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Please note - the land ownership information presented in this table is indicative only, and in some cases be based on incomplete, out of date or misunderstood data
#NameType of LandownerIdentifierOwner Source of WealthArea (Hectares)Area (acres)% NorfolkSourceDuration of Ownership (Approximate)Duration of Ownership NotesNotesSource of Wealth Notes
1Crown EstateGovernmentGovernmentCrown Estate 13,655.6333,743.742.485%Who Owns England; Land Registry
2Forestry CommissionGovernmentGovernmentForestry Commission11,955.5529,542.762.175%Who Owns England -
3Holkham Estate Private LandownerAristocracy - Old PeerageThomas Coke, 8th Earl of LeicesterHistorical Notable10,099.5824,956.571.838%Section 31(6) Depositions - 2013400c. 400 years - Holkham lands owned since 1609, when Sir Edward Coke first bought lands in the area -

Castle Acre lands appear to have been purchased by Sir Edward Coke in 1615 -
Includes both County Farms Estate and non-agricultural land interests
Pre-Industrial Revolution historical elite; Family first achieved major success under Sir Edward Coke (1552 - 1634), a nationally-renowned barrister, judge, and politician (who also became Attorney General and Chief Justice).
4Ministry of DefenceGovernmentGovernment Ministry of Defence9,784.0824,176.961.780%FOI Request
5Norfolk County Council LandholdingsGovernmentGovernmentNorfolk County Council8,566.0021,167.011.559%Norfolk Inspire and Open Data
Not entirely accurate - includes both freehold and leased land.
6Sandringham EstatePrivate LandownerAristocracy - Old PeerageThe Royal Family Historical Notable8,076.0019,956.201.469%Land Registry Data (2021)170Bought by Royal Family in 1852 -
7National TrustCharity/NGOCharities / NGOsNational Trust6,431.0015,891.321.170%Manually mapped from website:
8Albanwise Estates Private LandownerNew Money - International BuyerCount Padulli di VighignoloModern Super Rich5,457.2613,485.160.993%Section 31(6) - 201930Including:
- Rugg's Hall Farm
- Felmingham
- the Barton Bendish Estate near Kings Lynn;
- the Saxlingham and Gunthorpe Estates
- Bawdeswell Estate near Reepham
- Dunham Lodge near Little Dunham
- Kempstone Lodge Farm near Beeston
- Wimbotsham land holdings: 1,215 acres
Wimbotsham holdings: 1,215 acres
9West Acre EstatePrivate LandownerModern GentryBirkbeck familyVictorian Bourgeoisie3,572.968,828.960.650%Land Registry Data (2019)120Bought by Birkbeck family in 1898 -
10Norfolk Wildlife TrustCharity/NGOCharities / NGOsNorfolk Widlife Trust3,430.938,477.990.624%Website:
11South Yorkshire Pension AuthorityCorporateCorporateSouth Yorkshire Pension Authority3,261.328,058.880.593%Who Owns England - 'Who Owns Our Carbon?' Report: Owner linked to the Pergau dam affair:
12South Pickenham Estate Private LandownerModern Buyer (International Super Rich)Tan Sri Arumugam - Malaysian Tycoon and Billionaire Modern Super Rich3,016.007,452.690.549%Section 31 Depositions (2013); Countryside Stewardship Scheme 2016 Management Areas (England) (2021): since mid-90s (1)

Owner linked to the Pergau dam affair:
13Shadwell Estate / Nunnery StudPrivate LandownerModern Buyer (International Super Rich)Dubai Royal Family (Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum)Modern Super Rich2,526.006,241.870.460%Section 31(6) Depositions - 1998. Present size and owner corroborated by estate website:,approximately%2010%25%20of%20that%20area.40Website: corroborated by online sources:,approximately%2010%25%20of%20that%20area.
14Le Strange Estate - HunstantonPrivate LandownerAristocracy (Old Peerage, Old Peerage Descendant, Old Gentry, Middle Gentry)LeStrange FamilyHistorical Gentry2,498.006,172.680.455%Section 31(6) Depositions - 2005936Le Strange family may be direct descendants of the fitz Herlewin de Hunstanton (le Brun) family, who were likely granted lands at Hunstanton during the reign of William the Conqueror (1066 - 1087) (1). The fitz Herlewin family are listed as lords of the Hunstanton Manor in the Open Domesday resource (2). Corroborated by the Topographical History of Hunstanton, which states that the Le Strange family succeeded the le Brun family (3). Corroborated by other sources (4).

