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26 Sept 2018
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StateroomThe sodas in the fridge are included, alcohol will be charged, except for Suites and Verandah Plus cabins which include 2 half bottles of spirits in the cabin .#1, #491
Fresh bottles of water are provided in your stateroom every day#29
There is supppsed to be an umbrella provided in the stateroom ( though sometimes these are missing). Look in the wardrobe. There are also umbrellas provided as you go off the ship.#11, #521
Binoculars have been provided in cabins, but are now often missing. You can ask to borrow them at Guest Relations. They are not very good quality so may be better to take your own.
#13, #519-521, #526,#527
A hair dryer is provided, in the desk/dressing table. It has a switch you have to hold down, and is not very effective, especially for long, thick hair.#30
A large zipped Tote bag is provided in your stateroom#51
Dressing gowns and slippers are provided in all staterooms#394,#550
There are 3 shelves in the bathroom (1 stocked with the complimentary toiletries). The closet in the cabin has tons of hangers and you can ask for more. There is also a small “bureau” with 4 drawers, plus drawers in the desk. There is also a cubby to the right of the closet with another shelf. Plus there is plenty of room under the bed to store your luggage, including room for large hard suitcases. All of this applies to inside, ocean-view & verandah cabins. CC Suite bathrooms are bigger, as is the cabin.
#53, #434, #435
The shower in inside, ocean-view and verandah staterooms is small with a shower curtain - taking your own magnetic clips may help. Alternatively The whole of the bathroom is a wet room. Hook the shower curtain over the hook on the bathroom door that takes the towel or robe and strategically place a towel or the shower mat on the floor. Gives more space. Stops the clinging. But make sure the bathroom door shuts tight first!
#18, #484, #485
Club Continent Suites either have showers with a glass door or a shower over the tub - check the Deck Plan (Deck 8) to see which number Suites have tubs/standalone showers.#56
There is a mirror to the side of the main bathroom mirror that flips and one side is magnified for shaving or applying makeup.#58
There are US and European power outlets above the desk/dressing table on Quest & Journey. Standard cabins and Club Continent suites on the Pursuit also have UK outlets. There is a standard US electrical outlet in the bathroom, designed for using electric shavers. You could bring a multi USB plug to provide more USB points. Extensions/power strips etc are NOT allowed.#28,#228,#230,#400, #403
It’s a good idea to take a hanging organiser (there are hooks inside the bathroom door).#52
There are plenty of hangers in the wardrobe, but you can always ask your steward for more.#53
There are breakfast cards in your stateroom that you can fill out and put on the outside handle of your stateroom door the night before. (If you can’t find the cards ask your Steward or look in the back of the information folder on the desk in the stateroom).#31
The bathroom complimentary amenities are soap, shampoo, conditioner & body lotion & shower gel. These are an aloe and green tea based brand called Eco-Boutique (see post #198 for a photo). There are also Q Tips, shower caps & cotton wool balls.#135,#136,#137, #139,#192,#198, #614
The cabin walls are metal, so you can take magnetic clips to keep your paperwork tidy and magnetic hooks to hang up light items.#385
Kettles are not available in the rooms, but you can use room service to have a hot drink served in your room anytime (24 hour room service). Alternatively you can use the breakfast cards to order early morning tea/coffee). Coffee makers are prohibited items, so it’s not advisable to bring a kettle either.#454, #457, #457
You can ask your room steward for an ‘egg carton’ mattress topper#622
If you would like a fruit basket in your room you can ask your room steward for one.#696
DiningYou can’t buy dining packages/Chefs Table etc until you embark, or occasionally in the terminal after checking in. It’s a good idea to make bookings for speciality restaurants/ dining packages etc as soon as you board. There may be a table for this in the terminal. There is always a reservation table inside the main entrance to Windows(Deck 9) and sometimes in Discoveries Bar(Deck 5). They will know the dates for events such as White Night. #1, #22, #39 #40 #42,#123
Speciality restaurants are $30 a head, but you can save money by buying Dining Packages e.g. 3 meals for $70. You can book all these meals in one speciality restaurant.#1, #731
24 hour Room Service of food & soft drinks is included (not alcoholic drinks). There’s a room service menu and, during restaurant hours, you can order food from Windows Buffet and Discoveries menus. You can also order tea/coffee in the morning through room service - a good tip is to order morning tea/coffee at ten to or ten past the hour to avoid the times when pre-ordered breakfasts are going out.
