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David DeidaSun TzuChip HeathScott AdamBruce LeePeter DruckerPeter DruckerPeter DruckerHarvard Business Review (HBR)Ryan LevesqueBen HorowitzAlexandra RobbinsEsther PerelClayton ChristensenPeter ThielOprah WinfreyMark MasonRay DalioBrene BrownBrene BrownBrene BrownMarie KondoTim FerrisChristy Fletcher
FearChoiceDaniel Pink - DriveViktor Frankl - Man's Search for Meaning7 Habits of Highly Effective PeopleThe Obstacle is The WayHow to Build Self Esteem - The six pillars of self esteemHow to be a man, the way of the superior manArt of War48 laws of powerMastery5 Languages of LoveHow to have more willpower - the willpower instinctHow to win friends and influenceHow to stop worrying and start livingStart with WhyLeaders Eat LastThe 4 hour WorkweekSean Sean TanSteve Jobs5 RingsCaptivatingWild At HeartGood to GreatBuilt to LastStumbling on happinessNever Eat AloneDaring Greatly: How the courage to be vulnerableRising StrongThe gifts of imperfectionGrit: The Power of Passion and PerseveranceThe book of five ringsThe Anatomy of a CallingHow to Find Fulfilling WorkEmotional First Aid: Practical Strategies for TreatingThe five keys to a succesful Google TeamMark MansonTribal LeadershipHBR's 10 Must Reads on Managing YourselfHBR's 10 Must Reads on Making Smart DecisionsHBR's 10 Must Reads on StrategyHBR's 10 Msut Reads on CommunicationBusiness Model GenerationThinking, Fast and SlowPivot: The only move that matters is your next oneDesigning your life: How to build a well-lived, joyful lifeDesign the Life You Love: A Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Meaningful FutureThe Power of Full EngagementAntifragile: Things That Gain From DisorderThe Personal MBA: Master The Art of BusinessReclaiming Conversation: The Power of TalkEgo is the EnemyThe Seven Decisions
Decisive: Make Better Choices
How to fail at almost everything and still win bigSmall GiantsRoad to CharacterSo Good They Can't ignore youReworkStriking Thoughts: Bruce Lee's Wisdom for Daily LivingThe Art of ProfitabilityE-Myth Revisited Lean StartupAnything You WantThe Personal MBA: Master the Art of BusinesstThe Education of Millionaires: Everything You Won't Learn in College About How to Be Successful Simple Rules: How to Thrive in a Complex WorldThe Little Book of Talent: 52 Tips for Improving Your SkillsThe Way We're Working Isn't Working: The Four Forgotten Needs That Energize Great PerformanceCtrl Alt Delete: Reboot Your Business. Reboot Your Life. Your Future Depends on It.Think on these ThingsThe Effective Executive: The Definitive Guide to Getting the Right Things Done How do I perform?The Essential Drucker: The Best of Sixty Years of Peter Drucker's Essential Writings on Management (Collins Business Essentials)HBR's 10 Must Reads on Managing Yourself Ask : The counterintuitive online formula to discover exactly what your customers want to buy...create a mass of raving fans...and take any business to the next levelThe hard thing about hard thingsQuarterlife Crisis: The Unique Challenges of Life in Your TwentiesMating in Captivity
How Will You Measure Your Life?
Zero To OneDeep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and WhyDriven: How Human Nature Shapes Our Choices (J-B Warren Bennis Series) Brain Rules (Updated and Expanded): 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home, and SchoolThe Power of BrokeSPIN Selling: Situation Problem Implication Need-Payoff Give and TakeConfidence GapWhat I know for sureThe Subtle Art of Not Giving a FuckPrinciples: Life and WorkBraving the WildernessDaring GreatlyRising StrongTribe of Menotrs: Short Life Advice from the best in the worldFour Tendencies
Live consciously / self awarenessSurround yourself with loveForget purpose.Teaches us where we need to growMore choices, can teach you why you made your choice.AutonomyProject larger than themselfFight MediocrityFight MediocrityFight MediocrityFight MediocrityFight MediocrityFight MediocrityFight MediocrityWord of afirmationNotesFight MediocrityFight Mediocrityamazon.comFight Mediocrityexercise, is your best friendStay hungry, stay foolishdesire to be pursueda battleChapter 1: Good is the enemy of greatChapter 1: The best of the best
Section 1: The Mind-SetChapter 1: Sarcity: Looking Inside our culture of "never enough"One: The physics of vulnerabilityGuidepost #1: Culttivating authenticty, letting go of what people thinkPart 1: What grit is, and why it mattersChapter 1: The Ordinary World1st: Accept being confused about careers is perfectly normal1 Rejection: The emotional cuts and scrapes of daily lifePsychological safetyWhat's your favorite flavor of shit sandwich and doesit come with an olive?Part 1: The tribal leadership systemHow will you measure your life?The hidden traps in decision makingWhat is strategy?Change the way you persuade1. CanvasPart 1. Two SystemsPlantIntroduction: Life by design Dear ReaderPersonal MBABook I: The antifragile: an introductionIntroduction: Why Read This Book?The Case for ConversationPart 1. AspireIntroduction: Creating the life you chooseGoodreadsBook Tease1. Free to ChooseThe ShiftFirstPart 1: On first principlesAmazonIntroduction: Why Read this book? 1: Don't tryNotes Why can't I keep my house in order?
Choose your responseSurround yourself with joyIt all goes down to, how you choose to look at life.Face your fearsMasteryFind redemption in his failures, find lessons in him failingIndependenceOur actions may be impeded, but there can be no impeding our intentions or dispositions. Because we can accomodate and adapt. The mind adapts and converts to its own purposes the obstacle to our acting.Practice of living consciouslyStop hoping for a completion of anything in lifeKnow your enemy, and know yourself, and in 100 battles you will never be in perilLaw 1: Never outshine the masterKey 1: Follow your inclinationQuality TimeRemembering a man's name is to him the sweetest and most important sound in any languageAsk yourself whats the worst that can happenFight MediocrityRelative Incomework, is just thatirreplaceable role in an adventure, share an adventurean adventureChapter 2: Level 5 leadershipChapter 2: Clock building, not time telling1. Becoming a member of the clubChapter 2: Debunking the vulnerability mythsTwo: Civilization stops at hte waterlineGuidepost #2: Cultivating self-compassion: Letting go of perfectionismChapter 1: showing upHero's Guidepost: Your Vulnerability is Your Greatest Strength2nd: Know yourself2 Loneliness: Relationship Muscle WeaknessDependabilityWhat is true about you today that owuld make your 8-year-old self cry?1. Corporate TribesManaging OneselfBefore you make that big decisionThe five competitive forces that shape strategyHarnessing the science of persuasion1.1 Definitino of a business model1. The characters of the storyScanStart where you areAbout Design the Life You LoveChapter 1: Explains how we missed the word "antifragility" in classrooms. Fragile-Robust-Antifragile as Damocles-Phoneix-Hydra-Domain dependence.1. Value CreationThe empathy diariesTalk, Talk, TalkOne: The responsible decision: The buck stops here1. Goals are for losers2. Whos in charge HereThe summoned SelfGoodreadsThe New Reality1. LifeDerek Sivers NotesDerek Sivers NotesDerek Sivers NotesYou don't need to know it all ReadsAmazonThe Feedback Loop from HellTruth and DareYou can't tidy if you've never learned how
Surround yourself with the right peopleLeave room for serendipity and detoursHow you think, reinforces, how you think.PurposeBe surrounded by loved ones who love you unconditionallyBe ProactiveThe impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way, becomes the way.Practice of self acceptance. Improve what you can. Accept what you cantDon't get lost in tasks and dutiesAvoid what is strong, what is weakLaw 9: Win through your actions, never through argumentKeys 2 & 3: Apprenticeship and mentorsReceiving GiftsFight MediocrityIf you are wrong, admit it quickly and emphaticallyThe absurdity of it allEarn in dollars, spend in other currenciesmoney, is really fun to have. being poor sucks titty balls, yes. but choose life instead.reveal inner beautya beauty to fight forChapter 3: First who...then whatInterlude: No "Tyranny of the OR"2. Don't keep scoreChapter 3: Understanding and combating shameThree: Owning our storiesGuidepost #3: Cultivating a resilient spiritChapter 2: Distracted by talentHero's Practice: Make Empathy a Practice3rd: think a lot3 Loss and trauma: Walking on broken bonesStructure & clarityWhat makes you forget to eat and poop?2. The Five Tribal StagesManagement Tiem: Who's got the monkey?How to avoid catastropheBuilding your company's visionThe power of talk1.2 The 9 building Blocks2. Attention and effortPilotBuilding a CompassWhat is this Book?Chapter 2: Where we find overcompensation. Obsessive love is the most antifragile thing outside of economics.2.MarketingThe flight from conversationTo be or to do?Two: The guided decision: I will seek wisdom2. Your mind isn't magic. It's a computer you can program.3. The Mona Lisa PrincipleSelf ConquestKindle Highlights2. ExistenceNo experience necessaryNotesChapter 1: From Communist to Venture Capitalistintroduction: What is the Quarterlife Crisis?1. From Adventure to Captivity: Why the Quest for Security Saps Erotic VitalityThe Challenge of The FutureINtorudctionOne: The Power of Broke1. Sales Behavior and Sales SuccessPart 1. JoyThe Subtle Art of Not Giving a FuckPart I: Where I'm coming fromChpater One: Everywhere and nowhereWhat it means to Dare GreatlyChapter One: The Physics of VulnerabilityA tidying marathon doesn't cause reboundSamin NosratYour Tedency
