA-BigY        
[(151286/F94R2 FGC 1)][FGC36482]J2a1a1b1a3a2a1a1a1a1a2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY        
[(6Q0JQ FGC 4)][FGC15635]J2a1a1b1a3a2a1a1a1a1b PrivateFullGenomesCorp       
[(8YWRW FGC 2)][FGC9966]J2a1a1b1a3a2a1a1a1a2 PrivateFullGenomesCorp       
[(219034/QF94R FGC 4)][FGC9966]J2a1a1b1a3a2a1a1a1a3 PrivateFTDNA-BigY        
[FGC16628][A5834, FGC9900]J2a1a1b1a3a2a1a1a1bFGC-P9W7S  PrioEM67L24Pan15b V2 
[FGC29951, FGC29950][FGC16628]J2a1a1b1a3a2a1a1a1b1   PrioP    
[(M8348/FPW2H FGC 0)][FGC29951, FGC29950]J2a1a1b1a3a2a1a1a1b1a PrivateFTDNA-BigY        
[(135961/R27YG FGC 1)][FGC29951, FGC29950]J2a1a1b1a3a2a1a1a1b1b PrivateFTDNA-BigY        
[(P9W7S FGC 10)][FGC16628]J2a1a1b1a3a2a1a1a1b2 PrivateFullGenomesCorp       
[FGC16561, FGC16565]L363, FGC9880 +84J2a1a1b1a3a2a1a1a2FGC-G7F3V  PrioFM67L24Pan15b V2 
[(G7F3V FGC 7)][FGC16561, FGC16565]J2a1a1b1a3a2a1a1a2a PrivateFullGenomesCorp       
[(TRKK2 FGC 3)][FGC16561, FGC16565]J2a1a1b1a3a2a1a1a2b PrivateFullGenomesCorp       
[(85241/RG2JN FGC 5)][FGC16561, FGC16565]J2a1a1b1a3a2a1a1a2c PrivateFTDNA-BigY        
Y14700/FGC32513FGC9962/Y14703, FGC9923/SK1386/Y14698J2a1a1b1a3a2a1a2   PrioDM67L24Pan15b V2 
[(28353 Ireland)][FGC9912, FGC9918 +11]J2a1a1b1a3a2a1a2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Thomas Curtin 1838-1894 Ireland       
FGC32503, FGC32483 +6Y14700/FGC32513J2a1a1b1a3a2a1a2a   PrioEM67L24Pan15b2   
L231.1/2, FGC32480 , FGC32500FGC32503, FGC32483 +6J2a1a1b1a3a2a1a2a142362 and 47243 GD 5/67, found in WTY FT-42362 Ducas FR  PrioFM67L24Pan15b V2 
[(42362/YF03091 France FGC 59)]L231.1/2, FGC32480 , FGC32500J2a1a1b1a3a2a1a2a1a PrivateFTDNA-BigY Ducas   Val15b   
[(47243 France FGC 1)]L231.1/2, FGC32480 , FGC32500J2a1a1b1a3a2a1a2a1b PrivateFTDNA-BigY Ducas       
[(359321 Iraq)]FGC32503, FGC32483 +6J2a1a1b1a3a2a1a2a2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Baghdad & Mosul        
FGC32723, FGC32724 +9Y14700/FGC32513J2a1a1b1a3a2a1a2b   PrioDM67L24Pan15b V2 
Z33772FGC32723, FGC32724 +9J2a1a1b1a3a2a1a2b1   PrioEM67L24Pan15b V2 
L317 Z33772J2a1a1b1a3a2a1a2b1aGD 8/67 N5814 and 230358   PrioFM67L24Pan15b V2 
[(N5814/YF03315 Netherland BigY 50)]L317 J2a1a1b1a3a2a1a2b1a1 PrivateFTDNA-BigY-WTY Netherland v.Santen   Val15b   
[(245714 S. Arabia BigY 35)]Z33772J2a1a1b1a3a2a1a2b1a2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY    Val15b   
FGC32752, FGC32709FGC32723, FGC32724 +9J2a1a1b1a3a2a1a2b2   PrioEM67L24Pan15b V2 
[(M9780 Uzbekistan/Kyrgyzstan? FGC 46)]FGC32752, FGC32709J2a1a1b1a3a2a1a2b2a PrivateFTDNA-BigY   Val15b   
[(EB-16177 Kyrgz1 GS000020389)]FGC32752, FGC32709J2a1a1b1a3a2a1a2b2b PrivateEst-Bioc-15 GS000020389 16177 Kyrgyz       
[(N115740 Hungary BigY ~40)]FGC9927/Y14699, FGC9876/Y5099.1/2J2a1a1b1a3a2a1b PrivateFTDNA-BigY Millei, b. 1785   Val15b   
F3369.FGC9961/Y14696J2a1a1b1a3a2a2found in Geno 2.0 FT-156722 Riyadh SA, FT-N12021 Pavarini IT  PrioEM67L24Pan15b V2 
Y15179/Z33909, Y15167/Z33912 +2F3369.J2a1a1b1a3a2a2a   PrioDM67L24Pan15b2   
[Y15051/Z33950, Y15191/Z33933 +105]Y15179/Z33909, Y15167/Z33912 +2J2a1a1b1a3a2a2a1   PrioEM67L24Pan15b2   
FGC45904[Y15051/Z33950, Y15191/Z33933 +105]J2a1a1b1a3a2a2a1a   PrioF    
FGC45785FGC45904J2a1a1b1a3a2a2a1a1   PrioP    
FGC35418FGC45785J2a1a1b1a3a2a2a1a1a   PrioP    
FGC45777FGC35418J2a1a1b1a3a2a2a1a1a1   PrioP    
[(KCJ4C 6xFGC)]FGC45777J2a1a1b1a3a2a2a1a1a1aFullGenomesCorp       
[(WWAPP 9xFGC)]FGC45777J2a1a1b1a3a2a2a1a1a1bFullGenomesCorp       
[(MESYX Arab FGC 7)]FGC45904J2a1a1b1a3a2a2a1a2 PrivateFullGenomesCorp likely Altamimy       
[(BX68X Arab FGC 7)]FGC45785J2a1a1b1a3a2a2a1b PrivateFullGenomesCorp likely Altamimy       
([M8437/YF02953 S. Arabia BigY 4)][Y15051/Z33950, Y15191/Z33933 +105]J2a1a1b1a3a2a2a1b PrivateFTDNA-BigY Najdi   Val15b   
[(343169/YF03350 MiddleEast FGC 1)][Y15051/Z33950, Y15191/Z33933 +105]J2a1a1b1a3a2a2a1c PrivateFTDNA-BigY AL KHEIL Arab   Val15b   
[(HKJSR 6xSNP)][Y15051/Z33950, Y15191/Z33933 +105]J2a1a1b1a3a2a2a1d PrivateFullGenomesCorp       
[(A365T)][Y15051/Z33950, Y15191/Z33933 +105]J2a1a1b1a3a2a2a1e PrivateFullGenomesCorp       
[(M10713 Kuwait BigY 40)]Y15179/Z33909, Y15167/Z33912 +2J2a1a1b1a3a2a2a2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY eng-alfailakawi       
([299098 S. Arabia BigY 49)]F3369.J2a1a1b1a3a2a2b PrivateFTDNA-BigY Arab Najd   Val15b   
[Z38984, Z38985 +57]FGC9942J2a1a1b1a3a2a3   PrioE    
[(255000 S. Arabia 4xZ)][Z38984, Z38985 +57]J2a1a1b1a3a2a3a PrivateFTDNA-BigY المهندس فيصل صالح محمد آل فضل (عنيز       
[(492751/SRCZM S. Arabia 5xFGC)][Z38984, Z38985 +57]J2a1a1b1a3a2a3b PrivateFTDNA-BigY Saudi Arabia       
[(5ZXD2)][Z38984, Z38985 +57]J2a1a1b1a3a2a3c PrivateFTDNA-BigY       
FGC35703, FGC35689 +11FGC9883/Y13534.J2a1a1b1a3a2b   PrioDM67L24Pan15b2 V2 
FGC35700, FGC35690 +7FGC35703, FGC35689 +11J2a1a1b1a3a2b1   PrioEM67L24Pan15b2   
[Z40078, Z40079 +40]FGC35700, FGC35690 +7J2a1a1b1a3a2b1a   PrioF    
[(88703 Turkey 3xZ)][Z40078, Z40079 +40]J2a1a1b1a3a2b1a1 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Tukimanstan, Turkey       
[(27013 Uzbekistan 8xZ)][Z40078, Z40079 +40]J2a1a1b1a3a2b1a2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Turk- Central Asia       
[(HG03237 Punjabi Mag13 38)]FGC35700, FGC35690 +7J2a1a1b1a3a2b1b Private1000Genomes Punjabi Lahore       
([117406 Spain)]FGC35703, FGC35689 +11J2a1a1b1a3a2b2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Plascencia, born c. 1500       
A5360/Z32166, Z32169 +2Z7700, F3133.J2a1a1b1a3b   PrioCM67L24Pan15b V2 
{FGC35381, Z36246}A5360/Z32166, Z32169 +2J2a1a1b1a3b1   PrioDM67L24Pan15b2 V2 
FGC35350, Z36245 +14{FGC35381, Z36246}J2a1a1b1a3b1a   PrioEM67L24Pan15b V2 
[(NA21130/W34ME Gujarati FGC 46)]FGC35350, Z36245 +14J2a1a1b1a3b1a1 Private1000Genomes Gujarati India       
[(152852/YF03566 Volga Russia)]FGC35350, Z36245 +14J2a1a1b1a3b1a2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Penza Oblast, Belinsky, Kirdin 1762   Val15b   
Z38370 +17{FGC35381, Z36246}J2a1a1b1a3b1b   PrioDM67L24Pan15b2 V2 
[A6107, Z38354, Z38355 +7]Z38370 +17J2a1a1b1a3b1b1   PrioE    
[Z38742, Z38743 +22][A6107, Z38354, Z38355 +7]J2a1a1b1a3b1b1a   PrioP    
[(366519/YF04103 S. Arabia 2xZ)][Z38742, Z38743 +22]J2a1a1b1a3b1b1a1 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Alkhateeb Al-Ahsa       
[(M6258 Saudi Arabia)][Z38742, Z38743 +22]J2a1a1b1a3b1b1a2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Saudi Arabia       
[(B15120/YF03852 Netherlands BigY 24)]Z38370 +17J2a1a1b1a3b1b1b PrivateFTDNA-BigY Metz   Val15b   
[(360090 Syria 58xZ)][A6107, Z38354, Z38355 +7]J2a1a1b1a3b1b1b PrivateFTDNA-BigY Nasiruddin I, b.~1657 CE, Aleppo Eyalet       
[(EB-13747 Iran1 GS000018422)]A5360/Z32166, Z32169 +2J2a1a1b1a3b2 PrivateEst-Bioc-15 GS000018422       
[Z40168, Z40184 +3]Z7700, F3133.J2a1a1b1a3c   PrioE    
[(435924 Kuwait 48xSNP)][Z40168, Z40184 +3]J2a1a1b1a3c1 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Kuwait       
[(494507 Qatar)][Z40168, Z40184 +3]J2a1a1b1a3c1 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Qatar       
FGC33111, FGC30257, PF2254. +95<u>L24</u>/M530/S286, Z401J2a1a1b1b   PrioCM67L24Pan15b V2 
[FGC30306, FGC30265 +3]FGC33111, FGC30257, PF2254. +95J2a1a1b1b1   PrioEM67L24Pan15bV2 V2 
[(HG01164/8BB38 Puerto Rican FGC 24)][FGC30306, FGC30265 +3]J2a1a1b1b1a Private1000Genomes America       
[(18332 Germany BigY 17)][FGC30306, FGC30265 +3]J2a1a1b1b1b PrivateFTDNA-BigY Kleeves, c 1830        
[(358656 England FGC 34)]FGC33111, FGC30257, PF2254. +95J2a1a1b1b2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Everett   Val15b   
? [L84]<u>L24</u>/M530/S286, Z401J2a1a1b1c 3 derived samples  PrioFM67L24Pan15b   
[(123476 Macedonia)] *?? [L84]J2a1a1b1c2 PrivateFTDNA-SingleSNP L84+ Klimov, 1881   Val15b   
? [M158] *<u>L24</u>/M530/S286, Z401J2a1a1b1d UnknownUnderhill SNP, found in Sengupta et al 2006, maybe haplotype of 288651 Saudi Ar.?  PrioFM67L24Pan15b   
PF5197/Z2397, Z2396.xZ2220, Z2222, Z2221/PF5160J2a1a1b2 G19068737A, A7247694T Basic Sub PrioB J2Pan15a1V2,V1 
PF5172, PF5190 +2PF5197/Z2397, Z2396.xJ2a1a1b2a  PF5233Basic Sub PrioC J2Pan15a1V2,V1 
PF5191, S21554, PF5169. +12{+14}PF5172, PF5190 +2J2a1a1b2a1  PF5191, PF5207Basic Sub PrioC J2Pan15a V2,V1 
FGC16096, FGC16141 +6PF5191, S21554, PF5169. +12{+14}J2a1a1b2a1a  FGC16152Sub PrioD J2Pan15a V2,V1 
S15439, S17366, L433.1/4, <u>L198</u>.1/4 +19FGC16096, FGC16141 +6J2a1a1b2a1a1L198 is also found in J2a-Z7532 (PF5116 subclade), therefore so far L433 seems the better choice for this haplogroup, L88.2/8 unreliable  PrioD J2Pan15a (V2) 
<u>M419</u>S15439, S17366, L433.1/4, <u>L198</u>.1/4 +19J2a1a1b2a1a1aPublic FT-kit 271420 Lieb is PF5169+,L433+,M419+ found in S. Ira.n  PrioE J2Pan15a V2 