#31,#234, #568, #570
Discoveries and speciality restaurant (Prime C & Aqualina) menus can be seen on the interactive TV in your stateroom (on Journey & Quest, not on Pursuit)#2, #31
The Patio on Deck 9 is a nice area for casual table service dining. The evening menu includes Lamb Tournedos, Beef Paillard, Chicken Cordon Bleu & more. You can take items from Windows buffet to your table in the Patio. #3
There are breakfast cards in your stateroom that you can fill out and put on the outside handle of your stateroom door the night before. (If you can’t find the cards ask your Steward or look in the back of the information folder on the desk in the stateroom).#31
You can ask for a Bloody Mary, a Mimosa (Buck’s Fizz in the U.K.), sparkling wine or whatever you want for breakfast.#1
Tapas are served in the Living Room pre-dinner and its a nice place for a pre-dinner cocktail and to meet friends#3, #174
Daily programme (Insider) includes some suggested times for solos to dine together.#101
All dining in Discoveries (main dining room) is ’open dining’. If you would like to join a shared table go into Discoveries bar and tell the staff member at the desk at the entry to the dining room that would like to sit on a shared table. They will tell you when one is available - you can have a drink while you are waiting.#100, #101
You can request a particular waiter in Discoveries if you have a favourite#174
In Discoveries some of the larger tables (4-6) at the back are above the propellers - ask to sit elsewhere if you don’t like the vibrations.#174
After the Azamazing evening there is a huge buffet so don’t worry about missing dinner.#174
Join a larger table in Discoveries - you’ll meet some fabulous people#174
If you have special dietary needs you should let Azamara know at the time you book or as soon afterwards as possible. Email azamara at Once you are onboard someone will meet you to discuss your needs.
#237,#238, #509
Azamara now has a vegan menu that is available in Discoveries MDR and in the speciality restaurants. You can ask to see it to either order for the next night or possibly to eat straight away. That is in addition to the vegetarian items on the main menu which are labelled as such. You can see the manu by searching Azamara's website, using the search term 'Vegan Menu'.#766, #768
the following items (and a few others I forgot) are part of the main menu in Discoveries MDR and are offered every day - prawn cocktail, escargots, french onion soup, chicken breast, salmon, New York strip steak, creme brûlée.#767
Suite BenefitsNo charge access to the deck in front of the spa (Deck 9) with a thalassotherapy pool & loungers for those in Suites. Note that the thalassotherapy pool is not very hot, but should be warm. Test the temperature before buying a pass.
#3, #113, #119
For other benefits go to menu at the bottom of Azamara’s website. Click on ‘Our Ships’, scroll down and click on ‘Suites’.