Deliberate practiceSustainable.Begin with the End in MindWe don't control what happens to us. We do control how we respond to what happens to us.Practice of self responsibilityBe willing to change everything in your lifeTo win 100 battles, is not the height of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is.Law 10: Infection! Avoid the unhappy and unluckyKeys 4: Social intelligenceActs of ServiceGet adequate amounts of sleepMake the other person feel important and do it sincerleyStaying busyeliminationlove yourself. not in the dirtiest of ways (i mean, that too is good, but hey). but to love yourself, unconditionally. to believe in yourself when no one else wants to, or won't.Chapter 4: Confront the brutal facts (yet never lose faith)Chapter 3: More than profitsPart I Prospection3. What's youre mission?Chapter 4: The vulnerability armoryFour: The recokingGuidepost #4: Cultivating gratitude and joy: Letting go of scarcity and fear of the darkChapter 3: Effort counts twiceChapter 2: Let Love Love4th: Try something4 Guilt: The poison in our systemMeaning of workHow can you better embarass yourself?3. The Tribal Leadership Navigation SystemHow resilience worksConquering a culture of indecisionReinventing your busines modelThe necessary art of persuasion1.3 The business model canvas3. The lazy controllerLaunchWayfindingHow to use this bookChapter 3: THe difference between the organic and the engineered. Touristification and attempts to suck votality out of life.3.SalesOne ChairBecome a student?Three: The active decision: I am a person of action3. The most important metric to track is your personal energy4. Ties that BindSElf MasteryTakedowns3. TimeLesson 1: Customer Solution ProfitForewordPart One: VisionQuestions, not answersIntroduction: The cragislist test of the value of a BA (or, Why practical intelligence almost always beats academic intelligence)Why simple rules workPart one: Getting StartedPart 1: A new way of workingSection 1: Reboot: Business1. The function of educationWhat are my Strenghts?I. ManagementHow will you measure your life? Clayton M ChristensenChapter 2: "I Will Survive"Why worry about a quarterlife crisis?2. More Intimacy, Less Sex: Love Seeks Closeness, but Desire Needs DistanceParty Like It's 1999Part One: How Accidnets HappenExerciseTwo: Rise and GrindSuccess in the larger salePart 2. ResilienceSo Mark, What the Fuck Is The Point of This Book Anyway?1. My Call To Adventure: 1949-1967Chapter Two: the quest for true belongingIntroduction:Chapter two: Civilization Stops at the WaterlineTidy a little a day and you'll be tidying foreverSteven PRessfield1. The four tendencies
GenuineDo something, do anythingYouTubeOnePercentBetterPut First Things FirstThere is no such thing as a setback, problem, obstacle. There's simply an opportunity.Practice of self assertivenessLive as if your father were deadLaw 13: When asking for help, appeal to people's self interest, never to their mercy or gratitudeKeys 5: Awaken the dimensional mindPhysical TouchMeditationWould you sell your legs for 1 million?outsourcingChapter 1: The Heart of a womanChapter 1: Wild at HeartChapter 5: The hedgehog concept (Simplicity within the three circles)Chapter 4: Preserve the core/stimulate ProgressChapter 1: Journey to elsewhenConnectors' Hall of Fame Profile: Bill ClintonChapter 5: Mind the Gap: cultivating change and closing the disgengagement divideFive: The rumbleGuidepost #5: Cultivating intuition and trusting faith: Letting go of the need for certaintiyChapter 4: How gritty are you?Hero's Guidepost: Keep Your Heart Open - No Matter What5th: Reflect on what makes people unhappy5 Rumination: Picking at emotional ScabsImpact of workHow are you going to save the world?Manage your energy, not your timeWhat you don't know about making decisionsBlue ocean strategyIs silence killing your company?2. PAtterns4. The associative machineLeadGetting UnstuckWhy design?Part One: The Dynamics of Full EngagementChatper 4: The antifragility of the whole often depends on the fragility of the parts. Why death is anecessity for life. The benefits of errors for the collective. Why we need risk takers. A few remarks about modernity missing the point. A slute to the entrepreneur and risk taker.4. Value DeliverySolitudeDon't be passionateFour: The certain decision: I have a decided heart
1. The four villains of decision making
4. Every skill you acquire doubles your odds of success5. A culture of intimacyDignityRule #1: Don't follow your passionIgnore the real world4. The RootLesson 2: Pyramid ProfitIntroduction1. StartChapters:Mental Models, not methodsSuccess Skill #1: How to make your work meaningful, and your meaning work (or, how to make a difference in the world without going broke)Making better decisionsShare, steal, and be willing to be stupidChapter One: More and more, less and lessChapter 1: From Me To You2. The problem of freedomEffectiveness can Be LearnedHow do I perform?1. Management as Social Function and Liberal ArtManaging Oneself. Peter F DruckerChapter 3: This time with FeelingHow do you recognize quarterlife crisis?3. The Pitfalls of Modern Intimacy: Talk is not the only avenue to closenessAll Happy Companies Are DifferentOne: "Look Out, Here Comes Ray Charles"SleepBe Resourceful: Find Beauty in Chaos - Steve AokiThe major salePart 3. Connection2. Crossing the Threshold: 1967-1979Chapter three: high lonesome: A spiritual crisisMy Adventures in the arenaChapter Three: Owning Our StoriesWhy you should aim for perfectionSusan Cain2. Identify your tendency
IntegrityHelp peopleTEDHe who has a "why" to live for can bear with almost any "how"Practice of living purposelyIf you dont know your purpose, discover it nowLaw 16: Use absence to increase respect and honorKeys 6:Fuse the inuitive with the rationalWillpower's like a muscle, it gets tiredFight MediocrityChapter 2: What Eve alone can tellChapter 2: The Wild One Whose Image We BearCahtper 6: A culture of disciplineCahtper 5: Big hairy audacious goalsPart 2 Subjectivity4. Build it before you need itChapter 6: Diruptive Engagement: Daring to rehumanize education and workSix: Sewer rats and scofflawsGuidepost #6: Cultivating Creativity: Letting go fo comparisonChapter 5: Grit GrowsHero's Practice: Ask Yourself, "What would Love Do?"6th: Be confident6 Failure: How emotional chest colds become pscyhological pneumoniasGun to your head, if you had to lave the house all day, every day, where owuld you go and what would you do?Part II: Your Journey as a Leader: Leading Othres Through the StagesOverloaded CircuitsWho has the D?The secrets to successful strategy executionHow to become an authentic speaker2.1 Bundling business models5. Cognitive EaseDesign your livesThinking like a designerChapter One: Full Engaged: Energy, Not Time, Is Our Most Precious ResourceBook 2: Modernity and the denial of antifragility5. FinanceSelf-ReflectionFollow the canvas strategyFive: The joyful decision: Today I will hcoose to be happyWiden Your Options5. Happiness is health plus freedom6. GAlt's GulchLoveChapter one: The "Passion" of Steve JobsLearning from mistakes is overrated5. The NowLesson 3: Multi-Component ProfitNine-to-fivers2. DefineTen years of experience in one hourMy "Personal" MBASuccess Skill #2: How to find great mentors and teachers, connect with powerful and influential people, and build a world-class networkDoing things betterTip #1: Stare at who you want to becomeChapter Two: We can't change what we don't noticeChapter 2: Give Me Utility (Or give me death)3. Freedom and loveKnow Thy TimeWhat are my values?2. The dimensions of MAnagementManagement Time: Who's got the monkey? Wiliam ONcken, Donald WassChapter 4: When Things Fall ApartWhat do you do about the quarterlife crisis?4. Democracy Versus Hot Sex: Desire and Egalitarianism Don't Play by the Same RulesThe Ideology of CompetitionTwo: "Memories of the future"StressBe Yourself: Honor your Truth - Acacia BrinleyThe four stages of a sales callPart 4. GratitudeChapter 2: Happiness Is a Problem3. My Abyss: 1979-1982Chapter four: PEople are hard to hate close up, move inChapter Four: The ReckoningThe moment you start you reset your lifeKyle Maynard