[(271420/YF06284 Germany)]<u>M419</u>J2a1a1b2a1a1a1 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Lieb, 1730, Mannheim, Rhine-Neckar   Val15a   
{Z40067, Z40068 +4}S15439, S17366, L433.1/4, <u>L198</u>.1/4 +19J2a1a1b2a1a1b  S19509, S23510, Z32170, Z32171, Z32172, Z32173, Z32175, Z32176, Z32178, Z32179PrioD J2Pan15a V2 
FGC45321/Y20566, FGC45323/Y20568, FGC45352/Y20579 +48{Z40067, Z40068 +4}J2a1a1b2a1a1b1   PrioE J2Pan15a2   
[FGC45322/Y20567, Y20575 +11]FGC45321/Y20566, FGC45323/Y20568, FGC45352/Y20579 +48J2a1a1b2a1a1b1a   PrioP J2Pan15a2   
[(192731/YF03103 Switzerland, YFS 3)][FGC45322/Y20567, Y20575 +11]J2a1a1b2a1a1b1a1 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Schrag, b~1740, Windstein,Alsace origin Emmental, Bern   Val15a   
[(Z8A6U/YF05349/(N131809) Switzerland, FGC ?)][FGC45322/Y20567, Y20575 +11]J2a1a1b2a1a1b1a2 PrivateFullGenomesCorp Johann Schrag(1740-1830) b.Falkenstein,Palatinate N131809 is father of Z8A6U       
[(KFLWM/436473 Switzerland)FGC45321/Y20566, FGC45323/Y20568, FGC45352/Y20579 +48J2a1a1b2a1a1b1b PrivateFullGenomesCorp Peter Stirnimann, b.~1540 Witelingen, Luzern, CH       
{[Z40067 SUB YFS pending]}{Z40067, Z40068 +4}J2a1a1b2a1a1b2    PrioP    
[(373863 S. Arabia)]{[Z40067 SUB YFS pending]}J2a1a1b2a1a1b2a PrivateFTDNA-BigY Y12 AlSail Dalam (proxy is 262925 L433+ M419-)       
[(355036 S. Arabia)]{[Z40067 SUB YFS pending]}J2a1a1b2a1a1b2b PrivateFTDNA-BigY Y111 Al Huraiz Ibn Baaz - Salm 15a       
[(2 x GoNL, Netherlands, L198+?)] ?S15439, S17366, L433.1/4, <u>L198</u>.1/4 +19J2a1a1b2a1a1c PrivateGoNL-12 Genome of Netherlands 2 samples, no ID assignation possible       
L1064.1/4, L250.2/3FGC16096, FGC16141 +6J2a1a1b2a1a2   Sub J2Pan15a (V2) 
{PH4970, FGC16080/Y14375 +81{+14}}*L1064.1/4, L250.2/3J2a1a1b2a1a2afound in FGC-P9ZTZ and gre-79 Hallast14T2710471A, C7364638GFGC16008/Y14562, FGC16009/Y14351, FGC16013/Y14564, FGC16014/Y14565, FGC16034/Y14358, FGC16046/Y14363, FGC16049/Y14570, FGC16052/Y14364, FGC16053/Y14571, FGC16054/Y14572, FGC16056/Y14366, FGC16057/Y14367, FGC16058/Y14368, FGC16059/Y14573, FGC16062/Y14369, FGC16066, FGC16069, FGC16071/Y14371, FGC16073/Y14372, FGC16084/Y14376, FGC16085/Y14576, FGC16095, FGC16097/Y14378, FGC16099/Y14379, FGC16100/Y14577, FGC16102/Y14381, FGC16112/Y14387, FGC16115/Y14388, FGC16116/Y14389, FGC16121/Y14390, FGC16123/Y14391, FGC16124/Y14392, FGC16128/Y14394, FGC16129/Y14395, FGC16131/Y14578, FGC16133/Y14579, FGC16134/Y14396, FGC16137/Y14397, FGC16140/Y14581, FGC16142/Y14582, FGC16143/Y14400, FGC16146/Y14401, FGC16147/Y14584, FGC16148/Y14402, FGC16155/Y14585, FGC16158/Y14403, FGC30757/Y14365, FGC30774/Y14377, FGC30801, PH4968/Y14398/Z32180, PH4970/Y14399/Z32181, Y14569/Z34433PrioD J2Pan15a V2 
FGC16079, FGC16088, FGC16130 +1{PH4970, FGC16080/Y14375 +81{+14}}*J2a1a1b2a1a2a1  FGC16079, FGC16157PrioD J2Pan15a V2 
FGC35005, FGC35000 +42FGC16079, FGC16088, FGC16130 +1J2a1a1b2a1a2a1aArab Wa'il FGC34962, FGC34963, FGC34964, FGC34965, FGC34969, FGC34970, FGC34971, FGC34972, FGC34973, FGC34974, FGC34976, FGC34977, FGC34978, FGC34979, FGC34980, FGC34981, FGC34982, FGC34984, FGC34986, FGC34987, FGC34988, FGC34990, FGC34991, FGC34992, FGC34993, FGC34994, FGC34995, FGC34996, FGC34997, FGC34998, FGC34999, FGC35001, FGC35002, FGC35003, FGC35004, FGC35006, FGC35008, FGC35009, FGC35011, FGC35012, FGC35013, FGC35014PrioE J2Pan15a V2 
[FGC35007, FGC35104 +1]FGC35005, FGC35000 +42J2a1a1b2a1a2a1a1Arab Wa'il-Tu FGC35104PrioP J2Pan15a   
[(C4UK2/M5007/YF04989 Saudi Arabia FGC 5)][FGC35007, FGC35104 +1]J2a1a1b2a1a2a1a1a PrivateFullGenomesCorp Wa'il-Tu FGC34966, FGC34968, FGC34975, FGC34983, FGC34989     
[(FWTTG/199120/YF04991 Saudi Arabia FGC 3)][FGC35007, FGC35104 +1]J2a1a1b2a1a2a1a1b PrivateFullGenomesCorp Wa'il-Tu FGC35103, FGC35105, FGC35106      
[(L3FJJ/185751/YF04990 Saudi Arabia FGC 8)]FGC35005, FGC35000 +42J2a1a1b2a1a2a1a2 PrivateFullGenomesCorp Wa'il-Mo FGC35017, FGC35019, FGC35021, FGC35022, FGC35023, FGC35024, FGC35025, FGC35026     
FGC16139, FGC16150, FGC16117 + {15}FGC16079, FGC16088, FGC16130 +1J2a1a1b2a1a2a1b   PrioF J2Pan15a2   
[(P9ZTZ/N37321/YF02684 England, YFS 40+14)]FGC16139, FGC16150, FGC16117 + {15}J2a1a1b2a1a2a1b1 PrivateFullGenomesCorp Adopted Taylor       
[(B70218 Mexico)]FGC16139, FGC16150, FGC16117 + {15}J2a1a1b2a1a2a1b2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Antonio Velarde, b. 1846 Sonora Mexico       
FGC30789, FGC30776 +29{PH4970, FGC16080/Y14375 +81{+14}}*J2a1a1b2a1a2a2Rhine-Alps FGC30743, FGC30753, FGC30754, FGC30755, FGC30760, FGC30761, FGC30762, FGC30764, FGC30765, FGC30767, FGC30771, FGC30776, FGC30778, FGC30782, FGC30784, FGC30785, FGC30786, FGC30788, FGC30789, FGC30792, FGC30793, FGC30797, FGC30799, FGC30803, FGC30804, Z34434, Z34435, Z34436, Z34437PrioD J2Pan15a V2 
Z34440, Z34444 +5FGC30789, FGC30776 +29J2a1a1b2a1a2a2ain BigY-853, BigY-N111458; neg. in FGC-NUXNR  Z34438, Z34439, Z34443, Z34444PrioE J2Pan15a V2 
[(853/YF04995 NY-Boston, YFS 10+2)]Z34440, Z34444 +5J2a1a1b2a1a2a2a1 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Gatter   Val15a   
[(N111458/YF04996 Palatinate, YFS 8+1)]Z34440, Z34444 +5J2a1a1b2a1a2a2a2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Jäger Germany   Val15a   
[(NUXNR/25365/YF03290 Alsace, YFS 19+5)]FGC30789, FGC30776 +29J2a1a1b2a1a2a2b PrivateFullGenomesCorp Gattie France/Germany       
[(gre-79 Greece, 15 x PH14)]{PH4970, FGC16080/Y14375 +81{+14}}*J2a1a1b2a1a2a3 approx.PH-Hallast-14, Di Giacomo 2003 Greek, Y-STR23 available       
PF5174, PF5199 +10PF5191, S21554, PF5169. +12{+14}J2a1a1b2a1b  PF5215, PF5216, PF5166, PF5184, PF5194, PF5200, PF5253Basic Sub PrioD J2Pan15a V2,V1 
Z8074, PF5221, PF5177.PF5174, PF5199 +10J2a1a1b2a1b1PF5177(xPF5182,PF7421) in Geno2-N115337 Burney PF7421, Z8074Sub PrioD J2Pan15a V2,V1 
PF5252, PF5196Z8074, PF5221, PF5177.J2a1a1b2a1b1afound in PF 874-881 and Caucasus PF5202, PF5259Sub PrioD J2Pan15a V2 
[PF5183, PF5204]PF5252, PF5196J2a1a1b2a1b1a1neg. in FGC-DDNXC Arm.  PrioE J2Pan15a V2 
[PF5248, PF5243][PF5183, PF5204]J2a1a1b2a1b1a1afound in PF13 Sardinians 879-881?,negative in YF02305 (FT-N76290)  PrioF    
[(Sardinian 879-881)][PF5248, PF5243]J2a1a1b2a1b1a1a1 approx.PF-Sardinian-15       
[(Sardinian 874-878)][PF5183, PF5204]J2a1a1b2a1b1a1b approx.PF-Sardinian-15       
[(DDNXC/313158/YF02989 Armenian, 96 YFS)]PF5252, PF5196J2a1a1b2a1b1a2 approx.FullGenomesCorp       
[(Sin0173 Sindhi SE Pakistan, SK1391)]PF5252, PF5196J2a1a1b2a1b1a3 approx.SK-Stoneking-14 HGDP00173 Mark Stoneking and Ryan Wei (2014) SK1392, SK1393, SK1394     
PF7421, PF7422Z8074, PF5221, PF5177.J2a1a1b2a1b1b approx.found in YF02305 (FT-N76290) and PF13 871-873 Z8069, Z8070, Z8072PrioE J2Pan15a V2 
[PF7418, Z8073]PF7421, PF7422J2a1a1b2a1b1b1found in PF13 871-873, negative in YF02305 (FT-N76290) Y200, Z8073, Z8075, Z8076, Z8077, Z8078PrioF J2Pan15a   
[(Sardinian 871-873)][PF7418, Z8073]J2a1a1b2a1b1b1a approx.PF-Sardinian-15       
[(N76290/YF02305 USA Unknown Origin, ca. 27 YFS)]PF7421, PF7422J2a1a1b2a1b1b2 privateFTDNA-BigY USA Higgins   Val15a   
[(N115337 USA)] ?Z8074, PF5221, PF5177.J2a1a1b2a1b1c privateFTDNA-Geno2 Y37 Burney, 1831-1893, Alabama   Val15a   
S19231/Z7325, Z7332 +32PF5174, PF5199 +10J2a1a1b2a1b2negative in YF02305 PF5177+ (FT-N76290) Z7327, Z7335Basic Sub PrioD J2Pan15a V2,V1 
S25338/Z7279, Z6085 +2S19231/Z7325, Z7332 +32J2a1a1b2a1b2a   Sub PrioD J2Pan15a V2 
{S25269/Z7291, Z7292 +4}S25338/Z7279, Z6085 +2J2a1a1b2a1b2a Inv.   Sub PrioE J2Pan15aV2 V2 
{Z6082, Z7290 +12}{S25269/Z7291, Z7292 +4}J2a1a1b2a1b2a1 approx.   Sub PrioD J2Pan15aV2 V2 
Z6091, Z7276 +7{Z6082, Z7290 +12}J2a1a1b2a1b2a1a  Z7276, Z7278Sub PrioD J2Pan15a V2 
Z7260, Z7259 +9Z6091, Z7276 +7J2a1a1b2a1b2a1a1found in Sri Lankan Tamil, Bengali in Bangladesh  PrioE J2Pan15a   
[(HG03845 Sri Lankan Tamil, 43 Mag13)]Z7260, Z7259 +9J2a1a1b2a1b2a1a1a approx.1000-Genomes-13 Sri Lankan Tamil       
[(HG03012 Bengali Bangladesh, 36 Mag13)]Z7260, Z7259 +9J2a1a1b2a1b2a1a1b approx.1000-Genomes-13 Bengali in Bangladesh       
Z7271, Z7268 +18Z6091, Z7276 +7J2a1a1b2a1b2a1a2found in Gujarati , Sri Lankan Tamil, PGP141  PrioE J2Pan15a V2 
[(HG04003 Sri Lankan Tamil, 54 Mag13)]Z7271, Z7268 +18J2a1a1b2a1b2a1a2a approx.1000-Genomes-13 Sri Lankan Tamil       
[(NA21090 Gujarati Indian, 55 Mag13)]Z7271, Z7268 +18J2a1a1b2a1b2a1a2b approx.1000-Genomes-13 Gujarati Indian       
[SK1390]Z6091, Z7276 +7J2a1a1b2a1b2a1a3SW.Asia  PrioE J2Pan15a   
[(HG02493 Punjabi Lahore, 63 Mag13)][SK1390]J2a1a1b2a1b2a1a3a private1000-Genomes-13       
[(Bal0056 Balochi Iran/Pak.)][SK1390]J2a1a1b2a1b2a1a3b privateSK-Stoneking-14 HGDP00056 Mark Stoneking and Ryan Wei (2014)       
[(PGP141)]Z6091, Z7276 +7J2a1a1b2a1b2a1a4 privatePersGenProj-13 no background or geographic info avail.       