15Thelveton Hall EstatePrivate LandownerModern GentrySir Rupert Mann, 3rd BaronetVictorian Bourgeoisie2,343.005,789.670.426%Environmental Stewardship Scheme Agreements (England) (2021) -
160Owned since 1863 (1)

16Eaubrink Farms GmbhPrivate LandownerNew Money - International BuyerOwner appears to be the Reemtsma familyReemtsma family founded Reemtsma Cigarettenfabriken GmbH, a successful cigarette company, in 1910 (1)

2,297.825,678.030.418%Who Owns England - 'Who Owns Our Carbon?' Report: 20Owned since 2004 (c. 20 years) (1)

(1) Companies House
German-registered farming company. Owned since 2004 (c. 20 years).

Owner appears to be the Reemtsma family,
17Sennowe Park EstatePrivate LandownerModern Gentry
Temple-Richards family, descendants of Thomas Albert Cook
Victorian Bourgeoisie2,281.985,638.890.415%Section 31(6) Depositions - 2016120Bought by Cook family in 1898 (1)

18RSPBCharity/NGOCharities / NGOsRSPB2,204.005,446.190.401%Website:
19Narford Hall EstatePrivate LandownerAristocracy - Old GentryFountaine familyHistorical Gentry2,116.005,228.740.385%Section 31(6) Depositions - 2017; Countryside Stewardship Scheme 2016 Management Areas - by Fountaine family since 1690 (1)

20Walsingham EstatePrivate LandownerModern GentryMeath-Baker family (descendants of the Gruney family)Victorian Bourgeoisie2,072.785,121.940.377%Environmental Stewardship Scheme Agreements (England) (2021) -

Land Registry Title names (2021)
100The house was sold to the Gurney family in 1921 (1)

Size corroborated by DiCamillo, 'Garden & Outbuildings: As of 2019, the Walsingham Estate spans 5,200 acres.'Size corroborated by online sources:
21Trafford Estate / Wroxham Home FarmPrivate LandownerAristocracy - Old GentryTrafford familyHistorical Gentry2,050.205,066.150.373%Section 31 Depositions (2002);

Countryside Stewardship Scheme 2021 Management Areas (England):
210Owned since 1811 (1)

Old Gentry link:
The Trafford family of Wroxham Hall are the descendants of Sir Clement Boehm Trafford (1762 - 1838), who owned Dunton Hall in Lincolnshire (1). Sir Clement Boehm was the nephew of one Sigismund Trafford (1643 - 1723), who owned Dunton Hall - the Boehm's took the surname Trafford in order to inherit his estates (2). Sigismund Trafford (b. 1643) was reportedly descended from the ancient Trafford landowning family from Lancashire, though via a younger son branch - his immediate ancestors were London merchants (3).



Descended from Lincolnshire Gentry: see here:

Also see:
22Raynham Hall Estate Private LandownerAristocracy - Old PeerageCharles Townshend, 8th Marquess TownshendHistorical Notable1,998.474,938.320.364%Countryside Stewardship Scheme 2021 Management Areas (England):

Guns On Pegs:
900Townshend family has owned land at Raynham since the 12th Century (1).

Publicly available materials say the estate is 5,500 acres -
23The Astley Estate (Swanton Novers)Private LandownerAristocracy - Old PeerageDelaval Astley, 23rd Baron Hastings1,930.004,769.130.351%Section 31(6) Depositions (2021)900Land owned since 1189 at the latest.

Land at Melton Constable was originally owned by Peter Constable in the reign of King Henry II (1154 - 1189) (1). These lands passed to the Astley family via the female line in the 13th Century (2).

