CSR106 Judging
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Note: Numbers never give full picture. If the number is higher it doesn´t neccessery mean it is better
Note: All commas should be dots I made mistake when editing the sheet.
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0-100 kph (s)80-120 kph (s)Comfort ScoreDrivability Score
Practicality Score
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Sport ScoreEngine typeSuspensionGearboxCar Cost Service CostMpg (US)
Vena.Sera423FWM kei-Sport GS36005417.65.162748.357.26048.235.61.0116.2I4MC/DW
manual 6 speed
30,500101131.4Looks okay. Nothing spectacular. I feel like the headlights are too big. front and side inducators look out of place. Plastic door handles look really budget and cheap. Also that plastic thing on the side makes the car look dated. However sunroof in a nice touch as are the roof rails which give the car a tad more practicality. 6Engine is this cars strong point. It doesn´t make huge number of hp but it makes a lot of torques. It is fairly well optimised. Low profile tyres give it a nice and lively handeling but they also decrease comfort level as does the suspension tune. The back is too soft and the front is on the limit of becoming too harsh. Brakes are good and are able to stop the car in short distance. The car could do with being a tad more safer. The details give the car a realistic vibe even if the car isn´t the most visually apppealing. However comfort levels are juts too low to passN - binn
LinkLukeGMI 321 - Eco Lx286042513.110.439.272.954.960.443.129.814.6B4MC/MCadv. auto 6 speed33,000112635.1Front looks cute. and it gives it personality. The lower grill looks like it has been taken from mini but than is no bad thing. As we move on the side the really nice incorporation of the inducator into vent . However thing from there just start to fall apart. The door handles look cheap as does the window trim. Plastic. Rear lights look like it have been stolen from a 1950s American land yact and have been given LEDs for modern look. They seem a bit out of place.7Turbo should be optimised. Extra 30 or 40 hp won´t hurt. Rear seats are just a huge no no. and an ultimate cost cutter. The use of plastic on exterior is a bit too much considering there is not a touch of chrome anywhere to be seen on the side. Safety is also a problem because the car is small it doesn´t score really well. The idea of small premium car is good but the execution of the idea is not really great.N
Vir404String Eurasia 2.5T631107947.54.853.559.251.459.363.845.70.92.5I6DW/DWadv. auto 6 speed37500845.836.2Front looked promising. Very nice headlights. decent looking grill and lower grill with nicely incorporated DRLs. A bit more drama to front end wouldn´t hurt. The colour is also nice. shows some of the body lines quite nicely. The side. Again with that out of place plastic thing. This makes it look cheap especially considering this thing costs 37.500$. Also to add are awkwardly placed door handles (which are plastic) Rear end looks just ok. No drama no curves just plastc and rear lights. The chrome wheels just don´t fit the looks. 9Engine is good more hp from it could be extracted but overall it is solid. Turbo could use smaller turbine and compressor to make it more efficient. The safety is very good. The weakpoint of this car are brakes. Yep. the stuff that is here to make the car stop does not work. Stopping distance of 41 meters is fine at best but the fade is 20% on sport and that is bad. Hydronumatic suspension is expensive not really reliabile and heavy. Cheaper suspension components and better brakes would improve the product dramaticly. To conclude the car is okay but the brakes are a huge let down. It is running on hard tyres. Sport score is too low.N - binn
Boiled SteakCaitou MM3035606996.33.648.370.147.757.85944.30.8625.3I5DW/MLadv. auto 6 speed37300977.538.9Design is really nice. It is sharp. simplistic and consistant throughout the car. Colour is also nice. Panoramic sunroof gives it that extra class and prestige. Headlights look very good. simple LED DRLs and LED main projectors. Side has a nice sharp line (Audi-ish) There isn´t an extensive use of plastic. although a bit more chrome on the front would be better. Taillights look really simplistc I guess they are LED as well. Fake exhaust gives it modern feel. All in all really nice!17Engine makes a lot of power. Which is good but a smaller engine with 280hp would do the job just as well. Extra money could be spend on safety or wider tyres. Tyres are really narrow (Medium) (190/55) considering car makes 350hp and weight of the car is 1.9 tons. Brakes are decent a bit more pad type to eliminate 5% of brake fade would be nice. All in all solid entryY