[(415182 Iraq)]Z6091, Z7276 +7J2a1a1b2a1b2a1a5 privateFTDNA-Y-SNP-Pack-J2 Z6091(xSK1390)        
Z34460, Z34457 +3{Z6082, Z7290 +12}J2a1a1b2a1b2a1bHG03905 Bengali, EB-16802 Kapu Andhra-Pradesh  PrioE J2Pan15a   
[(HG03905 Bengali Bangladesh, 44 Mag13)]Z34460, Z34457 +3J2a1a1b2a1b2a1ba private1000-Genomes-13       
[(EB-16802 Kapu Andhra-Pradesh)]Z34460, Z34457 +3J2a1a1b2a1b2a1bb privateEst-Bioc-15 GS000021431-DID India South Asia       
Z42913, Z42915 +21S25338/Z7279, Z6085 +2J2a1a1b2a1b2a2   PrioD    
[(S25338+ Netherland 2 x GoNL)]{S25269/Z7291, Z7292 +4}J2a1a1b2a1b2a2 Inv. privateGoNL-12 Netherland       
{Z42914, Z42918 +5}Z42913, Z42915 +21J2a1a1b2a1b2a2a   PrioE    
{14453565-T>G, 21302399-C>T +14}{Z42914, Z42918 +5}J2a1a1b2a1b2a2a1   PrioP    
[(115615 Qatar)]{14453565-T>G, 21302399-C>T +14}J2a1a1b2a1b2a2a1a privateFTDNA-BigY Al Qassim Fakhro       
[(435926 Qatar)]{14453565-T>G, 21302399-C>T +14}J2a1a1b2a1b2a2a1b privateFTDNA-BigY Fakhro       
[(M7239 Saudi Arabia)]*{Z42914, Z42918 +5}J2a1a1b2a1b2a2a2 privateFTDNA-BigY       
[(205250 Saudi Arabia)]* ?Z42913, Z42915 +21J2a1a1b2a1b2a2b privateFTDNA-BigY Al-Abid       
{Z6092, Z7366 +2}S19231/Z7325, Z7332 +32J2a1a1b2a1b2b   PrioD J2Pan15a V2 
Z7360, Z7358 +59{Z6092, Z7366 +2}J2a1a1b2a1b2b1found in West and South Asia  PrioE J2Pan15a   
[(HG02733 Punjabi Lahore, 36 Mag13)]Z7360, Z7358 +59J2a1a1b2a1b2b1a approx.1000-Genomes-13 Punjabi Lahore,Pakistan       
[(HG04107 Sri Lankan Tamil, 33 Mag13)]Z7360, Z7358 +59J2a1a1b2a1b2b1b approx.1000-Genomes-13 Sri Lankan Tamil       
[(324519 Kuwait)]Z7360, Z7358 +59J2a1a1b2a1b2b1c approx.FTDNA-Y-SNP-Pack-J2 Z7366(xZ8085)        
[Z8090, Z8085 +10]{Z6092, Z7366 +2}J2a1a1b2a1b2b2Sardinian   PrioE J2Pan15a V2 
[(Sardinian 868-870)][Z8090, Z8085 +10]J2a1a1b2a1b2b2a approx.PF-Sardinian-15       
[(248045 New Mexico Geno2)] ?S19231/Z7325, Z7332 +32J2a1a1b2a1b2c PrivateFTDNA-Geno2 Varela 1760 (possibly Jewish-Sephardic-Cohen) unclear status for S25338/Z7279, Z7366, etc.   Val15a   
[(N114846 India Geno2)] ?S19231/Z7325, Z7332 +32J2a1a1b2a1b2d PrivateFTDNA-Geno2 Razack, Uttar Pradesh, unclear status for S25338/Z7279, Z7366, etc.   Val15a   
[(N131396 N.India? Geno2)] ?S19231/Z7325, Z7332 +32J2a1a1b2a1b2d PrivateFTDNA-Geno2 Agrawal, unclear status for S25338/Z7279, Z7366, etc.   Val15a   
[(159217 Saudi Arabia)] ?PF5174, PF5199 +10J2a1a1b2a1b3 PrivateFTDNA-SingleSNP Mecca 1900, unclear status for Z8074, S19231/Z7325, etc.   Val15a   
[(168722 Israelite Samaritan)] ?PF5191, S21554, PF5169. +12{+14}J2a1a1b2a1c PrivateFTDNA-SingleSNP Jewish Tribe of Menashe-Tsafari clan, unclear status for Z8074, S19231/Z7325, etc.   Val15a   
[(259102 Saudi Arabia)] ?PF5191, S21554, PF5169. +12{+14}J2a1a1b2a1d PrivateFTDNA-SingleSNP غانم الغنام, unclear status for Z8074, S19231/Z7325, etc.   Val15a   
[(U2325 Afghanistan)] ?PF5191, S21554, PF5169. +12{+14}J2a1a1b2a1e PrivateFTDNA-Y37 Khan, predicted for PF5174, S19231/Z7325, etc.   Val15a   
[(187519 Tamil India)] ?PF5191, S21554, PF5169. +12{+14}J2a1a1b2a1f PrivateFTDNA-Y37 Madurai, Tamil Nadu, predicted for PF5174, S19231/Z7325, etc.   Val15a   
[(204506 Pakistan)] ?PF5191, S21554, PF5169. +12{+14}J2a1a1b2a1g PrivateFTDNA-Y37 Balochistan, predicted for PF5174, S19231/Z7325, etc.   Val15a   
PH1222, PH180, CTS904.1 +29PF5172, PF5190 +2J2a1a1b2a2   PrioD J2Pan15a V2 
{Z40014, Z40015 +18{+29}}PH1222, PH180, CTS904.1 +29J2a1a1b2a2a   PrioEJ2Pan15a2   
[(217812/YF03340 Armenia, YFS ~16+22)]{Z40014, Z40015 +18{+29}}J2a1a1b2a2a1 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Boghikian 0.64 Val15a   
[(445650 Austria)]{Z40014, Z40015 +18{+29}}J2a1a1b2a2a2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Bereiter, bef. 1615 Vorarlberg        
[(tur-7 Turkey, 15 PH14)]*PH1222, PH180, CTS904.1 +29J2a1a1b2a2b PrivatePH-Hallast-14, Y-STR23 available        
{Z7430, FGC23952/Y8998}PF5197/Z2397, Z2396.xJ2a1a1b2b   Sub PrioD J2Pan15a1V2 
{Z7391.1/2}{Z7430, FGC23952/Y8998}J2a1a1b2b1   Sub PrioE J2Pan15a1V2 
Z7403*, YSC0000253.1/3*, PF4341.1/5* {+36}{Z7391.1/2}J2a1a1b2b1a  Z6067-Z6075Sub PrioD J2Pan15a1V2 
{Z7425, Z7406 +4}Z7403*, YSC0000253.1/3*, PF4341.1/5* {+36}J2a1a1b2b1a down   PrioE J2Pan15a2   
{SK1395/Z7429, Z6073 +43}{Z7425, Z7406 +4}J2a1a1b2b1a down2BigY-449664 SK1395-   PrioE J2Pan15a2   
{FGC23974/Y8991}{SK1395/Z7429, Z6073 +43}J2a1a1b2b1a1   PrioD J2Pan15a V2 
{FGC23975/Y9347, YSC0000246*}{FGC23974/Y8991}J2a1a1b2b1a1a   PrioE J2Pan15a V2 
SK1396/Z7445, SK1399{FGC23975/Y9347, YSC0000246*}J2a1a1b2b1a1a1  Z6078, Z6080, Z6081, Z7445-Z7449, Z7452, Z7453PrioD J2Pan15a V2 
Z29030, Z29031SK1396/Z7445, SK1399J2a1a1b2b1a1a1a  Z7434-Z7444, Z7450, Z7451, Z7454-Z7478PrioF J2Pan15a V2 
[(HG03660 Punjabi Lahore Pak., 16? x Mag13)]Z29030, Z29031J2a1a1b2b1a1a1a1 Private1000-Genomes-13 Punjabi Lahore,Pakistan       
[(HG03021 Punjabi Lahore Pak., 57? x Mag13)]Z29030, Z29031J2a1a1b2b1a1a1a2 Private1000-Genomes-13 Punjabi Lahore Pakistan       
Y9339, Y8992SK1396/Z7445, SK1399J2a1a1b2b1a1a1b   PrioF J2Pan15a V2 
[(NA20884 Gujarati Indian, 22? Mag13)]Y9339, Y8992J2a1a1b2b1a1a1b1 Private1000-Genomes-13 Gujarati Indian PF150.2     
[(M9659/YF02518 Saudi Arabian, X YFS)]Y9339, Y8992J2a1a1b2b1a1a1b2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Aldrees   Val15a   
[(198631 Afghanistan, ? BigY)]SK1396/Z7445, SK1399J2a1a1b2b1a1a1c PrivateFTDNA-BigY Afghanistan Kabul Khan 1850   Val15a   
Z43986, Z43987, YSC0000250 +29{FGC23975/Y9347, YSC0000246*}J2a1a1b2b1a1a2Possibly Sephardic, predicted Ashkenazi members  PrioFVal15a   
[(N100032 Mexico/Iberia?)]Z43986, Z43987, YSC0000250 +29J2a1a1b2b1a1a2a PrivateFTDNA-BigY Martínez Mexico       
[(524196/YF08506 Venezuela)]Z43986, Z43987, YSC0000250 +29J2a1a1b2b1a1a2b PrivateFTDNA-BigY Jose Gregorio Celis Arzola, b. 1892 & d. 1942       
[(FTDNA-YSC250,252 Iberia?)]*Z43986, Z43987, YSC0000250 +29J2a1a1b2b1a1a2c PrivateFTDNA-YSC-Internal Costa       
[(Kal0309 Kalash N.Pakistan, SK1401, SK1402)]*{FGC23975/Y9347, YSC0000246*}J2a1a1b2b1a1a3 PrivateSK-Stoneking-14 HGDP00309 Mark Stoneking and Ryan Wei (2014)       
[(Mak0140 Makrani Beluchi, SK1400)]{FGC23974/Y8991}J2a1a1b2b1a1b PrivateSK-Stoneking-14 HGDP00140 Mark Stoneking and Ryan Wei (2014) Z10199.2     
[SK1323, FGC58050, FGC58029, FGC58032 +62]{Z7425, Z7406 +4}J2a1a1b2b1a2 down Private   PrioF    
[(441696/YF06008-YF07733 Kuwait)][SK1323, FGC58050, FGC58029, FGC58032 +62]J2a1a1b2b1a2 down PrivateFTDNA-BigY al-Khamis, b 1898       
[(HG03615 Bengali Bangladesh, 89 Mag13)]{SK1395/Z7429, Z6073 +43}J2a1a1b2b1a2 down2 Private1000-Genomes-13 Bengali in Bangladesh       
[(449664 NE S. Arabia)]Z7403*, YSC0000253.1/3*, PF4341.1/5* {+36}J2a1a1b2b1a2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY منطقه الجوف - Tayy (السرحان-طيء) Al-Jawf, Northeast Saudi Arabia       