5 whysSolve problemsLove is the ultimate and highest goal to which a man can aspireInterdepedenceThomas EddisonPractice of personal integrityLaw 38: Think as you like, but behave like othersChapter 3: Haunted by a questionChapter 3: The Question That Haunts EVer ManChapter 7: Technology acceleratorsChapter 6: Cult-like culturesChapter 2: The view from in here5. The genius of audacityChapter 7: Wholehearted Parenting: Daring to be the adults we want our children to beSeven: the brave and the brokenheartedGuidepost #7: Cultivating Play and Rest: Letting go fo exhaustion as status symbo land productivity as self-worthChapter 3: Trust Yourself Low Self Esteem: Weak emotional immune systemsIf you knew you were going to die one year from today, what would you do and how would you want to be remembered?4. Stage One: On the verge of a metldownBe a better leader, have a richer lifeHow (Un)ethical are you?Using the balanced scorecard as a strategic management systemTelling tales2.2 The long tail6. Norms, Surprises, and CausesPrototypingMy ProcessChapter Two: The Disengaged Life of Roger BChapter 5: Two different randomness categories, seen through the profiles of two brothers. How Switzerland is not controlled from above. The difference between Mediocristan and Extremistan. The virtues of city-states, bottom-up political systems, and the stabilizing effect of municipal nooise.6. The Human MindTwo ChairsRestrain yourselfSix: The compassionate decision: I will greet this day with a forgiving psirit2. Avoid a Narrow Frame6. Luck can be managed, sort of7. How small giants failOrdered LoveChapter Two: Passion is rarePlanning is guessing6. RealityLesson 4: Switchboard Profit1. Franz kafka3. LearnWhat’s your compass?A self-direct crash course in businessSuccess Skill #3: What every successful person needs to know about marketing, and how to teach yourselfWhere simple rules come fromTip #2: Spend fifteen minutes a day engraving the skill on your brainChapter Three: We're creatures of habitChapter 3: Built to Touch4. ListeningWhat can I Contribute?Where do I belong?3. The purpose of objectives of a businessHow resilience Works. Diale L. CoutuThe Struggle5. Can Do! THe Protestant Work Ethic Takes on the degradation of desireLast Mover AdvantageThree: A Map of the worldWiringBe First: Look Under Every Rock for Every Last Dime - Christopher GrayQuestions and SuccessPart 5. PossibilityThe Misadventures of Disappointment Panda4. My Road of Trials: 1983-1994Chapter five: Speak truth to bullshit. Be civilChapter 1: Scarcity: Looking Inside Our culture of "never enough"Chapter Five: The RumbleStorage experts are hoardersQuotes I'm Pondering Upholder "Discipline is my freedom"
Pace YourselfSolve small problems.When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselvesThink Win-WinUllyses S GrantA Man's Wayamazon.comChapter 4: WoundedChapter 4- The WoundChapter 8: The flywheel and the doom loopChapter 7: Try a lot of sutff and keep what worksChapter 3: Outside looking in6. The networking jerkEight: Easy markGuidepost #8: Cultivating calm and stillness: Letting go of anxiety as a lifestylePart 2: Growing grit from the inside outHero's Guidepost: Let Your Inner Pilot Light Guide Your Deisions Stage Two: Disconnected and disengagedReclaim your jobMake better decisionsTransforming corner-office strategy into frontline actionHow to pitch a brilliant idea2.3 Multi-sided platforms7. A machine for jumping to conclusiosnHow not to get a jobFrom Product DesignChapter Three: The Pulse of High Performance: Balancing Stress and RecoveryChapter 6: Systems thatl ike randomness. Annealing inside and outside physics. Explains the effect of overstabilizing organizsms and complex systems (political, economic, etc.). The defects of intellectualism. U.S. foreignp olicy, and pseudostabilization.7. Working with YourselfFamilyGet out of your own headSeven: The persistent Decision: I will persist without exception3. Multitrack7. Conquer shyness by being a huge phony (in a good way)8. Pass it onSelf ExaminationCahpter Three: Passion is dangerousWhy grow?7. The LawsLesson 5: Time profit2. Toni Morrison4. ExperimentJust selling my CDThe wheat and the chaffSuccess Skill #4: What every succesful person needs to know about sales, and how to teach yourselfStrategy as simple rulesTip #3: Steal without apologyChapter 4: Sex with Data5. Creative DiscontentMaking Strength ProductiveWhat should I contribute?
4. What the nonprofits are teaching business
Manage your energy, not your time. Tony schwartz and catherine mccarthyCEOs Should Tell It Like It Isone: How am I supposed to figure out who I really am?6. Sex is Dirty: Save it for someone you love: When puritanism and hedonism collideYou are Not a Lottery TicketFour: A gorilla in our midstAttentionThree: Money Changes EverythingPart 6. AweHappines Comes from Solving Problems5. The Ultimate Boon: 1995-2010Chapter Six: Hold hnads, with strangersChapter 2: Debunking the vulnerability mythsChapter Six: Sewer Rats and ScofflawsSort by category, not by locationTerry Crews3: Understanding the upholder
Identify what makes you happyYou always have a choice. Its hard, but you have a choice.Seek First To Understand, Then to be UnderstoodAmelia EarhartStop hoping for a completion of anything in lifeFight MediocrityDiscovery your calling: The Life's taskPart One: Fundamental Techniques in Handling PeopleChapter 5: A special hatredChapter 5- The Battle for a Man's HeartChapter 9: From good to great, to built to lastChapter 8: Home-Grown managementPart 3 RealismConnectors' Hall of Fame Profile: Katharine GrahamNine: Composting FailureGuidepost #9: Cultivating menaingful work: Letting go fo self doubt and "Supposed to"Chapter 6: InterestHero's Practice: Be The Witness7. Stage Three: The Wild, wild westMoments of Greatness: Entering the fundamental state of leadershipWhy good leaders make bad decisionsTurning great strategy into great performanceThe five messages leaders must manage2.4 Free as a business model8. How Judgments happenDesigning your dream jobOk, Time to get StartedChapter Four: Physical Energy: Fueling The FireChapter 7. An introduction to naive intervention and iatrogenics, the most neglected product of modernity. Noise, and signal nad overintervening from noise.8. Working with OthersFriendshipThe danger of eraly pride4. Find Someone Who's Solved Your Problem8. Fitness is the lever that moves the world9. The art of business.The Big MeWorkaholism8. interdependencyLesson 6: Blockbuster ProfitProductive ProcrastinatorsMake a dream come trueThe personal mba goes blobalSuccess Skill #5: How ot invest for success (the art of bootstrpaping)Getting personalTip #4: Buy a notebookPart II: Sustainability/PhysicalChapter 5: The One Screen World6. The wholeness of lifeThe elements of Decision-MakingResponsibility for Relationships5. Social impacts nad socail problemsOverloaded CircuitsThe Right Way To Lay People Off"So, What do you do?"7. Erotic Blueprints: Tell me how you were loved, and I'll tell you how you make loveFollow The MoneyFive: The anatomy of an act of godMemoryBe Delicious: Faith and Flour - Gigi Butler2.Obtaining commitmen: closing the salePart 7. ClarityEmotions Are Overrated6. Returning the Boon: 2011-2015Chapter seven: Strong back, soft front. Wild heartChapter 3: Understanding and combating shameChapter Seven: The Brave and BrokenheartedDon't change the method to suit your personalityDebbie Millman4. Dealing with an upholder