cake_apeMons Kowloon LX2383015709.86.149.976.643.86066.643.20.8513.8B6DW/DWadv. auto 6 speed37000984.425.2The car is just BIG. Very big. There is an extensive use of chrome. That makes it look chinese which is good but the chrome wheels on the other hand are just a bit of a overkill for me. Headlights look small considering the size of the car but that is not a big problem. Nice chrome strip runs all around the car and it gives it the feel of class. Rear and front are simmilar which gives the car consistency in the desing. Colour workes fine a bit too much peral. Sunroof is a nice touch as are the roof rails. Overall decent but there is just too much chrome for Kwongs liking.13Wait wut? This car has a turbo?? Turbo makes only 3.5 PSI of boost with huge compressor and turbine which is usless really. Engine is fine overall but the turbo tune is a let down a mejor one. Tires are good (215/70) (Medium) a bit wider would be better but okay. Brakes are an overkill. Suspension tune is very good optimal for comfort and some sportiness. The practicality for a car that size is bad. MPG isn´t really great.N
yangx2Jinhe Tiane Au S-line257012507.55.45063.243.560.566.738.60.9720.8I4DW/MLDCT 6 speed35300875.938.9The Looks! This looks fantastic! Right amout of chrome and piano black plastic. Looks really futuristc and the amount of the detail is amazing. Radar and front camera integrated into front grill work really well. Lights are really nice maybe a bit overcomplicated but they look beautiful. Side is nice a slim chrome strip makes it look up market. Rear is consisten as its the front. Fake exhausts give it modern feel as do the rear lights. Panoramic sunroof is huge and makes the cabin look airy. Amazing design!19With the amazing design comes the amazing engine. A extremly well tuned I4T. Turbo works perfectly it sopools just after 2000RPM. Engine is also extremly efficient at 36.4%. Tyres are medium (225/45) which give the car sporty handling. Interior is super plush and the safety is too. Practiality is a bit of a let down but you cant have everything. A really strong and good car overallY
BMaggioriAeon S LTZ376051610. 6 speed34400888.929.9It looks really clean. The colour is nice. as is the front and rear end. A bit empty in some places. Even though rear has very little resemblance to the front. Front has a lot of chrome while the rear doesn´t.14It is underpowered. Extra 50 hp would be really good. R.O.N isn´t fully used. Brakes work really well with almost no fade but the pad is high. Giving the car that makes 130 hp LC is not really the best thing ever. Suspension is hydro. which is heavy and expensive. Tune is good but it could be better. For this type of car mpg is really bad. Everything else is okay nothig exceptional. Althrough I have to say it is very practical.N
CorsicaKadett Beat 2.4 Xplay33805278.35.646.673.360.162.758.132.20.8217I5DW/DWadv. auto 7 speed31,00079745.1That is a looker! The two tone paint suits the car perfecty. Kwong would probaby go with some more neutral colours. Orange and black work really well. A lot of attention has been put into grill design and thus making it look sophisticated. Headlights and taillights look similar giving the car consistency. Little details like side inducators on the pillars look great. Lines flow nicely and they look decently sharp. A really nice and sophisticated design!20Engine is tuned really well and it is the one of the many strong points of this car. Power is adequate. Turbo is tunned really well. it kicks in at about 1900RPM. Tyres are narrow and because of that car understeers a ton. Mpg is impressive as is the price and running costs. Suspension tune is more on the driving side that on the comfort but the cars still makes sufficient comfort levels. Infotaiment system is standard which Kwong does not like and that is one major flaw with this car. Overall very solid build!Y
z2bbgrMeguminshi - GXR 1.626107358.96.144.772.851.461.356.836.80.9122.5I4.DW/MLDCT 7 speed34200871.654The design language is simplistic and sharp. Kwong would choose it in a diffrent colour something more neutral. Orange and black work well and give the car a bit of depth. Lines are sharp and distinctive. Front looks simplistic. The front grill is chrome but there can´t be found another peace of chrome on the car except the grill. Piano and standard plastic were used more frequently. That doesn´t make it as premium looking. There aren´t any wipers. Badging is nice and detailed but the spoiler just looks ridiculously big and unnecessary. A bit more detail wouldn´t hurt.17Engine is alright. Turbo is a bit laggy as it spools at about 2700RPM. The rest is fine. The wheel size is fine but it could use a bit wider tyres. Brakes are good at 3.5% fade and 39m of stopping distance. Mpg is really impressive 54!!! (I wonder if I can acheave that in the real world). Interior is premium and it is paired with premium SatNav system. Safety is only standard and -1 quality which is a bit of a attention grabber for Kwong. Suspension tune isn´t really the best as it never really settles and the rear never catches the front. There is a room for improvement.N
