Copy of Official ELA Learning Targets (2/2/18)
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Overview: The Jackson County Core Curriculum Collaborative (JC4) is one critical, complex component of a comprehensive Multi-tiered System of Supports (MTSS). Our JC4 definition of curriculum is the totality of student experiences that occur in the educational process (not just a textbook or bought product). Curriculum includes but is not limited to the interactions and integration of learning targets, instruction, assessment systems, data processes, non-instructional practices, resources (including textbooks), class dynamics and demographic contexts. Our goal through the JC4 initiative is to enact effective, equitable instruction for all students. This kind of instruction starts with establishing and implementing the learning targets. This document contains our agreed upon JC4 Learning Targets, but learning targets alone, or just a document, is not enough to make meaningful change and improve student achievement.

The JC4 Learning Targets were originally created in 2017 by local teachers, administrators and curriculum experts. They were then vetted and validated by JCISD consultants. The process for validation included, but was not limited to, comparing these targets against multiple local, county (like Oakland and Macomb), state and national targets/curricular documents. These extensive processes ensure us that these are the "right" targets for Jackson County! These targets are not organized as power standards, nor essential standards, but rather they are written in a student friendly way to help teachers and students understand the specific targets of instruction. Additionally, we believe that learning targets need conditions and criteria of success, however specific conditions and criteria should be written by teachers with their students, student data, context and resources in mind. Collectively and collaboratively we may set the minimum bar for defining what a specific target may look like at a certain grade level, but the criteria for success should be owned by the teachers. One other point worth articulating is that although the processes were similar for Math and ELA, the contrast in the content and critical pedagogies merits that the targets and the use of the targets be somewhat different. Hence, the documents look a bit different from each other intentionally. As we continue to expand this work and the processes, these targets and our practices will evolve too. If you have any questions, ideas or feedback regarding the JC4 Learning Targets or the work to come, please contact the subject area JC4 expert or the JC4 team leaders.
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