Standing up for somethingCost/consequences of choice.Fight MediocritiySynergizeGandhiLive with an open heart even if it hurtsLaw 32: Play to people's fantasiesSubmit to reality: The ideal apprenticeship"If you want to gather honey, don't kick over the beehive"Chapter 6: Healing the woundChapter 6 - The Father's VoiceChapter 9: Good enough never isChapter 4: In the blind spot of the mind's eyeSection 2: The skill setTen: You got odance with them that brung youGuidepost #10: Cultivating laugher, song and dance: Letting go of being cool and "Always in control"Chapter 7: PracticeChapter 4: The Perfect Storm7. The Tribal Leadership EpipphanyWaht to ask the person in the mirrorStop making plans; Start making decisionsWho has the D? How clear decision roles enhance organizational performanceTaking the stress out of stressful conversations2.5 Open business models9. Answering an easier questionIntroduction: Pivot is the new normlaChoosing happinessWhat will we do together?Chapter Five: Emotional Energy: Transforming Threat into ChallengeChapter 8. Prediction as the child of modernity9. Understanding SystemsRomanceWork, work, work9. Simplicity transforms ordinary into amazing10. Ten years onRule #2: Be so good they can't ignore you (or, the importance of skill)Enough with "entrepreneurs"9. The VoidLesson 7: Profit-multiplier model3. David Foster WallacePart Two: SteerA business model with only two numbersMunger's mental modelsSuccess Skill #6: Build the brand of you (or, to hell with resumes!)Rules for improvementTip #5:Be willing to be stupidChapter Four: Feeling the Pulse7. AmbitionEffecitve DecisionsThe Second half of your Life6. Management's new paradigmsBe a better leader, have a richer lifePreparing to Fire an ExecutiveWhat now?8 Parenthood: When Three Threatens TwoSecretsSix: The sand pile effectSensory IntegrationBe Agile: Turn Your Problems into Solutions - Jay AbrahamWhat is closing?Part 8. PowerChoose Your Struggle7. My Last Year and My Greate Challenge: 2016-2017Chapter 4: The vulnerability armoryChatper Eight: Easy MarkMake tidying a special event, not a daily choreNaval Ravikant
Face the fearSuffering, discontentment, pain will always exist. Its normal.Cultivate the ability to be happyJohn D RockefellerLive as if your father were deadLaw 34: Be royal in your own fashion: Act like a king to be treated like oneAbsorb the master's power: The mentor dynamicThe big secret of dealing with peopleChapter seven: RomancedChapter 7 - Healing the WoundChapter 10: The end of the beginningChapter 5: The hound of silence7. Do your homeworkEleven: The revolutionChapter 8: PurposeHero's Guidepost: Allow yourself to rest in the space between stories8. Stage Four: Establishing Tribal LeadershipPrimal leadership: The hidden driver of great performance3. DesignHigh Net GrowthFailure immunity00. Warm UPChapter Six: Mental ENergy: Appropriate Focus and Realistic OptimismBook 3: A nonpredictive view of the world.10. Analyzing SystemsThree ChairsFor everything that comes next, ego is the enemy...Reality-test your assumptionsChapter One: The Time I Was CrazyHumility CodeChapter four: The clarity of the craftsman10. On DeathLesson 8: Entrepreneurial Profit4. Richard Price5. LeapThis ain’t no revolutionConnecting the dotsSuccess Skill #7: The entrepreneurial mind-set versus the employee mind-set. Become the author of your own lifeBreaking the rulesTip #6: Choose spartan over luxuriousChapter Five: Sleep or DieSection 2: Reboot: You8. Orderly Thinking7. The information executives need todayReclaim your jobDemoting a Loyal FriendCompromising Positions9 Of Flesh and Fantasy: In the sanctuary of hte erotic mind we find a direct route to pleasureFoundationsSeven: The rules of lifeVisionBe Commited: Protect This House - Kevin PlankThe consensus on closing?8. Looking Back From a Higher Level
Chapter 5: Mind the gap: cultivating change and closing the disgengatement divide
Chapter Nine: Composting FailureMatt RidleyQuestioner: "I'll comply if you convince me why"
Learn the benefits of fearYou can choose how you want to feel.You can't control stiumlus, you can control response.Continuous ImprovementSteve JobsKnow your real edge and don't fake itLaw 45: Preach the need for change, but never reform too much at once.See people as they are: Social intelligence"He who can do this has the whole world with him. he who cannot walks a lonely way"Chapter 8: Beauty to unveilChapter 8 - A Battle to Fight: The EnemeyChapter 11: Building the visionPart 4 Presentism8. Take namesChapter 9: HopeHero's Practice: Indulge in radical acts of self-care3.1 Customer insightsPart 2. Heuristics and biasesStage One: PlantBuilding a teamLet's Warm UpChapter Seven: Spiritual Energy: He Who Has a Why To LiveChapter 9. Fat Tony, the smeller of fragility, Nero, long lunches, and squeezing the fragilistas.11. Improving SystemsEducationPart 2. Success5. Consider the OppositeChapter Two: The day of the talkChapter Five: The power of career capitalGoLesson 9: Specialist ProfitAutodidacts6. TestIf it’s not a hit, switchFor the skepticsEpilogue: The education bubble is about to pop are you prepared for the aftermathTip #7: Before you start, figure out if its a hard skill or a soft skillChapter Six: Making WavesChapter 6: Digital Erectus9. An Open Mind8. Management by objectives and self controlMoments of greatness: entering the fundamental state of leadershiLies that Losers TellFinding a passion10 The shadow of the third: Rethinking FidelityThe Mechanics of MafiaEight: Danger ZonesMusicFour: What It IsStaring the researchChapter 3: You Are Not SpecialChapter 6: Disruptive engagement: Daring to rehumanize education and workChapter Ten: You go to Dance with Them that Brung You2. Finish discarding firstBozoma Saint John5. Understanding the Questioner
Learn the benefits of choiceBring passion with you.Sharpen The SawGreat men who responded to some adversity, some great some small.Always hold to your deepest realizationLaw 30: Make your accomplishments seem effortlessAwake the dimensional mind: The creative-activePart Two: Six ways to make people like youChapter 9: Arousing AdamChapter 9: A Battle to Fight: The StrategyChapter 6: The future is now9. Warming the cold callChapter 5: Taking The LeapPart 3: Owning Tribal Leadership: Stabilizing Stage Four3.2 Ideation10. The law of small numbersPlant overviewConclusion: A well-design lifeDesigning Life Using DE:RE is like making SoupPart Two: The Training SystemChapter 10: In which Professor Triffat refuses his own medicine and we use Seneca and stoicism as a back door to explain why everything antifragile has to have more upside than downside and hence benefits from volatility, erorr, and stressors - the fundamental asymmetry.WorkAlways stay a student6. Zoom Out, Zoom InChapter Three: Passion is bullshitChapter Six: The career capitalistsMake a dent in the universePart II: On Being HumanLesson 10: Installed base profit5. Edit Wharton7. MeasureNo “yes.” Either “HELL YEAH!” or “no.”Should you go to business school?Tip #8: To build hard skills, work like a careful carpenterChapter Seven: Use it or Lose ItChapter 7:The long and squiggly Road10. Inward Beauty9. Picking people - the basic rulesWhat to ask the person in the mirrorLead BulletsKeeping The Faith11. Putting the X back in Sex: Bringing the Erotic HomeIf You Build It, Will They Come?GenderBe Different: Mo's Bows: A Passion for Fashion - Moziah Bridges and Gramica MorrisInitial researchThings FAll ApartPart II: Life PrinciplesChapter 7: Wholeheartedly parenting :Daring to be adults we want our children to beChapter Eleven: The RevolutionStart by discarding all at once, intensely and completelyQuotes I'm Pondering 6. Dealing with the Questioner
Make money for moneys sake.Never change your mind just to please a womanLaw 31: Control the options: Get others to play with the cards you dealFuse the intuitive with the rational: masteryDo this and you'll be welcome ane anywhereChapter 10: Mothers, Daughters, SistersChapter 10: A Beauty to RescueChapter 7: Time bombs10. Managing the gatekeeper -artfullyPart 3:Hero's Guidepost: When the pain of staying put exceeds the fear of the unknown, leap9. Core Values and a Noble Cause3.3 Visual thinking11. AnchorsChapter 1: Calibrate yoru compass01. DeconstructionChapter Eight: Defining Purpose: The Rules of EngagementChapter 11. What ot mix and not to mix. The barbell strategy in life and things as transformation of anything from fragile to antifragile.The path forwardDon't tell yoruself a story7. OochChapter Four: Some of my many failures in summary formChapter Seven: Becoming a CraftsmanScratch your own itch11. The Human BeingLesson 11: De facto standard profit6. Geroge orwell8. Pivot (or Persevere)Just like that, my plan completely changedThree big problesm with business schoolsTip #9: To build soft skills, play like a skateboarderChapter Eight: Less Is MoreChapter 8: The new way we work11. Conformity and revolt10. The entrepreneurial businessPrimal Leaderhsip: the hidden driver of great performanceNobody CaresTrial and ErrorMan and MachinePart Two: SurvivalExplorationBe Nice: The Power of Humility - Tim FerrisThe Photo-store studyThe Tyranny of Excpetionalism1. Embrace Reality and Deal With ItFinal ThoughtsBefore you start, visualize your destinationTim Urban