KobacrashiAYO NRS The Brucemobile196016607.44.955.472.921.760.457.142.50.9317.6I6DW/MLadv. auto 6 speed373001067.943It looks very good. (It is orange. again). Front looks clean and flowy but there is also some sharpness to it. Rear end looks. again really nice nothing to really complain about. Wait!? The rear diffuser is carbon fiber and so are the door handles??? On a premium car. Which is also a ute? The car looks great and it stands out due to its body style and the colour. But the body style doesn´t really fit the character of Kwong. A brave entry!18Except for a thing that this is a ute the car is acctually tuned good. The turbo kicks in at roughly 2100RPM which is good but the power output of the engie isn´t. This is a 2.6L I6 that only makes 223 hp but there is sufficient amout of torque. You really don´t need that big of a engine for that much power. The rims are carbon fiber - an overkill for a ute with 223 hp and for Kwong. Interior is premium but only 2 seats. Safety is only standard 10s which means it it missing some active safety features. Suspension tune is good. Rear catches up to the front after a while and dampers are quite soft which means this car is aming for comfort but the carbon fiber rims suggest diffrently. An okay submisstion here. Some questionable decisions have been made. This car needs a bit more polishing up. Idea is good but it doesn´t suit the challengeN
SpeedLife1Retro JIazu GT e2.530604197.34.649.665.453.359.460.237.60.8920.4I5DW/MLadv. auto 7 speed34000915.730.3The design is nice. Nothing too complicated or sharp. There are few peaces of chrome but mostly there is a wider use of plastic. Colour is neutral. Rear and front share shapes and a general idea of the car. It doesn´t really stand out that much. Headlights and taillights are nice LEDs and they work with the shape of the car. Wipers are missing. Red brake calipers are a nice touch.16Engine is solid. and so is the suspension tune. The car is let down by its brakes. 1 piston on the front and rear and huge discs. They dont really work because the stopping distance is 42m. Steering is electric. interior premium and infotaiment is premium too. Tyres are too narrow for a car with 250hp (195/60). It understeers. Rest is just averge. Solid but the brakes let it down.N
MachalelEpoch M10 Ansom - ePlus32604859.66.842.267.951.560.157.832.70.811.7I3MC/DWadv. auto 7 speed33400706.247.7Design is good all the details are here. Just wright amout of chrome and plastic. Front looks a bit odd. Headlights don´t really work with the rest of the front. Wipers are chrome which seems a bit excessive. Rear looks better than front by a margine. Overall okay design. It is not ugly but diffrent.15That big I3 has been tuned well. There isn´t a huge about of turbo lag. And amouth of hp you got out os it is good however for a car that weighs almost 1.6 tons isn´t great. Extra 20 or 30 hp are highly desirabile. Tyres are too narrow (175/65). Hence why car understeers a lot. Interior is a big plus especially because of +3 quality. Safety is advanced which is really good. But again the brakes let this car down. It just does not want to stop. 43m of stopping distance is juts a bit much for a car that weighs 1.6 tons. There are heavier cars that stopp in shorter distances. Suspension tune is good. Towards drivability. Solid but the brakes and underpowered engine are a let down.N
mcp928Jeroba sport wagon31805718. axle?!!manula 6 speed29800818.736The styling is really basic. Provided colours don´t really work. There isn´t a single touch of chrome. The fuel filler car is black plastic. looks cheap and nasty. It does have wipers and and a sunroof which are redeeming features but they just don´t redeeme car enough. Sorry5Sorry but the lack of comfort is a huge No. Styling isn´t the best and the colours are all over the place. However tune of the engine is good a lot of power from that little engine. Suspension is good and the tune but the comfort and drivabilaty together are just too low. Sorry (Solid axle was to blame)N - binn
Rezn.TMMasada Virtue JsX41006849.26.636.36751.459.47244.80.8814.2V6MC/DWadv. auto 7 speed36700966.727.7I am not the biggest lover of the design. It looks more muscle car-ish from the front and from the rear it lookes nice. Rear is not simmilar to the front. Connection between is almost non-exsistand. There is enough chrome used.13Suspension tune is allwright. Rear catches up to the fron nicely. Tyres are wide enough. Brakes are good too. Engine is okay at best. It should be perfected a bit more. Nothing outstanding about this car. Solid entry. N