24Robinson Farms (Lugden Farm Docking)Private LandownerFarmerRobinson Family1,889.004,667.810.344%Section 31(6) Depositions - 2020 and Land Registry Title Teeds
25Lexham Hall EstatePrivate LandownerNew Money - British Post WarFoster family1,889.004,667.810.344%Section 31 Depositions (2011, 2013)
Environmental Stewardship Scheme Agreements (England) (2021) -
75c. 75 years, since 1946 (1)


The Foster family generated their wealth via copper mines in Australia and bought Lexham Hall Estate in 1946 (source - local knowledge).
26Houghton EstatePrivate LandownerAristocracy - Old PeerageDavid Cholmondeley, 7th Marquess of Cholmondeley1,791.694,427.360.326%Who Owns England - at Houghton potentially owned by the Walpole family since the reign of King Henry I (the son of William the Conqueror, who reigned from 1100 - 1135) - see p. 133 of

Via the Walpole family, the current Cholmondeley owners appear to be direct descendants of the family that owned lands at Houghton during the reign of the William the Conqueror (the De Haveltons) -

Estate inherited by the Cholmondeley family in 1797 due to intermarriage with the Walpole family -
27Crown Point Estate (Bixley Manor)Private LandownerModern GentryColman family (Descendants of Colman mustard family)Victorian bourgeoisie 1,790.004,423.180.326%Section 31 Depositions (2001); Environmental Stewardship Scheme Agreements (England) (2021) - by Colman family since 1872 (1)

28Hilborough Estate Private LandownerAristocracy - Old GentryWilliam van Cutsem1,765.774,363.310.321%Section 31(6) Depositions - 201730Bought by Hugh van Cutsem in the 1990s (1)

van Cutsem family has close connections to the royal family, and also owns the Mossdale Estate in the Yorkshire Dales (1)

Old Gentry: Van Cutsems said to originate from Dutch aristocracy and also intermarried with the Norfolk Trafford gentry family (1)

29Stody Estate (including Blue Tile Farm and Grange Farm)Private LandownerModern GentryMcNicol family1,726.884,267.210.314%Section 31(6) Depositions - 201980Bought by current family in 1941 (1)

30Stow Bardolph Hall EstatePrivate LandownerAristocracy - Old GentryDaughter of Sir Thomas Hare, 5th Baronet1,697.314,194.140.309%Environmental Stewardship Scheme Agreements (England) (2021) - 500 years - since 1553 (1)

Old Gentry: owned by daughter of Sir Thomas Hare, 5th Baronet. The Hares have owned the Stow Bardolph Estate for nearly 500 years and they are therefore considered pre-industrial landed elite. The dynasty's success dates to Nicholas Hare, an MP, later Speaker of the House of Commons and Master of the Rolls (1)
31Salle Park EstatePrivate LandownerModern GentrySir John White, 4th BaronetVictorian bourgeoisie1,679.774,150.800.306%Environmental Stewardship Scheme Agreements (England) (2021) - since 1890 (1)

White baronets made their fortune via the Timothy Whites pharmacist chain in the Victorian era (1)

32Kilvestone Hall EstatePrivate LandownerModern PeeragePatrick Vavasseur Fisher, 4th Baron Fisher1,650.004,077.230.300%Section 31(6) Depositions - 1998110Passed via adoption from rich industrlalist Josiah Vavasseur to Cecil Fisher, later 2nd Baron Fisher, in 1908 (1)

The Kilvestone Estate now includes the Wretham Estate to the north - it is unclear when this was acquired.

KIlestone Estate proper - approx. 2,500 acres

Wretham Estate - approx. 1,500 acres
33Cockley Cley Hall EstatePrivate LandownerModern Gentry
Sir Samuel Roberts, 4th Baronet
Industrial Revolution1,642.254,058.080.299%Countryside Stewardship Scheme 2016 Management Areas (England) - since 1926 (1)

Roberts baronets appear to be descendents of the Sheffield manufacturer Samuel Roberts (1) (1763 - 1848), himself the descendent of a manufacturing family.

34Leicester Farm - Massingham (including Tythe Farm, Weasenham and Coxford Abbey Partners, Coxford) Private LandownerFarmerBrun family1,630.004,027.810.297%Countryside Stewardship Scheme 2016 Management Areas (England) - Farm Ltd first incorporated in 1946. Leicester Farm bought in the 1960s (see Companies House filings)Land registry titles suggest the Bruns of Leicester Farm are relatives of the Brun family who own the Hall and Church Farm in Fring.