If you enjoy what you are doing, thats great. Be grateful for your job.stoicism, the idea that in everything that happens to us, there's a chance to pratice excellence, to practice virtue, to improve our positions in life Your purpose must come before your relationshipLaw 46: Never appear too perfectA simple way to make a good first impressionChapter 11: Warrior PrincessChapter 11: An Adventure to LivePart 5 Rationalization11. Never eat aloneGrowing Grit from the outside inHero's Practice: Make peace with uncertainty10. Triads and Stage Four Networking3.4 Prototyping12. The science of availabilityChapter 2: Put a pin in itLet's DeconstructChapter Nine: Face the Truth: How are you Managing Your Energy NowThe public squareWhat's important to you?Chapter five: My absolute favorite spectacular failureSummary of Rule #2Sart making something12. ActionLesson 12: Brand profitPlotting AheadThe advantage of no fundingDelusions of grandeurTip #10: Honor the hard skillsChapter Nine: Creating a Culture that PulsesChapter 9: The marketing of you12. The confidence of Innocence11. The new ventureChapter 5: Take Care of the People, the Products, and the Profits - in that OrderChanging their MindsSeeing GreenNine: Bending the MapBe Funny: "This Is Where I Need To Be" - Josh PeckClsoing and Client SophisticaitonB-b-b-but, If I'm not Going to be Special or Extraordinary, What's the Point?2. Use the 5-Step Process To Get What You Want Out Of LifeSelection criterion: does it spark joy?Janna LevinObliger: "You can count on me, and I'm counting on you to count on me"
Work with good peopleLean just beyond your edgeIf you don't do this, you are headed for troubleChapter Twelve: An irreplaceable roleChapter 12: Writing The Next ChapterChapter 8: Paradise glossed12. Share your passionsChapter 10: Parent for gritChapter 6: Trust The Signs11. A Tribal Leader's Guide to Strategy3.5 Storytelling13. Availability, emotion, and riskChapter 3: Fuel your engineDE: Four QuadrantsChapter Ten: Taking Action: The Power of Positive RitualsBook : Optionality, technology, and the intelligence of antifragilityThe nick of timeEntitlement, contorl, and paranoiAttain Distance Before DecidingChapter six: Goals versus systemsNo time is no excuse13. Wu-wei (natural action)Lesson 13: Specialty Product profit7. Virgina WoolfPart Three AccelerateStart now. No funding needed.Your money AND your lifeTip #11: Don't fall for the prodigy mythChapter 10: Work Teh Space13. Equality and Freedom12. Entrepreneurial strategiesA good place to workJob-hoppigThe Founder's ParadoxTen: Inside the Right stuffFive: Broke Isn't just personlClosing and Post-Sale Satisfaction3. Be Radically Open-MindedOne category at a timeAyaan Hirsi Ali7 Understanding the Obliger
Know your boundaries.Do it for loveAll:An ewasy way to become a good vonersationalistChapter 9: Immune to reality13. Follow up or failChatper 11: The playing fields of gritHero's Guidepost: Stay open to mystery3.6 Scenarios14. Tom W's specaltyChapter 4: fund your runway02. Point of ViewChapter Eleven: The Reengaged Life of Roger B.Chapter 12: Thales versus Aristotle, and the notion of optionality, which allows you not ot know what's going on - why it has been misunderstood owing to the conflation. How Aristotle missed the point. Optionality in private life. Conditions under which tinkering outperforms design. Rational flaneur.A fourth chair?Managing yourself8. Overcome Short-term emotionChapter seven: My systemRule #3: Turn down a promotion (or, the importance of control)Draw a line in the sand14. The MindLesson 14: Local leadership profit8. Valdimir Nabokov9. BatchIdeas are just a multiplier of executionBreaking out the benjaminsTip #12: Five ways to pick a high-quality teacher or coachPart III: Security/EmotionalChapter 11: Your life in startup mode14. Self DisciplineWhy startups should train their peopleConstant EvolutionStagnation or SingularityEleven: "We're all going to fuckin' die!"Be Small: Big Things in Little Packages - Linda Johansen-JamesWhy is hte rest of the arm out of step?Chapter 4: THe Value of Suffering4. Understand That People Are Wired Very DifferentlyStarting with mementos spells certain failureGraham Duncan8 Dealing with an Olbiger
Have gratitude.Enjoy your Friend's criticismLaw 1: Never outshine the masterHow to interest peoplePart 6 Corrigibility14. Be a conference commandoChapter 12: The fulture of gritHero's Practice: Disrupt your storyPart 4: Toward Vital Work Communities (Stage Give)4. Strategy15. Linda: Less is moreStage Two: ScanHeroes as InpsirationResources: Summary of the Full Engagement Training SystemChapter 13:The end of forgettingBeware the disease of me9. Honor your core prioritiesChapter eight: My corporate career fizzledChapter Eight: The Dream-Job ElixirMission statement impossible15. ThinkingLesson 15: Transaction Scale ProfitWingit It10. GrowFormalities play on fear. Bravely refuse.What an MBA will actually get youChapter Ten: The War Between The StatesChapter 12: Embracing the next15. Coperation and SharingII. The individualIs it okay to hire people from your friend's company?Twelve: A view of heavenBe Resilient: Getting Back To Zero - Ryan DeissObtaining the right commitmentThe Self-Awareness Onion5. Learn How To Make Decisions Effectively,If you're mad at your family, your room may be the causeMike Maples Jr
Show appreciation.If you don't know your purpose, discover it nowLaw 2: Never put too much trust in friends, learn how to use enemiesHow to make peoplle like youChapter 10: Once bitten15. Connecting wit hconnectorsChatper 13: ConclusionChapter 7: Accept Blessings12. Early Stage Five: Life Is Great.4.1 Business model environment16. Causes trump statisticsScan OverviewMetaphorsOrganizational Energy Dynamics Asymmetric payoffs behind growth, little else. THe Soviet-Harvard illusion, or hte lecturing-birds-how -to-fly-effect. Eipiphenomena.Meditate on the immensityCahpter Nine: Deciding versus wantingChapter Nine: The First Control TrapOutside money is Plan Z16. Concepts (Abstracting)Lesson 16: Value chain position profit9. Salman Rushdie11. AdaptThe strength of many little customersWhere business schools came fromPart two: Improving skillsChapter Eleven: If you ain't got pride, you ain't got nothing16. Renewing the mind13. Effectiveness must be learnedWhy it's hard to bring big company execs into little companiestwo: What if I'm scared to stop being a kid?Thirteen: The sacred chamberBe Visioniary: Own Your Own Style - Loren RidingerOBtaining comment: four successful actionsRock Star ProblemsLife Principles: Putting It All togetherWhat you don't need, your family doesn't eitherQuotes I'm PonderingRebel: "You can't make me, and neither can I"
Enjoy the good things in life.Be willing to change everything in your lifeLaw 3: Conceal your intentionsPart Three: How to win people to your way of thinkingChapter 11: Reporting live from tomorrowConnectors' Hall of Fame Profile: Paul RevereHero's Guidepost: Release your victim story when you're ready4.2 Evaluating business models17. REgression to the meanChapter 5: Bolster your benchBefore you Reconstruct, Let's take stockMost Important Physical Energy Management Strategies...Maintain your sobrietyPrepare to be wrongChapter ten: The selfishness illusionChapter Ten: The Second Control TrapYou need less than you think17. KnowledgeLesson 17: Cycle profit10. Joan Didion12. InnovateProudly exclude peopleIn search of distributionFind the sweet spot, then reachChapter Twelve: The facts and the stories we tell17. The river of life14. Focus on contributionHiring executives: If you've never done the job, how do you hire somebody good?End of the innocenceFourteen: A certain nobilitySix: Be The ChangeShitty ValuesSummary and Table of Life PrinciplesTidying is a dialogue with one's selfSoman Chainani9 Understanding the REbel
Surroundings. Work. People.Don't use your family as an excuseLaw 4: Always say less than necessaryYou can't win an argument16. Expanding your circleHero's Practice: Question your thoughts4.3 Business model perspective on blue ocean strategy18. Taming intuitive predictionsChapter 6: Bridge the gaps03. ReconstructionGlycemic Index ExamplesFor what often comes next, ego is the enemy10. Bookend the futureChapter twelve: managing your attitudeChapter Eleven: Avoiding the Cotrol TrapsStarta business, not a startup18. IdeasLesson 18: After-sale profitThe author as protagonist13. Epilogue: Waste NotWhy no advertising?Playing with FireTip #13: Find the sweet spotChapter Thirteen: A New Value Proposition18. The attentive mind15. Know your strenghts and valuesWhen employees misinterpret managersAre we there yetFifteen: The day of the fallBe Adventurous: Survive and Thrive - Mark Burnett3. Customer needs in the major saleDefining Good and Bad ValuesWhat to do when you can't throw something awayDita Von TeeseDealing with a REbel