The 4 bottles of spirits in your Suite are from the range in the Premium drinks package rather than from the included spirits#596
DrinksThe list of included cocktails contains just examples. You can ask for any cocktail you like as long as it can be made from the included spirits. To see the list go to the menu at the bottom of Azamara’s website, click on ‘Onboard Packages’ under the ‘Booked’ heading. Scroll down and click on ‘Beverage Packages’, then click on ‘Learn More’ under the ‘Complimentary Beverages’ heading.#1
There is an extended list of the included drinks available from Guest Relations.#2
You can ask for a Bloody Mary, a Mimosa (Buck’s Fizz in the U.K.), sparkling wine or whatever you want for breakfast.#1
You can bring as much alcohol on board as you like, no limit other than what you can carry, both at embarkation and at a port. (Check the port authorities first, tho’ e.g. Miami is said not to allow alcohol to be taken onboard in a carry on, only in checked luggage). There is no charge if you drink it in your stateroom. There is a $10 a bottle corkage charge if you want to drink it in a public room.#1,#196
Capuchino, latte, flat white etc are included. You can get them in the Mosaic Cafe (Deck 5) in the dining room and in the buffet. Breakfast tea and a selection of other teas are included (green tea, lemon tea etc)#36, #527
The Living Room is nice for pre dinner cocktails & serves Tapas pre-dinner#3
Go to Windows buffet and get some chocolate gelato and chocolate syrup, proceed to coffee station and add some milk or half & half, stir and, voila, you have a delicious chocolate shake. Other varieties are possible!#34
After dinner go to the Living Room for an Appletini (included cocktail) and to listen to music - the DJ is amenable to requests#174
The included coffee in Mosaic is better quality than the (premium) Nespresso.#174
LCV members (including those with points from Celebrity cruises and/or reciprocal status through cruiseswith Royal Caribbean) can get a discount on the Ultimate Beverage package of between 5 & 25 % depending on LCV level#259
You can purchase beverage packages at any bar and will also find two tables set up one to the right of the pool bar and the other in Mosaic cafe with staff able to process orders. Both passengers do not have to buy a package, also two people on a cabin can buy different packages.#259
If you ask for an alcoholic drink to be delivered to your cabin, you will have to pay for it, even if you are in a suite and even if it’s in the included list of drinks. You can carry it there yourself though for no charge.#498
Iced tea is an included drink#540
Sparkling water is included.#527
There are 2 Wine packages, Wine Lover which includes bottles of up tot $50 (e.g.5 bottles $180 - 12 bottles for $250) & Wine Connoisseur which includes bottles from $51-$75 (e.g 5 bottles for $315 - $12 bottles for $630). Only bottles within the stated price range are covered by the package. If you want a more expensive bottle you have to pay the full price.#695
Public Areas/Rooms
The sun deck (Deck 11) is a lovely place to sunbathe, especially when the ship is at sea - there’s a nice breeze, and you still get waiter drinks service.#10
There is a smoking corner on Deck 9 starboard - if smoke bothers you, choose a sun-lounger away from this area.#174
The Living Room is a nice area for a pre-dinner cocktail & they serve Tapas there pre-dinner#3
There is a steam room in the spa which can be used by anyone#41, #161
Anyone can use the showers in the spa, they’re bigger then the showers in Inside, Ocean-View or Verandah staterooms. There’s a hair-dryer there on the wall in the locker room on the Journey & Quest, but may not be on the Pursuit.#43, #163, #348, #356
There are a limited number of passes available for the use of the deck in front of the spa (Deck 9) where there is a thalassotherapy pool and some loungers. Cost is per day or for the cruise (price depends on the length of cruise - possibly $99 or $175 for 2). As these are limited it’s a good idea to buy them on embarkation day.#3, #8, #22
There’s no need to leave a book or sunglasses on a sun bed to reserve it. There are plenty of sun-loungers to go round. If you want piece & quiet try the sun-loungers on Dec 5 & Deck 11. The busiest area is around the pool on Deck 9#174
If it’s really hot the swinging nest seats on Deck 11 catch a good breeze and are a great place to read a book.#174
there’s a bookshelf in the Drawing Room (Library) that’s a ’take a book, leave a book’ shelf in the Drawing Room (Library. It’s located inside the door on the starboard front of Prime C on deck 10. That’s where you#605
Events White Night - Azamara Cruises normally include a ‘White Night’. This is an on-deck party, with a buffet served from the Patio area. Most people wear white clothing (though this is not required).You won’t know what night it is until you get onboard. Sometimes white night has to be held indoors due to the weather, or because the ship is somewhere where noise is not allowed.