ElizipeazieAnhulz Mimas CE- XI32306558.26.155.571.453.560.255.839.80.9822.7I5DW/MLadv. auto 7 speed35500848.346Rear looks nice. Spoiler does not really fit ti really well especially the plastic one. Rear lights look great and so does rear lower bumper. Usage of chrome and black plastic is great no too much no too little. Side is sharp. The front does not look as good as the rear. Asymmetrical grill at front makes the car stand out. Some will like it some won´t. At least it is distinctive. Front and rear parking sensors give it realistic vibe. Window washers look out of place on the hood. 16Engine is very strong. Turbo spools really early. at about 2000RPM. A bit more power could be extracted out of that 2.2 I5T. Economy is good for a car that size. Tyres size is good. giving the car a suprisingly good handeling. Top speed is low. at 180kph top speed which isn`t really an improvemen over her old car. Brakes are really good. Minimal brake fade and a stopping distance of 36m give the car secure feeling. Interior is premium and infotaiment is too with +1. Safety is only standard which means it is missing out on active safety. Suspension tune is really nice and more towards comfort. Very solid entry.Y
goblin95Kasai Noble Sedan41107087.65.66271.133.362. auto 6 speed37400989.734.8Flipping horrific! That looks like a badies car. Really good. Nothing looks that evil. I mean design is great. From front to rear. It just flows. Head and tail lights are great. Little details like chinese badge just make this car look really bad. Plenty of chrome on this one. DRLs look really sleak. Hood ornament would really drove the point home. But Juts pure EVIL.20It looks really good. Nothing looks that evil. It is huge and weighing over 2 tons the car stopps in very short distance 37m! Engine is really good. Amount of power is adequate and it prepels this huge slab of modern chinese engeenering to 100kph in 7.6 seconds. Comfort is out of this world. Week point of this car is safety it is only standard. but. because the car is huge you are still very safe in this thing. Interior is premium and infotaiment too. Suspenion tune is great. I am really impressed with this submission. More than solidY
HybridTronyAtera Kinyu29207417.75.435.761.435.263.460.441.90.9116I6 (NA)MC/DWDCT 6 speed36700936.627.9Styling is nice. Nothing to complain about. Everything works. Front looks nice and so does the rear. All details are here. Colour is nice. A bit more sharpness would be great but it looks good this way too. Maybe a little bit bland. A retirement spec nothing really stands out. Amount of chrome is great. Solid design.18Convertabile is a brave decision. It works well. Comfort is low. Lower than average. this does not make it really apealling for Kwong. Engine is NA which is brave too. But this lets it down too. Giving the car NA engine shold bring service costs down but they are still over average. Brakes work well. Suspension tune is nice between drivabilaty and comfort. Okay entry comfort. service costs and mpg are a let down.N
YurimacsRetroniX EuniX35906936.54.733.560.760.461.358.542.70.8824I5DW/SemiTArmDCT 7 speed355001256.344A mess. The colour isn´t for a 29 bussines woman. It wants to be everything and it is acctually nothing. It wants to be an estate with a sloping roof so a Shooting barke? Front doesn´t really work it is too busy and the colour does not help. However front looks miles better than rear. I mean two sets of lights and one middle exhaust. The roof should be panoramis? It just look confusing.11Comfort is a let down. Below average. Sportiness is relatively high. Engine is too big for amoun of hp that is making. 2.2 or 2.0 would do the job just as well. Performance is very good 6.5s to 100 is very respectabile but it understeers. Brakes are a week spot too. 42m to stop is a big distance. Interior is premium with premium SatNav. Safety is standard so it is missiong out on active safety. Suspension tune should be more optimised. Not the best enty so far.N
OldenwaysQuost Anankea XCoupe S31303838.16.15064.641.861.366.344.10.8514I6MC/MLDCT 7 speed37300957.846.7The design doesn´t really work for me. It looks awkward. Front is using all posible shapes. Headlights remind me a little bit of a Tesla model 3. The front would look much better if ou remove the vent under the lights. Green brake calipers just look ridiculous. The white line is nice but mavybe little tacky. Rear looks better than front. Yes it does have that vent but is is smaller and thus making the car look better. Still it doesn´t look great. Sunroof is a nice touch. Little details are all here making the car look better.12The engine is big 2.5L and you would thougt is make 250hp but. No. It makes 195hp! Like really. It is efficient at 36%. A smaller engine would improve the car a lot. However this engine makes a lot of torques. Tyres could be a bit wider (205/55) (Hard). Car does good mpg. Brakes are okay. A little bit of fade and stopping distance of 41.8m. It could be much better. Interior is premium with +2 quality. Safety is advanced. Suspension tune is very good. Towards comfort.N