Owned via ORMAN (CARROLLS FARM) LIMITED and Tythe Farm Ltd
35Ken Hill EstatePrivate LandownerModern Gentry Buscall familyIndustrial revolution1,605.003,966.040.292%Section 31(6) Depositions - 2011150Since 1877 -,_1st_Baronet The current family who own Ken Hill, the Buscalls, are descendants of the Green Baronets (1). The 1st Baronet was Edward Green, whose family made their fortune as ironmasters and industrialists during the Industrial Revolution. He bought Ken Hill Estate in 1877 (2).
36Barwick Hall Farm (including land at Heacham; Melton Constable)Private LandownerFarmerHarrold Family1,860.044,596.250.338%Section 31(6) Depositions - 2018Includes Holly Heath Farm, at Corpusty (600 acres)
37The Lombe Estate (Marlingford)Private LandownerAristocracy - Middle GentryEvans-Lombe Family1,380.003,410.050.251%Section 31(6) Depositions - 2013300Lands at Melton owned since 1713 (1)

Lombe family owned the 8,150 acre Bylaugh Hall Estate (near Dereham) until 1917, when it was sold and broken up (1).

Lombe family owned the 8,150 acre Bylaugh Hall Estate (near Dereham) until 1917, when it was sold and broken up (1).

38GC Field & Sons LtdPrivate LandownerFarmerField family1,328.003,281.550.242%Who Owns England - 'Who Owns Our Carbon?' Report:
39Raveningham EstatePrivate LandownerAristocracy - Old GentrySir Nicholas Bacon, 14th Baronet1,321.913,266.510.241%Environmental Stewardship Scheme Agreements (Updated May 2021): owned by same family line since 1320. Originally owned by De Castello family since 1320 (1), passing to the Bacon family when Mary Castell married Edmund Bacon (4th Baronet) in 1713 (2). It passed to the Bacon/Castell family line with the 8th/9th Baronet (3).

40Gayton Hall EstatePrivate LandownerAristocracy - Old PeerageJulian Marsham, 8th Earl of Romney1,295.873,202.160.236%Section 31(6) Depositions - 2012130Bought in 1891

41North Creake Estate (part of the Althorp Estate)Private LandownerAristocracy - Old PeerageCharles Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer1,079.032,666.340.196%Section 31(6) Depositions - 1999300Owned by ancestors of Charles Spencer since the early 1700s -
Part of the Northamptonshire-based Althorp Estate
42Brancaster Hall Estate Private LandownerFarmerThompson family 1,066.002,634.140.194%Countryside Stewardship Scheme 2016 Management Areas (England) -
43Shrubhill Farms LtdPrivate LandownerFarmerRidd-Jones family1,058.462,615.510.193%Who Owns England - 'Who Owns Our Carbon?' Report:
44Caste Rising Estate Private LandownerAristocracy - Old Peerage DescendantGreville Howard, Baron Howard of Rising 1,056.072,609.600.192%Section 31(6) Depositions - 2014480Lands at Castle Rising first owned by Howard family in 1544 -
45West Barsham EstatePrivate LandownerModern GentrySoames family descendents of 7th Earl of Malborough by way of Winston Churchill)

Passed by marriage from the Keith family
998.122,466.400.182%Environmental Stewardship Scheme Agreements (England) (2021) -
46Norwich DioceseInstitutional LandownerInstitutionalChurch of England966.002,387.030.176%
47Wicken Estate - Castle AcrePrivate LandownerModern GentryKeith Family (Descendents of Baron Keith of Castle Acre)962.002,377.150.175%Website:
48Little Massingham EstatePrivate LandownerModern GentryBirkbeck Family961.912,376.930.175%Section 31(6) Depositions - 2005150Bought in 1800s, according to estate website (1)

49Bradenham Hall EstatePrivate LandownerModern GentryChris AllhusenIndustrial revolution943.842,332.280.172%Countryside Stewardship Scheme Management Areas (Updated 2022) -https://naturalengland - by the Allhusen family in 1951 (1)

Modern Gentry: Christian Allhusen, a Danish merchant, established Newcastle Chemical Works at Gateshead in 1840 (1).