#1, #394, #519
Shore Excurions/Going Ashore/OBCThere are maps of each port (the day you are there) available at guest relations on deck 4. Also there is often a tourist representative from the city with other maps and helpful information at a separate table#54
Try to hook up with folks from your Roll Call. If you haven’t joined, do so. It’s a good way to find out abou and join independent tours/excursions#83
You can see the excursions offered by Azamara for your cruise through your Voyage Planner. You can log in to it either through ‘My Account Login ‘ or ‘Voyage Planner Login’ on the bottom menu of the Azamara website. If you want to print a copy of the excursions for your cruise find your cruise on the Azamara website, click on ‘View Itinerary Details’, then click on the Shore Excursions tab, then click on ‘View All Shore Excursions for this Voyage’, then scroll down a little way to find and click on ‘View Printer Friendly E-Brochure of all Shore Excursions’. Make sure that you are in the right version to get the prices in your currency. To do this scroll down to the very bottom of the page where you will see a flag - click on it to find your country’s flag. Note that only one person at a time from a booking can be logged into the Voyage Planner for their cruise.#74
Check Shore Excursion information (e.g knees & shoulders need to be covered). Such advice is also often put in the programme for the day.#49, #50
OBC (On Board Credit) for B2B (Back to Back) Cruises is not combinable. The OBC has to be used on the cruise that it applies to.#87
Complimentary bottled water is always available to take off the ship when in port; there are tubs located near the exit. #11
Bike excursions are offered in some ports.#151, #480
You can book excursions as soon as they appear in your Voyage Planner and can use OBC to do so. These are fully refundable, but if you have paid in a currency other than US$ you may lose some money in the process, due to exchange rates.
#218,#220, #479
Azamara has a Concierge who can help you with things like taxis, airport transfers etc#284
You can take Azamara pool towels ashore with you to take to the beach.#469
If you acquire OBC (such as through buying an Experience More Package) and want to use it to pay for ships excursions you have bought and paid for, you can do this as follows - Once onboard speak to Guest Relations before you take the land discovery and ask them to reverse the charging of your excursions. If you are only buying the package once onboard you do it at the same time as buying the package . They will refund as OBC in the first instance but the important thing is it’s refundable OBC so at the end of the cruise it goes back to your card. #512
In ports you usually have to be onboard 15 minutes before sailing time if the ship is docked. The last tender is likely to be 30 minutes before sailing time. The time to be back onboard will be posted in the days ‘Insider’ .#593
You may be able to get a 10% discount if you book 3 excursions at the same time. you can ask about this at the Shore Excursions desk. This may also apply to already booked excursions, but again you need to ask about this at the Shorex desk.#653
Le Club Voyage (Azamara’s Loyalty Club)Azamara LCV has reciprocal arrangements with Celebrity Captain’s Club and Royal Caribbean Crown & Anchor. Elite Plus is Discoverer Plus on Azamara and benefits include 7% discount, $200/$300 OBC and a reduced deposit when you book onboard, 120 free WiFi minutes or $130 towards a full Voyage WiFi package, a free bag of laundry per cabin, per full week & some savings on things like the spa etc. Look at the link to Le Club Voyage in the menu at the bottom of the Azamara webpage. Note that to get the free complimentary nights that are mentioned 50% of your qualifying voyages have to be with Azamara.
#45, #121, #276
LCV members get free internet minutes, with the number of minutes depending on LCV level. You get a letter in your stateroom giving you a code to use to access the free internet minutes. You can also trade in your minutes against a Full Voyage Internet package ($19.95 a day). E.G Discoverers get 90 free minutes or $100 off a full voyage package. If you want to exchange your minutes for a package, you have to talk to Guest Relations. (Don’t forget to log off at the end of every session by typing into your browser). Note that on some cruises tax is charged on top of the WiFi charges, depending upon the area and related tax rules.#15,#506
If you want to trade in your LCV minutes against a full cruise WiFi package you can do so up to day 3 and still get the full LCV discount, but pay just for the days left to the end of the cruise.#504,#506
Laundry coupons are no longer always provided. Complimentary laundry may be loaded to your account if you are an LCV member Explorer or higher (seems to depend on the ship. The ship's WiFi instructions to create an account do not work on all cell phones and will require a visit to the ship's IT expert. According to the IT expert, this is a problem with the program. #696
EmbarkationCheck in on-line before-hand through your Azamara Account. You can upload a photo of yourself onto the website. You can print off a copy of your Boarding Pass. The new online system features several enhancements including: 1. A streamlined, easy-to-follow layout for a quick and easy check-in process up to three days prior to sailing. 2. Ability to upload your travel documents and security photo so you can save time at the pier and get onboard faster. 3. Control of your onboard expense account with the ability to establish spending privileges for each member in your party.  You must have an account with Azamara to use the new Online Check-in system for your upcoming voyage. Visit My Account to sign in (or create a new account) and click Check-In to get started. [Please note, your reservation must be paid in full to access Online Check-in.