Darkshade-APSpace Aira386021884.645.964.442.957.965.342.10.792.7V6DW/Pushrodadv. auto 7 speed37300930.931.2It comes in a lot of colours but the one that sums this car nicely isn´t availabile. Beige. It looks boring at least frm the front. There is a lot of empty space in the front a lot. Side is good although that chrome thing just does not fit vey good. Reedeming feature of the design is rear. Rear look very good. Taillights look nice and the rear is simplistic but it works. Thic car won´t offend anyboody but it just looks a tad boring from the front14Engine peak power is on the maxium revs - a sign of badly tuned engine. Turbo is laggy. it finally kicks in at 2900 RPM which sounds like a year and a half. R.O.N isn´t fully used. Engine isn´t really great. Brakes dont´t work at all. Juts tooo much fade and stopping ditance of 46.9m is juts unacceptabile. Interior is premium and infotaiment is premium SatNav but -4 qualiti?!?!?!?!?. That is a totaly messed up car. And it is really expensive. Suspension tune is really bad. The rear never catches up with the front. Reedeming feauture? A lot of power I guess.N - binn
XepyKuma AL ACE360012607.75.462.87459.262.857.140.80.859.8I6DW/MLadv. auto 7 speed37300951.140.5The car looks good. White suits nicely. Rear looks great. Taillights look especially good. Side is good. All the details are here. Not the biggest fan of the front but it works. Little badging all over the car is really nice. It comes in only four colours. white works the best. It does have front and rear camera and paking sensors. It does not come with a panaoramic sunroof (it is extra). Overall nice design17Looks good. Engine is good also. Tune is great. Brakes are okay 3.5% of fade and stopping distance of 41m. Interior is full on premium with +2 quality. Safety is standard which means it is missing out on some active safety. Suspension tune is really good. Solid but a bit expensive. Mpg is impressive for the vehiecle typeY
Rayan93 & MGR99Neubran - RM3 Xdrive35305507.45.451.272.752.76052.138.80.9830.4I5DW/MLDCT 7 speed35600959.148.8Style is very interesting. It is very good looking. But it is missing the point of what it should be. This is a hot hatch. Styling is more for a 20 yo guy than for a 29yo chinese bussines woman. She can´t really turn up with car that looks that mad at work. Styling is great don´t get me wrong but it just doesn´t fit the character. Something more subtle would be much better. It is more focusing on a sport part than on more impoer comfort part. The front would pass but the rear is jut too much with that kind od diffuser and singe mid mounted exhaust. It is just missing the point. Details are great. and it comes in a huge amout of colours but they are all relatively colourfull. bright and they dont really fit the characet.17Engine tune is very good. turbo spools in nicey and keep working until the end. Brakes are good too they stop nicely and they don`t fade much. Interior is premium as the infotaiment is too. Safety is standard - missing some active safety. Suspension tune is also really good. Mpg is inpressive as well. but is relativly expensive to maintain althrough good mpg helps. Very good entry but the design is bringing the quality down a bit.Y
ContinentAvalon A531405998.45.950.264.654.259.963.838.10.9426.6I4DW/MLDCT 6 speed36500898.641.7The design language is simple and elegant. It comes in 5 neutral colours. Front looks really nice. Headlights and taillights look really similar. A larger front grill would look even better. There is just enough chrome and plastic. Lines are not the sharpest but they work well enough. There is a lot of detail. Overall very posh and elegant looking thing especially in the red colour.17Engine is a real strong point of this car. It is a 2.0T making 200hp. and achieving 41mpg. The turbo isn't all that laggy is spools up at around 2300RPM. Brakes work really well. with minimum brake fade and stopping distance of 38m. The cars performance is decent. tyre wight is just on the edge of being to narrow (215/50). Interior is premium and infotaiment too with +1. Safety is advanced. Suspension tune is very good. Drivability focused. Very solid entryN