50Rougham Hall EstatePrivate LandownerAristocracy - Old GentryNorth family (Descendants of Baron North)930.782,300.000.169%Section 31(6) Depositions - 2021330Estate first bought by the Norths in 1690 (1)

51Woodrising Estate (Part of the Gorhambury Estate)Private LandownerAristocracy - Old PeerageJohn Duncan Grimston, 7th Earl of VerulamHistoric landed elite881.702,178.720.160%
Section 31(6) Depositions (2004)
80c. 80 years, since the 1940s (when it was inherited by the Earl of Verulam from his relatives, the Weyland family (1) (2)

Old Peerage: The Earls of Verulam trace their landed elite status to before the Industrial Revolution, and appear to be historic members of the gentry. Part of the larger Gorhambury Estate, based in Hertfordshire. Guns On Pegs states the estate is 3,000 acres (1)


Still owned by the Gorhambury Estate in 2016 (1)

52Kenninghall EstatePrivate LandownerAristocracy - Old Peerage
Edward Fitzalan-Howard, 18th Duke of Norfolk
849.002,097.920.154%Land Registry Titles (2022)550Bought by John Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk and ancestor of current 18th Duke of Norfolk before 1475 (1)

53Ditchingham Hall EstatePrivate LandownerAristocracy - Old PeerageRobert Shirley, 14th Earl Ferrers827.002,043.560.150%Section 31(6) Depositions - 2016140The Earls Ferrers married into the Carr family, who have owned Ditchingham and Hedenham Halls since 1885 -
54Thornham Hall EstatePrivate LandownerFarmerBett family (Stephen Bett)815.902,016.130.148%NE Environmental Stewardship Scheme Agreements (England) -; acreage aligns with publicly declared data: aligns with publicly declared data (1)

55Hare Estate - Docking Private LandownerAristocracy - Old GentryHare family 797.001,969.430.145%Land Registry Title Deeds - Dates Varied; INSPIRE ID polygons; Local knowledge 400c. 400 years (since about 1600) (1)

Docking Hare family descended from same lineage as the Hare baronets of Stow Bardolph (1)

56Burnley Hall EstatePrivate LandownerUnknownTheodore Agnew, Baron Agnew of Oulton (Life Peer)793.001,959.540.144%Section 31(6) - 2011
57Pynkney Hall EstatePrivate LandownerAristocracy - Old GentrySir Anthony Duckworth-ChadPre-industrial landed elite759.001,875.530.138%Environmental Stewardship Scheme Agreements (England) (2021) - 50Anthony Duckworth Chad inherited the estates of his great uncle's widow Cecil Alice Scott-Chad (1). The Scott-Chads appeared to have owned Pynkney Hall Estate since 1564 (2).

Old Gentry:
Anthony Duckworth-Chad is the grandson of Sir George Herbert Duckworth (1). GH Herbert as the son of Herbert Duckworth, who owned Orchardleigh Park, in Somerset (1). The Duckworths have owned the Orchardleigh Estate since 1855 (2), and the family were previous Lords of the Manor of Over Darwen, in Lancashire (2). The Duckworths who bought the Over Darwen manor were descended from the Duckworths of Musbury, in Rossendale Forest, who trace a descent from Richard
Duckworth, who had granted an estate there in the 30th Henry VIII (1538) (3).

58Wethered Manor Farm - SedgefordPrivate LandownerFarmerBarber family747.001,845.870.136%Section 31(6) Depositions - 2013
59Stradsett Hall EstatePrivate LandownerAristocracy - Old GentrySir Jeremy Bagge, 7th BaronetPre-industrial landed elite736.971,821.090.134%Environmental Stewardship Scheme Agreements (England) (2021) - 1792 at least - Gentry: Bagge family first acquired land before 1641 (1)

60Bayfield EstatePrivate LandownerAristocracy - Old Peerage DescendantCombe family735.001,816.220.134%
Section 31(6) - 2010; aligned with publicly available information:
Peerage descendants: Former Aristocracy: the current owner (Roger Combe) (1) inherited the estate from Roger Coke (1), who is the 3rd son of the 3rd Earl of Leicester (2). Roger Combe's grandmother was Lady Silvia Coke, the daughter of Thomas Coke, Thomas William Coke, 4th Earl of Leicester of Holkham (3).