Willpower. Motivation.Don't get lost in tasks and dutiesLaw 5: So much depends on reputation, guard it with your lifeA sure way to making enemies, and how to avoid it17. The art of small talkChapter 8: Not all who wander are lost4.4 Managing multiple business modelsChapter 7: Make yourself discoverableLet's reconstructThe Full Engagement Personal Development Plan of Roger B.Part III. FAilure11. Set a tripwireChapter thirteen: It's alreayd workingSummary of Rule #3Building to flip, is building to flop19. PerceptionLesson 19: New product profit11. Jack Kerouac14 .Join The MomeventThis is just one of many optionsNo reason to changeTip #14: Take off yoru watch19. knowledge and trdition16. Know your timeManagement debtThe parent trapA final Thought: Bringing It All HomeDifferent needs in small sales and largePart III: Work PrinciplesJesse Williams
Tension vs Release.Stop hoping for your woman to get easierLaw 6: Court attention at all costI you're wrong, admit itConnectors' Hall of Fame: Brené BrownHero's Guidepost: When yo uget lost, get quiet and pause5. ProcesPart 3. OverconfidenceStage Three: PilotRE: Four QuadrantsThe Full Engagement Personal Development Plan WorksheetAlive time or dead time?12. Trusting the processsChapter fourteen: My pinkie goes nutsLess Mass20. The Ego (Self-consciousness)Lesson 20: Relative market share profit12. Ernest HemingwayYou don’t need a plan or a visionThe single benefit of business schoolsTip #15: Break eveyr move down into chunksPart IV: Self Expression/Mental20. To be religious is to be snesitive to reality17. Effective decisionsManagement Quality AssuranceInescapable influenceChapter 5: You Are Always ChoosingSummary and Table Of Work Principles3. Tidying by category works like magicDustin Moskovitz
Everything is a muscle.Dealing with womenLaw 7: Get Others to do the work for you, but always take the creditA drop of honeyConnectors' Hall of Fame: Dale CarnegieHero's Practice: Be still5.1 Business model design Proces19. The illusion of understandingPilot OVerview04. ExpressionThe effort is enoughIntroduction: Creating the life you chooseChapter fitteen: My speaking careerRule #4: Think Small, Act Big (Or, the Importance of Mission)21. ConcentrationLesson 21: Experience curve profitSlow and SteaydI miss the mobI owe, I owe - it's off to work I goTip #16: Each day, try to build one perfect chunkChapter Fourteen: A Poverty of Attention21. The purpose of learning18. Functioning communicationsThe times they are a-changinThe ChoiceTo get the culture right...Tidying order: follow the correct order of categories:Richa Chada
Laughter and fun.Women are not liarsLaw 8: Make other people come to you, use bait if necessaryThe secret of socratesSection 3: Turning connections into compatriotsChapter 9: You are not alone6. Outlook20. The illusion of validtyChapter 8: Get scrappyVision Map as ExpressionFight club momentsDiscovering the Seven DecisionsChapter sixteen: my voice problem gets a nameChapter Twelve: The MEaningful Life of Pardis SabetiProgress22. On ReasonLesson 22: low-cost business design profit13. James joyceHow do you grade yourself?A better wayTip #17: Embrace struggleChapter Fifteen: One Thing at a time22. The simplicyt of love19. Leadership as WorkChapter 6: Concerning the going concernThe Responsiblility/Fault Falalcy1. Trust in Radical Truth and Radical TransparencyClothing: place every item of clothing in the house on the floorQuotes I'm Pondering
Surround yourself with people of values you want.Praise HerLaw 9: Win through your actions, never through argumentThe safety valve in handling complaints18. Health, Wealth, and ChildrenHero's Guidepost: You are not separate from other heroes on their journey6.1 Outlook21. Intuitions vs formulasChapter 9: Pause, review, repeatVision Letter as ExpressionDraw thel ineSeek, and ye shall findChapter seventeen: The voice solution that didn't workChapter Thirteen: Missions Require CapitalEmbrace constraints23. EmotionLesson 23: Digital profit14. Junot DiazCare about your customers more than about yourselfWhat you'll learn in this bookTip #18: choose five minutes a day over an hour a weekChapter Sixteen: Cultivating the whole brain23. The need ot be alone20. Principles of InnovationHow to minize politics in your companyThree: What if I fail?Responding to Tragedy2. Cultivate Meaningful Work and Meaningful RelationshipsLoungewear: downgrading to "loungewar" is tabooMax Levchin
Tolerating her leads to resenting herLaw 10: infection: Avoid the unhappy and unluckyHow to get cooperationConnectors' Hall of Fame: Adam GrantHero's Practice: Tonglen meditation for compassion22. Expert intuition: When can we trust it?Stage four: LaunchTo-Do List as ExpressionMaintain your own scorecardSeven principles, seven decisionsChapter eighteen: recognizing your talents and knowing when to quitChapter Fourteen: Missions Require Little BetsBuild half a product, not a half-assed product24.HappinessThe social butterfly an the lone wolfLike you don’t need the moneyHow to use this bookTip #19: Don't do "Drills." Instead, play small addictive gamesChapter Seventeen: Autonomy for accountability24. The enrgy of life21. The second half of your lifeThe right kind of ambitionReady, set, failGenetics and the Hand We're Dealt3. Create a Culture in Which It Is Okay to Make Mistakes and Unacceptable Not to Learn From ThemClothing storage: fold it right and solve your storage problemsNeil Strauss
30't analyze your womanLaw 11: Learn to keep people dependent on youA formulat that will work wonders for you19. Social ArbitrageChapter 10: Release your attachments23. The outside viewLaunch overviewManifesto as ExpressionAlways loveReal-life travelersChapter ninteen: is practice your thing?Chapter Fifteen: Missions Require MarketingStart at the epicenter25. Fear15. F. Scott FitzgerladDon’t punish everyone for one person’s mistakeTip #20: Practice Alone25. to live effortlessly22. The educated personTitles and promotionsGoing after the dreamVictimhood Chic4. Get and Stay in SyncHow to fold: the best way to fold for perfect appearanceVeronica Belmont
Don't suggest that a woman fix her own emotional problemLaw 12: Use selective honesty and generosity to disarm your victimWhat everbody wantsConnectors' Hall of Fame: Vernon JordanHero's Guidepost: Make pace with dissapointment24. The engine of capitalismChapter 10: Build first, courage secondPoem as ExpressionFor everything that comes next, ego is the enemy...The qualities of leadershipChapter twenty: managing your odds for successSummary of Rule #4Ignore the details early on26. Will16. Philip RothA real person, a lot like you1. Value CreationTip #21 Think in ImagesPart V: Significance/Spiritual26. The midn is not everythingWhen smart people are bad employeesAbort missionThere is No "How"5. Believability Weight Your Decision MakingArranging clothes: the secret to energizing your closetPatton Oswalt
Stay with her Intensity - to a pointLaw 13: When asking for help, appeal to people’s self interestAn appeal that everbody likes20. Pinging - all the timeHero's Practice: "I Accept" meditationChapter 11: Flip FailureLiving the LifeHow to read this bookChapter twenty-one: The math of successMaking the clal is making progress27. Good WillTwo takes on the digital AgeYou should feel pain when unclearThe five parts of every businessTip #22: Pay attention immediately after you make a mistakeChapter Eighteen: Who are you, and what do you really want?27. To seek godIII. SocietyOld peoplePlan B6. Recognize How To Get Beyond DisagreementsStoring socks: treat your socks and stockings with respectLewis Cantley
Don't force the feminine to make decisionLaw 14: Pose as a friend, work as a spyThe movies do it. TV does it. Why don't you do it?21. Find anchor tenants and feed themChapter 11: Get radically curiousPart 4. ChoicesStage five: LeadLet's retrace our StepsThe power of consistencyChapter twenty-two: Pattern recognitionBe a curator28.Dreams17. Margaret AtwoodThe most successful email I ever wroteEconomically valueable skillsTip #23 Visualize the wires of your brain forming new connectionsChapter Ninteen: We're all in this together23. A century of social transformation - emergence of knowledge societyOne-on-oneAdvice from the prosChapter 6: You're Wrong About Everything (But So Am I)To get the people right...Seasonal clothes: eliminate the need to store off-season clothesQuotes I'm Pondering