#183, #286, #511
Azamara intend to stop mailing luggage labels out to guests There are printable ones with your emailed cruise documents. You can buy label holders that fit the printed labels - get the ones that say they fit Royal Caribbean labels. Don’t worry if you don’t have labels on your luggage. They can be attached for you at embarkation.. #147, #183, #315, #323
Boarding may start earlier than the time specified on your cruise documents. If you get on-board early you have time to check out the ship and get lunch.#183
Boarding is quick and easy Give them your Boarding Pass (or show it digitally), and your Passports.. if you haven’t already uploaded your picture, they’ll take it, and you get your room key. Go through the scanner and board the ship. The longest it has taken is 20 minutes.#183, #511
Your carry-on bag can be left (usually on Deck 4 at a check-in desk) while you eat lunch or explore and be picked up later when you go to your room or delivered to your room.#183
You have to be onboard at least 90 minutes before sailing time#591
B2BAzamara will invite you to a nice event with a drink a few days before the end and will explain the procedures. It differs in every port but it’s very simple. You can do whatever you want, go off stay aboard,it’s your choice. If you want to leave earlier that the time they schedule for b2b processing (you check out with your old card and set up you new one they give you at the b2b meeting) just say. If it’s possible they will set it up. One nice thing, you can order room service breakfast even though the newsletter says there is no room service (that’s for the leavers). We do that as the other places are pretty busy. And if you are staying onboard the laundry will be very quiet, so it can be a good time to use it. You are allowed anywhere on the ship even though signs say otherwise. They will explain any crewdrills or disruption (eg carpet laying) that’s happening at the b2b event.  One nice thing, you can order room service breakfast even though the newsletter says there is no room service (that’s for the leavers). And if you are staying onboard the laundry will be very quiet, so it can be a good time to use it. You are allowed anywhere on the ship even though signs say otherwise. They will explain any crewdrills or disruption (eg carpet laying) that’s happening at the b2b event. #384
“If you do not have the same room, and you are not around for the move, you have to pack all your items up except hanging items and staff will move it whilst you are ashore. The problem is you have to empty the safe. If the cabin you are moving to is empty, you may be able to take your valuables and put them in the safe, but if not then you have to carry your valuables ashore for the day which you might not want to do in some cities.#393
OtherIt’s worth looking at the ‘Experience More’ Packages, especially for cruises longer than a week. You can find information about these packages under the ‘Onboard Packages’ link under the ‘Booked’ heading in the menu at the very bottom of Azamara’s website. Basically they bundle up things like Shore Excursions Credit, Spa Credit, Full Voyage WiFi, laundry, beverage package & Chefs Table into one package for which you pay up front. You do need to add up the cost of the elements you would buy anyway to decide if you would make a saving by buying a package. You can use On Board Credit (OBC) (other than that designated for a specific purpose such as shore excursions) to buy these packages. To do this you would have to wait until you are onboard as Azamara doesn’t have a mechanism to buy anything except shore excursions using OBC beforehand.#107, #108
If you buy the essentials package, which includes the Premium drinks package, you can upgrade the drinks package up to the Ultimate by paying the difference between them ($6pp in 2019)#702
The Indulgence Package includes the Ultimate Liquor Package, the Chefs Table, a wifi package & Spa credit. On the Pursuit you access these benefits as follows (other ships may do this differently) :- Chefs Table, you will find they automatically book you into one of the tables, there should be a letter in your room telling you the day and date of your booking - however you can swap to another table but you need to be quick. We did this as the one allocated did not appeal. Then they cancelled the one we chose so we had to swap to a third one, which we enjoyed even though it was not our first choice Ultimate Liquor Package - if there is not a sticker already on your room key showing you have the package there will be a tiny sticker in the envelope in your room that has the internet codes and the laundry vouchers. You need to watch out for this as its very small and you need to put that on your card. If you have no sticker go straight to guest relations because until you have a sticker you cannot benefit from the package The spa credit was added to your onboard account but did not show up on your TV account - again the spa will keep you right#344