[(271582 Saudi Arabia Geno2)] ?Z7403*, YSC0000253.1/3*, PF4341.1/5* {+36}J2a1a1b2b1a3 PrivateFTDNA-Geno2 YSC0000253+, YSC0000246- Judham tribe unclear status for Z7425, FGC23974/Y8991 and FGC23975/Y9347   Val15a   
[(174576 Tunisia)] ?Z7403*, YSC0000253.1/3*, PF4341.1/5* {+36}J2a1a1b2b1a4 PrivateFTDNA-SingleSNP YSC0000253+ YSC0000246- Banu Hilal unclear status for Z7425, FGC23974/Y8991 and FGC23975/Y9347   Val15a   
[(Bal0094 Balochi Iran/Pak., SK?)]{Z7391.1/2}J2a1a1b2b1b PrivateSK-Stoneking-14 HGDP00094 Mark Stoneking and Ryan Wei (2014)       
[(Mak0133 Makrani Beluchi, SK?)]{Z7430, FGC23952/Y8998}J2a1a1b2b2 PrivateSK-Stoneking-14 HGDP00133 Mark Stoneking and Ryan Wei (2014)       
[(M8074 Iraq)] ?{Z7430, FGC23952/Y8998}J2a1a1b2b3 PrivateFTDNA-Y67 Tayy tribe unclear status for SK1395, FGC23974/Y8991, etc.   Val15a   
Z6064, Y7014/Z8237<u>L26</u>/Page55/S57, L27/S396J2a1a2   Basic PrioCBasic J2Pan15a1V2,(V1) 
Z6063, Z6061, Z6059, Z6060 +41Z6064, Y7014/Z8237J2a1a2a  SK1360/Y6772/Z27898, SK1361/Y6771/Z27897, SK1362/Y6761/Z27841, Y6753/Z27782, Y6754/Z27801, Y6755/Z27807, Y6756, Y6757/Z27827, Y6758/Z27829, Y6759/Z27834, Y6760/Z27840, Y6762/Z27853, Y6763, Y6764/Z27864, Y6765/Z27873, Y6766/Z27875, Y6767/Z27876, Y6768/Z27882, Y6769/Z27884, Y6770/Z27895, Y6854/Z27804, Y6856/Z27832, Y6857/Z27848, Y6858/Z27854, Y6859/Z27865, Y6861/Z27869, Y6863/Z27874, Y6864/Z27905, Y6865/Z27908, Y6866, Z6055, Z6060, Z6061, Z6062, Z6063, Z6064Basic PrioCBasic J2Pan15a1V2,V1 
Z6057, Y7011 +2Z6063, Z6061, Z6059, Z6060 +41J2a1a2a1Z6056 is not well covered with BigY Y7008/Z27797, Y7010/Z27851, Y7011, Y7013/Z27912Basic PrioCBasic J2Pan15a1V2,V1 
SK1359, Z6056 +7Z6057, Y7011 +2J2a1a2a1a approx.   Basic PrioDJ2Pan15a2   
SK1366SK1359, Z6056 +7J2a1a2a1a1   Sub PrioDJ2Pan15a2 V2 
<u>M68</u>, SK1371SK1366J2a1a2a1a1a  Z27830Sub PrioDSub J2Pan15a V2 
{[Z29025, G2919602T]}<u>M68</u>, SK1371J2a1a2a1a1a1 approx.    J2Pan15a   
[(HG03854 Sri Lankan Tamil Mag13 34)]{[Z29025, G2919602T]}J2a1a2a1a1a1a private1000-Genomes-13 Sri Lankan Tamil in UK       
[(HG02651 Punjabi Lahore Mag13 37)]{[Z29025, G2919602T]}J2a1a2a1a1a1b private1000-Genomes-13 Punjabi Lahore       
[(HG03693 Sri Lankan Tamil Mag13 49)]<u>M68</u>, SK1371J2a1a2a1a1a2 private1000-Genomes-13 Sri Lankan Tamil in UK       
[(Mak0137 Makrani Gujarat SK)]<u>M68</u>, SK1371J2a1a2a1a1a3 privateSK-Stoneking-14 HGDP00137 Mark Stoneking and Ryan Wei (2014)       
[(Sin0181 Sindhi SK)]<u>M68</u>, SK1371J2a1a2a1a1a4 privateSK-Stoneking-14 HGDP00181 Pakistan Mark Stoneking and Ryan Wei (2014)       
[(Bra0009 Brahui SK)]SK1366J2a1a2a1a1b privateSK-Stoneking-14 HGDP00009 Pakistan-Afghanistan? Mark Stoneking and Ryan Wei (2014)       
SK1363, Y13137/Z28526 +12SK1359, Z6056 +7J2a1a2a1a2in FT-37060 + FT-182443 Irel., FT-229942 Spa., FT-41120 Fra. SK1364, Z28517, Z28526, Z29915, Z29918, Z29919, Z29920Basic PrioDJ2Pan15a V2,V1 
Y14443/Z28531, Y14712, Z28529 +18SK1363, Y13137/Z28526 +12J2a1a2a1a2ain FT-37060 + FT-182443 Irel., FT-229942 Spa.  Basic Sub PrioDJ2Pan15a V2 
PF7413, {Y14434, Y14445/Z28522, +5}Y14443/Z28531, Y14712, Z28529 +18J2a1a2a1a2a downchange hier. name  PrioD    
PF7415, Z35778 +1PF7413, {Y14434, Y14445/Z28522, +5}J2a1a2a1a2a1   PrioDJ2Pan15a V2 
[Z28530, Z28524 +20]PF7415, Z35778 +1J2a1a2a1a2a1a   PrioEJ2Pan15a   
[(843 Sardinian PF15 ~45)][Z28530, Z28524 +20]J2a1a2a1a2a1a1 PrivatePF-Sardinian-15       
[(844 Sardinian PF15 ~20)][Z28530, Z28524 +20]J2a1a2a1a2a1a2 PrivatePF-Sardinian-15       
[(229942/YF03330 Mexico YFS ~69)]PF7415, Z35778 +1J2a1a2a1a2a1b PrivateFTDNA-BigY Unknown Origin, García de Jurado, 1630   Val15a   
Z35789, Z35788 +6PF7413, {Y14434, Y14445/Z28522, +5}J2a1a2a1a2a2   PrioDJ2Pan15a V2 
Z35790Z35789, Z35788 +6J2a1a2a1a2a2a   PrioEJ2Pan15aV2   
Z35794 +8Z35790J2a1a2a1a2a2a1in FT-37060 + FT-182443 Ireland GD 14/111, cluster members claim Roger de Montgomerie 1027 Normandy as patriarch  20 x BigYPrioPJ2Pan15a   
[(182443/YF02153 Ireland YFS ~12)]Z35794 +8J2a1a2a1a2a2a1a privateFTDNA-BigY Ireland/Scotland, Montgomery   Val15a   
[(37060 Ireland)]?Z35794 +8J2a1a2a1a2a2a1b privateFTDNA-BigY Ireland/Scotland, Montgomery   Val15a   
[(327719 Norway)]?Z35790J2a1a2a1a2a2a2 privateFTDNA-BigY Nilsson Haugen 1695-1754 Kviteseid Telemark, Norway       
[(399260/YF06270 USA])Z35790J2a1a2a1a2a2a3 privateFTDNA-BigY Charles Coleman d: 1761 NC        
[(295464 Ireland]) ?Z35790J2a1a2a1a2a2a4 privateFTDNA-BigY Thomas Canning b. c1827 d. 1895 Carnanbane Road, Dungiven, Londonderry, Limavady        
Z40257, Z40258 +9Z35789, Z35788 +6J2a1a2a1a2a2b   PrioP    
[(N63471/YF03987 England YFS ~10)]Z40257, Z40258 +9J2a1a2a1a2a2b1 privateFTDNA-BigY EU, England, Hunt   Val15a   
[(170705 England)]Z40257, Z40258 +9J2a1a2a1a2a2b2 privateFTDNA-BigY EU, England, Hunt       
[(Z1756 Portugal)]Y14443/Z28531, Y14712, Z28529 +18J2a1a2a1a2a3 privateFTDNA-BigY Soares       
[(Bas1358 Basque SK)]?Y14443/Z28531, Y14712, Z28529 +18J2a1a2a1a2a4 privateSK-Stoneking-14 HGDP01358 Spain Mark Stoneking and Ryan Wei (2014)       
Z36833, Z36829 +5SK1363, Y13137/Z28526 +12J2a1a2a1a2bFran., Hung., C.Asia  PrioDJ2Pan15aV2 V2 
Z36830, Z36800 +29Z36833, Z36829 +5J2a1a2a1a2b1Med., C.Asia  PrioEJ2Pan15a V2 
[unresearched Z36800 sub]Z36830, Z36800 +29J2a1a2a1a2b1a   PrioF    
[(279701/YF03131 Kazakh? YFS 51)]Z36830, Z36800 +29J2a1a2a1a2b1b PrivateFTDNA-BigY Sabitov?   Val15a   
[(354892 Hungary BigY ?)]Z36833, Z36829 +5J2a1a2a1a2b2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Hermann, b.1823       
[(371858 Azores)]Z6057, Y7011 +2J2a1a2a1b PrivateFTDNA-BigY adopt. Dias 1850 Sao Miguel, Azores Portugal?       
[(236547 Azores)][unresearched Z36800 sub]J2a1a2a1b2a1a1 PrivateFTDNA-BigY, Portugal, de Mello, c.1865        
[(41120 France BigY ?)][unresearched Z36800 sub]J2a1a2a1b2a1a2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Via, before 1697   Val15a   
[(295681/YF02117 Netherlands YFS 58+16)]Z6063, Z6061, Z6059, Z6060 +41J2a1a2a2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Longyear, 1695   Val15a   
[(345430 Bulgaria)]Z6063, Z6061, Z6059, Z6060 +41J2a1a2a3 PrivateFTDNA-Y37 YSEQ-Z6059(xZ6056)   Val15a   
PH4959, PH4856 +8{+24}Z6064, Y7014/Z8237J2a1a2b   Sub PrioD  (V2) 
[PH4099, PH890 +14] ?PH4959, PH4856 +8{+24}J2a1a2b1   PrioESub J2Pan15a V2 
{Z40055, Z40056 +10{+19}}[PH4099, PH890 +14] ?J2a1a2b1a approx.   PrioE    
[(14919/YF03482 Unknown Origin, YFS ?)]{Z40055, Z40056 +10{+19}}J2a1a2b1a1 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Unknown Origin, US, Kansas, Fryer, 1781   Val15a   
[(422501 Qatar/Bahrain)]{Z40055, Z40056 +10{+19}}J2a1a2b1a2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Heyey, Qatar City end of 19th cent.       