DragawnDragotec - Gladius E31404128.15.660.365.841.959.66239.70.9627.6I5DW/MLDTC 6 speed37100927.246.6The design is nice. It is availabile in may colours some of which will suit Kwong. The front design is destinctive. looks good. Agressive. Rear is more oriented towards sport that comfort. and prestiege.The singe middle exhaust just doesn't fit the character of the car Kwong is looking for. Details are nice and give the car realistic feel. Good but it is missing the target16Engine is very good. Smallish I5T. Tune is very good. Brakes are good. Minimal brake fade with good stopping distance. Interior is premium with luxury infotaiment. Safety is advance. Suspension tune is very good. Towards comfort. however the ride hight is low. A bit higher ride hight would be better. Very good entry.Y
STILethoKurokama SC-A32104607.55.650.770.850.361.656.242.80.8622.8I6MC/MLDCT 6 spedd37000937.347Styling is agressive. Sharp. More sharp lines are wanted but it still looks great. It lacks chrome. There is a lot of piano black plastic and not a single touch if chrome. Headlights look way better than taillights. Front in generall looks better than rear. This is one of those cars that is leaning more towards sport that prestiege and cimfort. Solid but too sporty16Engine is okay. avaerage. Interior is premium and premium. Safety is standard. Suspension tune is very good in the middle of drivability and comfort. Brakes could use more power they are okay. However there are cars that do job as well or even better than this for less. Solid but it is expensive for what it offersN
DoctorNarfyShromet Parvus BE338012907.75.447.473.356.258.156.440.90.8510.6I4MC/MLadv. auto 6 speed35300907.835.4It looks nice. Nothing too flashy especially in that black trim. Details are really nice. It is wright between sport and elegance or prestiege. I do like the design but some stuff just does not add up. Like plastic pillars or huge rear exhausts. A bit more chrome is needed. It looks good but that black edition just does not look that prestigeous.15Engine is nice 2.0 I4T making 240hp. Efficiency is suffering though. it is not that bad for the vehiecle size. Brakes have 6% of fade. More powerfull brakes next time. Interior is premium and premium with +2. Safety is only standard but it has LC a bit pointless for a 240hp suv. But is nice to have. Suspension tune is good. Solid entry.Y
Kyuu77KNG Ronin S34004327.34.74161.736.46054.336.20.9725.8B4DW/DWDCT 6 speed35000841.442.3It just does not fit the character. It looks like it belongs on a race track. Huge exhausts with huge diffuser in the rear don't really shout comfort or preistige. Side is just tooooo much. It just shouts loook at meeee!!! Front is more reserved but it looks too angry for 29yo bussiness woman9Engine is super laggy. Turbo spools at 3300 way too late. Brakes are fine. It has those rear seats that aren't rear seats which is a big minus for a car. Interior is premium and premium safety is advance. It just does not cut it. Not to mention hard long life tyres on a car that looks like this. A lot of space for improvement. N
martin2005Knightwick UrbanWise SE38605938.95.857.570.356.459.462.138.10.8711I5MC/MLadv. auto 6 speed352001042.836.7It is okay. Chunky tyres help it look more tough. The front does not work with the rear. Front badge is too big and it looks like the taillights are missing the end just looks a bit unfinished and rushed10Stats are decent. Engine is fine. Brakes work. Average car. But the service costs and relativly low mpg let it down.N
matl476Warren SRX363055012.510.24075.160.660.559.7320.9510.7I4DW/DWadv. auto 8 speed35800943.845.9The styling is acctually very good. It looks nice. Headlights look very good as do the taillights. Really nothing to complain about. It looks really good. The let down is carbon fiber. There are some touches of it on the front fascia and it just doesn't fit.18It is a good car except one major flaw it has. Its engine. It is poorly tuned. like really bad. Except that nothing to complain. Brakes are fine. Interior is premium . safety is advanced and suspension tune is very good. But it is slow as heck. N
CaineArkadus Prince Premium372049485.350.363.562.659. 7 speed355001001.342The design is messy. That chrome strip that goes around the car just does not look that good. Bottom grill doesn't look good. also rear lights they look somehow awkward. The rear has wayyyyy too much carbon fiber. It doesn't look well. I really tried to force myself to like it but I just cant. It isn't my cup of tea.14Technically is very good. Turbo is responsive.engine makes sufficient power. Brakes are very good and so is the suspension tune. really comfy. Interior is premium and infotaiment too. The let down for this one is service cost. and design. I am going to think about is some more. There are better cars that look better and are cheaper to runN