Working with poliarty and energyLaw 15: Crush your enemy totallyWhen nothing else works, try thisSection 4: Connecting in the digial ageHero's Guidepost: Say yes to relationships that grow you, but be sure to nurture yourself25. Bernoulli's errorsLead OverviewLiving the Life!One: The responsible decision: The buck stops hereChapter twenty three: HumorThorw less at hte Problem29. Spirituality18. Zadie SmithLittle things make all the differenceThe iron law of the marketTip #24 Visualize the wires of your brain getting fasterChapter Twenty: Purpose for Passion24. The coming of entrepreneurial societyProgramming your cultureArchitects of Our Own Beliefs7. Remember That The WHO Is More Important That the WHATStoring books: put all your books on the floorJerzy Gregorek
Your attraction to the feminine is inevitableLaw 16: Use absence to increase respect and honorPart four: Be a leader: how to change people without giving offense or arousing resentment22. Tap the fringeHero's Practice: Friends of your inner pilot light26. Prospect theoryChapter 12: Are you listeningDesign the Life You LovePlaying the blame game24: AffirmationsFocus on what won't changeIt’s OK to be casualCore human drivesTip #25 Shrink the space25. Citizenship through the social sectorTaking the mystery out of scaling a companyfour: What do all of these dobuts mean?Be Careful What You Believe8. Hire Right, Because the Penalties for Hriing Wrong Are HugeUnread books: "sometime" means neverAniela Gregorek
Choose a woman who is your complementary oppositeLaw 17: Keep others in suspended terror: cultivate an air of unpredictabilityIf you must find fault, this is the way to begin23. Become the king of contentChapter 12: Fill yourself first27. The endowment effectConclusion: Celebrate complexityThe PurposeThe power of thought25: Timing is Luck TooTone is in your ifngersPart 3: On Matters of existenceNaïve QuittingStatus seekingTip #26 Slow it down (even slower than you think)26. From anlaysis to perception the new worldviewThe scale anticipation fallacyDoubts and questionsThe Dangers of Pure Certainty9. Constantly Train, Test, Evaluate, and Sort PeopleBooks to keep: those that belong in the hall of fameAmelia Boone
Know what is imporrtant in your womanLaw 18: Do not build fortresses to protect yourself, isolation is dangerousHow to critize - and not be hated for it24. Engineering serendipityHero's Guidepost: Heal the world from a place of overflowing abundance28. Bad eventsCatching the prize26: A few times affirmations workedSell your by-products30. HealthPrepare to doubleTen ways to evaluate a marketTip #27 Close your eyesWorking problemsManson's Law of AvoidanceTo build and evolve your machineSorting papers: rule of thumb - discard everythingSir Joel Edward McHale, Lord of Winterfell
You will often want more than one womanLaw 19: Know who you’re dealing with, do not offend the wrong personTalk about your own mistakes firstSection 5: Trading up and giving backHero's Practice: Check your motives29. The fourfold patternTrading freedom27: Voice updateLaunch now31. CourtshipIt’s about being, not havingThe hidden benefits of competitionTip #28 Mime itAfterword: The challenge aheadChapter 7: How to lead even when you don't know where you are goingSocial adjustmentsKill Yourself10. Manage as Someone Operating a Machinve to Achieve a GoalAll about papers: how to organize troublesome papersBen Stiller
Young women offer you a special energyLaw 20: Do not commit to anyoneNo one likes to take orders25. Be interestingChapter 13: The only way out is through30. Rare eventsOvercoming Fear of Failure28: Experts32. LoveThe day Steve Jobs dissed me in a keynoteThe mercenary ruleTip #29 When you get it right, mark the spotThe most difficult CEO skillOverwhelming factorsHow to Be a Little Less Certain of Yourself11. Perceive and Don't Tolerate ProblemsKomono (miscellaneous items): keep things bceause you love them - not "jsut because"Quotes I'm Pondering
Each woman has a "temperature" that can heal or irritate youLaw 21: Play a sucker to catch a sucker - seem dumber than your markLet the other person save faceConnectors' Hall of Fame: The Dalai LamaHero's Guidepost: Say yes to the ordeal in the innermost case31. Risk policiesOg's Initiative for Success29: Association programmingProductivity33. MarriageMy $3.3M mistakeThe crusader ruleTip #30 take a napThe fine line between fear and courageAnchors aweigh12. Diagnose Problems to Get At Their Root CausesCommon types of komono: disposablesAnna Holmes
What women really wantLaw 22: Use the surrender tactic: Transform weakness into powerHow to spur people on to success26. Build your brandHero's Practice: Find the baby in the bathwater32. Keeping scoreA defeated washington30: HappinessIllusions of agreement34. On Raising ChildrenDelegate or die: the self-employed trap.Twelve stnadard forms of valueTip #31 To learn a new move, exaggerate itOnes and twosDashed ExpectationsChapter 7: Failure Is The Way Forward13. Design Improvements to your Machine to get around Your ProblemsSmall change: make "into my wallet" your mottoAndrew Ross Sorkin
Choose a woman who choose youLaw 23: Concentrate your forcesgive a dog a good name27. Broadcast your brandChapter 14: The road back33. ReversalsEmbracing the gift of adversity31: DietReasons to quit35. EducationMake it anything you wantForm of Value #1: ProductTip #32 make positive reachesFollow the leaderParadise LostThe Failure/Success Paradox14. Do what you Set Out to doSentimental items: your parent's home is not a haven for mementosJoseph Gordon-Levitt
What she wants is not what she saysLaw 24: Play the perfect courtierMake a fault seem easy to correct29. Getting close to powerHero's Guidepost: Be open to magic34. Frames and RealityReal Traveler Profile: Jimmy Dean32: FitnessInterruption is the enemy of productivity36. TeachingTrust, but verifyForm of Value #2: ServiceTip #33 to learn from a book, close the bookPeacetime CEO/Wartime CEOTrying out TherapyPain Is Part of the PRocess15. Use Tools and Protocols to Shape How Work Is DonePhotos: cherish who you are nowHow to Say No: Wendy MacNaughton
Her complaint is content-freeLaw 25: Re-create yourselfMaking people glad to do what you want29. Build it and they will comeHero's Practice: Become one with synchronicityTwo: The guided decision: I will seek wisdom33: Vocie Update 2Meetings are toxic37. EthicsDelegate, but don’t abdicateForm of Value #3: Shared ResourceTip #34 use teh sandwich techniqueMaking yourself a CEOBrushing it offThe "Do Something" Principle16. And for Heaven's Sake, Don't Overlook Governance!Astounding stockpiles I have seenVitalik Buterin
She doens't really want to be number oneLaw 26: Keep your hands cleanConnectors' Hall of Fame: Benjamin FranklinChapter 15: Commit to illuminating the truthPart 5. Two SelvesSeeking wisdom34: LuckGood enough is fine38. RacismHow I knew I was done with my companyForm of Value #4: SubscriptioniTip #35 Use the 3x10 techinuqeHow to evaluate CEOsWork Principles: Putting It All TogetherReduce until you reach the point where something clicksQuotes I'm Pondering
Your excellent track record is meaningless to herLaw 27: Play on people’s need to believe to create a cult like following30. Never give in to hubrisHero's Guidepost: Gather with your soul community to expedite your hero's journey35. Two SelvesWords of wisdom35: CalendarTree Start UpQuick wins39. AdversityWhy I gave my company to charityForm of Value #5: ResaleTip #36 Invent Daily Testsfive: How do I know if the decisions I'm making are the right ones?Chapter 8: The Important of Saying NoFollow your intuition and all will be wellRabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks
She wants to relax in the demonstration of your directionLaw 28: Enter action with boldness31. Find mentors, find mentees, repeatHero's Practice: Find your karass36. Life as a storyThe power of fellowship36: Voice Update 3Don't be a hero40. ConfrontationYou make your perfect worldFrom of Value #6: LeaseTip #37 To choose hte best practice method, use the R.E.P.S GaugeChapter 8: First rule of entrepreneurship: There are no rulesMoving right alongRejection Makes Your Life BetterJulia Galef
Your dark sideLaw 29: Plan all the way to the endConnectors' Hall of Fame: Eleanor Roosevelt37. Experienced well-beingYour board of directorsA Final Note about AffirmationsGo to sleep41. AdaptabilityFrom of Value #7: AgencyTip #38 Stop before you're exhaustedSolving the accountability vs creativity paradoxHow do I know if I'm sure aboutBoundaries4. Storing your things to make your life shineTuria Pitt
You are always searching for freedomLaw 30: Make your accomplishments seem effortless32. Balance is B.S.38. Thinkg about lifeBeware of the danger pointSummaryYour estimates suck42. PhilosophyFrom of Value #8: Audience aggregationTip #39 Practice immediately after performanceThe freaky friday management techniqueSomebody?How to Build TrusDesignate a place for each thingAnnie Duke