[(Pal-5257 Palestinian PH14 14)][PH4099, PH890 +14] ?J2a1a2b1b PrivatePH-Hallast-14, Y-STR23 available       
[(410707/YF06466 Qatar)] ?PH4959, PH4856 +8{+24}J2a1a2b2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY        
Z6049/S17591, S23761 +16PF4610, PF5104, CTS7683.J2a1bfound in YSEQ-18 Ger, YSEQ-353 Pol, YSEQ-48 Geo S19344, S21087/Z29416, S23761/Z29418, Z6047, Z6053, Z28448, Z28470, Z28480, Z28492, Z28506, Z29415, Z29417, Z29419, Z29420Basic PrioBBasic J2Pan15a V2,V1 
Z6048, S24092, S18075 +21Z6049/S17591, S23761 +16J2a1b1found in YSEQ-18 Ger, YSEQ-353 Pol and also 1kG-HG02774 PJL-Punj, PF-841-847 Sar, negative in YSEQ-48 Geo (Z6046, Z6050, Z6051, Z6052, Z6054, Z29421)?Basic Sub PrioCBasic Sub J2Pan15a V2,V1 
Z6050, Z6052Z6048, S24092, S18075 +21J2a1b1a   Basic Sub PrioCJ2Pan15a2   
Z38481, S15572 +2Z6050, Z6052J2a1b1a1   Basic Sub PrioDJ2Pan15a2   
{S23560/Z29422}Z38481, S15572 +2J2a1b1a1a   Basic Sub PrioDJ2Pan15a2   
S23891, Z28449, S22011 +70?{S23560/Z29422}J2a1b1a1a1PF13 841-847 Sar, negative in 1kG-HG02774 PJL-Punj S15430Basic Sub PrioDBasic Sub J2Pan15a V2,V1 
{S20731 +4}S23891, Z28449, S22011 +70?J2a1b1a1a1a   Sub PrioEJ2Pan15a2 V2 
Z28502, Z28501, Z28500 +4{S20731 +4}J2a1b1a1a1a1   PrioE  V2 
[(ERS256826,836 Sardinian PF15 16)]Z28502, Z28501, Z28500 +4J2a1b1a1a1a1a PrivatePF-Sardinian-15       
[(Z38483 Netherland 2x)]Z28502, Z28501, Z28500 +4J2a1b1a1a1a1b NetherlandGoNL-12 Genome of Netherlands 2 samples, no ID assignation possible       
[(837-838 Sardinian PF15 9[9,8])]Z28502, Z28501, Z28500 +4J2a1b1a1a1a1c SardiniaPF-Sardinian-15       
[(ERS256829/839-840 Sardinian PF15 6[16,15)] Z28502, Z28501, Z28500 +4J2a1b1a1a1a1d SardiniaPF-Sardinian-15       
[(168300/YF02927 E.Austria, YFS 53+22-87)]{S20731 +4}J2a1b1a1a1a2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Vienna, Niederleithner   Val15a   
[(841-ERS256832/842 Sardinian PF15 4[8,4])]S23891, Z28449, S22011 +70?J2a1b1a1a1bPF-Sardinian-15       
Z43501, Z43503, Z43504 +65{S23560/Z29422}J2a1b1a1a2   PrioE    
[(399585 Puerto Rico Jewish)] ?Z43501, Z43503, Z43504 +65J2a1b1a1a2a privateFTDNA-BigY Rangel, (hidden?) Jewish   Val15a   
[(N164057/YF06112 Ashkenazi Russia)] ?Z43501, Z43503, Z43504 +65J2a1b1a1a2b privateFTDNA-BigY Abramowicz 1896-1942, Odessa, Russia       
[(ERR1395578 Jordan)]Z38481, S15572 +2J2a1b1a1b privateSimonsGDP-       
[(93659 USA/England?)] ?Z38481, S15572 +2J2a1b1a1c privateFTDNA-BigY Harris d. 1843-1844 Jessamine Co., KY       
Z43567, Z43568, Z43569 +39+?Z6050, Z6052J2a1b1a2   PrioE    
[(HG02774 Punjabi Pak., X Mag13)]Z43567, Z43568, Z43569 +39+?J2a1b1a2a private1000-Genomes-13 , not reported for PF-841-847 Sar       
[(N224460 Punjab India)] ?Z43567, Z43568, Z43569 +39+?J2a1b1a2b privateFTDNA-BigY Mahee Dhillon, 1859-1916, Chabal Kalan, Punjab (trad. Jats) Z28458, Y12711, Z6050,Z6052 unknown       
[(I0708 ancient NW.Anatolia ~6350 BC)]Z6048, S24092, S18075 +21J2a1b1b AncientAnatolia_Neolithic Mathieson et al 2015, Barcın, Turkey (xZ38481,S15572)       
SK1321, SK1312, SK1313.Z6049/S17591, S23761 +16J2a1b2in FT-BigY 259005, 258936,270352 Geo, ancient KK1 SK1314, SK1316, SK1321Sub PrioCSub J2Pan15a V2,V1 
SK1314, Y12391SK1321, SK1312, SK1313.J2a1b2   Sub PrioDJ2Pan15aV2 (V2,V1) 
SK1317, SK1318 +53SK1314, Y12391J2a1b2a   Sub PrioDJ2Pan15a V2,V1 
[(EB-14410 Georgia)]SK1317, SK1318 +53J2a1b2a1 PrivateEst-Bioc-15 GS000018408-DID Abkhazians Abkhazia_Lykhny Georgia Caucasus       
[(259005/YF03085 Georgia, YFS 29)]SK1317, SK1318 +53J2a1b2a2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti, Pailodze   Val15a   
[(SK1320, SK1315, Ady1403 NW.Caucasus)] ?SK1317, SK1318 +53J2a1b2a3 approx. PrivateSK-Stoneking-14 HGDP01403 Adygei Russia Mark Stoneking and Ryan Wei (2014)       
Y12602, Y12386 +17SK1314, Y12391J2a1b2bin FT-BigY 258936,270352 Georgia, negative in 259005,  Sub PrioDSub J2Pan15a V2 
Y16464, Y16575 +9Y12602, Y12386 +17J2a1b2b1   PrioE    
[(270352/YF02885 Georgia, YFS 8+19)]Y16464, Y16575 +9J2a1b2b1a PrivateFTDNA-BigY Kakheti, Tsitlauri   Val15a   
[(385303/YF03821 Chechen, YFS ?)]Y16464, Y16575 +9J2a1b2b1b PrivateFTDNA-BigY Melhiy-Kkhoratkhoy gar       
[(B92235/YF06223 E.Turkey)] *?Y16464, Y16575 +9J2a1b2b1c PrivateFTDNA-BigY Coban, d.1933 Oğulağaç, Maçka, Trabzon, Turkey       
[(258936/YF02886 Georgia, YFS 20+33)]Y12602, Y12386 +17J2a1b2b2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Imereti, Andriadze   Val15a   
[(KK1 ancient W.Georgia ~7755 BC YFS 15+8)]SK1321, SK1312, SK1313.J2a1b2c AncientJones et al 2015, Mesolithic Caucasus, Kotias Klde cave, Western Georgia        
PF5050, PF5053, Z35775 +17<u>M410</u>, L559, L505J2a2PF5050 on tested FGC17953 Segment  Basic PrioCBasic J2Pan15a1V2,V1 
<u>L581</u>, PF5035, PF7381.x, {PF5058} +3{+6}*PF5050, PF5053, Z35775 +17J2a2aPF7381 slightly better for primer design then PF5007  Basic PrioCBasic J2Pan15a V2,V1 
PF5054, PF7384, PF5000 +10<u>L581</u>, PF5035, PF7381.x, {PF5058} +3{+6}*J2a2a1found in PF Sar 834-836, FT 2014 tree, PF5000 no-reads in NGS  Basic PrioDBasic J2Pan15a V2,V1 
PF5060, PF4993 +5PF5054, PF7384, PF5000 +10J2a2a1a   Basic Sub PrioDBasic Sub J2Pan15a V2,(V1) 
PF5059, PF5056 +4{+43}*PF5060, PF4993 +5J2a2a1a1PF5056 slightly better for primer design then PF4993  Basic Sub PrioDBasic Sub J2Pan15a V2,V1 
Z35890, <u>P279</u>. +4{+17}*PF5059, PF5056 +4{+43}*J2a2a1a1a   Sub PrioDBasic Sub J2Pan15a V2 
<u>M340</u>Z35890, <u>P279</u>. +4{+17}*J2a2a1a1a1   PrioE J2Pan15a V2 
[(177694/YF01485 Central Anatolia YFS)]<u>M340</u>J2a2a1a1a1a PrivateFTDNA-BigY Kayseri, Armenian, Rakiciyan L582.1/2, Z486.2/2 Val15a   
Z28420, Z38500 {+3}*Z35890, <u>P279</u>. +4{+17}*J2a2a1a1a2   PrioEJ2Pan15a V2 
{[Z28412, Z28424 +24]}Z28420, Z38500 {+3}*J2a2a1a1a2a   PrioFJ2Pan15a   
[(830-831 Sardinian PF15 7,31)]{[Z28412, Z28424 +24]}J2a2a1a1a2a1 PrivatePF-Sardinian-15       
[(208140 Kuwait BigY)]Z28420, Z38500 {+3}*J2a2a1a1a2a2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY   Val15a   
[(829 Sardinian PF15 17)]Z35890, <u>P279</u>. +4{+17}*J2a2a1a1a3 PrivatePF-Sardinian-15       
PH3085, SK1403PF5059, PF5056 +4{+43}*J2a2a1a1b   PrioDJ2Pan15a2 V2 
[(Tur-13 Turkey PH14 14)]PH3085, SK1403J2a2a1a1b1 PrivatePH-Hallast-14, Y-STR23 available       
[(RISE504 ancient Altai ~805 AD)]PH3085, SK1403J2a2a1a1b2 AncientKytmanovo Allentoft et al. 2015, Gedmatch-F999962       
[(RISE602 ancient Altai ~50 BC)]PH3085, SK1403J2a2a1a1b3 AncientSary-Bel Kurgan Allentoft et al. 2015, Gedmatch-F999965       
[(Uyg1304 Uygur SK14)]PH3085, SK1403J2a2a1a1b4 PrivateSK-Stoneking-14 HGDP01304 Mark Stoneking and Ryan Wei (2014)       
[(119738 Tatarskiye Junki Russia)]PH3085, SK1403J2a2a1a1b5 PrivateFTDNA-Y67 Mityahdin, b.c.18.., predicted Hg   Val15a   
[PF5048, PF5070]PF5059, PF5056 +4{+43}*J2a2a1a1c under researchSardinian no shared SNPs found in RISE504,RISE602,Uyg1304  PF5070, PF5071, PF5082PrioFJ2Pan15a V2 
[(832-835 Sardinian PF15 16,16,8,10)][PF5048, PF5070]J2a2a1a1c1 PrivatePF-Sardinian-15       
[(246938 Saudi Arabia)]PF5060, PF4993 +5J2a2a1b PrivateFTDNA-BigY AL Haroon, ALansari       
[(409315/YF05109 TK?)]PF5054, PF7384, PF5000 +10J2a2a1b1 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Oecalan Turkey?       