thecarloverNCP Polar 4-street381020408.5638.265.443.86272.340.90.810.4I6MC/Solid axleadv. auto 7 speed3110099523.4It does look nice but the character just isn't in a market for a pickup truck. Details are really sleak and nice. A bit more sharp lines would't hurt. Beside thiese small things it looks rather well. Especially rear. the taillights look great. Solid design but it is a truck something she isn't in the market for.16Engine is good and big not efficient at all. Bad mpg. Also sportiness is too low. Brakes arent the most powerfull. 44.1m of stopping distance is't great at all. Interior is premium and safety advance. Suspension tune is allwright. For me it just look like a rushed creation. Sportiness is too low. as is the mpg and comfort. And for carrying stuff estate or CUV do a job as well or even better than this.N - binn
NormanvauxhallAExelia Terbium 440014606.74.660.562.350.657.261.744.30.8815.9I6DW/MLADCT 7 speed36700977.233.1The design is really nice. It is an CUV. Colour fits the character of the car oerfectly. Lights have big amounts of detail. Front looks really complex but the rear looks empty. More badging would fix the problem. also adding the antena. Parking sensors are nicely incorporated into vents and bumper. Good amout of chrome. Rear exhaust look out of place18Turbo is a bit laggy. It kicks in at 2600RPM. Turbo should be more optimised. Smaller compressor and turbine and more AR ration. The rest is fine. Brakes are okay at 40.9m of stopping distance and 3.8% of fade. The handeling isn't the sharpest but okay. Tyre wight is very good. Interior is premium and premium infotaiment. Safety is only standard. Suspension is on the soft side. Good enty but there are cars that as good as this for lessN
???? (kcinh)Preator LE39506628.24.85443.157.562.257.843.80.92.4I6DW/MLauto 6 speed343001000.623.6The grill does not really fit the front. The rest is fine. Side inducators look like they have just been slapped on the side. There is not a touch of chrome anywhere to be seen. Rear is fine. It stands out in that red but in any other colour it wouldn't. It is just fine. 14This car can't go through. Drum brakes?????????????????? all around!!!!!!!! WTH on a 2018 car with 250hp. Nope sorry but that is a binn. Engine tune isn't the best. Suspension tune is okay. Interior is premium/premium and safety is standard.N - binn
Mikonp 7Neko MX-5 Targa133030585.827.953.224.358.148.834.90.9834.1I4DW/DWmanual 6 speed324001238.233.5The styling is good. Front looks nice and so does the rear. Details are nice. But it looks like the elegance and prestiege have been thrown out of the window. Not a single touch of chrome.15Engine tune is great. brake are good too. Technically is it very good. BUT. High running costs. realtivly low mpg and low comfort let it down. Safety is also on a low side, and there is no space to store your shopping N - binn
ReptiVeldora Doragon LR365048985.851.661.847.960.757.7390.9325.6I4DW/DWDCT 6 speed34900946.945.2The car looks nice. Everything on it is very detailed. Headlights. taillights bumpers... From the front it look good but not the best. The grill is a bit too small. but the lower grill is very good. Also those 1980s blue stripes look odd. Rear is better than the front but those blue stripes ruin it. 17Mechanicly it is very good. Turbo is very responsive and engine in generall is very good. Brakes work really good and suspension tune is very good towards soft.Interior is premium/premium and safety standard. This is a very good car at a very competative priceY
abg7LAP LE328006305.53.536.652.238.86065441.0639I6MC/MLmanual 6 speed351001084.333.2It just looks like mid 2000s coupe. It just doesn't have that attention to detail. The cameras were just stuck on the bumper. no attempt of hiding them. The rest is just fine. Nothing beautiful but also nothing ugly. Dated looks in short14Engine is good turbo a bit laggy but fine. Tyres are sports which just does not fit the character of the buyer. She won't take it on track days. Brakes are over powerfull 33m of stopping distance is an overkill. Interior is premium and premium info. Safety is advance. Suspension tune is good towards sport. High running costs and not really that impressive mpg are the fall of this car also it is lacking comfort and isn't practical. Performance is great but it just can't canacle out the flaws.N
BF94387Alfezza 340 TS29404306.44.334.667.353.757.959.937.70.9636.4I4DW/DWDCT 6 speed360001078.923.5The little details are really nice. The front works really well. And so does the rear. But it lacks chrome and it looks like it has been more focused on sport that comfort or prestiege. It is just missing the point of a premium car for Kwong.16Engine is really laggy turbo spools at 3500RMP way to late. Although power that it makes is good. Brakes are good. Interior is premium and premium and safety is advance. Air Suspension has been fitted and tune is good too. The let down of this car is terrabile milage and high service costs. Comfort is on the low side too and reliabilaty is low.N