61University of CambridgeInstitutional LandownerOxbridgeUniversity of Cambridge733.921,813.550.134%Who Owns England - 'Who Owns Our Carbon?' Report: For full details see 'Oxbridge Ownership' tabFor full details see 'Oxbridge Ownership' tab
62Hargham Hall EstatePrivate LandownerAristocracy - Old GentrySir Thomas Hugh Cunliffe Beevor, 8th BaronetAgriculturalists720.001,779.160.131%Section 31(6) - 2016230Owned by Beevor family since at least 1795, when a Beevor married the sole heiress of the Hargham Estate (1)

Old Gentry - Beevors had married into the landowning class by 1784 (1)

63Titchwell Manor Farm / Choseley Farm Private LandownerModern BuyerParkers of Leicester (Parker Strategic Land)675.001,667.960.123%Land Registry Title Deeds (2020); Environmental Stewardship Scheme Agreements (England):
64Kelling Hall EstatePrivate LandownerNew Money - Post War BritishWiddowson family666.001,645.720.121%Section 31(6) - 202012Bought by Widdowson family in 2008 (1)

Widdowson's father founded GD Metal, a waste and recycling business (1)

65Rudham GrangePrivate LandownerFarmerRinger family632.321,562.490.115%Environmental Stewardship Scheme Agreements (England): Ringers own West Rudham Common: Ringers own West Rudham Common:
66Upwell Farm - WeasenhamPrivate LandownerFarmerJoice family607.231,500.500.110%Countryside Stewardship Scheme 2016 Management Areas (England):
67Anglia Water Land HoldingsCorporateCorporateAnglia Water598.001,477.690.109%Freedom of Information Request (2021)n/a
68Manor Farm - East WinchPrivate LandownerFarmerA.R.WILSON LIMITED585.261,446.210.106%Section 31(6) Depositions - 2015
69East Beckham EstatePrivate LandownerFarmerGeoffrey Clinton-Brown (MP)559.001,381.320.102%Section 31(6) - 2014
70Rookey Farm - North WalshamPrivate LandownerFarmerClabon family548.001,354.140.100%Section 31(6) - 2016
71High House Farm - DockingPrivate LandownerFarmerPerowne family548.001,354.140.100%Land Registry Title Deeds
72Pond Farm - ConghamPrivate LandownerFarmerMason Family546.301,349.940.099%Section 31(6) Depositions - 2016
73Ranworth Farms Private LandownerMiddle GentryJane Cator (wife of the late Charles Cator)528.001,304.710.096%Section 31(6) Depositions - 2011200
c. 200 years.

Nearby Woodbastick Hall bought by Cator family in 1807 (1)

Cator family's wealth first generated by John Cator, a successful timber merchant, who bought his first estate in 1773 (1)

74Barwick House Estate (Stanhoe Farms Ltd)Private LandownerModern GentryRalli family (descendants of the Ralli Brothers)Victorian Bourgeoisie516.001,275.060.094%Environmental Stewardship Scheme Agreements (England) (2021) -, at least 70 years since the 1950s (1)

Victorian Bourgeoisie (merchants) (1)


Current owners are descendants of Augustus Ralli, one of the Ralli Brothers (1)

75Fring Hall EstatePrivate LandownerFarmerBrun family496.001,225.640.090%Land Registry Title Deeds - Dates Varied; Companies House Filings50Fring Hall Estate bought in 1960s, according to Companes House filings. More information here:

Land registry titles indicate the Bruns of Fring Hall are relatives of the Brun family who own various Norfolk farms including Leicester Farm in Massingham.
76Docking Lodge Farm Private LandownerModern BuyerMark Lorimer493.001,218.230.090%Local knowledge + neighbouring Section 31(6) Depositions - (2020)5Bought recently by Mark Lorimer - local knowledge. Information on owner found here:
77British Sugar plcCorporateCorporateBritish Sugar plc492.001,215.760.090%Who Owns England - 'Who Owns Our Carbon?' Report:
78Manor Farm - GrimstonPrivate LandownerFarmerF.K.COE & SON LIMITED461.561,140.540.084%Section 31(6) Depositions - 2017
79Roydon Hall FarmPrivate LandownerFarmerRae family448.911,109.280.082%Section 31(6) Depositions - 2017
80Barmer Hall FarmPrivate LandownerAristocracy - Old GentryJohn Hereward Wake, 16th Baronet WakeHistoric landed elite4291,060.080.078%Section 31(6) Depositions - 20215>5 years: owned since 2021 (Section 31(6) Depositions)Old Gentry: Owned by the Wake Baronets, who have been landowners since the 13th Century (2).

Hall demolished in 1954; Farm sold for c. GBP 10m in 2021 (1).