[(Geno2: 261187 Lebanon, Germany, Punjab)]PF5054, PF7384, PF5000 +10J2a2a1b2 PrivateFTDNA-Geno2 NL238H2N Eash, 261187 Al-HaSHemeY    Val15a   
[(Geno2: N89876 Germany, H2159 Iran)] *?PF5059, PF5056 +4{+43}*J2a2a1b2 PrivateFTDNA-Geno2   Val15a   
[Z39726, Z28324 +25]<u>L581</u>, PF5035, PF7381.x, {PF5058} +3{+6}*J2a2a22016-01 eq. Y11644 in J1 (YBrowse error)  PrioD J2Pan15a2 V2 
[Z39751, Z28361 +17]*?[Z39726, Z28324 +25]J2a2a2a   PrioE    
[Z28373, Z28372 +15][Z39751, Z28361 +17]*?J2a2a2a1Sardinian  PrioE    
[(827-828 Sardinian PF15 17,15)][Z28373, Z28372 +15]J2a2a2a1a PrivatePF-Sardinian-15       
[(826 Sardinian PF15 22)][Z39751, Z28361 +17]*?J2a2a2a2 PrivatePF-Sardinian-15       
[(62159 Germany BigY)][Z39726, Z28324 +25]J2a2a2b PrivateFTDNA-BigY Gross, (1716 Saarland)       
[(L383.1/2)] ?<u>L581</u>, PF5035, PF7381.x, {PF5058} +3{+6}*J2a2a3 u.r. Geno 2.0 SNPs unknown   PrioE J2Pan15a   
[(L678)] ?[(L383.1/2)] ?J2a2a3a under research   PrioP    
[(N40943 Germany WTY)] ?[(L678)] ?J2a2a3a1 PrivateFTDNA-WTY Kranewitter   Val15a   
[(E16051/YF04207 Lebanon YFS 10+34)]<u>L581</u>, PF5035, PF7381.x, {PF5058} +3{+6}*J2a2a4 PrivateFTDNA-BigY unknown b 1950   Val15a   
[(HG01589 Punjabi )]PF5050, PF5053, Z35775 +17J2a2b Private1000-Genomes-13       
[(462289 Iran)]PF5050, PF5053, Z35775 +17J2a2c PrivateFTDNA-SingleSNP-J2-Pack Yazdani, Najafabad, Isfahan, C. Iran       
<u>M102, M12</u>, M221PF4597, <u>M172</u>., PF4925 +35J2b   Basic Sub PrioABasic Sub J2Pan15a1V2,V1 
<u>M205</u>, CTS560, PF7344, {CTS3833} +95<u>M102, M12</u>, M221J2b1   Basic Sub PrioCBasic Sub J2Pan15a1V2,V1 
CTS1969<u>M205</u>, CTS560, PF7344, {CTS3833} +95J2b1a Inv.   PrioEJ2Pan15a2 V2 
[CTS5338, Y22524, CTS10179 +13]CTS1969J2b1a1   PrioEJ2Pan15a2   
[(HG01619 Spanish)][CTS5338, Y22524, CTS10179 +13]J2b1a1a Private1000Genomes       
[(376161/YF05927 Spain YFS 6+7)][CTS5338, Y22524, CTS10179 +13]J2b1a1b PrivateFTDNA-BigY Manuel Vazquez Y Vazquez, b. 1840 and d. 1902 Arecibo, Puerto Rico       
YP13, YP51 +4CTS1969J2b1a2   Sub PrioDJ2Pan15a2   
[PF7320, PF7370]YP13, YP51 +4J2b1a2afound in PF Sar.  PF7288, PF7300, PF7305, PF7310, PF7318, PF7320, PF7327, PF7332, PF7338, PF7348, PF7351, PF7365, PF7366, PF7370, PF7378, YP5, YP11, YP12, YP13, YP16, YP18, YP20, YP45, YP48, YP51, YP53, YP60, YP62, YP69, YP70, YP77, YP79, YP95, YP103, YP107, YP108, YP112, YP126, YP137, YP147, YP148, YP161, YP167, YP171, YP19, YP170PrioDSub J2Pan15a   
[(PF7342, YP22)][PF7320, PF7370]J2b1a2a1possibly Sardinian PF7342 * YP22 * YP56 * YP80 * YP154PrioE J2Pan15a   
[(Sardinian 918-919 PF15 7,3)][(PF7342, YP22)]J2b1a2a1a approx.PF-Sardinian15       
[(YP7, YP106, YP19)][PF7320, PF7370]J2b1a2a2possibly Sardinian YP7 * YP19 * YP106PrioEJ2Pan15aV2   
[(Sardinian 920-921 PF15 7,8)][(YP7, YP106, YP19)]J2b1a2a2a approx.PF-Sardinian15       
[(SRR2098251 Qatar)]YP13, YP51 +4J2b1a2b PrivateRodriguez-Flores et al. 2016 DGMQ-31514       
PH4306, {Y22075}CTS1969J2b1a3   PrioDJ2Pan15a2 V2 
{PH1089}PH4306, {Y22075}J2b1a3a   PrioDJ2Pan15a2 V2 
{[B247]}{PH1089}J2b1a3a1Karmin et al 4 SNPs  PrioE    
[PH2734, PH2514]{[B247]}J2b1a3a1a   PrioE    
[(265129 Qatar)][PH2734, PH2514]J2b1a3a1a1 PrivateFTDNA-BigY       
[(tur-12 Turkish PH14 7)][PH2734, PH2514]J2b1a3a1a2 PrivatePH-Hallast et al 2014, Y-STR23 available Turkey       
[(EB-13746 Armen7)] ?[PH2734, PH2514]J2b1a3a1a3 PrivateEst-Bioc-15 Armenia GS000018421-DID       
[(EB-16882 Mumbai-Jewish)]{[B247]}J2b1a3a1b PrivateEst-Bioc-15 Isr44 India GS000021457-DID       
[(EB-16181 Jord1)]{PH1089}J2b1a3a2 PrivateEst-Bioc-15 Jordan GS000020395-DID       
Y22066, Y22079, Y22060 +25{+4}PH4306, {Y22075}J2b1a3b   PrioEJ2Pan15a2   
[(E20746/YF06048 Serbia YFS ?)]Y22066, Y22079, Y22060 +25{+4}J2b1a3b1 privateFTDNA-BigY Košutinac, b. abt. 1740 Batote       
[(275214/YF07080 Bosnia/Herzegovina YFS 5+0)]Y22066, Y22079, Y22060 +25{+4}J2b1a3b2 privateFTDNA-BigY Ćopo Novaković, b. abt. 1850 Kršlje       
[(E20746 Croatia)] ?Y22066, Y22079, Y22060 +25{+4}J2b1a3b3 privateFTDNA-BigY Tintor, Smoković, Croatia       
[(pal-5232 Palestinian PH14 17)]PH4306, {Y22075}J2b1b3 PrivatePH-Hallast et al 2014, Y-STR23 available       
[(N53374/YF01501 Vinnytsia Ukraine YFS 36+9)]<u>M205</u>, CTS560, PF7344, {CTS3833} +95J2b1c1 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Rud', abt.1700   Val15a   
[(364868/YF02859 Yemen YFS 24+20)]<u>M205</u>, CTS560, PF7344, {CTS3833} +95J2b1c2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY S   Val15a   
[(248827/YF05188 England YFS 17+20)]<u>M205</u>, CTS560, PF7344, {CTS3833} +95J2b1c3 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Gardner       
[(gre-3 Greek PH14 17)]<u>M205</u>, CTS560, PF7344, {CTS3833} +95J2b1d PrivatePH-Hallast et al 2014, Y-STR23 available       
[(3DRIF-26 Roman York)] ?<u>M205</u>, CTS560, PF7344, {CTS3833} +95J2b1e PrivateEngland 2-4nd cent. AD, likely Middle Easterner, Martiniano et al 2016, Y18947 unknown       
[(M280)]<u>M205</u>, CTS560, PF7344, {CTS3833} +95J2b1f Privatefound in FT 2014 tree under M205  PrioP    
Z575, CTS2622/Z1827, Z8250 +6<u>M102, M12</u>, M221J2b2, Z574?  Basic Sub PrioABasic Sub J2Pan15a1V2,V1 
<u>M241</u>, Z598, Z620, Z605 +42Z575, CTS2622/Z1827, Z8250 +6J2b2a   Basic Sub PrioABasic Sub J2Pan15a1V2,V1 
<u>L283</u>, Z622, Z582, S23613/Z2521, Z2520 +58<u>M241</u>, Z598, Z620, Z605 +42J2b2a1  Z585, Z590, Z592, Z2405, Z2502, Z2503, Z2504, Z2506, CTS3681/Z2509, Z8397Basic Sub PrioABasic Sub J2Pan15a1V2,V1 
Z627, {Z590}, CTS3681, Z600. +?<u>L283</u>, Z622, Z582, S23613/Z2521, Z2520 +58J2b2a1anegative in 1kG-NA20763 Tus, not rep in Sardinian 915-917 PF15   Basic Sub PrioDBasic Sub J2Pan15a V2,(V1) 
Z585Z627, {Z590}, CTS3681, Z600. +?J2b2a1a Inv.   Basic Sub PrioDBasic Sub J2Pan15a V2,V1 
Z628, Z2507, Z615, Z584 +3Z585J2b2a1a1negative in PF 909-919,922-924 Z2507, Z2508, CTS4898/Z2511, CTS7705/Z2400, Z2516Basic Sub PrioABasic Sub J2Pan15a V2,V1 
CTS12554., {Z638.}Z628, Z2507, Z615, Z584 +3J2b2a1a1a   Basic Sub PrioDBasic Sub J2Pan15a V2,(V1) 
Z1296/CTS8995CTS12554., {Z638.}J2b2a1a1a1  CTS12554, CTS8995/Z1296, Z1298, Z2505, Z8416, Z8417Basic Sub PrioBBasic Sub J2Pan15a V2,V1 
Z1297, Z637, Z1298Z1296/CTS8995J2b2a1a1a1a   Basic Sub PrioCBasic Sub J2Pan15a V2 
CTS1317/Z1295Z1297, Z637, Z1298J2b2a1a1a1a downstream   Sub PrioEJ2Pan15a2 V2 
<u>Z631</u>, Z636, CTS2105, Z634, Z639. +10CTS1317/Z1295J2b2a1a1a1a1  Z632 * S3028/Z633 * Z634 * Z635 * Z637 * CTS2105/Z2531 * Z2532 * CTS10800 * Z8420/Y1421 * Z8419 * Z8421 * Z8422Sub PrioCBasic Sub J2Pan15a V2 
Z1043/CTS9036., Z1048/CTS9038.<u>Z631</u>, Z636, CTS2105, Z634, Z639. +10J2b2a1a1a1a1a   Sub PrioDBasic Sub J2Pan15a V2 
{Z8425, Z8424}Z1043/CTS9036., Z1048/CTS9038.J2b2a1a1a1a1a1found in NA20811 Tus, HG01509 Ibe, Tatar  Sub PrioDSub J2Pan15a V2 
Z8429.1/3, {Z8430, Z8428}{Z8425, Z8424}J2b2a1a1a1a1a1aEuropean  PrioE J2Pan15a V2 
CTS11760Z8429.1/3, {Z8430, Z8428}J2b2a1a1a1a1a1a1   PrioD J2Pan15a V2 
[(311190/YF03356 USA YFS 8+3)]CTS11760J2b2a1a1a1a1a1a1a PrivateFTDNA-BigY Ash   Val15a   
[(181776/YF03663 Rheinland-Pfalz YFS 14+14)]CTS11760J2b2a1a1a1a1a1a1b PrivateFTDNA-BigY Ausweiler, Becker, 1600 Germany   Val15a   
[(HG01509 Spanish Mag13 28)]CTS11760J2b2a1a1a1a1a1a1c Private1000Genomes       
Y12007Z8429.1/3, {Z8430, Z8428}J2b2a1a1a1a1a1a2   PrioD    
Y12005, Y12004, Y12000 +6Y12007J2b2a1a1a1a1a1a2aYF02996 (East Europe?)  PrioD J2Pan15a V2 
Y12936, Y12937 +2Y12005, Y12004, Y12000 +6J2b2a1a1a1a1a1a2a1YF02145, YF03075 RUS-MO  PrioF J2Pan15a   
Y21460Y12936, Y12937 +2J2b2a1a1a1a1a1a2a1a   PrioP    
Y23720Y21460J2b2a1a1a1a1a1a2a1a1   PrioP    
[(210511/YF05601 Tsna River Tatar)]Y23720J2b2a1a1a1a1a1a2a1a1a PrivateFTDNA-BigY kn. Karakchey Dolotkazin, XVI c.,Tsna River Tatar, Russia       
[(468664/YF06641 Tatar)]Y23720J2b2a1a1a1a1a1a2a1a1b PrivateFTDNA-BigY kn.Yanglych-UsupHajji mirza kn.Engalychev1834-1919 Russia       
[(307972/YF05602 Nurlatsky-Tatar)]Y21460J2b2a1a1a1a1a1a2a1a2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY с. Тюрнясево Нурлатский р-н РТ, Tatar Тюрнясево, Республика Татарстан, (Nurlatsky District, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia) Россия       