Own your darkest desiresLaw 31: Control the options: Get others to play wit the cards you deal33. Welcome to the connected ageAn afternoon in waterlooLong lists don't get doneFrom of Value #9: LoanTip #40: Just before sleep, watch a mental movieStaying GreatGut instinctFreedom Through CommitmentDiscard first, store laterJimmy Fallon
She wants the "killer" in youLaw 32: Play to people’s fantasiesThe shocking truth about your health | Lissa RankinConclusionNapoleon's BlunderMake tiny decisionsPart IV: On AchievementFrom of Value #10: OptionTip #41: end on a positive noteShould you sell your company?Gray matterStorage: pursue ultimate simplicityQuotes I'm Pondering
She needs your consciousness to match her energyLaw 33: Discover each man’s thumbscrewAppendix A: Judgmenet under uncertaintyLearning to server others43. On WorkFrom of Value #11: InsuranceTip #42: Six ways to be a better teacher or coachGoing with itChapter 9: And then you dieDon't scatter storage spacesEsther Perel
Feminine AttractivenessLaw 34: Be royal in your own fashion: Act like a king to be treated like oneAppendix B: Choices, Values, and FramesAlfred Vanderbilt's Servant SpiritCompetitors44.QualityFrom of Value #12: CapitalChapter 9: The end of the beginningSomething beyond our SelvesForget about "flow planning" and "frequency of use"Maria Sharapova
The feminine is abundantLaw 35: Master the art of timingFuller's Life ExperimentDon't copy45. MotivationHassle PremiumPart Three: Sustaining Progresssix: How do I work out the right balance among my career, friends, family, and romance?The Sunny side of deathNever pile things: vertical storage is the keyAdamn Robinson
Allow older women their magicLaw 36: Disdain things you cannot have, ignoring them is the best revengeReal Traveler Profile: Bob HopeDecommoditize your product46. GoalsPerceived ValueEmbrace repition, cultivate grit, and keep big goals secertStuff happensNo need for commercial storage itemsJosh Waitzkin
Turn your lust into giftsLaw 37: Create compelling spectaclesThree: The active decision: I a ma person of actionPick a fight47. FaithModularityTip #43: Embrace RepititionWork won'ot make you coffee in the morningThe best way to store bags is in another bagAnn Miura-Ko
Never allow your desire to become suppresd or depolarizedLaw 38: Think as you like, but behave like othersThe decision to actUnderdo your competition48. SuccessBundling and unbundlingTip #44: have a blue-collar mind setWhen love comes to townEmpty your bag every dayJason Fried
Use her attractiveness as a slingshot through appeanceLaw 39: Stir up waters to catch fishHistory remembers the boldWho cares what they're doing49. MoneyPrototyopeTip #45: For every hour of competition, spend five hours practiciingStress FracturesItems that usurp floor space, belong in the closetQuotes I'm Pondering
Body practicesLaw 40: Despise the free lunchThe way of the hero50. FameThe iteration cycleTip #46: Dont waste time trying to break bad habits, instead build new onesThe balancing actKeep things out of the bath and kitchen sinkArian Huffington
Ejaculation should be ocnverted or consciously chosenLaw 41: Avoid stepping into a great man’s shoesBecoming a person of actionEvolution51. flatteryIteration velocityTip #47: To learn it more deeply, teach itMake the top shelf of the bookcase your personal shrineGary Vaynerchuk
Breathe down the frontLaw 42: Strike the shepherd and the sheep will scatterChamberlains chargeSay no by defaultFeedbackTip #48: Give a new skill a minimum of eight weeksseven: Can I carry any part of my college experience into the real world?Decorate your closet with your secret delightsTim O'Reilly
Ejaculate up the spineLaw 43: Work on the hearts and minds of othersEarly to bed, early to riseLet your customers out grow youPart IV: On Art and ArtistsAlternativesTip #49: When you get stuck, make a shiftSix degres of separationUnpack and de-tag new clothes immediatelyTom PEters
Men's and Women's Yoga of IntimacyLaw 44: Disarm and infuriate with the mirror effectThe butterfly's effect on changeDon't confuse enthusiasm with priority52. ArtTrade-offsTip #50: Cultivate your gritBatting for the majorsDon't underestimate the "noise" of written informationBear Grylls
Take into account the primary asymmetryLaw 45: Preach the need for change, but never reform too much at onceThe protective field of purposeBe at-home good53. Film makingEconomic ValuesTip #51: keep your big goals secretLook at all the lonely peopleAppreciate your possessions and gain strong alliesBrene Brown
You are responsible for the growth in intimacyLaw 46: Never appear too perfectAdam's ChoiceDon't write it down54. ActingRelative Importance TestingTip #52: Think like a gardener, work like a carpenterLifestyle changesQuotes I'm Pondering
Insist on pratice and growthLaw 47: Do not go past the mark you aimed for; in victory, learn when to stopReal Traveler Profile: Stan LeeCritical AssumptiosnContinuing Education5. The magic of tidying dramatically transforms your lifeLeo Babauta
Restor your purpose in solitude and with other menLaw 48: Assume formlessnessFour: The certain decision: I have a decided heartPromotionPart VI: On Personal LiberationShadow TestingWhat you can take with youPut your house in order and discover what you really want to doMike D
Practice dissolvingThe purpose of analysisWelcome obscurity55. ConditionMinimum viable offerThe magic effect of tidyingESther Dyson
amazon.comA decided heartBuild an audience56. SystemsIncremental AugmentationGaining confidence in life through the magic of tidyingKevin Kelly
Finding your visionOut-teach your competition57. DetachmentField TestingAn attachment to the past or anxiety about the futureAshton Kutcher
Your heart, your lifeEmulate chefs58. No-mindedness (wu-hsin)Learning that you can do withoutQuotes I'm Pondering
The cortés initiativeGo behind the scenes59. Zen Buddhism2. MarketingDo you greet your house?Brandon Stanton
Burning our boatsNobody likes plastic flowers60. MeditationAttentionYour possessions want to help youJerome Jarre
Thriving on rejectionPress releases are spam61. On being centeredReceptivityYour living space affects your bodyFedor Holz
The passion of decisvenessForget about the Wall Street Journal62. FreedomRemarkabilityis it ture that tidying increases good fortune?Eric Ripert
Architecting the greatest show on earthDrug dealesr get it rightProbable PurchaserHow to identify what is truly preciousSharzon Salzberg
Living a life of unlimited possibilityMarketing is not a departmentPart VII: The process of becomingPreoccupationBeing surrounded by things that spark joy makes you happypQuotes I'm Pondering
Real Traveler Profile: General Norman SchwarzkopfThe myth of the overnight sensation63. Self actualizationEnd ResultYour real life begins after putting yoru house in orderFranklin Leonard
Five: The joyful decision: Today I will hcoose to be happy64. Self helpQualificationPEter Guber
Beware of conditionHiring65. Self knowledgePoint of Market EntryGreg Normal
A happy choiceDo it yourself first66. Self expressionAddressabilityDaniel Ek
A professor of a grateful spiritHIre when it hurts67. On GrowthDesireStrauss Zelnick
Who's packing your parachute?Pass on great people68. SimplicityVisualizationQuotes I'm Pondering
The magic of smilingStrangers at a cocktail partyFramingSteve Jurvetson
The secret of lasting successResumés are ridiculousPart VIII: On Ultimate (Final) PrinciplesFreeTony Hawk
The joy of stupidityYears of irrelevance69. Yin-yangPermissionLiv Boeree
Living a dog's lifeForget about formal education70. TotalityHookAnnie Mist
Real Traveler Profile: Amy GrantEverybody works71. TaoCall to Action (CTA)Quotes I'm Pondering
Six: The compassionate decision: I will greet this day with a forgiving psiritHire managers of one72. TruthNarrativeMark Bell
The anger management mythHire great writersControversyEd Coan
The ultimate anger-resolution curseThe best are everywhereReputationRay Dalio
The gift of forgivenessTest-drive employeesJacquelin Novogratz
The miracle of forgiveness3. SalesBrian Koppelman
A powerful act of forgivenessDamage ControlTransactionStewart Brand
The poison of unforgivenessOwn your bad newsTrustQuotes I'm Pondering
Beginning AnewSpeed changes everythingCommon GroundSarah Elizabeth Lewis
Real Traveler Profile: Norman Vincent PealeHow to say you're sorryPricing Uncertainty PrincipleGabor Mate
Seven: The persistent Decision: I will persist without exceptionPut everyone on the front linesFour Pricing MethodsSteve Case
The habit of quittingTake a deep breathePrice Transition ShockLinda Rottenberg
...without exceptionValue-based sellingTommy Vietor
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