According to Section 31(6) Depositions, the property was bought by the Wake Baronets, who have owned the Courteenhall Estate in Northamptonshire since 1672 (2).

81Upper House Farm - Massingham (owned via OVERMAN, SON & COMPANY LIMITED)Private LandownerModern GentryGuinness family (descendants of the brother of Arthur Guinness)428.731,059.410.078%Countryside Stewardship Scheme 2016 Management Areas (England): appear to be descendants of the brother of Arthur Guinness, founder of the Guinness brewery.
82Middleton Towers (Barclay Farms)Private LandownerModern GentryBarclay family425.001,050.200.077%Section 31(6) Depositions - 2013
83Sedgeford Hall Estate Private LandownerModern BuyerCampbell family406.001,003.250.074%Local knowledge + neighbouring Section 31(6) Depositions + Land Registry Title Deeds
84Lower Farm HarpleyPrivate LandownerFarmerC.F.CASE & CO.LIMITED404.52999.580.074%Section 31(6) Depositions - 2018
85The Wildfowl and Wetland TrustCharity/NGOCharities / NGOsThe Wildfowl and Wetland Trust404.00998.300.074%Environmental Stewardship Scheme Agreements (England) (2021) -
86Letheringsett EstatePrivate landownerModern BuyerCarter family (of the construction company R G Carter)382.00943.940.070%Section 31(6) - 2005Owning family generated its wealth via R G Carter, a successful Norfolk construction company
87Merton Hall EstatePrivate LandownerAristocracy - Old PeerageJohn De Gray, 9th Baron Walsingham381.57942.880.069%Environmental Stewardship Scheme Agreements (England) (2021) - since 1067 (1)

88Docking Hall LandsPrivate LandownerAristocracy - Old GentryHare-Ireland family380.06939.150.069%Land Registry Title Deeds - Dates Varied; INSPIRE ID polygons; Local knowledge 400Owned since about 1600) (1)

Former Aristocracy: Docking Hare family descended from same lineage as the Hare baronets of Stow Bardolph (1); also descended from Hugh Hare, 1st Baron Coleraine (2).

89Valley Farm - HarpleyPrivate LandownerFarmerNeave family367.00906.880.067%Section 31(6) - 2021
90Old Rectory Farm - CleyPrivate LandownerAristocracy - Old GentryAnthony (Tony) H. Blount354.00874.750.064%Section 31(6) - 2016Blounts of Old Rectory Farm are closely related to James Blunt (actual surname Blount) (1)

Old Gentry - the Blount family have a long pedigree - the Blounts of Cley are descended from a 16th Century landowner in Herefordshire (1)

91AL Lee Farming CompanyPrivate LandownerFarmerLee family338.00835.210.061%Who Owns England - 'Who Owns Our Carbon?' Report: Part of 12,000 farming operation, mostly in CambridgeshirePart of 12,000 farming operation, mostly in Cambridgeshire
92Courtyard Farm - RingsteadPrivate LandownerModern PeerageMond Wedd family - descendants of Lord Melchitt338.00835.210.061%Land Registry Title Deeds and Neighbouring Section 31(6) Depositions50Bought by the 3rd Baron Melchett in 1959 - Aristocracy: Current owner, the Mond-Wedd family, are direct descendants of the Baron Melchetts, though the 4th Baron Melchett gave up the title.
93Northrepps EstatePrivate LandownerModern GentryGurney family331.00817.920.060%Section 31(6) - 2017
94Grove Farm - LanghamPrivate LandownerFarmerPhelps family325.00803.090.059%Section 31(6) - 2012
95Whitehouse Farm - Fring Private LandownerFarmerFring Farming Limited (Hancock family)312.00770.970.057%Land Registry Title Deeds - Dates Varied + INSPIRE ID polygons
96Dudwick Estate - BuxtonPrivate LandownerNew British MoneyBriscoe family306.00756.140.056%Section 31(6) - 199890Estate gifted to Briscoes by Sewells in 1937 (1)

97Deepdale Farm - Burnham DeepdalePrivate LandownerFarmerBorthwick family304.00751.200.055%Section 31(6) Depositions - 2012
98Bagthorpe Estate Private LandownerFarmerMorton family297.00733.900.054%Land Registry Title Deeds - Dates Varied + INSPIRE ID polygons