Y21525Y12936, Y12937 +2J2b2a1a1a1a1a1a2a2   PrioP    
[(171415/YF02996 Temnikov-Tatar Mordovia YFS 13+2)]Y12005, Y12004, Y12000 +6J2b2a1a1a1a1a1a2a2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Akchura Adashev, ?-1540, Temnikov Tatar Russia   Val15a   
[(230428/YF03075 Temnikov-Tatar Mordovia YFS 1+6)]Y21525J2b2a1a1a1a1a1a2a2a PrivateFTDNA-BigY Enikey murza Kuldyashev, XVI c., Russia       
[(266061/YF05614 Temnikov-Mirza Mordovia)]Y21525J2b2a1a1a1a1a1a2a2b PrivateFTDNA-BigY Тутай-мирза , мурза , - XVI Век - Тутаевичи Russia       
[(262044/YF02145 Mordvin-Moksha Mordovia YFS 5+2)]Y12936, Y12937 +2J2b2a1a1a1a1a1a2a3 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Chupeykin Krasnoslobodski Russia   Val15a   
[(264816/YF03869 Mordvin-Moksha Mordovia)]Y12005, Y12004, Y12000 +6J2b2a1a1a1a1a1a2a3 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Muhanin Russia   Val15a   
[(348784/YF05293 Bohemia YFS 8+9)]Y12007J2b2a1a1a1a1a1a2b PrivateFTDNA-BigY Autrata, b.c. 1739 North Bohemia, Czechia       
[Z39660, Z39661 +9]Z8429.1/3, {Z8430, Z8428}J2b2a1a1a1a1a1a3   PrioE    
[(NA20811 Tuscan Mag13 23)]Z8429.1/3, {Z8430, Z8428}J2b2a1a1a1a1a1a3 Private1000Genomes       
[(108505 Jewish Ukraine)][Z39660, Z39661 +9]J2b2a1a1a1a1a1a3a PrivateFTDNA-BigY Fruchtman, b.c.1870, Sudovaya Vishnya       
[(EB-16138 Cochin-Jewish India)][Z39660, Z39661 +9]J2b2a1a1a1a1a1a3b PrivateEst-Bioc-15 ISR37 GS000020442-DID       
[(225319/YF03063 Norway YFS 10+6)]Z8429.1/3, {Z8430, Z8428}J2b2a1a1a1a1a1a4 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Alstahaug, Alstad   Val15a   
PH1080{Z8425, Z8424}J2b2a1a1a1a1a1b   PrioE J2Pan15a2   
[(NA20525 Tuscan Mag13 36)]PH1080J2b2a1a1a1a1a1b1 Private1000Genomes, Hallast et al 2014, Y-STR23 available       
[(HMT28/454419 Belgium)] ?PH1080J2b2a1a1a1a1a1b2 PrivateFullGenomesCorp-WGS-15x Emil Provyn, b 1877 Tielt, West Flanders       
[(N22392 United Kingdom)] ?{Z8425, Z8424}J2b2a1a1a1a1a1c PrivateFTDNA-BigY Sauter       
[(449797 Bulgaria)]{Z8425, Z8424}J2b2a1a1a1a1a1d PrivateFTDNA-SingleSNP-J2-Pack Stefanov, Sliven       
[PH1553, PH1656 +4]Z1043/CTS9036., Z1048/CTS9038.J2b2a1a1a1a1a2   PrioE  V2 
[(E16921/YF02285 B-Württemberg YFS 11+6-6)][PH1553, PH1656 +4]J2b2a1a1a1a1a2a PrivateFTDNA-BigY Rösler, 1777 Germany   Val15a   
[(bav-38 Bavarian PH14 5)][PH1553, PH1656 +4]J2b2a1a1a1a1a2b PrivatePH-Hallast et al 2014, Y-STR23 available, Germany       
Y26712Z1043/CTS9036., Z1048/CTS9038.J2b2a1a1a1a1a3   PrioE    
21118110-C>T +4Y26712J2b2a1a1a1a1a3a Private   PrioF    
[(505511/YF07297 Ukraine YFS 7+15-5)]21118110-C>T +4J2b2a1a1a1a1a3a1 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Luka Kloczek b. 1761 Pripyat        
[(260737 Rhineland-Palatinate)]21118110-C>T +4J2b2a1a1a1a1a3a2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Hartman 1739 Germany       
[(358902/YF07411 England)]Y26712J2b2a1a1a1a1a3b PrivateFTDNA-BigY Worden       
[(NA11930 Utah NW European Mag13~41)]<u>Z631</u>, Z636, CTS2105, Z634, Z639. +10J2b2a1a1a1a1b Private1000Genomes       
[(PGP84 USA)] ?<u>Z631</u>, Z636, CTS2105, Z634, Z639. +10J2b2a1a1a1a1d PrivatePersGenProj-13 Maryland       
[(fri-1784 Frisian PH14 10)] ?<u>Z631</u>, Z636, CTS2105, Z634, Z639. +10J2b2a1a1a1a1e PrivatePH-Hallast et al 2014, Y-STR23 available, Germany       
[(266899 Unknown Origin)]<u>Z631</u>, Z636, CTS2105, Z634, Z639. +10J2b2a1a1a1a1f PrivateFTDNA-SingleSNP Ellis, b. 1807 VT, USA       
[(HG00160 British Mag13 42)]CTS1317/Z1295J2b2a1a1a1a2 Private1000Genomes England/Scotland       
Y23094, B440 +4Z1297, Z637, Z1298J2b2a1a1a1a3 approx.   PrioD    
[(151029 Belgium)] ?CTS1317/Z1295J2b2a1a1a1a3 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Adriaen COUTSIJN, ca 1580       
[YP136, YP26 +3]Y23094, B440 +4J2b2a1a1a1a3a approx.found in PF Sardinians 920-921 YP136PrioE  V2 
[(Sardinian 913 PF15 8)][YP136, YP26 +3]J2b2a1a1a1a3a1 PrivatePF-Sardinian-15       
[(Sardinian 914 PF15 29)][YP136, YP26 +3]J2b2a1a1a1a3a2 PrivatePF-Sardinian-15       
[(447170/YF05542 Sweden)]Y23094, B440 +4J2b2a1a1a1a3b PrivateFTDNA-BigY        
[(ERR1025614 Bulgarian)] ?Y23094, B440 +4J2b2a1a1a1a3c PrivateSimonsGDP-BulgarianB4       
[(EB-35147 Alban2)]Y23094, B440 +4J2b2a1a1a1a3d PrivateEst-Bioc-15 Albania Z1295- GS000035449-DID       
[(210914, 261270 Unknown Origin Geno2)]Z1297, Z637, Z1298J2b2a1a1a1a5 PrivateFTDNA-Geno2 USA       
PH2967Z1296/CTS8995J2b2a1a1a1b   PrioD    
{PH1751, PH2202, PH4861 +6}PH2967J2b2a1a1a1b b   PrioE  V2 
{Z38299, Z38298, Z38300 {+9}}{PH1751, PH2202, PH4861 +6}J2b2a1a1a1b1   PrioF  V2 
[(107257/YF02754 NW. Sicily YFS 4+10)]{Z38299, Z38298, Z38300 {+9}}J2b2a1a1a1b1a PrivateFTDNA-BigY Palermo, Palisi, 1580 - no downstream SNPs shared with 306877 BigY-CSV   Val15a   
[(306877 Circassia, Abazin BigY)]{Z38299, Z38298, Z38300 {+9}}J2b2a1a1a1b1b PrivateFTDNA-BigY Circassia, Abazin, Hatko, 1864   Val15a   
[(398275/YF05478 Albanian/Macedonia)]{Z38299, Z38298, Z38300 {+9}}J2b2a1a1a1b1c PrivateFTDNA-BigY Macedonia Veseli (Albanian, Kërçova, Kicevo)       
[(gre-2 Greek PH14 4+1)]{PH1751, PH2202, PH4861 +6}J2b2a1a1a1b2 PrivatePH-Hallast et al 2014, Y-STR23 available       
[(PGP140 USA)] ?PH2967J2b2a1a1a1b3 PrivatePersGenProj-13 White from North Carolina       
[YP129, YP9, S17883.1/2/YP78]CTS12554., {Z638.}J2b2a1a1a2found in PF Sardinians 918-919 YP129PrioD J2Pan15a V2 
[(Sardinian 911 PF15 14)][YP129, YP9, S17883.1/2/YP78]J2b2a1a1a2a approx.PF-Sardinian-15       
[(Sardinian 912 PF15 9)][YP129, YP9, S17883.1/2/YP78]J2b2a1a1a2b approx.PF-Sardinian-15       
[(153716 Germany Geno2)]CTS12554., {Z638.}J2b2a1a1a3 PrivateFTDNA-Geno2 Meisser DE; Veliki Trnovac, Serbia, ethnic Albanian; Dorling 1762-1838 Suffolk UK       
CTS3617, CTS9215, Y15058Z628, Z2507, Z615, Z584 +3J2b2a1a1b   Sub PrioCJ2Pan15a V2 
{Z38240.}CTS3617, CTS9215, Y15058J2b2a1a1b1 Inv.   PrioEJ2Pan15a2 V2 
CTS6190, Y16504, Z34473 +3{Z38240.}J2b2a1a1b1a1000 Genomes and FT-Geno 2.0 results  PrioDJ2Pan15a2 V2 
Y22040, Y22878, CTS5400 +7CTS6190, Y16504, Z34473 +3J2b2a1a1b1a1   PrioE    
[(479816/YF06129 Sephardic N.Italy YFS 17)]Y22040, Y22878, CTS5400 +7J2b2a1a1b1a1a PrivateFTDNA-BigY Nassi, Ferrara, Emilia Romagna 1550, Sephardic       
[(NA20816 Tuscan Mag13 ~50)]Y22040, Y22878, CTS5400 +7J2b2a1a1b1a1b Private1000Genomes       
[(N129645 NW Italy)]Y22040, Y22878, CTS5400 +7J2b2a1a1b1a1c PrivateFTDNA-Geno2 Sebastiano Trasino, b. circa 1790 Genova       
[BY SNPs sub CTS6190]CTS6190, Y16504, Z34473 +3J2b2a1a1b1a2DYS455=8 Cohen Ashkenazi  PrioF    
[(B10827 Ashkenazi Russia 27-SNPs)][BY SNPs sub CTS6190]J2b2a1a1b1a2a PrivateFTDNA-BigY Kiva Lipkin, Khislavichi, Smolensk Oblast DYS455=8       
[(563635 Ashkenazi)][BY SNPs sub CTS6190]J2b2a1a1b1a2b PrivateFTDNA-BigY Don Menachem Ha-Kohen       
[(129441/YF03795 USA YFS 13+6)]CTS6190, Y16504, Z34473 +3J2b2a1a1b1a3 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Dawson, b. ca 1750, Virginia   Val15a   
[(77755/YF08162 Sephardic Portugal)]CTS6190, Y16504, Z34473 +3J2b2a1a1b1a4 PrivateFTDNA-BigY After expulsion in 1496 ancestors migrated into Belarus for a generation around 1528, then migrated west to Amsterdam, then Scotland, then Caribbean        
{PH2350, Z38241}{Z38240.}J2b2a1a1b1b   PrioEJ2Pan15a2 V2 
PH1602, PH1601{PH2350, Z38241}J2b2a1a1b1b1   PrioDJ2Pan15a2 V2 
{PH502, PH1568}PH1602, PH1601J2b2a1a1b1b1a1   PrioEJ2Pan15a2   
[PH3514, PH4583]{PH502, PH1568}J2b2a1a1b1b1a1a   PrioFJ2Pan15a2 V2 
[(306997/YF02051 Bulgaria YFS 11+10-5)][PH3514, PH4583]J2b2a1a1b1b1a1a1 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Pazardzhik, Ovchepoltzi, Nenko, 1835   Val15a   
[(ser-13 Serbia PH14 6-5)][PH3514, PH4583]J2b2a1a1b1b1a1a2 PrivatePH-Hallast et al 2014, Y-STR23 available       
[(ser-9 Serbia PH14 8)]{PH502, PH1568}J2b2a1a1b1b1a1b PrivatePH-Hallast et al 2014, Y-STR23 available       
[(B24066/YF05671 USA YFS 18+9)]PH1602, PH1601J2b2a1a1b1b1a2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Roberts        
[(221998 Unknown Origin)]PH1602, PH1601J2b2a1a1b1b1b PrivateFTDNA-BigY Nelson Unk.Orig.   Val15a   
[(350403 USA BigY)]?PH1602, PH1601J2b2a1a1b1b1c PrivateFTDNA-BigY Baines Unk.Orig.       