donutsnailTurboi j4 - 22t34604206.84.446.264.438.258.766.444.41.0132.6I4DW/DWDCT 6 speed3540092342.9It is more focusing on sport than on prestiege. Extensive use of carbon fiber. Carbkn fiber window trim really lets it down. There chrome strip on the boot looks ok but than those lights just don't go with it also beneeth it is carbon fiber licence holder. Front looks better but it is far from beautiful.10Engine is good. A lot of power from 2.2 I4T. Brakes are really powerfull 35.8m of stopping distance. Interior is premium and luxury infotaiment. safety is advance. Suspension is more towards drivability. The car is good but the design isn't my favorite. There is just too much carbon fiber on it. Also practicality is really low for this type of car and Kwong isn't really looking for a car that sporty. Solid but the design lets it down.N
mad_catFujita ikema G6A DX36205248.86.143.27155.260.360.835.90.9210.6I4DW/SemiTArmadv. auto 7 speed33600891.643.6It looks dated and bubbly. Just because it has got LED headlights does not mean it is a modern car by design. It does look like it has been on the market for a while now and just got facelifted. All the details are here. Usage of chrome is nice not too much. Red brake calipers don't really fit the styling. It is fine but dated12Turbo is a bit laggy. it spools at 2600RPM. Wider tyres would help with steering but it is fine. Brakes are bad. 40.3m of stopping distance is still in reason but 11% of fade isn't. Interior is premium and premium info. Safety is advance. Traction aids are at -1. Suspension tune is fine but it roll a bit too much. Good car but it isn't the best preformen in performance department. and sportiness is low the rest is fine.N
GetWrekt01Vector 235 LPC39307249.97.261.364.947.560.573.144.30.854.9I6MC/MLadv. auto 7 speed3740094436.7The attampt has been made. It doesn't look bad neather does it look beautiful. The colour does not fit the character. Front is okay it works but nothing outstanding. Rear is also ok it works but it isn't beautiful. Next time you are designing try and experiment. Look at real cars and see what you can get away with.11Engine tune is good but amount of power it is making isn't. It is slow. with 9.9s to 100kph it is just bearly a step up from her old Zen. Brakes are good. less fade would be better. Interior is premium and premium info. Safety is advance. Suspension tune is just ok. Rear doesn't really catch up with front. It is slow. isn't really sporty or practical but it is safe and very comfy. Lacking of sport and high-ish running costs (service costs + mpg) let it down. It needs some polishing up.N
AwooPendleton Sunrise.26107357.44.745.768.35160.661.942.10.8911.9I5MC/DWDCT 6 speed37400942.343.3It just looks weird. But the details are nice. The colour sheme is bad and rear lights just don't work10Engine is good enough power and efficiency. Brakes are good too. Interior is premium and luxury info, and safety is advance. Suspension tune is ok, it could be better. Solid but expensive for what it offers.N
USDMFTWHawker Kamala LXT2529904666. 7 speed348001000.250.7Styling is basic. Nothing exciting a bit on the bland side. Enough chrome. Really nothing specially to mention. Althrough colour is a bit iffy.12Engine tune is good, responsive. Brakes are strong with not much brake fade. Interior is premium and premium info +1q. Safety is only standard so is missiong out on latest active safety. Suspension tune is good. Mechanicly car is good but the lack of design let it down a lot, and it has got high service costs.N
ColonelSandersApoge Batiscan41706727.75.85663.244.860.863.649.40.9518.8I6 (NA)DW/DWDCT 6 speed35700963.428.5The design is well Brave? It is diffrent for sure. For me the front doesn't really work, the rear works even less. The front is elegan but the rear is sporty. It just does not work. usage of chrome is nice.11The engine is NA! Brave. It is a good engine. Brakes are strong as well. Interior is premium and info is too. Safety is only standard and no ESC only TC+ABS a big minus. Suspension tune is good. Very bad mpg and lack of ESC are the things that are not leting this car to finals.N
NerdXSofa 1100She is not looking for a van. And it has got 4WDN - binn
ramtheconvoyGSF GS7155BS5381049996.3643.261.748.459.856.836.90.9813.7I4MC/MLDCT 7 speed2850094644.9A really nice design. Just remove the hood scoop it loks ridicolous. The rear reminds me of a bmw 3 series. It is a very solid design17Engine is on a laggy side, but it is fine. Brakes are very good. Interior is premium and premium SatNav. Safety is only standard. It is slow compared to the others. You can't ignore low price but it is just lacking in some departmans.N