[(B10448 Germany)]{PH2350, Z38241}J2b2a1a1b1b2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Krueger       
[(Sardinian 910 PF15 32)]{Z38240.}J2b2a1a1b1c PrivatePF-Sardinian-15       
Z40052, Z40053CTS3617, CTS9215, Y15058J2b2a1a1b2   PrioDJ2Pan15a2   
Z40054Z40052, Z40053J2b2a1a1b2a   PrioEJ2Pan15a2   
[(B4848/YF03418 C.Italy YFS 17+9)]Z40054J2b2a1a1b2a1 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Rome, D'Amico, 1888   Val15a   
[(158595/YF05575 Albania YFS 14+18)]Z40054J2b2a1a1b2a2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Alpaslan (Albania/Turkey)       
[(B24002/YF05622 Scandinavia? YFS 9+9)]Z40052, Z40053J2b2a1a1b2b PrivateFTDNA-BigY Iwar Larsson b. 1603 Sweden?       
[(M11240 Druze Lebanon)]Z628, Z2507, Z615, Z584 +3J2b2a1a1b3 PrivateFTDNA-BigY آل عطايا؛ عبيه؛ عاليه       
[YP113, YP15]Z585J2b2a1a2 approx.found in PF Sardinians 909-916 YP15 * YP23 * YP25, YP43 * YP57 * YP63 * YP73 * YP74 * YP75 * YP83 * YP88 * YP89 * YP92 * YP113 * YP114 * YP117 * YP122 * YP123 * YP125 * YP128 * YP131 * YP139 * YP156 * YP160 * YP177 * YP178 * YP179 * YP187 * YP82PrioCJ2Pan15a V2 
[YP162, YP50][YP113, YP15]J2b2a1a2a approx.found in PF Sardinians 909-914  PrioD    
[(YP49)][YP162, YP50]J2b2a1a2a1 approx.found in PF Sardinians 911-914  PrioE    
[(Sardinian 904-907 PF15 5,1,2,5)][(YP49)]J2b2a1a2a1a approx.PF-Sardinian       
[(Sardinian 902-903 PF15 5,1)][YP162, YP50]J2b2a1a2a2 approx.PF-Sardinian       
[(M5903)][YP113, YP15]J2b2a1a2b approx.found in PF Sardinians 915-916  PrioF    
[(Sardinian 908-909 PF15 6,4)][(M5903)]J2b2a1a2b1 approx.PF-Sardinian       
[YP157, Z38243]Z627, {Z590}, CTS3681, Z600. +?J2b2a1a3 approx.found in PF Sardinians 922-924  PrioD  V2 
[YP1, YP3][YP157, Z38243]J2b2a1a3a approx.found in PF Sardinians 923-924 YP24 * YP36 * YP39, YP41 * YP66 * YP71 * YP72 * YP86 * YP98 * YP118 * YP120 * YP130 * YP142 * YP150 * YP158 * YP174 * YP180PrioE    
[(Sardinian 916-917 PF15 7,18)][YP1, YP3]J2b2a1a3a1 approx.PF-Sardinian       
[(Sardinian 915 PF15 23)][YP157, Z38243]J2b2a1a3b approx.PF-Sardinian       
[(NA20763 Tuscan Mag13 77)]Z585J2b2a1a4 Private1000Genomes       
[(245712/YF06007 Dominican Republic)]Z627, {Z590}, CTS3681, Z600. +?J2b2a1a4 PrivateFTDNA-BigY MDKO: Dominican Republic       
[(RISE408 ancient Armenia ~1109 BC)] ?Z627, {Z590}, CTS3681, Z600. +?J2b2a1a5 PrivateLate Bronze Age, Norabak Allentoft et al. 2015, too less SNPs for Gedmatch       
{S17101/YP64, YP65}<u>L283</u>, Z622, Z582, S23613/Z2521, Z2520 +58J2b2a1b approx.found in PF 906-908 and GoNL YP40 * YP61 * S17101/YP64, YP65 * YP67 * YP91 * YP94 * YP102 * YP124 * YP133 * YP135 * YP152 * YP153 * YP155 * YP164 * YP181 * YP182PrioD J2Pan15a V2 
{YP182, YP124}{S17101/YP64, YP65}J2b2a1b1 far Sardinian  PrioE    
[(Sardinian 899-901 PF15 7,21,4)]{YP182, YP124}J2b2a1b1a approx.PF-Sardinian       
[(S17101 Netherland 2x)]{S17101/YP64, YP65}J2b2a1b2 approx.GoNL-12 Genome of Netherlands 2 samples, no ID assignation possible       
[(xZ627,Z600 France/Belgium?)] ?<u>L283</u>, Z622, Z582, S23613/Z2521, Z2520 +58J2b2a1c privateFTDNA-BigY LaF.       
Z2447, Z8272, Y977, Z2444, Z2432 +21<u>M241</u>, Z598, Z620, Z605 +42J2b2a2"Eastern" J2b haplogroup Z2434 * Z2436 * Z2444 * Z2447 * Z8264 * Z8265 * Z8266 * Z8268 * Z8269 * Z8270 * Z8271 * Z8272 * Z8273 * Z8274 * Z8275 * Z8283 * Z8368 * Y949 * Y953 * Y957 * Y966 * Y968 * Y977 * Y985 * Y1002Basic Sub PrioABasic Sub J2Pan15a1V2,V1 
Z8282, Z2438, Z2433 +20Z2447, Z8272, Y977, Z2444, Z2432 +21J2b2a2ato node 562 Z2449 * Y1003 * Y1010 * Y1013 * Z2439 * Z8276 * Z8277 * Z8278 * Z8279 * Z8280 * Z8281 * Z8282 * Y952 * Y956 * Y961Basic Sub PrioABasic Sub J2Pan15a V2,V1 
Z2437.Z8282, Z2438, Z2433 +20J2b2a2a1   Basic Sub PrioCBasic Sub J2Pan15a V2,V1 
Z2443, Z8367Z2437.J2b2a2a1a   Sub PrioBSub J2Pan15a V2 
Z2448, Z8370.Z2443, Z8367J2b2a2a1a1   Sub PrioCSub J2Pan15a V2 
Y998, Y2163Z2448, Z8370.J2b2a2a1a1a   PrioD J2Pan15a V2 
[(NA20885 Gujarati Indian Mag13 32)]Y998, Y2163J2b2a2a1a1a1 approx.1000Genomes       
[(HG02690 Punjabi Mag13 36)]Y998, Y2163J2b2a2a1a1a2 approx.1000Genomes India       
[(SSM082 Singapore)] ?Y998, Y2163J2b2a2a1a1a3 PrivateSE Asia (from India?), Singapore Sequencing Malay Project (SSMP)       
[(NA20905 Gujarati Indian Mag13 72)]Z2448, Z8370.J2b2a2a1a1b approx.1000Genomes India       
[(Bur0392 Burusho SK)]Z2448, Z8370.J2b2a2a1a1c PrivateSK-Stoneking-14 HGDP00392 Pakistan? SK-Stoneking-14 Mark Stoneking and Ryan Wei (2014)       
[(443784 Saudi Arabia)]Z2448, Z8370.J2b2a2a1a1d PrivateFTDNA-SingleSNPack        
[(355765 Kuwait)]Z2443, Z8367J2b2a2a1a2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY binSanad       
[(HG03969 Telegu India Mag13 135)]Z2443, Z8367J2b2a2a1a3 Private1000Genomes       
Y965, Z8339Z2437.J2b2a2a1b   PrioB J2Pan15a V2 
Y972, Y948Y965, Z8339J2b2a2a1b1   PrioC J2Pan15a V2 
[Y2150]Y972, Y948J2b2a2a1b1a   PrioE J2Pan15a V2 
[(HG03006 Bengali Bangladesh Mag13 33)][Y2150]J2b2a2a1b1a1 Private1000Genomes & Simons-GDP-16       
[(HG03976 Telegu India Mag13 44)][Y2150]J2b2a2a1b1a2 Private1000Genomes       
[(HG03998 Tamil Sri Lanka Mag13 123)]Y972, Y948J2b2a2a1b1b Private1000Genomes       
[(HG03908 Bengali Bangladesh Mag13 78)]Y965, Z8339J2b2a2a1b2 approx.1000Genomes        
[(YSEQ-3415 India)]Y965, Z8339J2b2a2a1b3 PrivateYSEQ New Delhi early 20th century       
Z8332, FGC31635/Y12365, Y978 +12Z8282, Z2438, Z2433 +20J2b2a2a2   PrioB J2Pan15a V2 
Z8324, Z8323 +4Z8332, FGC31635/Y12365, Y978 +12J2b2a2a2a   PrioC J2Pan15a2 V2 
{Y958, Y997, Z8319}Z8324, Z8323 +4J2b2a2a2a1   PrioD J2Pan15a V2 
[(HG03696 Tamil Sri Lanka Mag13 37)]{Y958, Y997, Z8319}J2b2a2a2a1a Private1000Genomes       
[(HG03785 Telegu India Mag13 28)]{Y958, Y997, Z8319}J2b2a2a2a1b Private1000Genomes       
[(HG04239 Telegu India Mag13 26)]{Y958, Y997, Z8319}J2b2a2a2a1b Private1000Genomes       
[(275326 West Bengal, India)]Z8324, Z8323 +4J2b2a2a2a2 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Lee b.1840 m.1860 Bardhaman (Burdwan)       
[(B6225/YF02959 Punjab India YFS 40+11)]Z8332, FGC31635/Y12365, Y978 +12J2b2a2a2b PrivateFullGenomesCorp Y-Prime Gill (Punjabi Jatt) Hoshiarpur    Val15a   
[(Kal0333 Kalash SK)]Z8282, Z2438, Z2433 +20J2b2a2a3 PrivateSK-Stoneking-14 HGDP00333 Pakistan? Mark Stoneking and Ryan Wei (2014)       
[(M11231 Syria)] ?Z2447, Z8272, Y977, Z2444, Z2432 +21J2b2a2b PrivateFTDNA-BigY جب إبراهيم؛ آل العاقل؛ أم الرمان؛ السويداء Umm Alrumman, Syria       
[(HG04210 Tamil Sri Lanka Mag13 81)]Z2447, Z8272, Y977, Z2444, Z2432 +21J2b2a2c Private1000Genomes       
[(Sin0183 & Sin0175 Sindhi SK)]Z2447, Z8272, Y977, Z2444, Z2432 +21J2b2a2d PrivateSK-Stoneking-14 HGDP00183 & HGDP00175 Pakistan? Mark Stoneking and Ryan Wei (2014)       
[(94738 Sri Lanka, 144714 India)] ?Z2447, Z8272, Y977, Z2444, Z2432 +21J2b2a2e PrivateFTDNA-Y67 predicted for Z2444 and a subclade   Val15a   
[(L1480/M7586 SE Asia)] ?<u>M241</u>, Z598, Z620, Z605 +42J2b2a3 Invest.   PrioF    
PH1648, CTS9267/Z2455, Z2456, CTS6812/Z2454Z575, CTS2622/Z1827, Z8250 +6J2b2bfound in 1kG-NA20588 Tus, PGP29 Rus  Basic Sub PrioCBasic Sub J2Pan15a V2 
Y18044, Y18039, CTS8204PH1648, CTS9267/Z2455, Z2456, CTS6812/Z2454J2b2b1 approx.  CTS9636?PrioD  V2 
[(NA20588 Tuscan Mag13 156)]Y18044, Y18039, CTS8204J2b2b1a Private1000Genomes       
[(386147/YF04356 Armenian Syria, BigY)]Y18044, Y18039, CTS8204J2b2b1b PrivateFTDNA-BigY Manjik HajAghbints 18thc. Kessab   Val15a   
Z42941, Z42942, Z42943 +39{+43}PH1648, CTS9267/Z2455, Z2456, CTS6812/Z2454J2b2b2   PrioD    
Z42983, Z42984, Z42985 +23Z42941, Z42942, Z42943 +39{+43}J2b2b2a   PrioE    
[(B12464 Jewish? Hungary, BigY)]Z42983, Z42984, Z42985 +23J2b2b2a1 PrivateFTDNA-BigY Ashkenazi? Grunsberger   Val15a   
[(PGP29 USA)]Z42983, Z42984, Z42985 +23J2b2b2a2 PrivatePersGenProj-13 California, from Russia?       
[(SRR2098211 Qatar)]Z42941, Z42942, Z42943 +39{+43}J2b2b2b PrivateRodriguez-Flores et al.(2016)